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Kings of Chicago Slot

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Kings of Chicago is a 5-payline slot which combines the elements of a video slot with those of classic poker. The game, which runs of the NetEnt software platform, has random scatters, which can be any card, and a Joker card, which substitutes for all the other cards. Players are welcome to try the slot on this page for free or select any of the NetEnt casinos from the listings to play the game for real money.

To start their exciting Chicago poker adventure, players need to adjust their bet first. The bet level can be set by moving the “Level” selector. The coin value, which ranges from 0.01 to 1, can be regulated with the “Coin Value” selector. The “Sp­in/­Dea­l” button initiates the game, “Au­top­lay­” spins the reels multiple times without interruption and clicking on “Max Bet” allows players to play the game at the highest wager.

3 or more scatters activate Free Deals, wherein payline wins come with a x2 multiplier. If 3 or more scatters spin into the view during the Free Deals, a new set of Free Deals will be awarded.

Winning Poker Hands include Natural royal flush, Five of a kind, Royal flush, Straight flush, Four of a kind, Full house, Flush, Straight and Three of a Kind. A 10,000-coin jackpot will be awarded when players acquire the Natural royal flush.

Game Play

Level: Select the bet level.
Coin Value: Choose the coin size.
Spin/Deal: Start playing the game at the chosen wager.
Autoplay: Play the game multiple times uninterrupted.
Max Bet: Spin the reels at the maximum bet.

Kings of Chicago Slot Reviews by Players


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Afi4wins 1412 reviews
I remember some years ago when I was playing poker at online Grand Poker website literally everyday, collecting up to a few billion points, until I finally left it all behind and concentrated on slot games instead. Those points were not worth any money at all, just fun points, so I didn't lose anything by abandoning them. After years of not playing poker, it was indeed fun to be playing it again with this Kings Of Chicago game from NetEnt.

Poker is a 5-cards game, so this slot also plays with just 5 paylines, but still using the same 5 reels and 3 rows format, with each payline counting as one hand. So with each spin, you are playing with 5 hands at a time. Nothing complicated in that. All payouts are based on Poker's winning hands, like Royal Flush, Straight Flush, 5 Of A Kind, and so on, starting with 10,000x win for the Royal Flush, down to just 2x for the lowest 3 Of A Kind winning hand. Again, a very simple and non-complicated payout concept. However, getting 5 of those randomly appearing Scatters anywhere on the cards would pay a very nice 500x the total bet, which is not in any real Poker's payout scheme of course, and that includes the non-paying Joker Wild symbols too.

For real Poker players, playing this slot game would be another great thrill for them, unless they don't like playing anything else except real Poker. Still, Kings Of Chicago is indeed a good game to play even for non-Poker players, with small wins coming in frequently, and with the occasional big wins once in awhile. Needless to say, trying to get that Royal Flush hand can be a very daunting task indeed, just as hard as getting a 5-Wilds or 5-Scatters win, but the possibility is always there for the taking.

I've played Kings Of Chicago on irregular basis, simply because it isn't one of my favourite games, but the truth is that I have not won anything significant from it. Not a single withdrawable win on the game so far, so I didn't and don't want to play so much on it, not even now. However, for other players, some may love it, others may not, but I personally found the payouts as not interesting enough for me. I had given up on playing Poker before, so perhaps this had a profound effect on me, who knows.
raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
I'll bet this game was real tricky to work out the odds for! Kings of Chicago appealed to me immediately because of it's obvious Poker influences, which is a game I have probably spent way too much of my life playing already and will likely continue to do so for the foreseeable future!

In slot terms this game has five paylines, but to understand it you really need to think of it as five hands - the top, middle and bottom rows of course, as well as two additional triangle shaped lines pointing from top to bottom and bottom to top. It's best to think of the "line" this way so that it is clear your cards do not have to be in any particular order to score a win - as long as you have three aces anywhere on the "line" you win the prize for three of a kind, so it's very different to most slots. Scatters also work differently in this game too, they are randomly assigned to any card in the deck before each game round, but of course you do not need all of these in the same hand in order to score a scatter win. If you beat the large odds and are dealt all five scatters on the same game round you'll be rewarded with a chunky payoff of 500x your bet as well as 30 free spins (or "deals", as the game calls them).

All hands from three of a kind up to a royal flush award a win, with a maximum possible payout of 4,000x your stake for a natural royal flush - just the same as you would expect from many Video Poker games, or certainly regular Jacks or Better definitely pays this amount. It's worth considering though, the odds in this game will be comparable at best - most likely far worse, than that offered by a Video Poker game. Just because the game has the same maximum payout in terms of multiple of your stake, that doesn't mean the RTP of this slot based game is anywhere close to that of a Jacks or Better machine. Note the word "natural" before Royal Flush too, because this game includes a single joker on the deck too, and a royal flush containing a joker is worth a much less exciting 200x bet despite the fact it is still extremely rare.

It's difficult for me not to be excited about Kings of Chicago as it's really just so different to the vast majority of games out there, and I love the theme and the way it works. It just feels so well designed, even down to the way the cards are dealt on-screen with the final column being revealed one at a time to add to the suspense of knowing if you caught a hand or not. It's no replacement for Video Poker as far as high RTP gaming goes, but its hugely enjoyable and all poker fans will definitely enjoy trying this game out.
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Kings of Chicago was released by NetEnt back in August 2011. I triggered 3 Scatter symbols on an active payline and I received 10 Free Deals. I ended up with a 'BIG WIN' and a 50 Euro cash prize. It was indeed a pleasant surprise seeing something different for a change. I have never played any similar slot before, I was never into poker either, but lately, I have become interested in playing poker.

This slot is such a refreshing game and it is not boring at all. I like it's theme and graphics, and the way how the card symbols come down onto the reels, just like a card dealer was dealing them. It looks unusual and so exciting. Its paytable is pretty nice, with a maximum win of 10,000 coins. Sounds are great too to me. All magic happens on the poker table itself, and you can see some guns and poker chips on the side of the table, belonging to these Chicago gang guys who came to play poker.

I triggered 10 Free Deals in my game before, but you can trigger up to 30 Free Deals, and all wins are multiplied x2. More Free Deals can be retriggered. A Joker card acts like a Wild symbol and substitutes for all symbols. Winning combinations with a Joker card are multiplied x2. Non-poker players may find it a little strange with things like 'Natural Royal Flush', 'Five of a kind', 'Straight Flush', 'Four of a kind' and 'Royal Flush' winning combinations.

During my play sessions, I had mostly combinations of 3-of-a-kinds, 2-of-a-kinds and a few 4-of-a-kinds. What I like pretty much is that 2 Scatter symbols could appear frequently on the reels, of which I had quite a number of these. All in all, this was a new experience for me and I will play this slot again in the future. I would also like to find out more about this game, to see what more could be behind it, because believe it or not, I have never seen this slot before.
zerooo 742 reviews
Kings of Chicago is quite different video slot than other games from NetEnt software. This one has only 5 pay lines and there is no symbols. Instead of symbols on the reels will be cards. I like playing some games with cards like poker, omaha and some other games. I like the theme in this game, it is some kind of gangsta theme.

I played Kings of Chicago some time ago and I do not like it very much. The only reason is because there are only five active paylines. And most of the time while I was playing I had only dead spins. I hate dead spins in every game, but here I had maybe even more than 6, 7 dead spins in a row.

Otherwise the game offer also free spins feature. When you get at least three scatter symbols you get 10 free spins or deals. If you get all five scatters you will be awarded with 30 free deals. During free deals you can retriggered feature and winnings are at x2 multiplier.

I think this feature is good. The paytable also look good, so I understand why is only x2 multiplier. I triggered a few times this free deals feature but I never got any decent winnings.

I do not think I will play this game more in near future. The only reason is because I had no luck on it. Every time when I played it, I lost the money. And I do not like playing games where I am loosing money. Base game is not so interesting, during my gameplay session I had only small winnings. Like three of a kind combinations and most of the time the winnings were lower than my bet amount. I will rate this game with 6 stars. For me it is not so attractive.
Kings of Chicago is game made by NetEnt and it is a bit strange game. All symbols here is just poker cards + joker, and winning combinations is poker combinations like royal flush and others. Pretty interesting game to play just for a change.

I like how this game looks. If someone think that game with only card symbols can not look good - this someone is mistaken. It is interesting and good looking game. But sounds not so nice.

I like payouts in this game. Best paying combination is natural royal flush, it means that without wild, just straight royal flush. It pays a lot but i never get this one. Another great combination is 5 of a kind - 4 same cards plus joker symbols which works as wild and also double wins.

I like freespins feature. Itself feature is very regular, freespins with x 2 multiplier, but it is great way how it is trigger. Scatters can appear even two on same reel, so it is funny, once i got 3 scatters on same reel, last one, so was surprised a lot.

I like potential of big hits. Payouts here is great, and only 5 lines. If you hit one of the top combinations you will not be sad believe me.

I like special animations when you missed one symbol for good combination, and there is some delay before showing you last reel, very exciting feature.

I like that this game can be played with 0.05 bets. This is awesome, because I usually use this game when I got some freespins from casinos, won from freespins something like 3$. Then I could go in this game and play 0.05 or 0.10 bets and had chances to hit big.

I rate this game with 10 stars, some unique way to build slot based on poker game. I never won top winnings here, but had a lot of playtime and funny time spending.
Nothing really annoying or bad with kings of Chicago, great game!
katemak 1170 reviews
I am pretty sure that Kings of Chicago is much played game and that would be of the its bet that this game has, this innovative guys from Netent Entertainment managed to make unique game, so from conventional symbols which we all are use to, they replaced those symbols with a deck of cards, so the point is Poker, dealing cards, so basically I see this game made especially for Video Poker lovers, I am pretty sure they will enjoy more in this game then I did.

Kings of Chicago is yet another game from Netent software, with 5 reels and 5 pay lines, so yes the minimum bet takes from 0.05 cents, well isn't that the cheapest game from this provider, actually when I played this game for the very first time I was a bit surprised, seeing its bet I actually wanted to try it out. So seeing this game for the first time I was bit disappointed, because this game has Poker theme and poker has never been my favorite game to play, but I was attract by its bet size so I wanted to try my luck and see what happens.

I liked that the theme is from this 20s and liked the free spins feature, so you won’t see the usual scatter symbols as any slot has, but the scatter might appear on any different card, just because each dealing of the cards you'll see different card with scatter logo on it, because each dealing with change the card, I guess that comes randomly. Playing this game and have to say, I have played this slot only few times, it might be good for wagering bonuses, but I still wouldn't pick this game, just because for my taste this game is a bit boring to play, I guess I am use to my usual slots, seeing those reels spinning, not seeing dealing cards, if I wanted to play Video Poker I would play that table game. Maybe interesting slot, as I just mentioned, but still not my cup of tea.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Kings of Chicago is a slot game I played only a few times in my life. When I first saw the game I thought the theme would be something about gangsters and mobsters and I was really surprised to see that the theme was actually poker. I am not a poker played myself and I never liked the game so I guess that is why I didn’t play this slot so much. Overall the slot has a god design and the symbols are dealt on the reels instead of the standard spinning. This was very strange to me.

The paytable has a big payout for a natural royal flush, it awards 10 000 coins. Also what was really strange to me is the fact that the game has only 5 paylines and how the cards land they don’t have to be one next to another to have a win. For example you can have the same card on position 1 3 and 5 and different symbols in between and you still get 3 of a kind win. This game has a scatter and wild symbol. The wild is the joker and he doubles a win. The scatter triggers the free deals bonus if you get at least 3 of them on the reels. You can get 10, 15 or 30 free deals depending on the number of scatters. Also the free deals have a x 2 multiplier so wins with a joker in the free deals are actually x 4.

I tried this game a few times on minimum bet and it doesn’t pay bad. You can go for 10 - 15 spins with small win or no wins and then you get a 30 x bet win. I got the free deals a few times but the most I won was 40 x bet. Like I said I don’t like card games so this slot doesn’t like me in return.
blondie 1094 reviews
Kings of Chicago is a Netent software game, which stands out by the fact that it is based on poker theme. The features in this game are cards, combinations are card combinations, such as straight, flush, etc and instead of spinning, this game is being dealt, making it very similar to actual poker game. I am a huge fan of table games and poker as well so I was very enthusiastic to try game called Kings of Chicago. I mean, I have played it a couple of times, but not seriously, only for few spins, but this time was different.

The thing that attracted me was the fact that this game overall is so simple - it has free deals bonus round, caused by 3 or more scatter symbols in the main game. 3 scatter will give you 10 deals, 4 scatters-15 deals, but all 5 scatters- 30 deals. And just as in poker, each combination has its worth and here too, you'll get the lowest win for 3 of a kind, but the biggest - for Royal Flush. The design is really nice and this game has only 5 paylines so the minimum bet playing on all lines is 0.05€.

The first serious time I've played this game was at Playgrand casino. I had a 20€ balance and I placed 0.25€ bets I had absolutely no luck and my balance was gone in a blink of an eye. Then I made another deposit of 40€, continued to play with 0.25€ bets per spin and within all my playing time of overall 350 spins, I only 2 got the free deals, both times the minimum amount - 10 deals, and both times with around 6x bet winnings. I expected so much from this game and got so little. Besides, I lost around 45€ on this game which is a lot for such little amount of spins made.

I have to admit that I like the look of the game and I like the simplicity. However, I was really disappointed with the payout. There were only few times when I got 10x bet win and that isn't much too. And the fact that few regular spin winnings were bigger than free deal wins is frustrating.
Kings of Chicago slot created by Net entertainment, and it is very unusual video slot. Like I have read at one website, Netent mixed video poker game and slot game in one and there is appear Kings of Chicago video slot.

This video slots is look good, and everything is nice except this sound when you can hit something good, and last card opening with some latency. This sound make me sad because after playing about 20 minutes of this slot, I am always start to feel headache and I think this is due to this annoying sound.

There is only 5 paylines, so 0.05 is enough to make my spin, paradise for few pennies left on account and for playing from winnings on freespins.

There is no any special feature except freespins, you need 3 or more scatters and freespins feature triggered. There is x 2 multiplier and nothing else special. What I really enjoy - it is possibility to win really huge amount of money for some excellent combos. For example natural royal flush without any wild will pay really huge, I think even with 0.05 penny bet it will be much more than 100$. Once I won about 60$ on 0.10 penny bet, I had 5 of a kind, it was 4 sevens and then last card opened - and there was a joker, was really pleasure to see it, and of course I was surprised to see such big payout, if during freespins it can be even more money for me.

Overall I do like this game and always interesting to play it if I have win few dollars from granted freespins, or get some no deposit bonus from casino. This game not required big money on balance to play this video slot. Most payouts will be very low, but top combos pay very decent money, so it worth to bash this game until such big win.
Only this stupid sound when last card delayed, everything else is ok!
Raptordinos 866 reviews
When I decided to play "Kings of Chicago" I never imagined a game of these characteristics, more than a slot this one is like a video poker machine, or rather seems to merge both. Anyway I like poker and this video slot has seemed a rather original game and very addictive incidentally, unfortunately it seems I have not had much luck with it, getting a flash or four of a kind is not a simple task and paytable not seem to be so condescending towards players. Each small gain, such as three of a kind at most pays enough to cover just the bet value, and if you consider that many of the turns do not grant any profit, you simply will see how your balance goes in draw down slowly and systematically. However,I see this video slot has many followers, which makes me think what could be failing here is my technique to play Kings of Chicago, clear that it is the first time I play it and certainly I am far from being an expert.

I think NetEnt has again demonstrated with this slot that much of its leadership is achieved thanks to its creativity when it comes to trying new alternatives in their slots to allow for the loyalty of more and more players every day.

The hands that can be obtained in each of the 5 paylines of this video slot are: natural royal flush, straight flush, four of a kind, full house, flush, straight, three of a kind, but I have surprised the resulting new hands with addition of the joker card to some traditional hands, so they are added five of a kind, which are four of a kind plus one joker, and royal flush, that in this case is different from the natural one because one card has been replaced by the joker, and joker is not usually included on poker related games.

Anyway, I liked this game a lot, but at the moment I cannot find a way to sustain the balance enough to think about playing this slot in a real casino account, so I think I better take a step to the side and let this game to experts.
Kings of Chicago, I would say the theme of a poker game in a slot could not be more perfectly touched. The spin is presented in the form of a deal which looks really good and innovative. As the slot is inspired by the poker game, the wining combinations are like in the poker. It is a kind of best of mixture of slot and poker game. It is may be the most inexpensive game that I have seen, the bet starts at only $0.05 per deal. But there is also a disadvantage to it that there are only 5 bet lines. As the game is designed according to the poker it is bit difficult to understand the first time.

It was in my first few spins that I triggered the free deals or spins. I was awarded with 15 free deals when 4 scatter symbols appeared on the reels. I made just 166 coins when I was betting at 5 coins per deal. That’s only 33 times the bet. Then immediately I increased bet to $0.20 per spin. Then later in the game about after 100 spins I triggered 10 free deals but I could only make 106 coins. The best win that I could make in my game play was just of 300 coins at coin value of 0.02 which is just $6. I am not all satisfied by the returns of the game. Although the best payout is of 10000 coins when you hit natural royal flush on the reels but I never had this opportunity to witness it in my game play.

The slot is beautifully designed and it is vey innovative but it lacks in returns. Even during free deals not much can be expected. I would give just 6 on 10 to the slot.
Kings of casino is another good slot from Netent with great graphics and vibrant colored cards dealt from a deck. Netent has always tried to innovate in its slots and this slot is a live example for the same as this slot combines fun of both poker and slot but it also requires that the player must have played poker and must be familiar with its rules because the wins on this slot are achieved by winning combinations in poker like full house , three of a kind or royal flush.

This slot has 5 pay lines and 5 reels so initially i though it would be difficult to win or the returns would not be satisfactory but to my surprise it has quite good returns reason being firstly the randomly appearing scatter label which appears on any reel making it a scatter symbol which may result in free spin round and secondly the wild joker symbol that replaces all the symbols and winnings consisting joker gets multiplied by 2. Also a mega jackpot of 10,000 coins that you hit when you get natural royal flush.Recently i won 10 free spins and two big wins of 75 coins and 100 coins from four of a kind and full house respectively in under 50 spins . For those who don't know, the free spins gets activated by getting 3 or more scatters awarding 10 , 15 or massive 30 free spins with a multiplier of 2X. Generally, 10 free spins pays about 30 to 40 coins and 15 free spins gave me 110 coins that too i got only once. I have not been able to get 30 free spins yet but may be in future.. who knows...

I play on low bets only on this slot and since there are only 5 pay lines , my bet of 0.01 coin value and with only one coin on each line that is 5 coins per spin ends for quite long and on top of it if i get 20 to 30 free spins or 1 or 2 big wins of 50 to 100 coins then i go home with some handsome money in my pocket. Though at first it may sound but according to my experience it is very much achievable. So considering all the aspects i would give this slot an 8 out of 10.
yapro 790 reviews
Kings of chicago is another game from netent. Idea of the slot is another one unique and really great, but i am not this people who love such things. Why add poker in slots? When i play poker, i want to play poker, when i play slots, i did not want to see poker in slots, this is start mixing. But this game definitely depends on poker, and for player who does not know poker rules( i am sure such players exist), this game will be a bit hard of understand, because this game using in paytable poker combinations, like flush or straight, for example.

This is my opinion, i did not like this game, but i should say that it looks good, and also it can pay really great money for natural royal flush. Add to this free spins feature with multiplier for winnings. Take note that game had only 5 lines, and so minimum bet for this game is just 5 cents, which is really great for lowrollers, lot of playtime can be received on this game even with 10$ deposit. My best experience on this game was long time ago, these days i play netent games almost all the time at redbet casino. I start this game with 150 euros on my account, and bet euro in spin. It was terrible run and soon i left with 20 euros, but then comes free spins, and luckily it pay me nice money, and i won around 200 x total bet, and this is my best result on this game.

Conclusion: I believe this game has its own fans, and it is not bad game of course. I am simply did not like to see poker in slots, and that's why i am almost did not open this slot. But i can not rate this game low, because game is great, and i give it 7 stars.
bigdk88 83 reviews
United Kingdom
Kings of Chicago is a poker/mobster themed 5 line 5 reel video slot courtesy of Net-Ent. The slot is very different to other slots as instead of spinning reels it slides the cards to the right hand side to reveal your win. Although it is only 5 pay-lines do not be tricked into thinking that your balance will be safe! This is another game to be cautious with as even with a £30 balance betting 15p a deal it can eat a balance up when it’s running cold just about as quick as DOA or Reel Steal!Kings of Chicago does not have symbols it has playing cards all 4 suits Diamonds, Hearts, Spades and Clubs it also has a joker wild which doubles the players wins.

The objective of this slot is to be dealt the best poker hand on the reels that you can. Hands that can be won include three of a kind, four of a kind, Full house, five of a kind (the only hand not in any table poker variation), Straight flush and the prestigious natural royal flush! This pays out a whopping 10,000x line bet to player (20,000x line bet in free deals)!

As you would expect Kings of Chicago as most Net-Ent titles do, contains a free deals round. To get this you must see 3 or more cards with the word scatter on them. The amount of free deals you receive depends on how many scatters you have hit. For 3 or more 10 free deals, for 4 or more 20 free deals and for 5 scatters you get 100x total bet and 30 free deals! All wins during the free deals are doubled and quadruped if you get a line win with a joker wild in. This game can be great for building up cash but if it takes off you fast I’d personally get off it as quick as you can!

Here are my pros and Cons of Kings of Chicago:


Bright colourful classic four colour deck
Will be particularly enjoyed by poker players!
Very nice top payout for elusive Royal Flush
Joker wild symbol
Free deals round and all wins doubled during these (quadrupled if joker appears in your line win)
Can be exciting and fun to play when it is hot!
Quick deal feature for speedy play!
Overall I give Kings of Chicago 7/10 It just takes too damn long to win anything good and sometimes it just gives absolutely nothing after long cold periods!

Can take from you really fast even £30 balance at small bets can go quick!
Big wins are few and far between this game requires lots of patience!
So many near misses it can really annoy you!
Kings of Chicago is a nice and good game, the bonus is not very hard to trigger, most of the times i start playing this slot when my balance is about€2-3 euro, playing 0.10 bet can give good payouts, lots of times i get 2 euro big wins pretty funny:)

One time i was so lucky to hit an 5 of a kind also on 0.10bet which payed me 60euro thats pretty nice if i only had 1,39 left ! Its also very excited if you see the flashing cards which mean it cant be nothing or it can be a big win! very good game, never hit a royal flush in my life but maybe that day will come! the 0.05 bet i never try i think if you are very very lucky you can win big on 0.05 bet, but for me this is just an finishing slot, put my last euro's always in this slot, it would be great if it goes mobile! because it's not a big game they keep it simple, its a nice game!

I think not many people play that game but i hope more people will find out it's a pretty good game and nice to reach up your balance!
Icymod 758 reviews
Kings of Chicago is a video slot containing 5 paylines. It's one very conservative video slot on NetEnt! This is one slot I forget sometimes and I've already forgotten how fun it would be to play on it. Of course with my opinion placed on Kings of Chicago it does need more than 5 paylines. To define Kings of Chicago as "conservative" it's mainly since the paylines are really small for 5 on this slot the bets won't chop my balance very quickly.

To save my balance and hitting good winnings while this slot provides mega entertainment based on many hands being dealt to the tune of 100 or more I find Kings of Chicago to be excellent amongst players who are no stranger to Poker! If I wanted to conserve my balance I will choose Kings of Chicago but if I need more fire power into my action then the MIcrogaming slot Reel Play poker would be the one to use despite it having no free deals or multipliers. Even for 5 paylines Kings of Chicago has joker cards that double and random scatter symbols appearing in any cards that award 10 free deals! I would start out for $0.25 and always find hitting poker hands like flushes more often and I really like when finding 3 identical cards to make three of a kind. The cards would highlight itself yellow then the other reels would go into a round about to try finding a 4th identical card for a four of a kind win. If talking about the 10 free deals I've only gotten around $8.15. With a small win I wouldn't complain since my bets are just 5 nickels. That's a pretty good price to pay for 15 dealt cards carrying with it potential! I'm happy to win $8.15 in exchange for $0.25 triggering bet. The highest poker hand I've come across is Four of a kind 8's for a $3.75 win from a $0.25 bet. Wonder what would it would feel like to hit 5 of a kind (Joker included on four of a kind) or the legendary ROYAL on Kings of Chicago!?

The pros for Kings of Chicago are bets can be really gentle on my balance, many dealt hands can be done, winnings are fairly good with or without the 2x joker, three of a kind leaving other reels....the "potential"....can be very dramatising at that moment and as for cons well it needs more paylines, it definitely needs a small base hand like a pair or at least two pairs rather than three of a kind for the smallest win and assuming this can be accepted as a con....there are no buttons to hold down cards on the slot. Furthermore Kings of Chicago deals an 8.2 out of 10!
Kings of Chicago has always been one of my favourite slots from NetEnt. NetEnt is my favourite casino-software and even if they have so much different and exciting games, Kings of Chicago will always be in my favourite-list. That slot is one of those what I have mostly played. If casino has NetEnt-slots, they very surely has also Kings of Chicago and when I go start playing in thatkind of casino, I can say that 95% I will always play Kings of Chicago.

Kings of Chicago is very simple game and it is combination of poker and slot with 5-lines and in game you hope to get the best possible pokerhand. Joker is also in that slot and it gives your winnings 2x. Like most slots, Kings of Chicago also has scatters, which are in random cards. Two scatters give your bet back, and three scatters gives you 3x bet and 10 freespins, which in that slot are knows as Free Deals. I have often got also 4 scatters and got 15 freespins and bet back 10x. During freespins you can also win more freespins and all wins are 2x. 3 scatters are quite common and also 4 are not so rare, but I have not ever got 5 scatters. My best hand is 4 similar cards and joker, but bet was just 5 cents, but still I was very positively surprised. :)

I have played that slot in many bets, from 5 cents to 1 euro. Minimum-bet is only 5 cents, so you can play alot of time even with small balance. ;) From my own experience I can say that Kings of Chicago is one of the best slots for wagering bonus, if balance is not so big, because you can play many hands and sometimes that slot has also saved my whole wagering-process. :) Also sometimes when I have just lost money to other slots, then I have started to play Kings of Chicago and it has surprised me very positively and saved my day.

I like simple slots and I like poker also, so Kings of Chicago is slot for me. I have played it so many times and never got disappointed of it, so I can recommend it also to others. It really is worthy of trying, and if not for other reasons, it does not take so much money if you play even 100 hands with minimum-bet. :D
Kings of Chicago is very interesting online slot. At least because it works a bit different than other online slots works. Also very nice thing that as for me, the guy who like playing poker, this slot has poker combinations, and this is always a pleasure to get them. Also, there are very interesting thing, when you for example get 8 8 8 A on payline, fifth card opened with a bit slow, to get you a bit time to worry about did you get 4 of a kind, or full house, or you will just get 3 of a kind. This way i like this slot very much, and this is always a pleasure to play, but be careful because it can eat your money very fast, even faster then poker pros take money from fishes :)

Kings of Chicago online slot has not so nice graphic and sound, but this is not main thing in it, i describe higher why i love this slot, and why it is interesting to play it. Also in this game possible to get free spins with 2x multiplier, for this you need at least 3 scatters. There are no special scatter card, just random card awards as scatter, and if you hit 3 of them - ta-da, you get free spins, good luck to you.

I am personally had only positive remembers with this slot, because i never lost a lot of money on it, if take all my playtime, i believe i will be in good+ with this slot, and of course i can not say after winning that the slot is bad. Every slot on which i win money i love it. No any other things can be said.

In the final i told that i like this slot, and you definitely should try it out. Also best combination ( royal flush without any wilds)will pay you 2.000 x your total bet, 5 scatters will pay you 500 x total bet. So in this slot possible very big wins.
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If you like card games, and want to play a slot that is different, Kings of Chicago is well worth a try.It’s a pretty old slot made by NetEnt that is a combination of video poker and a slot machine. You’ll get dealt 3x5 cards, where you’ll have 5 lines to make one or more poker hands. The slot has wilds which will double the winning combination and scatters which win you free deals. Starting from 3 scatters you will win 10 free deals with a 2x multiplier.

As the name says, the slot got a theme from Chicago, and not Chicago today, but the good ol’ 1930’s, where guns, girls, booze and underground casinos where the thing. The game is so well animated you’ll feel like you’re being there yourself. It also got some nice music on the side. And a nice little “drum roll” if you are near winning something.

The paytable doesn’t differ very much from other slots or video poker games. And the key is to get a winning combination in the freespins, which either contains a joker, or that are a royal flush. A good thing with this slot, is its minimum bet on 5 cents because of its 5 lines.

With a theoretical RTP of 97.8%, it’s one of NetEnt’s best slots when it comes to return to player. It is however a pretty high variance slot. That means it’s possible to pocket some nice wins, but on other days you can sit there feeling like Al Capone just robbed you for everything you own.

So if you like poker and are looking for a slot that got a good RTP, Kings of Chicago is a slot to try. Especially if you got a big wagering requirement to clear. But if you feel it’s in a bad mood, then run for while you can!
Kings of Chicago is another innovative slot from Net Entertainment. Not sure how they do it each time, but they keep surprising me with their releases. Basically Kings of Chicago is an online slot and video poker combined together.

I'm not a big fan of playing video poker, since it's boring at times and takes long before having a nice substantial hit. I do like to play this game however, since they made it very appealing and flashy. Kings of Chicago gets played with a deck of cards and one joker which acts like a wild.

The slot layout consists of 5 reels and 3 rows. After every spin or shuffle 15 cards appear on the reels. The game has 5 paylines in total, and this number is not adjustable. The minimum bet is only €0.05 for each deal. This makes this game very accessible for even players with a lower budget.

The paytable is similar as you would expect from video poker. However, there are a few small differences in hierarchy of hands. The slot pays starting from 3 of a kind or better. The best hand is a natural royal flush awarding 2000x bet size I believe.

Some random cards are sealed with a scatter symbol during every spin. 3 or more scatters means you'll receive free deals. The minimum is 10 but could increase based on the number of scatters. Retriggers are further on possible when hitting 3 scatters again during free spins. All wins in free spins mode have a 2x multiplier.

First time I played this slot was an instant success. I kept retriggering free spins and hitting four of a kind and full houses many times, which meant I kept winning around 20x 30x my bet size. I haven't been able to hit anything higher yet. I think the higher hits are very rare just like in a real video poker game.

I'd rate this slot with a 7.5/10 rating.

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