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Cloud Quest is a beautifully designed 5x5 grid epic fantasy video slot running on the Play'n GO software platform. Apart from various fantasy characters as the slot’s symbols, the game’s wild card is the Golden Shield, while other symbols during the game can be transformed into wilds, too. Players can try the slot for free on this page or they can choose any of the listed Play'n GO casinos to play the game for real money.

In order to start their epic quest, players need to adjust their preferred bet first. Clicking on -/+ or the separate bet buttons players chooses the coin size, which ranges from 0.1 to 10. To initiate the game, players need to press “Start” and to spin the reels for a preset number of times, they should push “Auto Play”.

When there are 3 or more matching symbols connected diagonally, vertically or horizontally, they will get cleared out so that other symbols can drop down and boost a player’s chances of winning.

The Power Stone symbol fills the power meter and provides players with an opportunity to activate Super Powers.

Once the meter has been filled, players can trigger 1 of 4 super powers: Five of Fortune, Emblem of Endurance, Scatter of Success, or Mark of Multitude. In Five of Fortune, all prizes during Free Re-spins are multiplied by x5. In Emblem of Endurance, during the Re-spin 2 enduring wilds fall onto different positions to help players secure wins.

In Mark of Multitude, on the Re-spin the middle symbol in a combination of 3 matching symbols gets replaced by a wild card; the 2 middle symbols in a combination of 4 matching symbols are replaced by wild cards; 3 alternating symbols in a winning combination of 5 symbols are replaced by wild symbols. In Scatter of Success, all symbols can act as scatters.

Before each round, a row in the grid becomes the Bonus row. When all 5 symbols are cleared out in the Bonus row, players are randomly assigned between 5 and 20 Free Spins. Players need to defeat a monster on all 5 stages with these Bonus Spins by achieving a number of winning combinations.

Alternatively, players can defeat the monster immediately if they hit a combination of 3 Bonus marks. Once the monster has been defeated, 3 additional Bonus Spins are won and players advance to the next stage to fight the next monster. Once the final monster has been defeated, a prize of x100 one’s total bet is awarded.

As players level up throughout the game and defeat opponents in Bonus rounds, they reach new ranks. Once they reach the level of Titan, they become the greatest hero.

Game Play

-/+/Bet buttons: Choose the preferred coin size.
Start: Initiate the game at the selected bet.
Auto Play: Spin the reels for a number of times uninterrupted.

Cloud Quest Slot Reviews by Players


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hajnrih 1376 reviews
Cloud Quest is a video slot game from Play N` Go which is a bit different from what I am used to see when it comes to online slots. This game has 5 reels and 5 rows. The game play is very interesting and there are some regular wins. I have played this slot only once and I did not land a big win, but I was satisfied with the outcome. I made a deposit of 30 euros and I wanted to find something new, a new game that I have not played before. I have not managed to win anything lately so this time I needed distraction more than a win.

Cloud Quest is a 5 reels and 10 pay lines video slot game. There are a couple of features that I really benefit from so I can say that this slot is okay. The base game is different too, and it is all about the Super Power symbols here. Every time they trigger a different section of a Super Power wheel. The wins are not very big but they come in handy from time to time.

If you get 3 Super Power symbols, like in my case most of the times only 1 section of the wheel is activated. The best thing would happen if you get 5 Super Power symbols where 3 sections will be activated. I never managed to land 5 symbols though. It would have been great to see the potential of this feature. The Cloud Quest seems like a very complicated slot and I have to play it at least one more time to see all the features. I found this game to be a medium variance slot but in order to activate all the features I would need a bigger bankroll next time. I would recommend this game to anyone because it does have to offer many things and if you are extra lucky some good wins too.
raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
Seems my boyfriend thought it would be entertaining to have a read of my slot reviews last month and one in particular seemed to annoy him quite a lot, my review of the Play N Go slot Gemix which I lambasted for it's use of different worlds and "levelling up", a play mechanic which I suggested might well cause some vulnerable players to gamble more than they perhaps should in the hope of achieving the bigger wins that I understood could be achieved by reaching the later "stages" of the game. Well apparently my understanding of this type of game isn't quite as solid as I thought, and I was advised to revisit a similar Play N Go title, "Cloud Quest", from an objective viewpoint to see if perhaps my opinion would change. Now that I have done so, I think I might have been confusing Cloud Quest with a different game - perhaps Castle Builder - as I don't feel that the levelling up aspects of this one should cause anybody to play the game past their budget in the hope of finally reaching the point where a huge win should be possible.

I've been hugely impressed with the presentation of Play N Go's recent slot games and Cloud Quest is certainly a fantastic looking game. Playing it on my new laptop is a truly beautiful experience, the colours are attractive and bright and the animation is as silky smooth as it possibly could be. It's beautifully high resolution too and easily on a par with anything offered by NetEnt or Microgaming and feels far higher quality than the average Playtech slot.

The games opening screen promises a maximum win of 2,500x your stake suggesting the game sits firmly in the medium-high variance category. It also promises that you can gain experience in order to level up and reach higher ranks however it's not immediately clear what the benefit or implications of reaching these higher ranks may be.

Cloud Quest doesn't feature traditional paylines and instead you need three or more matching symbols in a line anywhere on the playfield either vertically, horizontally or diagonally in order to receive a win. The playfield in this game is 5x5 though so the maximum is still five of a kind like in a traditional slot game but you would expect to win a little more often as your combinations don't have to start from the left hand side of the screen only.

Like many other Play N Go titles entering the bonus round in this game is achieved by clearing an entire row of symbols when it has the word "BONUS" written behind it. A random row is selected on every spin and in general the higher up the screen the word bonus is written the better your chances of triggering the round.

It's quite a complicated game in many ways and definitely one that I feel many players will want to have a read of the paytable of if they intend to play this game for a long time with real money, but of course like all slots there is no skill involved so you can just sit back and press spin and hope for the best if that is more your style!

Overall I think this is another great Play N Go game and I think this is one of the best examples of this slot design I have tried so far, I certainly prefer this to Gemix and Theme Park - Golden Ticket for example although I think Energoonz just about has the edge on it still!
I played the game for a long time at the weekend and despite getting into the bonus round at least ten times I never managed to reach the "final boss", which apparently awards an additional 2x multiplier and 100x bet on top of your existing bonus round wins. Perhaps I was just unlucky but it seemed very tough to make it through each battle and beating five of the bad guys in a row seemed as if it would be very rare indeed!
Fiekie247 206 reviews
South Africa
Play'n Go are really hitting the market with their famous grid games. Cloud Quest is a recent release from them and if you like Energoonz and Golden ticket I am sure you will love this slot. With this 5x5 grid slot, winning is very easy, as matching any 3 symbols, vertically, horizontally or diagonally result in a win, unlike Energoonz where diagonally does not result in wins.

This game has 3 characters which is your high paying symbols and the lower paying symbols are in form of weapons I think they use on their quest searching and fighting monsters. What makes these grid slot easy is that every time you create a win, a wild is generate and added to the reels, helping you winning more and clearing more symbols of the grid. If you are lucky enough and manage to clear the entire grid, you are awarded x500 your total stake. I manage to clear the grid once but it was on minimum bet, but hey winning $50 from $0.10 bet is awesome.

This slot is packed with action with 4 super powers and one free spins bonus game. During base game play every time you create winning combination with the power stone symbol the power meters fills up, the more you fill power meter the easier it is triggering the super powers. You can trigger the five of fortune, emblem of endurance, scatter of success and mark of multitude.

If you manage to clear most symbols and the word bonus if fully visible on the screen you will enter the bonus game where you are awarded with random amount of free spins. You will fight monsters on different stages with longer life. For each winning combination you create on the spinning machine, the monster will lose a life. If you do win the final stage, you are awarded x100 your bet plus the amount of free spins you have.

As mentioned I manage to clear the grid once and finish the final stage. I like this slot but be careful it can be cold at times. I mostly make a profit on this slot and would recommend it.
Afi4wins 1239 reviews
When I think of clouds, my mind is taken back to my 'in the clouds' story, of a Clouds God, of lightning bolts, and of some bits of hilarious moments too, well, for me at least, hehehe. Now, there's a relatively new game out about a Cloud Quest. Hmm, featuring some Godly Warriors too, if I'm not mistaken, but that's where all similarities end. The game has nothing to do with clouds whatsoever, so it baffles me a bit in how it gets its name. But never mind, it isn't important at all. Everybody's mind do tend to become cloudy at times, hehehe.

My first impression of the game was like "oh gawd...a 5-rows game". Have never liked them at all...all those games that have 4, 5 or 6 rows of playing area. The entire play screen becomes too crowded with numerous symbols, with each symbol smaller in size too. Sheesh! Does more rows mean more chances of winning? Yes, but with more chances of missed wins and no-win paylines too, that's why I have never like them. 5-reels 3-rows is still the most optimum configuration for any game play area for me. You don't agree? Okay, fast forward a bit into the future...all games having 7-reels and 7-rows, with a minimum starting bet of $1.00 I would the game and see how your eyes would roll with the reels! Alert! Alert! Maximum damage to eyes imminent! Hahaha.

Before going into the game, let's look at the paytable first, the backbone of the game. 5 Wilds pay 1500x the total bet, 5 Heroes pay 500x, 5 Heroines pay 200x, whilst all others pay from 80x to 10x, all as per total bet amount. The minimum bet is $0.10 per spin. All looks good, but getting these maximum wins is another story altogether. The game plays with rolling reels, as with Gonzo's Quest. Before each spin, a random row is designated as a Bonus Line. Clear the symbols to reveal this line and a Bonus game is awarded. There are 5 levels to complete in the Bonus game. Every 2-5 wins advances you to the next level till the topmost level. Kill the Boss in this Level 5 and win a reward of 2500x the total bet Sounds good right? Yeah, try and get pass the 2nd and 3rd levels first and see whether it is easy going or otherwise!.

The easiest and fastest way to kill any Level Boss is to get that special Marker symbol on any winning combination, and the Boss dies faster than given a strong cyanide dose! If at any time in the game you manage to clear all symbols in the grid, a nice $1500 reward is given. Yep! The minute you get this, grab the cash, exit the game and take your partner for a nice movie and a dinner treat! You won't regret it! You'll win yet another reward afterwards! Hehehe.

How were my plays on this Cloud Quest game? Well, most of the time, it was like my arm folded, palm to the underside of my jaw, my eyes staring at the rolling reels, and I'm going "hmmmm" all the time. There was even one time during my play, when my eyes simply refused to listen to my mind. "Heey, don't you dare now...I'm playing a game dozing off!" My eyes closed! Hehehe. Any good wins so far? Are you kidding me? Of course I had some good big winds. Quite a few of them too, and they all made loud noises! Hahaha. What? You didn't catch my meaning? I said 'winds' my dear, not 'wins'!
Well, for me personally, this Cloud Quest game is a lot of winds! Loud winds. How I wish they were wins instead, but what to do, never my good luck on this game. If on 5-reels and 3-rows, I bet the results wouldn't be the same!
zerooo 742 reviews
Cloud Quest is one of the newest video slot machine powered by Play'n GO software provider. I tried this game a couple of times when I got some free spins from different casinos. Every time when the new game came out, online casinos offer you some free spins on it. Most of the time you will get free spins at casinos where you like to play and where you already made any deposit. I got free spins on Redbet, Videoslots casino, Casino Heroes and some more.

This game has good graphics, but I do not like it so much at payouts. Here you have to get three or more matching symbols that connect diagonally, vertically or horizontally to win. Winning symbols are cleared so other symbols in a column may drop to help you win more.

Super power is some kind of mode. There are power meter which has 10 sections, every power stone will fill up the meter. When all wins have been collected the meter arrow will spin and give you a chance to win a random super power respin. Here you can get: multiplier x5, initial wild symbols which are cleared only whey they comprise an all wild combination, all symbols pay scattered and all winnings create wild symbols. I triggered super power once, I got x5 winnings but the payouts was still quite small. I expected at least x20 bet from it. I think best power is the last; all winnings create wild symbols looks really great power.

Otherwise you can get free bonus spins too. Bonus round starts when word BONUS is fully revealed on a row during main game. Here you win everytime you damage a monster and you start to play with 5-20 free bonus spins. I triggered once bonus spins, but I damage only one monster. The payout was around x20 bet, I expected more from bonus free spins.

Otherwise I think some players like this game, but I do not like it. I have seen better Play'n GO games than this one. I tried it, I had no luck on it so I don't know if I will play it again in future. I will rate it with 6 stars.
Raptordinos 866 reviews
“Cloud Quest” is a slot that has a structure similar to another successful game also manufactured by “Play'n Go” called Golden Ticket, so, the slot is a grid of 5 x 5 squares and on it symbols fall similarly than in Tetris game; the objective is to form vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines of matching symbols and the bonus round is also triggered the same way in both slots just by uncovering the “bonus” word that constantly appears behind some line of symbols.

However, “Cloud Quest” is fuller of action than Golden Ticket since it intends to emulate a video game in order to make it a more exciting slot. To achieve this, Play'n Go has added three different heroes, who are constantly cycling and additionally makes these characters fight against other creatures during the bonus round. In addition, there is a power meter that is charged with every hit coming from combinations made with the lowest paid symbol of the game, and the more charged it is the power meter, the greater our chance to activate some superpower.

In general, there are a lot of features on this game and some rules are a little complex than usual, but this does not mean it is not easy to play this slot; I can say it is tremendously fun and some of its special features, especially the bonus round, have good potential to generate big wins, and precisely during bonus round I did achieve my best big win of my entire session just after defeating several creatures playing the mini slot of three reels; my prize exceeded 100x my total bet, and needless to say, I also got more big wins in addition to this one.

I think this game is totally addictive, time flies while you play here, and the best part is that it is not one of those slots that simply eat your coins, at least that was the feeling since I could finish my session with gains that I personally consider satisfactory, and this is not to say that this slot is devoted to line the pockets of players, but rather I think it has a good balance between value of bet, hit average and size of prizes granted.

I can only invite you to give it a try to this nice video slot.

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