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Lunaris Reviews by Players


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raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
You cannot fail to be intrigued when Lunaris first appears on screen because of the enormous "colossal" reel strips displayed to the right of the normal 5x3 reels. This additional reel set stands twelve tall and I wasn't sure what it could be for to begin with so hurriedly set about getting the game spinning so I could find out!
Hitting the spin button causes both sets of reels to begin turning and you immediately notice that there are stacked symbols on all reels which usually means it is possible to hit a full screen of the same symbol. With the large strips on the right showing tweve symbols on every spin though I didn't get my hopes up for filling that window with identical symbols!

After around ten spins I got my first glimpse of how the two sets of reels link together. The symbol I now know to be "mystery" appeared on reel five of the smaller reels and suddenly a large group of identical symbols transferred across to the larger reel set on the right before transforming into a different symbol - I'll admit to being really quite confused at this point and decided to consult the paytable!

I managed to work out how these "Mystery" and "Reveal" symbols were intended to work, but still couldn't quite grasp the paylines - it appears there are 58 lines and some of them seem to continue right across from one set of reels to the other, but I could never predict just how good a win I was about to receive when the reels had stopped no matter how many times I looked at the payline diagrams. I could have searched the internet for some extra help in understanding this slot mechanic but the truth was the game just hadn't grabbed me enough to be bothered about doing so.

I've since seen this same arrangement of "Colossal" reels in other games from WMS and do enjoy playing these slots but can't help feeling that the whole thing is overly complicated for no good reason! I do love fresh and unique ideas in slot games but for me Lunaris just takes things a little too far, it's just too difficult to get to grips with what is going on!
Some innovative feature (butterfly) that I haven't seen before.
Need help falling asleep? Does medication no longer do the job to enjoy that night rest? Well, then there is good news for you then ladies and gentlemen. A newly discovered slot by the name Lunaris will put you into sleep in no time! Okay all jokes aside, this game seriously must have been one of most boring games that I ever played.

Nothing exciting about it theme wise and nor did my play mount to anything financially. I did expect better from WMS, a software provider I respect highly, but I’m afraid this game is just a filler and doesn’t have anything spectacular to offer.

It makes use of the same format as games as KISS: Shout it out Loud and Spartacus: Gladiator of Rome. However, it’s hard to enjoy such a dull game as Lunaris. Background sounds are boring and the theme is boring too. In the beginning I was actually excited because this game by the looks of it, which were very deceiving, seemed to have a lot to offer.

In addition, the minimum bet is 50 cents and a bit high.However, we’re used to that as far Colossal Reel games go. Lunaris offers a main reel set (5x4) and colossal reel set (5x12) with 100-paylines in total. I played this game on minimum bet and lost 75 euros within 20 minutes.

Quite an achievement I’d say. I even managed to trigger the bonus by getting 3 scatters which awarded me 8 free spins. During free spins there are way more wilds appearing on the colossal reel set, so the chances to hit something good are much higher. I never won more than 7 euros during those free spins though.

Also something noteworthy are the butterfly symbols which can turn random symbols on the colossal reels into the same symbol. I once got lucky during base game having two rows of wilds on the colossal reels thanks to this. I won like 18 euros thanks to that, but that’s about it as far Lunaris goes.

Certainly a game I won’t play again!
Th3 Runn3R 119 reviews
United States
Luna means moon in Italian but in the oldest language (Latin) Lunaris means dreamy and it's obvious when look at the game. Lunaris is an other branded game powered by my favorite software WMS. Beside Lunaris WMS has few other video slots with colossal reel on the right side, for example : Spartacus : gladiator of Rome, Kiss, Van Helsing, Giant's Gold and many more.

The greatest feature of Lunaris is the butterfly symbols, on each reel a numbered butterfly can appear and the number stands for the amount of wild symbols you get for that particular spin (well it's not really a wild symbol, more a replacing symbol which mean that the symbol will turned into other symbol including wild) and this could be frustrating, suggest you get 3 butterflies with number 20 on each symbol, this doesn't mean that those butterflies will turned into one particular symbols but instead the could turned into various symbols so never expect big win in case you get those butterflies.

Most of SkillOnNet casinos offering this game and I happened to be a member of Vegas Winner casino. Vegas Winner offers 180 free spins for your first deposit, each day you get 20 free spin of their WMS games. When I received 20 free spins for the game Lunaris I was curious what the game would give me on that game. Lucky enough on the fifth spin the bonus round was triggered and the result of it was 40 euro! it's not a big win but it's worth more than the total free spins.

I see a lot of negative feedback from my fellow gamblers regarding this game which I personally can not understand, I enjoyed playing it every time. They probably just had bad luck.

If you like WMS games like I do then I recommend Lunaris to you but be warned this game also requires 50 cent per bet for max paylines. It is possible to lower your bet but I don't recommend it. Always play with the max paylines.
I give dreamy Lunaris 7 stars.
Lunaris doesn't have expanding and transferring wild reel like other familiar games which is the only down side of this game.
Lunaris is definitely a beautiful looking game and when i saw it first i fell in love with the graphics. The game is pretty expensive and the smallest bet is €0.50. I had around €40 so i gave it a try and was very, very disappointed.

There is a feature in this game and i was mad to get it. It is a free spins feature and the only way to make money in this game. To get it you have to get three or more feathers anywhere on the reels and i never managed to get them I must have got two of them fifty times but the third one never came out. ill be honest with you and it is the worst think that could happen to you and it feels horrible. I was very frustrated and wondering why did i play this game to begin with.

There is a possibility to win big in this game but i was not lucky enough. I was fooled with the beautiful graphics and lost all of my money. I actually deposited again later that day and won some money back. So for me, first experience with this game was really bad. I have not tried it since and don't see myself playing it again. I think it will be worst if i put more money in it, get the feature and win a tiny amount of money. It is one of the games that i am avoiding and i will recommend to others to avoid it too. Over all the only thing that i like about this game is the graphics.

Everything else is not great. If i was to rate this game i would give it 3 out of 10. It will be awesome to see a big win, so if you have a nice picture, please share it. Hope you enjoyed my review and have a nice day.
gordontan 70 reviews
The Lunaris slot game is quite unique in its overall structure for when you are playing this slot you will be playing two different sets of reels, the first is a standard set of five video reels on which there are 25 pay lines, and on the second set of reels there are 75 pay lines spread over five enlarged sets of video reels. I strongly believe that the designer and supplier of the Lunaris slot game has made it a high paying slot for not only is there huge winning potential offered on this slot the payout percentage is high.

Then, the next best thing is that the stake level playing structure on the Lunaris slot game is quite unique for you are able to play up to 100 pay lines on the colossal reels, however your stake will be based on playing two paylines at a time, so for example when you are playing for stakes of 0.06 the total bet is 3.00, as that stake level of 0.06 covers two pay lines and not the standard one. Other than that, it is advisable for you to check the pay table attached to this Lunaris slot game for a full breakdown on the individual and jackpot payouts, for due to the base and bonus game structure some massive winning payouts are always a very real possibility.

Furthermore, I think that the next good thing that preferred by me the most is the free spin, the spinning in three of the Butterfly symbols on any reel set will instantly award you with a set of free spins, and the number of free spins awarded with be shown at the top of the screen, these free spins play out on the same stake levels as you put into play on the base game spin which triggered them.

In terms of the bonus game, the Butterfly symbol will trigger a unique type of bonus game for when you get enough of them spinning in on reel set one, a random number of them will then flutter over to the second reel set and will all turn into one particular reel symbol, therefore helping you to complete additional winning combinations. These Butterfly symbols can of course turn into Wild symbols and the more of them you get fluttering across the screen the better your winning payout will be, so do try and give this slot a try soon.

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