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Best Online Casinos Texas in 2023

Although gambling laws within the state of Texas are among the harshest in the country, gaming fans and casino enthusiasts still have some options to choose from when it comes to placing bets and playing their favourite games.

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Is Online Gambling Legal in Texas?

Texas does not explicitly forbid online gambling, and since Texas does not expressly permit placing bets at online casinos either, there remains some confusion over its legality.

Namely, players can't access any online casino that offers real-money prizes. As a good alternative, players can access social casinos that offer a very similar portfolio of games and are legal in Texas completely.

Are Land-Based Casinos Allowed in Texas?

Like in many US states, commercial land-based casinos are illegal in Texas. In particular, the law doesn't allow gambling outside of the two tribal casinos, namely Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino Hotel and Naskila Gaming.

In addition, Texans can also access a few racetracks and bingo halls that are becoming more popular. To enter any gambling establishment, players have to be 21 years old. The same limit applies to horse racing. As for lottery and bingo, the legal age is set at 18.

Which Forms of Online Gambling Are Legal in Texas?

Betting on daily fantasy sports is currently the only legal and available option for Texans willing to place online bets. Online gambling is still unregulated by the state and falls in a "grey area." That said, players residing in this state should stick with social casinos, at least until other gambling options become available.

As for the specific games, Texans mostly enjoy table games, slot machines, sports betting, keno, bingo, and scratch-offs.

Can I Get in Trouble for Gambling in Texas Casino?

Although it is illegal to register and run an online gambling website in the Lone Star State, it's not entirely illegal for players to access and play on offshore websites. However, before placing bets, there is one thing players should keep in mind.

According to Texas Penal Code 47.02, partaking in online gambling in Texas "would be considered a Class C misdemeanour," and players may even receive a fine of a couple of hundreds of dollars.

So, if you compare Texas with US states such as New Jersey, yes, many restrictions on online gambling apply, and they need to be considered. However, residents of the Lone Star State still have plenty of betting options on the web, including social casinos. In other words, as long as players avoid rogue and blacklisted foreign casino websites, they likely won't get into trouble.

What is the Future of TX Online Gambling?

It doesn't seem like TX online casinos will be a thing anytime soon, as the state's politicians and lawmakers still haven't prioritised this issue. However, as more states across the USA are beginning to regulate online gambling, it may be a sign that Texas will at some point do the same.