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Closed: Smart Live Gaming Casino is closed, please try these instead:

Smart Live Gaming Casino


Smart Live Gaming is the UK’s leading live casino, sports betting, and overall online gambling operator. This online casino offers players the thrill of playing in their live casino as well as to enjoy a large number of video slots from some of the world’s best providers, such as NetEnt, Microgaming and Betsoft. The casino is licensed and regulated by the government of Malta and the UK Gambling Commission. 

Virtual Games

Smart Live Gaming offers a huge array of standard casino games as well as some of the best jackpots and bonuses around from NetEnt, Microgaming, and Betsoft. There are also scratch cards and bingo for players to opt for. All games are offered in English and Japanese.

The most popular casino games are definitely the state-of-the-art video slots such as Dracula slot, The Invisible Man slot, Mr. Vegas slot, Avalon slot, Football Star slot, and many others. 

In addition to thrilling slot games, this online casino also provides a good selection of table games including a number of Blackjack and Roulette variants such as Roulette Pro, European Roulette, Blackjack Pontoon, Double Exposure Blackjack, European Blackjack etc. There’s also High Limit Baccarat, Punto Banco, Red Dog and similar games.

As far as video poker fans are concerned, there are also enough games to suit their taste such as Jacks or Better, Bonus Poker, Poker Pursuit, Caribbean Stud, Deuces Wild, All American Poker, and a number of other games.

Live Casino

What makes Smart Live Gaming unique is that they offer players live versions of Blackjack, Baccarat and Roulette, giving then an exhilarating and authentic casino experience. Live games are available between 09:00 -06:00 GTM. And it’s also important to note that all live dealer games are licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission.

Mobile Gaming

Players can get the Smart Live Gaming Casino mobile app on AppStore or Google Play depending on the device they are using and enjoy the latest casino games on the go, anytime and anywhere. And if you’re by your desktop, players can simply scan the barcode and receive the download link imediatelly.


Smart Live have a friendly customer service team who endeavour to resolve players’ queries as quickly as possible. They can be contacted via the free phone telephone number between 8am and 6pm or by email. The most convenient way, however is through the live chat option available which is available 24/7

Security and Fairness

The casino’s gaming software employs the most modern encryption and security techniques to ensure safe and secure money transfers. All transactional data is SSL encrypted.

Furthermore, their games are provided regularly audited and tested for fairness by third party authority.


  • Variety of games from well-known software providers
  • Number of deposit methods available
  • Available in Instant Play and Mobile versions
  • Customer support 24/7 via live chat, e-mail and phone
  • Audited by the third party regularly
  • SSL encryption


  • Restricted to US players


Smart Live Gaming Casino Reviews by Players


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This discussion has moved to..

If you havent done so already and are reading for the first time, take this course of action..

The Insolvency Service is an Executive Agency of the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). The Company Investigations team within the Insolvency Service has the power to investigate limited companies where information received suggests corporate abuse; this may include serious misconduct, fraud, scams or sharp practice in the way a company operates. To complain about a limited company that is still trading:

Tel: 0300 678 0017

By post:

Intelligence Hub
Intelligence & Enforcement Directorate
Investigation and Enforcement Services
Insolvency Service
3rd Floor Cannon House
18 Priory Queensway
Birmingham B4 6FD


The Insolvency Service will usually take on any complaint that provides good reason for an investigation and where there is both a public interest in investigating and the prospect of follow up action resulting.

I have called these guys and several of us has filed claims via the online form. It is at least somewhat positive that we are being led to these guys by Companies House so hopefully these are finally the right authority to do right by us. So sorry guys but its another form and all your evidence again - but as before we have to get this snowballing again and get them investigating as it seems like these guys are the best chance so far..



PS Once you've filled in the claim, let us know on the new discussion forum as above..
Have been back in contact with Action Fraud giving them the CEo's known London address and they confirm they will update me by the end of the next week, but also suggested going through the Nation Crime Agency (NCA) who also handle fraud cases. Has anyone done this already? Or has anyone heard back from Companies House as yet? Its all gone very quiet..
Vikram78 1 review
United Kingdom
Hi, My name is Vikram and Smart Live Casino owes me £1000. Can some one please help me how can i get back this money as the casino has closed down. I have already lost thousands already so dont want to lose this one too.. Please help...Would appreciate any kind help.. My email is jobs4vikram78 AT GMAIL DOT COM Thanks.
They have not yet paid my money back. My withdrawal is not responded as well. So disgusting people an should be punished for deceiving so many people
skelbet 1 review
United Kingdom
IBAS were handling my disagreement with Smartlive, but say they can no longer adjudicate because they have closed down. Of course, I still want the money and IBAS would have surely ruled for me. After a win at Smartlive they doctored the terms and conditions to snag me on a clause. However, they hadn't bargained on me having a copy of the old terms. They were blatantly trying to cheat me out of my winnings and I still want it. The amount is £32,000
letsgo 1 review
United Kingdom
After a long running dispute IBAS ruled in my favour earlier this year and Smartlive said they would pay me £1000 per month until the full £9000 or thereabouts was settled.

They began in April but made just 3 payments and have not replied to any of my communications since July.6 payments still outstanding.

Would someone from Smartlive care to reply to me here please? £6000 still owed to me.
Dear players,

AskGamblers really want to help players and we do understand your frustration regarding this casino. We employ to you all to continue your conversation on our Forum:, casino review page is not a place to exchange information.

Also please refrain from posting names, or any personal information about people involving in Smart Live Gaming Casino, that you can exchange by AG "messenger".

Please understand and accept that we will from now on remove all comments regarding your complaints and information regarding this casino. Thank you for understanding.

Danny, AskGamblers Customer Support
dogshead 18 reviews
United Kingdom
Evening and thanks to all who have personally took the time out to PM me details of amount owed. I have now took the time to collate this data and document all finding I have about the 3 companies involved and this I have sent out do companies house in an email:

FAO Angela Davies,

Greetings Angela,

I'm aware Companies House have had a number of emails from active online casino members all currectly owed outstanding winnings and requested withdrawals of their acount balances at Smartlive Casino UK. Operaing under the listed companies:

Smart TV UK Limited (ACTIVE VOLUNTARYPROPOSAL TO STRIKE OFF SUSPENDED) - Director: Alexander Leese - Shareholder: Global Kapital Investments Limited

Smart Gaming Limited (ACTIVE) - Director: Ibrahim Halil Goncu - Shareholder: Eagle Internet Investments Ltd

Smart TV Broadcasting Limited (ACTIVE) - Director: Ibrahim Halil Goncu - Shareholder: Eagle Internet Investments Ltd

Shareholder for all 3 and only shareholder is MR Kasim Garipoglu.

I'm an active member at the casino forum ASKGAMBLERS.COM to which I have been the drive force in actively encorouging customers of Smart TV Broadcasting Limited to come forward in a campaign to bring jusitice to this outfit. A number of customers have come forward so far and to give you an Idea of the figures owed I have collated the data listed below. This Is just a small number of customers still yet to disclose or are afraid to speak out.

Total £43,740.75 and Euro 689.33

I understand that you do not have any Investigative powers to look into this matter at hand, however I have attached a word document I would appreciate you kindly take the time to read that documents evidence I have gathered linking all three companies to finiancial acounts and accounting including acts of fraud inticing players to deposit money into their business accounts when they legaly had no License to operate an Online Gambling service in the UK from 5th of August 2016.

We as a collective group of players at this casino have taken our own necessary steps to highlight our plight with Action Fraud UK and Small Claims Courts respectively therefore would be very thankfull you deem this request with supported documentary evidence enough to reject any request by the 3 above mentioned to voluntary dissolve allowing suffient time for relevenat authorities to take appropriate action.

Kindest Regards

If anyone wants a copy of the document of my findings them please PM me your contact email and I shall forward this on.

Cheers all
MrJTA 1 review
United Kingdom
These b******* owe me £866 from a withdrawal requested back in July!

I can't believe that as part of getting the UK licence some sort of player funds protection / isolation isn't compulsory for companies. What's the point of the UKGC and their licensing if it can't offer players a guarantee that their money won't be stolen as these lot seem to be doing? Anyway, thanks for all the hard work all the knowledgeable posters are putting in!
tweedie 1 review
United Kingdom
Hi all well I won £21,950 at the end of June and smart live casino call me up to say all my winnings are void making up a whole load of rubbish, about why when I asked them to send me a copy of the latest vip terms and conditions, I was told know problem and I'm still waiting on those and this was on the 30th of June. After that happened on the 30th of june withdrew my initial£300 deposit and it was still pending on the 21st of August. Talking to a member of the staff at the time he told me to write a complaint to the complaints department to try and get my winnings back, and I did this several times, and never once did I get a response of this company. I think this is an absolute disgrace and the owner of the company can't get away with this. I have been in contact with company house with no luck please see below there response.

Thank you for your email.

Companies House acts primarily as a registry of company information. The Registrar acts as a public registry and has no statutory investigative powers.

Yours faithfully,
Angela Davies
Companies House Contact Centre

I don't no what to do now, it looks like the owner of this company will probably walk away scot-free.
dogshead 18 reviews
United Kingdom
Thanks RAM for that Info!

By the way assumption is Smart TV UK Limited was just a front and bogus company set up to obtain the Gambling Licenses from the UKGC they do not hold our funds and no documentation suggests otherwise. The companies will deposited too and requested withdrawals from are Smart TV Broadcasting Ltd and Smart Gaming Limited. Evidence of this I have and most of you guys should have refer to bank statements.

My conclusion is upon dissolution of Smart TV UK Limited if successful all funds from the two other businesses will be attempted to transfer funds accross and shipped out to an offshore bank account in the virgin islands (assumption). Then there thinking they have got away with fraud!

Thank's to all who have messaged me with your oustanding withdrawals. I have had a busy week at work and very little time on my hands. Though I have gathered my own evidence to document suspected fraud of these companies to which I will compile into a report and email along with the figures/sums we are all owed by this person objecting the dissolvency of Smart TV UK Limited and any future attempts to dissolve Smart TV Broadcasting Ltd and Smart Gaming Limited.

This I shall write up tonight and email tomorrow. It's not too late if anyone wishes to PM amount owed to attach to the dispute.

Thanks Again all and Good luck to us!

Thank you
Spoke to accountant yesterday who deals with this kind of thing. Basically send everything you can with conversation or screenshots with smartlive admitting / showing they owe you money - this is the crux of the matter - to show they are indebted to us so cannot be allowed to liquidate. If it can be proved they were trading whilst not having the funds to pay us, that is fraud, as is trading without a license.
We have to keep this alive so that Companies House / Action fraud, ie the police authorities can investigate, so get Companies House's attention with everthing you have. If they receive plenty of requests to obstruct a striking off they can go after the funds from the owner..
Keep the faith


DaveKumar 9 reviews
United Kingdom
I have been told by admin here that we should be talking about this on the discussions board but I will post one last thing in this space (please leave it up).

Good point by Dogshead, but:

1) Maybe the other companies will attempt to transfer their assets over to the one which is trying to be stuck off just before this goes ahead. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I assume they could then register as bankrupt.

2) According to ex-employees I have talked to Alex Leese is certainly involved in this scam so he is not the wrong person. Just not the only person.

3) Are we sure Mr Ibrahim Halil Goncu is a real person? You don't need any ID to register as a director with Companies House. They take your word for it. I have suffered at the hands of a company pulling this one before (the ex-director of that now defunct estate agent still owes me £3000) and Companies House told me themselves that they don't check IDs.
dogshead 18 reviews
United Kingdom
Hi Guys,

Just an update to keep you all in the loop. Here is what I've discovered to date:

A********* L****** and Smart TV UK Limited- we may be chasing the wrong company for outstanding funds.

Here's why:

Check your bank statements for deposits and any successful withdrawals in the past. The should relate to the company Smart Gaming Limited!

If you managed to take photos or screenshots of your pending withdrawals and/or account activity at smart live gaming like I did. The website and deposit receipts will confirm transactions from Smart TV Broadcasting Limited (Ltd) ( Another Company).

A********* L****** was director at both of these companies until July this year. Both and all four companies registered at the same address: 233 High Holborn, 3rd Floor, London, WC1V 7DN. This address houses a lot lot more other business and the shareholder Global Kapital Investments Limited. Owned by MR K********** G**************. This is the guy who I think is the culprit!

I'm sure MR K********** G************** is the owner of Eagle Internet Investments Ltd aswell. Someone correct me if I'm wrong but this is where our money is at.

Smart TV UK Limited (ACTIVE VOLUNTARYPROPOSAL TO STRIKE OFF SUSPENDED) - Director: A********* L****** - Shareholder: Global Kapital Investments Limited

Smart Gaming Limited (ACTIVE) - Director: IK********** G************** - Shareholder: Eagle Internet Investments Ltd

Smart TV Broadcasting Limited (ACTIVE) - Director: K********** G************** - Shareholder: Eagle Internet Investments Ltd

24 May 2016Annual return made up to 24 May 2016 with full list of shareholders
Statement of capital on 2016-05-24
GBP 7,900,000

This is where our money is guys this is the company thats refusing to honor our requested withdrawals and note they are still active and have not made any proposal to strike of the register at Companies House.

So please I urge you MR K********** G************** to publically make a statement as to the current situation and why and when the customers withdrawals will be honored?

Piece out for now.
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