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Football Star Slot

Football Star is a 5-reel video slot designed for all you crazy football fans out there by Microgaming software provider. This fun filled slot game brings the thrills and fun of the World Cup to your screens with its fantastic 3D-animated visuals and epic music that goes with the theme. Its unique features, cash prizes for champions, and 243 ways to score a win are more than enough reason to try this game. You can do it for free right here, or go to any of Microgaming Casinos to play for real money.

Before you start the match of a lifetime, remember to set your bet. All you have to do is press “Bet” button arrows and you will set your total bet, or you can click directly on the button to choose the “Coin Size”, and the number of “Coins” you want to play with separately. Having done that, click on “Start” to begin the game. If you want the reels to spin preset number of times without any interruptions, click on “Auto Play”.

Wilds, scatters, free spins and multipliers are just tip of the iceberg of what awaits you, as Football Star is also packed with Rolling Reels, Striking Wilds, and Stacked Wilds!

During the Striking Wilds, a football player kicks a ball on the reels, turning one of them completely wild to kick off the game! The Football Star logo is the game’s wild and acts as a substitute for any other symbol except for the scatter. Reels 2, 3 and 4 can accept stacked wilds, boosting your chances to win.

The iconic football itself is Football Star’s scatter. Three or more of them scattered anywhere on the reels will get you with up to 25 free spins, the chance to play Football Star’s Rolling Reels feature, and a increasing multiplier which can reach spectacular 10x your winnings.

During the game, the Rolling Reels feature will reward consecutive wins. With Rolling Reels, winning combinations are blasted off the reels and new symbols fall down in their place, creating potentially lucrative winning combinations!

Game Play

Coin Size: Choose the coin denomination.
Coins: Choose the number of coins.
Bet: Set the total bet
Max Bet: Set the highest wager.
Spin: Start the game.
Auto Play: Turn the reels for a number of times uninterrupted.

Football Star Slot Reviews by Players


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hajnrih 1376 reviews
Football Star is another great game powered by Microgaming software. I enjoy playing this game every time I come across it. It is 5 reels and 243 ways to win video slot game. The game is very similar to Break Away. It has some great features and it is always a pleasure to play a slot that has many things to offer and on the other side it can pay a lot as well.

During the base game you cannot win a lot. I have never got anything more than 10 x bet. But I still chose to play this slot. Every time you hit a prize the symbols disappear and they give you a new chance to hit a winning combination again. There is another random feature called Striking Wild Feature where a football player appears and kicks a ball. By doing this it can turn the second, third or fourth reel wild. The thing with this feature is that it does not have a big potential. Every time I was getting a whole reel wild I was still getting nothing more than 3 euros.

Getting 3 or more scatters award you with 15 free spins. I have managed to trigger the free spins feature many times. I love this feature because there is an increasing multiplier than can go up to x 10 after every successful combination. I have never had x 10 multiplier, the most that I have gotten was x 4 and it always paid me something like 30 x or 40 x bet. I know that this is not a huge win, but still it comes on regular basis. I have to say that I play the Break Away slot more often than this one but still I have to say that Football Star is also worth trying it even if you are not a big football fan.
katemak 1170 reviews
Cricket Star, Break Away, Cool Wolf and now Football Star, they all seem a like, just because of their features, their payout table, which I am not mistaken it’s the same, same stacked wild and the great Rolling reels. I know many of the players see this and the other mentioned above games boring, but sorry guys, I like this slots, especially one of them, because I had fantastic time on it, which has made my bankroll go crazy.

The theme as it title says, everything connected with Football, so you'll see football players on the reels, everyone of them differently dressed, I guess they from different clubs they play and their equipment. So the same feature but here they changed the name of the feature, called the Striking Wild, which appears random, so you'll see the football player on the 2nd, 3rd or 4th reel and if the rolling wilds appear on 3rd, 4th and 4th reel there is a huge monster hit to be triggered.

What I look forward of this game and others, is the free spins feature, anyone who played this game and had some nice wins, will know what I am talking about. Well the game offers 15, 20 or 25 free spins which the multiplier of this game in the free spins mode will go up to X 10, and then you can hit some big money but if only the Rolling reels appear on the second, third, fourth and fifth reel. Actually on this game didn't has such a situation, but in Cool Woolf slot I had. Playing with 2 euros bet, getting the Rolling reels on all 4 reels I got around 900 euros, but unfortunately on this game I didn't.

Well they have everything the same, as I was lucky enough for a long time playing that Cool Wolf game, I tried all the same games, but I guess my luck is on that game and not in this sport connected slots, so I will carry on playing my favorite game and might try again this one, who knows, maybe my next spins will be another giant hit.
raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
I didn’t have to try Football Star for long to realise I was familiar with the game engine behind it – I’m not actually sure what made me try it to be honest, probably just another flashy promotional video, as I’m certain this is another one that has been released in the time since I first began playing on-line casinos. No the game seemed familiar because I’d basically already played it, in Cool Wolf in Break Away, two other Microgaming slots that, as far as I can tell, are essentially identical apart from the graphics and sound.

There’s nothing wrong with this I don’t think – Break Away, which I believe to be the first of the trio released, was themed around Ice Hockey, a game that is essentially unknown here in the UK. Swapping the ice hockey symbols and sounds for football, our national sport, would undoubtedly give this game a much bigger pull over here and in much of Europe too, and when they have already spent all the time and money designing the slot, its mathematics engine, its paytable and so forth, re-skinning it for suitability in different parts of the world seems a very shrewd business decision to me. It also allows well informed players to choose the clone that best suits their tastes, and nobody forces anybody to play these games, so nobody loses as a result of this policy as far as I can tell?

Back to Football Star itself, its another 243 ways game but it features the ‘Rolling Reels’, which were a bonus feature in Thunderstruck 2, Immortal Romance, and Playboy, on every spin as part of the main game. Because of this, the cost per spin rises to £0.50 rather than £0.30, but you do of course have the opportunity to win multiple times on every spin you pay for.

There are stacked wilds on reels three, four and five, and scatters on all five reels – you win additional free spins depending on the number of scatters you manage to catch, and it is possible to have two on the reels and then have any of the remaining ones drop in as a result of a winning combination removing symbols from the reels, which is always a great moment. The maximum multiplier for repeated wins increases to 10 x in the free spins round, and the “Striking Wild” feature adds even more possibilities for getting the screen filled up with wilds – you can in fact get reels two through four entirely wild in this game if you are incredibly lucky, but it’s a rare thing indeed and I’ve only seen a screenshot of it happening the one time!
I guess the negatives would have to be, the regular symbols REALLY do not pay much, with a line of even the top symbol paying just 10 x your stake, but of course its all about the 243 ways, the stacked wilds, and the 10 x multiplier in the free spins round that combine together to make bigger wins. I found it hard to work out how the stated maximum win of £105,000 is calculated, as the maximum bet in the version on this page is £5 and that would mean a maximum win of 21,000 x your stake – I’m really sure that’s not possible in this game, I think there must be different coin sizes or something available in the real money version…

… So you know what on this exact note, it would be nice if Microgaming would start making their jackpots and maximum wins much more clearer, because I count myself as a fairly seasoned gambler and I really cant work out from the paytable how I am supposed to win £105,000 from this game, so god knows what chance somebody completely new to on-line casinos has! Despite this, I must admit I do like playing this game and its clones when I have the bankroll to cover the fairly high (by my standards!) minimum bet.
Football Star it is Microgaming video slot, game was released not sure when, but if guess that in a time of world cup of football most likely I will not be far away from truth. Game is almost same as cool wolf, and another ice hockey game.

Football Star has 243 paylines, and basically this is great game. Because there is a lot of stacked wilds at reels 3, 4, 5, and there is 40 wild symbols in a row at this symbols. Also when you have any winning combo - winning symbols disappear and on it place come another symbols, so generally you can get few great wins in a row during one spin.

Another feature during base game is striking wild - one reel can become wild at any single spin, this feature is triggered by random. To be honest I am not very like it because only one wild reel can appear, it is possible to have great win of course, but generally it is boring, for example at Immortal Romance or Thunderstruck II similar feature can make up to 5 wild reels... Why not make similar one here? Also during this feature symbols will not disappear after win.

Freespins are also here, and I do love this slot for one single thing - no payout for 2 scatters. It is just sucks to have two scatters and get small award for it, and here you get 2 scatters - no payout, so I do not pay attention on it, feel less pain when feature do not triggered. 3 or more scatters awards freespins, and there is starting feature like at gonzo's quest - each consecutive win increase win multiplier, up to 10 x. So best way to collect some great money - it is get 10x multiplier, 3 stacked wilds on last reels, and any two same symbols on first two reels.

My best result at this game is not great, I am not played it much, but have about 5 freespins features. Do not have 100 x total bets features, I think it is need to achieve high multiplier to get it, but generally each feature paid me not bad, higher than 50x total bet.
If only striking wild feature is boring, but generally everything good, hard to thumbs down something.
irishchris07 39 reviews
United States
Football Star is a five reel slot game from Microgaming with 243 paylines, a rolling reels feature and with over 40 wild symbols on the reels. This added with the football theme got me interested immediately!

The game had hardly kicked off for me and the wins came thick and fast matching a number of the different players available the best of which for me was hitting five of the guy in the green jersey heading a ball which paid me €25.

This was a dream come through for me, no time wasted and I was in the profit zone somewhat like going in at half time leading seven was going to take a lot for me not to enjoy this game!

I decided to lower my bet slightly and play this one out, this was a move that the greedy side of me ended up regretting, I landed four of the scatters - which in this game are FLAMING FOOTBALLS (love it) - I got awarded with €125 and things couldn't have got much better for me.

Having played a number of Microgaming slots I can now say this is by and large my favorite of their slots that I've played to date thanks to not only the theme but the frequency and size of wins.

As for the look of this game I like with the slick stadium background and simple clear slots. The game looks modern without being over the top and its very easy on the eye.

All things considered about Football Star there is not one single bad thing I can say about my experience and as a grumpy sod who loves nothing more than a whinge that is special!

My rating for Football Star is 10/10 and now I'm going back for more.
Football Star is a video slot game with 243 paylines which Microgaming promoted during the world series championship in Brazil 2014. While this event took place I got an email almost every day for some free spins offer on this game.

The graphic and sound are solid but not supreme. Still this isn't a boring game and it offers a few interesting bonus features. Of course the free spins bonus pays the best. Depending on the number of scatter symbols you can win between 15 and 25 free spins. Because this is a slot game with a football theme the scatter symbol is a football ball. I remember that when the world series began in Brazil 2014 I got 10 free spins from 32 Red to try out this game. On the last free spin I got 4 scatter symbols which activated the free spins and I cashed in about 40 euros. I was very satisfied with this win and continued to play this game. I raised my bet to 1 euro per spin and after some time I got the free spins again.

Unlike the 4 scatters and 20 free spins the first time this time I got 3 scatters and 15 free spins. After that my balance went up to 70 euros. Later on I lost my money playing mostly this slot. After the world series ended and the football euphoria settled down I almost forgot about his game. There is no particular reason for that because this is a great slot game even though the graphic isn't on a high level. On the other hand I don’t play in Microgaming casinos so often lately so that can be an excuse.

I am sure that everyone who loves football will like this game. Overall this is a good slot game and I recommend it to everyone.
paquito76 867 reviews
I guess it wasn’t an accident that Microgaming introduced one of their latest slot games at the end of spring because I suppose they thought this football themed slot was going to be a great partner at warm up for the upcoming World Cup. To be honest I’ve waited for this game to be launched since the day I read a review about it and couldn’t wait to try it out in real situation.

The interface of the game is very correct. Somehow this theme doesn’t let too much space to the creators regarding to its symbols and graphic elements and Microgaming chose to make this game with good quality of graphics of drawn symbols instead of going with an image of a real football star. The fan packed stadium in the background and the clear, bright and very colourful characters are all great and I like the action rich, football moves illustrated symbols. I think this appearance meets to the expectation of a nowadays, modern slot and there can’t be nothing real issue relating to this part of game.

The lately became very popular 243-ways-to-win game mode is attached to this game and have to say there are surprisingly lot features that the players can enjoy. The slot has a Football Star emblem as Wild and though it doesn’t pay in itself or multiply the wins but it still play an important factor in success. These little pictures appear in stacked formats only on last 3 reels but thanks to the often occurring situations the wins with them are a permanent guest here.

The need of it increases during free spin feature after three or more Ball symbols on the table activate 15, 20 or 25 free games where the Rolling Reels feature is in still effect. Every time when a win occurs there the participating symbols disappears and all figures above them on the screen falls down one position. The real sense in it is when the second, third, fourth… wins happens thanks to Rolling Reels and that wins are multiplied with x2, x3 or even x10.

Besides Rolling Reels feature, the normal game mode has another extra to offer and this is the Striking Wild feature. During the play the randomly chosen reel (this only applies to the 3 inner reels) may turn into Wild with a guaranteed prize.

I find all of these game functions and features great and playing the game there’s really lot of wins but my problem with them is they’re all just small ones. Maybe my luck hasn’t been on my side (but it never is?) but the noticeable wins just avoided me and sometimes it is really annoying. Looking at the paytable - perhaps I’m a little bit greedy but - some of the written values can be little higher. I know because of it’s a 243-ways type game and has special winning rules and combination but it still can be more player friendly. Other than that it is not a bad game at all it can entertain us and give some funny moments but I’m still missing here something that makes the game real unique or more attractive for me.
Every time when we come close to a global football tournament like the 2012 Euros or the FIFA World Cup this year, we tend to see Microgaming launch a game based on the world’s most popular sport. Yes, I prefer calling it football over soccer.

While in 2012 we saw Microgaming present the game Shoot with football legends from several eras, this year we were pleased with the slot Football Star. A game that had many promotions running on several casinos, including Unibet, ComeOn, Mr Green, Betsson and many others.

However, I didn’t find this game to be all that, nor living up to the big expectation I had. It for instance does not have the images of the famous football players. They simply don’t have the rights to publish the images of a Lionel Messi or Wayne Rooney for instance.

Nevertheless, they still tried though as you can clearly see the player with the number 19 jersey is based on C. Ronaldo and the black guy with the Balotelli haircut looks pretty similar to him as well, while the goalkeeper looks like Iker Casillas.

I haven’t seen a Messi look-a-like though. So it’s hard to take this game serious from that perspective. Other symbols are made of a referee and various soccer materials like shoes, goals etc. The football symbol is that of the scatter. The format is 243 ways to win and the minimum bet is only €0.25, although I played it on 50 cent bets most of the time.

The gameplay is exactly similar to the slot BreakAway. It makes use of rolling reels, when you hit a prize, then the symbols disappear to give you a new chance to hit again. The payouts are very poor however during the base game. It’s hard to hit anything above 10 x bet size, even though it has stacked wilds which can help you make a good combination. So basically you need the free spins or 5 scatters to hit big.

It also has a random feature where you get a guaranteed win called the Striking Wild Feature. Randomly a football player comes up and kicks the ball against reel 2, 3 or 4 to turn that whole reel wild. I won like 3 euros with that feature a few times. So it’s nothing spectacular.

I’ve also managed to experience the free spins a couple of times by hitting 3 scatters winning 15 free spins. The great thing about the free spins is that there is an increasing multiplier after every successful combination which can go all the way up to 10 x multiplier.

The feature paid me trash though every time I experienced and never going past 4 x multiplier and never having a good combo that really pays off. So I’m definitely not a fan of this game and actually like BreakAway much more.
Poor payouts during base game, difficult to hit big. Even 5 oaks are nothing special.
Football star slot inspired by football sport caught my attention recently after the Fifa world cup 2014. I had an amazing experience. The best part of the slot is its great music. Yes it did felt that playing slot based on football. Microgaming people have done a great job. Now coming to the visual appearance of the slot, the symbols are used in the slot truly justify the theme such as football ground, referee, footballers with different postures, goalkeeper saving a goal, football shoes etc. The slot is a bit different from the usual slot games. If the wining combination is formed the icons disappear and are replaced by the new falling icons.

I first tried this slot at 32red casino and with very basic bet of $0.50. In an hour of play I could not manage any big win. The best win was of $16.20. Three or more scatter would trigger the free spin round. 15 free spins for three appearances, 20 for 4 appearances and lastly 25 for 5 appearances. The rolling reels feature can award up to 10 x multiplier during free spins. The striking wild feature will turn the 2, 3 or 4 reel entirely into expanded wild.

The football star logo is used as the wild in the slot. This feature has always been a good earning advantage for me. I was just able to trigger the free spin feature once and got maximum of 5x multiplier. The feature gave me a payout of $7.68 on the bet $0.50. So I was not happy with the return.

The slot is very exciting to play with great graphics and the music is just extraordinary. But the slot has really low returns. It is hard wining slot and has great difficulty to trigger the free spin feature. I would give 7 stars to the slot.
cocopop3011 264 reviews
United Kingdom
I haven't played this slot on instant or download yet but I have played it on mobile! I remember when it first came out I thought I wouldn't even bother playing it only because of its name Football Star, doesn't sound like something that would interest me but I am willing to give all slots a go! What I didn't realize was this slot has one of my favourite features which is tumbling reels. Every time you manage to hit a win the symbols explode dropping down new symbols allowing you to win more. This is a great feature and it's probably one of my favourites, it's unusual to see it in a slot like this though with 243 ways to pay. It's a minimum bet of 50p a spin which always makes me think it's 50 lines so having the 243 ways to pay is a great little added extra and I am loving Microgaming's 243 ways slots at the moment.

Another great feature this slot has is stacked wilds! When I first started playing this slot I had a lot of dead spins, the wilds would come in at the end of the reels or I would just have little wins here and there and then all of a sudden I have a fantastic win full of stacked wilds which I have shared with you above in a screenshot. Apart from the tumbling reels and stacked wilds you also have free spins and a randomly triggered feature too which I have to say comes in a lot. I had it in two consecutive spins too! A footballer comes in and turns your reels wilds, your not guaranteed to win something of course but it definitely gives you a good opportunity for some good wins. I would advise you to be careful with this slot, at 50p a spin it become very costly if it doesn't want to pay out!
sencize 193 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
As a huge football fan I had to try video slot from Microgaming that is all about this sport. Football star to me looks like exact copy of break away slot only with different sport as theme.It is also a 243 ways to win slot and it also has stacked wilds that can come and completely fill last 3 reels. There was a lot of free spins offers on this slot from Microgaming casinos during Fifa world cup in Brazil and I took advantage of one of those offers. I got only 10 free spins on Football star slot and that was too little to try this slot properly. I won only a few euros which I lost right after but I liked the slot and the first bigger deposit I made I decided to play only Football star slot.

The slot turn out to pay better than I expected. In few first rounds I just had a small wins in the main game but as soon as triggered free spins they boosted my winnings real good. Free spins on football star slot are triggered with 3 or more ball scatters. Up to 25 free games are awarded with rolling reels feature. Rolling reels can bring you multiple consecutive wins and up to 10 x multiplier during free spins. The feature cannot be re triggered just like in break away slot. The only difference is that in football star I had much more luck with free spins. I never won more than 15 but every 50- 100 spins I got them at least once. They payed mostly good except for maybe two times when I won just few pennies with them. This is very important because if you cant get free spins on regular basis you will eventually loos all your money playing that slot. The striking wild is other feature of football star slot and it came also very often. Reels 2, 3 or 4 randomly turn wild and pay guarantied win which is not very big.

For all of you football fans out there I can recommend this slot as a good paying slot with good free spins feature and very nice interface. I will probably play it for many sessions more as long as it pays good. My rating for Football star slot is 8 out of 10 stars.
Icymod 758 reviews
Football Star just reminds me of the new Cool Wolf when speaking about these extended wilds roaming on the last 3 reels. Can this slot be a clone of the old slot, "Break Away"? Oh yes it is!Football Star, Cool Wolf and Break Away do have something in common.......the 243 ways of winning, the many Wild stacks on 3rd, 4th and 5th reels AND they all have there randomly triggered Wild reel features! Football Star, in my opinion, is the second best when it comes to placing bets because Cool Wolf, to me, is number 1 when I played this at GoWild casino! I had $500+ total in my balance thanks to the Free spins feature Cool Wolf had provided me that my winning streak continued over to Football least not too awesome in ways of winning!

What I like about Football Star are the graphics & the Rolling Reels...hehe it's always these type of slots that drive me crazy with there "more than one chance to win after winning combinations!"! Whenever I place $1 - $1.50 per bet with Stacked Wilds connected with my combinations each win gets burned away for newer symbols to take their place! It's very important that stacked wilds always make their way because they WILL most likely create more than one win!! The stacked wilds, when used, almost always appears dropping another stack in it's place! I have a screen that involves 5 of a kind combinations resulting in $36.45!!! It was so sweet to get!

The Free spins feature for getting 3 scattered Footballs got me 15 Free spins that can increase in multipliers upon per win that can grow all the way to 10x....which I think is rare to nearly impossible to earn! Now that's a lot of hard work!!! The feature music to describe it in words is like a moment that the winning team has gained glory and victory over their rival team and earned the trophy/cup! It's a much more serious sounding feature than Cool Wolf. With Cool Wolf it is much more about fun and mischief in terms of the feature music and with Football Star's free spins, it sounds more enjoyable to hear! Through the 15 Free spins I can collect from $25 to $ can exactly be the difference between my combinations, my stacked wild hits and the timing they are hit.....after the 2x win, 3x, 4x, 5x or even the 10x! Right after a few weeks I decided to deposit $50 more to try Football Star again after my $400 (Yes, I got carried away when I had my lucky streak...who wouldn't push their luck?) I received 30 Free spins that gave me $23.30 in total bonus money. 243 ways, lots of stacks in the last 3 reels, a random Wild Reel feature that always strikes a win (but never with rolling reels which do su*k), 15 Free spins with multipliers growing as each consecutive win of mine appears (resets back to 1x wins after no more wins, it always starts at 1x first) and feature music that describes "glory and a winning moment" inside the Free spins!!
Football Star can stop winning for a long time! From the start or after winning from a feature!
Afi4wins 1386 reviews
Ah! Football Star. I was thinking there’ll be icons of favourite football stars in the game, but only caricatured ones appeared for the symbols, if those are really caricatured icons of great football stars at all. I can’t recognized any of them, but then again I’m no football maniac! The graphics and animations are nice and interesting enough, but I like the background chanting of the crowd, which becomes more infectious with time - I was literally tapping my foot or finger with it soon enough! 1 star up.

The expanded Wilds appear on reels 3, 4 and 5, which should be good enough to bring in some really good wins, when it pays that is. Most of the time, even 3 reels of those expanded Wilds didn’t bring in any handsome win for me. At times, even a no-win! Dang! That shouldn’t be the case at all, not when it’s so difficult to get all three of them appearing at the same time. All I have gotten so far are only small wins, usually in the region of 20x total bet or less. This is very disappointing indeed, to say the least. 1 star down.

As for the random striker feature, he came a few times too, creating a random expanded Wild on one of the reels. Still, payouts were hardly ever a lot, despite it being a guaranteed win feature. Yeah, right, a $1 win would still be regarded as a guaranteed win, but more like a miserable “my foot!” win to me. 1 star down!

As the paytable indicates, 3, 4 or 5 scatters would award 15, 20 or 25 free games respectively, with rolling reels feature and a maximum win multiplier of 10x. Hey, 10x is certainly a high win multiplier…but only if all the other symbols would cooperate in tandem! Most of the time, the rolling reels would occur once, twice, or even three times, but very seldom more than 4 times, so the win multiplier has a damn hard time trying to climb up above the 3x mark. The maximum I got was up to the 5x mark, nothing more above that. On average, the payouts from those free spins are usually around the 30x total bet amount. Not very encouraging, I must say, considering how scarcely 3 or more scatters would appear on the reels! 1 star down.

If not for the possibility of huge wins from the 3 expanded Wilds reels, I would have to say that Football Star is exciting to play but difficult to win at, purely because the symbol payouts are rather low. 5-of-a-kinds do come quite a number of times but doesn’t pay out big enough to cover back the credits it had taken away. On the whole, just too bad Microgaming, this game is fun and exciting to play, but the payouts should have been much better – right now, it’s not up to World Cup Football class yet! 1 star down.
yapro 790 reviews
This one is the newest microgaming release. It was released this month, and the main reason of releasing this game is world cup of soccer 2014 in Brasil. I am love soccer, and will watch games, and of course i am happy that it will start soon, but here i did not understand microgaming.

They just made clone of break always video slot, with everything same. Just change pictures, and call it new game. I think this is just attempt to suck money from those people, who love soccer, and waiting it a lot, and who will play this game. I am personally will not spend any money on this game, i try it once, won few bucks and just left this game. I did not happy with such microgaming decisions, and such game releases. This is unfair for players like me, who waiting every new game releases, and then they give us such thing. Brrr, really disappointed. But to be honest this is just my opinion, game is good and interesting, like break always, so if you happy with break away, you can try this game, here is just another pictures. So, once again if you did not get it, i like the game, it is still interesting, just i saw this already in another game, and also i am not happy with microgaming. With everything else, like graphic, sounds, gameplay, i have no any complaints, because like always microgaming do it very well.

Conclusion: Clone of break away, i am not happy with such microgaming business decision, and give them 5 stars. But game is still great, so i did not tell you not play it at all. But for other gamblers there is a lot of fun and entertainment, like always you can wait from microgaming. Good luck if you will play it, and lets wait our soccer cup, this celebration of soccer start soooon!
valentin68 535 reviews
Well, this slot “Football Star”, I was told by somebody here at AskGamblers (a little bird) to try it. The game is so new in the Microgaming casinos that it does not have any reviews yet, and indeed it deserves the nicest review, even if after 300 spins here I was losing money. The slot has 243 wins to win and in some facts it resembles “Scrooge”, one of the most played slots (and having the biggest wins) here in Microgming.

The theme here is football and on the overall if you are on a lucky day here you will have the opportunity to earn enough. Every time when there is a winning combination, the symbols are removed and from the top other symbols fall. It is possible that in some situations you will have 2 or even 3 consecutive winnings on the same spin. Quite often there are also 4 or 5 consecutive symbols on the reels. The lot has 2 or 3 peculiarities which sometimes raise the wins to Euros or even tens of Euros.

First, quite often, there are here Stacked Wilds. Sometimes these stacked Wilds happen to occupy two whole reels, when you will have at least 2-3 combinations of 5 consecutive symbols. The second peculiarity is that at random once in a while, there is a wild, called Striking Wild, when a soccer player shoots a ball into a reel and that reel becomes entirely Wild. In this case the slot says you will have a guaranteed win. A third peculiarity is represented by the only slot feature: the Free Spins round. I do not know how, I won every time significant amounts (15-25 Euro) from the 15 Free Spins awarded by 3 Scatters. The Free Spins come accompanied by a multiplier which is advancing with every drop from above of the symbols when after a spin you have a win. The multiplier can reach up to a 10x value, although its usual value is just 2x.
I have only one objection to this slot: in normal spins, for just 3 symbols aligned the slot pays too little as compared to the total bet. But I guess if the payout for 3 symbols were not so small, the wins here would be truly astronomical.
Raptordinos 866 reviews
Everything this year is about football in the world and Football Stars is a new promising video slot of Microgaming equipped with 243 ways to win, 5 reels, scatter and free spins features.

One thing that I really enjoyed of this game is the background sound made from a mix of multitude voices and cantos like in a real stadium and an instrumental rock song that keeps You always awake.After You start to play You begin to win constantly and although the payment per every line looks like not so much it happens something I consider original and nice pretty, when You complete a piece of line You are credited and immediately after the cells involved in your winning burn and disappear to let drop down a new ones that give You an extra chance to win more inside the same shot, that’s great and more if You get some wild ones at the same time.
I was gladly surprised when suddenly a soccer player appears and start to kick a penalty on your slot machine screen (jeje) and convert a goal changing some cells in a wild ones.Very original feature.

This video slot is very sticky and time flies playing on it and You have the sensation of You are beating the machine all the time.I don´t know if I was not so lucky but while I was playing won very few free games and scatters compared with another video slots.However I have a fun time playing this slot and although I didn't win I think Football Stars deserves players give it a try to this colored game and maybe You can make big money while You infect yourself with the football (soccer) passion until World Cup 2014 starts.

Wish You the best of luck!

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