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Marilyn Monroe is a 20-payline video slot operating on the Playtech software platform. The game features one of the most legendary Old Hollywood icons and the scatter is the Marilyn Monroe Sign, while the wild is the Marilyn Monroe Close-Up, which is stacked on all reels. Players can try the game on this page for free or play the slot for real money in any of the listed Playtech casinos.

To spin the reels filled with photos of Marilyn Monroe, players should adjust their wager first. “Lines” selects the number of paylines played and “Line Bet” adjusts the coin value, ranging from 0.01 to 50. “Spin” initiates the game, “Bet Max” spins the reels at the highest available wager and “Auto Play” is used to turn the reels a number of times in a row without stopping.

The Backstage Bonus is triggered when 3 or more Marilyn Monroe Signs emerge on the reels. At the beginning of the round, players receive 10 Free Games with a x2 multiplier. Players then choose 2 out of 5 pictures of Marilyn Monroe for extra Free Games or multiplier.

3 or more scatters emerging on the reels during Free Games award 35 additional Free Games with the same multiplier. More extra Free Games can be won infinitely.

A jackpot of 10,000 coins will be awarded when 5 Marilyn Monroe wild cards emerge on an enabled payline.

Game Play

Lines: Choose the number of active paylines.
Line Bet: Settle on the payline bet.
Spin: Start playing the game.
Auto Play: Spin the reels multiple times without interruption.
Bet Max: Play the game at the highest bet.

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hajnrih 1376 reviews
Marilyn Monroe is an average slot coming from Playtech. The impression that I have every time I play this game is that it is not very generous at all. Marilyn Monroe appears a lot but never at the right spot. Only once I had the whole first reel wild and two Marylin Monroe symbols on the third reel and I got 17 euros only. Most of the times I had a whole reel wild but I was missing good symbols on the other reels. The game is fun to play though, and I realized that it can give huge wins, but you need to be lucky for that to happen.

This is 5 reels and 20 pay lines video slot game. Some of the symbols include the walk of fame star, a camera, a magazine with Merilyn on its cover of course and some different poses of Monroe. The scatter in this game is neon Marilyn Monroe logo and the wild is Marilyn herself, in one of her famous poses.

There is only one bonus in this game called the Backstage bonus, there are 5 pictures where you need to pick 2 for free games and multipliers. You start with 10 free spins and x 2 multiplier. Every picture I picked gave me free spins so I got 45 free spins and x 2 multiplier only. I would prefer to get a bigger multiplier though. It took so long and I got only 41 euros. I did trigger the free spins as soon as I have started playing but after I saw this amount I was a bit disappointed. I did not want to experiment with this game anymore.

I would recommend it to anyone who wants to try it. All in all it is not that bad. There are some good payouts during the base game that maintain your balance.
After Hill Fortune slot machine, we come to one of the aspects of human warmth and magic smile holds a leading position in this area of ??life. It is this smile is something that symbolizes eternal youth, this film stars and people which one they called Meriliyn Monroe, here we will not deal with the tragic fates of famous people though because I do not write any movie reviews, however, we are talking about slot machines, to us and this time brings bright Playtech. This woman is definitely deserve to be represented in all aspects of our lives and so to a popular slot machine, why not ...

At the beginning of the adventures I have chosen auto play 25 spins with an initial deposit of 60 € at William Hill Casino Club after these spins I had € 78 on the account. The greatest credit for this outcome are wild symbols that come to me often during the auto play rounds. After that I played individual spins until I fell to € 50 when I gave up the game and went to ask for my happiness to other slot machines because I felt it was time for "cooling" of the blonde beauty.

If you have not opened the game never before, I want to add that you have two possibilities for additional gains which are stacked wild and scatter symbols. As for the free spins game you have the chance to win up to 35 free spins, to me, is not able to do it does not mean that you will not be luckier. The biggest gains for my gambling career bind just for Playtech which carries huge jackpot hidden in his best slots. Unfortunately, I did not get even a single so far, because I am likely to write about it for days on this forum and praised the girls around the world.
raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
Playtech slots can be a bit hit and miss at times – for such a large company the graphics and sound can often be substandard and the animation a bit rubbish with the reels jumping around all over the place even on a heavily specified computer. I don’t know what its all about and it does seem to depend a lot on which casino, website or other place the game is running – download casinos seem to perform best as usual – but Marilyn does seem to work quite smoothly, at least on my computer.

I’m a huge fan of Marilyn Monroe and recently read her autobiography, its really quite a read and I definitely recommend it to everybody along with the other books written by the same author such as Michael Jacksons biography … that one is pretty chunky to be fair but well worth the read all the same! So I was hoping this would be a great slot game and do the undoubted queen of Hollywood a little justice, but something struck me very soon after firing it up ….
… Its just a clone!! In fact there are four games all more or less the same as each other at Playtech casinos based on this engine – Great Blue, Irish Luck, Penguin Vacation and this one Marilyn Monroe. Some of them have varying numbers of lines, with Marilyn the lowest at 20, and Irish Luck the highest at 30, and then the features can be slightly different with varying numbers of maximum spins and maximum multiplier during the bonus round, but they are all pretty much the same game, all have very low RTP figures, and are all capable of gobbling up a very large balance in record time as a result.

Of course, you can win monster amounts of money from these games as well, the huge multipliers in the free spins round and enormous 10,000x line bet payoff for a line of wilds make sure of that – but keep in mind your odds of ever hitting a line of wilds in the free spins round must be absolutely ASTRONOMICAL, I mean if you can get a 15x multiplier on a slot that can pay 10,000x your stake in the first place, that gives a jackpot of 150,000x your stake, and I’ve NEVER heard of anybody winning anything close to that on anything but a progressive. So it might be on the paytable, but until I see it, I don’t think I can really believe it. Perhaps the odds are just a zillion to one or something, but please, somebody produce a screenshot of this maximum win that isn’t faked like the ones at bigwin pictures or whatever that site is called, and I’ll be truly, truly impressed!
I have to recognize, I didn’t know that it was made a slot with this theme, so I wanted to try it, I know that Plyatech makes some interesting slots when we talk about celebrities. My first impression while I opened the game, was that it has nice and interesting graphics, well designed symbols and an interesting free spins feature. Now, I want to say that I managed to catch the free spins a couple of times, it is a nice feature, is called Backstage Bonus but it is a free spins feature actually. You will receive 10 free spins with 2 x multiplier and you will have to choose 2 pictures out of 5, with Marilyn Monroe, and you will be able to win extra free spins or multiplier. Only one time I managed to reach the maximum number of free spins, 45, it gave me a decent win of 44 euro. What I don’t like at this slot is that the reels are spinning only a few seconds, and all of them at the same time.

It is a 20 paylines slot, so it has a minimum bet of 0.20 euro, I like to play with smaller bets because I am playing for a longer period of time and I can have more fun. The features aren’t amazing, it has only the Backstage Bonus feature and a wild symbol, but the bonus has a big potential for nice wins.

I will give an 8 for these features, it was good if the free spins were easier triggered, but is a decent game overall.

About the graphics, nothing bad to say, it is a well designed slot, I like the theme and I will give a 9!
I don’t like how the reels are spinning, you don’t have enough time to stop them!
wscalley 47 reviews
United Kingdom
I remember trying some of these Playtech slots back when I was very new to on-line gambling, and I remember thinking they seemed extremely low quality. The graphics weren’t a patch from what I had seen from Microgaming previously, the sound was exceptionally poor, and the features seemed extremely hard to trigger. This game, “Marilyn Monroe”, was one such game which left me with this impression. Now that I’m a little more familiar with on-line gaming and Playtech, my opinion has changed somewhat, though I must say that in presentation terms Playtech still have a long way to go.

I understand that this game is part of a series of quite similar games including Penguin Vacation, Funky Fruits Farm, Irish Luck, and Great Blue as well as this one. Some of these games feature different numbers of lines, or different amounts of free spins and multipliers available in the feature, but they all follow the same basic concept.

One thing that remains identical between all the games in this series is the stacked wild symbols. These appear on every reel and there is a monster payout if you manage to get five of these on a payline, it is 10,000x your line bet, and you are reminded of this constantly whilst playing the slot. I was a little confused by this to begin with as I didn’t click that 10,000x your line bet probably isn’t as amazing as it sounds, but of course, with the symbols being stacked, there is every chance you will complete more than one line if you manage to get some of the wilds in view on every reel, plus you are likely to make five of a kinds on other lines as well. Basically these games have some enormous wins on offer, though it seems they are very hard to achieve.

One thing that definitely has not changed is my opinion that the features seem VERY hard to trigger on these Playtech games. I have gone several hundred spins without a feature on this game. When it does trigger, you can be unlucky and end up with just a handful of free spins at a 2x multiplier, or you can be lucky and get a lot of free spins with a 10x multiplier. This game is better than some of the others like Great Blue in that you get 35 free spins extra if you get 3 or more scatters again during the bonus round. This is really great although it doesn’t happen often.
Marilyn Monroe is for me one of the newer Playtech slot games. This isn't such a new game but I have been playing for a long time in casinos that use Playtech software.

Usually when I play in some Playtech casino I choose a slot game with 20 paylines. One of the games I often choose is Marilyn Monroe. This game has for a theme the life of this celebrity TV star from the 50-ties and 60-ties. Here you have symbols of Marilyn in different positions. Also the wild symbol is Marilyn Monroe laughing. The scatter symbol is a neon logo written Marilyn Monroe. So everything here reminds us of this Hollywood star which hasn't lost it’s popularity.

The graphic is solid with some good animations. I have had wins of over 100 x bet here a few times. You can expect the big wins here in free spins bonus round which is called Backstage Bonus. This is the only bonus feature in this game. To get this bonus you need to get at least 3 scatter symbols. Two scatter symbols pay you 2 x bet. This bonus round starts with 10 free spins with 2 x multiplier but you can win additional 35 free spins with 10 x multiplier. So you can have some pretty amazing wins here.

My biggest win when it comes to this game was about 200 euros on a small 0.4 euros bet. I usually play here with a minimum bet of 0.2 euros because my deposits aren't big. 20 or 30 euros most often. The last time I played this game was in William Hill casino. I spent about half an hour here and was 20 euros in plus even thoughI played on a minimum bet per line all the time. In short this is a great slot game where you can earn some good money.
valentin68 535 reviews
Marilyn Monroe is well, a slot full of “stars”. I say “stars” figuratively of course because each “star” here is one and the same person, Marilyn herself in various poses. Maybe less the movie camera, but otherwise even the “Wild” is the still the same Marilyn. Marilyn was a great actress and I guess that each of us has seen at least once a movie of her. I personally love “Some like it hot” and I recognize that this is one of the best movies.

But unfortunately the slot does not differ too much from the average Playtech slots. It is not bad at all, but also not of the very best from here. It is something like the “Great Blue”, “X-Men” and a few that do not eat too much your money, and even you get a chance of winning, but never the win will be extraordinary big. Because the slot has only 20 paylines, and certain symbols pay for “2 of same kind” during game play you normally get in general even with the money. If you happen to lose something you recover this amount during the Free Spins (which here is called “Backstage Bonus”). The paytable says “up to 45 free spins”, “up to 10 x multiplier”. I will tell you a secret: either is one, or the other. And generally it happens that from a smaller number of spins you get out with a higher win. (Out of 10 spins with 10 x multiplier I went with 10 Euros extra, but from the 20 Free Spins with 7 x multiplier with just 3 Euro).

During the spins sometimes Marilyn Monroe is making some comments about the win or about the game play. The voice seems as real as it can be, and made me a great pleasure to listen to. If I will ever visit this continent for a second time, I have one of my colleagues near LA (he teach physics in Las Vegas (!), strange coincidence) and maybe I will make a visit to see that avenue full of “stars”.

The slot is not exceptional (I give it a 7/10 stars for every slot like this), but the game itself is pleasant due to the presence of Marilyn Monroe.
catapultaudio 47 reviews
United Kingdom
I'm a major fan of Playtechs "Great Blue" slot machine - in fact that game remains one of my most played slot games ever to this day, so when I heard that there were in fact several 'clones' to try out with very similar gameplay mechanics, I felt compelled to take a look.

Enter 'Marilyn Monroe' - unlike when Microgaming create a clone game, Playtech will often try and differentiate theirs at least somewhat, even if the changes made don't have a particularly large effect on the overall result. The first thing I notice was that this game has 20 paylines as opposed to GB's 25. I'm unsure exactly what effect this has on variance, although it seems obvious to conclude that you win on less lines, less often - but with each spin costing less as well, I'd say variance will remain very similar at the "completely outrageous" level!

Talking of that monster variance - these games have the capability of offering you a hit in terms of bet multiple that only progressives can come close to competing with elsewhere. With a 10,000 x line bet jackpot for five Marilyn wilds, available on every line, giving 10,000 x total bet for a full screen, and a 10 x multiplier in the free spins, that's a maximum of 100,000 x total bet jackpot for the game as a whole. You might never see it playing this game for a lifetime, as the odds are surely on the order of billions to one, but I'm sure that hasn't stopped many of my fellow gamblers from chasing this dream !

One other thing I really love about this game is that a retrigger during the free spins feature awards a massive 35 extra free spins - if you are already spinning at 5 x or higher multiplier and catch a couple of these retriggers, you'll have to be terribly unlucky to not walk away with a decent win!

Overall I really enjoy playing this game, although I have to say I find it a little harder to hit the feature on this game than I do on Great Blue, and whilst I do find the graphics appealing, I'm going to hazard a guess that this game was more intended for the female players than men - seems to be a common thing with slot games in general really. Great game though and definitely one to try if your depositing at a Playtech any time soon.

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