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Lights Slot

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Lights is a 9-payline video slot operating on the NetEnt software platform. The game possesses a scatter symbol, which is a stylized Yin Yang, and random Floating Wilds, which will be explained further in the text. Players are invited to try the slot on this page for free or select any of the listed NetEnt casinos to play the game for real money.

Prior to starting their journey to mesmerizing China, players should regulate their wager. The coin size ranges from to 0.01 to 1 and it can be adjusted by clicking the “Coin Value” selector. The bet value is regulated with the “Level” selector. To turn the reels, players should press “Spin”. To spin at the highest wager, “Max Bet” needs to be pressed and “Auto Play” allows players to play the game multiple times without being interrupted.

During every spin, fireflies swarm on the reels activating Floating Wilds. Floating Wilds appear randomly in every spin between 2 and 4.

3 or more scatters will activate Free Spins. 3 scatters equal 10 Free Spins, 4 scatters lead to 20 Free Spins and 5 scatters result in 30 Free Spins. During the Free Spin round, Floating Wilds appear in every spin between 3 and 6. If a Floating Wild symbol appears on a scatter symbol, both symbols stay active on the reel. 3 or more scatters still trigger Free Spins and Floating Wilds still substitute for all symbols except for scatters.

When 5 Red Lanterns appear on an active payline, a jackpot of 1000 coins will be won.

Game Play

Level: Select the bet level.
Coin Value: Alter the coin size.
Spin: Start playing the game at the chosen bet.
Auto Play: Play the game for a preset number of times uninterrupted.
Max Bet: Spin the reels at the maximum bet.

Lights Slot Reviews by Players


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LeoDubbed 135 reviews
Hate it or love it, NetEnt's Lights will lightened your life and shine you will (well, at least for some of us).

One of cheapest NetEnt's games next to Kings of Chicago, Reel Steal and Dead or Alive. With cheap I didn't mean that the game is awfully ugly. It's in fact the opposite, the game is looks very beautiful and well made. It is cheap in economically way because the game has only 9 paylines and low payout but more about that later.
The best feature of this game is the random wild symbols (minimum 2) on every spin. It does sound very interesting but at only 9 paylines is hitting any wins is a bit harder than other games with more paylines, even with those extra wild symbols.

3 or more ying-yang symbols triggers the free spins feature and in this bonus round more wild symbols will added to each spin and this way, winning is easier.
On most game, when you hit 2 scatters you will rewarded with at least 1x bet but unfortunately this is not the case with Lights.
Though the game looks very awesome and it has great sound fx, very relaxing background music, top notch graphics, this game is a good game to kill time. Don't expect to win massively playing this game because till this day I still didn't managed to win big time but I did enjoyed my gaming sessions though.
By the way, the best way playing this games is via the mobile version. There's a chance you will experience some lag playing the desktop version of this game simply because of the constantly moving objects in the game (fireflies for example), unless you have a heavy desktop.
If you love small paylined games such as I mentioned above then Lights is a recommendation.
I personally lost some interest of playing this game because I had a hard time triggering the bonus feature, I had to spin at least 300x before the bonus feature is triggered. Unlucky? Maybe.
Don't get me wrong, I don't hate the game, I think it's fantastic but beside the awesome graphics and sounds, this game doesn't have much to offer.
Bonus feature is very hard to trigger, 4 out of 5 I had to spin at least 300x before the bonus round is triggered.
HelmG 83 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
My original plan was to do a review Lights slot machines, but I'm due obligations on some casino bonuses postponed it for today. Casinos in which I used the bonuses last month, did not have this game in their offer. When I played this slot in recent months, I've made a bunch of interesting details, but reviewing my notebooks, I came to the conclusion that this is one of the most successful slot machine of NetEnt platform. The specifics of this game mainly related to WILD symbols are compared to some other games richer. Wild symbols appear randomly and can be obtained at all three positions in the column, such symbols. The lights are all around us, and this is another graphic perfect game.

My light adventures are something that each player to experience, as a special form of adventure combined with winning payment lines. As I said, this is graphically complete game with all the sound effects, which are so real. Big Win accompanied by special music and it just brought me the most joy in the game here. The biggest gains at these slot games I achieved in the Bet365 Casino, and lately more and William Hill Casino. There is no difference in the manner of realizing gains on payment lines, the biggest difference is the Wild symbol. It happened more than once, to conquer all three columns Wild symbols and the biggest gain is reaching a record € 50 per spin. My role here does not exceed € 2 per spin. Basically, the Bet365 casino I do transfer money from Betting and Poker site.

Lights slot is for me, a real refreshment among graphically rich slot game. His success is evident by the day, and just in this slot is the last time gives the most free spins bonus. The last such bonus I used to Energy Casino and won over € 20 from this bonus. Later I lost that money to other slots, but the details can not speak because my memory serves poor these days. Often this slot open and the Unibet Casino, but in recent weeks the Unibet casino not too active. I'm mostly focused on the start of football championships in Europe, so I'm a bit neglected your favorite casino. Lights slot is one of the reasons why I am inseparable from NetEnt slot machines, Bloodsuckers and next, last month brought me far the most profits. Keep your fingers crossed for me to stay!
raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
Hearing that NetEnt had a new nine line slot about to be released I was quite excited - I understand that nine line games are not everybodies "Cup of Tea", but classics like Thunderstruck, Break Da Bank Again and Dead or Alive have made that magic number nine almost mystical for me.

Firing up "Lights" for the first time I was impressed by the beatiful graphics and the music seemed to fit with the look and feel of the game perfectly - a great start!

When I come to play a new game for the first time I will usually play a hundred spins or so to get a feel for the slot before I bother inspecting the paytable and learning about the various features - I like to do things this way so I have a chance to experience any surprises the game has to offer, and a good slot should always have one or two of these in my opinion!

The first thing you will notice when you first spin the reels of "Lights", is the random wilds that appear on top of the reels with every spin. Most of the time the swirling on-screen lights will add two wilds to the reels, but three and even four can be added on a lucky spin.

Many NetEnt games with low numbers of lines such as Starburst and Attraction do not feature any bonus round or free spins, so I was pleased to see the scatter symbols dropping into view in this game. During the free spins even more random wilds emerge, from a minimum of three up to a maximum of six according to the paytable. Six does seem to be quite rare but four and five are fairly common. More scatter symbols award more free spins - catching all five scatter symbols awards 30 free spins and these can be retriggered as well.
And now the downside... I have become used to nine line games being high variance, or at the very least, having the potential for a large payout or two. This makes sense to me because with just nine paylines scoring a five of a kind hit is much more rare than it is on a 25 line slot, for example. In the case of Lights though, the top symbols pays just 1000 coins or around 111x your stake. Compare this to Break Da Bank Again where the highest paying symbol returns 7500 coins or 833x your stake and it is clear that Lights doesn't quite have the excitement I would expect from a nine line game.

The jackpot is given as 90,000 coins, which calculates as 1000x your stake, but the only way such a win would be possible is by scoring nine lines of the top paying symbol simultaneously - even with all six wilds on screen during the freespins I struggle to see any way that this can happen, and whatever the scenario may be to trigger a jackpot payout there is no doubt it must be extremely rare.

Unfortunately then Lights is a big disappointment for me, NetEnt clearly don't think its a washout though as they have recently released several re-skins of this slot with different graphics and sound, but identical paytables and features. I truly hope that other slot developers will not follow NetEnts lead and create low variance, low paying nine line slots of their own!
This is one of the graphic perfect game that is designed to be fully in line with the name because you will see everywhere here - the lights. The sound is perfectly incorporated with the graphics and especially like his very distinctive instrumental, when I win the Big Win. Like, you probably already know, it is a NetEnt slot machine that is in the video slots section at one of your favorite casinos. Symbols that have been created in the "lantern" style, I was thrilled at first sight. Wild symbol is a story in itself, and he turns to his position in the column, while in the middle of the screen you can see the amount you have won. This slot is one of my favorites, but on one of my computers can not play because I get an error related to the graphics hardware.

Back to the slot usually gives me a fairly large amount, but many times it happened to win a Big Win. Yesterday when I started this review I received in all ranks, the symbol K in combination with a pair of wild symbols on the second and fourth column. This has brought me profit of 1200 coins, and repair my budget, which was marred by playing on Gonzo's Quest previous day. Then, after Jimi Hendrix free spins promotion of 27 spins on Mr. Green casino had in my account € 23. I have not played 100 auto play spins everything I lost. Lights slot normally play in Bet365, Unibet, Mr. Green and Mybet casino. And sometimes at: Betsson and Betsafe, but mostly when I have more money on betting, which I visit on the two above-mentioned site. I like the percentage of winnings on this slot, and boast that he brought me a lot of joy almost as Bloodsuckers in the best days.

When I mention this genre, I can not remember which slot could be classified as a category with this. Precisely, these slots whose theme is not borrowed from a comic book or a feature film, they are the future of video slots at all. Lights slot is proof that even though you do not have Iron Man, Spiderman, Batman or any other "man" on the reels, you certainly can find inspiration in the creation of a completely different slot machines. NetEnt was able to do that, and have the game as a whole, the only drawback is that it only has 9 payment lines. But if you look at the other slot machines with 25 or more screens line, this game with a random appearance Wild symbols on the reels, giving you the impression that in fact you're playing a slot with 50 lines, such as the Incredible Hulk or Hot Ink from Microgaming. Recommendation everyone, turn lights and start spinning.
zerooo 742 reviews
Lights is 9 payline video game from NetEnt software. First time I played this game as free spins from different casino where deposit was not required. I didn't won anything at those free spin offer.

The game has very nice design and graphics. The background of Chinese county is good, nice theme. Music into it is one of the best for me, from this software company. It could relax you, but when you see payouts it makes you angry instead of chill mode. The paytable is bad, very bad. During every spin there are floating wilds. You can get 2 to 4 wilds which appears randomly. The idea is good of these floating wilds, but paytable is too bad to be good.

There are also free spins which is trigger by at least 3 scatter symbols. They changed a little free spins feature and added more floating wilds. So here you can get 3 to 6 of them. I played this game even with my own money, after I won some nice money on Dead or Alive game. I didn't play at minimum bet, because I tried to wager the rest of the bonus as soon as possible. I played at 0.45€ and I had no good win at this game. It eats my balance very fast, I had only small winnings. I received once free spins, but the feature also paid poor.

This is one of the games from NetEnt which I don't like it. I won't play Lights in the future, because this game has really bad payouts. If free spins feature would be set better I believe I could play it and waiting for some great wins. But I don't have good feeling about it; it eats my balance fast when I gave it a chance to surprise me. I will rate it low!
blondie 1094 reviews
Lights is a Netent software powered game with 5 reels and 9 paylines and it offers a free spins bonus round. It has asian inspired design with lamps and lanterns and I personally find this design charming and also calming, because of the color scheme.
But aside from the design aspect, I really dislike this game and I think it is one of my least favorite Netent games. Having 9 paylines, the minimum stake per spin is 0.09€.

In main game and free spins round there are floating wilds and an interesting thing is that on each spin from 2-4 wilds come up (on main game, on free spins they are from 3-6) and replace random symbols. But don't get too excited- most of the time they don't make any winning combinations and usually I get empty spins. To trigger free spins round you need to get 3 or more bonus symbols placed anywhere. That might sound easy, but for me it's really hard to trigger free spins, last time I didn't get them within 200 spins. The more bonus symbols you get, the more free spins you'll receive, from 10 to 30. But they are played without multipliers, so the floating wilds there are the main thing that can give winnings.

There's nothing good to say about the payouts from this game overall. I haven't got any decent winnings, I don't remember ever winning even 100x bet. Both the free spins and main game pays poorly so I wouldn't even recommend this game for wagering because most of the time I get many empty spins and then one spin with bet size win and so on. Free spins seem hard to trigger and the only half exciting thing is the floating wilds but then again they are mostly in the wrong places and they only substitute for all except scatter symbols they don't multiply your winnings.

I am all for simplicity and the fact they have only free spins round is fine by me but this game, in my opinion, gets boring and kind of depressive because I just can't seem to win anything and I don't see any winning potential there, even with small bets it is a money eater. For graphics I give this game 9/10 but for everything else 5/10.
Lights it is slot game made by Netent. I played this game couple of times, and I can't say that it is my favorite game.

I like how this game looks. Fireflies are look nice, and overall I do like how everything drawn. Same goes to sounds and music. Nothing outstanding, but good.

I like that there is only 9 paylines and min bet is 0.09. With such bet I could easily start playing this game with 10$ on my balance. But honestly I prefer other games with such balance.

I like floating wilds feature in this game. This feature activated each spin. From 2 to 4 wilds will randomly be placed on reels. This usually does not pay anything as wilds appear on different lines in bad places, but sometimes it could pay. Best possible way of course gets 4 wilds on payline and high paying symbol between wilds. Got it once or twice, both times get nice payouts.

I like freespins feature here. It is activated when 3 or more scatters land anywhere on screen. During freespins you have same floating wilds feature, but now you get from 3 to 6 wilds each spin. This is much better, and if you land some other wilds or just stacked best paying symbol you will win very nice amount of money.

I like this game, but do not play it often because usually it pays badly for me. I rate this slot with 7 stars.
I took one star for a bit useless of stacked symbols. With 9 lines stacked symbols are not so important, and it is a bit sick to get many same symbols but not on paylines.

I took one star for low payouts for low paying symbols. I do not have anything against low paying symbols, but even if you get a lot of it - payout still low.

I took one star because freespins sometimes is took too long to trigger.
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Lights by Netent 5 reels and 20 paylines is Asian themed slot which makes you wonder if this is a really slot you play, not reaching desired zen state of mind.

Somehow, this slot makes me feel so calm and I can fully enjoy my short sessions. Last year, if I clearly remember there was so many free spins and deposit bonuses promos with Lights slot. I never played this game regularly nor I had desired balance to spend it on and try it my way, so Lights will remain very welcome game and I am always for Lights and superb graphics and theme as well as solid paytable with huge win potential.

This is not boring game at all. Symbols appear stacked on all reels. Full screen of the highest paying symbol will bring that massive win of 1000 x your total bet which I doubt I will ever win. Fireflies flying around on every spin, landing and turning them wild. At least 2 posts min. up to 4 max.turning wild every spin and I had many of these.

There is no bonus game nor multiplier which would make this game much more exciting and possibilities of winning more ways would be great and here, you can get Free Spins feature. 3 or more scatter symbols will start 10, 20 or 30 free spins! Sounds good to me. Free spins can be retriggered and during the free spins feature min.of 3 up to 6 random wilds will appear on every spin.

Floating wilds could help you make some really nice and huge win, yet I haven't seen so many screenshots of winning Lights like I saw for some other games.

Is that because we can't spend as much as we want or because the massive win is hard to reach, I really don't know, but this slot deserves your attention and it's worth trying.
Ahmo6 232 reviews
Lights is a wonderful video slot that I recently played in Adrenaline Casino. The game is powered by NetEnt and it has 9 paylines and 5 reels with a minimum bet of 0.09$. The graphics of this game are not so bad and the music is very nice and soothing for the ears.

The game has a scatter symbol, which is represented by a stylized Yin Yang, and it also has random Floating Wilds. I started playing this game with 40$ and 0.36$ bet per spin and after just 100 spins I got some really nice wins so I decided to increase my bet right away. I increased it just a little bit to 0.45$ and I kept playing. The sole thing why this game was interesting were the floating wilds which activate during every spin and can award from 2 to 4 wilds which can lead to some good wins even in the main game. Since in the free spins feature the floating wilds range from 3 to 6 per spin, so a much greater chance for an awesome win. After many spins later and also many decent wins that kept increasing my balance I managed to trigger 3 scatter symbols that granted me 10 FS. Within the free spin feature I got 22.6$. Another 1000 spins passed that chewed my balance pretty good and didn't give much in return, but after that I got a FS feature where I managed to get 133x bet (60$) which boosted my balance pretty good all the way up to 150$. So I got excited and kept pushing the game which was going cold on me since I immediately started losing, so I decided to quit and continue some other time.

Overall this is a great game that I enjoyed playing very much, I think that it has a good payout potential and I would gladly recommend that you try it out. 8/10
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Lights is another game that is standard to NetEnt casinos. I remember that the first time new NetEnt casinos started to appear most free spins promotions were for this game or for Starburst. I have to admit that’s the main reason I hated NetEnt casinos.
The payout from the free spins was always low. That’s why I never had the chance to try out the other games so often.

This game is a standard 9 payline slot with 5 reels. The symbols and the graphic are on a solid level like all new NetEnt slots. The music is kinda relaxing and you can play a long time relaxing. Considering that it is a 9 payline slot you can spend a lot of time playing here if you have a low balance. From the features this game has a free spins feature which is triggered when you get 3 or more scatters on the reels. Than you are awarded with 10 free spins. In the free spins feature you will be awarded with 3 to 6 random wilds which land on a place on the reels. I usually get 3 wilds and get a low payout.

I have had some bigger wins of up to 20 euros max on this slot when I get the maximum 6 wilds and good symbols on a winning payline. Most of the time I try this game when my balance is about to go bust hoping for some win to get me back in the game but it usually never comes. I remember a few days aggo in some casino they were offering me a match deposit bonus plus 50 free spins on Lights. The bonus had a high wager of 50 x deposit plus bonus so I didn’t take it. If the free spins were on some other game like gonzo or Jack and the Beanstalk I would have taken it, but on Lights no thanks. In my oppinion this is one of the worst games ever made in NetEnt.
Lights is a video slot game created in NetEnt. This game has 9 paylines and 5 reels. My first impression is that this is an interesting game with not so good graphics. The theme of this game is Lights and lamps. In this game beside the classic symbols from poker cards there are a few more symbols with lamps. These symbols also pay the highest. The scatter symbols reminds me very much of the Chinese symbols that represent Jing and Jang. Also the sound you can hear in the background reminds me of some Chinese music. I don't know the exact reason for that. It's possible that China was the first country that started using lamps. In my knowledge the Chinese civilization is thousands of years older than ancient Greece which is considered the foundation of the western civilization. When I have the time I will look this up on Google but now lets get back to the game.

My first encounters with this game were when some casino would offer some free spins for it. What frustrated me the most about this game was that two wild symbols appeared randomly on the reels but I had the feeling that they never appeared on the places I would like for them to appear. When it comes to playing for real money I tried this game 2 times. What's surprising is the fact that I was lucky in both attempts and earned some money on this game. I got 3 scatter symbols several times and got the free spins bonus. Even though I played here on a minimum 0.09 bet I was more than happy with the cashout from these free spins. I think it was always more than 15 euros.

I recommend this game and off course I will come back here soon and try it again but this time on a higher bet.
Lights slot... Probably, from many new games releases made by my favorite online software Net entertainment, this game has the lowest priority for me when I am gambling in nNetent slots. Do not think anything bad, but I do not like this game.
Number of paylines in this slot is only 9, but there is not so big payouts for wins like at other 9 lines games from Netent. What about animations and sounds? I can't say anything bad, because generally new Netent games is good in this.

Slot has feature in main game - it add couple of wilds on reel, by random. For the time I played this slot - those added wilds never produce me any good win, once I have great win - I just land 5 red lights on few paylines, since they stacked it was surprise for me, payout was about 60 euros for 0.36 bet, result of course is very good, but it is for one of the best combinations, even two, so expecting from this slot absolutely big wins will be mistake, because it is almost impossible, if only all stacked symbols which pay good land in one time, and you will get full screen of it, but like I said, chances not on your side. Regarding freespins - you need 3 or more scatters. There is appear even more wilds, sounds good, but I have probably 5 freespins features playing this slot - can't remember any big wins.
I did not like things that I already listed - low payouts for most symbols, wilds always did not want to appear on right place and give good wins. And even in freespins it is hard to get big win. Slot pay very low money, and it is annoying to play it for me. Netent software contains much more better slot, and I better will play Dead or Alive, slot with same amount of lines, than Lights.
Lights as the name suggests is a very colorful slot by Net Ent providers. The slot incorporates symbols of five lamps which are beautifully characterized. I really like the color combination of the slot its just treat to watch. But returns of the slot are just very dull. The slot bet starts at just $0.09. Although I even tried the increasing the bet to $0.54 but it made no improvement.

The slot does not have any bonus game except the free spin feature. In the slot there are actually two to four floating wilds which appear in every spin but I rarely witnessed the appearance of 4 wilds. The free spin feature is triggered when 3 or more scatter symbols appear on the reels. Minimum of 10 and maximum 30 free spins are awarded. In the free spin feature 3 to 6 floating wilds appear on every spin. I hit the three scatters on the reels and was awarded with 10 free spins but all I could make was just $2.80. So free spins were not productive. I remember I made just 100 spins because I was loosing money. Although I made one a super mega win in my game play 750 coins at this time 4 wilds appeared on the reels when I was betting at 9 coins per spin at a coin value of 0.01. But still it could not make up the loss. Soon after this win I did quit the game.

The slot has good appealing graphics but the slot is weak in returns which is the major drawback. I try this slot very occasionally and I won’t recommend to try this slot. Not a good work by the Net Ent people and not impressed by the slot. So I would rate the slot just 5 on 10.
paquito76 867 reviews
NetEnt selected unique main symbol for its lately released 9-payline slot, Lights as besides the card elements the other figures illustrate some kind of lamps. I have to say they continued to make graphically first class products as this slot is very fascinating. The little animations we can see here really add many positives to the overall visual effects and with the beautiful background image we can’t have any bad word of the appearance.

Perhaps it was an already used gaming element but I’ve never seen and play it so far but I like the idea of the Floating Wilds game add-on. In each and every single spin on randomly chosen position 2-4 Wilds symbols appear on the screen theoretically much increasing the chance for getting winning combination and if we consider it’s just a 9-payline slot we could easily imagine that it’s a very profitable game but of course it absolutely matters where land the Wilds. Naturally, if they come on the third, fourth and fifth reels their great functionalities getting more useless and sadly the most of the times they arrive there and even if one of the two reels at leftmost contain them most of the times just the smaller, less paying winning combos are completed if there’s any.

The Free Spin feature needs at least 3 Scatter symbols on the reels at the base game to be activated then 10-30 extra games are awarded where the number of Floating Wilds increases and guaranteed 3-6 such figures appear on every spin there. This is the part of the game where the arrangements of the newcomer Wilds on the table is very important because in a lucky situation with 6 Wilds the simultaneous wins can be easily happened giving a boost the balance. What cool would have it been if a multiplier value had been attached to this segment of the game! We have no too much right to expect more features from a little game like this so the importance of the free games are very obvious but I think it still needs a best paying 5 of a kind line win (pays 1000 coins) to be real profitable side game.

When I first heard about this Floating Wild feature, to be hones I’ve waited much more, better saying some more remarkable wins by this extra. Maybe it’s one of the feature that sounds good but practically it doesn’t prove its greatness. Anyway, my experience so far with the game is not comprehensive but I surely say based on my history with the game I’m a little disappointed by this replacing figure work and despite I appreciate the nice environment what the appearance creates somehow I’m not totally dazzled by this new product.
From reading the reviews below I see some of my fellow reviewers have gave this game a terrible rating. I do have some sort of idea though where this unsatisfying feeling stems from. Like a month or 2 months ago I first came across this slot by playing at Redbet and some other casinos when it was first launched.

I had some free spins which didn’t lead to anything. At least nothing that I can remember. What I do remember though is that those wilds were annoying me a lot. But let’s discuss the game characteristics first. Lights is a slot from NetEnt with 5-reels and 9-paylines. Like the name suggests the theme is based on various coloured lights. Most 9-liners are high variance slots with a lot of potential.

However, this game is much different in that aspect for having various wilds floating around, which can help you generate a win. The position of the wild is never known beforehand. But I do have a strong feeling the wilds don’t just appear on random places either.

It just occurs too many times that the wilds will fall on multiple reels, but the reels in between not connecting symbols wise. But maybe this has something to do with the symbols being stacked as well. The number of wilds vary but is usually 2 wilds during base game, but sometimes more all the way up to 4 I believe.

Remember it’s a slot with 9-paylines though. So even if they fall in consecutive reels, the symbols have be high-paying to net a good win. My best win during base game was around 50 x bet size. An advantage of Lights is that the slot the minimum bet size is only €0.09. I played this game on €0.45 bets and managed to hit the free spins feature 3 times in like 100 spins.

You need 3, 4 or 5 scatters to win 10, 20 or 30 free spins. What’s different during free spins, is that there will be between 3 and 6 wilds floating around. This increases your chances on having a good prize.

During those 3 free spins sessions I won 20 x bet size, 200 x bet size and 15 x bet size. So it does have potential and the free spins can even be re-triggered.
When useless wilds appear and lead to nothing at all.
I will start to say that this slot from NetEnt isn’t special or something like this, for me is like Starburst, a slot where you can spend your money only to have some fun!
It is a 5 reel slot with only 9 paylines and a minimum bet of 0.09 euro but it has free spins feature!

I received an e-mail from Casino Luck that they launched this slot in their casino and they gave me 5 free spins to try this new game!
I logged in my account and opened the game to play the free spins! I didn’t won something from this free spins and I decided to play with the money that I had in my account!
I spent 15 euro on this slot but it proved to be a bad choice because I didn’t had fun at all and also I didn’t managed to catch the free spins or to win something bigger than 3 euro!

I have to say that I like the graphics of this slot,the game runs very smooth and it has nice symbols! Also it has an interesting feature called Floating Wilds which appear after every spin giving you the chance to win more money! But the payout rate disappointed me and I don’t think that I will try this game very soon!

I will rate this slot from my own experience but I don’t recommend it because it isn’t a slot game that deserves to be played with much money!
The graphics are nice and I will give a 9 for this, for the payout rate I will give only 7 because I don’t know if you may win something big with only 9 paylines!
It has free spins features and Floating wilds but this features didn’t impressed me at all and I will give only 7!
Overall not a good game in my opinion and I don’t think that I will play it again!
Lights is a new game that was released on NetEnt casinos and fell into a 9 line games category. There are some great games in this category and to compete they had to add something extra in this game that others don't have. The idea they came up with was having wilds on the reels which randomly land on different positions every spin. It is a very interesting concept and some times they land in good positions to give you a good win.

I am a fan of 9 line games and i just had to give it a good try to see the good and the bad side of the game. O so i hoped:) I started playing on the smallest bet just to get used to the game play and after playing for a couple of minutes i raised my bet to €0.36. The wilds would always come out in the wrong places and i could not hit a good win or get the free spins. Then i noticed that i can also double tap on this game and straight away everything changed. Straight away i got a couple of good line hits and the whole game play changed. Even though i was getting wins almost all of the times they were much smaller then i was betting. I kept on playing and soon after on a double tap i got four scatters. 20 free spins with more wilds, ye baby i was very excited. In the free spins you get more wilds and most of the time i would get four or even five wilds. Even with that many wilds i was not able to get good line hits and only got five of a kind once, the kings. Over all i ended up with €13, i got the feature a couple of more times but never got anything over 50x.

I must say i like the concept of random wilds but the game just did not pay out for me. I played this game on different occasions and it never paid out so far. If i was to rate this game i would give it 5 out of 10.
Icymod 758 reviews
Lights is a new release from NetEnt that holds 9 paylines. I was thinking it had much more than 9, like 20 paylines or so. Right after I saw the trailer, I became interested in playing Lights due to the random Fire fly wilds appearing on the reels. I started with 10 Free spins courtesy of Casino Luck but....there was a major problem for me! Every time I loaded Lights, I received an error message saying "Unsupported Computer Graphics Hardware Detected". I wasn't able to play this game until I found an idea! I used another trusted Google Chrome failed yet my old Mozilla Firefox succeeded.

Slow but sure to play my 10 Free spins.......I had little to say about my winnings. I had $1.20. I wasted them all the same as when they were won then I deposited. I betted $0.36 a spin / 4 coins but found little winnings occurring even with the random wilds...usually appearing as 2 random symbols anywhere per normal spin. I had winnings like $0.12 and my current win standing as the highest is $2.80. In Free spins after getting 3 neatly decorated scattered Ying-Yangs, more Wilds appeared during my 10 Free spins. I saw at least 3 wilds on every free spin but sometimes 4 or 5 depending on how lucky I can get. I like the graphics, a bit of the music but not very much for Lights' winnings!
I don't think this is the best NetEnt slot because even though there are 2 random wilds appearing in the normal game, the lack of paylines to hit symbols is the "heavy weight" that stops me from winning! The same really goes for the 10 free spins, when there are 4 or 5 wilds they have to complete my combinations. I saw them in weird ways.......broken up that a few of the wilds didn't hit! 2 Wilds on the top of Reel 1, another 2 wilds on Reel 4 bottom and one wild on the bottom of reel 5 is my example! I wasn't enjoying the 10 Free spins........or the whole slot entirely because I wasn't winning too much! My money will go towards the other slot.......The Wishmaster! :D
Afi4wins 1305 reviews
When I read the synopsis on the new game Lights, I was excited. An Asian game, with oriental music and lantern symbols. Not many of these kind of games are available, so when I started playing it, I was rather pleased with its graphics, its soft soothing background music and the dusky ambiance of the game. Nice! It was something different, yet pleasing to the eye, easy in recognizing the symbols, and I especially like the highlighting of the Floating Wild symbols against the dusky dark background. Again, very nice! 1 star up.

Playing the game was indeed a joy. The sounds and the music blend very nicely together. It doesn’t overly excite you, neither does it make you sleep! Even though the game doesn’t have expanding Wilds, the Floating Wilds work nicely together with the symbols that can appear stacked anywhere, either on the same reel or on all the reels, therefore making it possible to get all-of-a-kind of any symbol. All-of-a-kind of the red Dragon Lantern would be the highest payout possible, up to a maximum of 90,000 coins. At the maximum coin value of $1, the payout will equate out to $90,000, which is pretty good, since Lights is not a high variance game, more like a medium one to me. Yes, the possibilities for big wins are there, but I haven’t got them yet. 0 star.

The 3 scatters do come quite often, awarding 10 free spins each time, while 4 and 5 scatters would award 20 and 30 free spins respectively. Better still, retriggers are possible too. If 10 free spins can pay on average 40x the total bet, 30 free spins could certainly pay out 100x and above, but I haven’t had the opportunity to see this for myself, as yet. A really good round of 30 free spins could possibly pay between 500x to 750x the total bet, or even up to the maximum of 1000x, who knows?! But the possibility is certainly there. Nonetheless, I have yet to win on Lights, so 1 star down.

I guess a game like Lights doesn’t need to have other special features, like a bonus game or a random feature game, but having them would certainly add much more excitement to an already exciting game, and adding in more possibilities for wins. On top of that, the paytable is also on the low side, which falls below my expectations. 1 star down. But generally, and without any doubt, this is another one of NetEnt game that I really like.
A new entry in Netent group of slots is the "lights" slot which was launched earlier this year. As the name suggests , this slot is very flashy with lights lingering here and there, flickering around the pay lines awarding coins on winning combinations. The symbols on the slot are all related to light that is Hanukkahs, lamps in various designs and many more.

I have always been fan of Netent slots because of the their vivaciousness and breathtaking animations accompanied by good returns for the invested money. But this slot has the former quite in bulk but netent was unable to serve the very purpose of the slot that is to provide winnings to their players or even decent returns. I was playing this slot on comeon casino, initially i thought that since there are only 9 paylines, it was quite obvious to have less winning combinations. But when the slot started , it stated there will be at least two wilds always on the reels and the number can increase to 3 or even 4 and i thought it is worth giving a try. I started playing and after loosing about $3 dollars on a bet as low as $0.01 , i didn't had any major wins. I was frustrated and thought may be the luck was not my side that day but it was not with my luck but it was with the slot and after playing on it for a couple of times more i didn't had any winnings worth celebrating.

One good thing about the slot is the free spin feature which is activated by getting 3 or more scatter symbols with 3, 4 and 5 scatters giving 10 , 20 and 30 free spins respectively. I remember winning $6 on this feature on 10 free spins on a bet of $0.01 and that is maximum ever i got on this slot. A few good things are the animations that keeps you animated , free spin bonus feature , soothing sound and "sometimes" good wins. Thus in my opinion not the best from Netent.
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