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Aliens is a 15-payline video slot running on the NetEnt platform software. The game, whose design perfectly embodies the sequel of the popular movie hit ‘Alien’, has a wild card in the form of the Weyland-Yutani Corp Logo. Players are welcome to try the game on this page for free or visit any of the featured NetEnt casinos to play the game for real money.

To join Ellen Ripley in her epic battle against the Aliens, players need to adjust their bet first. Pressing “Level” alters the number of coins wagered and “Coin Value” regulates the coin size, ranging from 0.01 to 1. Pushing the triangle button prompts the reels to begin turning. To play at the highest bet, players should click “Max Bet”. In order to play the game for a preset number of times without interruption, players need to press the “Auto Play” button.

In the Level 1: The Search, players scan the infested premises for Alien activity. All symbols bar wilds are added to the Activity Meter and boost the multiplier by 1. If the Alien Activity Meter reaches its maximum, an attack order advances players to Level 2.

In Level 2: The Encounter players fight to reach the Queen Hive, trying not to run out of ammunition because that results in the termination of the game. All multipliers from the 1st Level are transferred to Level 2. Each new spin activates a bet line win with 3 new symbols. The Ammo symbols which appear arbitrarily in the centre reel position increase the Ammo Clip Counter, triggering Re-spins.

The 3rd Level is The Hive where players’ goal is to destroy the Queen before the Aliens catch them. The Hive Health Meter shows how damaged the Hive is. At the start, the Ammo Clip Counter contains 4 Ammo Clips, granting 5 Re-spins. The Hive can be randomly damaged by the grenade’s strength combined with the multiplier. Multipliers emerging randomly in the centre position multiple the damage amount from x1 to x10.

Game Play

Coin Value: Choose a coin size.
Level: Modify the number of coins wagered.
Spin: Spin the reels at the chosen wager.
Auto Play: Play multiple times in a row.
Max Bet: Spin the reels at the maximum wager.

Aliens Slot Reviews by Players


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LeoDubbed 131 reviews
Close your curtains, dim the light and turn off the heater.

Aliens, a very powerful game created by NetEnt and it is still popular among it's players. Gaming providers nowadays are trying to attract more and more players by using a few nice tactics such as creating games based on movies, music and video games.

Alien was a box office success when it hit the theatres. However, this game is not based on the first Alien movie but it's based on the second one with the same name ; Aliens.

The game has 15 paylines which I think it could be more and personally I think the game is a mix between Reel Rush and Fruit Shop that both provided by NetEnt.

If you wondering why I chose those two games. In Reel Rush, in order to trigger the free spins mode you have to win perfectly in a row till the feature is triggered and this is also required in Aliens game. Fruit Shop, it's plain simple, 15 paylines. I can choose other 15 paylines games for that matter but I like Fruit Shop the most.

I have spent many times and money playing this game, mainly when it went online the first time. I was kinda disappointed when I first saw the game, I expected some movie cut scenes with the protagonist in it but instead they gave us only the aliens, just like Microgaming's The Games of Thrones.

Although, I do love the bonus feature. A FPS ( first person shooter) mode where aliens coming at you and try to take your life. In this mode, your ammo is your spin, so when your ammo is out then so shall your free spins too. The mission is to defeat all the aliens in the free spins mode and kill the queen.

Till this day I still didn't managed to kill the queen but I was close and I wonder if somebody did?
Despite the lack of movie cut scenes I still enjoyed this game and from time to time I still give the game a chance and who knows, maybe I will kill the queen once. All I need is one time!

Aliens is a fun game to play and it surely a bit addictive because of the addictive gameplay.
The queen is hard to kill and it takes a big time luck to achive this.
If you are gamer then you are most likely to love the appearence of this NetEnt game. If looks like video game and pretty much futuristic. It's a 5-reels, 15-pay lines video slot playable from 0.30 cents. They were inspired by Alines science-fiction movie at NetEnt but aliens theme is really famous one across the globe. So the game looks fantastic and you play multi-levell slot with nice feature but now we must take a look at pay-table.The highest paying symbol pays 1000 x your stake for getting 5 of its kind which is verylow for such an amazing game. Wild itself pays zero cash and there is no Scatter symbol which is true shame for this video slot.

I played this slot several times and the last session was let's say successful. After only few spins I had win of 9 euros on my 0.30 cents stake. Comparing to other slot this would make BIG WIN but here I had multipliers staked on reels which is one of the features in this game and later whoever started killing aliens and that's the place where I made my win. There is 3 bonus leveles. You unlock each level by getting consecutive wins like I did during my last session. My hero died as we didn't win and we were back to base game. The thing is you must collect as many consecutive wins as possible in order to reach level 3 and to be given the chance to kill the queen.

I was taken to the level number 2 for the second time but never reached level 3 so I can only imagine how glorious it looks once you kill the queen. This is one amazing game and you must try it out. Pay-table does look poor but still you can have a lots of fun. Don't miss your chance.
raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
Aliens is one of the best looking slot machines around in my view, and it captures the feel of the movie extremely well. For some reason though these graphics come at a heavy price in terms of computer requirements and many players (including me) have had trouble playing this game on some devices with the game showing an error stating that "Unsupport graphics hardware was detected."

I tried the game on my desktop PC and was able to get the game to work successfully but if your having trouble I have since learnt that changing your browser can often help - Chrome is known to be particularly difficult with this game although I'm not sure exactly why that is. Once you get the game started it's hard not to be impressed by the futuristic graphics and eery sound effects - I doubt even Microgaming could have done a better job with this license!

Slot developers often try and implement elements of "Skill" into slot machines, though it represents a big dilemma - requiring a player to become good at something before they can achieve a games maximum potential is a big ask, and allowing a player to win too much by becoming "too good" at a game is a definite no-no as well. As a result when I was watching the promotional video for Aliens I was truly intrigued to see the apparent first person shooter bonus levels and wondered how exactly this concept could be included successfully in a slot game. The answer predictably is that no skill is required - the bonus stages effectively run on rails and you have no real control over the final outcome, but I think that is for the best really - as fun as it might have been to battle other players in the bonus round for the biggest prizes I guess NetEnt wanted to avoid "Sharks" developing and taking advantage of newer players in their slot games.
There was a tonne of hype around this game when it was released and I think it had a lot to live up to. It almost managed it, but NetEnt's insistence on lower variance games with extremely low maximum wins has let them down again here. It's still worth a try though!
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
It’s not an easy thing to make a long story short. I have so much on my mind when I hear the word Aliens. But let’s start with the fact that this is an amazing slot and one of a kind experience. It’s a must try and most likely you will feel the world of the universe coming out of the screen and the sound is as amazing just like the graphics and soundtrack. NetEnt launched Aliens on March 7, 2014 and I don’t remember any other slot which takes you to the yet undiscovered planets known only to Aliens. Sometimes, I dream to get kidnapped by some gentle and cute alien and it all comes from my let’s say ‘bohemian nature’. Facing this so called real world isn’t much fun where too many people are actually pretending and trying to fit into whatever the systems are asking them to be. Not me though.

NetEnt launched this slot in cooperation with 20th Century Fox and it all looks stunning with 3D graphics, 3 levels, Wild substitutions, re-spins and collectable multipliers. I love the way they move from right to left and I simply adore those multipliers. This is a 5-reels, 3-rows and 15-paylines slot which is most likely to produce lots of excitement to anyone who touch its ‘spin’ button. Oh well, they are trying to reach Queen’s Hive. This slot has 3 levels and as expected, level 3 takes you to the Queen’s Hive, where you trigger 5 spins and having chance to try and destroy the Queen, destroying the Queen with a single grenade awarding the maximum win!

Science-fiction action horror movies were never my favorite, and I got scared of them in my early childhood, so I never watch it, nor am interested in it, but in my opinion, this game is more than enough to please you as it did me. I don’t like the killings in this slot, but I can’t imagine someone not liking this slot.
zerooo 742 reviews
Aliens is 5 reel game with 15 paylines from NetEnt software. I played this game many times, but I don't like it to much.

The main game is ok, but if I compare this game to Piggy Riches the differences between them is huge. This game could not provide such a winnings as Piggy could. After I made a hundred of spins at this slot, I never made any profit on it. The design is good, so as the sounds. But the paytable is poor. This game offer 3 different level of free spins. To get second level you must complete the first and so on. Entering into first level is not so hard, most of the time I received a lot of them while I was playing and also most of the time I ended at this level.

This game could be great if it had more paylines. I think 15 paylines is not enough.
I was dissapointed, because most of time it is hard to get into second and third level. I came into 3rd level only once and the amount I won was small. I expected more bigger wins from this amazing video graphics game. The paytable is not good and I think I won't play Aliens anymore, since I always lose money on it. During level one most of the time I received x10 bet size or even less which I think is very poor payout. And also it ended too soon. My marine died quickly, without any chances to get into next level. I rather wait longer and enjoy into feature than this which Aliens game offer.

Main game is also boring since there are no chances to win any big amount. I don't think I will play this game in the future and I will rate it low, for me it is not good payout game.
Aliens is slot game made based on movie, and this game is created by NetEnt. I am not saying that it is bad game, but I do not like to play it. There is few reasons for that and I will post it in red category (thumbs down, what I do not like about this slot game).

What did I like? I like sounds and music during bonus feature in this game. Also sound of spin here is nice, I like it, it is pleasure to make spins and hear this sound.

Also I like frequency of bonus feature to come. This feature is triggered after you got needed amount of winning symbols. Not sure about exact amount, probably it is 10 or close to it number. If spin is not winning - one symbol is destroyed. You need to fill meter to start bonus feature.

Also I do like how this game designed. Nice pictures and nice animations, bonus game is really great when soldier shoot in aliens creatures.

And also iIlike that there is 15 paylines and bet is 0.15 , it is not big and allow to not have big money on account.
What iIdid not like. I did not like bonus feature in overall view. It is almost every time pay very bad, also it is possible to kill aliens queens, but I think it is almost impossible.

General payouts is low, best 5 symbols will pay 10$ on 0.15 bets, I get it couple of times. It could be better in bonus game with multiplier for this symbol, but it is also hard.

I did not like when you get almost all symbols to start feature, it is only one needed, you can't hit it and should start everything again.

For all this reasons i give this slot game 6 stars. Not worst game by NetEnt, but not very huge payouts make it not interesting.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Aliens is a great slot game coming from NetEnt. Alien is one of my all time favorite movies and I have watched all of the sequels. There were also a few Alien PC games that I played a lot and I have to say this slot is as great as the game only it offers you a chance to win some money. The graphic of the slot is absolutely superb and this game has some of the best animations I have seen. Visually this slot is the best and no other game can come near it. The game play is set up as a first person shooter game so you can really have a lot of fun playing.

If you take a look at the paytable you will see that it is a bit poor but luckily the game has random multipliers to symbols up to x 5 so you can have some nice wins. This game has a 3 level bonus where you unlock each level simply by having more consecutive wins.

In the first round you have to get at least 3-4 consecutive wins to fill up the meter and advance to the second level. In this level you find ammo and fight the aliens. If you run out of ammo you basically die and you return to level one. If you finish the second level you are taken to the queens hive. Here even if you don’t manage to defeat her you still get a cash prize.

This game is simply great. During the first level base play you get small to medium wins which are quite often so you don’t drop in balance too much. It’s a 15 payline slot but I always play it on higher bets up to 1.5 euros. Half way across the second level you already have a win of 20-30 x bet. If you get to the last level you will have a win of 50-70 x bet. Completing the last level guarantees you a win of at least 200 x bet. This game is worth the money and I recommend everyone to try it.
This is one of the latest videos from the 3D collection slots popular Net Entertainment workshop which was made in association with 20th Century Fox. You've probably looked at the motion picture of the slot machines and possibly as soon as you see the name you knew that it was a gaming version of the popular film adaptation of the 1986 with Sigourney Weaver in the lead role. It is characteristic for this slot is somewhat smaller number of pay lines compared to other NetEnt machine, this time there are "only" 15 The minimum bet per line is 0.01 coins and the maximum 10 coins, which leads to the conclusion that the minimum bet per spin is $ 15 while the highest allowed bet per spin is $ 150. As for the graphics it is at the highest level in my opinion among Netnet slot machines this game is one of the three best creations.

The game is characterized by a rich combination with a common occurrence wild symbol which is not surprising considering that this slot has a high percentage refund of almost 97%, which is very correct percentage when you consider the many opportunities that are opening here. There are high multiplier with excellent visual and sound effects in any significant gain. The game is divided into three phases: the first is called Search, the other is The Encounter, while in the third phase we call The Hive. The game here is quite complex so I will not waste words on unnecessary details that you will not understand anyway, until they start playing Aliens slot machine, everything else is a matter of choice as it's my choice just this game, which is one of my favorites that have recently came out.

My role here went over $ 5 per spin, which is not negligible bet on a game that is relatively new in the world of cubes, I think I invested a total of over $ 300, after which I was only $ 20 to the good, and not so important how we earned, because the game is primarily made for good fun and after that for business reasons. I noticed that quite often offers wild symbols, however quite often out of these 15 payment lines as this slot has, it would be the only complaint on this slot game which has not at least 25 payment lines at least would like and well done visual sensation raised to a higher level, although this is not bad. However, because of something less payment line stayed, I would be modest with the final grade, regardless of my profit in this game, the impression is all-out. Rating 7/10
Aliens slot one of the new by Net enternainment - my favorite online software. This game make me in shock when I saw freespins feature, I never saw something like this, so great, like video game, so of course I stick for this slot for a good amount of time.

Aliens it is 15 paylines slot. Should I say about sounds and animations? Ok, I can say about it only one word - SUPER! One of the best sounds and animations in online slots - yes, you can see it only at aliens. Awesomely created, and it is really something that can be called 'eye candy'. I am happy with it for 100%. Unfortunately I did not like there main game, it is very boring, because wins usually low. For something like good win you need 5 of a kind one of the best symbols, but it is very hard to achieve. For monster win there is should happen something like a miracle (I mean in main game), get good multiplier for top symbols in begin, and then hit 5 this symbols with multiplier like x3-x6, so it could give monster win, but like I said I will not bring anything on this bet, that such can happen with me. Freespins is bonus game in short, you have marine, which destroy those aliens. Nothing to describe, if only... I will not spoil you end of this bonus game, let me keep it as secret. Also during this bonus game between fighting you awarded with 1 freespins, every next step start from 3 of a kind symbols, which makes better with each next.
I never have monster wins. But had many good wins, including finishing bonus game. This game award features very quickly, not hard to get it, so this slot is highly recommended for every one. Even if you did not like it at all- it will not take a lot of money to try feature.

I did not like? What I can not like in this game, there is nothing really bad for me which I want to say about it.
Ahmo6 232 reviews
Aliens is a newer NetEnt video slot that has 5 reels and 15 possibilities to win. The minimum bet per spin on this slot is 0.15€ and the maximum is 150€.

The theme for the slot Aliens is based on the movie who I premise everybody watched at least once, if not you better get to it before you try out this slot. The graphics and the animations are really good, I was actually impressed. Anyways a really dark slot with a feature that is divided into three levels. The search where you have to fill up the Alien activity meter that is located above the reels with the highest multipliers that you collect from within the spins. This will set you up for better wins if you make it to level 2, which is The Encounter.

In my case I played this game with 0.30€ bet per spin for a solid 30 minutes, but unfortunately I didn't manage to get to level 2. I did fill up the Alien activity meter many times, but my marine was unlucky with the ammo. So when you reach the level 2 stage, if you do reach it will increase you winning and when you complete that stage you will progress to level three which is the Hive. There you will be rewarded with 5 re-spins and a chance to destroy the Queen hive with a grenade for maximum wins. But from my experience, it is really hard to advance, and the payouts aren't so big unless you somehow manage to advance.

Overall it is a decent slot that I honestly don’t prefer playing, but who knows maybe someone else will be more lucky than me and actually win something. For the rating a solid 6.
oneLoVegg 55 reviews
Aliens slot of course was released with a lot of promotions and emails from this casinos, of course this is slot based on movie, or based on the universe of 'aliens' and this was like I said big release with a lot of loud. I get couple of freespins offers, but the thing with this slot that it is almost impossible to get freespins feature from 5-10 freespins, so of course my results from freespins offers was bad.

But like usually I take few deposit offers from casinos, and tried this slot for a full time, about 10 hours in total I played it, so of course I have some spectators to say. First of all, main game is boring, like at wild turkey. Yes, unfortunately during main game it is almost impossible to get big win, because top pay symbols appear super rare. Game is interesting because of freespins feature, where everything is not so particular, and you can advance to next freespins round if only your soldier will have enough ammo to kill aliens, and this is each freespins. This feature is awesome, and I am always keep celebrating when my soldier get addition ammo.

Also I can name myself lucky, because I killed a Hive once, even from first shot! That was at Redbet casino, I played at 0.15 bet, and hit feature. Freespins did not pay me anything decent, but luckily my soldier have enough ammo, and I made it to final bonus round. And then I was extremely surprised to see, that I get grenade with maximum damage, and more surprise when Hive died from this grenade wow. Total feature paid me huge, really huge, around 90 euros, and for 0.15 bet it is very big result.

like this slot, because freespins feature is great, and bonus round with Hive very rare, but very cool.
I don’t often come across slots where I find it very complicated to review it. Well, Aliens is one of those slots with many features that I haven’t been able to fully explore, let alone comprehend yet. The video slot Aliens is produced by Net Entertainment in collaboration with 20th Century Fox.

I’m usually not a fan of science-fiction movies, but the movie where this slot has been based on is a classic and one of my favourites. You guys should definitely check it out one. Aliens from 1986, it has very good critics reviews. I usually play every new NetEnt game just because I’m interested in playing slots.

I must honestly admit I was extra excited to find out about this game. But maybe they made it a bit too complicated for my taste? Aliens features 5-reels, 15-paylines and 3-rows and makes you feel like you’re playing Call of Duty at times. The graphics are superb and of a complete other level than what we’re used to when playing slots. The minimum bet is €0.30 per spin, but I’ve mostly played it at €0.90 per spin.

Despite my being fan of the movie and obviously the slot, I haven’t played it as much as I would have liked to. Sometimes software providers tend to overdo it and don’t realise simplicity is key when attracting new players. All I know is that game got this movie vibe to it and it really makes you feel like watching one when playing it.

It also features wilds and multipliers of up to 5 x. You can earn free spins/bonus game by getting consecutive wins during main play. Although I’m still not sure how it completely works, because you get taken to a new screen when u get to the next stage where u have to kill the monster.

I never exceeded in killing it but I did have a couple of 100 x bet size wins. Other than that I still don’t get how this game completely works lol. If you check the paytable you won’t really understand right away either. You’ll just have to discover by playing it over and over and over I suppose.
I find this game a bit too complicated for the average player to understand.
Aliens slot game inspired by the famous aliens films sequel although I watched the movie series after playing the slot game. Lol! Such was the impact of the slot game on me. This ravishing slot game was launched in April and it was among one of the best Net Ent slots.

The slot has spectacular real time 3d graphics with a good soundtrack playing at the background. After watching the movie I completely agree that the theme of the slot has perfectly captured the beauty of the movie. The slot has 5 reels and 15 play lines. The WY motif is the wild in the slot game which will appear on the between 2 and 5 on level 1. During level 2 the wild can appear at any position except the ammo reel.

The slot features a very innovative method of game play. There are meters provided at the top of the reels which fill up with every win and decrease if a spin does not yield a win. When the meter is filled the level two begins, the encounter. In round 2 you have to fight off the aliens and reach the Queen’s hive. And also collect the ammo or you will be killed. On reaching the hive the level 3 begins. In this round you have to empty the health meter of the queen but undoubtedly you have to pick more ammo then the previous level.
The interesting part is even if the aliens win the battle you don’t go empty handed but still win prize.

I played this slot at Casino Luck recently. I started with very basic bet of $0.30 and got somewhere around 30 times of my bet. Although I could never even complete the level 2 that is could not reach the queen’s hive. Yes, you can always manage a good win on killing the queen and at least x 250 of your bet. But you have to patiently play the slot.

I would rate the slot 8/10.
katemak 1162 reviews
The Aliens slot is 5 reel and has 15 pay lines and the minimum bet is 0.30 euros per spin. Aliens game is one of the newest slot that Netent has offer us.The first time I came across this game was one of the casinos, which they were giving us, free spins for new promotion on the newest game.

The first time I played this slot, well I was kind of confused, because I didn't understood the payouts of this game. But, later when I played this game and came to the bonus round level it was all clear to me. I love the graphics and specially the theme, Aliens, well who doesn't like them, we all saw Alien movies many many times, where the main role is Sigourney Weaver, where she fights with those scary creatures.

So playing this game and I was playing it so many times, even if I don't win nothing, but the hope is last I guess I only had won 12 euros from the bonus round. I think that the payout of this game a bit low, or it might be just me,because I really like this game, but the game, just doesn't likes me.

The last time I played this slot was in Next casino and I was playing with the 0.60 euros per spin, hopefully I will win something, catching the bonus round. Yes, I did trigger the bonus round and Iike always got me nothing big, well only 4.80 euros. I did spend all my balance on this slot, which was 30 euros and from then I didn't play it, because I believe this game its not for me. Well I might play it again if some of the casinos offer me as a free spins offer, other way I think I will stick to my favorites .
Th3 Runn3R 119 reviews
United States
Well, this is the second game that requires a decent graphic card, a graphic card with a 3D engine otherwise you can't play this game. How do I know this? Well, this game is the reason why I bought a new graphic card for my girlfriend desktop (old desktop).

I have seen all Alien movies (only the movies with Sigourney Weaver in it of course) and I liked them, it was a great idea of NetEnt by making this video slot because I couldn't resist to play this game. The bonus round is easy to trigger but it doesn't pay very well.
Using the third person shooter view was a fantastic idea and I couldn't wait till I hit the bonus round when I play this game.
I wonder which character of the movie they put in the bonus round, it's a male person that's for sure.

Honestly, I never won anything on this game but I enjoyed the gameplay very much.
I think I have spent about 200 euro playing this game without any winning which is you could possibly think this game is cold but then again, maybe it was just bad luck.
I know someday I will hit the big win from this game and I will keep playing till this happens!
Also they could make this game more exciting by changing a few points like instead of rolling reel for extra ammo, they make the character scrambling the dead alien body for extra ammo or a random backup from a team mate which's give you another chance.

I can't get enough of this game even it cost me a lot of money, I think I am not the only one.
I do recommend this game to other players because I know they will like it especially those who have seen the movie(s).

I give this game a 7 star rating because they deserve it.
NetEnt is one of the best casino software on the net and they still will be.
yapro 790 reviews
Aliens it is a newest game from net entertainment. This game was released about month ago or so, and of course i was happy to try this new cool looking game.

Game has 15 paylines, and to be honest all payouts for 5 of a kind is really low, and in base game almost impossible to have fantastic win, i think even 100 x total bet in base game on this slot it is already unique miracle, most time slot awards wins like x5 - x10. I am glad to say that this game did not have any scatters or bonus symbols, to get feature player need to collect 10 any symbols in a raw, it is mean if you get 3 of a kind symbols - they go to collecting, if next spin not pay anything - 1 symbol dropped. Every collected symbol increases multiplier for such symbol by x1. It is good to collect high paying symbols, to get big multiplier for them during free spins.

Free spins is something great, here out marine fight against aliens, and every free spins we get guaranteed 3 of a kind of symbol, starting from lowest and till biggest. Sometimes marine did not survive and die, if he have no enough clips in rifle. I think i will not describe you the hive queen feature, and this feature at all, because it looks cool, even amazing. So better allow to you, players, who still not try this game to get feeling of great features yourself. I can only say that my biggest win after feature was x 300 total bet, which is great result.

Game has medium-high variance game, and sometimes it give features every 10-15 spins, sometimes i saw streaks with 500 spins without feature. Play carefully and choose not high bet, also i am think you will like this game, it looks great.
Afi4wins 1232 reviews
Ah! Yet another one of my favourite movie genre – science fiction action. From shooting baddies and Red Indians to shooting ugly scary aliens (sorry aliens, I haven’t seen a beautiful or sexy one yet). The graphics and animations from this new game Aliens is simply jaw-dropping! You think only big jackpot wins can make your jaw drop? No way man. Realistic astounding graphics can do too…and my jaw is still on the floor! 1 star up.

As for the paytable, as expected from most new games released these days, the payouts are on the low side. 5-of-a-kind of even the highest paying symbol doesn’t bring the “WOW!!!” anymore. Worse still, Wilds don’t pay either, and scatters are non-existent in Aliens. Sigh. Nothing like the good old games in terms of high paytable. 2 stars down.

Game features? Can’t really compare apple to apple, because Aliens is a totally new breed of movie-slot game. The reels may spin the same way, but the game play is something else.

At first play, I was really confused at everything, except for the payouts. It’s actually a game using a collective feature, similar to other games with a collective feature, but played in a totally new way. Then there’s the different tiers of play advancements, with a final mission to kill the Queen Alien. Again very confusing at first play, but you get accustomed to it soon enough. Interesting and entertaining. 1 star up.

Where winning is concerned, nothing comes easily. The credits go up and down, down and up, like a yo-yo. Typical of new games nowadays, to give a stretched game play, fun for a much longer stretch of time, to give satisfaction to players. For the casino…a good Return to Players (RTP) percentage, typically around the 97-98% mark. For the players…satisfaction. For big win hunters…a long long wait! Yes, the possibility is there alright. Killing the Queen Alien, for example, would pay out at least 200x total bet. I got 276x once, just that once. Higher wins are definitely possible, up to 570,000 coins, but I haven’t won a single attempt at Aliens yet. One of these days I hope. 1 star down.

Overall, a fantastic new game from NetEnt! Destined to become a big hit.
I will start to say about this slot from Netent that it is a very good one,with very nice and entertaining graphics and also a good theme about aliens! Another good thing about this slot is that it has 5 reels and 15 paylines,the minimum bet being just 0.15 euro so it is very good for those who want to play with few money! I played a single time this slot so far,I received 5 spins from Casino Luck when they launched the game but I played about 30 minutes with these 5 free spins! I managed to win 4.2 euro from the first spin and then,after I finished the free spins I increased the bet to 0.30 euro!I won 12 euro from the nice levels feature but unfortunately the game decided to stop paying and I lost all the money!

Although I didn’t played with my own money,it was a very nice experience because I like this slot,it runs very smooth and it is very entertaining! Regarding the new feature,I cant say that I don’t like it but I am finding it a little bit unusual,I was expecting to be better,with a better payout rate! I will try to rate this new slot from NetEnt even if I played only one time and I didn’t know much things about it! I liked very much the theme of the slot and the graphics,it has a nice look of a slot from the future and I think it deserves 9!

Regarding the payout rate I can say that it is quite good but I don’t expect to win something big if I play on 0.15 euro bet that’s obviously!So I will give 8 for the payout rate and I think it is good to play if you are a newbie in the slot games domain and if you don’t want to waste much money!
valentin68 535 reviews
“Aliens” from NetEnt is not a slot. It is the movie itself! Awesome. I played here for over half a day. It was the toy I was looking for a few days and here it was, I found it between many other new and enticing slots at AskGamblers. It took me a few hours to detach myself from the action and suspense atmosphere of this slot and to write this review.

Even the intro sequence at the beginning of slot is like being detached from the real film. What to say about the game itself! Whenever symbols (which of course represent the aliens of the movie) align, I feel like shivering. The thrill is rising. A multiplier advances on a bar above the slot and I am glad the bar did not hit its end and I have not entered yet the Free Spins round. Yes I wrote well, I am glad the Free Spins round did not started because when they start the tension is unbearable. And the greater the suspense, the bigger the wins are. About the wins I will say just one word: enough!

The bar with multipliers mentioned before, indicates the level of infestation with aliens. Every spin decreases the bar length by one unit. Every win increases the bar length by 3-4 units. The bar multipliers are associated each with a symbol in the game. So the bar fills when the wins come one after another. The Free Spins start when this bar indicates the maximum level of infestation with aliens. This round is magnificent. There are actually two steps that can be played, “The Encounter” and “The Hive”. In “The Encounter” you must destroy all the Aliens that come your way to reach the nest. In “The Hive”, you have to destroy the Alien Queen. I have not managed to play the second round, and I felt very bad. But probably I would not have lasted because of the suspense. To look for ammunition, to shoot every alien who comes along and I in addition to watch for the spins themselves ... Each time I finished the ammunition before reaching the nest. Too much.

I am just kidding because this slot is excellent. NetEnt has done a great job this time.
Maybe I should not be unhappy with anything here, but once (only once) I had over 25 consecutive spins without a win.
Aliens Bonuses game is made by Netent slots game and its a microgaming game.
This game are awesome,Its graphic are really excellent and the background of the game are cool and proper suitable by the game. Every images of the aliens and spaceship in the game are amazing.

The netent are amazing work on the game,the sound effect are these game 15 payline and 3 reel are in it,the reels are less as compare to other slots game.I bet 15 euro in these game and i win and cool response.

In the game wild symbol are in it with the wild word symbol in a stylish way,the wild feature are amazing response in the game to increase the score and win the game.The free spin feature are in the game,i play the free spin 10 times and some times the great response comes out from the free spin,The autoplay option in the game which are made easy to play the game & the level of game are tough and its not easy to win in this game.A one feature of jackpot value are bad because the value of jackpot are less only 1000.

I am much like this game,This type of game are my favorites game and i play this game many times .This game are amazing play it and feel and view the great graphics of the game. I scored this game 10/10.The main points are for graphics of the game.

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