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Extra Cash is a video slot powered by NextGen Gaming software with 5 lines and 50 pay-lines.This slot revolves around almost out-dated printed newspaper industry. The reels are set on the streets between buildings, with a paperboy standing on the left hand side from the reels.Sound effects are not that much impressive but they give that old school touch to it. Give this slot a spin here for free or visit NextGen Casinos to play for real money.

Before you go on this paper route you will have to set your bets. First set of "Up/Down Arrows" starting from left to right, are used to set the number of lines. Next to them there is another set of the arrows used to set coins size that ranges from 0.01 to 0.20. "Heart&Clubs" button activates gamble feature. Two arrows circling are the "Autoplay" and it is used to set the reels in motion without interruption for a desired number of times. "Play" button is used to spin the reels.

The game-play is quite interesting, and you will encounter a Wild symbol, a Scatter, and Free Spins bonus feature, Re-spins feature, and a Gamble feature.

The Wild symbol in the game is the newspapers with the headline saying 'Extra Wild'. It can substitute for any other symbol except for the scatter. Keep in mind that after any spin, a paperboy from the side of the reels can jump onto reels 2, 3 or 4 to add an extra wild.

The Scatter symbol is represented as a printing process with word 'Scatter' written all over. Scatter wins are multiplied by the total bet. If you land 2, 3 or 4 scatters in the base game you will activate Re-spins feature. The reels with the scatter are locked in place and the remaining reels will be spun again.

If you land enough scatters during Re-spin feature you will receive additional free spins. For 3 scatters collected you will get 8 free spins, for 4 scatters you get 12 spins, and for five scatters landed on the reels you will be awarded with 20 free spins. Any Wilds that the paperboy leaves on the reels will remain there for the duration of the feature. Keep in mind that this feature cannot be re-triggered.

Gamble feature can be activated each time you land a winning combo by clicking on the "Heart&Clubs" button. Here you can double or quadruple your winnings. If you guess the color of the card you will double them, and if you guess the suit your winnings will be quadrupled. If you make a wrong guess you will lose everything and will be taken back to the base game. You are limited to 5 correct picks.

Game Play:

"Up/Down" arrows: Set the number of lines.
"Up/Down" arrows: Set the coins size.
Heart & Clubs: Activate the gamble feature.
Play: Start the reels.
Autoplay: Set the reels in motion without interruption for a chosen number of times.

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katemak 1162 reviews
Extra Cash is another game from Nextgen provider, which I must admit lately I really enjoy playing their games. For the first time when I opened this slot I really thought it was 25 pay liner, but I guess I was wrong, just because it is 50 liner slot, so the minimum bet would be 0.50 cents, so not so cheap game to play.

First time I played this slot was given as a free spins, so from all those 20 free spins, not so much, but I managed to trigger the free spins feature, while I must say it’s a bit hard to be triggered, because I was getting most of the time only 2 scatters and that's only doubling your bet and at the last spins I triggered the free spins round. From the free spins round I raised my balance for 32 euros and had really great time, playing maybe for an hour, but the wagering was really high so didn't managed to wager the bonus.

Seeing its pay table the maximum you will get is getting 5 wilds on the same pay line awarding you with 500 cons, but when I triggered the free spins feature I totally changed my mind. Even so, the payout fall symbols are a bit low, when you triggered the free spins feature and all wilds stacked while the paper boy is throwing randomly extra wilds, we are talking about some nice wins here and the wilds stay there till you get some winning combination.

I would recommend this game, thinking it’s nice to be played, just because of the free spins feature, wait till you triggered it, it will surprise you, seeing all those stacked wilds and paper boy throwing more wilds, you could walk away with really decent amount of money, even with the minimum bet. Good luck!
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Extra Cash is a really fun game from Nextgen Gaming. When I first saw this game it reminded me a little of some Betsoft 3D slot because of the paper boy standing next to the slot. The game has a very cheerful and live design so it can be really fun to play over longer sessions. The background music is also very good so you won’t get bored playing.

This game has 50 paylines and 5 reels and I think that’s exactly what makes it fun to play. The paytable is very poor at first sight and even 5 wilds on a winning payline pay only 500 coins but when you start to play you can see that you can have some nice wins here. The base play game awards mostly small wins so you can drop down in balance a bit. Sometimes when I play I will drop as much as 30 euros playing on a minimum bet before I hit a bonus round.

The free spins bonus here is activated when you get 3 or more scatters on the reels. The interesting part is if you get 2, 3 or 4 scatters you get a respin with all scatters held in place so you have a chance to win more scatters and more free spins. You can get 8, 12 or 20 free spins accordingly for 3, 4 and 5 scatters. During the bonus and the base play the paper boy awards extra random wilds. During the bonus game all wilds are held in place until the free spins finish.

You can see the full potential of the game from this. Considering that it is a 50 payline slot the wins are bigger despite the poor paytable. My biggest win in this game was about 300 x bet. I won 4 scatters and 12 free games. In the free spins I got a lot of scatters maybe 13-14 and was really surprised to see a win like that. I recommend this game to everyone.
Innovative gameplay and lots of fun, and of course additional rewards! That’s what the Extra Cash video slot from NextGen gaming stands for in my opinion. First time I came across this game was at Amsterdams Casino. I started off with a balance of only 20 euros and when checking out this new game I found out that the minimum bet was 50 cents.

I could go broke real quick with that bet size but decided to proceed anyway. I’m a stubborn guy and often do things that are not always the smartest things to do lol. However, with Extra Cash it turned out great!

Extra Cash contains 50-paylines, 5-reels and 4-reels. The theme focuses on a paperboy who tries to find several ways to earn some extra cash. Well, that was my goal as well when playing this game. The most important symbols in this game are the scatters (press) and extra wild (newspaper) symbols. On every reel these can appear.

During base game my success was moderate. Didn’t really achieve any noteworthy wins other than 60x bet size one time. However, what amazes me is something else about this game. I once had two scatters appearing on reels 1 and 2.

While I was annoyed that they wouldn’t land on the remaining reels, I had another chance thanks to a free re-spin to improve the situation. And what happened? Well the scatter appeared to give me 8 free spins. You get 12 and 20 free spins for respectively 4 and 5 scatters btw. The re-spin feature also applies when you have 3 or 4 scatters.

So it always can improve your current prize. I thought that was pretty amazing as I don’t know too many games that do have that. Sweet Harvest perhaps from Microgaming, but all that game does is driving you nuts without giving it 9/10 times. Anyway during free spins there Is a paperboy on the left throwing all sorts of wilds randomly on screen.

If you thought that was great, wait until you hear about this. Each wild appearing during the free spins are sticky wilds! During my sessions the wilds kept coming in and the paperboy kept throwing newspapers until it resulted in a huge win of over 300x bet size.

This game simply offers some brilliant gameplay thanks to the great features and format. Of course I has sessions that were less successful as well, but to me fun and potential are important and Extra Cash offers all that!
There simply is nothing to dislike about this game and that's rare!
paquito76 867 reviews
With Extra Cash slot we can accompany a little paper boy walk along with him and we get to know the neighborhood where he’s doing his job around. The slot has a very beautiful interface and when looking at it promptly becomes obvious that the developer put a lot of work in this product and took care of every little detail. The contours are sharp, the colours are well-mixed and placed in proper places, the little decorative motives are nice and don’t take away the attention while the main elements of this pictorial worlds (little puppy, newsstand, papers are just some of the used icons) are very nicely drawn and specific to the theme, so overall I appreciate what I get here in visualization and I’m sure if someone doesn’t like this game this segment would be the last that be named as the reason for that.

Though the slot offers 50-paylines to play on but the highest paying 5 of a kind win is not too generous as it is worth only 500 times of line bet and I think this is the only thing at this game what I don’t sympathize with. By the way, this kind of win can be achieved with Wild symbols which otherwise is a very frequently guest on the table but doesn’t carry a win multiplying ability but to compensate this hiatus after a non-winning spin plus Wilds may be awarded randomly to the three inner reels (in free spins they can be on any reels).

Generally it can be said the game offers lot of good features and more importantly they’ve got good qualities and seem to be player-friendly, for example the way how the Free Spin feature can be activated. If just 2 or even 3, 4 Scatter arrive on the reels the other non-Scatter reels re-spin once to give a chance to feature to be triggered or the already won session are played with better condition. This side game consists of 8, 12 or 20 spins without bets and though it doesn’t uses any special multiplier number but every appearing Wild symbol during that session is a locked Wild meaning it will be on that spot until the extra games are lasts. The feature triggering Scatter symbol also has paying ability by own and in lucky situation it can be up to 50 times of total bet.

Even though I can’t report here any really remarkable wins but once this slot really saved my a..s as my then not too well-conditioned balance could thank a lot for the free spin and gamble sections of the game. Everything started as normally do and half of my given 12 spins went by without noticeable event when 3 Wild said hello and after the spin I got another two such symbols thanks to the Extra Wild feature and when the remaining spins were occurred almost €95 was what I totally won there. Normally, I don’t use gambling feature with that large amount of money but I really felt I needed to that and secondly I’ve got high opinion on NextGen’s such kind of side games so I went and placed it on black and after my heart stopped beating the fortune was with me and could pocketed a doubled prize.

To be honest I never imagined that this slot can be so well-rewarding and I’m not just saying this because of my win above but generally this slot shows some good habits in that area. Maybe it’s because of the fair game settings or I had some luck on it several times but it seems this slot really works as it should or as I expect it from it. I really became a fan of this product and besides the money wise standpoint it has the ability to entertain me and I just can’t help but I enjoy my time spending with it. It’s a real good, nice overall product.
Raptordinos 866 reviews
Extra! Extra! Good news for fans of slot machines. That would have been an appropriate slogan for the day when the recognized company NextGen launched its game "Extra Cash". Good news translate into a number of features that make this game is not just a cool designed slot, but an easy and very entertaining game with the ability to abstract us from reality for a long time and incidentally, also to put some money in our pockets, with the help of luck, of course.

The theme shows the story of a newspaper distributor boy at the middle of last century announcing, by shouts, headlines about the freshest news appearing on front-page accompanied by the classic words extra!, extra! For the game NextGen has decided to use 4 x 5 reels format that has gained enough popularity among players, 50 paylines, and 7 levels of bet per spin in this way,$ 0.01, $ 0.02, $ 0.05, $ 0.10, $ .20, $ .25, and $ 0.50. The graphics are bright and contains some 3D animations that enhance the charm of this slot, and for background music, it sounds a nice jazzy track to place the player at the time.

The special features of this game are an important part of its appeal and are:
- A wild symbol acts as substitute for standard symbols.
- An "extra wild" that can be thrown for the boy after each turn, both during the base game and free spins round.
- A round of 8, 12, or 20 free spins is triggered by the appearance of 3, 4 or 5 scatters represented with the image of newsprint rolls and the word scatter.
- A free re-spin that is automatically activated just after 2 or more scatters appear on the screen to give the player an extra chance to trigger or enhance the free spins round. Pretty cool feature in my opinion.
- All wilds are held throughout the free spins round from the moment they appear, giving the player the chance to earn better profits.

That's all, but this game does not need more. Fun is practically guaranteed and profits are the result of mixing a bit of luck with some good strategy on the part of player. My experience with this game has been gratifying, although I have to confess that "extra cash" has been able to put my patience to the test. At first everything seemed to go off without a hitch, but for a long time the game had me on bread and water while I decided to increase my bet slowly waiting for the big moment. Finally the time came to reward and at the most opportune moment, that is, before I come to overwhelm by despair, and thus it was at that glorious spin when I got 3 scatters directly, followed by the re-spin, which like the last few times, it did not give me extra scatter, but 8 turns and a strategic position of emerging wild symbols, were sufficient to recover my initial balance and to obtain a good profit to the end of free games. After that I was pleased enough to give a few stars to this cute and interesting slot.
yapro 790 reviews
Extra cash it is another one video slot from one of the best software in my opinion - nextgen. This software is really great, and i like that they do new and new games with some another and different interesting features.

Extra Cash video slot is another one from this company that have 50 paylines, and looks like this guys addicted to this number, since most of their new games have exact this number of paylines. Base game is not boring here, because every spin there is a chance that we will see some more wilds added on reels. One more base game feature - respin when you get 2+ scatters. This give you extra chance to have more scatters. Scatters pay sick here, 5 will pay 50 x total bet, but even so it is very important to get 4 or 5, because there is difference in number of free spins, 3 scatters - 8 free spins, 4 scatters - 12, and 5 scatters award 20 free spins. And listen what, in free spins all wilds that appear are sticky, and will not disappear till the end of free spins. It is impossible to retrigger free spins unfortunately. So after 20 free spins trigger most likely you will have many sticky wilds and payout will be great. My best win after feature on this game was 400 x total bet, from 12 free spins, i get nice amount of sticky wilds, but not so many to have win more than 1000 x total bet, which is of course possible here. Really great game, try it yourself it is one of the best game from nextgen, i promise you will like it.

Great game, but beware since variance here is quite high. I like this game a lot and will definitely play it again, really one of the best release of online slot. Also game award some monster hits and should be interesting to all sorts of players.

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