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Piggies And The Wolf is a 50-payline video slot operating on the Playtech software platform. Featuring the famous tale of the 3 pigs and their eternal enemy, the wolf, the game’s wild card is the character of the Wolf, while the scatter is the Piggies and the Wolf Logo. Players are welcome to try the slot on this page for free or visit any of the featured Playtech casinos to play the game for real money.

To enter the fairytale, players should adjust their bet first. “Line Bet” alters the coin value, ranging from 0.01 to 5. “Spin” initiates the game. In order to automatically spin the reels a number of times in a row, players need to select “Au­top­lay.”

The wild card is stacked during the base game on reels 1, 3 and 5, covering the 5th reel entirely. The Huff n’ Puff Shuffle Feature starts and, as the wolf huffs and puffs at the symbols, all the icons get shuffled and rearranged, resulting in possible new wins.

The scatter on reels 1, 3 and 5 wins players 15 Free Games. When the Wolf symbol appears to the immediate right of the Pig symbols, the Pigs Running Wild Feature starts. The Wolf chases the Pig and all positions along the same horizontal line become wild, including the position the Wolf had occupied when the feature was triggered. Free Games can be re-triggered.

The Blow the House Down Bonus is triggered when the Bonus symbol emerges on reels 1, 3 and 5. The Wolf has to blow the house down in the following order: the straw house, the wooden house and then the brick house. Before each puff, players pick 1 out of 3 symbols to help the Wolf.

If the 1st attempt fails, players choose again from the 2 remaining symbols. Each puff will win a cash prize. It may or may not blow the house down, but 1 of the symbols is guaranteed to blow it down completely, awarding a large prize. Before the last house, players pick one of the Gas Tanks to boost the Wolf’s bike for a chance to enter the brick house.

Game Play

Line Bet: Adjust the coin value.
Spin: Start playing the game at the chosen wager.
Autoplay: Play the game for a number of times uninterrupted.

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zerooo 742 reviews
Piggies And The Wolf Slot is 50 payline video slot from Playtech software provider. I like the theme in this game about piggies and wolf. I played this game last month at Videoslots casino and I have to say that I like it.

This game offer free spins feature, bonus game and Huff n' Puff shuffle feature. Huff n' Puff shuffle feature start when Wolf symbols are stacked on the entire 5th reel. In this mode all symbols will be shuffled and any new winnings will be added to the current win. I had this feature many times, but I never got any big win from it.

Bonus game is good, you have to pick out some symbols to blow a house down and you get prizes. When I played bonus game I received only small winnings around x20 bet each time. Never more than that, I think the prizes could be set higher.

The free spins feature is good. When you received three scatter symbols on reels 1, 3 and 5 you are awarded with 15 free spins. During free spins there is one more mode. Pigy running wild mode. The big bad wolf will chase the pig horizontally to the left until they both run off of the reels. The wolf will leave a trail of wolf symbols in every symbol position he passes. I had once the whole line wild, but I expected bigger winnings. I won around x60 bet, I thought the winnings will be over x100 bet so I was a little bit dissapointed.

Otherwise I think this is a decent game from Playtech software. The graphics and sounds are good. I think I will play this game sometimes even in near future, I really like Pigs running wild feature during free games. Maybe the payouts could be a little better with some multipliers during free games.
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Piggies and the Wolf is another thrilling slot from Playtech.5 reels, 20 paylines and it is all about fun and many wins, well, the truth is, not all wins are decent, but will keep you in the game.

This is visual stunning game. Theme is the story of the three little piggies and the min.bet is 0.50 which is common for the 20 lines plus slots. Those little piggies appear to be the most paying symbols in the base game. This game features stacked wilds, 3 bonus rounds, Stacked wilds on the reel 5 will trigger .

Huff n Pff feature where the Big bad Wolf rides his motorbike and blows on the symbols on the reels which then rearrange themselves trying to create the largest possible win. Another feature is 15 free spins triggered by the three scattered Piggies and the Wolf symbols. Free spins can be retriggered.

Blow The House bonus seems like cream on the top of the bonus feature itself. Wolf is approaching each of the three houses. Player needs to pick one of three wolf moves before he try to blow the house down each puff wins a prize revealing the pig inside. This bonus round is finished if you pick the wrong symbol and fail to blow down the house.

When it comes to animations in this slot, I must say that it is pretty much amazing to me and altogether this game is the one to remember. With decent paytable, the max.bet is the 50 dollars which is the dream amount, don't you agree?

As expected, Wolf is the wild symbol and substitute for all symbols except for the scatter and the bonus symbols.

The highest you can reach in the bonus game is the House of Bricks and you need to choose one of three offered Gas tanks to help the wolf to blow the house down. If player successfully blows the house, that will bring the largest win prize!
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Piggies and the Wolf is another great slot coming from Playtech. This slot has 50 paylines and 5 reels and a lot of interesting features and animations.

The symbols are very interesting, so is the graphic and the overall look of the game. I think this is one game you won’t get tired of playing because there are wins and features very often even though some pay very little. I noticed that in the base play you get a lot of wild symbols which can come stacked and they often do providing descent wins. One of the features I like best is the Huff and Puff bonus which is activated if you get stacked wilds on the entire last reel. Then the wolf comes on his bike and blows the reels to rearrange the symbols. If you have some extra wilds on the first four reels you are bound to get some nice 5 of a kind combination and get some descent win. This feature comes quite often so it’s a nice balance booster from time to time. The second feature in the game is the blow the house down bonus. This is activated when you get a bonus symbol on reels 1, 3 and 5. Here the wolf blows the house down to every one of the 3 little pigs and has some help from special symbols. In my experience the biggest wins in this bonus come when you don’t manage to bring the house down in the first try so you get another chance. I have never managed to destroy the last house for the ultimate payout and I usually get about 30x bet win in this bonus. The third and last feature of the game is the free spins bonus which is also activated when you get the free spins symbols also on reels 1, 3 and 5. Here you get 15 free spins and if a wolf stand right from a pig on the reels he chases him leaving a trail of wilds behind him.

Overall this game can provide some nice wins and is very fun to play. I recommend it to everyone.
paquito76 867 reviews
I can’t help but every time when I opened up Piggies and the Wolf slot to play I have an illusion that I’m playing with a BetSoft product. It very reminds me that puppet-like symbol using scheme and somehow the entire design of the interface makes me even more fool. Anyway, the slot has great graphics and has even more captivating little animations and though I can’t name an unequivocal theme of the game (if I have to guess I’d vote for a cheerful, farm subject) but all of the cute characters fits the atmosphere very well and have the ability to insinuate themselves into the player’s heart. I think this is one of the best attribute of this products and it can be the most important factor is someone spend a lot of time with it.

I think my opinion in the last sentence tells a lot about how I’m thinking of the game segment. In my opinion assigning to this slot 50-paylines was a mistake and as I see it 9 or even 15 lines would have fit to Piggies much more. At first sight the slot has a lot to offer but if we examine them closer and not even mentioned while actually playing the game, well, the situation changes lot, at least in my case. Wolf is one of the key figures at this slot as it pays the most if 5 of them form a good line (x2500 of line bet) and also acted as a Wild to replace others and appears only on the first, third and last reels. It pops up on the on the screen in stacked formula and when it does that on the fifth reel and covers the entire reel, a little feature is activated named Huff ‘n Puff. Wolf comes along with a bike and blows at the screen and the symbols start to shuffle all over the reels before all of them arrives to a new positions creating a brand new arrangements and a bonus chance when the winning combination can be completed. This whole great animation happens very rare times and honestly I can’t see too much sense in it because almost never means a profitable re-designed reel area.

3 special Bonus symbols on the first, third and last reels activate the Blow the House Down bonus which creates a top-notch atmosphere and is one of the humorous side games I’ve ever played. This is a multi-level bonus game where the Wolf has to demolish the little cabin to get to the Piggies. First we have to select a symbol (blue note, nunchaku, bull’s head) and the Wolf starts to disco dance, karate moves or acts like it was a toreador. All of the moves it makes are so cool and funny that player can forget that she/he plays for money here. This little action repeats 2 times before we get to know how much money we won. In money wise standpoint it’s an easily forgettable side game as I never won more than 10 times of my total bet.

Free games can be won in number of 15 by appearing 3 Name Plate symbols on three reels and that extra spins are played with the same conditions as the activating spin had and again all of the animations attached to an extra feature is really priceless while the serious part of the feature (gambling part) is neglected. If a Wolf character arrives to the reels next to one Piggy symbol, the predator starts to chase Piggies off to the reels and every symbol that Wolf touches during this pursuit becomes Wild and we can easily believe with that many Wilds on the table much combination can be completed but it’s not the case and the arrangement of the symbols are always close out this opportunity.

In conclusion, I have a very ambivalent feeling of this game. One part there are a great appearance with nice, cute figures with very good graphics but the real deal is the funny entertainment what the animations and the features can provide (they’re really fantastic and falls to the must-see category) and on the other hand there are a poor paying game segment that has terrible rewarding habits and sometimes seems has unfair game settings. One attribute would make me an everyday player here while the other would force me to never return here. Of course because money is involved in this whole thing the slot can’t be played just because of fun so it really determines the frequently of my visiting time here. I really feel sorry for this slot (I know it sounds stupid) because the visualization and the atmosphere here really would deserve a much, much better working game section.
valentin68 535 reviews
This Wolf that puffs and demolishes everything in its way or remixes all the symbols on the reels is really great. It is even more awesome than the wolf from “Big Bad Wolf” (a similar slot from QuickSpin that I played just a few days ago). It is like here in Playtech, the wolf is at the same time also more homeless and looks like a punk. This slot “Piggies and the Wolf” from Playtech is almost perfect.

Before playing here, I was getting used to the general “Playtech” rule: you lose about 10 Euro during the first 50-100 spins to regain this money during the Free Spins or the Bonus. Playing here this does not happen: you frequently have the Huff'n'Puff rearrangement (when the wolf come on its bike to blow over the reels to rearrange the symbols), sometimes there are 3 wolves (Wild of course) stacked, from time to time you enter twice into the Bonus Game (at just a few spins difference) spins in the Bonus Game, and also you are offered the 15 Free Spins.

A slot must be also exciting, fun and full of thrill (and possibly of wins). Well here you get to have all these. The slot keeps you glued to the screen, because at each spin there is happening something new and special (apart from all the above there are the 3 piglets that each is animated different). The fun is great when you see the figures of dancing, karate or bullfighter of the wolf before blowing to demolish each of the houses (in the bonus game). And the thrill is significant, because as I said, here the beautiful and large wins follows in almost uninterrupted series after previously you had a loss of just a few Euros. And even the extra winnings are assured (at least this was my case: after a few hundred spins I went out with a 5 Pounds more).

The slot “Piggies and the Wolf” is indeed one of the best in Playtech casinos. It outperforms most of other slots here in many ways and is out of characteristic patterns of the Playtech games. This time Playtech has a game to be proud of, indeed.
Piggies and the Wolf is one of the latest games coming from the software company Playtech. This game has 50 paylines and 5 reels. I had a chance to try this game only once in William Hill casino.

My first impression is that in Playtech they tried to make one funny game. I think they succeeded in a great deal. The graphic is good with some good animations. Since Playtech is behind this game I expected it to be on a high level at least when it comes to graphic.

Before I started playing I took a look at the paytable. Like I expected this game offers a few bonus features. The bonuses in some Playtech slot games are so interesting that I have a feeling I could play for hours without stopping. Still this game disappointed me a little.

Piggies and the Wolf isn’t a bad slot game but it’s just not in my taste. The great animations were the only thing worth my time spent here. At the end when I changed the game I was a few euros in minus. Still it started off good. I got 15 free spins very fast. From them I cashed in 18 euros. It’s not so bad on a 0.5 bet but it could have been better. I kept playing hoping for some big win or some exciting bonus round. I stayed here for another 20 minutes. I was a little disappointed because non of that happened. I lost some money and I didn’t enjoy this game too much.

It is quite sure that this game will not be my favorite when it comes to Playtech games. Someone else might like it, I don’t know taste is different. My conclusion is that this game has all it takes to be a good slot game but something is missing, some small detail.
Afi4wins 1232 reviews
Are the kids asleep yet? If yes, then parents can start playing Piggies and the Wolf, one of the latest addition to Playtech stable of games. If the kids are awake, careful, they might want to play this game too, it’s a children’s tale after all! No kids? Great! So let’s go! Being a relatively new game, Piggies and the wolf is beautifully presented, with lovely cartoon icons of the wolf and the 3 pigs, super animations, music and sound effects, and with some humour thrown in as well. Well up to today’s expected standards, so no star down/up.

Looking at the paytable, the game has 50 paylines, but win values for the symbols are rather on the very low side, the trend nowadays and a far cry from the very high win values of older games. The Wolf is the Wild symbol, paying 2500 x line bet for 5-of-a-kind, 3 ‘Piggies and the Wolf’ scatter symbols pay 2 x bet, the Bonus symbol doesn’t pay for itself, while the highest Pig symbol pays only 1000 x line bet. However, the Wild symbol is stacked on reels 1, 3 and 5 and does provide opportunities for big wins. 1 star down.

3 Feature games are up for grabs – Huff N’ Puff Shuffle Feature, Blow The House Down Bonus Game, and the standard Free Games Feature. The Huff N’ Puff Shuffle Feature is activated whenever a fully stacked Wolf appear on reel 5, all symbols then get a puff and a reshuffle, thereby creating new wins. Blow The House Down Bonus Game is triggered by the Bonus symbols appearing on reels 1+3+5, whereby the Wolf attempts to blow the 3 Piggies houses down, 1 at a time, awarding cash rewards at every attempt. The Free Games Feature has 15 free spins at x 1 multiplier, can be retriggered infinitely, and has a special Running Wild feature, giving good opportunities for getting 5 Wilds on a payline. Good feature games, so no star down/up.

Can Piggies and the Wolf be as much fun as reading the children’s tale? Yes indeed! Playing the game is fun, entertaining and giggling as well. I love watching the Wolf do the disco-hip, the kung-fu and the bull-fight dance routines. If it doesn’t get you smiling at the very least, there’s something wrong with the funny bones in your body, hehehe. Then there’s also that final blow at the third Piggies house, whereby you pick a gas tank, Wolfie tops up the motorbike tank, then boom, everything blows up, and Wolfie holds up a placard with a *#@&*@* message! Haha. Hilarious! Hmmm, so much for the fun side. The down side isn’t so good. In one of the free spins game, Wolfie appeared on reel 5 with a Piggy beside him on reel 4, thereby triggering the Running Wild feature. Wolfie chased the Piggy leftwards all the way to the end of reel 1, turning all the icons into Wilds, creating a 5 Wilds win. Whoopiee! Naaah! Got excited for nothing. The payout for the 5 Wilds was only $25 at my $0.50 bet! And there wasn’t any x 2 or x 3 win multiplier either. W*F! Come on Playtech, I told you the paytable was very low, and here’s proof! Very disappointing indeed! An otherwise very good game brought down by a lousy paytable. Sorry Piggies, you’re good, but this isn’t my game. 1 star down.
Raptordinos 866 reviews
"Piggies and the Wolf" is a nice slot created by the renowned Playtech Company under the format 4 x 5 reels and 50 paylines, and it is based on the classic children's tale "The Three Little Pigs". The things I like more about this slot machine are its 100% professional design and smoothly and quickly way spins are made. The power of this game is mainly focused on their reels 1, 3, and 5, which are used for triggering all its special features, which incidentally, are practically the reason for this slot, and this is because payouts made during the base game are fairly low to the point of arguably, forming a line of 5 of a kind is a fact almost inconsequential.

The wild symbol, identified with the face of the wolf, it works only as a substitute for standard symbols for the base game and also plays additional roles in development of special features and can appear stacked on reels 1, 3, or 5. The special features are:
1) Huff N 'Puff Shuffle: it is triggered when the wild symbol completely covers the reel 5, then the wolf comes riding his motorcycle and blows all the symbols so that they can form new winning lines after being relocated. In my opinion, it is a feature with low potential to generate big wins.

2) Free Games: the emergence of 3 scatters with the image of the logo of the game gives a round of 15 free spins with the possibility of a wild symbol (Wolf) appears to the right of a symbol with the face of any pig, to chase him to the left, making their marks on wild symbols.

3) Blow the House Down: This is a bonus round that is triggered by the appearance of 3 symbols with the image of Planet Earth (or something like that), then wolf should demolish 3 pig’s houses one by one, using 3 tools each time. It is necessary to completely demolish every house to continue with the next one. For me, the best feature of the game, because it is exciting, fun and the best opportunity to earn some credits in this game. Poor pigs!

Personally I have mixed feelings about this slot machine, on one hand I really enjoy its style of play and sometimes I've got some profits with it, but most times I’m not so lucky.
I was actually waiting for this game to come out on AskGamblers. I have been playing it for a while now and I must say I really like it. It is fun and most important it can give you a huge win. The first time I played this game I had a very good time and managed to make a lot of money.

There are 50 lines in this game and the minimum bet is €0.50. When I found this game I only had around €20 on my account and I decided to play it on smallest bet. Just to see how it is and what I need to get for the feature. From the beginning the game play was very good and I was getting ok line hits. I would get nothing for three or four games but then get a good win. This way the game kept me going and I still had my money left to play. Then on one of the spins I got first and last reel full of wilds, and for getting them on last reel I got the Huff n Puff feature. This feature shuffles all of the symbols around to give you a win. I got two lines completely wild and won over €50 on that spin. This game brought me back up and it was just beginning. There were still two features to be explored and I could not wait to get them.

The game can also be played on turbo mode and the first time I got free spins was on it. I got 10 free spins and if a pig lands near a wolf then wold runs on that line in left direction making everything on his oath wild. I got this feature few times and my biggest win was €60 on €1 bet. Usually it is €20 to €30 on the smallest bet, which is not too bad.

The other feature is the Blow The House Down bonus. To get it I had to get bonus symbols on the 1, 3 and 5 reels. I got this feature many times and most I ever won on it was around €20. There are three stages and I always pick the wrong one on the last pick. The motorbike always explodes and I cant find the right one. I don't even know what happens if you pick the right one, but one day I will get it.

Over all the game is a lot of fun and I really like it. My rating 8 out of 10. Very cool.

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