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Afi4wins 1232 reviews
When I first looked at this Mystic Wolf game, my first thoughts were 'oh my gawd, this game looks so dull'. That was in terms of the game's overall presentation, specifically, in terms of its dull colours which were lacking in vibrancy. The overall bluish look may suit the moonlit eerie atmosphere, but it certainly doesn't look attractive enough for me. But, that didn't stop my fingers from clicking on the game to try it out! Hahaha.

Most of Rival's new game releases are of the 50 paylines version, which isn't to my liking at all, because these games need double or more of the minimum bet size to play it. My preference has always been the 15 and 20 paylines versions, for any game, and anything requiring more than this are usually kept aside, to be played only when I have sufficient money, or for any other specific reasons. Hence, games like Mystic Wolf have never become a hit with me, or for me. All my top favourite games are of 20 paylines and less.

The Wolf is the Wild symbol, it doesn't pay anything for itself, but multiplies 5x all wins with it in the base game. It substitutes for other symbols except the Scatter symbol, but doesn't become stacked or expanded. In my books, this is still a dumb Wild symbol. The Feathers is the Scatter symbol, yet another dumb symbol that doesn't pay anything for itself, and getting 3, 4 or 5 of these Scatters trigger 7, 15 or 50 free spins, without any multiplier, but with a Mystic Wolf Super Round, whereby the Wild symbol pays 10x for any wins with it. And of course, the Free Spins game cannot be retriggered. During the free spins, getting 3 or more of the non-paying Bonus symbols trigger a Lunar Phase Bonus Round, whereby matching any Lunar symbols wins a cash prize.

There is also a Jackpot prize that can be randomly awarded in the base game and during the free spins too, but is stated as more likely to occur in the Free Spins game. What this means indirectly, is that the Free Spins games may not pay as good as it should, because there is this extra jackpot prize to be won, so better expect to get less than favourable payouts from the Free Spins game! As for the other symbols, the Diamond pays 5000x, the Wolf Face pays 700x, the Howling Wolf pays 500x, and the others pay from 350x to 50x, all per line bet for 5 of each kind. An average paytable, because the Wild, the Scatter and the Bonus symbols don't pay anything for themselves.
Just as I had predicted, the Free Spins games that I had managed to get all paid poorly, including the only Lunar Phase Bonus Round that came, with payouts of a blardy low 1x up to 19x my total bet amount, and that was all I could get! The Lunar Phase Bonus Round paid only a 12x total bet amount. The base game didn't do any better either for me. In the 2 separate sessions that I played on Mystic Wolf, not one payout exceeded 30x my bet amount, and that is damn poor payouts indeed. Yet again, another disappointing Rival game for me.
zerooo 742 reviews
Another decent game with 50 paylines from Rival. Mystic Wolf. I played it last week when I received no deposit bonus offer on my mail and I ended in profit on it. But unfortunately I lost my money on other games later.

The game is nice themed, about wolf. I like the symbols and mystic sounds into it. Mystic wolf video slot offer only free spins feature. I received only once this feature while I was playing and it paid good to me. I won something over x50 bet size. I like that there are wolf symbols with 10x multiplier. They could raised your winnings very well, I had them once or twice in 7 free spins. I also like that you can retrigger free spins, I got a couple of times 2 scatters but third never came up on the reels.

Base game is also interesting because there are x5 wolf wild symbols. I had once wild wolf and some high symbols and it pays good amount. I believe in free spins could be much more because of higher multiplier of wild symbol.

Otherwise I like this game, I had nice time when I playing it. The mystic theme is awesome, I also saw some nice winning screenshots at this game so I believe it is very popular at players too. When we talk about Rival software of course. I think I will play it more, it is one of my first choice when I will be at Rival casino. I liked that I ended at it into profit in one of my session.

I would recommended it to all players, gamblers who has not try it yet. It could be bring fun into your house, room especially if you are lucky at free spins feature where big wins came. I think it could provide big wins.
Mystic Wolf is one of the newer Rival slot games and has 50 pay-lines. In the last month, I had a few deposits to Golden Lady Casino and thanks to that I've tried some newer Rival games that I have not played before. One of those games is this one.

The atmosphere in this game is really cold. That is because of the selection of cold colors that dominate and the sound that reminds on the noise of the wind which can be heard while playing. While you play you have a pretty realistic feeling that you are out there somewhere in the cold night with moonlight.

When it comes to features, in this game Rival found some original solutions. Wild symbol, when replacing some of become symbols of the winning line, pays x 5, while in the free spins bonus pays x 10. This means that, you can earn well in the free spins bonus. Also in the free spins you can get up to an extra bonus, which you can get it only during the free spins. When I moved to this game, I had 79 euros. I played here for about half an hour and I was about 3 euros in plus. During that time, 3 times I got free spins. Here you can get a 7, 15 or 50 free spins. I've got 3 times per 7 free spins. Wins in these free spins were, first only 0.75 euros, the second time around 8 euros, and finally the last time I received more than 20 euros. Also, during normal game I had 5-6 wins larger than 10 euros, even though I played all the time with min. bet of 0.5 euros per spin.

All in all, it is not too bad and it seems to me that this game has the potential to pay well. For such a short time that I spent here, I pretty liked the Mystic Wolf video slot game. So I'm going to rate it with high 8 stars.
kruno1414 36 reviews
Here's my experience with slot named Mystic Wolf. In the start even that name is attractive enough to bring new players to start playing this slot (at least for me it is). This slot you can find in a lot of Rival gaming casinos, I played it in Ruby Royal casino as I remember. They launched this slot not so long ago, and as I always try new slots I tried this one also. Before started playing it I did manage to earn nice amount of money on Blackjack so I had a space to experiment.

I started calmly with 1$ per spin and in begin to roll nicely, I forgot to mention this slot is not different from the other video slots that you can find in Rival casinos, that means there are all features like Bonus round, Free spins, Wild symbols, Jackpot. After some time of rolling I managed to enter Mystic Wolf Super Round that’s more simply free spins and guess what after 7 free spins I got I earned 114$ from that feature, I was absolutely blown away, I don’t remember I earned that much with 1$ bet and in just 7 free spins.

After that I stayed with cool head not raising my bet as usual and continued playing with same bet. Ten spins after that I got into Free spins feature again and while inside It I got into a bonus round, wow man that wasss a feeling I can’t describe with words because I knew I would make some big money. In this bonus round you need to choose 3 circles from seven or nine circles (I really forgot) and after you choose you drop dices three times and each time you gain different amount of coins and because I am in bonus round those coins multiply and after finishing bonus and free spins feature I got 100+$ againnn!

After that I stopped playing and asked my money for a withdrawal. I must say this slot is one among my favorites, I didn’t play it after that not even once but I will surely 
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Mystic Wolf is another one of the newer video slot games created in Rival. Maybe this game isn't so new but it is for me because I haven't played in Rival casinos for almost two years.

This game has 50 paylines and 5 reels. The theme for this game is the wolf and his connection to the moon. We all know that wolves have a habit of howling while looking at the moon. That is why in this game the ice blue color of the moon which in combination with the sound of the wind blowing gives you some sense of a special mood and feeling while you play this game.

Beside the wolf symbol here you also have symbols with diamonds, the moon, coins etc. I played this slot game only once. I played for over an hour with a bet of 0,5 euros per spin. I started off with a balance of about 100 euros and when I finished the game my balance was more than 500 euros. So it+s no wonder why I liked this game so much because I had some really incredible wins here during the short time of play.

Whats interesting here is that beside the free spins bonus this game also offers another bonus which I didn't get even once during my hour of play here. Mystic Wolf game offers a few more other features which I haven't seen in other Rival slots. For example the wins in combination with wild symbols are multiplied by 5. The free spins bonus is activated if you win 3 or more symbols with a feather and in this bonus game the wins with a wild combination are multiplied by 10. While I was playing I got the free spins bonus about 10 times. My balance went up from 100 to 300 euros. When I reached 300 euros I set 25 automatic spins and didn't follow what was going on but after these spins my balance was at 500 euros. That is really fantastic.
paquito76 867 reviews
The first time when I saw this game’s name Mystic Wolf I promptly imagined a cool fantasy themed slot and when I opened it my expectation of its appearance was fallen short to the reality. It wasn’t looked as Rival game at all and I really loved at first sight what I saw. The graphics are really great but for me the icy, metallic blue tone and all of its variations that makes the interface quite attractive. The fantasy theme embodies in the supernatural qualities of this majestic animal that’s well-known from the Indian culture (so maybe would be better to call it spiritualism instead of fantasy) but in visualization not much realized from it and along the cards we can play here some kind of wolf characters, moon, feather and diamond figures. Perhaps I would have left out these latter two icons because I don’t find the common ground with the mystic theme but fortunately none of them are unfitting to the game. I am really impressed with this new Rival conception regarding to the appearance and I just hope they continue making games with very similar graphics solution.

This product is a 50-payline slot and the best quality of the game is assigned to the Wild figure. There are games in the business that have amazing qualities what Wild work with but I’ve never played a game that would have substituting emblem with such great qualities. In normal games the Wild has x5 win multiplying power but during free spins it is even better with an awesome x10 multiplier. Though the Jackpot pays better and may be triggered more frequently during free spins but so far I’ve never met it so for me the appearing Wild is the real deal and I consider it as the soul of the slot.

By the way those extra games are activated when 3 or more Feather pictograms arrive to the reels and award 7, 15 or even 50 free spins. I think it is understood with the possible wins with x10 multiplier value this segment of the game is very critical and the success on this product largely depends on it. Based on my experience this is a very good free game feature and there’s a ton of potential to win big what the players really like to see in a game.

The game also offers a bonus game named Lunar Phase Bonus which surprisingly only can be triggered during Mystic Wolf Super Round (free spins). There we have to select among lunar phases and matching them to dice to win cash prizes but this is the kind of bonus which rarely gives a chance to play with so the player must be real lucky to get an entry there (I had just 2 times when I could get there.)

I really think Rival stepped on the right path if they think to go along with this system and create such games in the future. Mystic Wolves has all the ability to give everything for its players what they want starting with a beautiful screen to great game qualities and maybe but really just maybe the top prize of the best 5 of a kind win (5000 coins) would be higher, but true if it realizes during free spins with Wild, it can gives back a really nice return. So far I haven’t found anything what I could consider a real shortcoming so I can encourage everybody to come, try and enjoy this Rival slot.
Mystic Wolf is a quite new game and the only reason why I played it was because I got tonnes of free spins for a big deposit. I like free spin bonuses more than deposit match bonuses. With free spins you can use your money with out any play through and when you are finished you can use your free spins. I did just the same. I played a bit, then cashed out most of the money leaving only a portion of it, and then use free spin. On some casinos the free spins get removed if you cash out of lose your cash, so I always leave a bit just to be sure.

I had 50 spins and a real opportunity to study the game. Upon first looks the game looks very cool and mysterious. It has a dark theme to it and I like it. It is tense and that makes it unique.

The pays on this game are not bad but with addition of 5 x wild in this game, they are pretty good. Because there are 50 lines, if you get few 5x wilds on the reels you can win big. I had wins ranging from $10 to $40 on the smallest bet and they were not the biggest pays. If you catch five diamonds with 5 x wild then you are going to make $250.

But the best thing about this game is the free spins. if you get three or more feathers you are going to get 7, 15 or 50 spins. In the free spins you can get another feature, the Lunar Phase Bonus. if you get three or more bonus icons, you will be presented with 8 lunar phase. Then you have to pick three of them and roll the dice three times. For each matching symbol you get paid. I only reached this far once and my win including the free spins was around$110.

I think that Rival has done a great job with this game and my rating is 8.5 out of 10.

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