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AskGamblers Casino Complaint Service Report 2023

Annual AskGamblers Casino Complaint Service Report for 2023

It’s official; we’ve witnessed another year of exciting milestones and incredible feats thanks to our joint efforts, yours and ours, dear players! That’s right, it’s time for our detailed AskGamblers Casino Complaint Service report where we look at the most thrilling and vital numbers collected by our AGCCS team for the year 2023.

We’ve got a lot of ground to cover so, without further ado, let us roll the tape back as we discuss the most important, record-breaking, and impressive stats achieved in the previous year. 

Over Nine Million Dollars Recovered in 2023 Alone

Our Casino Complaint Service team works tirelessly year round to help players resolve their disputes with casinos as best and fast as possible. During a year, thousands of players submit complaints via our complaint resolution service and huge amounts of money get successfully returned to their rightful owners.

Strictly speaking of 2023, we are proud to announce that our Complaint team managed to recover and return a staggering $9,031,914.04 total! No, your vision is not failing you; that is indeed over nine million dollars retrieved in just one year and the number of players who got their funds back is no less than 1,963, which is another record for our service.

AGCCS Report 2023 Recovered Money Stats

If we’re looking at averages, this would mean that $24,744.97 was recovered per day, $173,690.65 was recovered per week, $752,659.50 was recovered per month, and that $2,788.49 was recovered per complaint.

Numbers, Numbers, Numbers… and Numerous Milestones!

While it would be ideal that you never run into any trouble with any online casino, it delights us that you trust AskGamblers to turn to when you do. In fact, in 2023, 5,927 of you made use of our AGCCS services thanks to 1,033 casinos.

AGCCS Report 2023 Main Stats

And how many complaints did we receive in 2023? A total of 8,044, 3,239 of which were accepted (a record for the English version of our site!) and 2,267 were successfully resolved.

In 2023, we received a total of 8,044 complaints and successfully resolved 70% of all accepted complaints!

Moreover, if we look at the total sum of accepted complaints across all languages and verticals (casino, sports, and affiliate), that number is naturally even higher - a whopping 3,565 complaints, which is yet another milestone in the AGCCS history.

Additionally, in 2023 we received 554 casino complaints in German, 191 complaints in Portuguese, 108 complaints in the Spanish language, 69 complaints in Italian, and 10 complaints in Japanese. What’s more, the total amount of retrieved money across all languages (excluding English) is an incredible $539,184.57!

Stats Can Be Fun, Too!

Time for some highlights and what we like to call fun stats!

To illustrate just how different the duration of a case can be, our shortest complaint case lasted only 2 minutes before it was resolved, while the longest case clocked at 101 days. That’s right; 3 whole months, one week and some change.

What’s more, we managed to return a truly astonishing sum in just one case. How much was at stake? Why, no less than £485,000.00!

AGCCS Report 2023 Highlights

But that’s not all… There’s a couple of other numbers we’d like to highlight here, too. One, our resolution rate success which was at 70% in 2023 and two, we reached an absolutely impressive lifetime number of 80,000 received complaints that our AskGamblers Casino Complaint Service had gone through over the years!

What’s the Issue?

Before we look at some more records broken in 2023 (and there is more where that came from!), we’d like to go over some of the most common reasons players turn to AskGamblers Casino Complaint Service and which casinos were affected the most this past year.

Based on all the complaints our team received in 2023, the most common reasons could be sorted in the following categories:

  • Payment issues
  • Account issues
  • Software issues
  • Deposit issues
  • Bonus issues
  • Other issues

Diving deeper, what we can conclude is that the most frequent reasons for submitting a complaint are delayed payments, verification problems, declined payments, account closure issues, and deposits not being credited to one’s account.

As for the casinos that received the most complaints in 2023, they include PlayOJO Casino, whose resolution success rate is an admirable 93%, Bovada Casino (which is blacklisted on our website), and 888 Casino that also features a solid complaint resolution rate of 73%.  

Casino Complaint Service Records Galore!

As promised, here are some more records that we broke in 2023.

On top of the ones already mentioned in this report, we saw a record-breaking 24% increase in accepted complaints and 16% increase in resolved complaints in 2023 compared to the previous year. Additionally, we recorded a 20% increase in the number of received complaints concerning affiliate programs. 

AGCCS Report 2023 Records

And still there’s more! If you regularly read our AG news, you probably didn’t miss a huge milestone we celebrated in November when we crossed the threshold of $60 million!

The AGCCS Wheel Keeps Spinning

As we conclude our journey through the AGCCS stats for 2023, all that is left to do is thank you for putting your trust in us over and over again, for letting us help you, and for choosing us as your number one complaint resolution service since 2009.

AGCCS Total Amount Returned So Far

The astounding number of total money returned so far says it best… but we don’t stop there. Always remember that you have a place to turn to should the need arise, read our Complaint guidelines carefully before submitting a complaint, never be afraid to consult us for help, and… we’ll see you right back here in a year!