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Blood Suckers Slot

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Blood Suckers is a vampire-themed 25-payline video slot which runs on the NetEnt software platform. The wild card features a Vampire and a Girl, while the scatter is the Undead Bride symbol. Players can test the slot on this page for free or play the game for real money in any of the listed NetEnt casinos.

Prior to starting their own eerie adventure with creatures of the night, players need toadjust their bet. “Bet Level” modifies the bet level and “Bet Lines” alters the number of active paylines. “Coin Value” is used to select the coin size which ranges from 0.01 to 0.5. "Spin" starts the game, “Max Bet” spins the reels at the highest wager and “Auto” turns them multiple times in a row uninterrupted.

3, 4 or 5 scatters emerging on the reels will award players 10 Free Spins, during which all wins are tripled. Additional Free Spins may be won in this round.

3 or more Bloody Hammer Bonus symbols will activate the Bonus Game. Players enter an ancient burial chamber and open coffins to find vampires in order to slay them. Coins are won for every vampire slain. The Bonus Game is terminated when bats fly out of the selected coffin.

When 5 wild cards occur on an enabled payline, a jackpot of 7,500 coins will be won.

Game Play

Bet Level: Pick the bet level.
Bet Lines: Choose the number of active paylines.
Coin Value: Choose the coin value to play at.
Max Bet: Spin the reels at the maximum bet.
Spin: Turn the reels at the selected wager.
Auto: Play the game multiple times uninterrupted.

Blood Suckers Slot Reviews by Players


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LeoDubbed 148 reviews
RTP is very important for all players. Most game has a minimum RTP above 90% and I've never played any game that has a RTP below 90% because it is simply pay very poor most of the time.

NetEnt's Blood Suckers is the only game that has a RTP of 98%, this means on a certain moment the game will pay 98% of your total balance back. This is also the reason why most casinos excluded this game from bonus money, I don't blame them.

Blood Suckers, these two words say enough what the game is all about. No, it's not about leechers.

Blood Suckers is also one of NetEnt oldest games but I noticed they have updated the game with a smoother gameplay and a better visual effects along with Starburst and others. In earlier years there was a possibility of decreasing the amount of paylines on most of the games but that possibility is now gone. All games have now a fixed paylines. For some this is a disadvantage for them but playing with max paylines is the best way to win big.

Blood Suckers has given me quite some great times. I do love the animation when 2 scatter symbols appeared on my screen, it startled me a bit when the female vampire screams. What I love the most of the game is the free spins feature.
When it triggered, you will be rewarded with 15 free spins and a 3 times multiplier, every win you won wil be multiplied by 3, including scatters.

The other bonus feature is what I call Van Helsing mode, open a coffin and stab the vampire in the heart and win a prize. The prizes are very various though, sometimes there's a huge prize behind the vampire but sometimes the prize is not larger than 10 times your bet. I think the Van Helsing feature is kinda fixed.

If you haven't play this game before, I most definitely recommend it but beware of the female vampire!
HelmG 83 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
We can not say that today's slot adventure bad (because it is not true), but we can say that they miss something like creativity and special innovation, factors of fear and great opportunities to achieve gains. Percentage of generating profit on this slot is about 98%. Of course, it's hard to do something, if there are no new issues that can be converted into a slot machine. Vampires and their desire for blood is an eternal inspiration to many film directors, including the makers of NetEnt company. What can I say about the slot, where I spend at least 80% of the time compared to the others. What to talk about the game, where yesterday I lost € 120, and only a few days ago won € 150. All I would add to this, it would be more familiar thing for those who love to play Bloodsuckers, so I will not repeat.

There are few games that I have met so detailed as: Bloodsuckers, Gonzo's Quest, The Incredible Hulk and several other well-known titles. Bloodsuckers has one of the best bonus rounds among NetEnt games. High payout on this slot are the main reason that many casinos while giving a bonus, excluding Bloodsuckers from wagering requirement rules. Probably so get the opportunity to fail to clean up your credit until the end, and that money belong to the casino. I like the sound effect in Scatter where "bloody" bride real movement with a knife when you win three such symbols. This does not mean that is about to kill you, on the contrary gives you 10 free spins that can be used to increase the amount to the account. During the free spins round, is active and the opportunity to win a bonus round.

The only difference is, that the free spins have a multiplier 3X, and the bonus round if he win during free spins does not apply this increase profit. So, bonus round and everything in it won credited to the multiplier of 1X. The bonus round is usually a group of 12 coffins, whose opening and open possibilities of gains. It lasts until the moment when from the coffin, flying flock of bats, which means that your bonus round just ended. Bloodsuckers has many times proved that the best slot machine for those with less money in the account. Often times I received the iGame Casino promotion of one free spin, and after he won € 0.50 were enough two spins on Bloodsuckers slot that my account balance exceeds € 10. Often these bonuses end my payment on Neteller, with some of my favorite NetEnt casinos. I believe that you all play this slot, but if not, it is one of the biggest mistakes in your life.
raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
This game is well known amongst bonus abusers and advantage players because it has an exceptionally high RTP - 98% is often stated although I have not found an official figure to confirm this. For this reason, you will find a large number of casinos prohibit Blood Suckers from being played whilst a bonus is active.

The game is also firmly in the low variance category - it is this combination of a high RTP and a low risk per spin that makes the game so attractive when it comes to burning through a wagering requirement, and if you manage to hit a jackpot or two during your run (the 'jackpot' win is a full line of wilds and returns 300x your stake) then you have a good chance of finishing in profit. If this game is available for bonus play at your favourite casinos then you might want to give this strategy a try yourself!

Three or more scatters gives ten free spins - there are no extra spins for four or five scatters as in many NetEnt games, but there is at least a reasonable payout of 4, 25 or 100x your stake for 3, 4 or 5 scatters respectively. There is also a "Pick Me" bonus which can be entered by hitting three or more bonus symbols on an active payline. As far as I can tell, hitting more than three bonus symbols makes the amounts on the bonus game a little higher, though not dramatically so. There are 12 coffins to pick from, of which 3 will end the bonus game and return you to the reels.

As mentioned, the highest paying symbol is the wild which returns 300x your stake, other than that the highest win is just 20x your stake for the next highest picture symbol, although there is a 3x multiplier during the free spins.
It's not the most exciting game, but low variance slots can be fun if you are willing to bet reasonably large. It does seem that it may be possible to win up to 900x your stake if you are amazingly lucky and score a full line of wilds during the free spins, but in general you'll be lucky to hit more than 60x your stake in most sessions, so perhaps this is a game just to play a little from time to time.
Fiekie247 236 reviews
South Africa
Another vampire slot which I admire, but this time from Netent. Blood Suckers has become one of my favourite slots, not because of the high rtp but it's good for wagering, well at the casinos that allow for the game to be played with bonus money because most don't. If a casino allow for the game to be played with bonus money then lower contribution of bets counts towards wagering. But this game is nice to build a bank roll.

This vampire theme slot has a bonus feature, where you need to get 3 or more bonus symbols from the left reel to the right consecutively to trigger the bonus feature. This is the feature I triggered a lot and once or twice managed to win x500. You need to open coffins and whenever there is a vampire you it get stabbed with a wooden stake, killing them instantly and you win coins. There are 3 or 4 coffins that has nothing but bats inside. When one of those coffins are opened the bonus game ends.

The game also boast a free spins feature, but it seems you need to make at least 500 spins in order to get the free spins feature. The free spins are very hard to trigger and if you do trigger it, winnings are not as frequent as in the main game. In fact I think you can win more in the main game with 15 spins x1 multiplier than you would with 15 spins x3 multiplier in free spins mode. I normally get 2 scatters most of the time, but hardly 3. The wild symbol appear frequent almost 7/10 spins. But I never had a really big win on this game, mostly small wins, even though I get 3 wilds on the first 3 reels.

Overall I enjoyed this game and I play it most of the time. I think you need to play this game for a good while in order to generate some good wins and build a big bankroll.
Afi4wins 1386 reviews
Don't you just love Dracula and vampire slot games?! There are quite a number of such blood-sucking games, which can be money-sucking games too, but what the heck, we play these games to get some fun and enjoyment, besides trying to win some money too, right? No? Oh gees, you sure there's nothing wrong with you? Hehehe. Real Time Gaming has its Count Dracula slot, which can pay really huge if you can get 5 of him - they expand to full size to cover the entire reels! NetEnt has a few of these blood curling games too, the latest one being Dracula, which isn't that good really. But this blood-sucking money-sucking game, The Blood Suckers, is probably the best of the lot from NetEnt! If you haven't played the game, then sorry, you wouldn't know why I'm saying this, and you're missing out on a bloody good game! You're going to try it out now? Good, good, but finish reading my review first please! Hehehe.

Not many games can offer you good paytables nowadays. Newer games all tend to be pay-more-smaller-wins kind, with very very low paytables and not much potential for huge wins, but Blood Suckers is based on the older criterion of providing good payout possibilities. 5 Wilds pay 7500x the line bet, which is very good, 5 Scatters pay 100x the total bet, which is low actually, and the free spins game gives 10 free spins with a 3x win multiplier, which is also good. What is not so good, is that only 10 free spins can be awarded at any one time, even with 5 scatters! Dang! This shouldn't have been the case, but what to do. NetEnt doesn't want us to win too big I guess! Hahaha.

The Bonus game is another feature game that is thrilling and exciting, and may even be rewarding. It's actually a 'pick-and-win' kinda game, awarding cash prizes, for as long as you don't pick an empty coffin. Yikes! Pick a coffin and win? Yep, 12 coffins to pick from, 4 of them would be empty, so use your x-ray eyes and pick the ones with corpses in them! But don't be scared! Just think of the 2000 and 4000 coins to be won in one of those coffins! Then you wanna go coffin hunting all the time! Hahaha.

Dang! I can't remember now if the free spins game can be retriggered or not, but I guess the answer must be yes. They hardly happen though, if I may say so, that's why I can't remember them. I haven't really won anything big on this game, just my blardy blood-curling bad luck, but I do know that they are there, just waiting for me to get them. Hmm, I'll wait for a full-moon before I go hunting for these blood sucking vampires. They like to come out when the full moon is out, so it'll probably be easier for me to get them...or they get me! Hahaha.
zerooo 742 reviews
Blood Suckers is game powered by NetEnt software. It has 25 paylines and minimum bet set to 0.25€. The theme in this slot is about vampires, blood. I played this game a long time ago and I did not like it. The reason was because of bonus rounds.

If you get at least 3 bonus symbols at active bet line you will start bonus game. Later you must to choose the right boxes and you get prizes. I did not like this bonus rounds at the beginning while I was playing it. I selected always the box which is empty and I finished the bonus feature. The prize into boxes could be higher. I had some good winnings too, but most of the time the prizes are low so you must have enough luck to pick the right ones.

The free spins feature is more interesting for me, but for me it is really hard to trigger it. At least 3 scatters means 10 free spins at x3 multiplier. Funny thing is that even if you get 5 scatters you will receive the same amount of free spins. I think this is not good, I prefer to see higher amount for 5 scatters. Good point is that 2 scatters pays back, I had a lot of them while I was playing. It's really hard for me to trigger the free spins feature, but bonus game on the other side came up often.

I like main game because there are wilds symbols which increases you winnings. I could say that payouts are good, I could play this game more. I think this game could also be good for wagering purposes, because you will receive frequently some good winnings during main game. For big win you must enter free spins feature and hoping to get there some wilds symbols and others which pays the most.
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
How to start a review about this game? Blood Suckers is one of a few dozen games that have vampires for a theme. So far I've played most of them, but I really liked a few. One of those games that I liked is this one. I liked it first of all because of the interesting bonus where you hit a hawthorn stakes through the vampires that are lying in coffins. Of course, also I really like that it is easy to come to this bonus feature. To reach the bonus feature it is necessary that you have at least 3 bonus symbols on one active line. This is not all of the features offered by the Blood Suckers. There is also a free spins feature.

Free spins can be reached in the classic way. In other words, with at least 3 scatter symbols anywhere on the screen. For a 3 scatter symbols you get 10 free spins + 4 x total bet, for 4 scatter 10 free spins + 25 x bet and in the end for 5 scatter symbols you have 10 free spins + 100 x bet.

Also I'm quite disappointed that I have not had some decent wins in the free spins feature. I think so far I have not had wins higher of 50 x bet in the free spins. But again, I have no doubt that the Blood Suckers can pay well in the free spins. Now, my impressions are mixed when it comes to this game. The first time I tried this game I achieved a good result and well-earned. This happens a few more times. At that time I thought that this game will really become my favorite NetEnt video slot game.

However, in the last 3- 4 attempts here I had only disappointing results, and I lost a lot of money. However, because of the good results that I've had I will recommend Blood Suckers.
Blood Suckers is a game based on Vampire's creatures motive what is nothing special.

It is one of the most popular games produced by Net Entertainment network. There is 25 paylines and 5 reels. Very fine graphic, colorful on the top level design as always at Netent. For me at all it is funny theme, especially at bonus game I like these „boxes” ;) music is in good taste and suitable for the game theme and is nice to ears.

There is simple bonus game but can be profitable it is like addition to „classic free spins” feature it's pretty easy. I like that game very much because, I can play long time without losing every single Coin.

What is the best about this game and impress me personally, is that 98 % return to player( RTP). So I think this game shouldn't be overlooked. Because I never seen before so very low margin set on a slot machine ever!! A 2 % on slots? Come on! We can compare this edge to table and card games like: roulette (when you play European roulette off course with one zero - not an american version with 2 zero's) or baccarat which is too game with low ~ 2 % margin.

I think that if margin is so low, then should be used for bonus wagering purposes. So I recommend it by the way.

My overall rating is 9 /10 based on my subjectively experiences and results I had in this game so maybe I am lucky in this game or it pays more than other games, I don't know but in my opinion this game is worth to try.
Free spins are triggered when we get 3 scatters or more when we got 4-5 we would have more than standard 15 free spins with 3 x multiplier. What is bad here? It is really hard to get it, not like „bonus round” which is „easy” in comparison to get.
Bloodsuckers it is game made by Netent. I am playing this slot very often, because it is such game which can held balance on same place for a very big amount of spins, and also it very good times it could pay nice. So it is good for play with a bonus, wagering requirements gone without even your notice, you just play and did not lost much. Not every time of course, because like any other game it could steal money in bad times.

I like that there is bonus game which trigger very often. You need to get at least 3 bonus symbols on any active payline. It is then trigger bonus game, which is just simple - you pick and get prizes. But apart from many other such features in Microgaming slots for example, there is possibly to win good money. Couple of times I had more than 50 bets in this feature, and once I had 100 bets win in this feature, thanks to one awesome pick which paid me 80 bets or so.

I like freespins feature. This one is hard to get. Usually I spin a lot before it come. You need 3 or more scatters. For 3 scatters it gives 10 freespins with x 3 multiplier. For more scatters there is more freespins, but I never got more than 3.

I like payouts. There are not so big payouts for most symbols, but best 5 of a kind symbols and also 5 wilds can pay very nice, specially 5 wilds. Probably something likes 1000 bets or so, in freespins it can be mega solid win.

That's all things which I like with this game. There is couple of bad things I noticed, so I rate this game with 8 stars.
I did not like that if you hit bonus feature during freespins, prizes in bonus game not tripled. A bit sucks.

I did not like sounds in this game. Boring and usually I am just tick sound box and play without it.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Vampires are a widely exploited theme in the online gambling industry. Almost every provider has a slot game with this theme. Blood Suckers is coming from NetEnt and I played it a few times. The slot has an overall dark design. The graphic and animations are a bit simple and I would expect more from a NetEnt game. The music is a bit boring except when you have a win or you get the bonus game. Without much happening on the reels this slot gets boring after a short time.

The game has 25 paylines and 5 reels. The paytable is very poor with the highest paying symbol awarding a win of only 500 coins. The wild symbol substitutes for all other symbols except the scatter and bonus symbol, but doesn’t have a multiplier attached. If you get 5 of them on a payline you are awarded with a high 7500 coins win. The scatter symbol has the standard 2x bet payout for 2 of them on the reels and you need at least 3 to trigger the free spins bonus.

In the bonus round you get 10 free spins with all prizes tripled. The free spins can be retriggered and everything else remains the same. So there is nothing too special about this bonus round. This game also has a cash bonus which is triggered if you get at least 3 bonus symbols on the first 3 reels on a winning payline. Here you have to choose coffins with vampires and the bonus ends when you choose an empty coffin.
Base play wins in the game are small to medium and you drop in balance fast. The cash bonus awards small wins up to 30 x bet and the same goes for the free spins bonus. My biggest win in this game was only about 70 x bet and that is not something too impressive. Not a game I would recommend for hitting big.
We live in a world of vampires. The previous sentence appears to have been torn from the scientific fantastic book, and it is quite true when it comes to the world of slot machines. Once in a few years, a trend that NetEnt launches such as fever drew the whole world and will not let go. All are trying to attach to the engine, so that secure themselves a part of the pie. The guys in this excellent platform as if they wanted to take advantage of existing frenzy, but their ambitions were large and quite modest possibilities. I personally really like this game, regardless of the topic because I'm on it like many other people achieve significant gains that have marked a period of my online gambling.

Blood Suckers is a slot game that is designed as a blend of adventure and visual effect on the screen, packed in already seen the atmosphere with a touch of horror. At first glance, it looks attractive. Everything that could go wrong, it's twice as above, but the Blood Suckers quoted between high vampire gains and frustrating losing money when you see the face of a vampire on his monitor. From the first meeting, a game like that tells you that you can expect much more from it. After a confusing title, you get into the skin of one of the bloodthirsty characters, whose task is to ensure a good time and make your stay at one of the NetEnt casino even more exciting.

Frequently I have this game opened at Stan James Casino because there have a slightly higher amount of money for a couple of godian successfully maintained. I went with stakes of 5 € per spin that in some moments when we played better work out with 12.5 € per spin and I have always emerged triumphant with some of the very high rewards. The last time I won around 600 € after 5-6 hours of play on NetEnt Casino. All in all, I really like the way in which the winnings are paid and frequency of getting free spins game during rotation of the drum. Warmly recommended for those who have not tried the Blood Suckers, it's time to get that experience, good luck ...
Blood Suckers Slot

This game comes with 5 reels and 25 pay-lines. It is created in the software company NetEnt. Personally I am not a big fan of NetEnt games, but I have to admit that some of their slot games are really superb.

Blood Suckers is a pretty simple game with rules that are easy to understand. The theme in this game is vampires. It's full of blood and vampires. I do not like too much, games with horror theme, but Blood Suckers is one of the few games with this topic which I liked. The graphics are not anything extra but I like the symbols. Here you have everything you need to fight the vampires, from hawthorn stake and white garlic, to the bible and the cross.

From features, of course, there is free spins bonus and a variation of classic pick up bonus. In case you get 3 bonus symbols on any of the pay-lines, you come to this bonus. In this bonus you are clicking on the coffins and you nail down the stake through a vampire until you click on an empty coffin. My biggest wins so far in this bonus was around 30 euros on my bet of 0.5 euros. This means 60 x bet, which is not so bad. On the other hand, in the free spins bonus I did not have such a big wins. I have to say that, it is difficult to reach the free spins than coming up to the classic bonus. It's a bit annoying that, let say it, and after 200 - 300 spins you didn’t get the free spins bonus.

Last time I had the opportunity to play this game at a casino Adrenaline. I enjoyed and earned well. My balance from around 10 euros for a short time went to more than 80 euros. I played with a bet from 0.25 to 0.75 euros per spin. Also in the past I had success with this game so that it becomes my favorite NetEnt video slot game. For Blood Suckers I give 8 out of 10 stars.
Bloodsuckers it is Net entertainment slot and it is really interesting and great game. But it is a bit boring sometimes, so I am usually just click spin button two times and stop the reels.

Game looks good, but animations are not very nice, I did not like it at all. Also I would like to admit sounds, really great and a bit scary, I think this is how this slot sounds should be.

Bloodsuckers have 25 pay lines, and min bet is 0.25. There is nothing interesting about wilds in this game, just regular wilds. Also there are two features. Freespins triggered by 3 or more scatters, but nothing special there, x 3 multiplier. Another feature is bonus game, you pick at which box there is vampire, and if guess is correct - you got coins prize, if not correct bonus game is ended. Sucks that bonus game symbols need to be at payline, and also I think there is no any difference how much symbols you got bonus game looks like does not give anything extra no matter 3 bonus symbols you got or 4 or 5. By the way sometimes there is really big prize award, once I won something like 30$ from bonus feature, and my bet was 0.25, so does not under rate this feature and think that it always give very low prizes, absolutely incorrect.

From my opinion this is good slot, but a bit boring. Freespins usually does not pay anything decent, wins even for 5 of a kinds is not big, and it is make game really boring. Only interesting is bonus game, luckily this bonus game comes often, so you can always wait and hope to hit good prize.
Basically game is boring, except bonus game. There is not so many good payouts, if only 5 scatters or 5 wilds will come, but for any decent - you need freespins and one of the top 5 of a kind.
blondie 1094 reviews
Bloodsuckers is a great vampire-themed slot game powered by Netent software. It has 5 reels and 25 paylines and the minimum bet is 0.25€. Lately I've been playing this game a lot because it gives me small, but regular wins, I really enjoy the theme and visualization of this game.

This game is interesting because it has both-bonus game and free spins and wild symbols as well, which increases your wins. You can get to bonus game, if you get at least 3 bonus symbols from left to right, then you'll be awarded with the bonus round, where you'll have to pick coffins. When you pick a coffin and if there's a vampire in it, the vampire will die and you'll get the winning the coffin was worth, and continue to pick other coffins until you get one which is empty. Then you're bonus round will be ended. Of course, there's a possibility that your first pick can be empty, I've experienced that a few times. Well, than it's quite disappointing.

Then there's also free spins, which you'll get if your spin has at least 3 scatters. It doesn't matter on which reels they are. And even if you get 4 or 5 scatters, the free spins amount is all the same - 10 free spins. But for me, running after free spins there is almost a mission impossible.

The last time I played this game was at Playbet casino. I played around 200 spins with 0.50€ bets, mostly my winnings were 0.30€ and got both - bonus games (about 5 times) and once free spins. Actually in the bonus rounds I couldn't get more than 5€ wins, but in the free spins I got only a little above 10x bet, so it was a bit upsetting.

I do like this game and I will definitely try to get some nicer winnings, but overall I think it is a decent game with not the best payouts, I wouldn't wait for spectacular wins from it.
The title of this slot attracted me to play it for the first time, I didn’t know what is about and I wanted to see its features and payout rate. I had some money in one of NetEnt casinos and I started to play this slot. Because it is a 25 paylines lot, the minimum bet is 0.25 euro and this is also the bet that I played with. I realized that the graphics are really good, with nice and interesting symbols, a theme about vampires, as the title suggests. I made a couple of spins and 3 bonus symbols landed and I was wondering why I wasn’t awarded with the bonus game. Then, I checked the paytable and I saw that these bonus symbols have to be on an active payline in order to enter bonus game. I kept playing, the slot is running very smooth but I don’t like the way that the reels are spinning.

Because it is a NetEnt slot, it has other features like wild symbol and a free spins feature that I managed to trigger very late, when my account balance almost reached zero. I was awarded 10 free spins with wins tripled, giving me a nice win of 27 euro. The bonus symbols are landing very often but not on an active payline, so you won’t get any bonus round. Overall it is an interesting slot even if I am not a big fan of this kind of slots, with such a theme about vampires, blood and other things.

I will give a 9 for the graphics and sounds, it has a nice design and I think that deserves a better attention from gamblers.

The features will receive another 9 because it has all you need, bonus game, wild symbol and free spins.
I was disappointed to see that the bonus game is triggered in a different way, with the symbols on an active payline!
If you want to try the game after that will remain under the impression, as after a good horror film then you are in the right place, Blood Suckers is exactly what you're looking for. A lot of adrenaline and love for the classics will take you on an unforgettable adventure that will allow two equally interesting missions hunting vampire and hunt for winnings. This game is one of those who brought me the greatest winnings and when I lost it was slight compared to business opportunities throughout the game. I can only confirm what they said for this game and that is the fact that the percentage of cash back on this game is a whopping 98%, simply try the game and make sure it's true.

Pleasure complement all the horror elements present in this game, there are silver cross, garlic, holy water and the bible. There are also symbols that bring the greatest gains in this game, wild and scatter standard symbols. If you get at least 3 Scatter symbols in any position on the reels you will win 10 free spins with a multiplier that is great 3X. If during the free spins you get a bonus round then won amount it will not count 3x, will remain a standard 1: 1. Scater symbol in this slot game is a bloody bride and if during the free spins win three more of these symbols you get an additional 10 free spins. There is a bonus game that is activated by one hundred win three symbols of Count Dracula in positions 1,2,3 at paylines.

In the bonus game you have 12 coffins in which you have nine awards and three empty after its opening your bonus game ends. The maximum award that I pulled out of this bonus was brilliant 12,000 coins. Basically, its a great feeling when injected stake vampires and for every stitch you get the money until you hit the empty box from which excursions bats that you do not get scared, but you probably take away the right to further play. For me this is one of the best NetEnt games I play every day and the impression is always the same, too is.
Ahmo6 232 reviews
This slot is powered by NetEnt, and it has 5 reels and 25 paylines. The minimum bets per spin are 0.25€ and the maximum are 50€. Honestly the graphics of the game aren’t so amazing, very low and much better slots can be found. And the sound well let just say what sound? It more of a silence, frankly for this theme I expected something spooky but the game let me down at the very start.

Well for the reason that I tried this slot was because I had about 6€ that I wanted to spend on a new slot which I haven’t tried so far, and I thought to give this slot a try. The game offers a wild feature that will substitute any symbol on the reel except bonus and scatter symbols, a bonus symbol that if aligned next to each other from left to right will award a bonus game and of course last but not least scatter symbol that if hit 3, 4 or 5 times will allow 10FS under 3x multiplier. It doesn’t have a progressive mode on the scatter symbol like many other games do, which I really dislike. I love playing games that advance at a certain point of playing, allowing me to progress as well. I did the minimum bet just to experience the game as much as I can, but from 24 spins I only got 1 win, I mean what the hell. Also the game is kind a dull it didn't appeal to me at all and I really doubt that I will try this game out again in the near future.

Overall well, there is no overall I think that this game doesn’t deserve more than 4 stars, based on my experience.
katemak 1170 reviews
Blood Suckers is from Netent software provider, which is a standard slot with 5 reels and has 25 paylines, which the minimum bet is 0.25 euros has, the scatter symbols, which will give you the free spins feature, the wild symbols and a bonus round with the coffins. So far I played this slot few times, but didn’t make anything from it, till previous two days.

I never paid any attention on this slot, but recently some of the forum members told me that this game is great for wagering bonuses or when you are on low credits, just because the winnings might be small but they came very often. Blood Suckers seems like a regular slot, nothing spectacular, but after yesterday play, I changed my mind. This video slot has theme about vampires, which me personally never lay this kind of slots before, well of course only if they were given as a free spins from some casino.

So yesterday I received 10 free spins from Eypobet Casino and won 5.16 euros and the day before I won 10.50 from Mybet Casino also free spins promotion for the Halloween Holiday. I must admit I was having really great time playing this slot, like I said I didn’t now that the winnings can be decent ones. In Mybet casino I triggered the bonus round with coffins and voila I won around 10 euros, after the 4th spin and my balance was 10 euros. With that 10 euros I had really long time playing the same slot.

Blood Suckers is a nice game, although a bit boring, but if the winnings are like this, like I had them this days I would surely play it again. So far I liked this game and will give it a try, since it surprised me and gave me good playtime.
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Blood suckers slot is typical slot game by NetEnt. I can't say that I often play this slot game, but sometimes it is interesting to relax from new slots with lot of features and awesome pictures, and just take rest at old slot game like Bloodsuckers.

This slot has 25 paylines, and lowest possible bet here is just 0.25 per single spin. At this slot I like bonus feature, I just need to pick and nothing else. Usually prize is not big, but there is big but, because very rare there is very big prize.
Once I won 50 euros at 0.25 bet picking good vampire. It is very rare, and usually prize is much more lower, but very rare you can find really great prize there.

Also great to play freespins with x 3 multiplier, but very sad that if you win bonus game during freespins, bonus game prizes not tripled, this always very painful for me. During main game once I hit absolutely ultimate hit, I had 4 wilds, and it paid me 80 euros at 0.25 bet, this is my record win on this slot. Usually features here did not pay much, at 0.25 bet per spin my usual prize is just 10 - 20 euros, sometimes lower, and very rare higher. But slot is still very interesting, and it is nice to play it, usually it gives lot of game time, and sometimes it is possible to win nice money playing it.

I think I can give this slot best mark, because everything is very good for me, and I am a winning gambler in this slot. As conclusion I would like to just repeat that it is very good slot game by NetEnt, not fear it, but of course do not go mad and do not bet high, any slot game can take all money if bet too high.
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In recent times the vampire theme is one of the most used as the basis for movies, books, games and much more, personally, to the point of saturation, however, "Blood Suckers" is one of the classic games from Net Entertainment I always try to play at casinos that use this software, and the reason is because I have gotten better results with this slot than with others of this developer, further, although it is a simple game, it is quite enjoyable, easy to play and their special characteristics, especially its bonus round, have great potential for realization of profits.

Blood Suckers usually has been for me a slot that normally doesn´t let down so much my balance, sometimes I've won and when I've lost, arguably it has not been much; I use to start too sure with this game. Today I received some free spins via email from some NetEnt casino, initially I played the games that they were promoting, and after I decided to continue my wagering with Blood Suckers. At first it looked to be my lucky day, but finally my bankroll was too small to have any illusions. Anyway I decided to make a small deposit to continue with this game, which so long ago I was not enjoying, but things did not seem to do very well at the beginning. Every time I triggered the bonus round, I usually selected the coffin containing a very low prize, and the most of times, at the second or third one, I clicked on the full of bats coffin terminating my round prematurely, so it happened again and again. Given the circumstances, I decided to start rising my bet gradually until after a long time "voilà", I finally managed to stick the wooden stake in the heart of 6 vampires before opening the wrong casket, and to my luck 3 of them contained larger prizes. The total bonuses earned, with my increased bet, let me recover my initial balance plus some profits; that was a last minute stroke of luck. I got my revenge but I was not sure if it was my lucky day, so I decided to live to fight another day with this vampire hehehe.

I've seen Blood Suckers enjoys wide acceptance among followers of NetEnt, it would be good to try it, even if you do it in fun mode, so you can form your own opinion about it.
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