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Max Bet Online Casinos 2019 | All About Max Bet Slots - AskGamblers

How to Use Max Bet at Online Casinos

The max bet rule! Every players’ worst nightmare, but in actual fact it need not be scary at all. It’s surprising how many players, both new and experienced get caught out by this very rule and today we’d like to put a stop to that! Grab yourself a cuppa, because in today’s blog, we’re going to explain how the rule works, how to avoid getting breaking it and what to do if you ever did! By the end of the blog you’ll be a complete pro.

What is the Max Bet Rule?

It’s actually a really simple rule to understand and it can usually be found in a casinos terms and conditions (they’re honestly worth the read guys) The issue is that players don’t read the terms and conditions before they play, resulting in a breach of the max bet rule! But more on that later.

What is it? It’s simply a maximum bet restriction in place when you’re playing with an active bonus. It means you will not be allowed to bet over a certain amount, when you’re playing online slots and table games. If you do over go over the amount, you’ll be in breach of the casinos rules and will be risking forfeiting any winnings along with your bonus. 

The max bet rule places a restriction on the maximum bet you are allowed to stake when playing with an active bonus.

Sounds, unfair? Well it actually isn’t. We all already know that any casino will always have the house edge and they have to protect themselves against colossal wins. Of course that’s not to say players still don’t get these huge life changing wins, but the max bet rule is just one of the ways to help the casino limit the risk. 

It’s not a nice rule by anyone's standards, and if you’re a high roller, it’s a rule that will probably be damn right annoying but if you know and understand it before you play, it need not be one that you have to worry about. 

How Does it Work?

So, first things first before you decide to play anywhere you need to make sure you know what the casinos max bet amount is! You’ll find the information in the terms and conditions and if you can’t find it, check with customer support.

Do. Not. Risk. It. Do not start to play if you can’t find the amounts, especially if you’re wanting to start with high bets. Why? Because it’s just not worth it. You could play through your entire your bonus funds, win the jackpot only to find out when you try to withdraw that you’ve breached the max bet rule! Yes, it may take a few minutes of your time to find the information but wouldn’t you rather that than the alternative?

Take a few minutes of your time to find out what the max bet rule is before you start playing.

Once you know the max bet, slots can become far more enjoyable! Of course there’s the other terms you need to take into consideration too, but at least if you stay under the bet maximum amount this is one less thing to worry about!

I Still Want to Bet Big. Can I?

What’s important to note at this point in the blog is every casino is different. A max bet slot bonus could be one amount at one casino and completely different at another. So make a mental note to always check this at every casino and with every online casino bonus you accept!

One of the most common maximum bet amounts you’ll come into contact with is usually around £/€/$ 5. Some online casinos have lower amounts and some will have higher amounts. So, if you still want to bet big regardless of the max bet rule what you’ll need to do is find yourself a casino that has a larger slot machine max bet! We’ve come up with a few casinos that might cater for you:

Casino Mate

When you have active playthrough requirements at Casino Mate the maximum bet that can be placed is $/€ 20. Any amount that you win over the maximum bet limit will be subject to an additional penalty of 10x that will be added to your total wagering requirements.

West Casino

The maximum bet imposed at West Casino is 20% of your total bonus amount up to a maximum of £10.

Casino Euro

Playing with an active bonus at Casino Euro applies a maximum stake allowed of £6 per game round or 50 pence per line.

That’s not saying there aren’t other casinos that may even have higher, in fact we’d bet there are. As long as you do your homework before you play in your chosen casino, you’ll be fine. 

What About a Slots Max Bet Button?

Now of course, most slots give you the option to bet maximum! So the million dollar question is “Should I play max bet on slot machines?”. If the maximum bet of the game is higher than the maximum bet allowed in the terms and you have an active bonus in play the answer is no! Do not hit that ‘max bet’ button and if you do by mistake it is of vital importance that you contact the casino straight away! Do not leave it and carry on playing!

If however you don’t have a bonus and you wanna hit the max bet button, then carry on! We’ll leave that decision up to you though. And, if you have a slot machine strategy, max bet should also be considered every time you play too. Remember as long as you know the rules, you’ll never have a reason to break them!

Max Bet Protection. What is it?

Now, don’t worry if this whole max bet thing is getting you down because every cloud has a silver lining, so to speak. And, this comes in the form of max bet protection. You’ll probably always find the max bet term imposed at any casino when you accept a bonus however, there are some online casinos that offer you protection against this rule.

In fact, we’ve already discussed this in our forum thread Casinos With Max Bet Protection - Official List. Don’t worry if you haven’t had a chance to read that yet because we’ll go over it all again now. The protection simply helps you stick to the rules and keep those hard earned winnings. Here are four of the top casinos where you can take advantage of this protection:

BitStarz Casino

If you were to place a bet that was over the amount, BitStarz Casino allows you to place with a bonus, you’d get an error message saying you have reached your limit! This will allow you to cancel the bet and bring the amount down so you are still within the bonus terms and conditions. You can read more about it in our story BitStarz Are One of the First to Implement the Max Bet Bonus Protection. 

Videoslots Casino

If you’re about to break the max bet rule here you’ll receive a message that will read “Gameplay has been interrupted because you have placed a bet or spin (includes gambling feature) which is higher than your max bet protection limit. If you were in the middle of a free spin or similar you will enter the free spin again next time you launch the game." Again this gives you the chance to change your bet and keep within the rules.

Trada Casino

Trada Casino offers you a second chance and if you break the max bet rule, instead of seizing your winnings the casino will reset your balance to how it was before you broke the rule

Just remember if you do come across a casino that has this protection in place you’ll need to make sure you read how it works first. Don’t just assume it’ll be the same as the ones we;ve mentioned above, chances are it’ll be different. You can also join us over at the forum and help us update our list if you know any more casinos which we haven’t already listed. 

What about Table Games?

When it comes to table games, the max bet rules may differ from a max bet slot so you should still be checking the terms and conditions to see the variations and always make sure your cover it from every angle before you bet.

Help! I’ve Broken the Max Bet. What Next?

Unfortunately, if you’ve already got to this stage there isn’t much light at the end of the tunnel. The chances are your withdrawal has been declined and your winnings have already been confiscated. You may even have your account blocked. 

We can’t offer many words of wisdom in these situations as it is a clear breach of any casinos terms and conditions. If it ever happens to you, you'd better prepare yourself for the worse. You can of course take it up with the casinos customer support team, but the outcomes usually always end up the same! 

But that’s never going to happen now you’ve read this blog right? We hope by now that you are fully clued up on the max bet rule! As long as you remember to check what the max bet is with any bonus you play with, there’s absolutely no reason you should ever have to break the rule! 

Have More Questions?

If you think we haven’t covered everything or if you have any more questions you need answering just join us over the forum where we’ve got lots of experienced members always on hand to help! You can use one of our existing max bet threads linked in this blog or set up a new one! We’ll see you there. 

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