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Jurassic Park Slot

Jurassic Park is 5 reels and 243 pay-lines video slot powered by Microgaming software provider. This slot is inspired with the Spielberg's 1993 blockbuster with the same name. The environment looks fantastic and the reels are set against the slowly scrolling jungle background. Give this feature-packed slot a spin for free on this page or visit Microgaming Casinos to play for real money.

Before you confront these genetically produced dinosaurs, you should set your bets. When you click on "Bet" a dropdown menu will open where you can set coins size and coins. By clicking on "Coins size" you can set the coins denomination which ranges from 0.01 to 0.05, and "Coins" is used to set the number of coins per line that you wish to bet. "Spin" will set the reels in motion. When you click on "Expert" mode button you will see that there is the "Autoplay" option which is used to turn the reels without interruption for a chosen number of times.

The Wild symbol in the game is a game log and it can substitute for all symbols except for the scatter, and it appears stacked on all reels. The Scatter is a mosquito stuck in amber stone and it can trigger Free Spins bonus feature.

The slot has Alert Mode which occurs randomly whenever a T-Rex symbol lands the reels. When this happens, for the next 6 spins you will have 35 wilds occur on the reels. This occurs only in the base game.

When you hit 3 or more scatter symbols on the reels you will trigger free spins and there is five different set of spins that this slot can offer. At the beginning one of these five will be selected at random but you will get to pick a feature yourself once you trigger free spins 25 times. Each set of spins will begin with 12 free spins.

Tyrannosaurus Rex includes the Wild Reels feature in which stacks of wilds appear on all reels. When T-Rex symbol appears you are guaranteed a win.

Velociraptor involves split and multiplier wilds. Split Wilds can split into 2 if there is a win available. This can result in a 6 different wins. Multiplier Wild will award you in a random multiplier which can be x4, x5 or x6.  

Brachiosaurus feature includes Mystery Multiplier. This means that every spin will include a multiplier for your wins. Multipliers in this feature range from x2 to x6 your win.

Triceraptor includes Running Wilds. This means that the first stack starts with 3 symbols, and there is one more added with each spin you make. A partial stack will award you with a free re-spin which can result in landing a full stack which will also offer one re-spin.

Dilophosasurus includes Winning Wilds feature where Diliphosaurus, when appears on the reels, will spit at a symbol and turn it to Wild. This Wild will remain this way until it wins.

Game Play

Coins size: Set the coins size.
Coins: Set the number of coins per line.
Spin: Set the reels in motion.
Expert: Turn the expert mode on.
Autoplay: Turn the reels without interruption for a chosen number of times.






Jurassic Park Slot Reviews by Players


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HelmG 83 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
It is not hard to guess that the theme of this slot is a cult film of the legendary Steven Spielberg. It's hard to just go, once you play this slot, and I know that very well. Often it is too late to cancel, because my account is dangerously close to 0 €, so that then the impression and disappointment, I lose the money in the account, which remained. The effects in this game are perfect as the film, which has set the standard back in 1993 when it premiered in theaters around the world. Jurassic Park, from 24 years ago, and today has unmatched effects for many films shown in 2017 year. At least it was not hard to find inspiration for the symbols on the drum, because there are many elements that can be incorporated into a visual effect of slot machines.

The reason for the advanced special effects of 23 years ago, perhaps as then films made mostly in real life, and later with the help of computers and other technology "ended", making them in many years. Today, almost every movie comes out once a year as a PC game and PC games have lost a good story. Each new title that comes out, we get bored after an hour, and that's the reality for each long-awaited game. Earlier it was completely different, probably because the creators have entered more passion and certainly put more time. Today, everything must be in a hurry and they all want to be nice. Understand that quick and nice - NO! Jurassic Park slot does not have this problem as well as PC and XBOX games, he is perfectly fit in my repertoire of the Royal Vegas Casino.

More and more often I play this slot at Bet365 casino, because now of all Microgaming casinos, on the computer I have installed Spin Palace casino only. At Spin Palace now have no money, but I will make a deposit again, because they send out one email with a promotional offer, which can not refuse. When I speak in more detail about the game, I can skip awesome T-Rex bonus. This is one of the best bonus on slot machines, which I've seen on any of Microgaming slots. From one such bonus at Bet365 I won 20 days ago more than 70 €. At that moment at Bet365 account I had about 400 €, so I could not risk a bit more stakes on Jurassic Park slot - € 1.5 per spin. The animation of a symbol is for Rating 10 audio effects also for ten, what else to add at the end unless the overall Rating -10/10!
vaultfeeeef 1 review
United Kingdom
This slot is amazing, i see a lot of people saying free spins are hard to find, I would recommend playing short bursts at higher stake. I had many x300 wins at 0.60p stake then got 2 over x1000 (these big wins started coming after I could choose the bonus game, I always suggest triceratops if you want the mega big wins).

If this slot isnt paying assume it wont, hence I said short bursts higher stake. I recently started playing at .90p stake and hit £1122.95 in triceratops. Nothing else except montezuma and raging rhino gets the adrenaline pumping when you ht the bonus ...
Should have minimum win in feature like the above mentioned wms slots (bonus guarantee of x10 stake as often they can pay nothing but the award for getting the scatters, however, at times you will get a run of free spins and often back to back
raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
I enjoy the majority of Microgamings "243 ways to win" slot machines a great deal. I first experienced this type of game with "Thunderstruck II", a game I wasted no time getting to know because I absolutely adored the first Thunderstruck game. Follow ups such as Immortal Romance, The Finer Reels of Life and Playboy were all excellent games although I think it is fair to say that they really did not add a great deal in terms of originality and new features. With a huge license like Jurassic Park though I had high hopes that Microgaming would take the time to come up with some new ideas, and this time around I'm pleased to say I was not disappointed!

Jurassic Park would have been an instant let down if it did not feature fantastic graphics and sound, and I have no doubt that Microgaming recognized this fact and spent a great deal of time making sure these basic elements of the game were just right. The high graphical quality does require a reasonably well powered computer in order to render this slot at a decent speed, most modern computers should be okay although my girlfriends three year old laptop was obviously struggling a little when I played this game.

Clearly though, just like presentation alone cannot equal a great video game, a slot machine requires much more than a sweet theme in order to succeed and Jurassic Park certainly does not lack substance. There are five seperate free spin modes named after dinasours such as the T Rex, Velociraptor, and Dilophosaurus. The bonus mode works slightly different to the other 243 ways games - instead of unlocking subsequent feature modes after every five bonus rounds, a random feature is chosen for you when you first begin playing the game but after you enter the bonus round for the 25th time you are finally able to choose your favourite from the five available options.

The game includes one of my all time faovurite slot mechanics - stacked wilds! but there is a further twist in the "T-Rex Alert Mode" which enables randomly and adds seven extra wild symbols to each of the reels. Alert mode stays active for six spins giving a much greater chance to win on multiple pay ways simultaneously.
I would have liked to see a little more originality in the features still - the T-Rex and Triceratops bonuses have comparable modes in Playboy, and Brachiosaurus is just the same as the bats or ravens in Immortal Romance or Thunderstruck 2, but at least the remaining two bonus modes are fresh and new.

The payouts for five of a kind wins are really quite low even for a 243 ways game, but this is no doubt a result of the stacked wilds, as Girls With Guns - Jungle Heat has a similar paytable and also features stacked wilds. Nevertheless it can still be a little disappointing watching "Five of a Kind!" flash up on screen before realising you have only won around 10x your stake.

These are really very minor issues though and Jurassic Park is undoubtedly the best 243 ways game Microgaming have created for quite a while now - I'm only surprised we have yet to see a bunch of clones of this game!
Afi4wins 1386 reviews
I have not seen the movie, only the movie clips, because I'm no fan of Dino, nor dinosaurs. Going back to the days of free-roaming dinosaurs just isn't my mug of coffee. Nope. They don't thrill me at all. With lots of movie clips included into this Jurassic Park game, everything tends to go slowly and laggingly, for me at least, due to my slow ISP. Loading the game up is a pain in my you-know-where. So, with so many negatives already declared for this game, I can only wonder how the actual would be like.

I must admit that the graphics are impressive. I like the moving jungle background as you spin the reels, I also like the bits of movie clips thrown in too, keeping my interest going for the time being. But as I've said many times before, impressive graphics do not necessarily make impressive game plays. I've played Jurassic Park only a few times, far apart between them, because the game just couldn't grab my interest. The paytable is so low, I couldn't see any possibilities of getting good huge wins. Mediocre wins, yes, but that's never good enough for me.

The Logo is the Wild symbol, 5 of which pays a very low 26x the total bet, and comes Stacked in the base game. The Mosquito is the Scatter symbol, 5 of which pays 100x the total bet, again low, 3, 4 or 5 of which activates a randomly selected dinosaur feature game of 12 free spins each. No win multipliers in 4 out of the 5 feature games. Not to my liking at all! After playing 25 rounds of these feature games, you can then select which feature game you want to play your next free spins on.

There is also a random T-Rex Alert mode in the base game, whereby up to 35 Extra Wilds can be included into the next 6 spins. This may sound good, but my spins have always been mostly with none, at times with just 1 or 2 Extra Wilds, only once with 3 Extra Wilds in one spin. The total payout for these 6 spins have never exceeded 20x my total bet amount, so they don't excite me at all. The Free Spins game mostly featured the Triceratops 12 free spins, which usually pays poorly. Only once I got the T-Rex game, but that too paid lowly, the first 8 spins paying almost nothing, and the last 4 spins seeing 1 and 2 fully Expanded Wild reels. The Brachiosaurus feature is the only game that offers a mystery win multiplier, but is usually 2x and 3x mostly. In short, all 5 feature games have failed to impress me so far!
The soundtrack is a little boring, the gameplay lacks exciting good wins, T-Rex Alert mode is hardly ever winning, all 5 feature games pays mediocrely, from 10x - 40x, with only the T-Rex free spins paying me 82x my total bet. No single win has yet exceeded 100x my total bet so far, but I won't be chasing after it either. Nosirree. Jurassic Park can remain jurassic as far as I am concerned!
I want to introduce a game came from Microgaming software company studio. Graphics and sounds are on the very high level. Especially sounds are on the high level.

Jurassic Park is a game with 243 pay lines deuces video song from movie this is a video slot with ideas based from movie. Jurassic Park is a good movie full of many kind of dinosaurs and special effects as it is in Hollywood. Minimum bet on that is $ 0.30 ,what is not so high because there is 243 lines so it could be bigger. There are stacked wilds like in other games in MG.
the game has five different modes of free spins feature
I liked all of them and no have favourite one because everyone can bring many money win.
That is selected on the beginning and after you received 25 rounds of those ,you can choose one of those. But you must have many money balance to get 25 bonus rounds to be able to choose any of 5 features and to be very lucky.
I didn't play it so many times so I didn't get that possibility.

Feature called T Rex alert will appear randomly while playing and it is your special chance to win many more cash, because in this feature you have added 35 extra wilds on the reels.
This game has huge win potential in my opinion so everyone can like this video slot.
It looks some similar with with Immortal Romance and other Microgaming games from 243 series.

In general this is good game but I never reached 100x bet, but I liked this game very well so I will play at that more times in future so I hope I'll get something big. In last words my overall rating forJurassic Park will be 8 on 10 because it was for me enjoyable experience at all.
In general it could be better without importance of getting 25 bonus rounds to can choose type of feature.
katemak 1170 reviews
Microgaming provider and Universal studio did come to agreement to launched Jurassic Slot video game from the famous and successful Jurassic slot movie, with all characters on the reel including few types of Dinosaur’s. Although the game was huge hit and I do know many members love this slot, well I like it too, but as for winning from this game, I guess it’s not met for me. It seems as I can’t hit anything decent in this game, although I have given this slot a chance to many times.

Playable from just 0.30 cents with 5 reels and 243 winning ways makes this game so popular because I believe every player much prefer those 243 winning ways slot games then the others, just because they are high variance paying games, which you can hit some mega, monster hit. From the base game you can benefit or expect some nice big wins from the T-Rex feature, which is random, when he will appear behind the reels and there is possibility to trigger up to 35 wilds on the screen, my experience not more than 2 wilds,

As for the free pins feature can say I had big success either, the mosquitoes are the scatter symbols, so landing 2 of them it will double your bet size and catching three of them anywhere on the reels the free spins are triggered, The free spins has few levels, unfortunately my biggest success was to trigger only the Tyrannosaurus Rex and the Velociraptor free Spins feature.

The winnings from the free spins always same story, I don't remember I have won more than 28 euros and my bet always stands the same 0.60 cents. The wilds on the free spins feature it seems they land always on wrong place or don't come at all. So I have tried this game many times, but I think I won’t play it any more, since there is not even once I hit something decent, I think I will stick to my favorites, which I have regularly play and win at least something decent.
zerooo 742 reviews
Jurassic Park is 243 payways video slot from Microgaming software company. I like video slots which came from movie ideas, especially if I watched movie and if I liked it. Jurassic park was a great movie, full of many dinosaurs and different kinds of special effects.

This game has a great graphics so as effects. The minimum bet is 0.30€. Into the game there are stacked wilds like as at some others games which came from this software. This game could be compared to some great video slot and it has a huge potential on winnings. The paytable is really nice and big like as at Game of thrones video slot with 243 paylines.

The game has 5 different modes of free spins feature. I like all of them, because all can bring you a lot of money if you are lucky. These features are randomly selected at the beginning and after you received 25 features you can choose any of them. I think you must have really high balance to get 25 features and later to select any of this 5. I never received and unlock them because I don't play it so much time and I don't have balance to allow me that.

T-Rex alert is feature that will appear randomly while you playing and it will give you a chance to win more, because in this feature is added 35 extra wilds on the reels. This feature is active for 6 spins. When I received it, I won something but not as big as I wished.

I think this game is great; I play it sometimes when I am at Microgaming software casinos.
The only bad thing I could find is that you will be able to choose your feature after playing 25 times free spins. I think this number is set to higher, I would prefer to see 15 times because sometimes it is hard to get 3 scatters.
Jurassic park it is game made by Microgaming based on the same name movie and universe. Well, it is just awesome slot, I am usually playing it a lot with 0.30 spins and I am always getting fun with different features.

I like how this game looks. Dino's symbols looks great, and also I like that sounds here is great. Especially when T-rex alert feature activated, really impressive sound triggered.

I like that there is 243 lines and stacked wilds appear on all reels. This gives a chance to huge payout. Of course chances to hit lot of wilds is very low, but still better have even very small chance to hit something huge, than just do not have any such chance.

I like T-rex alert normal play feature. It triggered any random spin, and for 6 next spins award more wilds on reels. Once I hit more than 100 bets during this feature, landed a lot of wilds. Really great and I like that this feature can pay solid money.

I like freespins feature. There is bunch of features, and which one triggered decided by random. At least for me, probably it is something like at immortal romance or playboy - you need play all and unlock choosing feature, but I am never in any single casino played all different features. My favorite freespins feature dilophosaurus one. This awesome dino can turn random symbols in to wilds. Until wild on winning position - it held. Once I hit gold. Got wilds on reels 1 2 3 4, and finished feature with 700 bets wins, even a bit higher. My hands were shacking then, because I played 1.5 bet, rare for me, and such huge payout.

I rate this awesome slot with 10 stars. Perfect, in each thing it is perfect.
I can not fill anything in thumbs down category because game is perfect. Just try it if you never do this.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Jurassic Park is another 243 payline Microgaming slot which for a theme has a famous blockbuster movie. I remember that before it was launched this slot was long announced and there were a lot of free spins promos all over the casinos to try this game.

Like all new 243 payline slots, the graphic and animation in the game are on a very high level. The symbols are of course the well known actors from the movie and the dinosaurs. Just like in the movie the king of the dinosaurs the T-Rex has an important role in the game with the random T-Rex Alert where you can get an incredible 35 wilds during the spins and off course a chance to win big. During my play I have managed to trigger this feature a number of times but had a big win of over 100 x bet only once and I think I got 3 wild reels during this feature. This game also has a free spins bonus. It is triggered when you get 3 or more scatters on the reels. I have to admit the free spins can seem impossible to get sometimes but I think this is standard to 243 payline slots. I think this is the only game I have seen with so many different bonuses in one. All of the bonuses award 12 free spins and they have different features from stacked symbols, stacked wilds to increasing multiplier and sticky wilds. Each and every one of these bonuses offers a chance for some mega big win.
I have to point out that despite all of these features there are a few things I don’t like in this game. You have to win the free spins bonus 25 times before you can choose what bonus you like. Only 1 bonus game has a chance for retrigger and this slot can eat and incredible bankroll before it starts paying out some descent wins.
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Jurassic Park and Microgaming, 243 ways slot game and one of the latest releases last summe, back in August 2014. I missed to take an amazing screenshot of my 150 euro win that day in 32Red Casino. It was crazy again and I think I deposited 20 and took 30 euros bonus which was 50 and I had enough to try out my luck and have fun that day because it should be about fun, don’t you agree. Well yes, we had some screenshots and we saw them around Show Time topic and always jump there because most likely you will see at least 100 x bet screenshots there, that's beautiful because you get the proves as well.

If you hurry up you could claim 10 Free Spins in Trada Casino and go like their Facebook page and share the latest post on your Facebook wall and then contact Live Support in order to get your Free Spins on Jurassic Park. This slot is inspired by the movie Jurassic Park, and this looks fantastic and so real. You can see true dinosaurs and characters from the movie. You might get disappointed by its paytable and chances for your money to be eaten very fast but when it pays, then it is even better. You can expect randomly triggered feature, which brings the most prizes in the game. There are 5 different bonus features in this game but you don’t get the chance to pick the one you want until you unlock that feature as I did mine in BETAT Casino with immortal Romance and anytime I get the Free spins bonus round, I can pick which feature I wanna start, that is really cool, don’t you agree.

Unfortunately it seems that you need to hit bonus feature at least 25 x times before you can pick which bonus you wanna start. There is no doubt you will enjoy the game and it is worth trying.
Fear. Fear to lose everything and never win. This is what feelings I have about this slot. Jurassic park it is big slot release by Microgaming, which available at all Microgaming casinos, and of course at all casino which offers Quickfire games.

Of course regular player like me was not able to miss slot like this. There is 243 lines, and stacked wilds during base game. This make this slot interesting for any kind of player, because huge win potential always make players want to spin and spin, and continue playing slot. Should I say that slot looks absolutely awesome, I think no, since it is those Microgaming big release. Like Playboy, like Game of throne, like Battlestar Galactica. Such slots always look outstanding.

At this slot there is about 7 different free spins features, and it is just awesome. We have IR and TS II where it is 4, but there is the whole 7, each chosen by random after you hit 3 or more scatters. Also in base game there is possible to trigger T-Rex alert feature, which increase number of wilds on reels for couple of spins.

Well, why fear is my feeling about this slot. I lost 300$ playing only this game. 300 dollars straight away. Divided by 10 deposits, sometimes with bonuses, sometimes without. Just chasing this game in different casinos. Have couple of 100x features, but nothing great, and always finished losing everything. Saw streaks like 500 spins without free spins features.Terrible, so much money spent, and nothing received back. I do not want to bash it again, thanks, I have doa for this purpose.

Anyway, I will not rate this slot game low. I lost, yes, but I think someone else win good at this game. Game looks perfect, there is 7 different free spins features, there is great base game feature. Everything is not so bad, it is just not luckiest slot game for me.
Terrible luck, and it is probably just for me, everyone else winning good here.
Th3 Runn3R 119 reviews
United States
Wroarrrr! Jurassic Park video slot is finally online! I have waited for this for a quite of while and I must say I am very impressed about it, real pictures of the movie stars and movie clips of it. Jurassic Park is one of my favorite movies of all time and coincidentally I watched the movie a few months ago (3D version). This year a new movie will be released : Jurassic World, I wonder if Microgaming will make a video slot about this movie.

Now about Jurassic Park the video slot, the game has 243 paylines and it was a good choice of them to use this. In my experience all 243 paylines video slots have low payout but this applies for all video slot.

Our ValDes has posted his winner screenshot of mega big win for playing Jurassic Park and he has proven us all that a 243 paylines video slots have the potential to give mega big win and lucky for him to experience it. To be honest the only big win I ever won playing those kinda slot was on Immortal Romance (also powered by Microgaming). The biggest win I ever won playing Jurassic Park was 120 euro but my bet was 1,20 euro per spin so I actually won 100 times my bet but I am not complaining though.

I hope in the future I will win those big win like ValDes did, I think it's possible but I also think that kinda win can only be win if you play the game for several hours. The RTP of this game is still unknown but I am pretty sure that it has the same RTP as other 243 paylines video slots.

As for close up: 8 roaring stars for Microgaming's best game of this moment. Graphics and sound effects are top class and I didn't expect less from them, great job Microgaming!

A recommendation? Hell yeah it is, no doubt about it.
Pack your backpack and put your boots on because you are heading to one hell of adventure.
Good luck to all who will play this game.
There are various of free spins mode and unfortunately the game chooses it for you. It could be great if you can choose the free spins mode yourself.
T-Rex is too scary too watch!
Ahmo6 232 reviews
Jurassic park slot is powered by Microgaming software. It has 5 reels and 243 payline. The minimum bet for this slot is 0.30$ and the theme for the slot as I guess we all know is based the actual Jurassic park movie. Lots of slots are now getting based on movies or something popular.

Played this game couple of times, both of those times with 0.30$ bets per spin. There the Jurassic park sign is the wild and the scatter is the mosquito in the stone, which I found really difficult to trigger, but after a lot of spins I did manage to trigger it. Once I triggered it I got 12 FS with Brachiosaurus that has a mystery multiplier feature. Where all winnings were multiplied with 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x or 6x. In this feature I got only 12$, but soon after about another 30 minute play I ended up on zero as my balance. Cause all the big wins are contained within the free spin features which is kind a hard to trigger as I mentioned before. Then you also do have 4 other features that you can get once you get the free spins, all of them have different features within them. Also after getting 25 free spin features you will be able to choose the feature yourself instead of the game analyzing mode and randomly picking it. The last but not least the T-REX Alert feature, when this feature activates your chance of winning will increase my amazing 35 extra wilds on the reels.

Overall a very exciting game that brings back all the memories from the actual movie. The graphics are ok, even though I think they could have been better and also the actual game was really slow on both casinos that I played in, I don't know is it the game or what but I didn't like it.
As I can see everyone is excited to see and play this game. It is what many have been waiting for and it sure looks good. There was a lot of hype about this game before it even came out and I honestly did not know what to expect. I wanted it to be good and interesting and I am happy to say that I like it.

The game is based on the epic movie, probably one of the most popular movies out there, and it has all of the original characters. I loved this movie when I was young and even this days if it’s on TV I would watch it with pleasure. So I can tell you straight away I love the graphics.

There are 243 lines and the fact that you get paid no matter where the symbols land makes it that much better. The other thing that I really like about this game is that you can double tap. I have triggered the feature many times like that and would recommend for you to try too. Don’t co crazy on it and just take your time. The pays in this game are pretty small so it’s kind of difficult to win huge amount of money. But the game makes up for it with stacked wilds which can give you a massive amount of money. I managed to get them on three reels and win a good amount of money. Hopefully I’ll bet all reels filled with them and will be able to take a picture.

There is a free spins feature in this game and to get it you need to get three or more mosquitoes anywhere on the reels. I got this feature few times and max I was able to win on the smallest bet was around €30.

There is also T-Rex alert feature in this game but I only got it a couple of times. My best win was around €3 and I did not think much of it. Over all I really like the game and it reminds me of the old days. It is very enjoyable to play and can pay big. My rating 8 out of 10.
I don’t have to say many things about this slot and about the title and theme because all the people know the Jurassic Park movie and I think most of them, the slot game!
This slot is a Microgaming slot, 5-reels, 243 ways to win and a minimum bet of 0.30 euro!

With some money left in my Gowild casino account I decided to play this slot, to try it for the first time and to see if it is good enough to be played when you have to meet some wagering requirements!
I played on the 0.30 euro bet because I didn’t had lot of money in my account, only 11 euro and I wanted to play for a longer time!

The graphics impressed me very much, when I opened the game and made the first spin I was very happy to see that exists other slots with a good quality of images and symbols!
Also my brother was impressed and told me that this game won't pay so well because it looks too great!

Regarding the features, the game is similar to other 243 ways to win Microgaming slots but is more interesting and keeps you focused!

I was lucky I think because from the 11 euro, I managed to increase my account balance at 62 euro in just 30-40 minutes and this is a great thing for me!
Because there was no wagering requirements I was able to withdraw my winnings even if my brother advised to increase the bet and to keep playing this slot!
Overall it was a nice and pleasant experience, I will come back very soon to play this awesome slot because I want to win other money and to have fun!

I will give 9 for the good graphics and features, this impressed me very much and also for the payout rate another 9 even if I played for a short period of time!
valentin68 535 reviews
The “Jurassic Park” slot from Microgaming casinos is what the “Aliens” slot is for NetEnt casinos. I mean the game is all the rage in what it concerns the graphics part, and you begin to ask yourself (like when playing Aliens) if this is a slot and not the movie itself. The tropical rainforest moves in the background of the slot and the animation of the symbols that is so intensive during the so-called “T-Rex alert” feature and also the scenes at the beginning of Free Spins that are like being taken from the original movie, all of these contribute to the exquisite quality of this slot. Being a new slot it makes the front page in many casinos, and you should see this front page shaking when the T-Rex is passing. Not even at the launch of “Terminator” I have not seen this in Microgaming casinos.

Being a 243 ways to win slot, the chances of winning are considerable. I played this slot in two Microgaming casinos and I had both the opportunity to lose pretty much and to win something. If you play on a 1.5 Euro bet/spin, the minimum payout is 0.50 Euro and is frequent accompanied by wins of 1.5-3 Euros. But, like I said, because of the 243 ways to win from time you can win even 10-30 Euros from a single spin, especially during the "T-Rex Alert", when the number of wilds on the screen increases significantly, or during the Free Spins. Depending on the character of dinosaur randomly chosen in the early scenes of Free Spins (the ones I was talking a bit earlier before) this round takes place in different ways. There are 5 different game modes, each having a certain peculiarity. One can earn a good amount of money (10-30 Euros) at the end of this round, and almost nothing. Even during normal spins, with a bit of luck, if you have on two different reels a few Wilds, wins are considerable. You just have to play enough and the wins will come.

The slot is very good at transposing the story from the movie into the game and it without a doubt it deserves to play here because of the sensations and emotions that this game will bring to you. “Well done Microgaming!”, again for such a good slot.
Where do I start with the Jurassic Park video slot. From the brief experiences I had with this game, I can certainly say that this is truly a fantastic slot in design, graphics, bonus features and basically the complete picture is astonishing. When I first heard that Microgaming came to an agreement with Universal Studios to release a series of video slots based on the successful blockbuster, I was very delighted and looked forward to see and experience the game myself.

I tried my lock on the game for the very first time about six weeks ago. Just like many other branded Microgaming slots, the game features the almighty 243-ways-to-win format, 3 rows and 5 reels. The symbols are made of the lead characters from the movie and of course several types of dinosaurs.

In addition it also has a random feature when the number of wilds per reel increase to an incredible 35 wilds. However, I’m not sure how many symbols there are on each reel, so far I haven’t had any decent hits yet with that random feature that can appear any time during base game.
It basically gives you like 5-6 spins the chance with increased wilds. Nevertheless, I had some great hits during base game thanks to several wilds dropping. The wilds are stacked and that’s why you can even have a full screen of wilds during base game. I played this on 0.90 euro and 1.20 euro bets solely and had some fantastic results.

I’m probably around 1.000 euros up and I can’t say that for many slots. My best hits during base game were around 150 - 200 x bet size thanks to the wilds and one of the higher paying symbols. There are also scatters, which is the orange symbol with a fly or mosquito in it. You need 3 or more scatters to trigger the free spins bonus feature.

I probably triggered the bonus feature like 20+ times in only approx. 2000 spins. It just shows it’s completely random and lady luck can drop any time. During the bonus feature, which is a bit hard to explain, it randomly chooses a feature. There is also a progress bar, if you complete it after hitting the bonus feature more than 25 times, then you can choose the bonus feature yourself.

There are five different bonus features with all a specific set of characteristics, including stacked symbols, up to 6 x multiplier, random reel wilds and much, much more. You really have to experience them yourself to see what it’s all about. So far I several 300 x hits during the free spins, it almost seemed like it was so easy to hit.

I guess it’s a rare occurrence and I just got lucky. Nevertheless, a fantastic game where Microgaming really put the effort into creating this masterpiece slot.
I like everything about this game.
Icymod 758 reviews
Jurassic Park is a recently new 243 ways Microgaming video slot known for it's classic movie. Microgaming digging up old movies and turning them into video slots is a tremendous idea to put into action especially when old classic clashes with potential wins! Just be sure not to ruin the classics with sh*tty qualities or the old legends will die!

Okay about the video slot, the characters from the movie are accurate and wins are more fun with $0.30 - $0.90. Not much going for me on $0.90 especially as far as the T-Rex Alert feature is concerned but for some odd reason $0.30 and $0.60 bets tend to shine the spotlight for this feature much more! In the really neat feature that every player would probably want to get their hands on (T-Rex Alert feature), it has more wilds on every spin and the chances to win better are increased! From a $0.60 bet I had wins from $1.20 to $8 depending on how hard the Jurassic Park Stacked wilds would work out.

My best win ever on one spin was $23.40 when 2 stacked wilds on 1st reel and 3 full stacked wilds for the 3rd and 4th reels delivered the hot cheddar gooey pizza (that win just delivered nicely)! The free spins I have no idea when they'll be around for my bets as each time I find a potential trigger for them for 2 scatters, they are as stubborn as.....(thinking)....our forum heroine :D, don't tell her about this, it's our secret so if she finds out - punishment/Detention for myself! ;) .

But the good news for me to hear are the T-Rex Alert spins, they offered the most wins and I've had at least $12 with my 6 rounds. Well, that's about it for me as I would like to talk about the free spins but unfortunately they are way too stubborn for trigger!
I have not won a single Free spins trigger, ever on my 4 times playing Jurassic Park! It's nerve-wrecking for me to find two scatters of fossilized mosquitos and find every reel to be empty. I just hate that this happened too often and I'm left wondering if I will trigger them. Is it the type of free spins that are worth it or am I not missing anything by thinking they might suck and maybe be the worst feature around.

Another issue I had - the cost of the T-Rex Alert feature for more wilds, what is this? Untamed Bengal Tiger for each collected wild spins? They need to make each spin free at least on this feature for more enjoyment! To pay them would be to flip over a turtle about to go into the water to swim.
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Jurassic Park is another game I didn't want to review because I didn't have any wins nor the chance to feel the magic from this Microgaming slot.A great game. What inspired me to write a review is a promotion which I saw on news feed on Facebook from Mr. Green Casino to enter a draw prize for a trip to Hawaii from Jurassic Park slot. For every 20 euros wagered on this game you get an entry and it is not limited to Mr.Green only but anywhere you can play this game.

There are a lot of nice and elegant promotions that come with this slot from various casinos like Guts, William Hill, Casino Luck, Casino Maria, The promotion from Guts is most attractive for me 100% up to 100 euros and 50 free spins which attract me the most. In William Hill you will get 100% up to 200 euros and you can use them all to try this great game which attracts every player. For me personally 5 reels 243 paylines sounds great but I still haven't had any significant wins on them nor I have made enough deposits to try them for a longer time.

My disappointment always comes when the game gets boring and there is no bonus round. To be honest I love good bonus games with a few levels and off course I love to hit a win especially on a a higher bet. For those of you that don’t know the game is inspired from the movie with the same name. The symbols and graphic will impress you also the number of paylines is impressive and this game has a lot of paying potential. I really think that you should make a deposit take some good bonus and start playing with minimum bet and move up to a higher one later.

The Group Play bonus is known as the best feature in the game. This game is about a player that escapes from central park and there is a lot of action going on in this dinosaur theme based slot. The popularity of the movie was overwhelmed and I think the same thing will happen with this game also.
I was really impressed by the first look of the slot game Jurassic park. The reels are placed on the background of a dense and dark forest. The symbols are in circular shape with good graphic quality. Full marks to the slot for its animation and graphics. The slot even has a great soundtrack justifying the theme of the slot. As the name suggests the slot is inspired by all time favorite movie series of Jurassic park. The slot has 243 play lines and 5 reels.

The slot has very innovative features such as in the free spin bonus round, activated by appearance of three or more scatter symbols on the reels 12 free spins are awarded and allows the player to choose one of the five bonus features. The bonus feature is based on the five dinosaurs characterized in the movie namely T-Rex, Triceratops, Velociraptors, Brachiosaurus, and Dilophosaurus. The bonus features are Wild Reels, Mystery Multipliers, Split Wilds, Wild Multipliers, Winning Wilds and Running Wilds. Although I don’t know exactly what happens on triggering the running wild feature. This is the relatively knew feature and I have not come across this in any other slot game. The free spin bonus was a bit hard to get and I could only trigger it once and bonus feature which I got was of split wilds. Another feature which I liked is T-rex alert mode which can be activated randomly on any spin. The feature adds 35 extra wild symbols which last for 6 spins. And I can guarantee you assured good win in those 6 spin.

Jurassic park is yet another great slot game by microgaming people and I would recommend this slot to every slot lover to do try this slot. Even if you don’t win much (although you will) I can assure a good time playing this slot. I would give a 8/10 to this slot.
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