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All about the Customer Complaint Service System

All about the Complaint Management System at Online Casinos

In an ideal world, no one would ever come across any bumps or hiccups. Unfortunately, we don't live in that world. Here mistakes happen in every sphere of life and players often run into trouble with various online casinos. Now, these issues can vary from software glitches to declined payments. And your right? To complain. Here's all you need to know about complaint management system at online casinos, how it works and what you can gain from it.

Your Undisputed Right to Complain

Like we said, you can complain about almost anything. With a few caveats, but we'll get to that. You may be unsatisfied with how your payments are being managed—a delay in withdrawals is especially common and you should definitely speak up when this happens.

Then there is the issue of your account being suddenly disabled or hacked; you may feel that a casino has unjustly accused you of having multiple accounts or you may be unable to login without any explanation as to why. Perhaps the bonus terms have been violated, your refund request has been declined or the casino is simply down at the moment. The list of possible hitches is really, really long and you can and should speak your piece.

"Unsatisfied with an online casino? You can always submit a complaint through our Complaint Service."

Your next step is surely to contact the customer suppor­t—r­emember when we talked about the importance of a good and reliable customer service? We were definitely onto something, weren't we?—or­—and this is even more convenient—you can submit a complaint through the AskGamblers Complaint Service. Did you know that so far more than $7 million has been returned to players through our service? Yep, that's exactly what this system can do for you!

As long as you play by the rules, your right to complain and have the issue resolved is undisputed.

What You Should Pay Attention To

So what do we mean by playing by the rules? First of all, before you even start playing at a casino, before you claim a bonus and certainly before you submit a complaint—do read the terms and conditions. And carefully. It is of utmost importance to know what you can and cannot do. Trust us, it will save you a lot of time and minimize the potential headache. And don't skip the fine print, either! Sometimes that's where the most vital info can be found.

"Make sure to read the terms and conditions carefu­lly­—es­pec­ially the fine print."

Also, if you are submitting a complaint through us, when you choose your type of issue from a drop-down menu, you'll see possible explanations for the problem. That may be the end of it. You'll see that you may have missed something important and you don't have enough to go on. However, if you're still not convinced that that's what's up and you feel like you've been wronged, then by all means, go ahead and fill out the customer complaint form. After all, that's what the whole thing's about!

Be Patient

Now, we know you'd like your issue to be resolved ASAP. Immediately, if possible. However, remember that the operator in question needs time to review your issue—the more complicated the issue, the longer the proced­ure­—check your credentials and deal with the complaint. Which is why you should supply them with all the necessary information right away, so as to shorten the process and make sure the whole customer complaints procedure runs smoothly. Still, patience is always key.

Your Experience?

Have you ever had any experience with complaint handing? Ever felt the need to submit a complaint against and online or mobile casino? Did your issue get resolved quickly? Do share your experience with us—we're eagerly waiting to hear from you at our forum!

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