Smart Live Gaming Casino - Delayed payment of withdrawal

Mick Meredith United Kingdom
posted on August 21, 2016.

Hi, I made a withdrawal request over a month ago on the 15th of July for £277 approx. I have made multiple contact with the casino but receive no explanation as to why they are delaying payment, only that they will sort it asap for me. My last email to them was on the 19th of August, but they didn't reply at all to the email. I have self excluded my account named mixy1981, but I had confirmation from the casino that it would not affect my withdrawal. This is also the reason that I am not entirely accurate with the amount because I no longer have access to it, but they did confirm this amount to me over a live chat. If I'm being honest, I thought the I had a couple of withdrawals pending, but they assured me that it was the only one, and in all honesty it was that long ago I couldn't remeber properly. I'm not sure where to go with it next. Could you please help? I still have the original emails if you need them as proof.

Kind regards