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MacdoniS 108 reviews
United States
The most famous game in the world has its own slot that was dedicated for the fan of the football for over the world! Players of RTG slot can now have the chance to experience the football mania with just the RTG slot platform! Football Frenzy is a 50 paylines 5 reel slot more opportunities of winnings from the higher payline slots but that was not the deal here, there are two types of game play that you can choose first was the striker mode where the game play will have free games with a tripled payouts and the lucky mode which I well considered as a great deal for the lucky feature can activated but the downside the multiplier from the free games are inactive.

Have a cheer for just $0.01 per line my betting size doesn’t grow up for $0.05 per line because of higher stake but the results of increasing bet gave a good payout because the combinations of soccer, ref, trophy and beers gave a minimum 30x of bets and if the multiplier was hit the prize doubled! Have a grip from the mode that you choose because the striker can add up your multiplier!

Free kicks from the penalty kick bonus was also a great mini game of the lucky mode where there was always a chance to get it every spin on a normal game. This free kicks were surprising for the sub-features of bonus ball symbols and gold bonus ball. I have an impression that with this feature you can win an up to 1000x of your bet with the single feature by wonderful struck of luck that I currently hope to get right now I only got a best win of 200x of my bet so far.
The problem about the striker mode was I can’t get a multiplier with a better wins that can be multiplied to its feature and it turns out that lucky mode was a better mode than striker mode both are better but you must ensemble your bet size from the mode that you want to choose.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Football Frenzy is a 50 payline 5 reel slot that was launched about a year ago at the time for the world series cup. Religion of Champions was launched at the same time from Top game so I played these two games a lot. Because this is a football slot I think it is very popular with the man slot players and less popular with the women. There are a lot of symbols n this game and they all remind us of football. Referee, Soccer ball, Stadium, Beer, Scars, Trophy. This game really does have a lot of symbols, but the payout is really low and the only bigger wins can come if a win is connected with a wild symbol and then the payout is bigger.

The wild symbol in the game is a football player Striker and he can come stacked on reel 1 and 5 during base play and has a doubling function when he is in a winning combination. In the free spins game he can also come stacked on reel 3. The scatter symbol here is the stadium and you need at least 3 of them to trigger the free spins bonus or if you are playing in the lucky mode of the game the free spins can come random after every normal spin. I have played this game in both modes but I don’t think there is some big difference. If the free spins want to come they will come regardless of mode.

In the free spins bonus you can have up to 100 free spins depending on the number of scatters you get but the usual number is 8. If you manage to get 5 symbols with a soccer ball next to a symbol on the reels you are taken to the penalty kick bonus where you can earn extra cash prizes.

I have played this game a lot of times but my biggest win was about 150 x bet. Usually the baseline wins are small and the only descent wins can come in the free spins bonus if you manage to hit all 3 reels with the Striker Wild symbol.
At the beginning of the World Cup in Brazil 2014 years for fans of RTG slots was a special period, namely before the start of the championship RTG gaming started a game that was created in honor of the most beautiful things in the world and everything in order to spread the already rich selection of slots in all their casinos . The game is expected packed with football motif, players who are praising you gain as you celebrate their every scored goal. There are also symbols like a football, a judge who keeps yellow card in his hand, attractive cheerleaders pictures with supporters' flag in hand, whistle that when a winning line plays only for you own recognizable sound, all these are just some of the details below you'll convince their experience and critical thought an experienced gambler.

As for the shape, and the way this game is also a 5 reel slot machines but with the important difference compared to the other, this game has 50 payment lines. The game is quite generous at least to me, because every few spins before you're seeing a winning line, sometimes symbolic gain but what's done is it's all part of the game. An integral part of the game are two jackpots one Minor Jackpot while the other named Major Jackpot. As for the wild symbol in this game it represents Striker who may appear at any position on the reels. When this symbol appears on one of the column and if the other symbols create a winning line of canvas then you gain doubles. Striker will help in any case make the most money and next to it there is another one which we now describe.

Another important symbol in games of this kind is the scatter and it is proud to present stadium symbol, which you also can make a huge profit in a bonus game that is triggered his arrival. Such a bonus game called Free Kick Free Games for her you will need three scatter symbols and there you have the possibility to win by eight to one hundred freebies. We will not go into too much detail bonus since it would take too long, the writing itself and for you to read. We'll leave you alone to get to the bonus section and discover what is this all behind, I especially liked the animation Striker and the way in which it successfully incorporated images with audio stream duration of normal and especially the already mentioned bonus game. Rating 9/10
paquito76 867 reviews
For the players who play lot with different software providers’ products, after a while it comes easy to recognize in a blink of an eye whether a game belongs to this or that developers’ workshop simply just taking a quick look at it but Football Frenzy is one of those slots that absolutely doesn’t fit to common RTG’s appearance as it has much better graphics quality. It’s more detailed, modern looked, crystal clear and outstandingly drawn work and the whole design and arrangement is way better that we used to.

Normally, I’m not a fan of that slots that’s symbols are not separated from each other in a well-marked way but this time fortunately they don’t ruin each other and the visual experience and the football related figures like stadium, fans, players, whistle, cup, beer cause a nice comprehensive look. I’d like if RTG would follow this style and create more and more graphically better, up-to-dates slots like this.

Some of game segments show the signs of present day’s criteria of a slot machine but some of them still seem to be a little bit of out of date. Maybe it’s not the best word to describe it but I consider into this category the only 1000 coins what is the best compensation by a 5 of a kind line win at normal game. Honestly, I would expect more from a 50-payline game that has many features, options and solutions what I saw only at the popular games and overall its style is a little bit like some of Playtech products.

First, the player has the liberty to choose one of the two available gameplay modes – Striker or Lucky – which mainly pertain to free spins and bonus side games. In Strike mode the potential free games are played at tripled prize while in Lucky mode this function is disabled but instead, the extra spin feature may be triggered randomly too without requiring the triggering symbols on the screen. 3 Stadium figures give 8 free games while 5 of them would present up to 100 extra spins and the Wild can appear in stacked format on reel 3 during that session. Anyway, this substituting figure is stacked at first and fifth reels in normal games and has the ability to double all the wins in a winning combination.

I usually go with Lucky and despite of the wins are not tripled there but I have won more money with it mainly thanks to the more frequently activated Penalty Kick Bonus rounds. During free spins a Bonus Ball emblem may appear on any symbol and if it happens on all five reels the bonus game starts. Surprisingly we have to score goals on penalty shots and every successful attempt raise the multiplier up to x 100, and after 2 missed shots or 8 scored goals a Gold Bonus Ball may be awarded which has a prize triplicate function. The side game ends after 3 missed shots. I like very much this bonus game and find it very exciting.

Of course we can’t forget the chance to win randomly triggered Jackpots that every RTG slots offers but if this game wouldn’t have that I’d still consider it a very good game and excellent game at RTG’s level. I must say if this is the new direction, concept what RTG is headed and want to continue to build their products that way, so, I would really happy about because Football Frenzy shows lot of similarities to more player-favourite, famous slots though I have to mention little development is required in the rewarding system in my opinion.
sencize 193 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Football frenzy is great new slot from Real Time Gaming software. It is very well designed slot and has some great bonus features. I started my play time on this slot few days ago with a no deposit bonus in one RTG casino and this slot helped me very much with my wagering requirements. Now some of you who already played this slot may think how does this slot helps me with wagering bonus when small wins don't come very often? The answer is simple lots of free games. I have been very fortunate that I get free games very easy on Football frenzy slot so far. In my calculations I need between 50 and 100 spins to win feature once and if lucky maybe even 3 times. It is worth the trouble because free games feature is great on this slot.

The wild symbol is striker and in the main game it comes stacked on reels 1 and 5 substituting all except scatter with x 2 prize. The symbol or scatter that triggers bonus feature is football stadium. Now what is also interesting about slot is that it has two game play modes. Striker mode is default mode when you first open slot and in this mode free games wins are tripled but feature is only triggered with 3 or more scatters. In lucky mode free games wins are not tripled but this mode has lucky feature. Lucky feature is possibility to get 8 free kick free games after any normal game. I mostly play in striker mode because I like to have triple prizes when I get free games. Now to further explain free kick free games. After you get 3 or more football stadiums in striker mode or lucky feature triggers in lucky mode free games are triggered. Lucky feature awards 8 free games and with scatters you can win up to 100 free games depending on number of scatters that triggered feature. Striker wild during free spins is stacked on reel 3 and penalty kick feature can be won during free spins. Penalty kick feature is trigger when bonus balls appear on symbols. They can appear on all symbols and if you get them on all five reels feature starts. In this feature you are the striker trying to score as many penalty kicks as possible for bet multipliers. You have 4 picks where to shoot left down corner, right down corner, left up and right up corners of the goal. For every goal scored multiplier goes up to a maximum 100 x bet. You need 8 goals to get 100 x bet but if goal keeper saves two times normal play is over and you get additional two golden balls for x 3 multipliers. If you don't score with first golden ball game is over but if you score you get a second one for additional x 3 multiplier. That means this feature in the best case scenario can bring a massive win of 900 x bet which is added to free spins wins. The biggest amount I won with this feature is 150 on a dollar bet. Of course there are bad situations on this feature also because one time weirdest thing happened to me that goalkeeper saved all three first shots and I ended up with only x 2 bet but those situations are really rare.

For the bad side of this slot I will mention huge number of different symbols which prevent small wins happening often in base game. Also I am not a biggest fan of 50 line slots and it would be much better if this was 25 lines slot. All other stuff is really great and I rate Football frenzy as one of the best RTG slots with 9/10 stars
Afi4wins 1219 reviews
Everybody is suffering from the World Cup football frenzy, except me! That’s because I like to watch football at times but I’m never a big fan or fanatic. Same goes for football video slot games too - I haven’t found a game that I really love yet. Football Frenzy may be a new game to Real Time Gaming stables, but as far as the graphics and game sounds are concerned, it is just like any other football game to me. Nothing new or astounding really. 1 star down.

For a new RTG game, the win values for all the symbols are pretty low, the highest being only 500x line bet. With a Wild, it doubles up to 1000x line bet. The Wild symbols don’t pay anything, but thankfully, the Stadium Scatter symbols pay a nice 500x total bet for 5 of them. Still, hoping for a big payout only from the 5 scatters is just not good enough. 1 star down.

Feature wise, Football Frenzy offers several variants in its base game play as well as in the free spins play. You can chose to play in the Striker Mode or in the Lucky Mode, whereby wins are multiplied 3x in the Striker Mode and lucky free kicks are awarded in the Lucky Mode. Whichever is chosen makes no difference really, but I prefer the Striker Mode for its 3x win multiplier. There’s also the randomly activated Penalty Kick Bonus with a maximum win of 900x total bet! Can this be true? Who knows! Free spins are activated by 3 or more scatter symbols on the reels, up to a maximum of 100 free spins for 5 scatters activation. Sounds good and promising. 1 star up.

In real play, payouts in the main game are almost negligible! Most of the spins are without any win, wins without the Striker Wild symbol pay very little, and only with the Wild symbol can you get something decent. For bigger wins, you need to get those Penalty Kick Bonuses and a lot of those free spins too. The best win I got so far from one of the Striker Mode free spins game is almost 160x my total bet amount, which is pretty good. The other free spins games were not so good. As for the Penalty Kick Bonus, luck is probably the major factor to get any huge wins. I managed to hit the 10x win multiplier on several occasions, on others it’s just the basic 2x. To reach the top 100x win multiplier looks like mission impossible really, but it is possible I guess. Good potential, so no star down/up.

At times, Football Frenzy play like hell, at other times, it pays quite well. But you definitely need a reasonably big bankroll to get the most out of this game, because the free spins do not come so often, the main game doesn’t pay much, and your big wins lie with those Penalty Kick Bonuses and good runs on the free spins. 1 star down.
valentin68 535 reviews
Now that there are left few days until the opening of 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil, I stepped back into an RTG casino and I found finally what I have looking for some weeks now. “Football Frenzy” is the latest addition to the slots from these casinos and in some ways it erases a small part of my bad feelings I had about RTG slots.

To start with the good parts, I have to mention the fact that the return of this slot is a bit better. I do not refer to single payouts, because sometimes they can be as small as 1/5 x bet, but to the fact that if you play long enough you will eventually find that you have not lost too much or you even you won something. So far the RTG understanding about the high volatility of a slot, was very small and rare wins, and only in altogether exceptional cases a nice win (though not very big). Well, with this slot, at least in what concerns my game, although I had several whole series of losing spins, big and very big wins have become more common and accessible compared to the other slots alike. It is quite probable to win here from time to time even 100x-300x bet from a certain spin.

The second best part is that also here the theme and graphics of the slot are as appealing as they always have been. Football is the most popular game and the graphics are drawn in the good RTG tradition. Even the game itself is beautiful, having some major and Wild symbols stacked, so that if you play long enough you will have enough chances to have 5 major symbols aligned in a large number of winning combinations, from a certain single spin. Even the Free Spins are triggered easier here than playing at other RTG slots, and the fact that the game itself has two modes of playing “Lucky” and “Striker” increases the possibilities that is offers.
Here, like playing all the latest RTG slots, the total number of symbols is very big. There are no less than 10 different symbols without counting the Wilds and Scatters. The large number of symbols on the screen makes the slot to be quite tiring and difficult to follow for the player although the slot is nice “colored”. It is also true that the slot has 50 paylines which seems enough, but when you consider the fact that the slot has also four lines (and as I said 10 symbols) you will realize the fact that symbols will align with great difficulty (except when you will have enough stacked symbols on 3 reels).

Even if I said that larger payouts are more frequent and the return is better, there are series of 30-50 spins when hardly you will win more than 1/2 x bet.

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