Silver Dollar allowed me to play knowing i wasn't suppose to

shebsolo United States
posted on May 21, 2011.

A few years ago i played online at a lot of different sites. Due to financial reasons I decided to limit my playing to only a few sites. One day i decided to download a site i use to play called Silver Dollar Casino. I downloaded the site, my sign in info and passwoord was saved and all i had to do was make a deposit. I made several deposits from e-check and many, many from my debit mastercard. I lost a lot of money and decided to try a sister site, i was informed that because i was from louisiana i was not allowed to play. When i question silver dollar, they said it was true and blocked me from getting back on. I e-mailed them an asked why would they allow me to play in the first place and allow me to lose so much money before telling me. I requested a refund of all of my loss because i felt i was deceived. I sent 5 e-mail they never responded. Do you think i was treated fairly, I feel they took advantage of me. I would like my money back. Can you help me.