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The Wish Master Slot

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The Wish Master is an entertaining 20-payline video slot which operates on the NetEnt software platform. The game possesses a scatter symbol in the form of a Scroll and multiple wild cards, e.g. symbols being transformed into Extra Wilds, entire wild reels, even Expanding and random Floating Wilds. Players are invited to try their hand at the slot on this page free of charge or they can choose to play the game for real money in any of the listed NetEnt casinos.

Prior to asking the Genie to grant players their wishes, they should regulate their wager. To adjust the bet level, players need to use the “Level” selector. The coin size, ranging from 0.01 to 0.5, is modified by pressing the “Coin Value” buttons. “Spin” starts spinning the reels, “Max Bet” turns them using the highest bet and “Au­top­lay­” lets players play the game for a number of times uninterrupted.

When the scatter symbol emerges on the reels, the Genie escapes from the lamp, arbitrarily triggering 1 of the many features for 10 spins. Said features include symbols being replaced by wilds, the appearance of Floating and Expanding Wilds, payline wins being multiplied by x2 or x3 and the emergence of entire Wild reels.  Should a new scatter appear while 1 or more features are ongoing, a new feature is added to the feature inventory and the spin counter is augmented by 5 spins. 

A maximum of 3 features can be active simultaneously. If another scatter appears when there are 3 features already under way, the feature that was added first is replaced by the new one and 5 additional spins will be added to the spin count.

Game Play

Level: Change the bet level.
Coin Value: Pick the preferred coin value.
Spin: Turn the reels at the chosen bet.
Max Bet: Spin the reels at the highest wager.
Autoplay: Play the game multiple times without being interrupted.

The Wish Master Slot Reviews by Players


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LeoDubbed 148 reviews
Rub the magic lamp 3 times. A blue colored genie will appears and granted you 3 wishes.

Well, that's a legendary fairy tale and this magic lamp genie is not a kid friendly one. The Wish Master is not only a NetEnt's game but also a dark horror movie which I really like. I actually wished that the game was based on that movie but unlucky me it wasn't.

Forget Aladdin, forget Bewitched, we are now talking about a dark entity which will grants you massive wins if you are lucky enough to meet him on his good mood.

The Wish Master is an odd game but it's odd in the good way. I've never seen this kinda game before but I do really love it, the game doesn't contain scatters symbols, no free spins mode and you might ask, so what's left?

The idea of replacing the scatter symbol with a magic lamp is brilliant and the thing I like the most about it is that, you only need 1 magic lamp to trigger the bonus feature. Bonus feature contains spins with benefits, like I said before, no free spins in this game because in the bonus feature you'll get 10 spins with extras because you still have to pay for them.

The extras could be a multiplier, substitute wild, random wild and expanding wild. So far I managed to triggered all those extras but unfortunately they didn't come in one bonus feature. I know it is possible to win massively with this game and I've seen the screenshots of other players who had lucky playing The Wish Master. I for once, had a few huge wins but I still trying to exceed them but it is hard.

The Wish Master is a game for players who like variations, like in life, you don't eat the same meal everyday or other things for that matter. Give it a try and see if the genie is the good mood but play in moderate
No free spins, magic lamps appear rarely 2 or more at a time.
The Wish Master is one of the epic slots by NetEnt, yes it is. We will remember this game and surely we are going to play it in the future no matter what NetEnt creates.It was released 2014. There was so many screenshots in winner threads in AskGamblers that anyone who saw it couldn't resist. I think Guru was first one to post amazing screenshots and then everyone started chasing BIG WINS and magic carpets. It's a 5-reels,20-pay lines video slot playable from 0.20 cents.

Graphics, symbols, theme, the way game plays.. it all looks just perfect and so uniquee,I am telling you. No matter the pay table this is a must try game. I had my session, some successful at time, at time I was complete looser but every time I enjoyed so much and was waiting BIG WIN to appear on my screen. There is no Free Spins neither Bonus game here.This game is about Wild symbols.It was such a beatuy seeing screenshots with Wilds feeling entire reels and covering screens but I was never the lucky one and I never had an honour to receive such an amazing prize.

My biggest success so far was 150 x my stake and some players would say it's nothing but knowing how many times tried, it means lot to me. Some times I kept loosing and had no wilds on my screen and no magic carpets at all. Which also means, zero wins.We said there is no FS neither Bonus features but there are 4 features to look afterin this marvelous video slot. Special features are: an Extra Wild, Multiplier of 2x to x3, a Wild Reel, an Expanding Wild. Like we said, it's all about Wilds here J and there you go knowing how to win big. You must activate these features in order to WIN BIG on The Wish Master.Dear fellow gamblers, there is no time to wait, make your deposit and start spining whenever you feel like to start your gaming session and don't miss out this epic slot.
raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
Heres a game that sure has the ability to surprise... with NetEnt focusing the vast majority of their energy on creating all those low to medium variance slots and games it was certainly refreshing to see this one filling the screenshot threads here at Ask Gamblers upon its release with some enormous thousands times stake hits! I will admit though that like all super high variance games, The Wish Master will destroy your bankroll quicker than you can imagine if you catch it on a bad day, those enormous wins have to be paid for somehow after all.

The title of this game is inspired from the many lamp based symbols which grant you "wishes" in the form of special wild symbols which might expand or become sticky, grant you a 2x or 3x multiplier, things like this. These features are enabled for ten spins usually but those spins are not free like you might expect - you have to pay for all your spins in this game even during the feature! The expanding wilds in particular give this game a huge amount of big win potential and unlike so many other NetEnt games, the maximum win of a full screen of wilds is definitely achievable in this game, I have seen several screenshots of this including some that were achieved whilst the 2x and 3x multiplier features were active as well.
Although The Wish Master has a great many ways of achieving a huge win and thus can be very exciting to play at times, it can also be very brutal as well - it is not unusual to witness huge numbers of dead spins in a row playing this game, and you will need to be lucky enough to activate all three possible wishes simultaneously in order to really have a chance at seeing the maximum potential this game has to offer. I don't recommend playing this game when your bankroll is low, save it for those days when you have made a large deposit and you have a much better chance of acheiving a big win - this isn't my favourite high variance slot and I think I would probably prefer to play Dead or Alive, but it does make a nice change from time to time.
Fiekie247 237 reviews
South Africa
The Wish Master is a 5-reel, 20-payline slot released by Netent. This game has a scatter symbol in form of a scroll or letter that is rolled up that comes from those you would find in a bottle that floated on the water.

This slot looks like it has the potential for big wins, but unfortunately I am not one those users that experienced any of those. I tried time and time again but I just can never win big on this slot. The base game pay out very poorly in my opinion.

When the scatter hits the reels you will receive 10 spins accompanied with any of the 5 random bonus features it has to offer. The genie will come out of the lamp and throw the feature at the top of the reels and reveal the bonus feature. It can be a multiplier – 2x or 3x multiplier, normal wild – this wild turns certain symbols into wild, random wilds - where two floating wilds appear on the reels with each spin, expanding wild, and wild a reel that stay in place during the feature. During the 10 spins when landing another scatter symbol, another 5 extra spins are awarded with an additional random bonus feature. There is no limit on how many bonus features that can be active at the same time.

From what I have seen having the wild reel, random wild, expanding wild and multiplier active at the same time is your way to break to the bank. Those normally end up with the result of having a full screen of wilds multiplied by 2 or 3.

I think this is a very challenging slot, well at least for me. I try to play now and again to achieve the potential the game has to offer. I know this slot is of high variance, similar to how I chase a wild line on Dead or Alive during free spins but haven’t triggered it yet. One day I know I will get my chance to master these 2 slots.

Overall I always enjoy playing this slot and would play it over and over again. I had some nice wins, but mostly losses but not by much.
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
We had The Wish Master slot mania here in AskGamblers forum sometime ago. Oh, I do remember that time very well. According to my memory, Guru was the one who posted up insanely good wins screenshots and that nailed the game. Well, me with my small bankroll, I had that chance to jump in and try out the game, but everything disappeared within seconds! If you're wondering why I couldn't go on with the hunting, well, simply because I was money broken! But I had dreamed of getting plenty of those magic carpets, I was so jealous seeing Guru's winner screenshots. Nah, I am just teasing you my dears, I am very proud of it, and I had even asked him to make some videos on it. It was pure pleasure seeing those wilds covering so much of the screen. Wilds everywhere!

NetEnt probably got inspired by the American horror movie The Wishmaster, released in 1997, and in this movie, the plot of the Wishmaster was concerning a Djinn, an omnipotent, supremely evil entity, who got released from a jewel and seeked to capture the soul of the woman who discovered him, thereby opening a portal and freeing all his other fellow Djinns to inhabit the Earth.

NetEnt released this The Wish Master slot game in July 2014. And it was truly fun to play on, even affordable to lowrollers too, as it is playable from just 0.20 cents bets per spin, and comes with 5 reels with 20 paylines. The Wish Master Free Spins feature game keeps one secret, and it's the feature where you can WIN BIG! I love its symbols, the graphics are great, and the Expanding Wilds too. I don't even remember what was my biggest win back then, but I do know for sure that I've never played longer then 10 minutes, because it kept eating my money! If you want to stick with the game, don't be like me. Invest in the game and don't jump from one game to another. For me, I simply couldn't resist it, it wasn't the only game that I had wanted to try out. If you are a hunter and can afford to hunt for those magic carpets, to eventually fire up your screen with a 'BIG WIN', then do not hesitate, go ahead and try your luck!
Afi4wins 1386 reviews
What a big hoo-hah this game created when it first came out! It got everybody excited and playing it like hot cakes on cheap sale. Nah, not for me though. NetEnt wasn't my thing yet by then. Slowly and steadily, the winning screenshots came up a few at a time. Super Mega Win screenshots, if you must know. Then that genie got my eyes wide opened! What the heck! How was it that players were winning big on this new Wish Master thingie, and I was only watching and drooling? No, no, that cannot be, so I decided to play it myself. Hehehe.

Anything new is always so exciting and thrilling, isn't it? This Wish Master game plays in a different way than any other game that I know of. If you look at the paytable closely, then only you will realise that there aren't any free spins game at all. Not even any free Bonus game! Ah yes, those magic carpet things you are saying, right? But do you realise that those magic carpet features are NOT free spins?! Each and every spin that you play with that feature thing costs you the same bet size as when you got it. It isn't free at all. I didn't realise this at first, simply because I was too engrossed with what those individual features could do, and how they could create wins. In very exciting ways, I must admit, but they can be very costly too, especially when the feature isn't giving you any decent wins! This I found out for sure! Sheesh!

Yes, yes, it can be so wonderful and marvelous looking at all those Wilds spread out across the screen. What a beauty there are, but at what cost? When the feature doesn't pay, you'll be spinning and spinning, hoping for the feature to pay something nice and big, but it doesn't. It could even not pay you anything at all! But when it pays, hope for all the Wilds to appear on the 5 reels, for a truly huge win! Yep, a few lucky players did get this, all Wilds on all 5 reels, our Guru here in Askgamblers being one of them, in fact, probably the first one to get it too! Yeah, that made me jealous! Very very jealous! Hahaha. I wanted to win it too, but lots of money I only threw! Damn! The closest I got was 4 full reels of those Wilds, for a reasonable payout of just short of 200x my total bet. Drat and double drat! Hehehe.

What are the features? Oh gees, I thought you already knew. There are 4 kinds of special features that can be won with that magic carpet. An Extra Wild (the symbol thrown forward by the genie), a Wild Reel (the same reel where the magic carpet had appeared), an Expanding Wild (turning any normal Wild symbol into an expanding wild), and a Win Multiplier of 2x or 3x. A maximum of three features can be activated all at once at the same time, and this is how really big wins are created! Get all 15 Wilds with a multiplier of 3x for the biggest win possible in the game! Getting both the 2x and 3x multipliers, for a 6x win, for 15 Wilds, is literally impossible, I would say, simply because 1 feature alone (besides the 2x and 3x features) cannot create those 15 Wilds!
Gees! This Wish Master game could really be a big hit if those features can be played with free spins, instead of having to pay for each and every spin as in the normal base game! I've lost quite a lot playing those features that didn't pay out as expected, and I'm sure other players had faced the same situation too. Well, NetEnt certainly did not intend to give us players everything that we wanted! They wanted it all for themselves! What the heck!
The Wish Master is a video slot game, coming from Net Entertainment, who are the producers of such good games as Twin Spin, Starburst or Gonzo's Quest. these games are most popular in all across the world.
The wild symbol is a very nice looking at this video slot. In this game are 5 reels, and as in classic video slots there is 20 Paylines. There is no such thing as bonus round, it is really confusing at the first look on the game.there is classic auto play option with up to 1000 game's rounds to run on autopilot.

I think, that it is very bad that there is no such thing as free spins or something like this. This is for minus to note, because most of time, when we all do play at the video slots, we all are waiting for these free spins modes or something similar like that feature. I'm sure on this, that many of the players not only me, would be appreciate this feature with free spins in this video slot game. Return for the player is not so bad but only 96.6% it's not so good too.
in my opinion this game is overvalued and overrated at all. I don't know why this game is so popular, but it is fact.

I can try to write something about graphic and design. So symbols
are very strange for me..Because even if I try but I can't recognize anything other than 10 J Q K A they are very strange and are from world of fantasy probably. These symbols are simply done with bad taste.

What I only like in this game are:
SpecialFeatures Whennormal symbols being changed Into Extra Wildsor expanding random Wilds. And I can admit that these features are good idea and I liked it.
- I don't like that there is no such thing like free spins or even bonus round
-Very strange concept of all design.
A little fairy tale, a little more mystery, and the largest; treasure and magic lamps like the story of Aladdin and Alibaba - that would be the theme of this slot machine. The Wish Master as the title says will fulfill your desires through 20 payment lines with excellent animation, wild symbols and bonus rounds. If you were hoping for a tense and emotional slot machine kind of remember the last few years, from the popular NetEnt platform, in which case you will not be too much delight explosions wild symbols and visual effects that are well crafted here.

Wild symbol is beautifully designed so that it does not end up in flames when it appears on one of the columns on the reels. For me this is a very correct slot that is not anything special at first, but eventually becomes regularly visited such as Gonzo's Quest or Starburst who are in the repertoire of almost every serious player. On The Wish Master usually play when I do not use some of the bonuses of the casino where I play.

Somewhere I found the fact that the percentage of the earnings in this slot is about 96.5%, it is compared to some that go up to 99% too small to expect a significant gain. In fact, an interesting idea of the author with solid graphics and sound.
zerooo 742 reviews
The wish master, video slot with 20 paylines came from NetEnt software. It is very popular game for all players. The minimum bet is set to 0.20€ per spin which I think is good.

The graphics is good but I have seen many others with better one. The sounds are also ok, what I like at this game is paytable when you are in the feature. The game offer huge winnings and it could me compare to some other games like as Dead or alive or maybe Piggy Riches which came also from this software provider.
It is high variance game and we can expect many dead spin on it. Even if it's not dead spin, many of them paid poor. Sometimes I would rather see dead spin than few pennies in return, which is many times lower than the bet stake. The main game here is ok, but I don't like it so much. What I like is feature.

When one scatter is on the reels, you receive 10 spins with a different types of game features; it could be x 2 or x 3 multiplier, expanding or random wilds, wild substitution for selected symbols and wild reel! When the feature is activated the spin counter gets increased, meaning the features are active for as long as there are numbers in the spin counter. I think this feature could be really short, because in those 10 spins you need to receive more scatters if you want to play more spins with this features. Every scatter gives you additional spin and more features but I didn't received it many during 10 spins.

While i was playing i received almost all the time only one scatter at the beginning and those 10 spins eat my balance.

My highest win at this slot is x 200 bet size where I had some luck in the feature. I think this could be a great slot if the game is in the mood, otherwise it eats your balance very fast. I prefer to play this slot only if I had my balance on higher amount.
blondie 1094 reviews
I believe that The Wish Master is one of the most popular games from Netent software. I have played it many times, but my best winnings have never been even close to what we can see here in the winning screenshots section. Visually I think this game is remarkably done, it has this magical theme with very nice color scheme and I love it. Technically it is super interesting because it has many features that are supposed to bring you better winnings.

Firstly, this game has 5 reels and 20 paylines, that makes the minimum stake 0.20€ per spin. I think it it quite refreshing to see a slot game without a typical free spins bonus round. Overall there are 4 features that you can receive and you never know, what you'll get, and that is exciting. When a scatter symbol appears on the screen, a genie escapes from the bottle and adds you one of the features- a random wild that will land on the screen in two places for the next 10 spins, 2 x or 3 x multipliers that will multiply your winnings, expanding wild which personally is my favorite feature, as it expands the whole reels where a wild is landed, and with this feature I've got my big winnings mostly. And at last there's also a feature called wild reel that will land on the reel where the scatter was. This feature is the one I get the least often.

As most slots, there's a wild symbol that substitutes for all symbols, except scatters. My personal experience with this slot is interesting. There have been times when I have lost 40€, playing with minimum bets and didn't get even a 30 x bet winnings. I believe my biggest winning so far has been around 100 x bet, when I had more than 1 feature active. Great thing about these features is that they stand for the next 10 spins and if you get another scatter, while having feature, it will add 5 extra spins for the active feature and you'll be playing 2 features at the same time. As they are all wild features, you can get quite amazing winnings, if you have all 3 features activated at the same time. But for me it is hard, I mostly get 2 features at the same time, if I'm lucky.

And as I've said, I haven't got over 100 x bet winnings, however, I think this game is great to give decent winnings often. For example last time I played this slot with minimum stakes and got 8"big winnings" of around 10€ so it boosted my balance nicely. I might start playing this game to meet wagering requirements, I think it could be a good fit. Overall I think this game really stands out from other Netent family slots, and yes, there are no free spins or anything free (when you have features, you play them with your own bets) but I still think this game has good winning potential.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
At the time I started playing in NetEnt casinos I saw a lot of winning screen shots from this game. I also saw a lot of videos on youtube from some incredible wins in the bonus round. I have to say that the first time I played the game I really liked it’s design, animations and sounds.

This game has 5 reels and only 20 paylines but can produce some big wins in the bonus round. If you get one scatter lamp you are awarded with a symbol who can be extra wild, random wild, expanding wild, wild reel or a multiplier x 2, or x 3. You get 10 free spins for the first scatter symbol and an extra 5 for every scatter symbol you eventually get during the free spins. The most spins I have gotten is 25 in one bonus round and the win was amazing. I have to say that I didn't have some big success from the start with this game. Actually my biggest and I have to say only success was 2 times in the same day in a same gambling session.

I made a 20 euros deposit in Mr. Green casino and didn't take any bonus. I started playing some games and got my balance up to 30 euros when I decided to try Wish master. I got 1 scatter lamp after 20 spins, another after another 20 spins and then it came. Wild reel on reel 1, another wild reel on reel 3 and multiplier x 3. I was playing on a minimum bet of 0.20 and my balance went up to 110 euros. It was great. I played some time more got down to 90 euros and decided to cash out. After half an hour I decided to reverse it and started playing again this time on a high 0.80 bet. When I got down to 50 euros I got expanding wild, random wild and extra wild. I had 12 free spins with those symbols and the end result was 540 euros balance. The best and only big win here.
I don't like that the free spins aren't free and you pay for every spin. Base game wins are very small and a lot of empty spins. Lot of times the bonus round pays 0 or very little.
wscalley 47 reviews
United Kingdom
“The Wishmaster” has to be one of the be one of the best slots NetEnt has put out in a long time. I guess they heard all the criticism about their super low variance games, so decided to put something out that would undoubtedly silence such critics, at least for a little while. Wishmaster is a monster of a slot machine with enormous potential for huge wins, but as always, this comes at a price – this is a game that can eat your bankroll for breakfast on a bad day, and it won’t even spit out the bones…

The concept is, you spin the reels like any other slot, but when a scroll lands in view the Wishmaster will consult it and award you a special feature, that will take effect on the reels for the next 10 spins. There are many “wishes” to collect, including a 3x multiplier, random wild symbols after every spin, expanding wilds, all those kinds of things. You can have up to 3 of these active at any one time too, which is obviously where the big wins will happen – I have seen many screenshots of players achieving a full screen of wilds in this game, sometimes with the 3x multiplier active as well!
It’s not all good though – one thing that bugs many people about this game is that the scrolls you collect do not act as a free spins feature – the bonus you receive simply takes effect in the regular game mode, and you pay for each and every spin whilst the features are active. This is a problem particularly when casinos were giving out free spins on this game, because players would often find themselves unable to play the whole 10 spins with the bonus feature active, because these features are reset when the free spins expire. It’s a bit of a coding cock-up in my opinion, and I’d of hoped NetEnt would have resolved this issue by now somehow, because exactly the same thing happened with their “Big Bang” slot earlier this year.

Alas, it’s not perfect, but it’s a great addition to NetEnt’s portfolio and one I definitely recommend you give a try when you have a bulging balance with which to experiment.
Ahmo6 232 reviews
This slot is brought to us by NetEnt. It has 5 reels and 20 payline and the minimum bet that can be placed is 0.20€. Big thumbs up for the graphics and the background music that I think everyone can somehow relate to this game. Really impressed by that and the actual theme as well, I mean who doesn’t love genius and fortune which is what this game represents.

This game has quite a lot of features to offer. First of all we have the scatter symbol. When this symbol appears anywhere on the reels in will it will free the genie from its lamp and randomly activate some feature for 10 FS. Also if a new scatter symbol appears, while there is already an existing feature it will add a new feature to your inventory and increase the free spins by five. Maximum of 3 features can be active, but if a new scatter appears within those three it will replace the oldest one that is the first feature that you triggered with a new one and add extra 5 spins. For the features I have mentioned here are some of them, extra wild (it will transform a corresponding symbol into a wild symbol, wild reel (where the whole reel is filled with wild symbols), expanding wild and random wild which are self explanatory.

Overall it is a decent slot, by for the time I have spent their which is 20 minutes cause I lost all my money, I didn't manage to hit even one scatter symbol to trigger a feature and FS. I am telling you it is really hard and I don't think I will be visiting this slot in the near future. But if you are eager to explore the possibilities with this slot, knock yourself out.
About this slot from NetEnt I have to say that impressed me from the beginning because of the feature that it has and because of the nice theme! I like very much this kind of slots because of the theme about genies and wishes and obviously money and fortune! When I opened this slot I was impressed because of the introduction video that is fantastic in my opinion!

I decided to put some money on this slot and to try it because I saw that it has a lot of interesting features and that it is a little bit different than the other slots! It is a 5-reel slot with 20 paylines and a minimum bet of 0.20 euro, but also with nice features! I took a look at the paytable to see how to trigger the free spins feature but I was a little bit shocked because you don’t have to catch 3 scatters, only one that release the genie from its lamp and randomly activate an exciting feature for 10 spins! So basically the free spins feature doesn’t offer free spins but paid spins with a random feature! I managed to catch this feature only one time and I was awarded with an extra wild feature that paid me about 6 euro! From the 20 euro that I had in my account, I managed to make 35 euro and decided to stop because the game seemed to pay not so good!

Because the graphics are really awesome and the theme is very interesting, I will give a 9! Also, for the payout rate I will give an 8 because it should be better! The features like extra wild, wild reel, expanding wild, multiplier and random wild are very interesting in my opinion, could bring you a lot of money but also could make you lose them! I will give a 9 for the features and I will play this slot very often!
The wish master is a slot from Net Ent production house and as usual the Net Ent people do not let down the gamblers in looks of the slot. The slot has great animation and graphics and I cherish playing this slot. It is a 3 x 5 and a 20 play line slot.
The interesting thing about this slot is that clever bonus feature is triggered if a scatter symbol appears on the reels. The genie escapes from its lamp and awards one of the following features: expanding wild, extra wild, random wild, 2 x multiplier, 3 x multiplier, wild reel. These remain in the inventory for ten reels and inventory can hold maximum of 3 features at a time. When after one feature more are added then the 5 more spins are added. I did observe this that frequency of these scatter appearance increases as the game progresses. For me the best combination that served was of expanding wild and extra wild. I twice witnessed mega wins of 100 times the bet during this time. Except this I could just get return of 20 or 25 times the bet.

Apart from this bonus game in the main game the slot does not has good returns. Other than the feature there is usual wild symbol which can substitute any symbol except the scatter symbols.

The slot is medium to low in returns. The highest payout of the symbol is 750, not satisfactory. It is the during the bonus feature that if you are lucky enough you can have good combination of different features illustrated above and bag a big win. I pretty much like this slot and enjoy playing this and have great time. The slot especially is good animation and graphics. So I would rate the slot 8 on the scale of ten.
I’ve experienced several gaming sessions where I chose to play on the video slot The Wish Master. This game has been released by Net Entertainment and has a rich theme. I must say the introduction video before the game starts is quite exciting and does do its part to build up the expectations. But before you opt for this game, allow me to give you a fair warning.

This slot is high variance and it’s totally within the norm to experience 100 dead spins many, many and many times. If you’re prepared for that, then it’s much more likely that you’ll be able to enjoy this game. The Wish Master is another innovative masterpiece from NetEnt and offers 5-reels, 3-rows and 20-paylines.

The minimum bet can be as low as €0.20. Because this game is quite high variance I don’t think I ever played it with bets higher than 1 euro per spin. My first experience was a very good one with this game. Furthermore, let it be known that this game has no ‘free spins’.

You can earn special features though during a number of spins, but eventually you’re always paying for each spin. This means you really have earn each of your wins, and nothing comes for free. During base game it seems to be almost impossible to have a decent hit.

I don’t think I’ve ever won more than 10 x bet size during a couple thousands of spins. There is a lamb symbol however. You only need one to appear to unlock a special feature which will be active during the next 10 spins. These features can vary between a 2 x or 3 x multiplier, extra wild, expanding wild and even a whole wild reel.

If you manage to get another genie symbol during those 10 spins, then you get another feature unlocked for 5 more spins. The challenge is to have the best three features unlocked so you can have perhaps 3 x multiplier, a wild reel and every reel turning wild if some other wild symbol appears.

I got lucky one time having reels 2, 3 and 4 turn wild completely. I think I won like 100 bet size and this was my first experience with this game. After this I played this game at least 10 times with 100 or more spins, and each session I lost my balance extremely quick.

So it’s either a hit or miss with this game. I’ve seen plenty of screenshots paying out 750 x up to 2250 x bet size. So the big win hits are possible but extremely rare though.
I don’t like the fact you have to pay for each spin, and that even unlocking the extra features can lead to disappointing wins. No potential during base game without features.
Raptordinos 866 reviews
Genius and lamp are something that our mind instantly associates with money and wealth, but with this game from NetEnt I have to say that my dreams didn’t come true.

"The Wish Master" is a slot machine with the format 3 x 5 reels and 20 paylines, excellent design and good sound effects that actually keeps us in suspense during all the time expecting for something great. This game is fully loaded with special features, mainly related to the wild symbol and multipliers, thereby generating high expectations right from the moment the player reads the game information and rules. Unfortunately, the higher is the expectation, the greater may be the disappointment, and that's what happened to me with this game of splendid appearance.

To understand the effect of the special features, I need to start by saying the wild symbol only acts as substitute for other standard symbols, no multiplier is associated with this symbol. Each special feature is triggered by the appearance of a scatter which is represented with the image of a carpet with a lamp painted on it and the maximum active features at the same time are 3. There are 7 Special Features: Multipliers 2 x and 3 x, 2 Extra wilds, one that converts an image of a cobra and the other of a cat into wild symbols, wild reel, expanding wild, and random wild, and based on what I observed while playing, you could say that every feature by itself is weak and its true potential only becomes visible at the instant when combined with any of the others.

The above features are the best and most original of this game, the real weaknesses of "The Wish Master" are the low payouts and low win average forming lines, since it is common that after 10 or more turns without form nor single line fragment it is totally common you win a pay line which prize is less than half the value bet at each turn; when finally special features are triggered, it is practically impossible to retrieve your initial balance, I guess some players have experienced something more positive with this game, but for the moment, and after several attempts, I prefer to stay away from this game, respecting of course the opposing views.
yapro 790 reviews
The wish master is one of the newest online slot that was released by famous Swedish software operator - Net Entertainment.

Like usually happens with almost all new NetEnt slots, this one is really great, and I can not complain about look of this video slot. Everything designed very well here, and my eyes happy when I am playing this slot.

This slot is interesting in my opinion, because you did not need to wait some miracle to hit freespins by 3+ scatters. There is only one scatter and it appears only on 5 reel, therefore you really just spinning with relax and when you get it on five reel - you get it. When you get this scatter, you awarding with 10 FS, with one special feature. This special feature can be one of the following, but in general it is linked to wilds. Wilds can become random at random places, stacked, expanded, or you can get x 2 or x 3 multiplier for your spins. You can get up to 3 different features in one time, and full screen of wilds can pay you 500 x total bet. I never was even close to hit such win, but afaik our Valdes have some awesome wins on this slot.

I tried this slot not so many times to be really good judge, but unfortunately my luck at this slot is really bad. Few times I played it, I just lost my balance on this slot. I never have more than 100 x total bet while playing slot, so it is definitely not luckiest game for me.

I rate this slot with 8 stars, because I like idea and like this slot in general, and of course my bad luck should not give this slot lower mark. I think in future I will try this game again, luckily min bet here is only 9 penny, and I did not need a lot of money to try this slot.
cocopop3011 264 reviews
United Kingdom
The wish master is a new slot from NetEnt, and when I first seen it on you tube before its release I thought it looked really good and I was really looking forward to its release. When the slot did eventually get released to say I was disappointed is an understatement. I would just spin and spin and spin for ages and nothing, little wins of like 5p, 10p, 20p etc. The scrolls that you need to come in so the genie grants you a feature just were not coming in!

After seeing many, many great screenshots in the forum of wilds totally filling the screen this persuaded me to give the wish master another go. I finally got my first scroll which granted me 10 spins with an extra wild feature. Unfortunately these spins are not free, you do have to pay for them but for the next 10 spins extra wilds will be added. I would say out of the 10 spins I was given extra wilds on about 5 of them, I hardly won anything. Since then I have had the scrolls come in a few times, what you really need is for multiple scrolls to come in which just has not happened for me yet, this I believe is how you get the full screen of wilds.

I think the wins on the lines are really poor which means you almost definitely need the feature to come in to get the big wins. My screenshots only show wins of around £9 and even though this slot is growing on me there are way to many spins where you win nothing it just drains your balance. I will be looking to play this slot some more in the future, in the hope of some decent wins!
Icymod 758 reviews
The Wish Master reminds me of that old movie that grants peoples wishes and turns their wishes against them in an evil way that kills them. This video slot seems to be just like that movie only it's the interestingly changing wilds over time and the wins that are for grabs which leaves me as a player to be beneficial to my balance! Admit it NetEnt, this idea must have come from that movie. Am I right or is it just a coincidence? Okay, I won't poke too much into getting the truth.

Anyways, as I helped introduce this very cool game for the fellow members on the forum, it is good that almost everyone seems to enjoy it's magical winnings (haha especially the guru, whom I will "try" to get him angry like old times in the near future ;) )!

The Wishmaster is 20 paylines and I have played it in $0.40 bets and the minimum also including Free spins from a casino! The way it works is, there are single scrolls showing a lamp on each reel and whenever they appear, the wish master leaves his lamp to provide an ability that helps me in a certain amount of spins. A Locked Wild Reel, random symbols turning wild, extra symbols like the tiger equipped with a jewel symbol turning wild and even win multipliers (3 x). There are a maximum 3 open spaces at the top left to pick up these abilities for a matter of 10 spins. Later, the spins counter until my collected abilities disappear increases by 5 more spins of the new ability after the first one came forward to me. Now I will say that it has been only a small $2 to $5 wins that I had under my $0.40 bets with random wilds and a locked wild reel. It's great to have more than one ability at a time but it's much harder to earn 3 abilities! I for one would like to collect a screen of all wilds onscreen like the guru has (I'm jealous of that) and maybe I'll have to do what he did, bet minimums and see what happens!
Only then I can post my own screen of all the wilds even though it's been done already!
Without the scrolls for abilities, Wish master is not a very fun game. Normal wins don't conquer to the thrills and winnings of wilds invading the reels when I do have the abilities enabled!
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