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Raging Rhino

Raging Rhino is a unique 6-reel video slot from WMS software provider that has stunning 4096 ways to win with each spin. The game is set in the beautiful African savannah surrounded with wild life. The Rhino himself is the most important symbol as it can help you stampede your way to huge wins. Have a go on this amazing slot right here for free, or pay a visit to any WMS Casino to play it for real money.

Before you set off on this African adventure of a life time, be sure to set your bet. Click on the Bet multiplier side arrows to djust your wager. Having done that this, press Spin button to start the game. And if you want to spin the reels for a pre-set number of times, click on the Auto Play button in the left lower corner.

The main feature of this game is the Free Spins feature which is triggered by getting 3 or more Diamond symbols anywhere on the reels. 3 Diamonds award 8 free spins, 4 Diamonds 15 free spins, 5 Diamonds 20 free spins and 6 Diamonds will give you 50 free spins. During the feature, getting 2 or more Diamonds will again reward you with more free spins.

Tree wild symbol on reels 2 to 6 will transform into 2x or 3x wild multipliers if they form part of a winning combination. And if you manage to get 3 or more wilds on the reels with a few Rhino symbols, prepare yourself for some monster wins.

Game Play

Bet Multiplier: Set the coin size.
Spin: Start the game.
Auto Play: Spin for a pre-set number of times without interruptions.

Raging Rhino Reviews by Players


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Danny72 2 reviews
If you like to loose money, I think this is the best game to do it. Actually this game made me quit playing slots, I played 2 months every day on this slot, without winning more than 80x, Any time.

The best thing With this slot was that I learned to stay away from slots, especially William interactive slots, forever.
You never win on this game, and if you win more than 800x, do not ever play this slot again, it Will take all your money. There is slot that you can win sometimes and you loose sometimes, it is normal. But With this slot you Will never win.
raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
Raging Rhino is one of WMS most popular games in a long time, creating a huge buzz when it was first release in land based casinos because of the large 6x4 playfield, crazy 4096 ways to win, multiplying wilds and stacked top symbols. These features combined give "The Rhino" as it's affectionately known amongst fans the kind of maximum payout potential that would give your average NetEnt player a heart attack!

Because the top rhino symbol is stacked on all reels it's top payout is set extremely low at just 7.5x your stake, however those stacks combined with the wilds - which can also include a multiplier - mean it is in fact possible to win on all of the paylines simultaneously. I've never heard of this happening and probably never will but wins on a thousand ways or more appear in screenshots often enough to tempt me back to this game time and time again!

About those wild symbols - they may not be stacked in this game however they have an unusual twist in that a multiplier can be attributed to the wild randomly and if these appear on subsequent reels as part of a winning combination they will be multiplied together to give the final adjustment win adjustment, for example a 2x and 3x multiplier as part of the same win will return 6x the normal paytable win for that combination.

Raging Rhino is definitely a high quality game and it can be very addictive trying to find those elusive stacks of Rhinos at the same time as a couple of those special 3x wild symbols - just be sure your bankroll is up to the task because this is about as high variance as on-line gaming gets!
You might have thought that all those ways to win and the larger than average four tall visible area would result in less dead spins but that is sadly not the case - this game can be brutal when it isn't in the mood to payout and when I have been awarded 10 free spins by a casino to use on The Rhino I have finished with no win on almost every occasion which is something I can't say about any other game I can remember.
Raging Rhino it is slot game made by WMS. It is very interesting and great slot game. Apart from many other WMS games, there is good chance to win money even during normal play. But feature of course seems have most potential, and could pay crazy money; at least it looks like this.

Game looks good, I like it. There is best paying symbol rhino, and I like how it made, and also animation when you hit it in a winning combinations. Also there is awesome idea to make diamonds as scatters, they look awesome.

There is 4096 paylines. This is a lot, but you should know that there are 6 reels and 4 rows, that's why this game has so many paylines. Payouts are not very big, but for best paying symbols it could be very good, because some of best paying symbols come stacked, and of course if you had many stacked symbols with 4096 paylines you win can be good. Wilds in normal play are not good, appear on reels 2 3 4 5.

Freespins feature starts when 3 or more diamonds appear anywhere on reels. For 3 scatters award is 8 freespins, but it is very easy to retrigger feature, because 2 scatters for example pays + 5 more freespins. During freespins key to win is hit wilds. Each wild will have multiplier 2x or 3x.

My best win was 300 bets in Casumo casino. I had freespins feature, and on last freespins I landed same symbols (low paying), but with 3 wilds. All wilds were with 2x multiplier, but payout was still great. And the best way is hit stacked rhinos and couple of wilds, in such case payout will be great. I could say that I also had moderate wins during normal play.

I like this game and rate it with 10 stars. Lot of potential, and could have nice win in normal play and feature.
I can't find anything bad about this slot game, it is interesting slot.
zerooo 742 reviews
A couple of months ago I started to play this game more often because I saw many winnings videos and screenshots on this game. The raging rhino offer 6 reels with a huge paylines. Into the game we could find an amazing 4096 payways and this was creation of WMS (Williams Interactive) software.

At first I must say that a few months back, you must search into different casinos where you can play this game, but recently I saw that some casinos where I played NetEnt games bring WMS software games into casino which I think is great move for them to bring more players at casino and to offer more games to players.

At Raging Rhino all starts when you must select the bet to play with it and I like that the minimum is set to 0.40€. At the start I thought that the minimum bet is set higher because of these 4096 paylines. When I played it I received some free spins feature. When you get at least 3 scatters you trigger the feature and you get 8 free spins. If you are lucky you can hit all 6 scatters and this will awarded you with 50 free spins.

Sure the free spins feature can bring you a lot of money, but you must have luck. During free spins feature many times you can get free spins retriggered by additional spins if you get at least 2 scatters. I get this at least two times when I played it, but the symbols land into wrong positions and it paid poor. Otherwise I think this could be really great game if the game is in the mood. I like it because it offers so many paylines and potential on huge winnings.
Maybe the only bad thing is that I didn't expected so many dead spins into this game. Sometimes the free spins feature is hard to trigger.
Raptordinos 866 reviews
With "Raging Rhino" WMS bank on a new format slot, as well as adding a row, also adds 1 reel to the traditional format 3 x 5 to turn it into a 4 x 6 reels slot, a very interesting format from my view, not only for being different, but the potential to generate large profits in a moment of luck. To try to balance the sustainability of this slot machine with mathematics winning odds, WMS has implemented a system of 4,096 ways to win with a modest payout table where animal figures appear with reasonable prizes, but characters, letters and numbers, have particularly low payouts that can sometime make the player feel this game is somewhat fruitless, and more if we consider that the only special feature of Raging Rhino is a round of 8, 15, 20, or 50 free spins which can be triggered by the appearance of 3, 4, 5, or 6 scatters with a diamond image. The thought here is that if the task of obtaining only 8 free spins is particularly hard, how hard can it be to get a round of 20 or 50 spins?. However, during the free spins, the player is awarded with 5 additional turns whenever two scatters appear simultaneously, and also good, wild symbols appear on this round, automatically become multipliers 2x or 3x, in addition to providing their usual function as substitute for standard symbols.

Giving a look at this video slot from the aesthetic point of view, I must say that Raging Rhino has a fully pleasing appearance inspired by the African savanna, with images of animals fairly representative of that environment, and a smooth transition between spins gives a pretty nice sensation, like all the details that are also part of the animation process throughout the game. Similarly, the sound effects are quite appropriate and equally enjoyable. For all the above I could say that this one is a totally fun game, and very popular indeed, though I think it profitable only for those who truly are in their lucky day. What I liked most from WMS, is having risked with this game in favor of getting some innovation, because if it is true that for us players are very important the profits issue, it is also true we really appreciate all the efforts of software development companies to create games with the ability to surprise us.
Raging Rhino is one incredible type of slot from Williams Interactive aka WMS. It’s one of those type of games that provides you a complete unique gaming experience. I’ve had the pleasure to deal with this slot during a couple of occasions. You can find this game at Redbet and Unibet Casino among others.

The theme is based on wildlife and the symbols reflect the animals you’ll come across during a safari for instance. You’ll find the usual high value card symbols with in addition Rhinos, Aligators, Gorillas, Tigers and much more.

The slot format is quite unique with 4096 ways to win format with 6 reels and 4 rows. The minimum bet is only 0.40 euro. In all honesty it took me a while to really like this game though. Don’t be fooled by the 4096 ways to win format. During my first 30 minutes of play I think I lost around 100 euros with barely any significant wins.

It made me feel like I’ve made the wrong decision, but luckily I didn’t. An important role is laid out for the scatters (diamonds) and wilds (trees) in this game. You need 3, 4, 5 or 6 scatters to win respectively 8, 15, 20 or 50 free spins. The wilds only are displayed on reels 2, 3, 4 and 5 btw.

The fun thing about the wilds during free spins mode is that they carry a 2 x or 3 x multiplier. Besides, during free spins only two scatters is sufficient to earn another 5 free spins. I managed to trigger the free spins a couple of times. Although most sessions didn’t award me too much, I did have one huge hit.

I had rhinos on reels 1 and 2, wilds on reels 3, 4 and 5 and rhinos again on reel 6. I won a total of around 300 x bet size. It could have been more with a bit more rhinos I suppose, but I was more than satisfied and won all my lost money back and even made a nice profit on this game. Not sure yet how to classify it in terms of variance, but I assume it can be real hard to get these type of hits.

Overall a great game that definitely brings something else to the table.
Lots of dead spins despite the 4096 ways-to-win format.
What can I say about Raging Rhino? The game is super popular and if you check it out on youtube you will see some amazing wins. And no doubt about it, the game can really pay big, but only if it feels like it. I remember the first time I saw this game on youtube, I wanted to give it a try straight away. So I deposited on bet365 and opened this game.

The minimum bet on this game was €0.40 and I was playing on it. I had €25 and I thought that playing on small bet would give me a chance to get the feature. The game was playing good and I was getting few wins here and there, but nothing amazing. Then I got the diamonds on the reels and was awarded with free spins. I was praying for the rhinos and wilds to come out but nothing did and I ended up winning like €5. Even though I was very disappointed I kept on playing and in about 20 mins lost all of my money.

I thought that the reason why the game did not payout was because of the small bet. After all, all of the guys on youtube were betting big to get the big win. So I decided to wait while I have a lot of money and give this game a shot on the big bet. A few days after that I had a lucky run on bet365 and had around €170 on the account.

I opened Raging Rhino and put the bet to €1.60. I started playing and before I knew it i was down to €100. I could not believe how fast I lost €70 so I panicked and put the bet down to €0.80. After few spins o got the feature and actually managed to get 5 more spins in it. I won a total of €19 and was disappointed that I lowered the bet.

he game is very picky and if it doesn't want to pay, then even if you get the feature you would not win good. These days I play this game only on big bets and only when I have a lot of money. So far I did not manage to get a huge win but maybe one day I will. My rating 5 out of 10.
Th3 Runn3R 119 reviews
United States
First time playing this game was at Casino Euro. I got an email from Casino Euro regarding the promotion about this game.
The promotion was cash back for playing Raging Rhino, 10 percent cashback for your losses and 5 percent cashback if you win. I thought it was a great promotion. Unfortunately there are limits for this promotion ( max 50 euro cash back for winning and 100 euro cash back for your losses).

So I deposited 50 euro and it is a ritual for me to play Kronos first when I play at Casino Euro and after a big win then play another games.
Lucky me I had a big win playing Kronos with 40 cent per spin.
My balance went to 220 euro after playing about an hour and a half. So I put a limit (200 euro) and kept playing Kronos till I reach my limit and I did.

With 200 euro in my balance I went to the new slot Raging Rhino and hoping to win some great amount of money.
In my mind I thought with 200 euro and lowest stake I might able to hit some bonus rounds and probably a big win or mega big win.
Hour after hour, spin after spin this game wouldn't give me a bonus round.
my balance was cut in half and I know I'm not a quitter so I kept playing, spinning and spinning. In total there were more than 600 spins I played at this game and my balance went to zero without any bonus round triggered.
At that moment I was bugged with this game and hate it. I couldn't believe I didn't get any bonus round with that much spins.

The next day I got the cash back from my losses, it was almost 30 euro and I gave Raging Rhino another shot, not! I think because the game was new a lot of player were playing this game and I was unfortunately played the game at the wrong moment.

I noticed that games that have a lot paylines don't pay big ( at least not often).
A friend of mine had more luck than I did so I do believe this game is able to pay big time.

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