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Wild Rockets is a 720-way video slot operating on the NetEnt software platform. The wild cards are designated with the word ‘Wild’ and they contain rockets shooting upwards or downwards. The scatter symbol is a Box of Rockets. Players are welcome to try the slot on this page for free or visit any of the featured NetEnt casinos in order to play the game for real money.

Prior to having fun with shooting various rockets, players need to decide on their wager. The bet level is adjusted with the "Level" selector and the coin size, ranging from 0.01 to 0.5, is set with the "Coin Value" selector. "Spin" starts the game, "Max Bet" spins the reels at the highest bet level and "Autoplay" plays the game for a number of rounds.

Wilds can only appear on reels 2, 3, and 4, turning any symbol above or below them on the same reel wild based on the direction of the rockets on the wild card. If the rocket is pointing upwards, the symbols on the same reel above becomes wild. Wilds containing rockets pointing downwards turn symbols below wild.

3 or more scatters on the reels trigger Free Spins. 3 scatters equal 10 Free Spins, 4 scatters result in 20 Free Spins and 5 scatters will earn players 50 Free Spins. Additional Free Spins will automatically be added to the remaining number of Free Spins.

Game Play

Level: Select the bet level.
Coin Value: Choose the coin size.
Spin: Start the game at the chosen wager.
Max Bet: Spin the reels at the highest bet.
Autoplay: Play the game multiple times without interruption.

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LeoDubbed 128 reviews
A game that always celebrates the new year eve.

We all love fireworks, right? The lights, the noise and cheerings around it. Well, this game is the safest way to play with fireworks but still it will cost us money using it.

I think that Pyramid: Quest for immortality game by NetEnt is based on this game except this game is upside down and it is a little bit more expensive. There are a few other fireworks themed game, as far as I know Betsoft and SG interactive have them but I love this one a lot more that the others.

Personally I think Wild Rockets is a great game and I had a blast playing this game. I love when the wild rocket symbol appears on the screen and it expands itself upwards or downwards. The game itself has the same minimum bet as Reel Rush, When Pigs Fly and Jack Hammer 2. To me 50 cents per bet is do-able since it has a massive paylines of 720.

I always believe, the more paylines a game has the less the prizes are but this does not apply to Wild Rockets because I know how big the game could pay. I've played this game a lot in the past and I had a few great gaming sessions. Sometimes it didn't pay at all but be honest, all game has it's cold sessions. The biggest win I ever won was about 300x bet but unfortunately my bet was low and that's because I have a limit regarding my stakes. If a game has 20 paylines I always bet at least 2x the minimum and with Wild Rockets I don't have another choice but playing with the minimum bet.

In the past there were a few casinos offering free spins no deposit required on any NetEnt game, automatically you'll choose a game with the largest minimum bet. Whenever this kinda offers available I always choose Wild Rockets but sometimes I also choose Alien Robots.

I won a massive €150 from 50 free spins a casino offered me and I end up with a cash out of €120 (max cashout of €100 plus €20 deposit).

Wild Rockets is a nice game and I think the game has a nice RTP. So if you love fireworks I recommend this game highly.
LilianInThaHouse 657 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
For I second I thought it was 'Fire Rockets' not 'Wild Rockets' and here we go with another cartoonish slot by NetEnt. Good one though.I have played this video slot only twice since its release day. My last session was 50 spins and I was out. Game rocks just like those rockets shoot fire and it comes with really nice graphics and 720 ways to win. Yes, you heard me very well. Its high variance game so be careful it could eat your deposit balance really fast. This was just a friendly caution to you all. Minimum stake is 0.50 cents and money somehow dissapear so fast. I had Wilds on my screen almost on every spins, mostly 2 of them and I was super happy when finally third Wild symbols appeared and awarded me with 10 Free Spins. I was ready to fire these rocket but listen to me now.. I won around 8 euros or so, peanuts, nothing.

I believe it wasn't meant to be some win. What the hell. I left this game aside and moved on but before I disappear we will take a look at pay table because it does matter a lot. I said I won Free Spins and that's is it. There is no Bonus Game dear gamblers. Wild symbol appear on the reel 2,3 and 4 and subtitute for all except for the Scatter and it turns all symbols above and below into wilds in order to make you some cash prizes.But when it comes to Scatter it could bring up between 10 up to 50 Free Spins. Yes,that's correct. I had only 3 Scatters and 10 FS. If you collect 4 scatters then you go with 20 FS and for 5 scatters you get 50 FS. Sounds good? Yes, it's really rewarding.But there we go with last disappontment..this amazing game highest paying symbol carry award of only 250 x your stake for 5 of its kind. Now, that's a shame, both for NetEnt and this game. So don't be surprised if you keep getting small wins.
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Whizz! Boom! Bang! Colors and fireworks! Released back in November 2012, this slot was created by NetEnt and is still up to date. It’s entertaining, thrilling and fun to play. I love it’s theme, background and I wish to go to New York’s Time Square or even to Sydney in Australia and enjoy that special fireworks experience. I do love it. I have fired a few strong rockets far up into the air, but there was once when the rocket turned back whilst my brother and his friends were still under the influence. One turned back into our house door…fijuuu…I got so scared because it could have hit anyone of us. So, no doubt if you are buying these rocket things especially in the Balkan region, you need to be careful, and to me, safety always comes first! But there is nothing to be worried about in this slot, and no way you could get hit by one of those rockets. Each time you spin the reels, you may set off some rounds of fireworks, rockets, Catherine wheels and bangers, but that’s it, nobody is going to get hit.

There are 720 ways to win in this Wild Rockets game. A very colorful game, and instead of paylines, there are winning combinations in the fancy city background view, where magic starts happening and explosions here and there, it all looks so dramatic and cool. This is not kind of the slot we are used to playing, this is an unusual and a very cool looking slot and I love the way it plays. The Wild symbol is so cool, I like it when it spreads around after the bangs and the booms, which announces some winning combinations. When they shoot upwards and downwards, they transform the symbols above or below them into Wilds as well, multiplying your chances to win! Matching sets of Scatter symbols will win you up to 50 free spins! Sounds amazing, don’t you agree? Well, this time I didn’t regret that there isn’t any bonus game in this slot, nor I found that it should be here. Believe me, I’ve never got the chance to trigger off the free spins but I will not cry. It may happen one day, sooner or later. This game is playable from 0.50 cents minimum bets, which is a lot higher than the usual, but if you can afford it, my recommendation goes to Wild Rockets!
Afi4wins 1206 reviews
Wild Rockets, a game which I have never played before, until I saw some nice winning screenshots here in Askgamblers. It got me interested and curious, because I've never played any game that has 4 and 5 rows in it at the same time. I've been a 3-rows guy all the while, a straight guy you can say, so anything different from this becomes a curiosity for me, hehehe.

My first impression of the game was pretty good. Nice graphics, nice gal (aren't they all?!) and wild wild rockets too, going up and down, except sideways. 720 ways? Wow! That's more ways than I ever knew! At that time anyway, not now. Well, there's always something new to be seen, something new to be learned and something new to be tried out, right? So when it comes to anything like that, I'm always willing and ready to go! Hehehe.

Except for those odd 4 rows on reels 2 and 4, and a fifth row on the 3rd reel, everything else looks the same, and plays the same too. There aren't any Bonus Game, but at least there's that familiar Free Spins Game, which is in fact, my most favourite feature game. Without this, I tend to find any such game as boring. Yep. I'm a free spins man. Anything free will do fine for me. Anything free I just cannot let go completely. If you can give it to me freely, I'll take them up happily! What? Oops, sorry, I was talking aloud to the game! See that pretty sweet girl on the right there? Well, she just said she ain't giving me anything for free! Hahaha.

Okay, okay, no money for nothing, no chicks for free, no free spins so freely either. Yeah, I had to put up quite a bit to get what I wanted from this Wild Rockets, but it wasn't all that wild in the end. Damn! Wish a big win there could have been, but that girl just kept her eyes rollin' and kept refusin'. Double damn, but what to do? What's not mine cannot be mine, can it?
What I dislike most? That pretty girl keep saying "NO!" And because of that, I couldn't get as many free spins games as I would like! Meaning, I didn't get any wild thingies either, if you know what I mean. If you don't know what I meant, hmm, sorry, but I ain't explaining! Hahaha.
Wild rockets is awesome online slot. I can't stop to make great reviews and say good words to NetEnt, they have so many wonderful slot games, thanks for that to them, otherwise I will not have so much fun with all this games.

One of the reasons why I am very excited with this game it is that there is 720 paylines. Reels looks also very unusual and it is just adds more fun to this game. And min bet size is 0.50 is good enough price to play such wonderful slot.

I love wilds in slots. Every wild. Sticky, expanding, stacked. Every wild. Here at wilds rockets wilds is expanding, but it could expand in two turns - up or down. So it can not cover all reel if you not enough lucky. Also wilds appear only on 3 middle reels, but it is more than ok since it is 3 very important and biggest reels.

I do like that there is very impressive payouts. For just one five of a kind you will not get huge money, but there is expanding wilds, so you could get a lot of 5 of a kinds in 720 pay ways slot game.

One more exciting thing it is both ways wins. It is really something great for me, because I could watch how I get wins from both sides. And also if I get 5 of a kind - I get double win because it is counted from both sides.

Freespins feature get another huge thumb up. Nothing special, but wilds come on reels much more often during freespins. And freespins is frequent when game is want to pay money. It is one more slot game to which I give 10 stars. It means perfect slot.
Nothing I would like to add in thumbs down category. Probably that expanding wilds which can go to wrong turn, but it is ok for me.
blondie 1070 reviews
Wild Rockets is a Netent software slot game and I started to play it more in the last months. Before that I wasn't really familiar with it and I don't know why because this game is simply great.

The thing that stands out for me is the construction for this game both visually and technically. It has 5 reels and 720 paylines and it pays both ways which is very important, because that improves the chances of winning, in my opinion. It has fireworks theme and in this game rockets symbol is really great, it works as a wild symbol and all wilds have arrow symbols directed up or down and depending on the direction, the wilds will turn other symbols on that reel wild. And to add, they appear on 2nd, 3rd and 4th reel and substitute for all symbols as usually, except scatters.

When it comes to features, this slot is really simple, it has only free spins bonus round for 3 or more scatters placed anywhere on the screen. The free spins are played with the same bets as main game, without any multipliers and you can get 10, 20 or even 50 free spins, depending on how many scatters you have.

The only thing I am not very happy with is the minimum stakes for this game, they are 0.50€ per spin. So I think a decent bankroll is needed when playing this, in case the game is in dry mode. But other than that I really enjoy it. I love that it is so simple yet sophisticated and pays really good. Quite recently I played over 500 spins on this slot and had 4 free spins rounds within them, but all of them were 10 free spins, not more. I experienced 80 x bet win and the rest were smaller ones, but I still managed to increase my bankroll.

Overall I think this is a wonderful game, it has great graphics, very interesting paylines and good payouts. But prepare decent bankroll because it is a little expensive.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Wild Rockets is one of the 720 payline slots coming from NetEnt. I can’t say that I am a big fan of these slots because I never had much luck with them in winning big. The slot has a good design and descent graphic. The animations are good and I really like the one when you get the free spins bonus and the firework starts. The music in the slot is a bit boring and the only excitement is when you have a bigger win on the reels.

The theme of the slot are rockets and fireworks. The slot pays both ways, left to right and right to left so this can be good in providing some nice wins. The paytable of this game is absolutely dreadful. The highest winning symbol awards a prize of only 250 coins for 5 of them on a winning payline. This game has a wild and scatter symbol. The interesting thing about the wild is that it comes only on reels 2, 3 and 4 and can cover the entire reel depending where it lands on the reel and at what direction the rockets are on. They shoot up or down and cover the remaining symbols with wilds. This can be great if you hit 3 of them on the central reels so you have 3 reels with wilds and a big win. Still you have to admit this almost never happens.

If you hit 3 scatters on the reels you get 15 free spins, 4 and 5 scatters award 20 and 50 free spins along with a 200 x bet prize. The free spins are played at the starting bet and don’t have a multiplier attached so they are basically just free spins.
This slot is a great disappointment to me. With 50 paylines and 720 ways to pay you would expect some nice wins here. Instead the payout is really low and even in the free spins bonus I have never had a win of over 50 x bet. It just eats away your balance.
raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
I normally associate this kind of “all ways” game with Microgaming, although I’ve recently learnt that they aren’t nearly as unique as I thought as I have seen this kind of game from NetEnt, WMS, IGT and NextGen to name just a few. I guess I thought they had some kind of copyright on the idea, more fool me!

Anyway, Wild Rockets is in no way your typical all ways game anyway – the play field is a very unusual size, it expands in a kind of V shape, with five boxes on the centre reel and three on the left and right sides. The game also pays both ways, giving a maximum of 720 ways to win.

If you’re a classic slot player – IE you like to play 9 line “classic” games such as Thunderstruck, Dead or Alive or Reel Steal – your probably going to think the wins on offer in this type of game are a little tight to say the least. That is because these types of games give their big wins from garnering a large number of wild symbols simultaneously rather than that very rare and much anticipated top symbol five of a kind hit dropping in every few thousand spins!

Thankfully NetEnt decided to include a bonus feature in Wild Rockets unlike many of their other more recent slot titles, and I love the fact that the game also offers additional free spins if you get more than 3 scatters on the reels. In fact you can get a massive 50 free spins on this game if you get all five scatter symbols, and the game also pays out a very chunky prize for this rare hit as well!

In recent times NetEnt have definitely dropped the ball with regards their slot output but I really think Wild Rockets demonstrates they do have the vision and skills to produce a fun and exciting slot game when they want to. I only wish they would create more like this!
Ahmo6 232 reviews
This game has 5 reels and 720 possibilities of a payout, also the minimum bet that you can put is 0.50$ while the maximum is 100$. This is yet another slot that was unfamiliar to me, but when I saw its name I had to check it out. This is absolutely one crazy slot to play and I must say it is really challenging as well, plus it requires some decent budget to start with because it can eat up your balance quickly.
paquito76 867 reviews
Wild Rockets slot from NetEnt has a ’Fireworks’ theme and we can see all kind of fireworks as symbols. Somehow I don’t find the interface of this game as captivating as other products’ at NetEnt and I think this is also not a real characteristic slot. The graphics are OK (though we can see much better visual constructions at this platform) and the design is also a decent work but taking out of consideration the not regular reel system there’s nothing special in this appearance at least for me and I can’t say it would be a very attractive interface so at this slot this is definitely not the main reason why I play this game.

But what’s that is the surprisingly good paying system the game uses. This is a 720-ways-to-win type slot which main strength is to the winning combination can be completed by both way so the we can expect the winning lines to start from the rightmost to left direction too. I’m sure this is why this game can be so profitable at times because other features, naturally, can’t be that great what the 20+ line slot offers. Because of the theoretically uncountable options of line wins we can’t count on just the numbers seen on the paytable so the best paying combinations’ payout numbers shouldn’t dissuade anyone to play this good game.

Among the symbols the Wild and Scatter has the most important ones. The first mentioned Wild only appears on the 3 middle reels and hasn’t got win multiplying or paying ability but it randomly may turn all the symbols above or below of it into Wilds and if it happens an entire reel with full of Wilds is really something that the player want to see on the table. I say again because of the many possible winning combos and the ‘both ways’ feature a ‘Wild reel’ means much more than at an average game.

3 or more appearing Scatter figure trigger the Free Spin feature which may consist of 10, 20 or even 50 free games. Even though the free spins are played by the very same conditions as the triggering spin was played (no multiplier number or any special add-on is involved) but the reduced qualities also can’t be noticed because the mentioned 2 special features of the slot. This Scatter symbol has own paying quality too and it’s not a bad one as it can reward us up to 200 times of total bet if 5 of them become visible anywhere on the reels.

I like to play this slot mainly for its payout tendency. I think it can be safely said that the rewarding system here are very player friendly and this is the game where we don’t necessarily wait for free spins for something to happen because the base game also can surprise us often in positive ways. To be honest sometimes I really don’t know what symbols, lines caused the wins or by what rules and I just notice my balance is increased by some decent numbers. The Wild is really doing the tricks and some of the better paying wins were thanked to it but the free spin segment is even better. Basically, there are no such extra session what’s spent without any remarkable wins so it’s not a subjective theory that this part of the game is heart and soul of the game from money wise standpoint.Sometimes I wish this slot would have much attractive and more pleasant environment but the profits that I could gain here is really force me to forget that little shortcoming of that slot and even if I can’t enjoy this game as other slot and even if it can’t lift me out of my seat with its exciting bonuses or interesting features but it really excels in other territory that force me to return to this slot from time to time.
Wild rockets slot is brilliant example of online slots made by my favorite software - Netent. There is really many people who like this games, at least between my friends, who love it games and discuss big wins on it usually.

Wild rockets slot has 720 paylines, and of course it is big! And also this mean very big payouts, like we can usually see in other games with not regular amount of lines. There is great animations and sounds, specially I do love those fireworks animation and sounds when freespins feature triggered, really awesome feeling.

In this games on middle reels landing wilds (not often during regular spins, but often during freespins). Wilds can go bottom or upper of the reels, and can made all reel entirely of wilds. 3 wild reels in game with 720 paylines and also in game where wins count from both sides mean very huge payout, but of course this also depends on symbols at reel 1 and 5.

In this game freespins feature is regular - freespins, without any multiplier. But in freespins wild rockets appear much more often, and this means that during freespins I have bigger chances to win big, then during regular spins.

I played this awesome game very often, have couple of great hits in different casinos, but I never have wilds on all 3 reels, max I had it is on two reels, and payout was about 150 euros, not that bad for lowest bet.
I do not like starting bet size in this game, it is 0.50 credit and of course with deposit 20-30 without any bonus it is hard to get good chances for big wins in this game. Also sometimes freespins features does not start for very huge amount of spins, and it can bring me to zero at my account, but actually this can happen with any slot.
wscalley 47 reviews
United Kingdom
Wild Rockets has been around a long time now, yet it remains a definite favorite of mine from NetEnt's sizable catalog of on-line slots. It might not be completely original – I have since found some IGT games with a similar style of play area and features, though when I first played it I was not aware of this and thought it a very clever and different angle on the typical 5 reel slot concept!

The name “Wild Rockets” is applied directly to the workings of the game too – each wild on the reels has a set of rockets that point up or down randomly, and when the reels stop with these wilds in view the rockets will fire the wild in the direction of the rockets, creating a stacked wild that can potentially fill the entire reel. If you are lucky enough to land a couple of these onscreen, you can be sure of getting a decent payday!

The payouts may seem a little bit stingy at first glance of the paytable, but you have to bear in mind this game is an “all ways” slot, so there are no paylines, you simply just need matching symbols anywhere on the reels from left to right, and, in this game, also right to left too! This gives some outrageous big win possibilities if you manage to get a decent number of wilds on reels 2, 3 and 4 (the game does not have wild symbols on reels 1 and 5).

Another thing I really like about NetEnt games is they very often reward you for catching more than 3 scatters, something I definitely appreciate because there is nothing worse than getting all 5 scatter symbols then the bonus round pays almost nothing. The chance of this happening is significantly reduced because Wild Rockets gives 10 free spins for 3 scatters, 20 for 4, and 50 for 5, as well as paying a tidy 200x your total stake for the five scatters themselves as well!
Raptordinos 866 reviews
Wild Rockets is one of the craziest slots I know from those created by NetEnt, and I say this because of its potential to generate profits, youthful design, the additional rows, and the explosiveness of its wild symbol, a great mix that projects lots of energy.

With this slot NetEnt exits from traditional formats adding 2 extra rows at the bottom of a 3 x 5 reels grid, with three and one reels respectively, centered and with shape of an inverted pyramid, with a spectacular total of 720 ways to win. Special features of this game are nothing we have not seen before, but placed in a slot with this shape, are something truly special, capable of turning this slot into a really addictive game.

- Free spins: the emergence of 3, 4 or 5 scatters triggers a round of 10, 20 or 50 free games, and the possibility of leaving these rounds with empty hands is virtually non-existent.
- Left to right / right to left winnings: profits can be made in both directions, and equal symbols do not necessarily have to be adjacent, simply matching symbols are located on consecutive reels. This feature is very important in order to exploit the lower rows of a slot tip-shaped.
- Vertically expandable Wild: The wild symbol appears only on columns 2, 3, and 4, but that's more than enough considering that in these columns is where they are located 2 additional rows in this slot. Furthermore, the most exciting quality of this wild symbol is it expands vertically up or down, depending on the direction in which the rocket on Wilds appear. It is not rare the simultaneous appearance of wilds on 3 middle reels, a situation that almost guarantees getting a big win for the player.

As I said, all these features are found in many other games, but the shape of this game plays a vital role in the performance of them, especially about profits grant is concerned.

In my opinion Wild Rockets is an integral slot, combining good design, profits and fun, balanced and accurate way, and these are manifested on rating stars in the vast majority of web sites where it is submitted to the vote. Recommended!
valentin68 535 reviews
Somewhere in a fireworks warehouse forgotten by the world, two children rushed into it and started to enjoy every exploding firework. Fireworks are of the most different types and they are exploding in as many ways as possible: bombs, rockets, wheels, tapes, etc. When you get a pack full of fireworks (Wild) on the reels, they will explode and fill the whole column above or below them with wilds. This is “Wild Rockets”, a slot from NetEnt casinos having 3 x 4 x 5 x 4 x 3 lines and all ways wining (720). In a single word a slot full of fireworks, like “Boomanji”.

All would have been nice and good and I had been here the first to make this slot a review on its AskGamblers page if the slot would have not had a major flaw. When you play it, despite many and repeated wins, you just have the sensation that the slot “steals”. Although the slot pays both ways, a win for “3 or 4 of the same kind” is hardly more than that you paid for that spin. Thus you get always the feeling that the slot is stealing you. It is true, there are times when payouts are beautiful of 2 - 5 Euro/spin, but they are so rare. The Free Spins bring with them a relief in the sense that now the wins grow and after one of these rounds you can get into win with some 10-20 Euro. But for what good, because for a bet of 50 cents/720 ways with the money you got from Free Spins you get to play only a few dozen spins. Although I won nicely from Free Spins, at least in my case I had part of them rarer than one in 100 spins.

Said in a few words, the slot is not bad, with the fireworks exploding everywhere, with Wilds that fill each column, with frequent wins and payouts for both ways of the paylines. All these should have made this slot one of the best. Unfortunately because of the small payouts (like the older NetEnt slots) the game is just of average quality. I am sorry about this because I liked my game play here and I wanted to give it a higher rating.
oneLoVegg 55 reviews
Wild rockets it is very good slot. I played it almost every time when I play in NetEnt casinos, and I am never tired to spin this slot again and again. Only one bad thing that slot has 1024 lines, and NetEnt makes too high lowest bet at this slot - 0.50$. So usually I win some money on slots with lower lowest bet, and when I have at lest 40$ I go to wild rockets to see what happens next.

Wild rockets have 720 lines, and also there is feature which called 'win both ways'. This means that wins counting not only like in all slots from left to right, but also from right to left. Very good thing, I very like it, specially when many wilds appear on reels, and reel 1 and 5 have same symbols, usually win in such spin is very big.

Once I had very huge win in freespins, I played 0.50 bets at Redbet casino, and have small balance left, because slot keep eating my money. Finally 3 green scatters lands, and of course I was very happy to finally see this scatters. 10 Freespins started, and first 6 was empty, I mean I did not win anything, not a single penny. Of course I was angry, but 7 spin was great for me, I get wilds on 3 reels, not full wilds unfortunately, and also orange rockets on 1 and 5 reel. My win was 110 euros, and of course I was surprised that it pay me so much money, because with 0.50 euros invested 110 euro return sounds very good, I think everyone agree with this. Two left freespins pay me a bit more, but nothing interesting.

I played this slot a bit more, but when my balance reach 100 euros, I decide that I better stop and withdraw this winnings, to keep in memory this good time. Very good slot, you will like it if you try it.
Wild Rockets is a Both-Wins video slot from Swedish online casino software supplier Net Entertainment. You’ll find that most casinos that are powered by NetEnt, have this game in their offering. I myself have very fond memories of this game, since I’ve experienced some very good sessions.

This was mainly at Redbet, but I also played this game at Unibet and Mr Green I believe. The game features 720 paylines and pays from left to right and right to left. However, I do believe the average payout percentage is just as similar as other NetEnt slots.

So basically it’s just another marketing ploy to market to slots in order to lure people into playing it. The paytable will always shed light whether it’s better than a 243-ways-to-win slot or just a classic slot with 9, 15 or 20 paylines for instance.

If you like fireworks then this is your game to play, since the main theme is completely based on it. Well it sure was cracking and all fireworks for me the first time I played this game. The minimum bet of €0.50 is a bit high for low rollers perhaps. I played this game with a betsize of €1.50 and had good results on it initially.

The slot also has wilds and scatters appearing on the reels. You need 3, 4 or 5 scatters to unlock the free spins awarding respectively 10, 20 or 50 free spins. Imagine hitting five scatters for 50 free spins, that would be magic, but I think that would be incredible hard to do since reels 1 and 5 are quite short.

I never had more than 3 winning 10 free spins. The main attraction of this game is the wilds appearing on reels 2, 3 and 4. If a wild appears then the wild rocket will either go up or down. If you’re lucky it can turn a whole reel wild.

During my two first free spins sessions I managed to get the wilds appearing on all reels and fill up many symbols with also the top paying symbol on reel 1 and 5. I think I won like 250-300 x bet size twice in a short time with wins of around 400 euros each.

Keep in mind that during the free spins the wilds are much more likely to appear too. Unfortunately I never managed to reach that success again. Free spins sessions after that always used to pay me around 20 x bet size. So I don’t play it too often anymore.
Just like with the slot Attraction and others here have mentioned, I don't like it when the rocket wilds fly the wrong way.
Icymod 758 reviews
Wild Rockets is a interesting 720 paylines video slot from Netent that seems to be quite a challenge for getting the Free spins. The biggest challenge in hitting the 10 Free spins are the weird spaces on the 5 Reels. On the 1st & 5th reels there are 3 spaces for the symbols, then 4 spaces on the 2nd & 4th reels and the biggest contributor on the reel in this slot is for 5 spaces on the 3rd reel.

Do you see where I'm going with this? It could be that the green scattered fire works could be hiding behind a space that doesn't count! This might lose my chances on hitting valuable free spin triggers. If Netent presented 5 Reels with all 5 spaces then no arguments there as I would be pleased and greatful for that idea! It's hot sp*nk*ngly good to play this video slot on 2 coins and winnings are very generous, $2...$3.60....$8 and even $18 from a base win for $1 bets.

The helpful symbols are these wild rockets that point up or down on the reels to make the effort into covering a whole or partial reel! It's these that were incredibly helpful especially that this slot pays in both directions! How cool is that! Now when the free spins hit on 3 scattered fireworks, I had 10 Free spins. The background changes to a night like theme and each hit I made shot fireworks into the background the bigger my hits the longer the fireworks animations rolled! At first I was disinterested because my first 4 free spins didn't do much until my 5th free spin awarded me another 10 Free spins! My total under 20 Free spins total had only $31.20 in winnings, sure it was decent but I wished I could've gained more! $45+ would be the target goal for 20 Free spins! Maybe I was moderately lucky in that moment to get a retrigger and a decent win total!
If the Wild Rockets for the 2nd 3rd or 4th reels shoot in the wrong direction like one wild on the 2nd reel shooting up for example, that's one sh*tty wild doing lazy work on that reel and most importantly if I see two adjacent wild rockets (2nd and 3rd or 3rd and 4th reels) doing the same example, this process nails the frustration out of me! 2 rockets going in the right direction, that's a different story but two wild rockets that failed to launch right, (Closes Wild Rockets slot).
cocopop3011 264 reviews
United Kingdom
Wild Rockets is a Net Ent slot and I didn't start playing it for ages after I first started playing slots. It's a minimum of 50p a spin and it has 720 ways to win. I was never much of a fan when it came to these kind of slots but in fact its a pretty decent slot, it's not one of my favourites but when you win on it you can win big. I've never bet more than minimum a spin though for one reason your money goes very quick. A lot of spins are dead spins or just produce low wins, what you need is the stacked wilds to come in.

Free spins are really hard to get which is a thing that really annoys me about this slot. When I'm betting 50p a spin I at least expect to get a few features now again but it just doesn't happen often enough for me on this slot. Maybe it's because I'm female and we always want what we can't have, but I'm sure if you play this slot you will agree with me after not getting the free spins.

There is no bonus round, which I think this slot definitely lacks. As far back as I can remember I think I have only hit x100 my bet maybe once or twice. It's not a slot I will automatically think I will play when depositing but its a slot that I do try my luck on now and again. It's not out on mobile yet, if it ever does come out on mobile I should imagine I'd try it a bit more. Do I recommend you play it? Well, why not! It's worth a try but I would say you definitely need a healthy balance before trying your luck here. Going in with a low balance, in my eyes is only going to end in disaster.
yapro 790 reviews
Wild rockets is probably my favorite Net Entertainment online slot. It includes everything that I wait and need from any online slot, and this is really perfect game. I hope my review will help you to understand why I think that it is perfect slot.

If you ask me how this slot looks for me - I will give you simple answer that everything here is perfect. Layout is awesome, graph, sounds, everything is really perfect, it is hard to find so good balanced slot with perfect everything and without any really weak points.

Awesome thing that at wild rockets both base game and freespins feature can pay same huge amount of money. Game has 720 paylines, and flying wilds on reels 2, 3, 4 (most biggest reels at this slot). To trigger freespins player need to hit at least 3 scatters, and also take not that 5 scatters will pay 200 x total bet, and also award 50 freespins. During freespins wilds appear much more often, and this of course help to win even more than in base game.

I tried this game. Oh god, I tried it million times, and have both very good runs, and both very bad runs. I never break x 1000 total bet mark on this slot, but had a lot of 100 x - 400 x total bets features, and few even bigger features. Game can be very hot, or very cold, and depending on this you usually lost money quickly, or quickly earn decent amount of money. In total I think I am in + with this slot, and everything with it is really good memories for me.

10 stars, perfect example of what I want to see from online slot. I am still waiting since that release something similar great from NetEnt. It is definitely must try game, and if you still did not touch it, believe me you lose a lot, you need to try it as soon as possible.

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