Smart Live Gaming Casino - Withdrawal Request not acknowledged

Steve Earnshaw United Kingdom
posted on August 22, 2016.

I have been a member of Smart Live Gaming since last summer and have used them on and off since that time. I attempted to withdraw most of my money from the account (I have £508.70 in there) at the end of July, on the 31st, but have not received either my money or an email acknowledging my request, nor a response to my complaint to them that they had not sent the money.

When going onto their site I am unable to use the Live Chat as it doesn't appear to be working and I have tried to call them but haven't had my calls answered, so naturally I am concerned as to why this should be happening. I would appreciate your help in resolving this matter and perhaps helping me to recover my £508.70.

My ID to access this site is Bald091