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Game Of Thrones Slot

Game of Thrones is a 243-way video slot operating on the Microgaming software platform. Done in the style of the famous TV show, the game features various symbols depicting different Westeros Houses. The most important symbols are the wild card, which is the Game of Thrones Logo, and the scatter, which is the Iron Throne symbol. Players are invited to try the slot on this page for free or pick any of the featured Microgaming casinos to play the game for real money.

To travel through the seven kingdoms of Westeros, players need to adjust their wager first. To select the number of coins wagered, players need to press “Bet” and then the “Coins” arrows. The “Coin Size” arrows modify the coin denomination, ranging from 0.01 to 0.02. “Spin” initiates the spinning of the reels and “Au­top­lay­” allows players to play the game for a number of times without interruption.

Players can choose to click “Gamble” after every win, should they desire to increase their winnings. There are 4 stages in this round: 3-Eyed Raven, White Walker, Direwolf and Dragon. Players choose Heads or Tails and, if they choose correctly, the winnings are doubled and players move on to the next stage. However, if they lose, the feature is over. Players can also press “Co­lle­ct” to save their won amount at any time.

When 3 or more Iron Throne icons emerge on the reels, the Free Spin feature is triggered. In this round, 4 Houses of Westeros with Free Spin options are featured. From House Baratheon, Lannister, Stark and Targaryen, players choose 1 House.

In the Free Spin round, each House awards a specific number of Free Spins, a multiplier value and an additional stacked symbol. Players can win up to 18 Free Spins and up to a x5 multiplier value. The symbol for the House they choose is stacked during the Free Spins. The Free Spin feature can be re-activated.

Game Play

Bet/Coins: Select the number of coins to bet.
Bet/Coin Size: Alter the coin value.
Spin: Start playing the game at the chosen wager.
Autoplay: Spin the reels for a preset number of times without any interruptions.
Gamble: Enter the gamble round to increase one’s winnings.
Collect: Save the won amount.

Game Of Thrones Slot Reviews by Players


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LeoDubbed 148 reviews
One of the best watched serie with the same name, I did followed the serie but lost interest when I saw my favorite character was beheaded. I almost cried, yes almost but I didn't. I also love that dragon lady character with her white/blond hair. I find her very sexy.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the announcement of this game to be released and I searched more info regarding this game but every website told me the same thing.
The game itself was divided in two versions : 243 paylines and 15 paylines. Now, I would prefer the first version because it's easier to win with more paylines but you know that. I managed to win a few huge wins of over 300x bet thanks to the stacked wild symbols. Sure, it requires twice the bet as the 15 paylines but I think the chance of winning is also twice as big. I believe the second version has the best payout of the two. In my experience the less paylines a game has, the bigger the prize. This is actually a fact, more paylines means smaller prizes, less paylines bigger prizes, it's kinda a ying-yang thingy.

I believe all experienced players know Microgaming's Lord of the Rings video slot, The Dark Knight video slot series. There we see some animations, some characters of the movie. Unfortunately there's no characters of the series to be found in the game and that was a little disappointing but I do love the game soundtrack, at least they kept that in.

I don't dislike the game but it really needs some upgrade because I do lost some interest in the game and I haven't play this game for almost 6 months. I do really hope they will change the game or at least make a sequel of it with better visuals features.
It's a nice game if you don't mind playing with only the standard symbols.
No characters, no special random features, waiting for the sequel.
jenza79 2 reviews
New Zealand
There wasnt much I liked about this game. It was basic and not very exciting at all!
The fact that it took me over $100 at 0.60 cents a bet until I got the scatter bonus and then I only won $1.24. Really frustrating game. The wins were small and only had 1 win of $13. The rest were between .20 cents and maybe $3.00 if I was lucky. I played this game based on the reviews on askgamblers and they were mixed but this game does 0 for me.

Will be staying away from this one. It is most probably one of the worst slots I have played!
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Game of Thrones, I would gladly say, is an epic slot from Microgaming. Epic for me at least, especially the 243 paylines version. You can choose to try both versions but I believe the 243 ways to win is truly the one to like. We have all heard of 'Game of Thrones', the American fantasy drama television series, which premiere was possible to watch on the famous HBO Channel. This serial is still mega popular and it's been an inspiration for many. Microgaming has done a very well job when they came up with a second version, and no doubt it was and still is, popular among players as well.

I also remember that I was one of the very first active forum members who gave it a try and I liked this game at first sight. I also made some nice wins too, but I was limited with my small starting bankroll and couldn't afford to play it as much as I had wished, especially knowing the fact that NetEnt has released many cool games that I also had wanted to try, and it was simply impossible to play as much as you wish.

Feature wise, there isn't any Bonus game, only the Free Spins feature game, which is triggered by getting 3 or more Scatters anywhere on the reels. When you finally get the Free Spins feature game, you can pick between 4 four separate features, and these are as follows: Baratheon's 8 free spins with 5x multiplier, Lannister's 10 free spins with 4x multiplier, Stark's 14 free spins with 3x multiplier, or Targaryen's 18 free spins with 2x multiplier. During each feature game, only the chosen symbol would come stacked, along with the Wild symbols, increasing the winning chances for that particular chosen symbol. Unfortunately, the Stacked Wilds have poor payouts and my only hope comes from the multiplier and the Scatter symbol payouts. There is also a 'Gamble Trail Feature', allowing players to gamble what they have won in hand, for better and bigger wins. Considering that this Game Of Thrones game is a high variance slot, winning from it may be very hard, but it is fun to play, and yes, you should try it out.
Icymod 758 reviews
Microgaming released two versions of Game of Thrones, one least over played slot being the 15 paylines, and now the 243 ways video slot that everyone will for sure be playing more! What I just cannot figure out is why on earth would Microgaming release two variations of these slots? 243 ways probably pays more often then it's original but as I kept digging through each video slot it turns out the 15 paylines pay more than the 243 ways. A good comparison is 5 Baratheon sigils for $72 if it hits in one of the 15 paylines, which is probably going to be a drag to hit on them, whereas hitting 5 Baratheon sigils on 243 ways only gets $15 through $1.80 bets. I would rather hit 5 big symbols then to see 5 symbols not acquiring that prize!

For $0.90, there were continuous small wins, I had about 34 spins in before changing my bets to $1.80 for 5 rounds. In those 5 rounds, I had triggered free spins on the fourth spin with $1.80 and with that in mind, I am not about to go cheap so I went through my choice of 8 Free spins at 5x despite the "hardly ever getting sigils" theory I found in the first version. 4 spins were dead, 5th spin had $5.60 and the next spin won this unexpected $169.30 before drawing dead again for the remainder of free spins, good old wild stacks and Baratheons!

To me, the two Game of Thrones versions are quite missing a lot of details such as house characters, like the hot dragon queen.....Daenarys Targaryen, Snow and everyone else......Cersei, that Lannister imp, what about the great swords for symbols? The spirit of this video slot in general seems to be hollow as if I am enjoying a novel with some of the pages torn out of it's spots. It is still a great game, more ways than the 15 paylines, but all in all, have more frequent wins that the first! A 6 out of 10!
Now I understand clearly why two slots are holds bigger prizes than the other while the other pays frequently through all left to right ways! Honestly though, when comparing this video slot with the video slot at the casinos, it makes me wonder how much worth I am actually getting. I mean in my local casinos of this slot, there are three 3x5 reels on top of each other, random features that award wilds stretching the other 3x5 reels thinly to make room for this one house alone (ie, 3x5 Lannister reels expand nearly all reels for better way wins and wilds), even dragons burning through all 3 3x5 reels twice or more), progressive jackpots that actually can be struck and these bonuses like The battle of Black Water Bay, Mother of Dragons, even the Dire Wolf jackpot. I know for certain in this online video slot, I am not fully getting every detail and it's worth! Do you remember what happens to Eddark Stark after his confession for treason and for trying to take over the throne? That scene can definitely be described by these two video slots! That blade sound!
raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
Responding I imagine to the large amount of criticism being leveled at their insistence on releasing only 243 ways games, Microgaming did a strange but innovative thing with their Game of Thrones license and created two versions of the game - this one, another 243 ways slot - and a second version with 15 paylines. It's great of them to respect their players preferences in this way, and in all honesty I have to say I find it difficult to choose my favourite between the two! In the most simple terms you can expect more frequent wins from the 243 ways version, or bigger payouts from the 15 lines game, but I recommend trying both for a few hundred spins to make your mind up as there's a difference in "feel" from the two differing systems as well.

As for the specifics, Microgaming have stuck with what has been a largely successful formula for them when creating Game of Thrones. Don't worry if your not a fan of the TV show because this game is still a lot of fun even if you don't know a great deal about the various "Houses of Westeros" - I personally don't watch the show, but this is still one of my favourite 243 ways games. It's definitely behind Playboy though ;)

Hitting three or more scatter symbols allows you the opportunity to choose your favourite of these houses, which will award up to 18 free spins and a multiplier up to a maximum of 5x, but sadly these are not awarded randomly so it is not possible to receive the maximum for both at the same time. The symbol of the house you select becomes an additional stacked symbol during the free spins as well, in addition to the stacked wilds represented by the Game of Thrones logo.
It's really possible to win hugely in the feature of Game of Thrones as you've come to expect from these 243 ways games, but of course you should expect your sessions to be almost certainly negative if you don't hit the feature very often, in order to balance this out. Just like Immortal Romance or The Finer Reels of Life, your bankroll can really take a terrible beating from this slot so I recommend not betting too heavily! Go for a larger number of spins to give yourself a better chance of hitting the feature and you'll almost certainly have a lot more fun.
stars_cream 160 reviews
One of my latest favorite slots is, for sure, Game of Thrones the 243 liner published from Microgaming. Before the slot came alive I was a big fan of the tv series and the books so I could not wait the time for a slot of this theme would come out. When it was published from the Microgaming I hoped that they would make a very good slot as they did.

Game of Thrones has two variations the one with the 15 lines which I play it only when I have small balance and the 243 liner. In terms of graphics, you will not get very excited of them as they are very minimal but one the other hand the whole atmosphere of the slot I think it is in the right mood, dark and epic. There are four symbols for the great houses of this world, yellow for Baratheon, light red for Lannisters, white for Starks and red for Targaryen and of course the letters A,K,Q,J so I think the slot has not got many symbols which is good for me. Also there are stacked wild and the scatters.

3 or more scatters trigger the bonus round where you can choose one of the four houses and have different amount of free spins with different multipliers. I always choose Baratheon which has the fewest spins, only 8 but with the biggest multiplier x5. In the bonus round there are huge potentials of having huge wins, I have seen up to x3000 times of bet if you get almost a full screen of the yellow symbols. But usually it does not pay very good, I usually get 10-20 xbet wins, of course the big hits are rare.

I think this slot has very high variance and many times the bonus round is not trigged for over 500 spins but on the other hand you can win huge. I like this slot because it has given me huge wins from the first times I tried it and I believe it is one of the best from this provider.
Afi4wins 1386 reviews
A lot of people were already talking about the Game Of Thrones, both the TV series and the new slot game, and I was just blinking my eye and listening. Never seen the series, never played the game...heck...never even heard of the name either! At that point in time, the newly released game could be played at a few Microgaming casinos...but any Microgaming casino was off-limits to me...a self-exclusion I had made since the last 10 years or more! Something which I have not regretted ever since. When the game became available at a multi-platform casino, Casumo it was, I think, I decided to try it out with some given free spins. My own money plays came a little later.

My early plays on the game were fruitless...but others were putting up nice winning screenshots. That made me jealous...very jealous...but jealous in a good way, as one of my AskGamblers darling here would say, hehehe. Yeah, I wanted to get some nice wins too..."if others can get it, so can you!" Don't know who said that...but thank you!

Not long after that, I got a shock of my life. Well...not really a shock that rocked my life...but a shock that swelled up my wallet! A beautiful unexpected huge win came one day, almost filling up the 15 grids with Wild and Baratheon icons, making me go crazy for several days. But...that was the one and only really big Mega win that I could get. Every other play was like hiding my money in the hay...someone else would come by and take it all away!
Okaaay, what about my first impressions? The game certainly looked so boring and dull to me, I must say, lacking in eye-catching graphics, presentations or colours. The game scenarios are mostly dark and almost lifeless. Animations? What animations? Except for the intro video, there's not much of animations around...just those for the icons and symbols when they become active. Microgaming wants to keep it looking simple? Whatever.

My first thoughts...what the heck is that spiky ugly thing? Yeah...the seat of the throne...urrrgh! How could any ruler, real or fiction, use THAT as the seat of a throne, I wondered?! It not only looks very painful to sit in, it looks so treacherous as well. So it stayed in my mind that any ruler who seats himself in THAT seat must be a blardy treacherous ruler...a ruler so cruel beyond believe...inhuman in nature...and very very sadistic. True or false? I don't even know now...I still haven't seen the TV series...nor read the book! The game doesn't tell me anything more at all, except for the names of the 4 rulers...Baratheon and Targaryen certainly fit in with names in that kind of era...but Lannister and Stark sounds contemporary to Stark, the Ironman. Yep, Stark in his Ironman suit could easily defeat any of the three kingdoms...or even all of them...but then again, you wouldn't have a hit TV series and game, would you?!

Gameplay is the one thing that I do not like the most about any Microgaming and Quickfire games! Whenever I compare them with Playtech games...they all lose out without any doubts from me! Quickfire games tend to keep free spins from coming often, or close to one another. Usually only two free games would come closely, rarely three...whilst all others are spaced continents apart! I really really hate this trait! Also, special feature games, none available in Game Of Thrones though, that could make you wait for a thousand spins or more...and then pays you nothing! Not once...not twice...but three times in a row...before finally paying you a miserable 10xbet win on the fourth game! This has happened to me in another big hit MG/Quickfire game...but that thrashing review will come separately, hahaha.

Yeah, you would have realized by now just how much I dislike Microgaming games! I don't try to hide it...rather...I want to expose it...the more the better...because it actually hurts me whenever I read that someone is loving this MG game, or that MG game...for one reason or another..which I personally cannot accept. Hence, I may be hammering away at MG games, as I want and as I like...but everything said and done are nothing more than my own personal findings. Just take it...or leave it, hehehe.
Raptordinos 866 reviews
I think the incredible reception given to the "Game of Thrones" series in each of its seasons, somehow makes we the gamblers have an a priori acceptance of the online video slot of the same name, especially when it has been created by famous supplier of gaming software "Microgaming", but to be honest I think this slot is about to be overrated mainly because of small payouts offered by the slot of 243 ways to win and the real difficulty that means to get access to its special feature. In terms of design, there is nothing to criticize at all, images, background, sound effects and everything related to the theme of this slot are just impeccable and appropriate, it is quite a professional job, just what it is expected of a company of the size of Microgaming,
but for this time I wanted to test the true performance of a game with a theoretical RTP set in the range of 95-96%, which is the same RTP published by Redbet casino for the version of 15 paylines of the same slot; what I did was make 250 spins without changing my bet level, so that I only staked $ 0.30 per each of these spins, during all this time I could only manage to trigger a single round of 10 free spins and for the end of the round I got an almost negligible gains, then I decided to increase my bet to $ 0.60 per spin for additional 400 games where I could not trigger any free spins round and by the end of my session my losses reached to about $ 110 approximately; in situations like this one you wonder what is the scope of the word " theoretical " when referring to the RTP (Return to Player) of a slot, I think 650 spins are so many and my bet per spin was small enough as to suffer losses of that magnitude.

In short I am not satisfied with the results of my test, and I think if I had increased my level of bet every once in a while, my losses would have been even worse, so I insist on my belief that much of the high popularity of this slot it is directly due to the fame of the series of the same name; I like well-designed slots but in the end what matters most to me is the potential that any slot has to report me some gains, and I do not think "Game of Thrones" is my kind of video slot.
Game of Thrones slot it is Microgaming game. I love this slot, and also love this TV show. This slot is impressive and could produce outstanding winnings, recently saw screenshot here on forum with huge win on min stake. Impossible potential.

I like how this game looks. Fully give feeling of show, very great job. Sounds awesome, and for sure soundtrack will break hearts of every fan of this show. Just impressive, and nothing else.

I like payouts in this game. At first look 5 of a kinds pays low, but this is due to amount of lines which is 243 here. And also due to stacked wilds which appear anywhere.

I am also like how scatters work here. Two scatters pay not usual two bets, but random amount. Couple of times I got 50 bets wins, and probably it could be even bigger amount. But it give such win rare, most times there is much lower win.

I like freespins feature, there is huge winnings potential and also what is very important for me I could choose house with logo in feature which I support. Guess which I am always choose? There is great winning potential in freespins because chosen house logo will be stacked and also for winnings will be multiplier, up to x 5 for Baratheon house. But I picked it few times, it is not my favorite. It is just a hint to my last question about my favorite house.

Overall I like this slot game, and I love this show. Almost any slot even badly I will play with such theme. But this is great game, with my favorite theme so I rate this game with 10 stars. I had not many big wins, only couple more than 100 bets, but I think it is nature of this slot, and once I will hit huge win.
Nothing bad to list in thumbs down part of review. Absolutely nothing.
Johnajax 50 reviews
United States
I am big fan of Game of Thrones show and when I saw that this game exist I already decided – this is my favorite slot and I wasn’t wrong. I think that this slot is perfect for every fan of Game of Thrones but if someone don’t like Game Of Thrones he will avoid this slot.

First of all this slot looks great. Nice symbols, graphics and theme is fit in great in this slot. Bad side is that this game don’t have bonus round and I think with bonus round this will be the best slot ever but everything else is great. I am thrilled with this slot because some simple stuff are done with a lot of imagination. For example this slot have “gamble” mode, that mean that every winnings you can double up or lost on a flip of coin when you chose head or tail and they make great feature of that because you have road from 3 eye raven to dragons and every time when you guess correct you move on and your money are double up.

Free spins are also exciting. When you got you free spins you can chose which family you like. For example Barathion family means that you will get 8 free spins but on multiplier 5x and if you chose Lanister you will get 14 or 15 free spins but on multiplier of only two times. So every time when you get free spins you can chose which mode of free spins you want.
Bad side of this video slot is that he don’t pays enough. Maybe I is reason because this slot don’t have standard lines for paying out but he have 243 ways to win, that mean that you can combine symbols no matter on which line are they but that is not good because winnings are too small, and you need to combine a lot of good symbols to win big money. But overall I am satisfied with this slot and I will keep playing it while I am waiting for 6th season of Game of Thrones : )
zerooo 742 reviews
Video slot Game of Thrones is created and designed by Microgaming company. We can find two versions of this slot – with 15 and 243 paylines. This game based on HBO TV series with the same name and I believe that some of you already watched it. I like the stories inside the TV series.

I prefer version with 243 ways. I tried sometimes with 15 paylines, but I don't like it because every time when I played it, I had a lot of dead spins with no features. Even in the main game I didn't have any good winnings.

With 243 ways I am more satisfied. It is offering a lot more payways to hit something big. Graphics and music are ok, but maybe it could be even better. The game offer free spins features, where you can choose between different features – modes. I like this slot because you can choose any of 4 modes at the first received feature. In some other video slots you must first trigger at least 5 free spin features before you can choose the second mode and so on. I must say that sometimes for me it's so easy to get those 3 scatters, next day when I play it I couldn't get them, not matter how much time I play. The good thing is that 2 scatters pay back random amount and the minimum amount you can receive is your bet stake. While I was playing I get 2 scatters a lot of time. On every 15, 20 spin.

While I playing this game I enjoy. In the free spins features I didn't have any big win yet, but I believe that someday it will come to me. I like stacked wilds on all reels which are appearing even during free spins features. I had some stacked wilds into main game and they paid well. I think this is interesting video slot, I believe that I will play it in the future.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Game of Thrones is one of the latest additions to Microgamings big slot offer. The game was made by the world famous TV show and I think it has a lot of fans in the gambling world. There are two versions of the game, one with 15 paylines and another one with 243 paylines. Like all Microgamings 243 payline slots I think this one has a bigger potential for some big win than the 15 line version. The game is interesting and has a decent graphic and sound.

From the features there are stacked wilds on all reels. If you are lucky to get lot of stacked reels and good symbols you are guaranteed to have a big win. The first time when I played this game for real money was in Zodiac casino. I had about 50 euros on my balance and decided to give it a try. I have to say that the game can get boring from time to time because I had a big win of about 40 euros when I got 3 stacked reels of wilds and after that the game went dead for a long number of spins. Than I got the bonus game and had another big win. Again after that only dead spins. The game was paying and my balance was rising but only in a few spins. After a big win very boring. In the bonus game you have 4 choices. I usually choose the biggest multiplier because it can pay the biggest.
When I left the game in Zodiac my balance was 170 euros. I decided to go to bed and continue tomorrow. In the morning it was a different game. There were no big wins, no bonus rounds only small wins. My balance went down to 80 euros on this game. When I wagered my bonus I had only 50 euros for a withdrawal and I withdrew. From 170 to 50 and not one bonus round. This game can be a real killer sometimes.
Well, everyone is just crazy about this TV show, and Microgaming decide to make slot based on it (very clever idea I think). I tried this slot couple of times - and I should say it is awesome one!

Game presented in two options - 15 lines and 243 lines. I am always play 243 lines, because game has stacked wilds and stacked symbols, so hitting something like many wilds will be huge win, this is just what I like!

I very like how game looks and sounds, pretty awesome, nothing to say more, just see and listen! Game has pretty new feature - two scatters here pay random amount of money. I never had big money from two scatters, but I saw video on you tube when player hit 2 scatters - it give him 30$ on 0.60 bet, very good, wish I could have something like this. I forget to add that min bet is 0.30, nothing unusual, most 243 lines slots have this one.

Another awesome thing - choose which free spins you want (based on house at TV show, sorry can't remember now the names, because I do not watch this show (still)). I usually choose red symbols - there is highest multiplier, and this means chances to hit very big win.

I played this slot quite a lot of times, and many times I lost, but few times I have awesome wins. Best one is 320 dollars free spins feature using 0.30 bet. Got many wilds and red symbols during free spins, it was just awesome. And there is still can be bigger wins!

I am overall totally happy with this slot, I can't see why I should avoid it. I will play again, there is no doubts for me, and this is even better than Immortal Romance and Thunderstuck II, and that's say a lot!
Nothing to complain... If only sometimes it is very hard to trigger freespins feature!
blondie 1094 reviews
If about a month ago I would say that this game hasn't brought me any wins and I don't know why I keep playing it, then now I can say - I am amazed by this game. Of course, this game interests many gamblers for 2 reasons - first, it's based on the famous television series Game of Thrones, where there are many families, which have much in common, fights for the leadership. It is quite Nordic and that's why I like it. Second reason - it's powered by Microgaming which slots are mostly great. Right now this game is very new and has landed in many Microgaming casinos.

The game itself has 2 versions - one is 15 payline and other one is 243 ways slot. The only difference is the paylines, the bonus game is the same. As other slots, this game pays from left to right and has free spins bonus game (you get it if you get 3 scatters on anywhere on the reel). The free spins has 4 options, from which you can choose - Stark, Lannister, Targaryen and Baratheon. Each of them has different stacked symbol, which increases your wins, different free spins number and multiplier. My absolute favorite is Lannister, which is my most-used option. They give you 10 free spins with 4x multiplier. I had a great time with this game very recently at Zodiac casino. I placed 0.15€ bets per spin and got mamy bonus rounds, which usually gave me about 25€ and 40€ wins. I was around 50€ balance, when I hit another bonus round and decided to go with the Lannister spins. Usually the stacked symbols just gives me a little bit bigger winnings, but this time stacked symbols covered almost every reel giving me a 450€ win! I was amazed! I continued to play this game for few more hours and of course winnings like that didn't appear more, however, this game helped me to get through wagering and withdraw nice amount of winnings. 2 days later I played it another Microgaming casino and and lost 30€. So the fact I could possibly get that amazing win was very surprising.

I really like the graphics of this game, the theme and the options for free spins. And if you catch it in a good mood, it can give you nice winnings, but if it's dead and you cannot get any feature within 300 spins, I would suggest to switch it to something else. Because when this game is dead, it can eat your balance quite fast and not get anything out of it. I give it a 9/10 because I wasn't expecting such win from my 0.15€ and 0.30€ bets.
Because it is a new game, I decided to try it, to see what’s new and also to have fun. This new addition from Microgaming is a 243 ways to win slot, very similar with the popular titles like Immortal Romance, Thunderstruck II and Avalon II. It was a perfect chance for me to try this slot because I received some free spins to try this new slot, obviously I didn’t manage to win something decent from the free spins and I deposited and played with my own money. The free spins feature was easy to trigger, I mean, I saw that 2 scatters landed and the 5th reel was spinning so I pressed the stop button and the 3rd scatter appeared. I was prompted to choose from which house to serve, I chose Lannister, 10 free spins with 4 x multiplier because I thought that was the best choice. It wasn’t, I was disappointed to see that I won only 1.14 euro from this feature, not a decent amount.

Now, I don’t want to say that it isn’t a god slot but I think that the previous 243 ways to win slots are better, other features and maybe a better payout rate than this one. Also, I don’t like the gamble feature because I am tempted to gamble every time I win something and most of times, I am losing all the money. My biggest win at this slot was 36 euro from the free spins, with a 0.30 euro bet, decent but it should be better.

Overall it is an interesting game, the graphics are good, like any other 243 ways to win slot, the symbols are chosen wisely so I will give a 9!

The features will receive only an 8, it can’t be compared with Immortal’ s Romance features for example, with the exciting Wild Desire and free spins feature!
I don’t like the gambling feature, it makes me to lose money!
katemak 1170 reviews
Game of Thrones slot, this would be one of the newest game from Microgaming provider which was released the end of the last year. As many players I was curious what would be the new game, but honestly when I saw it and played for a while I can’t tell that I was impressed a lot, actually at all. Like first thing I didn't like the symbols of the game, there is nothing what would keep my attention to play this game more and more. For me there is nothing interesting in this game, like example the Immortal Romance slot, so many interesting characters, and music is great etc.

The symbols of this game are average ones and what I did notice they don't pay much and waiting for the free spins to be triggered, it really was frustrating watching only 2 of the scatters lending and their payout is really poor, that would be X 1, X 2 or X 3.

Getting 3 scatters on the reels will award you with free spins which there is opportunity to choose from 4 of them which the multiplier vary from 8 free spins multiplier X 5, then 10 free spins multiplier X 4, 14 freespins multiplier X 3 and the last 18 free spins which are multiplied X 2 .

I have played all 4 of them and the 18 free spins multiplied X 2 are the worst, although I can't say that the rest of those 3 to pick are better, because when I was getting free spins, I was winning bigger amount from the wilds symbols during my play then from the free spins, which we all wait to land.

The most decent win I had on this game when I was getting those stacked wilds 2 or 3 of them, which they were appearing very rear, and they always were in some combination, which didn't gave me anything bigger. So far Microgaming haven't impressed me at all with this game, I tried it, played it several times and yes I do think that this game has potential of big win, but I guess it needs much more time and persistence.
Based on the reviews below I see not many are too positive about the new Game of Thrones slot from Microgaming. This highly anticipated slot release obviously raised high expectations from the player community. I never been too caught up on the tv-series, but I was curious to see what Microgaming would have brought to the table with such a big licensed deal.

If I would judge this game on my game results so far, then my review wouldn’t very positive I’m afraid.

However, I think this is more a matter of luck than a bad game. I unlike others do see some very positive elements in the Game of Thrones slot. First of all, it offers something unique since the game can be played in a 15-paylines format or the 243-ways-to-win format with both having 5-reels.

I’ve only experienced the 243-ways-to-win format so far since I prefer using as much paylines as possible. So my review will be based on that version exclusively. The game can be played on a minimum bet of only 30 cents, but I played this game with bets varying from 30 cents to 90 cents. Game of Thrones has stacked wilds which tend to appear quite frequently during the base game.

This also gives you plenty of potential to hit a big prize during base game. I think this is a more of a high-variance game though, since it can go on a long drought of dead spins. My best wins during the base game was around 150x betsize with lots of wilds and one of the second best paying symbols.

It also features scatter symbols which can unlock the free spins feature. The nice thing about the scatters, is that two scatters is sufficient for a bonus prize which can award a random prize. I’ve had two scatters awarding me up to 50x betsize so far. What I like about the free spins feature is that you have the ability to choose from four different features, such as Baratheon (5x multiplier), Lannister (4x multiplier), Stark (3x multiplier) and Targaryen (2x multiplier).

Each of the features has its own multiplier and multiple stacked symbols in order to hit the big one. So far I chose for the Stark feature 5 times and the Baratheon feature once. To my great disappointment none of the features award me more than 15x betsize.

I’ve seen people hitting more than 6,000x betsize on the Baratheon feature, so there is definitely room for a big hit. Overall I will keep proceeding and try my luck, because I do like this game despite my bad results during free spins.
Besides my bad results, which I of course dislike,I think the stacked symbols in free spins are a bit overrated. They might increase your chance of hitting a big prize, but also can block other symbols from forming a winning combination. So there definitely is a negative thing about it as well.
I have been waiting for this game to come out for ages now. Not knowing what to expect I always imagined it to be full of action and possibility to win huge. I have tried making a Game of Thrones style game myself on Microgaming. There is a game where you can put any pictures you like, but the feature was not great and I really wanted to see something new. So when this game came out I was playing it the same day. I have tried both versions of the game and almost immediately hated it.
This game has nothing to do with the book or the series. It is fugly and boring as s***. The 15 line game is even worst and with it's tiny wins can definitely drive a player insane. The feature is also impossible to get and most of the time you end up with two scatters paying you at max 3x your bet. On my first go I deposited €50, and did not get the feature even once. I thought that this might be because it just came out and a lot of people are playing. So I deposited another €30, and kept on playing on €0.60 bet. I would get few wins here and there but on general get nothing good. I kept on loosing and when I had €5 left I had no choose but to put my bet down. It was on €0.15 and just to finish me off it game me the feature. I selected the red flags and at the end of the feature won little over €3.

This days I'm not even playing this game and hoping that WMS will take on this challenge and make a much better game. For me this game is a complete waste of time and my rating is 1 out of 10. Very disappointing.
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