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Casino Extreme


Casino Extreme is an online casino powered by the Real Time Gaming software platform and they offer a selection of different casino games which include slot games, table games and video poker games. Players can enjoy the casino games via Instant Play on a PC or Mac, they can download a windows version of the casino and can also enjoy games on the go with the mobile casino compatible on tablet and smartphone ­dev­ice­s. C­asino Extreme holds the Certificate of Trust, which is only awarded to the most trusted casinos.

Casino Extreme is owned and operated by Anden Online N.V and is a corporation incorporated under the laws of Curacao and is fully licensed and regulated by the laws of that country.

Restricted Countries

Players residing in Afghanistan, Albania, Armenia, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Costa Rica, Croatia, Estonia, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Kosovo, Macedonia, Malaysia, Moldova, Myanmar, Pakistan, Philippines, Romania, Serbia, Zimbabwe are prohibited  from playing for real money wagers at Casino Extreme.

Virtual Games

Players can enjoy over a hundred casino games for fun or for real money at this RTG casino. Players who would like to try the games prior to downloading the software can do so with the Intant Play and can also preview each and every one of the games through their browser.

There is a huge selection of slot machines to choose from which have all been alphabetically categorized for ease of use. Players can enjoy reading a review on each and every one of the slots before playing for real or for fun. Slot machines include the likes of Jazz Time slot, Coat of Arms slot, Funky Monkey slot and Hidden Riches slot.

Players can choose from over twenty variants of table games which include the likes of Red Dog, Perfect Pairs and Match Play 21 as well as variants of Blackjack and Roulette games.

There are also over fifteen different video poker games which include Double Bonus Poker, Joker Poker and Mystery Bonus Poker.

The casino is also home to a small selection of other casino games like Hot Dice, Keno and Lucky 8's.

Live Games

At the moment there are no live games in operation at Casino Extreme.

Mobile Gaming

Players can enjoy Casino Extreme whilst on the move or away from their computer with Mobile Casino, offering a selection of Real Time Gaming casino games which are supported on a variety of mobile devices. Players can choose to play in two currencies which are US Dollar and EU Euro. Mobile games include Hen House, Ocean Oddities and Pay Dirt.


Players can enjoy a Live Chat facility at Casino Extreme which is open 24/7. Aside from this, players can also contact support via a Toll Free Number and also via email.

Security and Fairness

Casino Extreme emply SSL encryption to secure players data at all times and the casino software is evaluated and certified statistically fair by Techincal Systems Testing North America Inc.

Casino Extreme belongs to the esteemed circle of Certified Casinos, which testifies to the casino's trustworthiness and safety.


  • Live Chat 24/7
  • Instant Play, Download and Mobile Casino
  • SSL encryption
  • Proven fair by TST North America Inc
  • Fast Withdrawals
  • Certified Casino


  • No Live Games Offered
  • Not available for players in several countries


Casino Extreme Reviews by Players


Write a review
donkeyramp 11 reviews
United States
Fast deposits/withdrawals in BTC. Super friendly staff, best in the business. I realized I hadn't written a fair review for Casino Extreme since we resolved our hiccup/misunderstanding last year. Well ever since it was resolved, I have played here more than any other online casino hands down. And the reasons are what I listed above. The game selection is RTG, so you know what you're getting. Sometimes they seem fair, others, not so fair, but hey, that's gambling isn't it? I haven't hit for anything super huge like I read some people do, but I've cashed out a $1000 here and there. I have definitely found it easiest to just not use bonuses, as it seems most confusion comes from using them. They are honest and fair though I will now say with confidence. If you win your money legitimately, you'll get paid. Looking forward to my next cashout!
Can't use credit card deposits without first getting approval from the casino manager. Seems a bit odd, I was just encouraged to use bitcoin when I tried to make a credit card deposit. This is about the only real negative I could come up with. Oh and the bonuses could be a bit better, but I'd be too worried to use them for the most part anyway, unless it was a No rules, no playthrough, no max cashout bonus.
improbablyhuman 2 reviews
United Kingdom
This is one of the best casinos I've played at, and one of two where I actually can win on slots. Of course I lose too, and there are times that I should have withdrawn instead of press my luck, but that is my fault.
Their support is very responsive and helpful. They have tons of bonuses,and I've won substantially using them,well above what was needed for the play through. They also accept bitcoin! Too many fake and shady casinos out there, glad I found a good one.
First withdraw had some minor hurdles, but this is likely a security bemefit too. Also, I had the game app crash once during a big hand, but ultimately didn't really matter as I still walked away a winner. I believe in supporting quality companies, and any cons so far are easily overlooked as they grow, and they will make it right too. Play through can be a bit onerous at times, but terms are very clearly stated and an accepted feature for the huge bonuses provided. I would not have won as big as I did without them on several occasions.
lugggnuttt 3 reviews
United States
The instant payouts, a lot of small wins and bitcoin deposit clear rather quickly. Staff is friendly also.
Poor software, every time I'm playing that Snowmania game and hit a 5x multiplier the game freezes and never picks up where it left off. It seems like someones pulling the plug conveniently when ever I'm about to hit a big win. This has happened multiple times. Why it never happens when in at 2x or 3x is beyond me.
lojo 5 reviews
United States
I could just let them explain, THEMRINVB, but I have been playing RTG slots forever and a day. Sometimes a language barrier can happen you know? I don't think they have the freedom to explain what they can and cannot change but here's how it works. In order to change the overall RTP they have to make a request. It doesn't happen on the fly and there are only a few options. Take a casino with 'no max cashout, no wagering requirement' bonuses etc. They will offer the lowest possible setting, which if I recall is 92%. Take another that offers limited bonuses and just wants happy players and they will have it set to the highest, which is 97% if memory serves me. Now if you factor all games, and feed back the random jackpots into the equation, we could see a theoretical RTP of 99% but those would be cooked numbers that don't bear out reality because not everyone is playing Jacks or Better video poker, winning randoms, etc. You have to keep in mind that any size random jackpot only costs the casino $1000 to seed, it grows with a small percentage of each bet made (slightly reducing RTP) so that is player money returned to players, not casino profit that they have to give away. They simply don't care who wins on any given spin, their exposure is capped at 50,000x line bet on all but 2 or 3 slots (Vulcan for one).

The fact that these guys can approve documents in 15 minutes and pay in 1 tells me all I need to know about whether they are funded properly or running a Ponzi scheme. We see all sorts of manipulation at various RTG casinos, but "on the fly" RTP is simply not possible, and there's no capital in it for them if it was. The fact that so many bad RTGs manipulate everything else under the sun tells me that they can't mess with the machine itself. I hope that gives you some peace of mind. Nobody can show you the back office, so all we really have to goon is logic
There is nothing not to like. This is one of the two best RTGs on the planet followed closely by Casino Max and Cherry Jackpot, who also if history is any indicator, set their RTP at the highest possible level, pay within 24 hours, and don't care who wins or loses - it's just math :)
THEMRINVB 2 reviews
United States
Customer service is friendly and courteous. Withdrawals are instant if they do let you win.
I used to have a fantastic relationship with these guys.That is till I happened to win too much or too frequently.Here’s how you can easily tell when they begin to manipulate things.I love to utilize the stop feature all the time, usually the reels stop almost instantly occasionally a wind down.Well when they are manipulating the reels begin to respond differently to the stop button.An unusual delay in stopping or not stopping at all occurs.
Want proof, here you go:
Chat on

Conversation started on : Tuesday, June 27, 2017, at 13:39 (GMT+0)
[13:56] V1498568607574461: hello
[13:57] David has joined the conversation
[13:57] David: Good day and Welcome to Casino Extreme! How may I be of assistance?
[13:57] V1498568607574461: Process my cashback please
[13:57] V1498568607574461: THEMRINVB
[13:57] David: Right away.
[13:57] V1498568607574461: thanks
[13:58] David: Your cashback has been processed. Good luck!
[13:59] V1498568607574461: Explain something to me how can I burn thru 60 bucks at 50cent stake hit two bonus rounds and win 2 dollars each time
[13:59] David: Bad luck. :(
[13:59] David: I am really sorry about that.
[14:00] V1498568607574461: I am really starting to think it is more than bad luck my friend
[14:00] David: Best I can do is get a bonus for you, and hope that lady fortuna changes her stance.
[14:00] David: I assure you, it is not anything more than that.
[14:00] David: :(
[14:00] David: We really are sorry...
[14:00] V1498568607574461: I play here a lot and it's starting to appear your RTP is not to hot
[14:01] David: It's the same it ever was.
[14:01] David: We have control over almost anything, but who wins and who doesn't, we cannot control that.
[14:02] V1498568607574461: guys their is a industry standard and all slot machines are programmable. You may not control what I actually spin but you do control what a game returns
[14:03] David: We do have control over our settings yes, but the machine randomly distributes the winnings, and this is where luck comes into play.
[14:03] David: We don't have control over who will hit the win and who will not.
[14:05] V1498568607574461: which is fine but what you do you have control over is the overall RTP.
[14:05] David: Yes, we do.
[14:05] David: And that hasn't changed ever.
[14:06] V1498568607574461: So what percentage are the game set for.
[14:06] David: 99% is our overall setting.
[14:08] V1498568607574461: No way online industry standards are 96% I don't believe for a sec every game you have is set at 99%.
[14:09] David: I am sorry if you feel that way, but this is simply how we keep our players happy for the most part.
[14:09] V1498568607574461: You guys would have that all over the website 99% return.
[14:09] V1498568607574461: Well lets hope I see some of that 99%.

You see they do control the RTP and they’re not afraid to crank it way down on anyone at anytime.
Now Mikey, Nick and the gang will say I am rude, a sore loser, and threatned their staff.Well the only thing I ever did was threaten to expose them for what they were , and that was crooks.
There is a reason the RTP is not publicly audited. Do yourself a favor play somewhere provably fair.
dbrenduf 3 reviews
United States
This casino great so far! I have only started playing at this casino within the past month. I have not won anything yet but when I do, I will write a review about the withdrawal process. This casino has a great staff, bonuses, and they are extremely fast with process verification documents. Good selection of slots and games as well.
Thedarkchip 1 review
United States
This is the best casino I have played at by far!! The chat team is awesome and always helpful and very fast. Nick from the chat team is a super helpful and cool guy. My withdrawals have bin deposited with in 5 mins of me requesting them. Love this casino :)
The bonus are good. Just wish they had more options for no rules bonuses. But the ones they have are still pretty good!
lojo 5 reviews
United States
I just wanted to add that the 15 minutes was mostly me not checking my email. As soon as I sent the BTC wallet code the money was there within 2 minutes - the next best thing? Sure, about 4% fee, but Coinbase "sold" the BTC directly to my PayPal account in three clicks. This is almost like the old days!

Previous Comment:
I can't find a forum or any reviews of casino Brango, and I am new here so please forgive if I put this in the wrong place. Casino Brango is operated by the same people as Casino Extreme. Anything I would say about Extreme applies to Brango and the other way around.

The "new" casino started out on NuWorks and went to RTG a couple of weeks ago. This place is great. The sign-up bonus gave me five chances to win with very reasonable 15 wagering requirement.

Hint #1 - Make sure you get your documents approved or you can't deposit with credit/debit card. They might take one deposit before verification, don't recall. ClubUSA did that when they first started too.
Hint #2 - If you deposit via bitcoin and have made a CC deposit you won't be able to cash out before verifying your account
Hint #3 - If you don't like all the network and conversion fee using Coinbase, suck it up for at least one deposit, then use debit/credit card which is cheaper.
Hint #4 - Follow those steps and you can deposit via CC and cash out winnings instantly to BTC wallet! Instantly as in less than 15 minutes, just do the withdrawal (but leave any non-cashable bonus amount in your account, they won't remove it for you) and contact customer service. They asked me to confirm my BTC wallet via email and within 2 minutes it showed up.

Customer Service: All great, all knew what they were doing and did it well, all were friendly and professional.
Instant Play: It's a great lobby. If you want the games to appear bigger on screen just hit F11
Bonuses: Hint - Any new RTG has small random jackpots so the max cashout of 30x deposit on a 100% match with 15x playthrough is totally palatable. If you hit a random for $1,000 and some change, great, guaranteed playthrough. Once the RJ get bigger, you might have to compare the value of a no max cashout offer. $40k is the most they will pay anyway (other than "jackpots" which I assume are Network progressives like Megasaur, etc. but can't say for sure).

Welcome bonus: Use the same coupon up to five times for 100% match - as soon as you cash out the code can't be used again. Five chances are pretty likely to result in a cashout in my experience. 15x deposit plus bonus playthrough 30x deposit max cash, so a $50 deposit can pay $1500 which is 1.5x the random jackpots. I don't usually play any bonus with max cash, but with small randoms, and I never hit them anyway, why not?

Anyway, all of the above applies to casino Extreme - except the free chip is bigger there and you can try the 100% bonus 6x instead of 5x
What's not to like? I'll do my part to get those random jackpots fattened up if you'll do yours lol

Previous Comment:
$40,000 max cashout - hey, you never know! lol All RTG casinos cap any win at 50,000 line bet so...
bella0101 12 reviews
United States
I wrote a review a few weeks back for Casino Extreme and I said I would update if I were to win and do a withdrawal. I did win & wanted to let other players know how easy it is here to get paid. My documents were approved quickly, no waiting a day or two. Minutes. Just minutes. After my documents were approved, the withdrawal took less than 2 minutes. Cant believe how easy it was and it was a no deposit bonus too. Nick is a chat agent here and I had numerous questions & needed to update my account & he never lost his patience nor did he even appear aggravated even though they were busy. All the chat agents I have come across here are so polite & kind & personable. I dont dread coming onto chat like I do other casinos and there is never a wait for an agent either. Perfect is all I can say. This is the only casino I can say is an absolute A+++++ from the play time to the chat agents and customer service right down to time frame for a withdrawal. Amazing!
There is nothing to dislike. Even the bonus match for deposits were taken into consideration from players wants & they offer great codes as well. 250% and 30 free spins right now. What more can you ask for?
jpizzle 1 review
United States
Out of dozens of online casinos I've tested out to see if they are any good, I finally found this place. There's truly no comparison as to the extreme measures they take to ensure the best customer service possible. I swear to goodness they paid me out $2,500 in less than 60 seconds after winning.
Don't take my word for it, try it out yourself. They are hands down the best!
CarsonCity 2 reviews
United States
Absolutely amazing casino, awesome customer service (there were times I spoke to them about topics unrelated to the casino because the conversation was so great), and yes, the payouts are instant (I can only speak for bitcoin).
I have made 2 withdrawals so far, and as soon as I submitted my request and informed customer service, there was a pending transfer in my wallet.
Let it be known, this is a very trustworthy casino!
Not finding out about Casino Extreme before my unpleasant experiences with many other casinos.
Rhonna 5 reviews
United States
I can’t say enough good things about this casino. I’ve been online gambling for over 10 years. Never have I had such a great experience. I’d been reading about their fast payouts so thought I’d give them a try again (been depositing sporadically for months but never won much)

I’ve been playing big at 3 other online casinos. One the payout takes about 8 days. The other took about 27. The 3rd one I never made it past 5 days pending before I reversed my withdrawal and it was gone.

Today I played and won 1,089.00. The deposit was smaller but that just made play through that much easier. I cashed out via Bitcoin, contacted live chat, sent my verification documents and within 1/2 hour I had received 1,000 in my bitcoin.

Wow. David helped me through the whole process. He was extremely nice, fast and super amazing to deal with.

Bye bye my other online casinos. I’m a life time player of just one casino now!
bella0101 12 reviews
United States
Extreme casino is one of my newer favorite casinos. I signed up here many months ago but didn't play here often because I prefer larger match deposit bonuses that I didn't seem to get at extreme at the beginning but they were just starting out back then also. Things have gotten bigger & better there since then. I Only deposited maybe once a month up until last month when I decided to play here because the casinos that I do frequent, and I do play quite a bit, but I felt like I was bothering the chat agent whenever I went on chat. Not to mention I always had to wait at lest 5-10 minutes just to ask even a simple question. 9 times out of ten no mater where I go online lately, I have a horrible time during chat & because of how rude & disrespectful most chat agents were that I encountered, I decide to look around for another casino to play. I remembered Casino extreme & the first thing I remember was how nice & helpful as well as polite the chat agent were & that's what I needed. Like I said, I do play quite a bit and it's entertainment & it gets pretty expedience depositing every day sometimes 2-3 times a day here a there so at the very least, I expect to be treated like any valued customer or simply, like a human being. That would have been nice. So I slowly stopped playing at these casinos & I do occasionally play when they have a good code but not into it like I used to be with them . I have ventured out & so glad I did.

From the beginning at casino extreme, actually, the very first time I played there, I did enjoy the chat agents here and how polite they always were. It is one of those things that stuck out in my mind & I remembered because many live chat agents that I have come across at different online casinos are the complete opposite & it's disappointing because it should all be a positive experience all the time because as a player, we are spending our hard earned money & being loyal to their specific casino so we should be treated properly. Nothing
Over the top but basic manners, kindness & helpfulness. Casino extreme has shown no type of negative interaction in my experience on chat.

I started playing at extremes casino much more frequently approx a month ago & not one time have I gone on chat at extreme & ever felt like I was bothering the chat agent or I was a nuisance or didn't ask a question because I knew one more question meant at least 7-10
Minutes on hold. Even when they are super busy, they answer you right away & are honest if they are busy but in a super nice way or a fun way. They don't cut you off or act like they have control issues & are in charge of your play or your money like other places I have played at did.

I just got off chat a short bit ago with an casino extreme chat agent by the name of David. David was was covering for a different agent who had stepped out by the name
Of nick, and it was probably the best, most easy going chat I have had at any casino. I kept David on chat for at least 20 minutes also so if he was getting frustrated, he didn't show it in the least.. As a matter of fact, he offered more info or any help he could offer to me while I was spending time at extreme. He also never put pressure on me to hurry or kept asking is there anything else I can help you with over has over which is a huge hint that they are done at other casinos. He also never once put any other chat agent or casino down when I spoke negatively of my experience at other casinos. His only words were that casino extreme prides itself on being polite and catering to the player for their needs & to help them get playing as they came on there to do. That is exactly what he did. I am also super excited because I just happened to ask if extreme had a sister site & he told me they do. He told Me about a free chip to try it out there & offered info on what software they used because I was interested. He answered every question I had & was easy to talk to, had a great personality & most of all... he was kind. He is definitely an asset to extreme casino.

I hope other casinos elsewhere see this review because they are going to start losing money, if they haven't already with all the competition out there currently & there are only newer & bigger & better things happening in the gaming lifestyle in casino so a chat agent like David is what all casinos need just for starters to greet & welcome & assist if the player requests it as I did a few hours ago & typically do when I play. Even if it's to find out what games are hot that day... no question should ever be too little or petty to ask & David was very forthcoming with making me feel like I wasn't bothering him because I was adamant at first to keep asking questions because where I had played for so long & still occasionally do, have gotten me to the point that I dread to go on chat & dread it even more when I'm having to wait 10 minutes just to get someone on the line for a question that I may have or a problem that I need help with before I am able to deposit so it's not a good feeling to dread doing something that is supposed to be there for your enjoyment and entertainment. David and other chat agents at casino extreme have brought that little bit of excitement back to my playing that I had lost in the midst of frustration & being made to feel badly if I needed help. Or when I have to make sure I copy and paste a chat session word for word just in case I need the proof chat told me something because the next chat agent, in my experience at places other than extreme casino, will basically Tell you in not so many words that you are lying & regardless of what anyone said, they are not able to help you or cannot honor what the chat agent from last night said and it's out of their hands when u know it's not true. Or they will tell you to check back in an hour for a supervisor. Always an hour. When you know they are right there. Its s
Very frustrating.

I have not experienced anything even close to that at casino extreme.
I believe it's important for the player to read reviews both on the good and bad so they can take what they want from it & see if it's right for them because every player is looking for something different most of the time as in any industry or any form of entertainment. Casino extended was ready & willing to help me with what ever my issue was & of try didn't know the answer, they double checked to not tell you what you wanted to hear only to be let down the following day when it was denied by a different chat agent who didn't believe you because you didn't have a copy of ur chat. Now I do. Always save your chats if it's important. U less of Course, you play at extreme casino where you can trust you are given the correct info and if not, they will listen to you & to help you however they can without you spending an hour on chat only to be disconnected because the server timed out because they were helping someone else at same time.

Another great asset if extreme casino is they are, from what I have been told, instant payouts. I haven't gotten the chance to test the "instant payout" or any payout process here at extreme but have gotten plenty of playtime for my money. I was find by David tonight as well as other agents from extreme in recent past to come back to chat when I win & my payment will be processed instantly. They do pride themselves on that as well. I am almost positive it is within 10 minutes. You can't beat that. Hopefully I will be able to do the instant withdrawal sometime real soon. If I do, I will be sure to update this review regardless of how good or bad the withdrawal "instant" process was. I have never had an issue with any bonus codes not working here or my payments not being accepted. But I do only use bitcoin now so I'm Not sure if there is many failing transactions with bitcoin as there was with credit cards in the past at other casinos u til bitcoin was accepted but even with bitcoin, some casinos you have to wait anywhere from 20 minutes to as long as 8 hours I have waited in the past. Haven't waited more than 20 seconds at extreme casino with a bitcoin payment for my balance to be adjusted to what it is suppose to be.

Hopefully other casinos will see that they will Only gain more customers & more respectful, happy players who want to spend their money there because of a positive chat experience. If the chat agents who are helping us are basically respectful & treat the player as we want to be treated & how we treat others.

Casino extreme is one you cannot pass by. From the chat experience, to the fast credit of your deposit, to the bonus deposit matches & the 60 free spins on the weekend if deposit during the weeek, the instant payments, to the games we all love & I am sure a lot I dont even know about as I only play slots typically. There's nothing bad to say about casino extreme. As I said, I will update any further communication if it changes & hopefully Will able to update the withdrawal experience as well as the time frame real soon.
There is nothing I dislike about Casino Extreme but it would be great & in my opinion, very beneficial to the casino & to the customers if they were to offer maybe one large deposit match either a few times a week or even once. They did offer a 660% match at once point for awhile and the max cash out was 10x your deposit I believe. Which is still really good. Don't quote me on the 10x, but definitely close to that. Then of course, play through which was relatively low compared to many RTG sites. This gave many players the ability to try different games and have a larger bankroll. That bonus match was not available this week but I wish it would come back. Another match that I think would be beneficial because I know it got to the point that I was depositing daily just to use this code. It was a 200% match and 200 free spins on a new game also with lower play through but no max cash out. That one is also gone but those are 2 I looked forward to. They do have one that is great tho but on Thursdays I believe. 100INSTANT and you deposit $25 and GET $75 free to play with and max withdrawal is $1,000 (again almost positive). That is still available & a great deal. I wouldn't play anywhere else that had RTG games if those codes were made more readily available but they do offer great codes without these as well. Other than that,no dislikes at all.
rafinhajt 5 reviews
United States
Fast instant pay out, I won $2000 like 2 weeks ago and $1000 friday! The $2000 I cashout and af the same day I got the money at my bank account, still waiting on the $1000 because I request friday afternoon, so they sent right way the funds to my Bitcoin wallet, then i sold them and cashout, but was late friday then weekend but I am sure it will arrive today!
The 24/7 costumer is very fast and friendly!
macmendy 1 review
Fast Payout.
I opened an account Saturday. I won 500USD with a 50USD deposit, and 35USD bonus. I'm tried a 500USD withdrawal Sunday. The "bank department" send me a polite mail, ask me for 2 documents for can verify my account (my address and my document id). A couple of hours later they send me another mail telling me that verification was ok, but the withdrawal must be without 35USD bonus. So, I made another withdrawal for 450 USD. Then, I just opened the chat, an agent process the withdrawal for me. In less than 5 minutes the money appear in my neteller account. AMAZING.
Nothing. Just love the casino!!!! The games and the entire experience
Scramystad 5 reviews
This casino backs their word up when it comes to instant withdrawals. The only thing they ask is for u to, once u have made your withdrawal request, to directly contact the staff via instant chat and inform them that you would like them to process your request. They then instantly do so!! Games are genuinely fair and what to expect from any casino however the funds they use are American and euros. Which, being Canadian, I don't mind because when my winnings are converted it's actually even MORE then it's says when I Cash out!

The customer service here are professional, helpful and DON'T keep you waiting forever to respond unlike many other casinos. This is definitely in my top 3 of all casinos online today. I am a fan!!!!
Limited game selections.... there is no quickspin, netent or other currently trending games.
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