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The Invisible Man Slot

The Invisible Man is a beautifully designed 20-payline video slot running on the NetEnt software platform. The game, which features the Invisible Man and his escapades, possesses several wild cards: the regular Flaming wild and the waking wilds - Police Wild and the Griffin Wild. When the 2 symbols merge, they become the game’s scatter. Players can try the slot on this page free of charge or select any of the NetEnt casinos to play the game for real money.

In order to join Griffin on his flight from the law, players should first regulate their bet. The “Level” selector chooses the bet level. The “Coin Value” alters the coin denomination, ranging from 0.01 to 0.5. To start the game, players need to click “Spin”. In order to spin at the maximum bet, “Max Bet” needs to be pressed and, if players wish to play the game multiple times without interruption, they need to click “Auto Play”.

When a Police Wild and a Griffin Wild merge, 10 Free Spins are activated. Should another Police Wild and Griffin Wild merge on the reels during Free Spins, another 4 Free Spins will be triggered. After the merger, the Wilds that initiated the Free Spins vanish from the reels.

During the Free Spin round, there are 2 meters corresponding to the Wilds. When a Griffin or a Police Wild moves off the reels, it fills 1 space on the corresponding meter, which has 8 free spaces. If 1 of the meters is filled before the round is over, a corresponding Bonus feature is awarded at the end of the Free Spin session. The 2 Bonuses are: a Police Spin Bonus feature and a Griffin’s Rage Bonus game.

The Police Spins Bonus feature contains 3 spins wherein 5 random standard Flaming wilds appear on the reels in random positions for reach spin during. During this Bonus round, no wilds are on the reel before the 5 random wilds emerge on the reels. The maximum win for each spin is 90,000 coins and, as there are 3 spins, the total maximum win is 270,000 coins.

The Griffin’s Rage Bonus game spans 3 locations where players select 1 out of 5 items to reveal their prize. The 5 items are 3 coin wins of various sums, 1 multiplier increase and 1 end of stage item. When players choose a coin win, it is added to their total winnings for the Bonus game. Players can choose between the remaining items on the location they are in. The maximum possible multiplier is x4 and the maximum win in the game is 37,600 coins.

Game Play

Level: Alter the bet level.
Coin Value: Modify the coin size.
Spin: Start the game at the chosen wager.
Max Bet: Spin the reels using the maximum wagering amount.
Auto Play: Play the game for a number of times uninterrupted.

The Invisible Man Slot Reviews by Players


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HelmG 83 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
All that is invisible, in a way, is a mystery. This slot sounds like a mystery, but when you get to know her, you'll see that everything is already seen. NetEnt and this time made sure to be very creative, and the topic of slot machines is more than tempting for serious players. The Invisible Man is a perfect blend of design and technology to create games at a high level. This slot I first tried out in the Unibet Casino. The day after the release of the game, I got the mail that says to me in the Unibet Casino waits 10 free spins, which I immediately accepted. Then I have won some significant gains, maybe 2-3 €, I do not remember. However, the game I liked at first sight, and it remains a part of my repertoire with NetEnt to popular online casinos. The Invisible Man is contagious slot, in which you will quickly get used to, and love it as I am.

Today this slot play mainly in two casinos Stan James and Unibet Casino. At Unibet Casino, the last few days a little more often I hang out with this game. There were a lot of success, I would single out one when, after a series of wild symbols won € 48. My amount on Unibet then was a couple of euro over 50 €, so I doubled the gain. I noted screenshot of winning on The Invisible Man slot. This screenshot is in Askgamblers forum, in the "Winner Screenshots under x100 your bet". Specify written, is on page 15 in this section, post No.290! This slot has an interesting way of winning the payment line because its Wild symbol is very powerful. Many times I won the Wild symbols in the series, but the last one I singled out because it is significantly larger than the others.

Introduction to this game reminds me of a movie because the slot developed in cooperation with Universal Studios. I like the speed of rotation of the drum, because it acts as if it turns wind. Unlike eg. Starburst slot machines on which the columns are turning a little slower and the image is at the moment is quite vague on this slot game is all crystal clear and you will love this slot. The Invisible Man, you can find a lot of excellent casinos on the Internet, and this I have given my first choice. This does not mean that you should never play a few spins in the example. Bet365 Vegas or in Slotty Vegas. It is impossible to remember in detail everything I do during the day, because I'm registered in more than 200 casinos and it takes years. If you are wondering where to end your day, where to relax and enjoy with the pleasure of a perfect NetEnt creation, visit one of their casinos and play that "mysterious" slot!
raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
The Invisible Man is a very dark and gloomy machine and has an aura of mystery right from the moment you first load it up - the spooky soundtrack is quite unlike anything else I have heard from an on-line slot and gives a feeling that this is far from "just another" machine.

I like to play a hundred spins or so before I even bother to look at the paytable to get a feel for the game and see what surprises might pop up - I do like to understand the games I spend my money on if I am going to be investing heavily, but I also enjoy the sensation of not knowing what is about to happen too and that feeling was very strong when playing The Invisible Man.

Just a handful of spins in I scored an automatic re-spin and watched my wild symbols "walking" towards the left of the reels which made me wonder if perhaps this may be simply a clone of another NetEnt game "Jack and the Beanstalk", but that idea was quickly put to bed when another wild began walking in the opposite direction! It looked as if this game has plenty of free respins to offer which was a definite plus for me, but then BOOM! The two wilds met each in the centre of the screen and the free spins bonus round begun! This was a nice surprise and I applaud NetEnt's ingenuity here as I have never seen a feature triggered in this way in any other game.

During the free spins I watched curiously as two meters began to fill at the top of the screen, labelled "Bonus Game" and "Police Spins" - it turns out these additional features are activated when you land enough wilds during the free spins, so I figured it was fair to assume this game was reasonably high variance. It turns out, perhaps unsurprisingly, that it is more in the medium-low category like so many NetEnt slots and the maximum win is just 1000x your stake. I don't think this should put you off on this occasion though as this is certainly no Starburst - this game definitely delivers some big(ish) hits on a regular basis!
Icymod 758 reviews
To be invisible can be one of the greatest abilities mankind can ever have! The element of surprise, the evasive escape, the many intentions involved in your favor.........prevent crime, dig up dirt on someone, rob a bank, make invasive love towards a random stranger or get rage-fueled revenge on an enemy. This is "freedom" at it's utmost form! That all depends on the person's true intentions of this ability. As it is one of the greatest, it can be one of the worst, like King Midas's golden touch that turn's every touch of that magic finger into gold, including loved ones!

In this 20 paylines of cops and robbers, I would place bets such as $0.40 on 0.02 coin size however because this video slot acts and justifies the nature of "Jack and the Beanstalk's" walking wilds. When these are landed on either Reels 1 and/or 5 for Police or the Invisible Man wilds, they move onto their opposite ends, delivering free re-spins until they are gone from the reels. This works quite well with "The Invisible Man's" left to right and right to left pays!!

Normally I do not spend much time playing The Invisible Man because Jack and the Beanstalk offers 3x walking wilds. Having that to me is better than 1x wilds that walk, with both sides paying. What I can say the least are free spins.........the trigger takes forever because I would wait for 1 police wild to collide with the invisible man wild to trigger it, and they need to be exactly on the same row otherwise it will look like each of them, one on top and the other on the bottom in the middle of the road saying, "Invisible Man: Excuse me, can you tell me where the nearest liquor store is?" to the cops before they each move their opposite ways.

The way the free spins work is that I have to collect 8 of the same wilds before the 10 free spins run out to trigger their bonus. In the end of the feature, all I can collect is about $18.60 on my $0.80 bet, often times there is no way I can trigger any of the two features in time, I usually come up short with the wilds! The Invisible Man is a 6.5 out of 10! Sorry but I would prefer JatB any day!
Did they get this idea from that old movie called "Hollow Man" where a scientist perfected a serum to turn someone invisible and goes on a rampage like that dude from "The Shining"? Here's Johnny!!! Other stuff that was not great was making me earn the bonus through free spins! It should be a separate thing rather than to collect specific wilds to trigger the bonus features. What I'd suggest, have this done in the Main Game so that if none of the free spins show, players can look forward to having something after a certain time.......thus giving us players the better chunk of the odds!!!
Fiekie247 220 reviews
South Africa
The Invisible Man is considered one of the good horror movies of all time. A novel written by H.G Wells about a scientist who found a way to make himself invisible. This dark sinister slot was created by Netent in partnership with Hollywood's giants Universal Studios.

Firstly I think the quality of the graphics and animations are out of this world. This 5 reel, 20 payline both ways pays slot is very high in variance. I have experienced this game at cold level and at hot level. Cold level means 30 cold spins out of 50 set at auto play. When this game is in the hot seat, you will trigger free spins within your first 5 spins, and win big at minimum bet during free spins before entering any additional bonus game. I mean the most I won was about $650 at $2 during 10 free spins. The wilds were coming over and over again.

The police man and the invisible man act as wild in this slot and lands on reels 1 and 5 respectively. When wilds land on the reel, free re-spins are awarded as the wild moves from left to right or right to left depending which reel it lands on. When the 2 wilds collide, the free spins feature is triggered. 10 free spins are awarded and you will notice during the free spins the wilds appear on any reel and are very active. Each time a wild appears and reach their respective destination the invisible man bonus meter or either the police free spins meter are filling up. Whichever fills up first are the additional bonus round that you will play. It is possible to not get any additional bonus rounds.

Invisible man bonus feature is a pick bonus feature that awards coins. It has a multiplier and bust icon, and you proceed to the next stage and repeat the same as in stage 1. At the end of stage 3 they will add up all the coins and multiplier you revealed and add that to your 10 free spins bonus win and provide you with a total win.

The police free spins feature rewards 3 free spins with 5 wilds on the reels before any free spin. This is my favourite bonus round and winning from this round are lucrative most of the time.

This is one of my top slots although I hate it when it drains my balance. However I make a profit on this slot most of the time. 8/10.
Afi4wins 1331 reviews
One of my greatest fantasy when I was a young boy, was to be invisible, to do crazy things without being seen, to disturb young girls and see how they scream. Whoever said I was a nice good boy? If I could be invisible now, I'd still do the same! Hahaha. My mind would always go wild whenever I watch that old TV series of the same name. Oh, how I loved that series, nice, but not naughty enough, not as how I would have made it! Hmm! Thank god I'm not a film director! I'd probably be very very popular! Hehehe.

Presentation wise, this Invisible Man game doesn't set anything on flames. The soundtrack is from that same old TV series, bringing back lots of old memories. Paytable wise, hmm, you'd think this game came out way too late, the win values would suit values of back some decades, but the game play is pretty good, just like games of late. Never mind about the usual Wilds and the Scatters, they just don't fit in this game. What you get are Walking Wilds, similar to those in Jack and the Beanstalk, but the Wilds here can go in either direction, to the right for the Police Wild, to the left for Griffin's Wild, and when they collide, the reels go wild! You get a 10 free spins game, with the same Walking Wilds, with no retriggers, but you get extra 4 free spins for each collision. If you get to fill any of the two meters up there, another corresponding feature game will be activated, either the Police Spins game or the Griffin's Rage Bonus game.

The Police Spins game offer 5 randomly placed Wilds onto the reels for each of the 3 free spins, which can pay some nice 5-of-a-kinds. The Griffin's Rage Bonus game offers a pick and win game, not my kind of thing, offering some coin wins and some win multipliers. A police hat ends the pick. Of the two, the Police Spins would be my pick. Had only one big win on it, but nothing big on the Griffin's, so far.

Playing the game is interesting only when the Wilds start walking! They can appear anywhere on the reels, either the Police or Griffin's Wild, and free re-spins are awarded for as long as any of the Wilds are still on the reels! All wins are paid both ways, left-to-right and right-to-left, but the best is when both the Police and Griffin collide, for yet another round of a thrilling free spins feature game.
I've had some decent wins, but big wins are really hard to come by though, similarly with the Free Spins game too. The game can be fun to play, but can get boring too when nothing exciting happens for many many spins. Some may like this game, some may not. I'm caught in between!
zerooo 742 reviews
I usually play other video slots than this one, but I tried to play The Invisible Man this month more because I have entered many freerolls for this game at Videoslots casino.

This game has 20 paylines. I rarely play this game because of payouts. The paytable is not so good here, free spins are hard to get and even when I entered this feature many times I ended with small winnings. The thing I like at this game is walking wilds. You can get many of them on the reels. One time I had 4 wilds and one symbol and I thought this will be win over x 100 size, but I won around half of this. I expected more, the paytable could be much better.

Free spins is activated when two different wilds symbols merging together on the reels. You will received 10 free spins and during this feature you can get 4 additional. Good idea at free spins feature is that you collect wilds symbols. 2 metters appears above the reels; you must collect 8 of them to enter for additional bonus game or police free spins. Most of time I received bonus game or nothing at all. I think police spins are much more better, but you need luck to collect all police wilds.

The bad thing is also that when you fulfilled one of meters, the other won't counted. I think they could designed game in that way that you could receive both feature/bonus. Last time I fulfilled bonus game first, but just one spin later I also had fulfilled police spins meter. I had bad feeling about that, when I saw that only bonus game counted.

Otherwise I don't play this game very much, but still I like to play it sometimes. But even when I selected it, it disappointed me about paytable.
Invisible man is Netent game, which I do like, I really like it, but I am playing it very rare. I have one super period in this game, when I played it for 2 days in a row a lot of spins, and get really great wins in total win more than 500€ with not very high bets, but since that this game never paid me anything good. That's why I open it very rare, and only when I am not fear to lose money. If I am not ready for huge risk - I am better choose another game.

There is no scatters in this game, but wilds. Wilds needed to trigger freespins feature. Wilds here are two types: invisible man wilds, and police wilds. Both appears from different ways, one from right one from left. And also wins here count both ways. If two wilds will meet each other, it is called wild collusion - you will be awarded with 10 freespins. During freespins you collect invisible man wilds and police wilds. If you will be able to collect enough - you will get invisible man bonus, or police spins (depending on which wilds will appear more). Bonus game - nothing interesting, not possible to get really big payout. Police spins - much more better. 3 spins and each spin guaranteed 5 wilds appear on reels. Of course there will no be respin like with regular wild. This police spins paid more very good couple of times, more than 100 bets.

I could give advice to other players to not bet big in this slot game. Sometimes it is annoyingly hard to catch feature, and game not pay huge and just steal money from balance. I rate this slot game with 7 stars.
Thumbs down for: hard way to trigger feature (it is hard for me to get it, required many spins). Low payouts for most symbols. And not interesting bonus game - invisible man. And super annoying - get freespins, but do not collect enough wilds for anything.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
The Invisible Man is a great slot game coming from NetEnt. This slot has everything. Great graphic and animations, descent payouts and great bonus rounds. When you start playing this game you will see a short intro of how the invisible man was created and it really is a great piece of animation. The background music is also great and you won’t get bored playing here after long sessions.

If you take a look at the paytable you will see that it is very poor. The highest paying symbol has only a 500 coins payout for 5 of them on a winning payline. With a paytable like that you will think that there is no chance of hitting anything descent in this game. This game also has 2 wild symbols. One is the police man and the other is Griffin who is the invisible man. The wilds don’t have a multiplier in the game but you will see a lot of them on the reels especially in the bonus game. This slot also doesn’t have a scatter symbol and the free spins bonus is triggered thanks to the wild symbols. Another great thing about this slot is that it pays both ways instead of the traditional left to right.

The police wild appears on reel 1 and moves left to right and the Griffin wild appears on reel 5 and moves right to left. You get respins while there is a wild on the reels. Whenever they meet on the same line they merge and get into a fight. Here you are awarded with 10 free spins. The trick in the free spins is to get as many wilds as possible. Both wilds fill up a separate meter which unlocks an additional bonus game. If the two wilds meet on a line again you get 4 free spins extra. If you unlock the police extra bonus you get 3 free spins with 5 guaranteed wilds on the reels. If you unlock the Griffin bonus you have 3 locations with cash bonuses.

This is a great game and the bonus round can be very profitable. In one session I got up to 16 free spins and maybe 30-40 respins thanks to the incredible number of wilds on the reels. I had a win of almost 300 x bet on my 1 euros bet. I recommend this game to everyone.
This game was created in cooperation between Universal and NetEnt and comes with 20 pay-lines. What impressed me at first sight with this game are the original ideas for the features. Here you have two wild symbols. One is the symbol of the invisible man and the second is the symbol of the policeman. The Invisible Man symbol appears on the fifth and the policeman symbol on the first reels. Every time when you get one of the wild symbols you activate 5 re-spin. In the re-spin wild symbols are moving. The symbol of the invisible man moves from the fifth to the first reels and the wild symbol with a cop from the first to the fifth reels.

The free spins can be reached if these two different wild symbols are in the same moment on the same place. Then you will get 10 free spins. In the free spins you have the ability to reach two new features: Bonus game and Police spins. The Bonus Game is a variety of pick-up bonus. In the Police Spins feature you get 3 free spins with 5 wild symbols. These interesting and original rules, combined with extra graphics, atmosphere and sound effects really impressed me when I first met with this game.

The first time I played at The Invisible Man Slot I had the biggest wins so far here. Actually then I had two decent wins greater than 100 x bet. One of those wins was higher than 200 x bet. On my bet of 0.4 euros I got more than 80 euros. Later, I tried a few more times with this game but it cost me a lot of money. But of course, there are no slot games on which you will always win, so on that I have no complaints.

All in all this is a very exciting slot game in which you will surely enjoy. For The Invisible Man I give 9 out of 10 possible stars. Well done NetEnt.
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
The Invisible man was released last year and Netent slot games creators were inspired by The Invisible Man novel published 1897.

I am not sure about others but to me, it is great to see when novel or movie is inspiration for slot creators and it is not easy to make, there is a lots of job before such a game goes live.

Since it was released The Invisible Man free spins promotions become regular and I saw many of them but haven't claimed them personally. This slot is never my choice and there is nothing I like. I don't like the theme, I found this game pretty boring with poor paytable and irritating background sound, which could produce just a little excitement.

If you are wondering why it is Invisible Man, the answer is in the crazy scientist trying to make himself invisible.
This is 5 reels, 20 paylines slot with two bonus features Police Spins and the Griffins Rane bonus game. There are walking wilds, multipliers and respins. Wilds are Police wild which you can expect to appear only on the reel and then he start moving to the right, Griffin wild appears on the reel 5, and Burning wilds which appears during the Police Spins bonus feature.

If Griffin and Police wilds overlap in the main games that means 10 free spins for you. I managed to trigger only free spins feature and never unlocked the bonus round and I pretty much like bonus rounds as I am always curious to see what is about to happen.
The min bet is 0.20 which is affordable for anyone.

Mostly I used free spins when offered from casinos and never made something worth mentioning on this game and this is not game for me. I like better other games and The Invisible Man means nothing to me.
We'd all like sometimes be invisible or until cabbage and do not realize turn to the game that comes from NetEnt platform and is one of the last to be classified in a wide variety of their casinos. On this game my bet per line was € 2 and the first thing I noticed after the game is that the drum rotates much faster than the other games so that we get there on time because boring slots are something that annoys me and I can not hold more than 15 minutes at these games.

Immediately after the first spin in the second spin I get two wild symbols in positions 4 and 5 on the drum, and they are shifted in such a way that after each spin Moves to the first column and so make gains in the series. That's what I see in this first series of five spins collected a total of € 17 hundred encourage me that I might and I finally become invisible, if I not become invisible for a change could become richer because the gains in this game are calculated in both directions like on a Starburst slot.

After a few spins again two wild symbols in the same position and again series of gains that ended the with € 12, so that a total of half an hour was a winner of € 34. Later I took the auto play option of 10 spins and after that I was on the + € 38 to the end of the game for his soul took one bet per spin of the great € 10. The so-called to be or not to be bet however not bring me any winning line so it all ended up with a profit of € 28.

I like the design of this game because every new get some advanced features but also these new slot machines require much stronger computer resources than most people today possess. Maybe it's time to open a new chapter in the world of online dice because it seems to me that all these popular slots soon get its 3D version, why not excellent The Invisible Man.
Ahmo6 232 reviews
The Invisible Man is a one of the newer games from NetEnt software that I recently had a chance of playing. It has 5 reels, 3 row, 20 lines and the minimum bet that can be placed is 0.20$. It is definitely packed with many features and I personally think that this is a well thought game.

The first time I encountered this game I only made a deposit of 20$ in one of the NetEnt casinos because I wanted to try out this game. Of course I went with the minimum bet of 0.20$ per spin and I started playing. In the beginning it was really rough since those spins are really fast and they were mostly empty. But after a while a Police wild showed up on the first reel and it granted me re-spins for every time he moved one place to the right. From that wild I only managed to get some small winning of 1.5$, but shortly after a Griffin Wild appeared on the fifth reel and it also granted me re-spins for every turn he moved to the left and this wild also granted me a minor win. So I kept playing hoping to see free spins that can occur only if the two wilds merge together in the main game, which will grant you 10 FS and if this same thing happens in the free spins you will be awarded with extra 4 FS and also these wild can appear anywhere now not only on reel 1 and 5 like in the main game. So I just kept spinning but I only had 4$ left, but suddenly the 2 wilds appeared I got the free spins. In free spins there are also 2 meters that are located above the reels with 8 places and the corresponding wilds can fill those meters.

If one of those two meters is filled before the end of the free spins a bonus game will activate. In my case I didn't even come close to activating a bonus game, but in other attempts that occurred later I did manage to activate it only couple of times. Overall this can be a really exciting but also a hard slot to play. But I absolutely love the design and the intro, but I dislike that in most of the cases low payouts occur. Definitely give it a try !
The Invisible Man is new Netent slot. I had very high expectations about this slot, waiting it, and of course played couple of times since it was released. I will not make any secret, and say straight - this game does not meet my expectations at all.

Game has 20 paylines, min bet here is good, 0.20 only. Also there is feature called win both ways, I like this feature in all online slots, it give bigger payouts, and of course it is much more interesting to watch wins from both sides. Also I should admit that I like the way which used here to trigger free spins feature - not like usual slots with scatters, but when two different wilds meet each other.

Basic game is very boring and not interesting. Payouts for symbols are low, and it is hard to get any big win. If only 5 of a kind top paying symbol, which will give good win due to win both ways feature.

Free spins feature is something more interesting, because wilds appear much more often, and you can win one of two features - first one is by invisible man wilds (collect it faster than police wilds), it is pick bonus game. A bit boring and nothing new, but at least some money. Second one is police spins, where before each spin police add wilds. Never had big win here - so I did not like it at all.

Overall, like I said game does not meet my expectations. Very low wins, and sometimes very long time waiting for free spins. Very good looking and great sounds, also amazing idea, but I do not like this slot.
Very long loading on my laptop, it is annoying. Also freespins round took about 2-3 minutes to load for me most times, it is another not great thing.

Very low payouts in most cases.

Police spins contains too low amount of wilds, I will be happy to see there much more wilds.
blondie 1094 reviews
The Invisible Man is one of the latest Netent software games, it landed only last month. I tried it for a few times, but I only lost my money with it so I put it away for some time.

The game itself is a really nicely designed 5 reel 20 payline slot with free spins bonus round. There are two kinds of wilds in this game, and when they appear on the screen, they give re-spins, until they leave the screen. But when both walking wilds meet on the same reel, you'll get 10 free spins. Within the free spins alking wilds also appear and each time they leave the reels, it counts in their "bonus meter". It is a meter ( there are one for Police Man and other for Griffin) that has 8 spaces and if you manage to fulfill them, you'll get whether Police Spins or Griffin spins. So far I've been close to getting Police man spins. To be honest, in my opinion it is quite hard to get the free spins, it has happened to me only 3 times I think.

I was in a mood to catch the Invisible man, so a couple of days ago I made a 30€ deposit at Casumo casino, placed 0.20€ bets per spin and used my favorite option - autoplay for 250 spins. I got many regular wins that helped me keep my balance stable. And it took me 145 spins to get those wilds merge and receive 10 free spins. However, the spins gave me only 2.04€ win and each of the wheels appeared only once, so I couldn't fulfill the meter. I have to admit that after the feature, spins were mostly dead and my balance was fast decreasing. I played the rest of the autoplay and ended my session, no other feature appeared.

Overall I really like this slot, the intro for it is amazing and reminds me some kind of horror story and as always - design is great. But I think that the payout isn't great and for me it is almost impossible to catch free spins on main game, not even the other bonus from free spins features.
This is a new addition to NetEnt games and I really don’t like it. To start off with I don’t like the way it looks, and that makes the whole experience very bad.

The only thing that I like about this game is getting wilds. They give you 5 re-spins and that could boost your bankroll, but most of the time it does not.

The feature is also pretty cool but getting it is a real hassle. I played this game for ages and did not manage to get it.
With bad graphics, the game also brings tiny pays. It is actually so bad that most of the time I would win my own bet or few cents more. I actually could not figure out what I need to do to get the feature and had to read the pay table a couple of times. Once I knew that the cop and the invisible man have to come out on same reel spot, I realized that that can be super difficult. In all my play I only got the wilds on both reels once and they were in different positions.

I tried raising the bet and that made no difference either. Then I tried double tapping and that was even bigger mistake. Apart from getting no wilds I also never got any pays.

I originally wanted to try around €20 on this game and ended up losing over €40. A real bad game in my view and a bad addition to NetEnt family. With all of the possibilities out there to create a game like this is a total waste of time in my view. It looks dark and negative, which put you on a bad buzz while you are playing the game. Over all a total miss on their part and my rating for this game is 3 out of 10.
When I first played The Invisible Man I wasn’t sure what to think of it. In the introduction video it made a reference to Universal Pictures. Hence it being another licensed deal of Net Entertainment with a Hollywood film studio. I’m a big fan of movies but unfortunately The Invisible Man didn’t ring any bells.

After doing some research about it, I found out that it’s apparently some old horror movie based on a novel. The game has been released recently in December and luckily I had played a lot at several NetEnt casino’s to receive a big amount of free spins to try this game for free.

My first impression was quite positive since again we can praise Net Ent for its creativity. In addition to the 5-reels and 20-paylines format, the game features many wilds which result in countless re-spins even during the base game. This gives the player more playtime than a game such as The Wish Master for instance, where a modest balance can be swallowed up within a blink of an eye.

But that’s not the case with The Invisible Man, because the wilds ensure re-spins and more playtime. So I would definitely recommend this game to the recreational player. During the re-spins, which happens when a wild appears on a particular reel, then the wild symbol shifts from left to right or vice versa.

There are two different wilds; The Police Wild and The Griffin Wild. If they confront each other during the re-spins, then you win 10 free spins but this could be more if more confrontations take place.

The min bet is only 20 cents and therefore affordable for even low rollers. I managed to hit the feature like 4-5 times during my free spins from Redbet, Unibet and some other casinos. I also managed a few re-triggers. During the free spins there are two progression bars; One of the Bonus Game and the other is Police Spins.

If you manage to fill up one of the progression bars, then you unlock another feature. I had the Police Spins feature unlocked one time, which resulted in additional free spins and four burning wilds. I was expecting a monster win but unfortunately I never won more than 100x betsize.

Overall I had good results with my free rounds, but winning that much meant it was almost impossible to clear the WR. Hate the fact most casinos have unreasonable high WR on free spins winnings. It often turns out to be just a waste of time. Therefore we have to give credit to for instance Guts and ComeOn which do not apply WR to free spins winnings.

I can definitely say that I enjoyed this game and I'm pretty sure I'll try it again with a bigger bet size.
Like many new NetEnt games, the wilds seem to be kind of worthless. Despite having so much wilds on my screen during my play, it never resulted in a monster hit.
bigdk88 74 reviews
United Kingdom
This new game by Net-Entertainment is just fantastic! You will especially like this if you loved Jack and the Beanstalks walking wilds feature! The Invisible Man has a wide array of features such as both way walking wilds, free spins, bonus game and police free spins.

The slot is based on the classic Invisible man movie from 1933 (must watch this) and in turn based on HG Wells classic novella of the same name from 1897! The old ones really do produce the best it seems!! Symbols include characters from the movie with nice payouts ranging from 500-150x other symbols are 10-A. Ok not the biggest but you can still hit big wins even though the payouts are not enormous! The reason the wins can occur is because you can have more than 1 wild on the reels at once the game does constant re-spins until no more policeman or invisible man wilds are available on the reels. Invisible Man moves right to left and policeman moves left to right. Once a collision occurs this begins the 10 free spins! If this happens again during you get an extra 4 free spins too!

During free spins every Invisible Man or policeman gives one more respin ideally you want these at the edge of the screen to guarantee at least 5 respins! If you are lucky enough to get 8 or more Invisible man you win the bonus game or 8 or more Policemen for Police free spins. You cannot get both unfortunately therefore once you have finished collecting all other wilds mean nothing more than re-spins.

Invisible Man bonus game: Once you enter the bonus game you must click until you lose beginning with house on far left and moving in order when you hit a red danger pick you move to next area. You can collect multipliers and coin values (up to 5x multipliers). As there is just one bad egg if you like it is quite and easy bonus game to play success rate far better than on some others! Police free spins: Should you win the police free spins 5 random wilds land at once for you on the reels this happens for 3 free spins but can be longer if you get walking wilds to extend your free spins!

Now I will tell you my Pros and Cons of this slot:


Walking wilds.
Free spins.
Bonus game.
Policeman free spins.
Win both ways in all features/base game!
Great music (sounds a bit like professor Layton) and graphics!
Bet from as little as 20p or currency equivalent.
Good for wagering on!

Can freeze on you if your computer is not top of the range.
Can be tricky to get free spins but not always.
Bet safely as it can be dire mostly good for me though!

I give The Invisible Man 8,5 out of 10 almost perfect but could have been more average PC friendly.

valentin68 535 reviews
“Invisible Man” from NetEnt is a slot that is playing hard. By saying hard, I mean here to win you have to wait long time and be prepared before for worse - even to lose all and have just small wins. The slot is similar in the beginning with the oldest and most weak NetEnt slots, that where paying 2 cents for “3 of the kind”. This is the way this slot works, and here even the major symbols only pay 15 to 20 cents for “3 of a kind” which is still under the total bet. The game brings you to exasperation and you start to say that here wins and payouts are as invisible as the Invisible Man. With this observation at first you are satisfied when you find that a Wild (“Griffin” - the Invisible Man or the “Police Man”) is trailing, meaning it walks on all 5 reels and at every step it gives you one free respin. And with all these 5 respins again the value of the total win is almost nothing. Sometimes you have 2 or 3 consecutive Wilds that walks to the left or to the right and 10-15 respins. Still about nothing won. You can lose very well 10-25 Euro before to discover the true value of the slot. I said there are two different Wilds. When the Cop meets the invisible man on the same line (one of them walking to the right and the other one to the left) you enter the Free Spins. At first you are said there are only 10 Free Spins but because the two characters (Invisible man and cop) are automatically placed to the left and right of the slot not only that these characters will generate other Wilds (at about every Free Spin) and each Wild generated will provide another 5 respins, but more frequent the two Wilds will met and thus they will increase the number of Free Spins. You even do not really know exactly at what spin number you are. You can play thus 50 Free Spins. And just at the end of the Free Spins you enter the Bonus Game when you pick different items, in fact multipliers and other payouts.

But, again the game is playing very hard. To enter twice the Free Spins I played in parallel simultaneously at 2 slots (one direct from AskGamblers pages and one in Casino Luck). I had roughly the same loss of 10-25 Euros at each slot before entering after nearly 20-30 minutes (and some good hundreds of spins) into the Free Spins. You can very well stop playing this slot and leave the game being sorry you played here before discovering its true value.

Perhaps this is how is in fact this slot, having almost invisible wins as invisible as its main character.
From what I wrote above one can draw the conclusion that the losses are enormous, the payouts are very small and sometimes the wins are non-existent. This NetEnt slot resembles to the weakest old slots from here, even for its graphics that seems very archaic (like the story).
Th3 Runn3R 119 reviews
United States
I was very curious when I found out that The Invisible Man would be released soon. But then a fellow member of this forum (Afi) said that the game was already released at Casumo (also my favorite online casino) and unfortunately Casumo didn't offer free spins for their new game which is I found very rare.

Anyhow, I tried this game a multiple times and it occurred to me that this game has a low pay out which reminds me of the most games powered by Thunderkick like Bork the Berzerker etcetera.

I think the main reasons of the low pay out are the mini features : Walking Wilds and both ways pay.

The game has 20 paylines and it pays both ways so if you think of it, this game pay outs are cut in half compared with other 20 paylines games.

The only thing I love about this game is the quality of the graphics and the animations, they looked very state of the art.
What do I dislike about this game? Well I think the rest of the members are agree with me if I say that the pay out is way too low and the bonus round is not easy to trigger aaaand the bonus round is multistage which is could be very disappointing when you won't reached the second stage.

I have expected that Click for a prize bonus round could give you more winnings than 3 police free spins. When 2 wilds collided and the bonus round triggered I always hoped I will get the 3 police free spins because that bonus round could give you bigger win.

I have lost more than 200 euro playing this game, that's a big disappointment from a NetEnt game.

I was very lucky to hit big wins playing Gonzo's Quest so I can regain my lost balance again.

2 days ago I managed to get 2 big wins ( 1 x over 150 times bet and 1 x over 110 times bet) but that's all. CasinoEuro is recently has free spins promotion if you deposit en play this game. This is a good opportunity to try this game with some extra free spins.
katemak 1170 reviews
The Invisible man video slot is the newest Netent game has just being released from these guys. Well like always eager to see the new Netent game, well I am big, huge fan of their slot, but must say not all of them, because lately they disappointed me big time, just because the new slot how they are arriving are worst and worst, well except The Wish Master game, which has brought me extra great winnings.

Ok this is 5 reel with 20 paylines video slot, which I watched the movie I don't know how many times, so yes I like the theme and the look of the game, but the game itself, actually the winnings from it, especially from the free spins, I can’t say the same.

When I played this game for the first time, I though, nice, a lot of free spins, the walking wilds a bonus round and maybe the free spins feature is not that hard to be triggered, but results from it, were not good at all. Ok from few free spins, you can’t say if some game is great or not, you know when some of casinos where we are depositors, so like any game even this game and this time, when they were releasing it we all got free spins.

So like I said you can’t decide, well I can't if this slot is good or not, so then I wanted to try this game, to give it a shot, so maybe it will be ok. And yes I tried this game, even won 3 times the free spins feature, once the bonus game and the maximum win I got was around 14 euros. I lost 57 euros on that Invisible man, so that's it, for I think I tried it and it’s a big no for me, well I might play it someday, only if it’s given as a free spins or so. Well that's my opinion, if it’s not good for me, maybe will be good for someone else.

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