Smart Live Gaming Casino - No payment for weeks

jonnytash United Kingdom
posted on August 9, 2016.

Hi I joined smartlive 19th Sept 2013.

Had no problems down the years with semi regular wins and indeed payments. This year won two sizeable amounts in May and one on the 19th June. I did not withdraw in between wins as never suspected any probs with the casino until my first withdrawal request when i was requested to send them pictures of an old expired bank card and similar requests with a really old bank card that i first used on opening my account. They paid me around £1500 and then the money dried up and more requests for ID were requested which rang alarm bells that they were in trouble. I have numerous reports similar on here now and see their gambling cert has been pulled. The total I am owed is £9822 and is still pending as 3 withdrawals in my account.