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Toki Time is 5 reels video slot powered by Thunderkick software. It has 11 pay-lines that are paying out in both directions. The game features cute Japanese mini monsters that pop onto screen with each spin. Slot's backdrop is a slowly rotating sky with the colors changing from light to dark and back again. The music in the background is just what you expect to find in a cartoon, friendly and uplifting. You can try this slot here for free or visit any of the Thunderkick listed casinos to play for real money.

In order to start this relaxing play-date with cuddly Toki monsters you need to regulate your wagers.If you click on "bet" a table will open across the screen where you can choose the amount you wish to bet. The lowest bet being 0.10 and the highest being 100.Having set your bet, press “Spin” and start the game. "Auto-play" option gives you the opportunity to spin the reels without interruption, and you can choose how many rounds you wish the reels to spin.

This video slot is fairly simple so you will not be able to see many features. Besides the fact that it pays out both ways, you will also encounter expanded wild. This feature is represented as a white sheep that squeezes out of the hole from under the reels 2 and 4, and fills up the whole reel. If the wild forms a winning combo you will get a free re-spin with the symbol fixed in place. The spins will go on as long as there is a new winning combo that can be formed.

The most valuable symbols are the smiling star and a smiling cloud which give you prize anytime you hit three or more of the same symbol on one of the paylines.

Game Play:

Bet: Choose the bet you wish to make.
Spin: Start the game.
Auto Play: Turn the reels without interruption for a certain amount of times.

Toki Time Slot Reviews by Players


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raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
Toki Time is an unashamedly cute game, the graphics reminded me of those "Whack a mole" arcade games for some reason and although that isn't actually the theme here I certainly did find myself tempted to try and bush some of these characters after playing this slot for a few hundred spins! See, it may not look much like it but this is infact very close to being a copy of NetEnt's Starburst. That's a game I hate with a passion, so could Thunderkick's take on those game mechanics improve the situation at all?

Well there are improvements - the stacked wilds on this game remain in place as long as there is a win and keep on awarding free respins indefinitely until you hit a dead spin. In order to facilitate this though the stacked wild had to be removed from reel three, otherwise it would be possible to end up being awarded free respins indefinitely. These free respins make it impossible to calculate the maximum win on this game from a single bet however with 11 fixed paylines, pay both ways, and 24x your stake awarded for the top five of a kind its straightforward enough to calculate the maximum hit from a single spin (without any respins) would be 528x your stake - only very slightly higher than Starburst.

I'm always being told that Starburst is a hugely popular game with most players and I guess Thunderkick figured that their changes to it's "winning" formula would make for an enticing and popular game for them as well. If only they had added in a bonus round or maybe a free spins feature I think they might have been on to something, but this game just doesn't have enough to keep me interested as it stands. I had to think quite hard about whether I preferred the free respins to having an extra stacked wild on the third reel, but eventually decided that I did infact prefer Starburst's way of doing things - at least when you have stacked wilds on all three reels you are guaranteed a win on every paylines for that one spin, something which would be much harder to achieve in this game.

Worse than Starburst? I definitely say this is one to MISS!
zerooo 742 reviews
Toki Time is 5 reels video slot machine from Thunderkick software provider. It has only 11 active paylines, but even that it is a nice game. It is filled with flowers, stardust, rainbows and Tokis. This could be a perfect game to get you in the good mood.

The first thing which I noticed when I started to play this game is win two ways mode. All pay lines are active two ways, from left to right and from right to left. I like this kind of mode in games where there is low number of paylines. It is much more fun to play with win two ways than regular pay ways.

The only feature here is expanded wild with respin on win feature. The expanded wild substitutes all other symbols and appears on reels 2 and 4. If you decided to play this game, there will be a lot of expanded wild symbols on the reels. The bad thing is that appears only on 2 and 4 reels. I think it would be much more better if it would be active on all reels. While I was playing I never won more than x30 bet. This feature is not so bad, but I expected bigger winnings when it appears. The payouts should be higher because this is also the only feature. Maybe there could be some multipliers when wild expanded symbol appears. This would provide bigger winnings which all likes.

I will rate this game with 7 stars. I like the graphics and sounds in this game. Well I like mostly all Thunderkick games, they are all beautiful. But here at this game I expected bigger winnings. I do not know if I will play it again in near future. The only reason is because I do not have any really big luck on it.
Toki Time it is slot game made by Thunderkick. It is really funny and beauty game, I love to play it at guts casino when I am just made deposit with a bonus, and I am just want to increase my balance a bit or just get some relaxing playing without losing fast.

Game looks outstanding. I think it is probably best looking Thunderkick slot game. There is lot of bright different colors, lot of animations, and a lot of great sounds. Probably someone can think that it is too childish game, but for me it looks absolutely good and funny. Nothing evil in this game, only positive emotions, and I love it.

Gameplay is very similar to starburst, but with some improvements from my point of view. There is win both ways feature, but unfortunately payouts are not very big, but still very decent. For some reason I really think this game is inspired by Starburst, because there are even similar payouts. Also there is very funny thing, and another proves that Thunderkick is very unique software. There is 11 paylines. It is first and only one video slot with such amount of paylines I know. It is very strange and funny, and I was really shocked when saw it; just keep smiling for a long time.

There is no freespins or bonus game, but there is wild feature. Wilds appear only on reels 2 and 4 (Wilds looks AWESOME, check it out), and wilds expand. Wilds keep on reels until there is winning spin. So basically you could have a lot of spins with two wilds, because there is wins count from both lines.

My own experience with this game is good. I had couple of times wins for more than 100 bets, but keep in mind that there is not so often wins like this. I played really lot times in this game, and this is why I saw wins like this. Usually it pays much more less amount of money, but still very decent, like x30-x50 and such wins appear often. I never saw dreadful streaks on this game, and usually it just keeps balance on same amount of money as started.

I give this game 9 stars.
If only payouts can be a bit better. Everything else is perfect!
paquito76 867 reviews
At the beginning of this review I have to divide into two parts my opinion about the game because it’s two very different things that applied to the appearance and the game sections. Starting with the first one, I can’t say I like it too much. First, this cartoon like illustration is definitely not among my favourite graphical style or theme and that’s why the interface simple can’t attractive for me especially if I mention that I consider this interface as too childish and I even can’t sympathize with the used figures as symbols because for me they’re not too cute or nice and I don’t really know what they want to symbolize. Perhaps, it wouldn’t be a big deal as we all know other games where the characters are uncategorized but in this case this animated cartoon like pictorial world doesn’t fit too well to a gambling product as I see it and except the greatly chosen colours there is nothing what I could love or appreciate here regarding to the game’s visualization.

But playing the game it’s understandable why are these so many positive reviews here at AskGamblers because the slot is a surprisingly good rewarding product and to be honest I would never suppose that from just looking at this babyish interface and I even say that the game features and rules are also wouldn’t be a promise for any success but fortunately thanks for the great game settings and the player-friendly behaviour of the game, Toki Time is really a pleasant surprise in moneywise standpoint.

This is a 5-reel, 11 fixed payline slot which has a very simple working scheme and has very limited number of features but what the game still offers are really great working ones. The game uses both ways to pay out so we can expect winning combinations to be completed not just from the leftmost reel but from the right to left direction too and because of the symbols appear on the screen in stacked format, it’s needless to say that winning combinations may land on the reels in large numbers and because of these simultaneous wins a single spin can be real profitable at times.

The only extra the game provides is the expanding Wild which is appear only on the second and the fourth reel and when it pops up on both reels at the same time, well, that’s really a very promising situation as it also brings that attribute if a win is achieved when the it’s substituting an extra free spin is awarded while the already shown Wilds remain active on their reels and that process is continuing until a non-win spin is witnessed. So when two Wild become visible on that two reels and win is completed it automatically means we have at least one 4 of a kind win but because of the appearing format of symbols it’s very rare that we only get just one win per spin. Because of the re-spin feature and Wilds on the table it quite often happens when the won amount after extra spins reaches the x15-x20 times of stake range or even higher multipliers and if I can recall correctly I had 3 or 4 times when this little session could rewarded me around €50 while my placed bet was just €1.

All in all, I have a very mixed feeling about this game. On the one hand I dislike the theme, the entire appearance, the graphical style of the game and find this whole thing as messed up and very unfitting to a gambling product on the other hand I respect the working scheme of the game and I think it really possesses great rewarding ability and even though I visit the game only because of the hoped profits but it’s no wonder the game can’t really entertain me that way as it should and that’s why sometimes my playing sessions here are not too long lasting and occasionally I really doubt whether I should play or not with this slot. I really think this is the product that can divide players’ opinions and it’s better that everyone come and play here to be able to make own decision what quality of the game is more important or what is the individual priority and whether the game can provide it all what someone seeks for a modern video slot.
First time I came across the game Toki Time I was a bit confused. This game surely couldn’t be a video slot focusing on the online gambling community? On the outside it looks like it could be an appealing childlike cartoon. It’s those type of games I usually skip, I’m not a huge fan of those iPhone games like Flappy Bird either.

I decided to continue and play this game anyway since it was produced by Thunderkick, and they have previously amazed me with the quality of their slots. Toki Time reminds me a bit of Pokemon, the creatures who are used as symbols in this game look somewhat similar.

They look cute, shy and friendly, and on top of that they can award you some decent wins. Another remarkable thing about this game is that the symbols don’t land from above, but are pushed out some tube in the ground. I don’t think I saw any video slot before with this type of trait.

Toki Time contains 5-reels, 3-rows and 11-paylines. The minimum bet on this game is only 10 cents per spin. I decided to play on 20 cent bets during my session at Mr Green. The layout of the game is quite simple, you can win both ways from left to right and right to left.

On reels 2 and 4 there is a stacked animal which covers the whole reel and functions as a wild. Every time that symbol appears, you get a free re-spin and the free re-spins keep following each other up after each consecutive win.

That basically sums up this whole game. It’s simple, somewhat entertaining and can be rewarding if you get a stacked combo of stars/clouds and wilds. I played this game for 10 minutes without any decent results and got bored of it since I generally don’t really like these type of games.
The game is a little bit too boring for my taste.
Th3 Runn3R 119 reviews
United States
TOKI TIME!! this game is the only game that calls it's name during the intro, at least as far as I know.

It is kinda funny to hear though, everytime the intro played I always screamed along like as if I got helium in my lungs.

I see valentin68 has great screenshots posted here and I am really impressed because that kind of winnings I have never seen it before, at least not in my own play sessions.

The shapes of the characters reminds me of a cartoon series that my daughters daily watched on the television, I can't remember the name but it's surely has a lot of similarity between them.

Casumo was the first casino where I played Toki TIme because they were offering me 5 free spins for promoting their new games and they always do.

Those 5 free spins didn't gave me big win, well...I didn't win anything to be honest but it surely aroused my interest in the game. That fluffy sheep-ish beast always made me laugh when ever it appeared. Toki Time has the same gameplay as NetEnt's Starburst but instead of stars and gems there are kinda cute little beasts (probably dogs and cats or raccoon). If you want to try this game I advise you to play it with the lowest stake because it is too hard to win playing this game unless you're very rich and bored with your money.

The layout is top notch, the sound fx are quite fun, those two things make this game entertaining even though it has low payout and hard-to-get bonus round. Do I recommend Toki Time? well, I am not really sure. If you are going for the big win then no! for other reasons, give it a try.

Sorry Thunderkick but I can't give this game no more than 6 stars rating (it's more than enough).
My highest win from playing Toki Time is 900 credits, seems a lot right? unfortunately it's only 9 euro.

I have spent about an hour playing this game and lost about 25 euro (winnings excluded).

Great game but honestly the payout could be way...way better!
valentin68 535 reviews
“Toki Time” is the slot from the Thunderkick casinos where I won in 100 spins played 107 Euro. It is true that in the next 200 spins played sometimes I had lost ans also sometimes I had won, but still at the end I was in advantage. From these slots past experience here in Thunderkick I found the biggest variation of quality, from the weakest possible slots (“Bork the Brezeker”) up yo playing games of an almost unrivaled quality (“Warp Fruit” or “Sunny Scoops”). Fortunately this slot “Toki Time” is one of the best, and I really did not expect to be so good.

To tell about these games, here in Thunderkick each slot is unique and this slot has also its peculiarities. From 5 earth mounds come out different “pet” dogs, cats and other animals so stylized that one hardly suspect what they are. Besides animals, there is also a “star” and a “cloud” with a rainbow attached, symbols that pay the best. Wilds (extended here) are a kind of sheep (with a long neck) that when they come out with difficulty from the mounds (about once every 10 spins on average) offer one respin until there are no more winning combinations. Sometimes, with luck one also manages to get two Wilds which about once every 100 spins offer a truly impressive win (40-60 Euro from a single spin).

Regarding Big Wins, Toki Time is the slot which I got tired of how many of them I had. On the average there was one Big Win every 20-25 spins enough that at every 100 spins played to gather tens of Euro. At the end of my play after about 300 spins I have gathered more than 157 Euro. To repeat here again what I said in these slots reviews, what is very nice is the unique bet of all these slots: here you pay 1 Euro (or 10 cents) for 11 lines that are counted in both directions.

A game with a play somewhat unusual, extremely generous and highly entertaining, this is on brief "Toki Time."
Everything is almost perfect maybe just some more elaborate graphics would have been welcome (however the graphics are not weak also).
Afi4wins 1213 reviews
Another of Thunderkick game that doesn’t show the usual icon grid boxes but everything looks in place just the same. Toki Time is Thunderkick’s version of NetEnt’s Starburst, with a similar gameplay, has 11 paylines and uses simple cartoon icons. Graphics, animations and sounds are simplistic and pleasing but not outstanding, so 1 star down.

The highest paying symbol, the yellow star, pays only 24 x total bet for 5-of-its-kind, the white star pays only 12 x total bet, and all the other symbols have low win values too. There are 2 randomly triggered expanded wilds on reel 2 and 4, but all wins with them are not doubled, which is such a pity. Wins with a wild symbol are usually doubled or tripled for better payouts, so getting paid at bet value can be very frustrating most of the time. 1 star down.

A straightforward no-frills slot game, Toki Time does not offer any other special feature game nor any free spins game, so what you see is what you get. Still, the game is nicely presented with acceptable animations and entertainingly catchy music and sound effects. At best, you can get 2 expanded wilds on reel 2 and 4 and hope for all-of-a-kind payout, but I have not seen this win as yet. Otherwise, reasonably good wins can be had with those 2 expanded wilds. 1 star down.

In play, Toki Time is a very simple and straightforward game, the animations are quite fun to look at, the music is catchy but the wins can be quite disappointing. Those 1 and 2 expanded wilds do come quite often on the reels, but most of the time they pay nothing, or very little indeed. Only on a few occasions I had managed to get some good wins with the 2 expanded wilds, but all about or below 100 x total bet wins. Haven’t won anything more than 119 x, but I’m sure bigger wins are possible, just haven’t got them yet. Maybe another time, maybe not. Again, such a pity that an enjoyable game like Toki Time could not produce better payouts, but still, what I’ve got from Toki Time so far is still better than what I’ve got from Starburst! If asked to choose which of the two I would prefer, I would choose none! Hahahaha. Yeah, it’s not really that good to me either after many plays on it, but occasionally, I tend to go back and give Toki Time some more spins just for the fun of it, and hoping to get one big win for a change. Nil, none and nothing, so far! Overall, 1 star down.

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