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Wild Turkey Slot

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Wild Turkey is a 20-payline video slot operating on the NetEnt software platform. The game’s wild icon is the eponymous Wild Turkey, which triggers Free Spins. Players are welcome to try the slot on this page free of charge or select any of the featured NetEnt casinos to play the game for real money.

In order to familiarize themselves with various turkey characters, players should adjust their bet first. The “Lines” selector alters the number of active paylines and the “Level” selector changes the bet level. “Coin Value” chooses the coin denomination, ranging from 0.01 to 0.5. To initiate the game, one should click “Spin” and to turn the reels multiple times uninterrupted “Au­top­lay­” should be pressed. “Max Bet” spins the reels at the highest wager.

When 3 or more wild symbols emerge on the reels, Free Spins are unlocked. 3 wilds will trigger 15 Free Spins, 4 wild symbols equal 30 Free Spins and 5 wild icons will result in as many as 60 Free Spins. During the Free Spin round, the wild symbol may become the stacked wild, covering any of the reels and activating 2 additional Free Spins.

A 4,000-coin jackpot will be awarded when 5 Red Turkey symbols emerge on an active payline.

Game Play

Lines: Select the number of enabled paylines.
Level: Change the bet level.
Coin Value: Alter the coin size.
Spin: Start playing the game.
Max Bet: Spin the reels at the highest wager.
Autoplay: Turn the reels for a preset number of times without interruption.

Wild Turkey Slot Reviews by Players


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blondie 1094 reviews
Wild Turkey is one of the latest games I explored. It is a game by Netent software and has 5 reels and 20 paylines. The reason I finally explored this game was because of a weekend free spins offer at Doublestar casino. Although from 200 free spins I won nearly 20€, after that I spent a few more sessions with this game.

I have to say that I was quite pleased with the game design. The slot is inspired by Turkeys and there are turkey and letter symbols there, although turkeys aren't my favorite animals, I think that design looks simplistic and good.

What for me seemed strange but at the same time great was the fact how wilds worked as scatter symbols too. Whenever you get 3 or more wilds anywhere, you not only get a decent base game win but also trigger free spins. I think that it's quite great that for 3 wilds you get 15 free spins and for all 5 wilds- 60 spins. The only minus is the fact that the spins have no multiplier. But that being said, for me it was easy to trigger extra spins as in free spins mode the wilds can also be stacked and when you get a stacked wild, it adds 2 free spins. I had one free spins win nearly 100x worth so I am sure this game can give much more than that.

In my experience so far, this game gives small but regular wins on base game. I had lots of wins from 5x-10x bet, but from base game I didn't win more than that. Also the free spins came up quite often- once within 150 spins and mostly I won from 50x bet up to 90x bet once. I really think that free spins have great win potential due to stacked wilds and possibility to earn extra spins.

Overall I am happy that I discovered this game and I will definitely play it more. It seems to be a good game to play when wagering bonuses because of the frequent small wins and good free spins bonus. I wish the free spins had multiplier attached, but that's the only criticism I have.
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
We know for the Wild West but did you ever heard of Wild Turkey_ ,,if not then join us in the Wild Turkey slot adventure. Netenet creators made sure to keep players attention in the game.

I dont like the theme,I would love some girlish game theme but this game could be real fun!

5 reels,20 paylines and up to 800.000 coins. Its paytable is quite impressive to me and this is one of top games from Netenent espeaciilly when it comes to wining potential in this game.Base game is not fun and the most you can get from the base game are free spins feature and win up to 60 free spins are where magic could happen when wild becomes stacked wilds and now imagine how could you end up with a really huge prize and maybe even max,.win.

Additional free spins could be won aswell.I dont like this game and its not for me no matter the positive fact about it,I just dont like it. No matter the fact that DOA can
produce insane wins,I am not fan of it either ,plus it plays quite slow which makes me inapatient and nervous.Yes,thats the way I am.Wild Turkey is a must try game in my opinion now its up to you weather you like it and keep playing or not.
I cant recall when did I played this game for the last time and I had no success and havent played it much, so I dont judge poor turkeys but absence of lady luck and my interest for this game.

There is no scatter symbol which in unusual.

I just givi it a try in a démodé mode hoping to trigger 3 wild symbols and bonus games, but it didn’t happen.

I had almost 2 wilds in each spin and the last one when wilds appeared on second and third line, it paid 5 euros on my 1 euros bet.

I would suggest this no matter the fact its not in my taste.
zerooo 742 reviews
Wild Turkey is 20 payline video slot from NetEnt software. I played it many times, but I did not have any huge win on it.

The game offer many wild symbols. I like that free spins are trigger when you get at least 3 wild symbols. The number of free spins is set good, for three wild symbols you awarded with 15 free spins. Into free spins are stacked wilds. A stacked wild symbols covering any of the reels during free spins and if you get it on the reels, this activate two additional free spins. I mostly received more than 15 free spins, when this symbol land into the reels.

I like free spins feature here, it could provide huge winnings. But you have to be lucky enough to catch a lot of wild symbols. Main game is also good, wild symbols appear quite often and the game is interesting and fun. I also like the theme and graphics.

I mostly won a decent amounts on it, most of the time I raised my balance and switched to some other games. Otherwise it is a great game and I like to play it. The paytable looks good. Sometimes I wish that would be even better because when I receive 3 wild symbols I expect big win. Often there are only small, decent one, because of other symbols near wilds. The highest payout symbol is hard to get when wilds came up.

After all it is a nice themed game, I like all into this game. I play it many times, quite often because it could be great if you are lucky. Maybe there could be a bonus game too, I had a few times bad run on it and when wilds does not appear often it could become boring in some way. I will rate it with 9 stars.
Wild turkey is slot game by NetEnt. I play this game very often, and sometimes it is absolutely hot and gives me freespins feature in something like 20 spins between each other, and so 3 - 4 times. Love such times.

I do like the idea of this game. Turkey looks funny, and also nice drawn. Sounds and music are not that which I could call awesome, but overall I could say that everything is ok.

There is 20 paylines and it is possible to play with just 20 cents. Game is not very streaky on my experience and it is not required to be super careful like with such games like dear or alive for example.

Payouts here is wonderful. Best 5 of a kinds pay very sweet, and top symbol pay more than 100 bets. This is super good and nice.

Another reason why I love to play this slot it is freespins feature. It started when 3 or more wilds appears. Wilds here work as scatters and for this I could give huge very huge thumb up for NetEnt. Very interesting, and nothing annoying. Freespins are great, because there is stacked wilds. If stacked wild appear fully it award +2 freespins.

My best freespins feature paid me more than 500 bets, I get two lines of top symbols, and couple of more wins. Also I had a lot of features more than 100 bets. Unfortunately I never get best 5 symbols during normal game.

I do not know anything bad about this slot game, I am always very happy to play it. For this I could give not less than 10 stars. Of course this game can be not interesting for someone, but not for me. It is one of the overall luckiest slots for me, so I really like it for this. Everyone like slots which pays good.
Nothing bad to say about this exciting slot game, I like it a lot.
You would never think that successful companies do not have an easy job, since that success requires new adventures, and always all expect every time something better and better, and that is very difficult. Fortunately NetEnt for years succeeds in doing this, it is once again displayed when not so long ago released this mega popular slot machine. Wild Turkey has a well recognizable motifs that bind to the wild world of this ancient land, on the border of Europe and Asia. The game is visually beautiful, the sound is also an important segment and it is simply perfect sync with the symbols, and the above mentioned motives of this slot game.

I took € 80 from my Neteller account and started to play the slot on Stan James Casino, in which I have full confidence. The stakes were € 1 per spin, then I have chosen auto play 50 spins and waited to see what would my happiness give or take. Immediately, in the first 10 spins twice I had 2 wild of a symbol in position one and two on the drum and both times won the € 6. And then when I have left another 12 auto play spins to the end, I got 4 symbols birds with green necklace, then I am, in one spin won € 15.75. There I stopped playing because I figured it was just enough to cool down for a few hours, so I increased the amount of over € 110 and it was a lot for this day.

As you can see in my game review, Wild Turkey is a very nice game and definitely one of the best games that came out of NetEnt company in recent years. Luckily for us, with it's never boring, and it is contrary to the logic that everything that comes up frequently, bored. No matter what this game can be called progress compared to previous releases of the platform. There is no doubt that the beauty of the game here stems from my impression, seems boundary crossing in the 3D world. Although perhaps not realistic 3D, but it's something considering that in previous games it was not visible. Excellent game, I recommend it for everyone, especially the new players.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Wild Turkey is a slot game which was announced in NetEnt for some time and was launched about two years ago I think. I have tried this slot a few times and I can say it really is worth trying. The theme of the game is wild turkeys and in this game they are presented like living in some wild African tribe. The graphic is superb and the slot has great animations. The symbols are made with great detail and are really fun to watch.

This slot has a great paytable and the highest paying symbol is the red turkey with a payout of 4000 coins for 5 of them on a winning payline. The next two symbols have a payout of 2000 and 1000 coins so you can expect some nice wins in this game. This slot offers a free spins bonus. What’s new in NetEnt is that this slot has no scatter symbol and the bonus is activated by collecting 3 wild symbols. In my opinion this is a bit better because with 3 wilds close to one another you are almost guaranteed a nice win plus you get free spins.

If you hit 3 wilds on the reels you get 15 free spins. For 4 wilds you get 30 free spins and for 5 wilds you get 60 free spins. I wouldn’t mind getting 5 wilds even with 15 free spins. In the bonus game you can get stacked wilds. For every stacked wild that covers and entire reel you are awarded with extra 2 spins. This happens 2-3 times usually so the number of free spins is actually over 20. Off course stacked wild can award some nice wins by themselves so getting extra spins is great.
This slot has a really nice potential for a big win. Still base play wins are usually small and the game can be a bit boring to play. Unless you are hitting fast bonus rounds you will be bored after a short time playing. I don’t have any big wins on this slot yet. The bonus round usually awards me 20-30 x bet win which is really low and frustrating.
Wild Turkey Slot seems like a classic NetEnt video slot game. This game comes with 20 pay lines and 5 reels. The theme selected for this game, if nothing else it is original. Here, in addition to poker symbols you have symbols with Wild Turkeys. The graphics and the sound are nothing extra and in that aspect I was a bit disappointed when it comes to this game. But in general the design is attractive and I like the sound that can be heard after the wins.

The rules are quite simple and easy to understand. I needed only 10 min. to understand the rules without looking to the pay-table. From features here, you have a feature with Wild symbol that changes all other symbols. It is interesting that the wild symbol is a scatter symbol at the same time. At this moment I can’t remember of any other slot game with a similar solution. With 3 or more wild symbols you will reach the free spins bonus feature. So, for 3 wild /scatter symbols you get 15, for 4 you get 30 and for 5 even 60 free spins. As with most other games that are designed in NetEnt is quite difficult to reach to the free spins. But if you already get free spins then in most cases you will be paid well.

The first time when I tried this game I was pretty successful. In about half an hour I got free spins two times. Although all the time I played with a minimum bet per spin, my balance has increased by almost 100 euros. Some of my later attempts with this game were not so successful and I lost a lot of money here. So I'm careful when I play Wild Turkey. In the end I will say that this game has not impressed me.

However I'll give her a passing grade and I'll rate it with 6 stars
I just found out about this slot with turkeys because I wanted to play a new slot and I searched on Askgamblers for a NetEnt slot that I didn’t play so far. I wanted to try something new, with a new theme and interesting features so I decided to play this slot where the turkeys are in the main event. I noticed that it is an usual 5 reel slot with 20 paylines and 0.20 euro minimum bet, but what makes him different from the other slots is the nice theme and nice features that this slot has.

The first unusual thing that I noticed is that the Free Spins feature is triggered when you catch 3 or more Wild Symbols instead of Scatter Symbols as it is normal. You will receive 15 free spins for 3 scatters, 30 free spins for 4 scatters and an amazing 60 free spins if you will manage to catch the 5 scatters, thing that it is almost impossible in my opinion. Only one time I managed to catch 4 scatters and to play 30 free spins that brought me 47 euro with a 0.20 euro, this is actually my biggest win at this slot.

The graphics are acceptable, good I could say, the symbols are looking nice, especially the turkeys that are very funny in my opinion, the theme is unique and I think that deserves a 9.

Regarding the features, the free spins are the most interesting features, the fact is that it has no other feature, just a stacked wild, no bonus game or gambling feature, so I will give only a 7!

The payout rate didn’t disappoint me so far, I could give only a 9 because 10 isn’t possible in my opinion and I am saying this because I didn’t give a 10 so far for the payout rate.
I can’t say anything bad about this great slot maybe the fact that the bonus game is missing
Raptordinos 866 reviews
For me "Wild Turkey" is another hit from NetEnt, from conception of its characters to the rules of this slot have a unique charm to my view. Scenario of theme of this slot is a clearing in the middle of a jungle, located in Central Africa apparently, because characters in this game are turkeys personifying-native Mayas, and I know they are Maya because I saw one of them holding a wooden stick with pieces of obsidian inlaid, that is a “macuahuitl ", a weapon designed to injure or incapacitate rather than kill, needed to keep the enemy alive to invite him gently to a sacrificial ceremony, as I imagine that enemy would be another turkey, it would be a very delicious and nutritious sacrifice.

Format of this slot is the most frequently used by NetEnt, 3 x 5 reels and 20 paylines, but what I think is really remarkable in this slot is the wild symbol with dual role, first it serves as substitute for standard symbols as usual, but second, it also assumes the role of "scatter" for triggering free spins rounds, and why the latter is so wonderful for me ?, well, because in many cases I have felt that scatter symbols, instead of helping me, they appear simply to interpose by not allowing many times the natural formation of paylines during the base game. I do not know if any of you have played one of those slots full of special features, and each is triggered by some kind of different scatter, for example, some of them employ independent bonus, scatter and free spins symbols, and in each spin you can see one or more of these symbols, not only they don´t trigger most times any of those special features, but it is common to see them somewhere over the first three reels taking up a spot and just preventing the formation of a line of 3 or more of a kind, very different from what happens in "Wild Turkey", where instead of obstructing, this symbol facilitates you to complete a payline when they have not appeared the 3 symbols required for activating your free games. Additionally these wild symbols play an important role during free spins round, since every time a whole reel is wild, 2 free spins are added to your round; stacked wilds on this game are simply cool.

Personally I think this slot, rather than played, I have enjoyed it, and the best is that it has also left some few credits more in my balance.
valentin68 535 reviews
I do not like turkeys. I do not like them in general and I have nothing against this slot. Once long ago, when I was a child and I had some turkeys in my yard and I ate them all because they were trying to peck me. I still remember one of my fights with them. They were pretty aggressive and I could not manage to get along with them. However this happened long ago I would not be as afraid of turkeys today as I once was.

I assume that the turkeys in this slot are not European turkeys but American ones, most probably Aztec turkeys as nice as they are arranged. There are 5 turkeys here if I counted well and each is specifically dressed like for a real celebration. And when night comes these turkeys sit on chairs chatting in a farm yard! This is extraordinary, you would never say that these turkeys are so sociable.

However for me the turkeys in this game were not particularly appealing. They were not great, and with the exception of several combinations of 3 symbols something else I did not really had here. However these combinations of 3 symbols paid about equally as the bet and together with the 2-3 combinations of 5 symbols I won as much as I lose, that is after the game I had about the same money. The slot is still pretty stingy with the Wilds and most of the time there are only 1 or at most 2 Wilds on the reels. At 3 Wilds there is celebration because you enter the Free Spins. But now in these Free Spins, because the Wilds are stacked the wins increase in value. 3 Wilds get you another 2 extra Free Spins and there are possible over 20 Free Spins (initially there are only 15).

The slot is good for these high earnings from Free Games and for the neatly arranged turkeys sitting to a chat. One of the major wins that I had is above. And thus here is another nice NetEnt slot.
What I disliked was the fact that the Wilds are very rare. And although 5 turkeys bring up to 40 Euro, I won just once 10 Euro. But I got myself even with the money so I am satisfied.
katemak 1170 reviews
Wild Turkey video slot is from Netent provider and of course they are my favorite video games. I really don't know why I didn't pay any attention on this game or I always forget to play it when I visit some of the Netent casinos. The reason why I said that, because I played this video slot in few casinos offered as a free spins and three times in a row, whenever I play this game I always hit the free spins feature, so maybe its a sign that I should play this game, but it seems I always forget it, but next time I am sure this game will be first to play in some of the casinos, when I deposit.

So this video slot is with 5 reels and has 20 paylines, which the minimum bet can take from 0.20 euros. The theme about this video slot is about the Turkeys living in the ancient time and I really like the graphics of this game, just because it is interesting slot. The Wild in this game is Turkey Totem feature which and it will make any winning combination with other symbols because its substitutes all the other symbols, so that way you have winning combination. The Totem feature also acts a scatter so triggering three of them will award you with 15 free spins, getting 4 of them will give you 30 free spins and 5 of them will award you with 60 free spins, which I never triggered them, but hoping to see them soon. What I like about this game, the free spins feature, when you played them the Wild symbols became stacked. So it will really boost your balance, well that depends what are the other symbols on the reels. But when that stacked wild, well if you triggered it, when she covers all the reel then you will get plus 2 free spins.

So far I didn't have the chance to trigger those 60 free spins but hoping to do that in the future, because I am planning to play this game so will see how it will reward me. I do recommend this slot, just because I think it has potential of solid winnings. Good Luck!
Wild Turkey slot is another slots produced by Net entertainment - my favorite online casino software. There is really lot of great games, and Wild Turkey is one of those games which is interesting to play. At least during freespins there is really interesting, because it can give big wins.

There is 20 paylines, animations and sounds are good, can't say that is fantastic like at Wild Rockets or creature from the Black Lagoon, but good, it is hard to see Netent game with bad sounds or animations (excluding old games from this software).

Interesting gameplay - this is something new for Net entertainment, but at this games role of scatters playing...WILDS. First time I saw this of course I was happy, it is much more interesting to wait wilds, and not wilds and scatters in one time. So 3 wilds trigger freespins, without any multiplier, but wilds now everywhere stacked, so it is possible to have all places of wilds. Also full stacked wild at any reel +2 freespins.

My gameplay in this slot usually was good, really good. Looks like getting 3 wilds is not very hard work for me, once I got 4, get more freespins, but quantity sometimes not mean quality, it pays me very bad. Nice thing, that once from 3 wilds freespins I played about 40 freespins. Slot keep me award with +2 respins, and it was quite many times. Unfortunately only 3 or 4 big wins during this spins, and final result was near euro 100 mark, for 0.4 bet. Not fantastic result, but god one for every player, I think some other would like to see even bigger numbers.
What I am dislike? Hm, probably that wilds during freespins land very rare, during not freespins wins are very low, that makes it a bit annoying.
Wild Turkey is a cool game from Netrnt and I am a huge fan of it. There are a couple of games on Netent that I really like and this is one of them. The first couple of times I played it and did not win anything, but then I finally got the feature on this game and some good wins. Since I got that feature the game has become better all together. I get the features quite a lot these days and sometimes get over 100x on them.

I always play this game either on 1 coin or 2 coins and on both bets you can win big. The pays in this game are really good and some of them turkeys pay huge. I love turkeys, not as pets but rather as food and I really enjoy playing this game. Some of the turkeys in this game look delicious and only getting five of them would satisfy my hunger.

There is only one feature in this game and that is a free spins feature. The wilds in this game are also scatters and if you do get three of them or more you will be awarded with free spins. So even before you start your free spins you will have a good line hit.

I never managed to get 4 or 5 wild and max I get was 3. But that is enough for the feature and I was very happy with three wild. In the free spins one of the reels is wild and you have a real chance to make cash. On average 6 out of 10 spins pay nothing, but the 4 winning spins could pay huge. On the smallest bet I have won almost €50 on the free spins and was very close to doubling it. On average I would win around €10 or €15.

Over all I really like the game and the graphics are awesome. The sound effects are good to and the game is very enjoyable to play. I would recommend it to all and rate it 8 out of 10.
oneLoVegg 55 reviews
Wild turkey is slot from NetEnt and I think it is one of not favorite slots for me. And the reason for it is good, slot is very boring in main game, it is hard to win good money there, and you just get all fun and entertainment at freespins, but sometimes it is take too much time to get 3 wilds (scatters also on this slot) to trigger freespins, so in short you have something like 10 minutes of boring spinning and see how slot take money, and then you have 2 minutes of fun with freegames, and no one guarantee that freegames will pay good. That's what I did not like with this slot.

But in general wild turkey is not so bad, I tried it couple of times, and once short after this slot was released I have a very good run in this slot. I had 30 euros and start playing with 0.40 spins. It is not best idea to play such way in wild turkey, but I was angry on other slots, because I get down from 200 euros to 30 euros, and this is why I played a bit higher bet than usual.

I get 3 wilds in about 20 spins, and of course it was surprise, that freespins come so fast. Unfortunately during freespins no any full stacked wild appear, and in general there was no any good wins, and I finish with a win something like 6 euros. Of course it is terrible result, so I continue playing. Second feature did not force to wait long, and second paid a bit better, in total I played about 20 freespins (thanks to +2 FS for each stacked wild), and it pays me 150 euros, thanks to 5 of a kind of turkey during freespins.

Slot is interesting, but not during main game. So it is good idea to autospin till freespin, and do something else while hitting freespins.
Wild Turkey is a slot I recently had a lot playtime with. Not too sure why I chose to play this game in the past, but those screenshots of big wins must undoubtedly had their influence on me. Wild Turkey is another slot from NetEnt, and you can find the game at online casinos like Guts, Redbet, Unibet and many others

The theme is based on turkeys all dressed up in different outfits and each one of them logically has a different value when it comes to the paytable. Wild Turkey has 20-paylines and 5-reels. In addition it features wilds which also serve as scatters to unlock the free spins. The minimum bet is 20 cents, but I most often played 1 euro bets.

As far the base game goes, I must say that I agree with cocopop’s review. The wins during base game are trash most of the time. I don’t think I’ve won anything mention worthy during the past while playing this game during the base game. 50 x bet size must have been my best to this day and that says a lot, since I really have had a lot of playtime.

On the upside, the free spins do seem very easy to trigger. I never have to try very long to trigger the free spins. So either I’m lucky or they are just easy to trigger. You need 3, 4 or 5 wilds to win respectively 15, 30 or 60 free spins.

I never had more than 3 wilds appearing though. The main advantage of the free spins is that there are stacked wilds, which means that in the best case scenario you can get 5 reels full of wilds. And you can only imagine what that means. A super hit!

I never got that close though. In addition of a stacked wild appears fully on a reel you get 2 additional free spins, and this does happen a lot. I’ve had a couple wins of around 150 euros with just one euro bets thanks to a couple of wilds. Most often I finish the free spins with just 20 x bet size wins, which seems to be the avg. for most NetEnt games.
Sometimes too boring to play since there is too little potential during base game. You can’t really win big there, apart from the free spins.
cocopop3011 264 reviews
United Kingdom
I have really tried to like this game, after many recommendations. My own partner loves this game and there are plenty of people in the Ask Gamblers forum that have recommended this game to me as well, but unfortunately however much I have tried I just can not fall in love with this slot. Wild Turkey is a 20 line slot from Net Entertainment. Admittedly I only play this slot at the minimum bet of 20p, this may be where I am going wrong I don't know. Maybe the key to winning the big bucks is by betting big, but I cant bet big on a slot I don't trust.
I think the slot is in fact extremely BOORING. It's just spin and spin with nothing, no big wins, most of the spins actually produce no wins at all! The key to this slot Ii believe is the free spins. Or so I have been told anyway. I've seen a lot of good screenshots for this game which have all been from free spins, but every time I get free spins they just let me down every time. During free spins there are stacked wilds but honestly they hardly ever come in for me, I honestly don't even see the point in them being there, because spin after spin is exactly the same as if it was normal spins. I don't think I have ever had a win on this game in excess of fifty times my bet let alone 100 times my bet. In fact I don't remember a time ever winning over a tenner on a 20p spin which I think you will agree is very grim. There is also no bonus feature, so you rely on the free spins to pay you out, but please don't rely on them too much!

I don't play this game these days, and my star rating i'm afraid is a very poor 2 out of 10.
yapro 790 reviews
Wild turkey slot was released in 2013 by Net Entertainment. I am a guy who really was waiting this slot after watching promo video on youtube, so of course I have some experience with this video slot.

Wild turkey video slot is perfect example of what NetEnt think about graphic at video slots. This one looks awesome, sounds awesome, layout awesome, all colors made perfect, and I really have zero complaints about look of this slot.

Game has 20 paylines, and base game here is a bit boring, right, best possible hit - 5 of a kind of red turkeys, which give x 200 total bet. To hit freespins feature, player need to get 3+ wilds. Yeah, this is rare for NetEnt, that freespins triggered by wilds. By the way 5 wilds here award awesome amount of freespins - 60. During freespins features wilds become stacked, and if you hit full stacked wild on any reel, you get + 2 freespins. So, in theory, it is possible to get screen of wilds and get +10 freespins and more important get 4000 x total bet win. At 0.20$ min bet that would be 800$, I think you agree with me that it is awesome potential.

I tried this game many times. In different casinos, at different bets and occasions. But it is one of the most unluckiest slot for me, I never have big wins here, and most times I just lost money here. I had few 100 x total bet features, even one or two x 200 total bet, but I lost so much money here.

This is awesome slot, very unlucky for me, but still awesome. I rate it with 9 stars, because everything here is almost perfect. And probably only my poor luck at this video slot does not allow me to rate it with full 10 stars, but I hope in future I would be able to win.

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