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Stickers is a vibrant and colourful 5 reel video slot powered by NetEnt software provider. Its fruity symbols will remind you of a hot summer day and all you might think about is a refreshing fruit juice. This slot is more traditional and it doesn’t boast with loads of features, however it does come with some exciting Sticky Wilds and Sticky Spins feature. Give it a try right here for free or go to NetEnt Casinos to play for real money. 

To get in the mood for a real summer adventure, you need to adjust your bet. Set the slot to your likings and choose the bet levels you prefer playing with. You can adjust the bet “Level”, from 1 to 20, with 20 fixed win lines and 7 different “coin values” from €0.01 up to €1.00. “Spin” initiates the game and “Max Bet” turns the reels at the highest wager. In order to automatically play the game for a number of times without interruption, one should click “Au­top­lay­”.

The game features Wild Symbols which transform into Sticky Wilds which then turn into Sticky Spins, definitely making up for the lack of free spins.

Wild Symbols can appear on any position on all reels, both during the normal spins base game and also during the Sticky Spins round. Stickers Wild symbols can substitute for all other symbols, except for Sticky Wilds symbols, to create the highest paying winning bet line combinations.

If one or more Wild symbols appears during a game round these symbols will hold their positions after one free Sticky Spin follows. They can also create other winning bet lines by substituting for other symbols as well.

Sticky Spins can be activated by getting one or more Sticky Wilds which appear in a base game round. Hit one or more Wild symbols, regardless of the symbols as they will still create a winning bet lines and a free Sticky Spin will follow. All Wild symbols, including those from the original spin, will hold their positions and substitute for other symbols. This will continue as long as new Sticky Wilds keep appearing.

As you can see, Stickers Slot doesn't offer too many extra features like other NetEnt slots, but sometimes it's nice to keep things simple.

Game Play

Coin Value: Decide on the coin size.
Level: Choose the bet level.
Spin: Start the game at the chosen bet.
Max Bet: Turn the reels at the highest wager.
Autoplay: Spin the reels for a number of times uninterrupted.

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Stickers video slot by NetEnt was something I have been waiting on since NetEnt announced its releases last year. It was another video slot in the row to come out. When I heard this game name, I knew there must be sticky wilds and symbols. It's fruit themed slot with something you won't miss it will come trough spins and show up on the screen, that Sticky Wild symbol.

'Stickers' is all about single Sticky Wild symbol and Sticky Spin feature. It's 5-reels, 20-pay lines video slot with 0.20 cents. My stake was 0.40 and I never made any decent win on this slot. It seems according to paytable that it ain't possible at all. Let's say game appearance looks great, graphics and sound effects but then you open a paytable and you can start crying.

This is low variance video slot, the highest paying symbol payout is 400 and it's strawberry symbol. In order to reach 80 000 coins your stake should be max.allowed stake and you need that Think of it? Its not worth it. I am not saying this slot isn't super fun and extra entertaining but if I should advice someone whether to deposit from his pocket, my answer is big no. Of course if your in some NetEnt powered casino and you come across 'Stickers' then give it a try.

But deposit just to play 'Stickers' no. There is a large number and numerous video slots available and we can find the best one with so called 'rich' paytable. My last session was disaster, because I managed to win 5 euros max. All that came from Sticky Wild symbol and combinations including Wild. Like I said , its all about Sticky Wild and Sticky Spin feature. There isn't bonus game, no multiuplier, no Scatter symbol and what could we expect. Nothing much.
raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
I love sticky wilds, it's a feature that has given me almost of all of my biggest on-line slot wins courtesy of NetEnt's fantastic Dead or Alive game. So, when NetEnt announced their new game "Stickers" which would be pretty much entirely based around this feature I figured it was bound to be a huge hit. Nobody could mess that idea up... right?

Sadly, I was wrong and Stickers is definitely a major contender for the "What we're they thinking?!" award of the year. Sure, it has sticky wilds but only in the form that any time a wild lands on the screen it stays in place for a free re-spin, and remains in place if another wild lands on that spin with the process continuing until no more wilds appear on the next spin. Almost every time though you will get just a single re-spin and a low win.

The wilds have no paytable allocation of their own so even if you manage a full line, which is possible as they appear on all five reels, you will still only be awarded the 400 coin payoff that the top strawberry symbol awards which is equivalent to just 20x your stake.As there are 20 paylines the maximum jackpot combination would be a full screen of wilds, which should always represent an exciting win but even with 20 lines of that top combination you'll receive just 400x your bet - that's definitely not enough to make me jump out of my seat and is infact even lower than the jackpot combination of NetEnt's awful Starburst game. It's worth adding that your chances of ever seeing that full screen of wilds are EXTREMELY low and I'll be completely amazed if it ever appears in a screenshot thread - I can't imagine anybody is even still playing this game for a start!

So despite the sticky wilds and an attractive and colorful theme, "Stickers" is a complete stinker and deserves to be banished to the darkest pits of slot machine hell. Avoid this game!
Stickers slot is another excellent NetEnt slots that I am playing at Bet365 Casino. Without too much complication and unnecessary introduction, Stickers slot is a very pleasant experience for you and for your computer's performance. Stickers slot has four important ways of winning prizes such as: Wild symbols, Wild symbols and Sticky Sticky Spins. It often happens that I have conquered Sticky Spins while playing in Unibet and Bet365 casino. Stickers slot has 20 lines of payment, so that my role here mainly around € 0.40. In some cases, when I have more than 50 € on the account, then increase the bet per spin to € 1. The most I like the speed of rotation of the drum that is set to not waiting too much, but also to arrive on time to see what you've won at that point.

As I write this review, just play this slot at Bet365 Casino, I went with 40 € and my bet per spin is € 0.60. I think this is quite decent bet for starters, that would not bankrupt soon with stakes of more than € 1 per spin. I took the auto-play of 25 spins, and the adventure can begin. In the first eight spins, never won a penny but in the ninth getting six symbols K and conquer 80 coins. In the next 7-8 spins I won scarcely € 1, but then piled the gains. First I got 5 symbols K again, then 4 symbols "Kiwi" and at the end of four symbols "Strawberry". The three winning total as we increased the amount in the account for 320 coins, and since I play the € 0.60 it means that the bet level to 3. Such calculations arrive at the figure of € 9.6 in three spins, not bad. After that I took a couple of individual spins, and after that on account now have € 52.

After these spins I make a break and continue with another slot, namely Jimi Hendrix because he was again present. Stickers slot has a very soothing sound effects. Sometimes I have the feeling when I take a picture, it's the sound of a cartoon or a kindergarten where children play their favorite games, and the music going in the background. If you expect some famous explosion at winning paylines, forget it. This game is very different from, for example, the Big Bang, which is rich in light elements. On the other hand, in this game you will have no complaints when it comes to percentage gains, going up to 97%. When I perceive everything, from my experience this game in the beginning, you need to play with something smaller bankrolls, because to me regularly occurs in the first 10 spins, win barely 2 €. Good luck and write how it goes your "sticky" experience.
Afi4wins 1232 reviews
When the whole gambling world was getting high on sticky things, all sorts of sticky games came to the surface. I was always very keen for a certain sticky game too, but never mind about that, hehehe. So, what should you name a game about sticky things? Stickers of course, but don't go and ask any baby if they know the answer. They'll probably lift up their 2 legs and you've got some sticky mess to wash up! Hahaha.

I can't recall when NetEnt released this Stickers game, but it certainly wasn't that long ago. But, this Stickers game probably became sticky somewhere along the way, and the game designers never got to put better graphics into it. Maybe their babies got in their way! Hahaha. The only nice symbol I can see is the Wild symbol. All others are just 'hmm!" Paytable wise, it's a "ooh gawd!". Stickers is one game without any Free Spins game nor any Bonus game. All it got is some sticky moves, but giving a lot of sticky fun no less! I told you I like sticky games, didn't I? Games...not things! Hahaha.

Well, the nice Wild symbol is a nice dumb Wild, sorry to say. It doesn't pay, it doesn't double, it doesn't expand, it doesn't move either. It just sticks! But that's not a bad thing after all, it can create new wins, lots of new wins, not big ones, but decent ones nonetheless. Those fruits could certainly have been iconised more beautifully, but like I said, something got in the way. Too bad! Their win values start from 400x the line bet for the Purple fruit, down to 30x the line bet for the number 10. Not at all good, but blame it on NetEnt.

Like all sticky games, I must have played them until they became lame, until Stickers became lame. Plenty of sticky Wilds, plenty of sticky action, plenty of sticky moves and plenty of sticky re-spins, but not one single good nice big win! The most I got was just over 100x my bet win. Can I ever see a nice 500x total bet win or more? Hmm, I've lost quite a bit chasing it, but never finding what I was looking for!
We are all beginners as well as coming to cafes and played our favorite slot machines, which I called "vockice". That was a long time ago, with this point of view but it is worth remembering these details, because this game that comes from NetEnt company reminds its slot machines. It seems to me that the idea of the producers of the software is just that, to bring us back to a past time when slots were much simpler and players satisfied with the profit of a few euros, enough for drinks or coffee at your favorite coffee shop.

Stickers slot is graphically solidly done, but if you are addicted to lighting effects and glamor that lurks around every corner of the drum, in this case this is not the game for you. Stickers slot is not the perfection of visualization of symbols on the reels, but carries with it the mention "spirit of the past." Stickers slot play at many casinos, mainly in the Unibet casino because I was there recently quite active, especially in the betting and poker. Often when I go to Bet365 Vegas section playing Stickers, Neon Staxx, Blood Suckers, Gonzo's Quest, Evolution slot and so on. I have not so far made some great gains on this slot machine, but it also never went bankrupt hanging out with "fruit tree" with Stickers slot machines.
Stickers is slot made by NetEnt. This is their not very long ago game, it was released in 2015, at least i think so and almost sure in this. I play this game quite frequent, because i really enjoy this slot. I can't say that it is very popular for me, but sometimes I really spend there a lot of spins.

Game looks very good. For some reasons it is similar for me with Spinata grande. Not sure why, probably because generally colours very similar, or probably I have same emotions when playing this slot (very good emotions this means). There is not so many animations, but there is great music, probably one of the best soundtrack across all NetEnt games.

This game is good for me because it is very fast. There is no scatters, no features, no bonus games. Just play and play. This is something which not always great, but when you had good slot game like this - it is just nice. There is only one special thing which called sticky wild. If wild symbol appear on any place - it will stay on this place and respin will start. If any other appear - another respin and all wilds held. By this feature you can get full screen of wilds in theory, but i never was close to this hit.

I have in best times about 6 - 7 wilds, and get very nice wins. I get many wins like 100 bets and even couple more, and one king hit - almost 200 bets. Wilds keep lands like crazy, and this really give such awesome win. Very big pleasure that my bet was 1$ in this spin, so iIget great payout. It is great game, check it if you never did so. I rate it with 9 stars.
I do not have anything to thumbs down. But I wish to get wilds more frequent of course, but this is not complaint.
zerooo 742 reviews
Stickers is a 20 paylines video slot from NetEnt software. When this game was released I received a lot of free spins to try it out on so many casinos. Every day I received new free spins from different casinos.

While I was playing it and trying it out I was disappointed. From free spins I won almost nothing, never more than 1€ from one free spins session. Example on some others games like now on new game Hook's Heroes when I used free spins I received like as 5€, 6€ but never less than 1€. Maybe I could find some session where I received less, but most of the time the number is higher than 1€. So the first feeling of this game was bad. The game pay poor every time when I was playing it.

The game has only sticky spin feature. When a sticky wild appears on the reels, stickly spin is awarded. More spins are awarded if more wilds appear on the reels during the Sticky spin and all wilds symbols hold the position on the reel for the entire Sticky spin session until no new wilds appears. I think this is not good enough. I would like to see more from this game with sticky wilds. I think this game is one of the worst from NetEnt software. When I received first wild and sticky spin started, after one spin I didn't received any new wild symbol on the reels and sticky spin finished. I think most of the time is like that so I don't like the game at all.

I will never play this game again; the paytable is poor, bad. I didn't saw many winning screenshots at this game and I think all players don't like it. Many times some casinos offer you free spins on Stickers without any deposit and I think I know why. Because you can't expect big winnings on this game.
Johnajax 50 reviews
United States
Netent is probably the best game provider on the world. Special when we talk about video slots. Their slots are great, graphics is perfect they always put interesting animation bu this slot is one of their biggest failure. Maybe we expect too much from Netent and I am aware that they can’t have only great games in their selection but this slot is made without any imagination, without anything which can attract players or give them fun and reason to come back to this slot.

I don’t have a lot experience here, few months ago (I am not sure when) few casinos were offering some free spins on this slot and I took that opportunity to try and see this slot. On three casinos I had about 40 free spins and I didn’t won 5 euros all together. And I am not surprised at all because this slot doesn’t have any bonus round, or free spins round or any feature which can bring you any money. Only thing is that sticky spin and that is when you get wild symbol you get another spin (without any multiplier or something). That is ridiculous for me. All that you can do on this slot is to spin and wait. Even symbols here are boring, I mean fruit and letters… Come on, bring some imagination here, bring anything interesting.

That lack of interesting symbols, interesting animation will be forgotten if this casino pays well. I would love to play some video slot which is boring but pays well. If you get here three best symbols (strawberries) you multiple your bet on that line by 40 and we are talking about best symbol. That is not enough for me special when you know that you don’t have bonus round or free spins and that is your only way to win something.

So this is proof that even Netent can make bad video slot and lately that is happening more often but I am sure that they know what are they doing and I am sure that we will forget this game soon because they will have some great new slots.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Stikers is one of the latest NetEnt additions to its slots collection. I got a few free spins promos when the game was launched, but I don’t think that it gained much popularity over the gambling community. This looks like a low variance, low paying slot with a very simple design and I just don’t think you can win big in this slot.

The slot looks like an older fruit machine which you will find in land based casinos with a lot of fruit symbols. If you take a look at the paytable you won’t find anything interesting. The slot has a low paytable and only offers wild symbols and no scatters. This can be a great setback in a slot game when you don’t have the standard two of a kind or more scatter payouts. It has 20 paylines so the minimum bet to play it is only 20 cents.

From the features this game only offers a sticky wild feature. Here if you get a wild symbol on the reels you get one respin with the wild in place. If you get another wild in the next spin you get another respin with both wilds in place. This continues until you get no more extra wilds on the reels and no more respins. This would be great if you could get more respins or at least a respin on a win regardless of wild. It would be even better if the wild had a multiplier or anything else just to make the game more interesting.

I tried this game for real money on minimum bets and on bigger bets. The end result is that you just keep losing money. Even with some 5 of a kind combinations the payout is still small because of the poor paytable. The only big win can come if you get an incredibly high number of consecutive spins with a wild and I don’t think that will ever happen. This is a game I can’t recommend.
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Stickers video slot by Netent was realised back in May and I was excited to try out this fruity, juicy game. I can tell that I like Fruit Warp by Thunderkickmuch better. Stickers is colorful game, with sticky wilds and sticky spins features.

If you like bonus feature and free spins feature, then this isn't game for you. The most excitement should come along with those sticky features. Fruit salad made of kiwi, strawberries, oranges and plums and sticky wilds adding some extra taste to this 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 paylines video slot, created for those who love to play fruit themes slots and I am not the one of them.

I have received free spins promotion for Stickers from several casinos and never actually deposited in order to play it. The is 0.01 and max.10 coins per bet line.

Considering the fact that you could win max of 80.000 coins on this game might be worth playing for those who like this kind of slots. I haven't got nothing special from this game and all in all, I played few times and I don't think I will play it ever again because there is nothing that would keep my attention.

I got many sticky wilds and sticky free spins but unfortunately when it comes to it was less than 20 x bet which is very poor in my opinion. To me, this is an average slot created more to have fun then to produce some decent wins..

I haven't seen its popularity among players and that's the best prove you will get about its popularity. Just follow the regular players and if they don't play, you can almost be sure, that you could stay away as well, because what is the point of investing your money into the game that can't pay big.
blondie 1081 reviews
Stickers are the newest slot release from the amazing Netent software. As usually, when the game landed in Casumo casino, they offered me 7 free spins. I was using my mobile phone and I really had no expectations because the spins were played with the minimum bets, however, when on one spin I managed to explore sticky wilds on every reel, I was amazed and overall 7 spins paid me 15.60€ which was truly unexpected.

What I really like about this game is its simplicity. The design is colorful with fruit and letter symbols, just in the right time before summer, and overall an eye - candy, the game is simple - it has sticky wilds and has no free spins or any other bonus round. Some may find it a bit boring but I certainly do not, this game reminds me of Wonky Wabbits, because of the color scheme and wilds.

Game itself has 5 reels and 20 paylines and the key feature is Sticky Wilds. When a Wild lands somewhere on the wheels, it substitutes for all symbols, and gives a respin, in which it stays there. If you get more sticky wilds on the respin, you'll get another one. So simple, but so exciting.

I played this game more seriously the next day with a 40€ bankroll. I played with the minimum bets, which are 0.20€ per spin. First I played 250 spins and my balance went down for a few euros, although I had lots of sticky wilds and a couple of "big wins" of 4€. Then I increased bets to 0.40€ per spin and played another set of 250 spins, the wilds came more rarely I got more empty spins, but despite that, I managed to get a few 20x bet size winnings and boost balance for 15€.

Overall I definitely recommend trying this game, especially for low-rollers. The wilds aren't too hard do get and they give decent winnings. I think this game would really be a good help for meeting rollover requirements, because it gives small but quite regular winnings. In my opinion it would be really hard to hit some huge winning. The design, as usually, is amazing. I give this game 8/10.
paquito76 867 reviews
Unibet has just sent me an e-mail offering 5 free spins at their newest slot game called Stickers so this would have been foolish to refuse this opportunity. After opening up the game a 20-payline fruit slot said ‘Hi’ but somehow I wasn’t really impressed with the interface of the game. I think it would be better saying the graphics was the one what I didn’t find such attractive what I used to at NetEnt games. There’s no major problem with it but the symbols are not drawn by the best technique and the pictorial elements seem to me very simple and overall the appearance can’t give too much delight visually, but on the other hands the used colours are very great and give the screen a fresh and vivid look. Though it didn’t live up completely to my expectations and I couldn’t tell it’s a NetEnt product but this very ordinary pictorial work is still solid enough to spend some time, even extended time per session.

Because it’s a fruit slot I didn’t expect many features and exceptional game qualities and it didn’t let me down as it is a very simple working product. The best paying symbol is Strawberry and in the case of a 5 of a kind win with it the profit is just 400 times of line bet which is not too generous but the most important symbol at this slot is Wild and the only feature the game offers also attached to this substituting icon. Every time when a Wild appears on the screen 1 re-spin is awarded while the Wild stays on its position giving another chance for other winning combinations. If the next spin brings another Wild to the reels, one more re-spin will be played while the two Wilds remain on their spots. So basically this re-spin feature lasts until a no-Wild spin occurs. Sadly, the Wild doesn’t have win multiplying functionality which really could some damage and the game itself doesn’t provide any extra feature.

Needless to say, the 5 free spin went by very easily without giving me back anything but I have never played this slot before and I decided I gave it a little bit more times to dazzle me and kept playing with it but this time with my real balance. The smaller wins quite often completed and the Wild appeared from time to time and gave me re-spins but never managed to repeat this kind of free spins more than twice one after the other but after 15 minutes nothing noticeable event happened so I left the game alone. Next day I returned with a little bit more spare times and intention to play a longer session but not much differences I experienced and I was about to jump on another slot when I got 4 re-spins and evidently the fourth spin was played with 5 Wilds on the table and the final profit I gained during the 5 spins was around €68 and it gave me another push to stay with the game and chase my luck on it but at the end of the night this win was the biggest one and from then nothing happened what I expected.

Overall, this game is nothing special and in my book this is just another average game. I don’t know why but I’m not really impressed by it and sometimes I felt that the game hasn’t got the ability to really entertain me and I’m not saying this game is monotone but definitely missed some kind of excitement and diversity while playing. As I mentioned earlier there’s no real problem with the game but on the other hand it should give me some more to make me believe this is a really good game which is worth to visit again and play with on frequent basis and because I didn’t get such kind of encouragement from Stickers I suppose I’m going to stick to games what I really love and already familiar with.
katemak 1162 reviews
Stickers slot game is one of the newest release games from Netent provider. Although I must admit Netent recently with every new game has disappointed me, so I wasn't expecting something spectacular from this game as like the Dracula one. Of course I wanted to try this new release from them and waited the day when we can play, so yes it finally happened and the game was free to play.

This game was offered, but with only few spins what casinos offer us when there is some new game online, but just so we can try it, but honestly from 5-15 free spin you can’t say much on some game is it good or bad or is it for you or not. So I decided to play with my own money and that was several days ago in Next Casino. I was playing with 0.40 per spin. So this game is fun to play but with all the fruits there it surely reminded me of the Fruit Shop slot but the only thing you won’t see any free spins. But the good thing is the when the Stickers start to lend, so the first one stays till another one, so maybe a decent win from this game, but don’t expect something spectacular.

I was playing maybe for an hour or so and from 20 euros of my deposit I managed to raise my balance to 80 euros and that was the maximum I got. As for the paying of this slot it surely reminded me of Starbust, which I mean that this game is maybe good for wagering some bonus, because the Stickers are really easily to triggered, but not one, but more of them, so the winnings are not big but at least they are constant. So far I like this game, but I am not very impressed with it or maybe I haven't good some big win on to be impressed by it, but I doubt that this game has of potential big winning. Good Luck.
After first seeing NetEnt's promotional video on YouTube for the newly released game called Stickers, I felt somewhat ridiculed and insulted in all honesty. Some could even argue to call it misleading. Sure, providers can use their available tools to promote their new games and showing wins is fine.

But the win they showed in that video would be extremely unlikely while the reward isn't even worth chasing. The NetEnt freak I am, I still had to check this game out though and what's a better opportunity when casinos are giving you free spins for your loyalty over the past few months.

Stickers has 5-reels, 3-rows and 20-paylines with the minimum bet being 20 cents. The concept of the game is rather straight forward as there no scatters of bonus games to be earned. So you're basically playing the base game all day long with only one main attraction.

The symbols are made of various fruits to make this game more juicy looking than it actually is. In addition, there is the wild symbol which is the main venue for bigger wins. Each time a Wild symbol appears on the reels, it will stick and give you a free re-spin.

The goal is get them consecutively and keep spinning for free. With the free spins I had, which mounted up to at least 500 spins at multiple casinos, I can't remember winning more than 25x bet. The pays are mostly terrible and the wilds appear once in a blue moon.

I had like 4 wilds as my best score, but they all appeared in odd places not connecting that well. Logically I didn't manage to win anything decent with my free spins and obviously didn't proceed to invest my own money in this game. I simply can't recommend this game and won't be playing it again myself since I fail to see the potential.
Poor payouts, wilds rarely appears, and if they appear there are never enough of them to win big. After Dracula, another poor release!
Ahmo6 232 reviews
Stickers is a game that was recently brought to us by NetEnt software. The game has 5 reels and 20 paylines and the minimum bet that can be placed is 0.20$. I first played this very interesting game in Royal Panda Casino where I got 10 FS on it. Unfortunately I didn't get much out of that, so I just made a smaller deposit and played the game some more.

The game is really colorful and soothing for your eyes and with a really nice background music. The game isn't filled with much features it is very simple and straight forward. The only feature that it has is the Sticky Wild feature and it is associated with the wild symbol which. Since when the wild symbol appears this feature will activate. You can already assume by it's name that this feature will make that wild symbol stick around for an extra spin and if in that extra spin another wild appears it will stick around as well and grant another re-spin, this feature continues as long as new wilds appear. When there are no new wilds on the reel the feature will stop, it is as simple as that. I played this game mostly with a 0.20$ and 0.40$ bet per spin and I expected this game to give me some nice wins but it was quite the opposite. It just kept eating my balance, after some serious losses without returning even one good win the game got tedious to me and I decided not to play this game anymore.

My opinion is that this game is to much reliant on that sticky wild feature (obviously since it is the only feature) and even if that feature is triggered, either the wild symbol appeared on the wrong place or there are no new wilds after that, which can be really frustrating and also makes it really hard to get a good win. So basically, you need to be very very patient and lucky in order for the wilds to align the way you want them to so you can get a decent win.

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