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Attraction Slot

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Attraction is a 10-payline video slot which runs on the NetEnt software platform. The game possesses both a wild symbol, which is the Pink Atom, and a sticky wild card in the form of the Blue Atom, which only emerges during re-spins. Players can try the slot on this page for free or they can play the game for real money in any of the NetEnt casinos found in the listings.

Before players can have fun with scientific experiments, they need to adjust their wager. The “Level” selector helps regulate the bet level and “Coin Value” is used for setting the coin size, which ranges from 0.01 to 1. The “Spin” button initiates the game, “Max Bet” turns the reels at the highest bet and “Au­top­lay­” spins them for a predetermined number of times without interruption.

The Magnet feature begins at the start of every spin and re-spin. When the reels stop turning, wilds which are on the same reel or row as the magnet activate 1 re-spin with 1 or more sticky wilds. All symbols located between the magnet and the wild become sticky wilds. A re-spin is won after all possible symbols transform into sticky wilds.

At the start of every re-spin, 2 magnets arbitrarily appear on 2 positions on the edge of the reel frame. After a re-spin, 1 or more sticky wilds and 1 extra re-spin are awarded if a wild card appears on the same reel or row as a magnet. Wilds which are on the same reel as both magnets during a re-spin turn all symbols between the wild and each magnet into sticky wild symbols.

Game Play

Level: Modify the bet level.
Coin Value: Pick the preferred coin size.
Spin: Turn the reels at the chosen wager.
Max Bet: Spin the reels at the maximum bet.
Autoplay: Play the game multiple times uninterrupted.

Attraction Slot Reviews by Players


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Tobijah 8 reviews
I really like this slot because it offer you high winnings when you get some wilds. And they are returning with respins.
Like all NetEnt slots this is nice designed and offers you a good gameplay, which is stable and easy to use.
Gets quite boring after a while, nothing besides waiting for wilds is happening.
I don't think I have ever seen something similar to Attraction video slot.This game seems to be unique with it's magnet attracting wild symbols and making winning combinations. I liked this game on the first sight. But when you start playing it, the true fun begins. This is a 5-reels, 10-pay-lines video slot powered by NetEnt and only they can create such a unique theme I think. It's pretty much about magnet moving across reels and row trying to catch wild symbols and once it catch the magnet it creates more wilds. I had two BIG WINS when I started my session. First paid 4 plus euros and second 8 euros on my 0.20 cents stake. Sounds good, don't you think. On my first BIG WIN magnet catch wild on the reel 3 and 2 more wilds appeared on reels 2 and 1 and they become staked then I had one more wild which paid 8 euros win.

Before you decide to put your pocket money and deposit, you should check out pay-table, every time you play new video slot. That's the saint rule if you want to step into world of online gambling. Not only pay-table but online casino terms&condition's! Period!When I opened Attraction pay-table I was so disappointed. Firstly, there isn't Scatter symbol .. These Wild symbols caught by magnet doesn't double any wins and there is nothing attached to Wild symbols. How sad this must be and disappointing.Wild itself pays zero.There is no Free Spins game, no Bonus game.. complete disappointment like I said. NetEnt make fancy game that we like but nothing to be back on. Oh noo! The highest paying symbol pays 500 x your stake for getting 5 of a kind .. which seems to be really hard to trigger. I have played this game on several occasions with 0.20 cents stake but never made any large win. It is fun to play but I am not sure if you can win really big.
Afi4wins 1386 reviews
At first, it looks nice and attracting enough, something new with exciting possibilities, with that magnet thing I mean. I don't think I've seen any game like this before, using a magnet to catch a Wild, then pulling the Wild across the reels and rows, and creating new Wilds with it. Sounds and looks interesting, doesn't it? Yep, when it comes to creating new ideas for games, NetEnt is hard to beat. But whether the new idea works well or not, depends entirely on how players respond to it. So, what was your first impression on this new Attraction game?

Without reading the paytable, it would be very difficult to understand how that magnet works in creating wins. Playing the game in the fun mode first does help a lot in getting familiar with all the new things and ways of the game. I quite like the idea of a magnet catching a Wild and making more new Wilds with it, especially when it catches a Wild on a row at the farthest end of the magnet - the whole row then becomes filled with Wilds! Now that is interesting! On a reel, only 3 Wilds can be created, but on a row, 5 Wilds become possible. You're confused? Hmm, better play the game and find out for yourself. That would be so much easier to understand what I've been talking about.

Other than that, everything else has sadly been forsaken! Things like Wilds don't pay, Wilds don't double any wins, scatters are no where to be seen, so no free spins game, nor any scatters payout either.The whole payout scheme depended solely on the highest paying symbol, the disc transmitter, which pays 500x the line bet for 5-of-its-kind. What? Only 500x? Yep, I know it should have been at least 2000x or more, to cover back the losses from the Wilds and scatter no-payouts, but no, this isn't what NetEnt had intended to do at all. Not only that, there aren't any free spins game to get more wins either. Bad, very bad! In fact, even worse than the game Go Bananas! At least, that purple gem pays 700x as compared to the disc's 500x in this game! A situation may again arise whereby 5 Wilds would get onto 4 paylines or so, like it did for me in Go Bananas, but the total payout would be even less than what I got in Go Bananas! If you don't believe me, do some quick calculations and figure it out for yourself. For me, one look at the paytable and I can already see it all!

Playing the game proved all that I have said. I did get some Wilds and 5-of-a-kinds, and each one of those wins were miserably low! My best score is only 78x my total bet! I couldn't even get anything close to 100x. My best score playing Go Bananas, on the other hand, is 149x my total bet, which is double than what I got with Attraction. If Go Bananas was fooling around with us players, then this Attraction game is doing double fooling with us players! So please be aware!
Those magnets may attract lots of Wilds in the game, may even attract a lot of unknowing players to it, but after playing it for some time now, I know for sure what a blardy ridiculous game Attraction really is!!!
Another in a series of games where the theme is science. Another of the great successful titles from NetEnt company, this time we do the more creative than previous slot machines. Attraction slot for me means free spins bonus, because I like the Neon Staxx in many casinos after the release of this game received a number of free spins. From one such at Betclic Casino I pulled over 30 € in 5 free spins, I do not remember now the exact amount but it does not matter. Unfortunately later I lost the money on betting, but that's beside the point for this review.

All who decide to try their luck at the slot, or is it better to say that the challenge of luck, you'll notice the specificity wild symbol in this game. This is the so-called sticky wild symbol, and differs from the classic wild symbol for the fact that in the course of your spin, in the top or bottom of the 2,3 and 4 column appears one item that reminds me a scanner - laser. The laser activates a re-spin, which is in fact a free spin, except that the sticky wild symbol will continue as long as all the other symbols rotate and so you have a great chance of winning paylines. I've had a lot of luck with these symbols, and I am often with their help, won 5 of kind.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Attraction is another sweet slot game coming from NetEnt. The game has a futuristic design and symbols. The theme of the game is probably some laboratory and some experiment with magnets. To be quite honest I don’t even know what the symbols in the game really are except for the computer and the card symbols. Still the slot looks descent with nice animations and design. The background music is also very good and it is like a song that goes on and on so you won’t get bored playing.

This slot has 5 reels and only 10 paylines. If you take a look at the paytable you will be deeply disappointed because the highest paying symbol has a payout of only 500 coins for 5 of them on a winning payline. With a paytable like this you are sure to expect some descent bonus round or a nice wild or scatter payout. Well this game doesn’t have a scatter symbol and has two wild symbols. It also doesn’t offer a free spins or cash bonus only wild respins. So what makes this game interesting to play? Well at times I will say nothing and other times I will say it can be fun to play and has some potential for a descent payout.

Before every spin a magnet is set above a row or a line and the goal is to get a wild symbol anywhere in its beam. If that happens the wild becomes sticky and can expand to cover the reel or all the places in the row back to the magnet. You get a respin with extra magnets and if you get another wild in place with the magnet it becomes sticky and you get another respin. This goes on until you get no more wilds.
At times this game can award small to medium wins and an occasional big win if you are lucky to have 4 wilds in a row and some extra wilds on another row or a reel. In some sessions I would play about 300 spins on 1 euro bets and in the end I am down only 20 euros. Sometimes I am in a small plus and sometimes I see no big wins at all and it just eats my balance. A very strange game with mixed feelings.
raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
I’ve stopped getting excited when NetEnt are launching a new game these days –that way, if its any good I’ll be shocked and impressed, whereas if its just another shocking, shameless rip off, I won’t give it another moment of my time. Sadly, Attraction most certainly ‘slots’ perfectly into that second category… even when you think you’ve hit the big time on this game, all the flashy lights and effects are for nothing as you realize you’ve ended up with something like 30x your bet!

On every spin a reel is chosen between 2 and 4 to be the “attracting” reel, and the magnet locks to either the top or bottom side. If you are fortunate enough to land a wild on the correct reel, and also lucky enough for there to be a space or two between the magnet and the edge of the reels, then the wild will be extended one or two places towards the magnet. You’ll also be awarded a free respin if this should happen, and the process can continue until the whole of reels 2-4 are covered in wilds, although I’ve never actually seen this occur.

The maximum win is a pathetic 500x your bet, and the expanding wilds on reels 2-4 only reminds me very much of that other shocking NetEnt abomination Starburst, though personally I think this is even worse as when you do land a wild your not even guaranteed it is going to cover the entire reel. I do think the wilds drop a little more often than on Starburst, but I don’t think that’s enough compensation personally.

I really wish NetEnt would stop churning out this rubbish. Where are the bonus rounds? Where are the big wins?! Games like this just inevitably suck you dry slowly until you end up with nothing and give little in the way of fun or playtime in the process – where is the fun in that?
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Attraction is powered by Netent, 5 reels and 10 paylines slot. To be honest, I never like this slot.this slot caught my attention when it was released and since then, I almost forgot about it as there is nothing that would keep me interested.

Lets start from its theme which is some mechanical theme and there are wires and computers surrounding the reels and magnet around the reels that was inspiration for Attraction name. I am not sure what was inspiration for this slot, but in my opinion they missed the point and some features.I like sticky wilds. There isn't free spins nor bonus game. You will see measuring and recording instruments in different colors green, brown, yellow, pink and purple, then we have a playing card symbols. I don't like none of the symbols except for the wild symbol pink glowing orbit which appears on the reels 2, 3 and 4 and there is wild the turquoise color, my favorite, appearing only in the respin. Magnet surrounding the reels activates it magnetism.

There is not much to expect and no excitement, I have not managed to get many wilds nor re spins, this is a very boring game for me and I will not play it again. When I played this game I wasn't even excited about getting those wilds because the whole games is too boring to me.

Features as magnet and wilds are not fun at all, I doubt this game could produce some mega wins, plus the is 500 coins and I am wondering how to get x 300 your bet size in this slot? As per my experience I won max.of 20 x my bet and don't expect me to play this game again. My bet was 0.10 euro cents and in total I had around 400 spins on this game, to me, it is already too much because it was such waist of time but not so painful, because I haven't lost much. No doubt I will never ever play it again as there is so many other games wort playing.
blondie 1094 reviews
Attraction slot is a 5 reel 10 payline slot powered by the amazing Net entertainment. At first, when this game appeared, I remember I said that I think it has great potential to become one of my favorite games. Some time has passed till then, but now I definitely wouldn't say that. Design wise I really like this game and the cosmic theme, the colors and layouts, and the name is very clever too. But payout wise - hadn't had a bigger win from it than 20€, not with 0.10€ bets and not with 0.20€ or 0.40€ bets...until now.

This game is quite simple, it doesn't have any free spins, but it has a re-spin feature. It appears when the magnet, which starts on every spin, is on the same line as wild symbol. Then the wilds can make other symbols around them turn wild.

One of the last times I played this game was at Maxino casino. Lately I've been playing Attraction mostly with 0.10€ bets per spin but this time I decided to try something - start with the minimum bet for 100 spins and then increase my bets for the every next hundred. Of course, if Attraction would treat me like it usually does, I would go bust within 200 spins. (I played with a start balance of 20€). So this time I played 100 spins with 0.10€ bets. Got a few small wins but ended with a loss of few euros The next hundred were played with 0.20€ bets and few nice respins with wilds helped me get back were I started and 5€ on top of it. Then the next hundred were with 0.40€ bets and even a super big win came, giving me 35€ win and few 10€ wins, so after this round I was up for 80€. The last batch was 100 spins with 0.60€ bets and they were more empty than previous ones, but the few wins I got were about 30€, so I finally achieved my biggest win on Attraction- from 20€ balance I was up to 130€.

The game itself is really pretty and after this I might play it more often. But this was quite a miracle, because till now my usual wins were 40x bet maximum. I think Attraction is definitely worth trying but it is kind of taught so the only time I can imagine a truly big win there is only with very high bets.
Ahmo6 232 reviews
Attraction is a slot that is powered by NetEnt. This game has 5 reels and 10 paylines. This is a game that I stumbled upon, when I was short with my balance. So I decided to play it.

The minimum bet was 0.10$ which was ideal for that given moment since I was running low. I really have to say that I enjoyed playing this slot; it was really fun and amusing. I loved the magnet feature and the re-spins, where basically a magnet is activated at the beginning of every spin. For every spin where a wild symbol appears on the same reel or a row as a magnet, a re-spin with 1 or stickier wilds is granted, which is a really cool feature if I may say. So the wild symbol that grants this feature can only appear on reels 2, 3 and 4. Also there is the sticky wild that can only appear in re-spins. Have to say that despite being sort of a sweet game, it is really hard to get a really good payout, which as far as I think can only occur during those re-spins if you are lucky enough. In my particular case I wasn't so lucky. But since my budget was at the very end I kept playing. So after another 30 minutes of playing I managed to hit a maximum win with 0.10$ bet of 3.70$, that granted me some more play time before I lost it all and was at 0.

Overall this is a really fun and a good game, which I think I will be coming to again but with bigger balance. Also the graphics of this game are really good and the music is interesting as well.
This 5-reel, 10 paylines slot by NetEnt was unknown for me until I received 10 free spins from Sportingbet casino to try this slot! I didn’t knew anything about it but the title was attractive and I opened it to play the 10 free spins!

I was very happy with the graphics because it looks like a slot from our century, with a good design of the symbols, that are chosen very carefully!

I played the 10 free spins, I didn’t win much money, only 4.2 euro that I lost it a couple of minutes later! I decided to deposit 20 euro and tor try my luck with this slot because I was impressed and I liked it! The minimum bet is 0.10 euro but I think that isn’t a wise thing to play with this bet because yes, you will play longer but you wont win much money! I changed the bet to 0.20 euro, I took a look at the paytable and I was disappointed because there are no features like free spins or bonus game but instead of this, it has other interesting features! I like very much the re-spin feature but also the sticky wild that can only appear during a re-spin!

From the 20 euro that I deposited, I managed to win another 20 euro and I must say that I was happy with this amount, being the first time when I played this slot!

I will give a 9 for the graphics because it is something new, a new design and nice theme!

Also, the payout rate seems to be quite good although I don’t know if will be the same on bigger bets!
A real disadvantage of this slot is the lack of the free spins feature, because you are missing the excitement when you manage to trigger the free spins and also you have a smaller chance to win additional money!
Attraction is 10 paylines video slots created by Net entertainment software - my favorite one. This is their new game, which were released couple months ago. Of course I was happy to see the new slot game from this software, so tried this game right after it appeared in all casinos.

Game has one feature, and also in short I think this game is very similar to Starburst slot, do not know why, but it comes to my mind when I just played it a bit. Feature is with sticky wilds and respin. In theory, it is possible to collect all screens of wilds, and since after any wild added there is awarded another respin - win in this slot can be very big, not like Dead or Alive, but I think this is a case of hundreds even at lowest bet.

Game looks very good, this is like. Also quickspin - very needed for me thing which is always great to do for me. Sounds and animations - regular for Netent, can't say that I did not like it. This is what I like about this slot.

One of my best hits was in Betat casino, played almost every time with 0.50$ bets and I won 120 euros after 3 respins, and couple wild lines. Have few more similar to this hits, but this 120 euros is my best. And it is far far away from perfect landing, so you can have hope for outstanding hit all the time.
I did not like that this slot sometimes spinning many dead spins in a row, also usually sticky wilds appear on 4 or 5 reels, and did not produce any wins, I hate this thing and it is make me very sad. Also sometimes you just did not enough 1-2 wilds to get very big win, but it is does not appear, very hate this feeling and when this happens.
wscalley 47 reviews
United Kingdom
If you have a bonus wagering requirement you need to beat, this is a game that might interest you. Sadly, the list of bad things is a little longer...
Attraction first appeared at Mr Green casino earlier this year, they seem to have some kind of arrangement with NetEnt whereby new games are tested out at their casino prior to them being released to the rest of the market. I’m sure there are many players who frequent Mr Green for this very reason, to try and get an early look at the latest and greatest NetEnt slots, though personally I have to say that there have not been many NetEnt games that have impressed me for a long time now. I guess the last one I really liked was The Wishmaster.

Attraction, sadly, is nothing like The Wishmaster. Its something of a re-designed “Starburst” I think, as it shares a great many gameplay mechanics with that game such as the 10 paylines (although there is no pays-both-ways this time), the fact there are no bonus rounds or feature modes, and the free re-spin when you manage to catch a wild with the magnet is very similar to Starbursts expanding wild feature. The top payout is the same too, at just 500x your bet, and I’d imagine it is similarly impossible to ever hit this jackpot in this game too – just like in Starburst.

That’s not to say it’s COMPLETE garbage, it can be fun to play for sure – but lets be honest, I like to play slots because I like to win money. I like the excitement that every spin could win me a few hundred bucks… and you just don’t get that from these super low variance NetEnt games. They just suck you dry slowly and methodically, which for me makes the only use for such a game is as a way of battling your way through a bonus wagering requirement. This is a real shame because NetEnt are really great at coming up with original ideas and innovative features in their slot games, but they almost always spoil it by not putting any decent wins on the paytable! And why not a feature or two as well?! …

The unique feature in “Attraction” is the magnet, which will randomly position itself at one of the sixteen edge spaces around the 5x3 play area. If a wild lands in the line of the magnet, it will “pull” the wild towards itself, transforming each space the wild passes into an additional wild symbol. Your win will then be calculated before the reels spin again, for a free re-spin. It’s pretty cool, but it seems to be VERY rare that you will actually get the magnet and a wild lining up in order to trigger the feature, and it really doesn’t pay all that well even when you do.
Attraction one of the newest games launched by the Net Ent productions. The slot as the name suggests is very attractive and eye-catching. The slot incorporates a very innovative feature. It is a ten play line and 5 reel slot and it has wide range of bet possible ranging from $0.1 to $100.

The slot only has only magnet feature which is sufficient to boost up your balance. It is activated at the start of every spin or re-spin. If the wild appears on the reel along with magnet in that reel or row a re-spin with one or more frozen or sticky wild is awarded. But it doesn’t end here which is the best part about the feature, 1 or more sticky wilds and 1 additional re-spin is awarded if a wild symbol re-appear on the row or reel as the magnet. The magnet can appear in all the three columns and at 2, 3 and 4 reels. In the first ten spins I made a big win of 155 coins and then another big win of 200 coins in the re-spin and finally a mega win of 338 coins in yet another re-spin. This makes a total 693 coins when I was betting at just 10 coins per spin. The returns account to whooping times 70 times of the bet. I had a real fun every time this featured on the screen.

The slot is very addictive and I am very fond of it. The slot has medium to high returns depending upon your luck that day. The slot gives good wins due to the great magnet feature along with a lot of idle or non-wining spins due to only 10 play lines present in the slot. So I would rate the slot 9 on the scale of ten.
valentin68 535 reviews
“Attraction” of NetEnt is an easy slot, not very weak, nor very good. When playing with only 10 paylines for a bet of just 10 cents, you won’t have too much to win or to lose. And when the highest possible payout is only 500 coins (i.e. 5 Euro for “5 of a kind” majors) of course the slot is “easy”. And yet ... at some point I had here 8 Euro extra. How this happened, I have not realized myself until only when the lucky “wave” has passed. I had two Mega Wins and a Big Win in a row! I will try to explain below how such a thing was possible.

“Attraction” is a game with a more “technical” theme, if I am allowed to say so, that is the symbols here are current measuring devices, speakers, televisions, etc. Apart from these, there exist only a few Wild symbols (very rare) and this is all. No Free Spins and no Bonus Game, but you have part of something else special. At the beginning of each spin, randomly next to one of the columns or reel, a “magnet” is positioned (in fact a speaker that emits standing waves). If a Wild appears on that vertical or horizontal, it will multiply itself and will occupy all positions until the magnet position (the farthest the Wild is from the magnet, the better it is). All the Wilds will become sticky and a respin will be given. It can happen that another Wild will become multiplied (and sticky) after this respin (if the “magnet” will take a favorable position) and a second consecutive respin to be awarded, so sometimes when you are lucky, with 6 sticky Wilds you will catch 2-3 Mega or Big Wins in a row. It happened to me to have this lucky arrangement twice. 3 of the screen shots uploaded above have been taken in such moments.

The slot pays nicely even for 3 minor symbols, and you cannot lose too much for a 10 cents bet/spin. Sometimes the wins become more rare but for such an “easy” slot this was to be expected. Here there are not too many ups and downs, and if you are persistent you will definitely get also high wins.

If you want to try something new, play here, because this slot is nice and you will have not too many emotions.
Th3 Runn3R 119 reviews
United States
It's a pitty that I did not make a printscreen of my winnings from NetEnt second latest game Attraction.
I have read a few bad feedback about this game and most of them are about bad payout.
I must disagree with them because I have experienced the opposite.
The game has 10 paylines as we all know so it's very logical that the game wouldn't pay bigger than a video slots that have more paylines, for example Reel Rush or Jack Hammer 2.

About a few weeks ago I made a deposit to Casino Euro, just a few tenner and played Kronos for a few minutes (got myself a medium win) and went to try Attraction.
My thought when I saw the game was, it's a bit combination of starburst and crime scene.
They did a great job with the magnetic wild symbol thou, it made me curious whether the wild symbol will appear where the mini electric satellite pointed at.

After a while I found out that the game does not have scatters, only wild and re-spins (which is normally kinda boring to me) but it didn't stop me from playing thou because at that moment the game was very generous to me. The wild symbol appeared a lot but with small wins.

One hour has passed and my balance hasn't change a lot but then suddenly before I know it the whole window was almost filled with wild symbols. It started with 1 wild symbol on the third reel and the electric gun on the left side pointed at it, each spin after I manage to hit the wild symbols!

The winning was not very huge but for a 10 paylines games it was pretty big thou.
You have to be patient playing this game and if you play long enough you will see that also this game is fun to play and has the potential to pay big time!.

I am surely attracted to Attraction and I will keep playing this game because at some way it is kinda a lovely game.
oneLoVegg 55 reviews
Attraction slot new game that released in NetEnt casinos.Of course when I get few freespins offers to try this new slot I was totally sad when I see that each freespins playing at 0.10 per spin, and it is not what I like, I like when slots with minimum bets like 0.3 or 0.5 released. From my freespins that I get in something like 5 - 6 casinos I have won nothing good, only at Casinoluck I have good run, because 10 freespins pay me great 5$, and I keep playing this slot for about 15 minutes more, but finish with 0$ on my account.

Of course it was not good experience, but since casinos send more and more deposit bonuses to try this slot, I take few offers, and give this slot good amount of time. I can not say that I ever have very big win on this slot, but I have good and interesting spent time playing this game. I like, there is no any freespins, but it is great to get more and more wilds, and to see how wilds go to other places.

My best win was when I played 0.20$ per spin, and I made spin, and on reel come wild at 4 reel, and 4 first reels on top position now had wilds, it already was big win, but then come respin. Respin bring me middle 3 reels wilds, so in total I have 7 wilds. Unfortunately there was not good pay on last reel, but still after one more respins I win about 16$, for 0.20$ spin I think it is very good result. I am very positive with this slot, and I think about all 15 wilds on reels, win for such spin should be awesome, and also there will be respins.

So this slot can pay good money. And 0.10$ bet is small, so it is possible to enjoy this game for a very long time with not big money on account.
I’m not a huge fan of NetEntertainment’s newest additions. If you read my reviews then you will mainly come to the conclusion that sometimes it feels that it’s hard to come ahead with the new NetEnt games. I do praise the Swedish software provider for their innovation and attractive gameplay though.

When it comes to the slot Attraction, at first I was a little bit sceptical as well. I would have never tried it just to ‘try’ it with my own money. But since I had played a lot at Redbet Casino, I received 100 spins to try out this new slot. So whether you like it or not, you’ll either end up playing that game.

It’s free after all and I had nothing to lose. Attraction has 5-reels, 3-rows and 10-paylines. As always with free spins, they give you the lowest possible bet size, which is €0.01 per payline and the maximum paylines at use.

So it was 100 spins x €0.10 = €10 worth of free spins. As I didn’t expect too much from it and thought I’d be losing it quite fast, I played by spinning and stopping the reels real quick. So I could go through it as soon as possible.

I ended up winning like €4 from those free spins. I kept on playing the game with the lowest bet size and to my surprise I did end up enjoying it. The game has no scatters, no bonus round and no free spins. All the action happens during the base game.

As far the innovation goes you’ll have to look at the wilds. Cause every spin some ufo (or whatever it is) lights up a reel or a row. If a wild lands, then it could mean that a whole reel turns wild or even 4 symbols of a row with a free re-spin feature. Then you’re almost guaranteed a big hit.

I’ve had this happen to me many times, winning 50-100 x bet size. I know nothing spectacular yet, but it is a very enjoyable game though. Even though I didn’t end up cashing out at Redbet, I did remind myself to play it another time with bets of €1.50. I won like 100 x bet size and that’s it as far my experienced go for this game.

I’m up for now and hopefully I get a bit more lucky next time.
Only con I can think of is that there are no free spins apart from the free re-spin, and when the wilds go towards the 'wrong' direction.
katemak 1170 reviews
Attraction video slot is the newest game I had played from the famous Netent provider. I don't know what to say about this game, because it's still early and I don't want to do the same mistake as I did with The Wish Master slot, because at the beginning I hated this slot, but how the time was passing by and played this slot much more I had really nice winnings on it.

The first time I played Attraction video game was few days ago when many of the casinos I am player, send us free spins on this game. Although I must say that or spins are not that much to try this or any game so that's why I decided to play it with my money. Because I had more money on the account, first I played it at Jetbull Casino with0.50 euros per bet, I was playing around 40 spins, but nothing happened, I was just loosing money, because when you trigger those wilds on the reels and when the re spins feature is activated, you need to have another wilds on the reels, but they need to be placed where the magnet is, so that way you win bigger amount of money. When I lower the bet to 0.20 per spin, after that I got the stack wild or the magnet and my biggest win was 34 euros.

After this win I was playing around 30 another spins, but this game has only emptied my account I lost 40 euros at the same game. So far I must say I am not impressed by this game and the season is there are only 10 paylines, which are too little to win something big. As I understood the game, everything is about the magnets, so the wild symbols always and only lends on the 2, 3 or 4 reel, the sticky wild is only activated by the magnet and those sticky wilds only appears when the re spins feature is activated and that will happened, when the magnet will appear, horizontally or vertically of the game and if the wild appears on that reel, there you have winning combination, which after that the respins feature is activated. But getting 2 or more wilds, where the magnet appears it is very hard to trigger, well that was my experience.

I should play this game few more times and maybe give it a try for 100 spins and then I will maybe change my mind or not, so so far I am not very impressed by the new game,which Netent has released .
yapro 790 reviews
Attraction it is newest NetEnt slot, which was released just in time when I was in hospital. Of course I was waiting to finally be home and try this game. And now after I tried it I can say that it is new Starburst lady and gentleman, and even better than starburst. I personally did not like Starburst, but Afaik it is the most popular NetEnt online slot. So, finally, NetEnt did good job, I am happy.

Game looks awesome, those wilds is something great, and I like it. Layout is pretty awesome here, and I am also like theme and sound. Very good job from NetEnt, this is something you waiting from new slot by NetEnt.

There is no any FS feature on this slot, and there is also only 10 paylines, but this is help to players, and therefore minimum bet on this slot is 0.10$ only. There is special feature with wilds, I did not want to explain it to you, because I really like it, and please, try this game at least for fun and told me what you think about feature here, i think it is awesome!

I tried this slot only with freespins which different casinos send me to try this slot, and most successful time I had at Casino Luck. I get 5 FS to try this game, and win 3$ from it, of course it is nice result, but I continue playing, at one point I had 10$ on my balance, but I decide to play with 0.5$ bets, and there was no miracle, and I finish with zero. But I like this slot, it is definitely had great potential to big hits, and full screen of wilds here will pay 500 x total bet.

I rate this video slot with 8 stars. It is still not perfect, but i am happy to see that NetEnt finally going in right direction.
cocopop3011 264 reviews
United Kingdom
I have been playing Attraction all morning for the first time at Casumo Casino. At the time of writing this review Attraction is brand new slot from Net Entertainment. I've noticed a trend from the lately where their slots all have the possibilities to produce a full screen of wilds - every gamblers dream. This slot is no exception.

If you get a wild on your screen and its on the same reel or row as the magnet is then it will turn into a sticky wild and makes other symbols on your screen and it gives you 1 extra respin. I have attached some screenshots of my recent wins, nothing big yet though just to give you an idea of what I mean when symbols turn into wilds. I have had no where near a full screen yet, but I am going to keep playing it. The thing with attraction is it only has 10 paylines and the paylines are strange ones. When you think you have won you don't because the symbols are not on the payline. Minimum bet is 10p, I haven't played it at more than 20p a spin yet, but I probably will in time. This slot is definitely worth playing and I am recommending it. I hope that I get to celebrate some more wins and bigger wins soon!
There are is no free spins feature or a bonus feature and even though some people would say that the magnet feature is like a bonus feature, yeah I agree it is but what I mean there is nothing different to take you away from the main game so every spin you are just hoping the wilds come in on the right reels, there is nothing else to look forward to, when a slot is like this I start to get bored easily!

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