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Dr Vegas Casino


Dr Vegas Casino is a stylish online casino with the pizzazz of the real Sin City experience. It features several slots and table games that are found in many casinos around the world, as well as many games that can only be found online. It is one of the few sites that features the Bally Gaming platform in addition to Microgaming, IGT, Play N' Go, and some exclusive titles. The casino can be accessed on most computers, smartphones, and tablets. Dr Vegas is licensed by the jurisdiction of Malta and the UK Gambling Commission.

Restricted Countries

Dr Vegas Casino does not accept players living in Afghanistan, Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, China, Croatia, France, Hong Kong, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Norway, Russia, Serbia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sudan, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, or the United States.


We are truly impressed with the variety of slots at Dr Vegas Casino. It features many of the most popular video slots in the industry from IGT, Bally Gaming, Microgaming, Play ‘N' Go, and several others. The game directory includes titles like Supernova slot, Foxin' Wins slot, Ali Baba slot, Doctor Love slot, Enchanted Meadow slot, and Crazy Cows slot. Slot lovers looking for hard-to-find, quality games can't go wrong here.

Those who prefer hitting the table games can enjoy blackjack, roulette, and other games. Choose traditional favorites like Multi-Hand Blackjack, Roulette Classic, and Baccarat. The only drawback is that only one table poker is currently offered at this time: Casino Hold'em.

The video poker selection at Dr Vegas Casino contains a fair amount of variety. The site contains two versions of Jacks or Better (we recommend playing the one with the 9/6 paytable for best long-term results), as well as Deuces Wild, Joker Poker, and Jackpot Poker.

Mobile Gaming

Dr Vegas Casino has one of the largest and most well-designed mobile casinos around. Players on their smartphones or tablets have access to all of the casino's exclusive slot titles and Play ‘N' Go slots, as well as Blackjack Mobile, Roulette Mobile, Mini Baccarat, and four mobile versions of video poker.

Live Casino

For players who enjoy the thrill of live casino games, Dr Vegas has a good offer including Baccarat, Blackjack, and Roulette. Several variations on these games can be played against live dealers.


Dr Vegas Casino takes customer service seriously. Representatives are on call from 08:00 to midnight to answer any questions, and getting in touch is as easy as clicking the live chat button on the website. Players in the UK can call the casino using a freephone number, too. Inquiries can also be sent via email.

Security and Fairness

Players are guaranteed a safe gaming environment at Dr Vegas Casino. Whenever sensitive data is transmitted, SSL encryption is used to keep it private. This ensures that players don't get their information stolen when registering, depositing, withdrawing, or visiting their account screen. Players are also protected by a privacy policy that keeps marketers away from players' contact details.

All of the games on the Dr Vegas Casino website are routinely audited to ensure fairness. This is not surprising given that most of the games are made by some of the most respected companies in the industry.


  • Impressive instant-play layout
  • Massive array of all types of slots, including numerous exclusive games
  • Easy-to-use mobile site with great variety
  • 8/24 support via live chat, UK freephone, or email
  • Secured with SSL encryption
  • Proven fair by independent audits


  • Unavailable to residents of Afghanistan, Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, China, Croatia, France, Hong Kong, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Norway, Russia, Serbia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sudan, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey
  • Limited selection of table poker games


Dr Vegas Casino Reviews by Players


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samantha 1 review
United Kingdom
The different games, my old favorite is still on there. ITS getting better, been a customer for years But its getting like it used to be. Payouts are quicker I don't mind waiting a week. A few months ago winnings seemed to be rife hardly any, but I won 2 grand the other da, ok over the years I may have put 40 grand in!! But its nice to see the improvement! Bonuses good if you go by the rules they have also simplified it so its easier to understand the rules.
At the moment I like the improvements, I have not spoken to customer care yet, as I haven't needed to, I just hope they continue this way of business, will keep updated!
tereska 2 reviews
United Kingdom
NEW - WITHDRAWAL TIMES HAVE IMPROVED! Great slots , daily bonuses (deposit £10, sometimes £20, and get 100 free spins from which I have personally won between £30-£100 every time).
Playthroughs get better (and easier) the higher up you go. I am now a gold player and have a 10x playthrough which is so easy to achieve.
So .... having promised not to go back due to ridiculous withdrawal times, after two days' abstention, I was once more depositing. Withdrawals are still not on a par with other casinos, but they are now in the region of 5-7 days and, because I use Skrill, I find that quite acceptable.
robhwbay87 2 reviews
United Kingdom
There is nothing to like about this site so why do I need to use 50 characters.
I have recently blocked my account with this casino as they are extremely shoddy. The main issue was the length of time for withdrawal then I had more issues with constant loses and customer service was the worst I've ever experienced. They are rude and very unhelpful I would tell anyone reading this stay clear from using this site.
Bee2121 9 reviews
United Kingdom
It has ONE of my favourite slots, and that's about it!
So I had self excluded from this site in the past, but thought I would give it another chance to re-opened my account. I won a nice £800 so decided to withdraw. I emailed to find out how long it would all take, and was told it takes 5 working days to approve, and then a further 2 days to go into bank! I've never heard of such ridiculously long withdrawals. I also jumped on here to read reviews and saw what a bad reputation they have.

I ended up cancelling my withdrawal out of impatience, and lost the whole £800 playing again.
To be honest I don't even care about the money, I self excluded again and will NEVER be playing here again!
I will stick to the best casinos around with quick withdrawals and better offers.
oldernotwiser 1 review
United Kingdom
Good selection of slot games, clear screen shots, nice choice of exclusive games, very fair bonuses.
Used to be one of the best casino sites on the web with instant withdrawal and superb customer service. Sadly, in the past year it has gone from excellent, to quite good, to very bad, and now to completely dire. Customer service live chat is no longer available 24/7 and anyway their idea of "service" isn't mine. It's quite appalling although, to be fair, that may be driven by the owners (CZ Ltd) attitude.

Withdrawals can take up to a fortnight or longer for monies to be returned to the bank account. They wait at least a week before approving the withdrawal, it's a deliberate delaying tactic and most unpleasant and unfair.

It is so disappointing to see a great casino go downhill this way, I can only assume the owners want to take too much money out. No wonder so many players are leaving.

I will be genuinely disappointed to leave this site, I've been playing through all the ownership changes for the past 18 years - the first 17 were great !
cunga 4 reviews
United Kingdom
Good mix of games. Used for a very long time but there is no positives now keep away please you wont be happy with the service you receive.
Anyone that reads this post keep away from this casino. The customer service uses bind keys to answer questions and don't listen to anything you have to say.always sorry for inconvenience this has caused you. I have been with this site for many years and it was always ok but it has been bought out a number of time from rank to quicksilver and now they really don't know how to run the site.

Your withdrawals are slow and i mean slow this has happened since last year when worldpay had a problem and the excuses were nothing they can do but they are changing the payment service. Then 3 weeks ago it crashed again and it came to light that they were actually with worldpay still so more lies. They have now changed to another service provider and guess what payment went astray again another server problem with new payment gateway. I have been waiting up to now 8 days for my withdrawals to be approved but nope still awaiting then once approved I have to wait further days for monies to hit my bank.

This company does not know how to run a casino nor treat customers with and respect they think we are all stupid and will take all excuses handed to us. This site needs to be closed down I have contacted the gambling commission as they always seem to have gateway problems but still remain operating taking customers hard earned money but have no way of paying winners withdrawals in a respectful time period.

Please do not use this site I also had a lot of money taken out of my account last year by worldpay unlawfully and I was told it was this site that wanted it when I didn't actually deposit anything nor use the site or worldpay. This site has serious security issues. All can advise people not to use the site as its the persons choice to do so but there is some really great casinos out there with same day payouts and good customer service.
Claire1981 1 review
United Kingdom
The game choice. Apparently the positive box has to contain more than 50 letters.....
The absolutely appalling withdrawal times. They used to be the best site to play on but now trying to get any winnings paid out is worse than any other site I have played on. 15 days was the worst recent waiting time from withdrawal to entering my bank but even after changing gateways which was blamed for the constant delays.......there are still exactly the same or WORSE delays which is ironically being blamed on the new gateway having teething problems. Appalling way to treat customers with a terrible live chat team who clearly just cut and paste responses. After many many years of playing I have finally had enough of this site 😕
molpoppy 1 review
United Kingdom
Good bonuses I have been a member for years, deposited alot of money, use to be payed out in 24 hours.
I have had a pending withdrawal for 7 days now live chat told me pending withdrawal time is now 5 working days. Thats the longest pending I have ever heard of I will not play again after my pay out. 7 days later it is still pending then you have to wait for it to go into your bank after its approved, it takes 2 days max to leave my account and go into theres. Poor customer service, this site has gone down hill fast!!
mrhunk 2 reviews
United Kingdom
I been a customer for many years, but of late, just leading up to the worldpay issue, there withdrawal processing time has gone good to bad, its a shame because overall it is a good casino, but this just lets them down. If it was not for this issue they would get 10 star rating.
Live chat keep telling you each time you make a withdrawal, this issue will be resolved soon, this has been going on for months and months. My last withdrawal request for £170 has be pending since the 10th of jan 2017, and still waiting. They should be looking after there loyal customers who stayed loyal to them after the wordpay serious issues instead they repay you like this. Is not just this withdrawal request I've been waiting so long on, its all the others ones as well, which all got paid in the end.
stegee1982 1 review
United Kingdom
The exclusive games and the bonuses can be good, emphasis on 'can be'.
Can I just start by saying I used to love this casino but in the last few months it's been shambolic at best regarding withdrawals! It's gone from instant or within 24 hour withdrawals to 5 working days, even though there's no mention of this on site.

As for the live chat, they are rude, unhelpful and are great at saying I'll pass it on to a manager only never to hear a thing. As soon as my withdrawals are processed I'm closing my account with them. They need to realise the customer makes the site and I can't see it lasting much longer if it carries on the way it is.
jerimary 6 reviews
United Kingdom
I'm unsure about Dr Vegas and I don't want to jump the gun just yet... But so I haven't got of on the best start. I joined up and received my free spins and left and thought I would leave my 1st deposit until I was having some me time and able to play and enjoy... I've also told friends and family about the very generous 1st deposit bonus and my son joined up, but thankfully I have a try and test with anyone I recommend to a casino.... which basically means my friends and family sign up to the casino but they didn't make a deposit until I've made my own deposit and I get exactly what the offer says..... I've seen so many times people and myself signing up and making a 1st deposit and no bonus ever came about and the excuse that is given is ridiculous.... so this prompted me to take the casinos on and deposit my own money to make sure others who believe they r signing up for 1 thing but get something completely different.

Unfortunately Dr vegas done exactly that....I made my 1st deposit early today £10 and of course I'm waiting on my bonus to appear....waiting waiting and I'm still waiting and this is the very reason I do what I do I may not be able to protect everyone but my family and friends I can and it makes it all worth while when casinos like Dr vegas think they can take people's money and not answer the questions and passing the buck......

I was on my account earlier but didn't get a chance to speak to my son in regards to what happened and not to make a deposit.... but he got there before me and was in the process of making his deposit and they asked for I'D his accounted needed to be he came down and I thought h3 was gona tell me he made a deposit but lucky for him it was asking for his I'D that prevented him from being able to deposit and I was so relieved for its enough that I lost money but both us I would've flipped and I'm so glad I do Wat I do even if I lose out I'm making sure others dnt lose their hard earned cash.
cunga 4 reviews
United Kingdom
Once upon a time there was lots I liked about the site now I just feel it's a security issue.
I have been a member of DrVegas for many years when it stated as quicksilver slots then cyberslotz and now drvegas. Over the years I have not had any problems what so ever but in recent weeks things have just got too unbearable for me now.

1st it was the worldpay incident where it took weeks to get withdrawals now its not worldpay but Drvegas that is delaying in withdrawals. I have been waiting days for the actual withdraw to be approved then once that's done it goes to world pay and it take a few more days to get it as of now its still in approval so god knows how many more days.

Worldpay took money out of my account also when I didn't even say they could this left me overdrawn because of it. I don't like the way things are going with the site now and I am going to be closing my account for security reasons and well as faster payouts on other casino sites such as Sky and BGO.
stegee82 1 review
United Kingdom
I used to absolutely love this casino, the exclusive games and rewards are great
In the last few months I've had numerous problems with withdrawals, I use skrill and it used to be in my skrill within 24 hours. However, my last few withdrawals have taken nearly 5 days and numerous chats to live chat where I'm constantly told different things.

Slow withdrawals are a bugbear of mine so unfortunately I'm going to have to give up on Dr Vegas now
Hi Stegee82,

Thank you for your review, we are glad to hear you enjoy our exclusive games and rewards. We are continuously expanding our games portfolio with more exclusive slots, so be sure to check the site.

We are sorry to hear about your withdrawal time. Do let us know if you experience any issues again. We always strive to provide you with a satisfactory service.


Dr Vegas - Team
Sandaz85 1 review
United Kingdom
Dr vegas took unauthorised moneyfrom my bank account, check your statements people it could b happening to you

We are investigating this matter with utmost urgency with WorldPay and will get back to you as soon as possible.

I do apologise for this inconvenience and I thank you for your patience while we investigate.


Dr Vegas Team

raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
I heard a lot of good things about Dr Vegas reading on-line forums recently so when I received a 500% offer from them - deposit £10, play with £60 - I figured why the hell not and fired up the casino for the first time since I joined and played out my 20 no deposit free spins.
I quickly remembered why I hadn't been back here though and thought to myself, maybe you should have had a look at the games before bothering to make that deposit... but it was only a tenner after all. Reason being, these guys really don't have any of my current favourite game available... there is no Microgaming or NetEnt slots here, instead you have Play n Go, Leander, Next Generation and a couple of other less well known names. There are also a number of "exclusive" games although these seem to be very cheaply made and not really worth playing.

I started off playing a few spins on Rainbow Riches as it was at the top of the page as a new addition, but it wasn't in a very good mood as far as I could see. Next up I tried Foxin Wins, a game I have played before but couldn't remember too quickly. It was difficult to get my balance up more than a few pounds and I very quickly found my balance in a downward spiral. I figured I'd have a go at the table games to try and get my balance back up as there was no mention of them being banned in the bonus terms, but my balance was unavailable when I opened Blackjack so that wasn't an option.

I then moved around a few different games trying fifty or so spins on each one but the writing was on the wall - there was no way I was going to clear the 40x wagering requirement.

As well as the 500% Dr Vegas also promised 100 free spins, albeit divided into 10 free spins for the next 10 days. Unfortunately these free spins can only be used on one of a few very specific games and they all looked fairly cheap, I think they were special versions of the "Exclusive" games. Overall I wasn't really very impressed with the place so far.

I don't know if the situation will change as I play my free spins over the next few days and have another chance to try the various games on offer, but I definitely missed Microgaming and NetEnt a whole lot playing these games - these other providers do have some good games available, I've played them in the free section here at AskGamblers, so I hope Dr Vegas will implement some more in the future. In the meantime though I really don't recommend them very much.
Thank you for your detailed review.

The slot game portfolio at Dr Vegas is very diverse, however the choice of software differentiates us from other casinos. It seems you were specifically looking for NetEnt or Microgaming slots, which is something we currently do not offer. However, our proprietary games are extremely popular and we are in the process of launching a number of new games and tournaments.

In regards to our wagering requirements, these are clearly listed in the Bonus terms and conditions. We hope we can welcome you back in the future.

Dr Vegas - Team
Sami H. 1 review
United Kingdom
Customer service, they blame the customer. I've been a customer for 7 years, I'm a platinum member so you can see how much money I've put in! Of course like any person who bets you use the codes given to you, I've wagered more than I've won, I don't always read the t and c's but they do take more money than I win, I use the bonus and my own money to if I win money I take it out, now I'm not getting any bonuses see this, they have forgot to put the other amounts I've put in which are on my statement!

From a loyal 7 years of being a customer they treat you like this! How do I go about reporting this. Please find below examples of bonus abuse you committed just in the last 30 days and this kind of fraudulent behavior goes back much longer than the last 30 days. You can check these transactions in your wallet.

As you can see from the examples below, every time you use the promo-code you either deposit, get the bonus and withdrew deposit and bonus or withdraw the original deposit and only play the bonus given. T&C prohibiting this behavior below:

Members that have a history of mainly playing with Bonus money or are withdrawing Bonuses added with no wagering requirement will have their accounts immediately closed. Dr Vegas reserves the right to amend, cancel, reclaim or refuse any promotion at its own discretion to any member. Members with a history of bonus abuse will be excluded from this and subsequent promotions and may have their accounts closed.

You are also often using both Bronze and Platinum promo-code which is another violation of our Terms And Conditions. T&C prohibiting this behavior below:

Only one bonus may be used at any one time and abuse of the bonus system may result in the closure of the playing account.

For these reasons you are removed from the promo list and won’t be provided with any further codes and should you continue to violate our T&C’s in any way, your account will be permanently blocked.

Check our full T&C’s below:
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