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Magicious Slot

Magicous is a spectacular 5 reels and 10 pay-lines video slot powered by Thunderkick software which features a magic show with bunch of magic tricks and sparkling wands which can conjure up many different prizes for you. Illucious and Magicia stand beside the reels, while the symbols on the reels include levitating magic boxes, stars and magic balls. Give this slot a go here for free or pay a visit to any of the Thunderkick listed casinos to play for real money.

Before you join the show and start conjuring up your prizes you should set the betting range that will suit you best. By clicking on "bet", a black screen will open across the screen with the wagers that range from 0.10 to 100. When you choose your bet you should simply click on "spin" to start the reels or on "auto-play" to start the reels spinning without interruption for as many times as you choose them to.

This flamboyant and simple slot allows you to win decent prizes mainly because of its two special features: Win Two Ways and Expanding Wilds.

Expanding Wilds is a feature with a wild symbol which expands across all three rows, and it includes a re-spin. This wild can substitute any symbol and can appear on reels 2, 3 and 4. This expanding wild is in the form of bright pink sphere, and if it forms a winning combo, it will be locked in place, and automatically start re-spinning the remaining 4 reels. Maximum number of re-spins is 3.

Win Two Ways feature implies that all pay-lines are active both ways. This means that the winning combination can start either from left to right or other way around. When you hit a combo, either Magicia or Illucios will whisk their magic wand and turn this combo into appropriate cash prizes.

Game Play

Bet: Choose the bet you wish to make.
Spin: Start the game.
Auto Play: Turn the reels without interruption for a preset number of times.   

Magicious Slot Reviews by Players


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raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
Okay, something very strange is going on just here... I was just playing another Thunderkick game "Toki Time", eventually closing it after realizing it was very close to being a clone of NetEnt's "Starburst" which is a game I thoroughly dislike. I decide to try another Thunderkick game, and after fifty spins or so become a little suspicious... this game seems EXACTLY like Starburst!! Arrgggh, what has happened? Have I stepped into a parallel dimension where only bad slots exist? Because I'm thoroughly not liking this whole situation at all!

By the time I'd got through a hundred spins I was all but convinced that Magicious is an absolute carbon copy of NetEnt's travesty of a "popular" game, however after checking the paytable it turns out that I was infact wrong - whilst Magicious shares pretty much it's entire feature set with Starburst it does actually have a slightly improved paytable and the maximum five of a kind win returns 40x your stake rather than 25x in NetEnt's game. With the stacked wilds and pay both ways feature that gives this game a slightly better maximum win of 800x your bet, although I have to assume that actually seeing it in this game will be just as hard as it is in the game it copies. Which, by the way, is "near-enough-impossible-hard", as I have yet to see a screenshot of a full jackpot win in Starburst to this day.

I don't know if I prefer this theme or not, it's pretty enough I suppose but then so are all Thunderkick games - the win animations definitely go on too long though and it bugs the hell out of me that the game often greys out the spin button preventing you from spinning the reels again until such time as it decides you are allowed to. I can't understand why Thunderkick have made not one but two games that are borrow ideas so heavily from Starburst and I pray that the next game I load will be something much more interesting... PLEASE!!!
Fiekie247 220 reviews
South Africa
Magicious is another slot by Thunderkick. With 5 reels and just 10 paylines you most probably wondering are there any potential of winnings big? The short answer is yes, the slot pay both ways so you won't get bored checking for winning combos from the left, as you need to monitor it from the right as well. The both ways pays, expanding wild and re-spin sticky wild feature is enough to keep you entertained and can create very big wins if you land 3 wilds on the reels.

What I like mostly about Thunderkick slots is that most of them start of a minimum bet of just $0.10 and you can still win big with that small bet. Not extremely big, but at least x500 your bet at times if the slot is willing to pay at that given moment.

Magicious does not have a free spins feature, but a re-spin feature. Whenever you land a wild on the screen on reels 2, 3 or 4 activated the re-spin feature. Sound familiar, because it does if you are a big fan of the popular Starbust slot. It is almost the same game play, just the symbols are different.

The animation on this slot is cool, with the guy and his girl using their magic sticks to award your winnings combination by touching them. Imagine if they could change, move or swap symbols around for better combinations. Now that would be pretty cool. Although the animations are cool, the graphics are not that great.

I like this slot, I see Thunderkick as my low budget slots, when building a bank roll, especially fruit warp as the winning potential with $0.10 bet get be great. I never win big in this slot, but I have a couple of decent wins. I once manage to get 3 wild in the middle reels with a blue on reel 1 and this resulted in a big win. I normally walk away with a small profit and winning on this slot happens very often. Just getting wilds to appear on the middle reels can sometimes take forever. This slot is my alternative to Starbust as I win more on this slot.
zerooo 742 reviews
Magicious is magic themed video slot powered by Thunderkick software company. It has 5 reels and it offer 10 paylines to win. I played this game a long time ago, recently even on some freeroll tournaments at videoslots casino. I like the graphics, I think this is the only thing which is good.

Here is mode where you can win two ways. All pay line are active two ways, from left to right and from right to left. This could be a little better than normal pay lines, but when I played it I was not so lucky or happy about that.

The only feature in Magicious is expanding wild symbols with respin. The expanding wild substitutes all other symbols and appears on reels 2, 3 and 4. The expanding wild holds the reels and triggers a respin of the other reels. Maximum number of respins is 3. I can not say that I do not like this feature, but the pay outs were low while I was playing it. I never got all three wild reels, I had two reels wild and I won around x25 bet from it. I think this is not really big win and I do not think this game could provide big potential on winnings.

This video slot is not so interesting for me because there is no bonus game or free games. The expanding wild symbols could be fun, but there should be better pay outs. I never got any decent winnings from this game and I do not think I will play it again in near future.

I will rate Magicious with 5 out of 10 possible stars. It could be much better game with only one modification - free spins feature with some multiplier. Otherwise it is very boring game with only small payouts, without any good atmosphere to play it more often.
blondie 1094 reviews
Magicious is a 5 reel and 10 payline slot game from Thunderkick software. Recently I tried this game, while I had around 20€ balance in Casumo casino. The minimum bets are 0.10€ and the only feature it has reminds me a lot of Starburst slot- wild symbol, that expands and gives a respin.

The theme of this game is quite simple and it's magic. Two magicians stand on each side of the slot and I like that, because the symbols themselves are really simple so the magicians appearance makes it more fun looking.

With the balance I had, I played around 400 spins with 0.20€ bets. I have to say I was quite disappointed with the payouts I received from this game, especially due to the fact that it pays both ways. The wild symbol came up often, but almost all symbols have really low value, so I always got only 10x bet winnings. The highest paying symbols are stars in red and blue and they appear rarer and the times they are in a winning combination aren't often. Those times, when they gave me winnings, I received my biggest winning on the game, which was 20x bet.At first I thought the magicians were interesting, but every time I got a win, they showed the winning lines with their wands and it was kind of slow and irritated me after a few times.

I am all about simplicity, but in my opinion this game definitely misses something. There are no free spins, no bonus round and the paytable overall is low, so there's nothing really look forward to. Wild symbols do come up often, but most of the time all I got overall was winnings of 2x- 10x bet. Needless to say that I lost all my balance on this game without any win higher than 20x bet, which isn't promising at all.

Overall I wouldn't recommend this game. If I would need to choose between Starburst and this game, I would always go with Starburst. The design is decent, but so far I don't think this game has good winning potential and because of that and lack of features, it isn't exciting to play it.
Magicious is another game produced by the folks at Thunderkick. For some of you the elements might look quite similar to that of NetEnt’s Starburst. Basically except the theme is different and same goes for the paytable of course. Magicious focuses on a theme full of magic with magic boxes used as symbols while a male illusionist is positioned at the left of the reels and a lady magician is positioned on the right.

But unfortunately the magic this game has done to my bankroll went the opposite way of what I’ve been expecting. Magicious offers 5-reels, 3-rows and 10-paylines. The lowest bet size available for this game is 10 cents. I played this game on 20 cent bets and saw 30 euros disappear quite rapidly.

Just like Starburst, Magicious pays from left to right and right to left. On reels 2, 3 and 4 there are magic balls that appear stacked and cover the whole reel every time they appear. These magic balls function as wild and can replace all other symbols to help you generate a win.

Furthermore, every time these magic balls appear you get one re-spin. So basically you can profit twice in a row if the reels connect. The most I had was two entire reels wild. Unfortunately I didn’t came any further than 15x bet as a win when this happened though.

To win any decent money on this game you really need the Star symbols in combination with the wilds. The red star pays 40x bet for a 5oak while the blue star pays 20x bet. I did have one decent win in base game thanks to the red stars almost filling up four complete reels which paid around 75x bet.

But eventually I still lost like 80 euros since good wins seem to be rare on this game. Perhaps Magicious is a good choice for clearing WR, but it certainly doesn’t have the potential like some other Thunderkick slots.
Poor payouts for most symbols.
Th3 Runn3R 119 reviews
United States
Magicious is in my opinion one of the best video slot powered by Thunderkick.
I love playing this game, it as simple as Starburst but twice as fun. It's a pity that this game has no actually free spins feature, only re-spin(s) up to 3 re-spins. Thunderkick is known for their low pay out but this doesn't apply for Magicious because I did won big wins a few times in one single session. Everything is possible as I always say. I have to admit that the magician and his assistant are a nice feature of this game, without them the game would be as plain as Starburst. Thunderkick is also known for their 3D games and you can see it here very clearly. I think they have put a lot of effort creating this game and for that I thank you, Thunderkick.

I started with 10 euro when I play this game and after an hour I end up with 30 euro in my balance, the best part is I played it with the lowest stake. Normally with 10 euro you won't get far if you play another Thunderkick game such as Bork the Berzerker. I know it because I've been there. I didn't expect much of this game and it turned out very well.

If a game doesn't come near my expectation the chance I playing it again is very small near to zero or never again and Magicious is the game I definitely want to play again.
I noticed that there are not much people post a winner screenshot of this game, I saw a few from Afi and I think Afi should make another review of this game because the way I see it, he loves this game as much as I do. Right Afi?

One day I will play this game with a higher stake and I'll show you that Magicious is one hell of a game (a simple but magnificent game).

Try it for yourself if you want to experience what I experienced.
Love the game and I will always do.
8 stars!
Afi4wins 1305 reviews
Time for some magical moves for a change, with Thunderkick’s Magicious. Basically, it is similar to Starburst, with up to 3 expanding wilds, but the magic comes in boxes instead. A 3D game mixed with the usual 2D presentation, again simple in presentation but pleasing enough, although looking a little dated and with nothing else outstanding. 1 star down.

Magicious has 10 paylines, pays both ways left-to-right and right-to-left, and has up to 3 expanding wilds on reels 2, 3 and 4, exactly as in Starburst. But, Magicious plays with a minimum bet of 0.10 Euro per spin, as in all of Thunderkick games. The highest paying symbol is the Red Star at 40 x bet, while the next highest is the Blue Star at 20 x bet. All others have reducing lesser win values accordingly, making for a typical Thunderkick’s low paytable. 2 stars down.

As with all similar games, Magicious is a straightforward game devoid of any other special feature, bonus game or free spins. All that can be expected is a respin with every expanding wild appearing on the reels, with another chance at making more win. 2 stars down.

A magician stands on the left of the screen, his lovely lady assistance on the right, and together they make magical moves with 3D boxes. Once in a while, 1, 2 or 3 expanding wilds may pop up on the reels, creating more wins, or at times, none at all. In all honesty, Starburst is more appealing in its presentation compared to Magicious. The boxes doesn’t excite, while the simplistic ball of light expanding wilds look out of place. The game play itself is actually not too bad, with regular and frequent small payouts, and with a little bit of excitement whenever those balls of light came on. Sometimes they pay well, sometimes not, but at least they pay most of the time, unlike in Starburst. I’ve had several decent payouts playing Magicious but nothing 100 x bet or more so far.

At the right time, game play can be quite long for even a small deposit amount, with the credits going yo-yo up and down, and with a little luck, a small win can be had quite easily. Usually, I would just grab and run away whenever I’ve made a small win, because big wins are rather hard to come by. Losing is certainly no fun. Ah well, maybe someone somewhere has made some really good wins on Magicious, but until I make one, it’s 1 star down.
valentin68 535 reviews
Some slots from Thunderkick casinos are not at all weak. I see that here are slots from all categories, starting with the weakest possible and ending with some of the best. And more than that, each slot has its own unique way of playing that is, each brings a new idea into the game. Even the 5 reels x 3 lines slots bring something new into the play of spins. Thus, I had part of Flocks of birds placed at random on the wires, Fruits thrown by an unseen hand on to the screen at absolutely random positions, Ice-cream cones that make you lust only when you look at them and Antic marine maps with mythical monsters.

Well, neither this slot Magicious, is not different in this respect. The idea of the slot is the following: from somewhere above there are falling different colored cubes and stars (7 types). Each symbol has its specific glow like it was just taken out from the magician’s hat. When a winning combination is present, two magicians at left and right of the screen, count the winnings with two magic wands (magician’s stick). Maybe this is not much, the slot has only 10
paylines, but because they are counted in both directions, before looking into the paytable I was under the impression that the slot has 243 ways to win! Furthermore, a line of 5 symbols is counted twice, in both directions. And since there are only 7 symbols and they are stacked(!) (for the maximum payout of 40 cents), if you have 3 winning lines counted two ways you get to collect some good Euros. For a bet of 10 cents/spin this is a lot, and only because sometimes you catch also a series of 10-20 consecutive losing spins makes the overall wins not so big. (In 300-400 spins played I lost a few Euros and I had also very good moments).

The slot is too simple to have Free Spins and Bonus Game. You will encounter only a Wild which is extended over a reel and brings a respin.

The game is beautiful, even if the graphics as in all other slots Thunderkick, are average.

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