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Basketball Star is a 5-reel video slot offering 243 ways to win. It runs on the well-known Microgaming platform and as expected it is packed with exciting bonus features, beautifully designed symbols, superb graphics, exciting animations, effects and the crowd going wild in the background.  If you’d jump through hoops to get paid for playing basketball, you will love this game. Try it yourself right here for free or go to Microgaming Casinos to play for real money.

Before you start shooting hoops to win this game, you should adjust the bet to suit your playing style. Press the arrow on the “Bet” button, then use +/- to set your preferred coin size, and choose the number of coins you want to play with. In case you would like to play at the highest bet possible, press “Max Bet”. Having set your stake, click on “Start” to spin the reels. However, if you would like the reels to spin preset number of times without any interruptions, press “Au­top­lay­”.

One of the most important symbols is the logo of Basketball, which is wild and therefore substitutes for other symbols, except other special ones giving players more chances at achieving a winning combo. What’s more, the wild icon can appear stacked on reels 3, 4 and 5. And on the top of all this there is a Wild shot Feature that can be triggered randomly turning up to 2 reels wild. This can only happen to the three middle reels and the Rolling Reels get activated too. 

The game also has a scatter symbol, which is a basketball icon and it can give scatter pays and also trigger the free spins round. When three or more scatters land on the reels, players will earn up to 25 free spins with the Rolling Reels feature that gives players multiple winning chances with an increasing multiplier. 

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Game Play

Coin Size: Choose the coin denomination.
Coins: Choose the number of coins.
Bet: Set the total bet
Max Bet: Set the highest wager.
Spin: Start the game.
Auto Play: Turn the reels for a number of times uninterrupted.

Basketball Star Slot Reviews by Players


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Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Sport themes are pretty popular across the male population. Basketball is one of my favorite but I prefer NBA. Unfortunately, I don't watch it nowadays. I like the theme and the symbols in this game, and the background soundtrack is fine too. What I don't like is the fact that Microgaming keeps on the negative trend, cloning old games. We don't see anything new. They change only the theme and I am not smart enough to figure out what's wrong with them, but surely something is amiss.

The only time I played this game, I managed to trigger the Free Spins Bonus round, and I was pretty excited as it happened just after a few spins. You can win 15, 20 or 25 free spins. You need to collect 3 or more Scatter symbols in order to trigger this feature. The multiplier goes from 2x up to 10x during the free spins and they can be retriggered. But I won only 4.30 Euros from those 15 free spins with my 0.50 bet per spin. That's nothing, plus there was no multiplier attached. I have the feeling that the Stacked Wild symbols, which appear on reels 2, 3, 4 and 5, actually blocks the winning combinations and doesn't allow you to win. I saw this in other Microgaming games whereby the Stacked Wilds had blocked wins from appearing.

Now tell me if they really think we are idiots? Probably they don't even care because they keep showing this negative trend in their business politics through their releasing of cloned games! The paytable here looks pathetic, and besides the theme that I like, I am not sure if I can add any other positive comments here. If you manage to collect 5 Scatters, you can win 250x your bet size, not even mentioning how hard it can be to get this. I liked the exploding reels the most, and it's pretty more exciting in this game. For a 243-ways video slot, this one is above average, but probably created just to eat money and to pay like nothing.
raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
In a similar way to the endless annual releases of sports titles on gaming consoles, Microgaming have continued pumping out these sports themed "Star" slots seemingly without limits. If you've played any of the others such as Rugby Star, Cricket Star or Football Star then you'll know exactly what to expect here - it's the same game engine with a new set of symbols, and I can only presume Microgaming believes fans of a certain sport will be much more likely to enjoy a game if it features symbols related to that sport. Considering how fanatical some men can be about Football I guess they might be right, but as somebody who doesn't care much for sport in general it feels as if MG are simply milking their slot engines for all they are worth with these identikit slot releases.

In its first incarnation which I believe was the ice hockey themed "BreakAway", I absolutely loved this machine. I always enjoyed the "Rolling Reels" option in games such as Thunderstruck2 and Immortal Romance but didn't get to experiment with it anywhere near as often as I would of liked as it required getting into the feature first. I'd seen a handful of games that used the same technique in the main game such as NetEnt's popular "Gonzos Quest" but I felt certain that Microgaming would be able to pull it off better and wasn't disappointed when I played BreakAway.

Basketball Star keeps everything that was great about that game including the huge stacks of wilds and the maximum 10x multiplier during the bonus round which can award up to 25 free spins. The minimum bet is a little high 0.50, almost double the cost of a spin on most 243 ways games. I assume this is necessary because of the likelehood of receiving several wins on a single spin and I think it's still well within the limits of what most slot gamers consider to be acceptable.

This game looks great and the user interface is as polished as they come, Microgaming have been refining their slot designs for many years now and I think it really shows. Most importantly theres a huge range of wins available up to a maximum of 1.2 million coins should you be lucky enough to hit a jackpot spin during the bonus round. It's these huge prizes that put so many MG slots on my favourite list, and Basketball fans are unlikely to find a better game based on their sport.
Afi4wins 1207 reviews
How many games from Microgaming do you know that uses the same old basic design concept like in this Basketball Star game? I know of at least 5 other games that have this same game play style, only the icons and soundtrack has changed, but each of the cloned game plays basically the same. Oh Microgaming, what a big big shame! No other game provider has cloned out so many games from just one basic game design! Shows how lazy or uncreative their game designers are becoming! But I'm not really complaining, because Microgaming has never made my favourite game provider list. Not even once!

The Logo is the Wild symbol, comes Stacked on reels 3, 4 and 5, but does nothing more than that, except to substitute as usual. What does 5 Wilds pay you? Substitute those 5 Wilds with the highest paying symbol, and you get a 12x total bet win! Sheesh! The Basketball is the Scatter symbol, paying 250x the total bet, which is still low but not too bad. 3, 4 or 5 Scatters award 15, 20 or 25 free spins with an increasing win multiplier of up to 10x with each consecutive win. Pretty good. The game plays with Rolling Reels, or Free Falls, or Avalanche, or Swooping Reels, all meaning the same way of game play. Why doesn't any game provider call it 'Bursting Reels' or 'Exploding Reels'? That's what it does. Burst or explode, disappears, and new symbols drop in. Nothing to do with falling freely. Nothing to do with avalanches, where the whole row or rows should disappear, nothing to do with swooping either. All using the wrong terminology as far as I'm concerned!

One interesting random feature in Basketball Star is the Wild Shot feature. 1 or 2 reels can be turned into Wild Reels, or Expanded Wilds, or Stacked Wilds, but can only occur on reels 2, 3 or 4. Why the 3 different names for one same feature? Only God knows why! The paytable also states that more than 40 Wilds can be added onto the reels, but has anyone really seen this? The most I've seen is 9 Wilds in three reels, nothing more than that. Yes, possibly 12 Wilds, or even 15 Wilds. But 40 Wilds? That's just a hype and a trick! A play with words, to attract players to play the game! I can even say '400 Wilds added onto the reels', but in truth, never more than 9 Wilds most of the time! Imagine the number of ignorant players trying to chase that 400 Wilds! Hahaha.

But to be fair, Basketball Star can be quite fun to play, with some exciting moments, especially when those Stacked or Expanded Wilds keep appearing on the reels. Payouts should be good with them, but not always, mostly mediocre ones. Why? Because the paytable is so low, so really huge wins are once-in-a-lifetime occurrence.
What do I dislike about this game? Basketball Star plays just like Rugby Star, Cricket Star, Football Star, Cool Wolf and whatever other similarly cloned games from Microgaming. The only difference are the game icons, but all payouts remain about the same - mediocre.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Basketball Star slot is a very fast moving game but without any big potential. Its theme is basketball and it has 5 reels and 243 ways to win. The minimum bet size is really high in this game and that is something I did not like when I tried the game for the first time. I know this is a newer slot so I wanted to give it a try, but I lost 20 euros in just 50 spins. Money simply disappear when you play games like this. I did not get any free spins and all my wins were miserable not even worth mentioning.

There are no payline structures in this game so the winning combinations are formed from left to right. The symbols in this game are all related somehow to the main theme of the game. The wild symbol only appears on the last three reels and it can substitute for any symbol. The wild shot feature appears randomly during the base game and 2 reels turn completely wild and offer you a chance to win.

The feature that makes this game a bit interesting is the rolling reels feature. Every time you hit a winning combination the symbols disappear and new symbols are dropped on the reels to fill up the spaces allowing you to win more cash. This way you can form more winning combos, but the thing in reality is that they do not pay at all. And every time I had a winning combination the symbols that appeared next were not paying well or there was no winning combination at all. So it turns out that this feature is not that special, though I have to say it looks really nice. Free spins are triggered by 3, 4 or 5 basketball scatter symbols and you get 15, 20 or 25 free spins respectively. During the spins the multiplier will increase up to x 10.
LilianInThaHouse 657 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Basketball Star is one of the newer Microgaming video slot games. This game comes with 243 pay-lines and 5 reels. The theme is basketball which is my favorite team sport. I fell in love with this game a long time ago thanks to a friend of mine who was a big fan of the NBA team Chicago Bulls at a time when that team was at the top of its fame and when for them has played the best basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan.

When I noticed this game for the first time at Jackpot City Casino, I was very impatient to try it. But after a few spins I was a bit disappointed. In fact, this game is a true copy of another Microgaming game called Break Away. Both of these games have a sports theme, with the difference that Break Away for the theme has hockey.

Also the symbols are different but the features; although they have different names in these games they are actually identical. So here I’ll only briefly describe one of those features. The feature where you can win a lot of money and you can have the biggest wins is the free spins feature. Depending on the number of the scatter symbols you can win 15, 20 or 25 free spins. Break Away was a game that has impressed me, when I had just discovered it, but later after some bad results I stopped playing it.

So I have decided to be very careful on Basketball Star. I was playing with a minimum bet of € 0.5 per spin. In the first 7-8 spins I really didn’t had any wins and then came the first win and that was only 0.02 euros. Immediately on the next spin, after this, I had a win that can be called decent win, because I won 25 euros which is 50 x bet. I continued to play here for a while until my balance did not returned to the initial state. Basketball Star is not such a bad game but I am disappointed because it is an exact copy of another older Microgaming game. From me, this game has 6 out of 10 possible stars.
Basketball star video slot is made by microgaming, and it is their newly released slot game. I am not much happy player with sports theme, therefore i am not regular player in this game. I'll better player cool wolf slot, which is very similar to this one, and have much more better theme.

Well, what i can say about theme in this slot game. It has basketball theme for sure, and i did not find here anything special or interesting for me. Just sport game, without any really outstanding.
Sounds and animations are regular ones, and i did not have any specific comments about it, because like i said, i did not like this theme.

This slot game has 243 lines, and min bet here is quite high - 0.50. It is quite high minimal stake, and i did not like to play games with such minimal stake, because it is just too high for my regular balance, and i hate to have such huge amount of bets.

Once i lost 50$ at guts casino playing this game with 0.50 bets only. And the most funny part of it that i played this game probably for 10 minutes only, i did not have any freespins feature, and i did not had any wins higher than 5$, it is just crazy terrible and i feel myself bad after this situation.

And after such situation i am for sure tried couple of times to get something decent on this slot game, or at least get freespins features, but unfortunately i was not able to feel freespins or probably see big win message...Game simply east my money all the time i played it, and for sure i could say only that i will never return in this bloody game, it is just eating money, no way to win in it something. Of course probably i am just not very lucky, but from what i have seen - it is just very bad slot game.
Well, game itself is terrible because it is keep eating money all the time i played it.
blondie 1070 reviews
Basketball Star is the newest game from Microgaming software and I wasn't looking forward to this release at all. They already have few more sports related "Stars" games and I wasn't a fan of them so I didn't expect to like this game. It has basketball theme and has 5 reels and 243 ways.

First thing I don't like about this game is the minimum bet size. I'm used to the fact that usually Microgaming's 243 way slots can be money eaters and usually have 30 cent bets, but here the minimum bet is 0.50€ per spin which I consider to be too high for minimum stake. Secondly, this game from technical aspects reminds me of many games Microgaming already has. I played around 700 spins on this game with minimum bets and from this experience I can say I'm not into this slot.

I received 2 free spin rounds in my session and they both were upsetting- giving me maximum of 30x bet size win. Free spins are triggered, when you get 3 or more scatters, then you get 15 free spins. Both on base game and free spins, when you get a winning, the winning symbols will disappear and new ones will come to their places, but in free spins each subsequent win will increase the multiplier. Although the multiplier goes from 2x-10x, I managed to get to 5x multiplier and still it paid low.

Another feature there is, is an expanding wild. It comes up randomly and will turn one or two reels wild, this feature just looks cool but overall I didn’t see any big wins with this feature. It’s better than nothing but overall it doesn’t help much, in my opinion. In base game I had many 5oak winnings that rewarded me from 2€ to around 9€, nothing more than that and since the bets are 0.50€, this result wasn't pleasing.

Overall I am not really happy about this game. The symbols of players seem too similar and sometimes I thought I should have had a win but then I understand that they weren't the same symbols. Payouts for such bets were quite low and I didn't get any winnings higher than 30x. The only good thing is the wilds that come up stacked, they help making decent combinations, like 5oak, so those wilds are my favorite thing about this game. I rate this game with 7/10 but overall I won't be playing it more.
Minimum bets in my opinion are too high and the symbols look too similar.

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