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Pinocchio Slot is a 15-payline video slot running on the Betsoft software platform. The game features the famous story of Pinocchio and his maker and possesses 3 different worlds with 3 scatters: Geppetto, Books and the Wagon. Players are welcome to try this slot on this page free of charge or, if they wish to play for real money, they can choose any of the featured Betsoft casinos.

Before joining the most famous wooden boy in the world on his adventures, players need to adjust their bet. To choose the number of active paylines, one should click “Select Lines”. “Bet Per Line” adds a coin to the payline and “Choose Coin” modifies the coin value, which ranges from 0.02 to 1. “Spin” starts the game, “Max Bet” spins the reels at the highest wager and “Au­top­lay­” turns them for a preset number of times without interruption.

Should players wish to increase their winnings, they can click on the “Double Up” button, upon which they need to guess whether the coin is going to land on Heads or Tails. If they guess correctly, their amount will be doubled. If they guess wrong, however, the round is over and the winnings are lost.

As previously mentioned, the game possesses 3 worlds – the Workshop, which is the primary world, Pinocchio’s Classroom and the Puppet Show Stage. During each spin in the Workshop world, the Wagon and Books symbols may appear, filling up the Stage meter or the Classroom meter. Earning 10 Wagon symbols unlocks the Stage world and 10 Books symbols reveal the Classroom world. 

Furthermore, in the Workshop, the Geppetto symbol triggers the Wild Scroll feature. The Scroll then proceeds to move across the reels, respinning them as it passes across. Each respin is free and can earn more wins. More than one Wild Scroll can be triggered at once.

In the Classroom, when a Books symbol appears on reels 1, 3 and 5, the Wild Scroll feature is activated. In the Stage world, when the Wagon symbol occurs on the middle reel, the reel becomes a Wild Scroll Wild Reel, which then remains wild for 5 respins, while Pinocchio performs his dance.

Players can enter the Real Boy Mode by collecting 5 Real Boy mini symbols. During the standard gameplay, all Pinocchio symbols are Wood Pinocchios, but in the Real Boy Mode they become Real Boys. Real Boys are wild for all symbols except for the scatters. Players can return to Wood Boy Mode by collection 5 Wood Boy symbols.

When there is a no win situation where reels 1, 2 or 3 prevent players from earning a x5 combination, a Fairy Companion will emerge on the reels and magically respin that reel for a second chance at winning.

Game Play

Choose Coin: Select the coin value.
Select Lines: Adjust the number of paylines played.
Bet Per Line: Select the number of coins wagered.
Spin: Start the game.
Max Bet: Spin the reels using the maximum bet.
Autoplay: Play the game multiple times uninterrupted.
Double Up: Increase the winnings.

Pinocchio Slot Reviews by Players


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zerooo 742 reviews
Pinocchio is good themed video game from Betsoft software company. It has 5 reels and 15 pay lines. First time I played it with some free spins which I got from casino and later I decided to try it out with my own money too.

The game has many different features. Unlock real boy mode is feature where you need to collect 5 real boy symbols and after that feature starts. All Pinocchio symbols are wood boys during main game, when this feature is activate those symbols will transform into real boy symbols. I got this feature many times, but the payouts were not good. Sometimes I didn’t won anything at all, I think this feature should give something every time when you trigger it.

The second feature – fairy awesome respins. Fairy could appear on any no-win combination and she will respin the reel for a second chance to win. This feature appears often, but I don’t like payouts. I expected better payouts here. Sometimes I won a few pennies on it, but never more than that.

Wild scroll feature is the only feature here which I liked. When you got Gepetto symbol on reel 3 this feature is triggered, this scroll will move across from right to left, respining the reels as it goes across. Each respin is free and you can get more than one wild symbol. I like this feature, I had twice win around 10€ from min bet. It also appears quite often like some other features here and I like it. But the payouts here are much better than at other features.

The last features at this game is secondary world. When you collect enough book symbols or wagon symbols you entered into feature. Here you can also win wild scroll feature and I think this could provide big winnings. I received only once secondary feature, but during it I never got any wild scroll mode.
I think this is a good game from Betsoft software company, maybe I will play it more in near future. I like the design, theme and graphics here. I will rate it with 8 stars.
blondie 1081 reviews
Pinocchio is a slot game powered by Betsoft software and I tried it out only recently. I was drawn to it because of the name it has, I believe we all remember fairytale about Pinocchio, the wood boy and how his nose grow when he lied. I have only good memories about this theme and I was intrigued to see how they would visualize this.

The design was really beautiful and I was happy to see such clean graphics. Also this game has really nice features and I have experienced them all. I'll start with saying that in this game there are no regular free spins that are triggered by scatters, this game has 3 worlds- the one you play at, and two others you can explore, when you have collected enough symbols. I have to say my favorite feature is the wagon feature. And the reason for that is really simple, because whenever you get Gepetto symbol on 3rd reel, in this feature it will expand and give you 5 respins. With help of this feature I received over 100x bet winning on this slot. And so far this feature seems to get longer time to trigger than the other one.

Other world is Class room world. I don't really like it because the only thing that happens is when Gepetto comes on 3rd reel, it will just move down and that's it, the few times I've had it, it has given me 0 winnings. Then there's also fairy that can help you if you have had no win, she can respin one of the reels in order to help get winning combination. In few situations this fairy has helped me a little but overall it's just nice to have something extra.

I had a really long session with this game and many times my wood boy turned into real boy and opposite, and real boys turn into wilds and it is a real game changer. When I had them as wilds, the winnings were great. Also I think this game is great for wagering, it has 15 paylines so minimum bets aren't as high as usually for Betsoft, and in my session I never got down for more than few euros. This game put a big smile on my face and because of the many features it has, I didn't get bored at all. This game has not only good winning potential, but really nice design and I would definitely recommend it.
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
We all have watched Pinnochio children's tale from 19th.century by Carlo Collodi and it was inspiration for Betsoft to make video slot based on this tale.

Unlike movie which was in black and white, now you can really enjoy in 3D game while playing this 5 reels and 15 paylines.

There is so many slots out there with really fun and interactive bonus games which I personally prefer, and when it comes to 3D slots from BetSoft it is not only graphics but most of this games comes with several levels which I really enjoy. There is a quite going on and in my opinion,those games are not less fun then Netent games, especially because many Netent slots have very poor paytable and except for amazing graphics and theme, there is nothing that could keep me in that game. This game has 3 levels, Fairy Awesome Free Spins feature, RealBoy mode and Changing Worlds. First stage of the game is happening in the Workshop and in order to reach another level you must collect Wagon symbol and Book symbol and there are Stage meter and Class meter.

It is not easy to collect ten of these which will take you to another level and award 8 free spins. When I played this game I haven't collected even one single Real Boy mini icon. You need 5 of them in order to trigger Real Boy mode.

You have 3 scatters in this game and those are Gepetto, Books and Wagon in The Workshop,The Classroom and The Stage Worlds. I very like moving scatter Gepetto which is moving from right to left and respinning the reels for free and this is a feature that I like more then expanding wilds. You can bet as low as 0.1 up to 75. is 500 coins and max. Win. Per active payline is 2.500 coins and I think it is very hard to trigger this winning combination won by collecting 5 Pinocchio symbols.

Even I know it is not easy to win BetSoft games, I like them because there are so much fun. So far, my biggest achievement was in the Under The Bed slot .
valentin68 535 reviews
“Pinocchio” from BetSoft is a slot like I have never played before. It is a slot so interesting that I spent here more than 30 minutes playing. It was maybe more than this. Rare are the slots where I play more than 30 minutes, but this one is very special. This is a slot where the Free Games round can be played in several ways, depending on the symbols that are on the reels at some point. Somehow this slot is like those RTG slots with more than one type of Free Games, but here the story is indeed exceptional. You just cannot wait for the good Fairy to open the Pinocchio world and transform Pinocchio into a real boy! And suddenly the slot becomes extremely generous.

If in the normal game this slot is much like those NetEnt slots where in the beginning you win almost nothing, when the story progresses suddenly the wins become significant. An animation more beautiful than that from the beginning of Free Spins I have not encountered in a long time. To give an example of how the wins advance: in the normal game for the bet of 15 cents/15 paylines (that is a relatively small number of paylines) the earnings are about 1-15 cents, not significant.

But when you enter the Free Games, you earn hundreds cents (few Euros) almost every 2-3 games. And what is even more appealing is that these Free Games end only under certain conditions, namely when you have collected 5 “Pinocchio” on reels. The first time when I played the Free Games I won over 20 Euros! (I repeat, the bet here is 15 cents). There are another two features bringing also good wins: a Fairy who offers a respin and a walking Wild on reels. Two exceptional wins from Free Games are presented above.

This is a slot with an exceptional story and sometimes with outstanding wins, maybe the best 3D slot of BetSoft!
There are only 15 paylines present and often when you expect for a win, it misses from the paylines.
Raptordinos 866 reviews
"Pinocchio" is the newest creation of BetSoft Gaming, and as you might imagine, the design of its theme is of high quality graphics and the same its 3D animations including on both inside and outside of the playing area.

This is one of the few slots from Betsoft with only 15 paylines, and the possible reason is that all its special features involve, in one way or another, rotation of its reels. This is one of the most complex Betsoft ‘s games I can remember, and it is advisable to visit the "View Pays" section before you start playing.

The game is moving between three worlds:
- Primary World – The Workshop: Here Gepetto is scatter on reels 1, 3, and 5, and payouts for this event are recorded on the pay table. Here each Gepetto you get on reel 3 becomes wild and free re-spins are awarded, in every re-spin wild moves one place to the left until disappearing after 3 re-spins.
- Secondary World - The Classroom: Books are scatters on reels 1, 2, and 5 and are paid according to paytable. Each scatter appearing symbol becomes wild and gives free re-spins, every re-spin wild symbol moves one position down until disappearing. Each scatter you get your meter at the, up-right side, decreases and when it is completely empty you go back to the primary world.
- Secondary World - The Stage: after getting your first winning in this world, you get a wagon symbol on reel 3 and immediately the whole reel becomes wild and automatically gives 5 re-spins, once they ended you return to the primary world.

The dynamics of getting into any 2 secondary worlds is the same but with different symbols, at the top there are two bars, one for the wagon symbols and one for the books, when one of two bars is full you access the respective world .

Special features:
- Fairy Awesome Re-spins: if you get no hit in a specific spin, and if you need only one symbol, on any of the first 3 reels, to complete 5 of a kind of any symbol (except real guy), then it appears a fairy giving you one re-spin on that reel specifically, so you have a new chance to complete such line.
- Unlock Real Boy Mode: Pinoccio symbols sometimes appear with a tiny Pinoccio inside, and every time this happens you collect this miniature until 5 of them, when this happens Pinoccio makes transition from Wood Boy to Real Boy or vice versa. The advantage of playing on Real Boy mode is that every Pinoccio symbol on your screen works as substitute for standard symbols, similar to scroll wild symbol.

In conclusion Pinoccio is a pretty entertaining slot that is worth trying, but I would recommend some caution with the values you bet since paytable seems to be a little low for a slot with 15 paylines only. Good luck!

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