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Roman Chariots Reviews by Players


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hajnrih 1377 reviews
Reviewed on July 23. 2015


Roman Chariots is a great slot game coming from Williams Interactive. I think that this slot was first launched in land based casinos and was adopted by the online industry later. I have played this slot a number of times and had some great results here.

This is basically a 20 paylines slot with 5 reels. The minimum bet is 0.40 because 0.20 goes for the feature. When you sit to play the game you will see 3 extra mini slot versions of the game connected to the main slot. The first two reels of the main slot are connected to the first mini version, the central reel is connected to the central mini slot and the last two reels are connected to the third mini version.

Whenever a stacked reel of wilds land in the main slot it unlocks the corresponding extra slot and adds a multiplier. All symbols can come stacked in this game including wilds. The more wild reels you get the more the multiplier increases. On the last reel if a golden trumpet lands all the unlocked mini versions take a spin and all wins are multiplied accordingly. Also the trumpet can bring a multiplier of up to 5. This is then multiplied to the overall multiplier of the mini versions. For example if all 3 are unlocked and you have multipliers of 5, 10 and 20 and you get a trumpet with a 5 x multiplier the multipliers for that spin increase to 25, 50 and 100. If you are lucky to get this with a few reels of stacked wilds you are guaranteed a massive payout. If the bonus symbol lands on reels 1 and 5 you are awarded free spins without a reset to the mini slots. If a red trumpet lands on reel 5 you are awarded 5 euros and the slots reset so you start all over again.

I had some nice wins on this slot, but the first time I saw it was on a Youtube video some guy posted in a land based casino. All 3 slots unlocked and a 24 x multiplier on the last. He got a trumpet with a 5 x multiplier and 3 stacked reels of wilds with a roman emperor on the first. I didn’t see how much money he won but from the screaming I’m sure it was a lot.
Raptordinos 866 reviews


"Roman Chariots" is a video slot that has been taken its first steps in land casinos and then was brought by "WMS" to online casinos, where it has been welcomed by some players, mainly by high levels of emotion aroused for its innovative special features. In terms of design, we can say the theme of this slot, as its name suggests, is based on Roman legions, and symbols and objects in their symbols are soldiers, shields, horses and all kinds of related items. The slot contains 4 tables, the principal is the largest one and that's where base game spins are made, and has 3 x 5 reels. Above the main slot they are 3 small tables used to development of its special feature "Supercharged Reels".

Both standard and wild symbols can appear stacked, and it should be noted that wild symbols have a major role in the development of this game since everything seems to revolve around them. Prices contained on paytable are really low, something quite normal in slots where wilds appear grouped, and that is to achieve a balance between hits and payouts. This slot has 20 paylines and bet consists of two parts, the bet per all 20 lines plus the feature bet, which is an amount equal, for example, if you bet $ 0.20, your total bet will be $ 0.40, $ 0.20 for lines + $ 0.20 for the feature, and this is not optional.

Special features:
- Supercharged Reels: ok, the three small squares on top are called sets A, B, and C, and at the bottom an option called "bet multiplier" which is similar to the option number of coins that usually appears in other slots. Wild symbols may appear totally stacked on reels 2, 3, and 4, and every time a wild reel occurs, a set is charged with a multiplier equal to your "bet multiplier" and the respective square above turns into a minislot including a reel completely wild as follows: the reel 2 is suitable to set A, 3 to B, and 4 to C. When a bugle with green background appears on reel 5, all minislots spin and earnings are multiplied by the accumulated multiplier each and wins are added to your main slot, the bugle symbol can also emerge with an additional multiplier on it (2x, 3x, or 5x). When bugle symbol with a red background appears, all the multipliers accumulated in your minislots are reset, you get a payout equal to your total bet multiplied by 5, and cycle begins again. This is harder said than done, but in conclusion we can say potential gains that may result from this feature are huge.
- Bonus: a round with 8 free spins can be triggered by the appearance of a chariot wheel on reel 1 plus other on reel 5, all your winnings in this round are doubled and feature can be re-triggered. Red bugles are not sorted during this round.

Although I personally did not do very well with this slot, I cannot deny that it is a very original, interesting, and fun game that it’s worth checking.
Adebisi213 447 reviews


Looking for a Multiplier Galore? Then Roman Chariots from software developer WMS is the video slot to pick. I came across this game at Unibet a while ago and wasn’t too sure how it worked initially. Like many of the WMS slots, the format confuses the hell out of you when you just start playing them. Each game also tends to be different.

So it took a while to get used to Roman Chariots which is based on the Roman empire and therefore the symbols show a gladiator, horses, shields, helmets and swords. The game offers a main reel set which has 5-reels and 20-paylines. In addition, there are also three other screens of the same slot placed above the game.

The minimum bet is 40 cents per spin and that’s the bet size I experienced this game on. A big important role is laid out for the wilds in this game. They appear fully stacked on reels 2, 3 and 4, and come in quite regularly. Every time a full wild reel appears, then it adds a multiplier to the slot pictured above that reel.

As times go by, the multipliers add up on each slot pictured above. On reel 5 there is a trumpet, well actually there are two of them. One appears in green and basically gives you a free spin of the above pictured slots with the respective multiplier. The nice thing about the green trumpet is that it can multiply the multiplier you’ve built up (still get it?).

I managed to build up a multiplier on one of the reels all the way up to 12x. One time I got a 2x green trumpet, which meant a 24x multiplier. The best symbol is the horse paying 10x bet size per payline but it also appears stacked. Beware of the red trumpet though, because that one resets the multipliers you’ve worked so hard for.

On a positive note, there is also a bonus feature which triggers 8 free spins without the reset symbol. You need the bonus symbol on reel 1 and 5 to trigger it. My experience with the base game is somewhat lame. Never won more than 35x bet size even though I played very long. I often didn’t get successful with the slot above the reels carrying the highest multiplier.

During free spins (with no reset symbol) I did manage to win more than 200x my bet one time. If I do a bit of maths, then the max during the base game (stacked horses on reels 1 and 5, wilds on reels 2, 3 and 4) is 200x bet size. But if we add up the multipliers + 5x multipliers. Let’s say you’re having a 12x * 5x multiplier, which is 60x multiplier; then you can win more than 12,000x bet size.

This game comes close to DOA in such a scenario which I have yet to see in reality of course. Overall a nice game with extremely high potential, and definitely worth a shot.


Not really liking the low payouts during base game on the main reel set. Hard to win anything more than 10x bet size, but of course the above pictured slots on reel 2, 3 and 4 are the main attraction.

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