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Space Wars Slot

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Join the ranks of the alien military in Space Wars, a quirky video slot from NetEnt. This game features a unique 4-row, 40-line layout with plenty of stacked symbols and crystal-clear graphics. You can play right now for free right here, or try your luck for real money at any of the listed NetEnt casinos on this page.

Before playing, make sure you have your bet set to a level you are comfortable with. Start by choosing your coin denomination with the “Coin Value” meter. You can set it as low as 0.01 or as much as 0.50. Then, decide how many coins you would like to wager per line on the “Level” meter. You can bet as few as 1 or as many as 10 per line at a time. Please note that you must play all 40 lines. When you're ready to begin, push the circular spin button, or simply push “Max Bet” to play at the 10-coin level. You can also push “Au­top­lay­” and set the game to spin a select number of times.

The various aliens and Wild symbols will tumble down the reels and stop randomly. You'll win if you get any matching aliens from the leftmost reel to the right along any of the game's 40 paylines. Wild symbols that appear on reels 2 and 4 will assist you. If you get a match, you will receive one free respin instantly.

Game Play

Coin Value: Set your bet denomination.
Level: Choose the number of coins to bet per line.
Circular spin button: Begin the game at your chosen bet.
Max Bet: Play the game with 10 coins per line.
Autoplay: Spin the selected number of times in a row.

Space Wars Slot Reviews by Players


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Afi4wins 1412 reviews
I have always said that I do not like any game that doesn't have any free spins, and this Space Wars game is one of them. However, what it lacks in free spins is replaced by Respins, activated by getting any 3 or more symbols winning combinations, so that's not too bad at least. If this game only offers some Bonus games, then I certainly would not like this Space Wars at all! Hehehe.

What I also do not like is a non-paying Wild symbol, but since this is a symbol-duplicating game, so the Wild does not need to have any value for it - substituting for all symbols is good enough. No Free Spins game also means no Scatter symbols, so that's another winning potential loss, which should have been covered by better symbol values in the paytable, but sadly enough, this isn't the case! The Red Crystal, the highest paying symbol, only pays a low 1000x the line bet for getting 5 of them, so getting all 20 Red Crystal symbols on the reels would only pay 40,000x the line bet, or 1000x the total bet amount, and that is the best single possible win in this Space Wars game. Well, that is acceptable to most players, but certainly not sufficient for big-win hunters!

Okay, with such a low paytable, the only way that this Space Wars game can create and maintain interest is by having an exciting and worthwhile gameplay, and that is exactly what it does! The overall payouts tend to be low most of the time, but they do come frequently and regularly too, keeping any player's interest going, but of course, up to a certain extent of play time only. If this game keeps going with its low payouts for hours on end, then any player would eventually get bored and lose interest. Yes, I certainly did get bored a couple of times, so I didn't really like this game that much. Only on rare occasions did I get a decent win, but my best win on Space Wars is nothing to shout about - only 101x my bet amount. In fact, that win did not come from the Red Crystals but from another high paying symbol. I've yet to get a good win with those elusive Red Crystals, but I ain't gonna chase for them - a 1000x total bet maximum win isn't my mug of strong coffee, hahaha!
LilianInThaHouse 657 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Space War a slot by NetEnt caught my attention long time ago. I also played it quite much last year. The game look pretty interesting in its appearance. This slot has nice graphics and animations. Overall I like it very much.

Space and its hidden secrets is something that has been untouchable and people like to watch movies, serials, reading book about hidden and unknown world of the universe. Many games were created with this theme and we have a large number of video slots with space theme to pick up and play. Space War is a 5 – reels, 40 – pay-lines game playable from 0.40 cents.

Unfortunately this game can't really pay. Don't miss ever to check video slot you pick pay-table as its really important. Pay-table looks poor with the highest paying symbol ( red crystal ) payout of 1000 coins for getting 5 of its kind! Wild symbol substitute for all symbols and has no payout at all. Nor it doubling any wins or becomes staked! And it appears only on reel 2 and 4 .. 'Space Wars' comes with 'RE-SPIN' feature which is activated by betline wins. There is no Scatter symbol and no Free Spins or Bonus feature. Its a damn shame. It is all about 'Re-spin' feature. I had a dry run on this game and have won nothing on. On the one side you have a great and funny looking game in its appearance but on the other side there isn't possible to win on. The answer is.. pay-table looks pathetic and no way you can make anything here.

If you want make money, this certainly isn't the game to put your money in. I won nothing more then 20 x my stake on this game. I will never ever play it again for the simple reason that I can chose so many games which are confirmed to pay.
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Space is always inspirational. Novels, movies, books, and soon enough, followed by games. Space themed games, like in this NetEnt release, are probably inspired by arcade games such as Wars. Space Wars might be that reason to create this slot game. Aliens with their battles, their universe rules and their yet undiscovered possibilities, are enough reasons to get curious and want to spin this game. The minimum bet size per spin starts at 0.40 cents and it's a 5-reels, 40-paylines game, so 0.40 cents is a common thing for any 40-paylines slots. If you are really lucky, you could win up to 400,000 coins, which is the maximum possible award in this game.

This game features Stacked Wilds and Re-spins. The symbols are represented by cute little alien creatures, fighting each other in order to make the wins. My sessions on the game weren't successful at all, but I did get frequent minor wins, all of them coming from the Stacked Wilds combining with those little creatures, and so far, only 3 Euros was my biggest win. The Wild symbols can appear on any reel and substitute for all symbols. The Re-spin feature is activated and paid according to the initial line bet value. The Red Crystal is the highest paying symbol, 5 of these pays you the maximum coin win of 1000, which is quite poor, and once again, you can't expect too much from this game, especially if you want to make nice big decent wins.

However, Space Wars can be fun to play, but the game could be way better off in terms of its features and the paytable as mentioned. Unfortunately, besides the fact that this slot looks cartoonish and has nothing to do with the Space Wars theme, all you can ever expect from it is to get those Stacked Wilds to make you some wins, and hoping that those Re-spin features could possibly give bigger rewards. Well, that's pretty much everything there is in this space game.
Space wars is game made by NetEnt. This is quite popular game based on youtube videos of players which I saw, so I think many players gamble in this slot often. But it is not my favorite game, I think it is one of the most boring games. But I will start from thumbs ups at first since it is this category.

Thumbs up for great look of the game. All characters are very nice, some are even cute. Also I like that there is no usual card symbols. Also big thanks to NetEnt for short animation if good symbol appears in win, pretty funny and very nice.

Thumbs up for sounds it is great here.

And probably I could say that it is good idea to use respin feature. It is happens when you get any 3 of a kind. You then get respin, and on reels added many symbols which was winning. Idea is that respin should pay much more better. Also I think everyone likes respins.

Unfortunately here thumb ups from is ending. I am not big lover of this game, there is many much more better games made by NetEnt. I do not like to rate NetEnt games low, but this games worths 6 stars from me in rating.
What I could say about bad things.

Low payouts it is the thing which I did not like at any slot. Here is not so many good symbols, and most others pays very low amount of money, even for couple of 5 of a kinds.

Min bet is 0.40,for such game it is a lot.

Respin feature usually pays bad. Symbols are added on reels during respin, but usually just not land. Most annoying is when it is happens with good paying symbols. You expect huge payout, and get only few bets. My best result is probably even less than 50 bets in this game.
Raptordinos 866 reviews
In "Space Wars" slot sometimes aliens seem more willing for war than others, I think our success in a game of this nature lies in two things, first start with the right foot and second to recognize the perfect time to leave, I think that games like this are not designed to keep players playing for long periods of time, and I say this because at times this slot seems to handle of encourage the player with decent payouts and even big wins, but at times we can spin our reels over and over again and not hear any noise at all to let us know of any win, I have even been practically lost almost 30 games in a row, maybe with one or two small hits in the middle, and depending on our bet level at the time, this can become somewhat or very devastating to our balance; I think the feature that gives a re-spin each time we get a hit of less than 5 of a kind to give us an extra opportunity of making a full line, it is quite interesting, but I have already experienced in my own flesh and come to pay the price of this feature with long bad streaks. Maybe if you're risky and fortunate enough to get big wins while your bet is on a high level, this slot can be somewhat sensational, but the truth is to scale up your bet in this game is something really risky, and I am referring mainly to bad streaks.

In any case it is undeniable that "Space Wars" includes materials that make it very attractive and they are a great design, authentic and charismatic characters, additional matching symbols loaded into the tube and sent into battle that increase your chance to grab a big win, the spinning of the reels is pleasantly fast and smooth at the same time and stacked wilds, although I have to say that these wilds seems to be something passive to me taking in mind this is a slot with a layout of 5 x 4 reels. Anyway, for me it has been difficult to manage my capital in this game and then come out on top, I think this game of high variance is designed mostly for players with a big heart, and almost sure the mine one is the size of the fist of my hand.
zerooo 742 reviews
Space Wars is great designed game from NetEnt software. I like the theme of this slot which is about space and aliens. I played this game a couple of times at NetEnt casinos.

The games has 40 paylines. The only feature here is into main game which based on re-spins. Initial bet line wins activate one free re-spin. I like graphics into this game, when you hit something; the symbols are added into some kind of space capsule and you won re-spin. In this re-spin you can hit a nice wins, but when I played it I had only small ones. The game has poor paytable, most of the symbols pays to low to be good game. Sure you can win some good amount of money, but you need to be lucky enough to catch some high pay symbols on the reels.
I don't like this game because it has many empty spins. I played many others game with probably around the same number of paylines but this game has really a lot of empty spins. I started to count it, because I wanted to see how many. I think the number was around 20 spins without a single win. Then when win came up, there were low payout symbols.

I think this game could be great if they set the paytable right. I played it a few couple of times but I changed it very soon after I saw so many empty spins inside my session. The design and theme is really great, but paytable is too bad. So I play this game only for a few minutes per session to see if I could catch some high pay symbols on the reels. Most of the time I ended at this game dissappointed and it makes me angry to those aliens symbols.
blondie 1094 reviews
Space Wars is a Netent powered slot game with 5 reels and 40 paylines.This is one of the games that I've always known about but for some unknown reason didn't play. I really love space theme and that paired up with Netent software couldn't be bad, I thought. First thing I liked about this game was the cool design it has. Great graphics and unique looking aliens made me smile just looking at them. Also I liked that it has 40 paylines, this number was a little unusual as mostly I play 243 way slots or slots with lower payline amount than 40.

This game has no free spins bonus round, but it has an interesting re spin feature. When there's a winning on a bet line, you will get one free respin. Visually it looks interesting because there is this cloning matching on the right side and when there's a win, the symbol that was winning, is cloned in the machine. A little thing but makes game more fun.Since there are 40 paylines, the minimum bet is 0.40€ per spin. There are also wild symbols that substitute all slots' symbols. But the wilds don't appear on all reels, only on 2nd and 4th reel.

I have seen a fellow AskGamblers winning screenshots from this game but I am a little surprised to see such winnings because when I played this game recently, I had only 20x bet winnings, if lucky then 30x bet, but not even 50x. The wilds can come up stacked and those are the times when I had my biggest winnings. I think that this game could also be a money eater, often times I had lots of empty spins or with bet size winnings, so I think you need decent bankroll to play it.

Overall I do like this game, I love the design but the technical aspects of it could be better. The re spin feature could have some kind of wow thing like multiplied winnings. Most likely I won't invest much in this slot because so far I don’t see much winning potential.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Space Wars is a slot I came across some time ago. It looked really fun and I was tempted to give it a try. The slot has great graphic and animations and the symbols are really goofy. It is about aliens and even though the name is Space Wars there is no fighting or shooting going on over the reels. So visually the slot is very good and if you have the misfortune of not reading the paytable and rules you are in for a big surprise.
This slot has 40 paylines and 4 rows. Usually 40 payline slots can pay good but here it is not the case. The paytable is poor except for the red crystal symbol which has a payout of 1000 coins for 5 of them on a winning payline. The symbols can come stacked on all reels so that’s always a chance for a good payout. Still the rest of the symbols have a really horrible payout. This game doesn’t have scatter symbols but does offer a wild symbol which can come stacked on reels 2 and 4. This is great but again there is no multiplier attached so another great disappointment.

From the bonus features this game has almost nothing. If you have a win you get a respin with a chance for another win. That’s pretty much everything. Now when I first played the game I didn’t read the paytable and that cost me almost 100 euros. I started playing on minimum bet and have to admit had a few nice wins of 30-40 x bet thanks to the respin. It seems what symbols land in the first win tend to come even more in the respin so you get a descent win. Still the timeframe from a descent win to a descent win is too long and you will drop in balance. There is no question about it. You may get a few 5-10 x bet wins in between but that’s it. This is one of those games where it is impossible to win so don’t even try playing it.
You may be tempted his large number of payment lines, which is 40, however it is not a priority to me that I'm here because as I have already said in these slots with more payment line when you bad happens, the money from the account quickly melted, before you realize what hit you. I've already had some money in my Unibet casino so I used it to get to play this space slot which NetEnt masters they called Star Wars.

This is one of those games whose intro always walk to the end even though I do not have this practice, however, so it was really done that, and when I did not feel like after this intro again and again motivate so that I do not intend to go to Skip when he starts. I separated around € 30 to spend on research NetEnt versions of the universe so I was cautious with the bet per spin, which I this time confined itself to € 1.20 per spin.

I like the creative drum on which symbols are not in the classic square shape but simply float around the screen, and it is not illogical knowing that is beyond our atmosphere weightlessness so that this simulation of the real universe quite well fit into the theme of slot machines. After three spin on this space adventure I won excellent € 38.80 as the right refreshment for my modest starting capital, it is the so-called Big Win that I often had the opportunity to conquer the other slots from NetEnt series but after many many attempts.

I do not know individually these aliens that appear as icons on this game but I know he brought me much joy, I'm sorry I just do not know their language to thank them for it. Especially I was happy when I got shortly after the first and second big win so that the balance in my account very quickly increased by 3x. I thought that was quite enough for today, so I got up too happy with the amount won and gained experience in research NetEnt Space Wars slot machines.
Space wars has a very different look. I was really impressed by the graphics and animation of the slot. So a good work from Net Ent production house.

The symbols used in the slot are really cool and innovative. The Net Ent people have done good work in designing the symbols of the slot and I just love it. The sound track of the slot is really cheerful.

But after all this I realize that the slot is not good in returns. The game is such like you enjoy playing it but you don’t win actually. Even it is every expensive the bet starts at $0.40 per spin. The slot just has two feature features. One is the stacked wilds on reels 2 and 4. Other is the re-spin bonus feature in which you are awarded with re-spin on an initial bet line win. Although both doesn’t prove to be very catching.

My experience has not been good playing this game. I don’t think so I have ever made like more 30 times my bet in this slot. May be a better bonus or free spin feature would have been great for the slot. I would say that the slot is great in graphics, animation and even the music but its really pathetic in bets. After all with high minimum bet you even keep losing much. So if you want you can try your luck ones but it hasn’t proven to be a good slot in returns.

If the slot would have been some better in returns I would have surely loved it. I would rate it 5 on 5 in animation and graphics because of the great look and sound of the slot. But 0 on 5 in the returns of the slot. So in total a 5 to the slot.
yapro 790 reviews
Space wars video slot not so interesting for me, because i play this game not so many times like other games, but i have some experience with this game and decide to share it, why not, maybe someone will find my review interesting and useful. Even after watching the preview of this game on youtube,i did not like the game at all.

The only one feature on it was not interesting for me, also minimum bet of 0.40 is quite high for almost all players, except those who make deposits of 50$ or more. But anyway, as all new releases, i try this game few times, and have my opinion about it. I do not like it, do not like at all. First of all, this game is boring, really, nothing interesting happens. Second, feature is boring, when you get win, you awarded respin and some more winnings symbols appear again. I do not see anything interesting here, and to be honest, i lost on this slot around 100$ playing at 0.40$ bets, and i never had win even x 50 total bet. This is quite unusually for netent, but the things for me is how i describe it. Of course after such bad experience i am always say to my friends did not even try this game, but few braves of them of course try, and now they also did not like this game.

Conclusion: Not interesting, boring, without really nice real potential, this game not for me, and i will not play it again. I am sure someone like it, but this game just not for me. It is bad that even netent sometimes do slots like this, but there is nothing to do, only one suggestion try to avoid this game. Idea of the slot not so bad, but it is simply not interesting, slot not paying well, and it is boring. 3 stars, sorry netent.
paquito76 867 reviews
Being a pioneer and bringing innovative things to any area of life, business, science, anywhere is always a great, honorable thing but sometimes it doesn’t live up to the expectations and the shortcomings will break up soon.

I was waiting for the release of this game after I read the news about it and could be heard some opinions that went so far to say this slot will revolutionizing the gambling market and take the amusement on a higher level. Well, well…I’ve played with Space Wars since it’s launched but I’ve never seen these reflects in it and I dare to say the game is very overrated.

What I like the most at this product are the qualities it possesses without spinning the reels. Its graphics are really great. I like its colours and the transparent background that let us to see a planet and the endless space. During the play the little blue, flash like animations are also cool but there’s nothing that would really excited me.

I don’t know what symbols it uses, for me they’re simply indefinable (maybe a child visited his NetEnt employee father at workplace and brought with him some toys, and while fighting with lack of inspiration the creative team just borrowed them, or I don’t know but they’re really look like that every toys shop could offer with mark ‘Ages 6-8’)

40 fix payline are in use, organized in 4 rows, but 40 lines can’t be guarantee for big prizes every time. Especially if we consider the stacked Wild only substitutes the others and doesn’t multiply the winnings and only appears on the even reels. The free spin feature consists of 1 re-spin though it always comes up after every single win. The next feature…Wait! That’s all! I can safely say I expected much more from a reform game like this.

If I remember correctly I had 1 wins at value of around €60 but that was far the most I gained. Once, I got only 3 spins with pay backs (all were less than €5) while my balance decreased with almost €75. I couldn’t believe it. If I had played with another 40 line game but I would have put my bets on just one single line I’m sure it would’ve rewarded more.

Space Wars is clearly a disappointment for me. Though its graphics are in the line but all other segments don’t touch the quality level what I uses to and expect from a NetEnt product. At the beginning, I think I just wanted to like it because of the hype surrounded it but it didn’t work for me. Maybe I had just bad luck but every time, everywhere?! I doubt it. Perhaps it will change in the future but I don’t know why would I play it again, unless curiosity, but for now I’ve lost my faith in it.
I have to say that this is a great slot from Netent and I am saying this because I love this kind of slots with re-spin feature and also with stacked wilds and of course with nice theme! Also I like very much the symbols and the theme of this slot!It is very well designed and has nice graphics,with 5-reels and 40 paylines!

I played this slot game at Unibet casino and I can say that almost every time I won something playing this slot! I remember that only one time I played it with the bet of 1.6 euro and I didn’t managed to win something big and I wont do this again!I think that is better to play on the lowest stake and that you have more chances to win!

The biggest win that I had on this slot game was 32 euro with the minimum stake and also only 12 euro on the 1.6 euro stake!I don’t think that this slot has a huge potential for big wins but it is very good if you want to wager a bonus or you want to play less money!

This slot has a Wild symbol that appears only on the 2nd and 4th reel and substitutes for all symbols! Also this slot has a Re-spin feature that activates when a win is activated!

I will rate this Netent slot from my own experience and I will start with graphics and theme,I think it deserves a 9 because of the well designed characters and symbols! About the payout rate I can say that it is very high in my opinion,I won almost every time at Unibet casino and I think I will give an 8! Another 9 will go to the nice features like Wild symbols and Re-spin feature and overall I think it’s a very nice slot that deserves to be played!
cocopop3011 264 reviews
United Kingdom
Space wars is one of my most favoured slots 2013! This is of course going to be a good review. There are so many reasons why I believe Space Wars would make it in my top 10 slots of 2013. To be able to get that kind of achievement a slot needs to meet my very strict guidelines. So here is what makes this slot one of my favourites.

I suppose I should start firstly by telling you I thought this slot was rubbish to start off with. I remember getting quite a lot if free spins on it, sometimes 5 sometimes 10 and literally walking away every time with zilch! Then all it took was one set of free spins and one single spin ....and I was hooked. When these symbols come in together it guarantees you some absolutely beauties. I came to discover on your first spin if you get say the small purple guys, 8 times out of 10 your second spin, which is free by the way, will bring in the same purple guys...but a bigger win. This is not always the case, but again I'd say 8 times out of 10 you get a win on the second free spin.

Once you start getting those matching symbols this slot starts paying out huge amounts. The amount if times I've posted super mega wins for Space Wars are countless. You need to dedicate yourself to the slot though before playing it. I would not advise going into the slot with less than about £20/£30 because believe me Space Wars can strip your pockets as well as fill them! I would simply advise you start playing the minimum bet of 40p, if your lucky enough to be able to increase your bet I would only increase it to a coin 0.02p denomination making it 80p a spin. I've had a lot of experience with this slot...and I'd like to think the advice I've given is going give you the best chance of winning here..the rest is simply down to Lady Luck.

Look out for the top symbol - you can't miss it, its the gorgeous pink coral symbol .... Oh my; how hard it is to get these on your normal spins, but if you will impress you on your free second spin....with amazing wins.

My last piece if advice for you not to stop the reels!
Even if I am the big fan of NetEnt, I can dislike some of their slot and Space Wars is one of those. Firstly I have to say that I have nothing positive to say about that slot. Have to say that I have often wondered why I even bothered to play Space Wars. Maybe it was because Space-theme reminded me of Starburst, which is one of the best NetEnt-slots ever.

Space Wars is 5-reel slot with 40-lines, and you cannot choose lesser lines, so minimum-bet is 40 cents, which is very high compared to most other, and much better, slots. If 40 cents in minimum-bet, it means in that kind of slot that it can eat your balance away quite quickly. I have only once got free spins to Space Wars and sometimes I have tried my luck in that slot, just because of curiosity. However, every time I won almost nothing. Wilds in reels 2 and 4 do not help so much and that extra spin, what you get after you win something, also gave me almost nothing. That symbol-cloning never helped me for win better. Getting big win seems to be impossible in that slot.

Space Wars have alien-themed graphics and you can see 10 different space-orcs, which really are ugly, and then one red crystal, which seems to be highest paying symbol in that slot. So Space Wars is not even good because of graphics, unlike some other slots, so even graphics are not reason to play that slot.

Space Wars is slot what about I cannot recommend to anyone. I simply do not find the reason for that. I tried it and just got enough and if I will ever play that in future, there have to be just free spin-offer for that slot. There is no other reasons for me to play Space Wars. Seems also that I am not alone with my opinion of Space Wars, and I am not surprised of that. ;)
Space wars online video slot created by net entertainment, and it was released in 2013, if i am remember this correctly. As far as i know, many players absolutely did not like this slot, and think that it is just eat money. Who knows, i like it, but anyway play it rare, because this slot machine really can take your balance in few minutes, and left you with nothing.

Space wars is 40 lines online slot, with amazing graphic and sounds ( like i told in another review, i can not remember new releases from netent with bad graphic and sounds). Interesting thing about this slot, that it has no any bonus game or free spins feature, so if you like this thing, this slot can disappoint you, i warned you. Also i like the thing about this slot - it has no regular A K Q J T symbols, all pictures are original and themed about space and wars.

I should say you that if you love wilds on this slot you should not expect a lot of it - it has wilds only on 2 and 4 reels, but at least this wilds is stacked. But i like to tell you another interesting thing in this slot, when you get any win - this symbols go to teleport and there coming respin, in which you can get more this symbol, this is really nice, and give you a chance to get a lot of high paying symbols, but i never seen this myself, so i believe this is very hard to achieve and hard to see.

MY experience with this slot was only with about 4-5 sessions, and if i remember correctly i lost on two of them all my bankroll, but at least i win at 3 others some money. I am not sure did i am in + with this online slot or in - , but if you love playing slots, i believe you will like space wars too.
Icymod 758 reviews
Space Wars is a 40 Paylines video slot that does give me more hatred on how it pays than appreciates it's qualities. When I make bets for $0.80 I would always discover the 3rd reel not cooperating with my bets. Even if I take my time slowly giving each spin 3 seconds apart instead of spinning one after another or clicking the button to spin it while stopping the reels for an instant result will still give me a disheartened appeal when playing on Space Wars. So when I do hit a win the machine on the right will duplicate the monster combination and add it to the reels. The spin that made a win will also result in a respin for a chance at a better prize. Respins do cost nothing for me which is a bit of some good news.

In bets like $0.40 at a time it can slowly syphon out players balance and more importantly at higher bets. The only good lesson coming from these bets would make any player more loose or brave into placing bets.....I think, at the very least. Should I come across stacked wilds on the 2nd reels, the 3rd reel won't give me a break most of the time. No matter what bets I put into this slot it will always throw them into space where a black hole will absorb them! I've never had much luck for big wins on Space Wars and in my opinion I would have a better chance with the slot Starburst as it has better chances for winning combinations.....sadly to say.

Very low payout ratios, wilds that never gave me any combinations as long as the 3rd still stands as the gatekeeper, respins that are okay but a little hard to find and no bonuses or free spins on Space Wars don't make a slot such as this stand as "great" or "popular". I would avoid this slot altogether, too many runaway losses! It's a 4.5 out of 10 for Space Wars despite the nice graphics!
katemak 1170 reviews
The Space Wars slot is another game of my favorites Netent gaming . It's 5 reel 40 pay lines game so the minimum you can place bet on this game is 0.40 euro perspin.

Honestly i was expecting more from this game ,because its 40 pay lines lines,so i had better luck playing the Jack and The Beanstalk which is 20 pay line slot ,then Star Wars game. So maybe i have no luck playing this game, which i stopped playing it, never wins me nothing.

The story of this slot is all about 5 kinds of different aliens ,which they differ by their color purple, blue, green, olive and orange and their size ,chasing the red crystal all over the reels. So about the aliens size ,the smallest alien will bring you small winnings and the bigger ones bigger wins.

On this game there is no bonus or free spins feature which is disappointing ,because every player likes to be rewarded after all that playing. So maybe the only good thing about this slot is the re spin feature ,so during the game if you got a winning combination then you trigger the free re spin,so after every winning combination you got 1 free re spin,something similar like Fruit Shop game.

The wild symbol on this game its presented with the word Wild and when you trigger this symbols Wild,it will expand to all reel so you can get some extra winnings, depends what kind of aliens you will hit, if the smallest ones,smaller winnings,if the bigger ones bigger winnings.

All thought whenever i trigger the wild symbol expanding on the all reel i never managed to get more the 5 euros or so. I like Netent gaming ,but the same i cant say about this game. So as I said maybe its not my lucky game ,but playing several times this game ,it only gave me minus of my balance.
Space Wars is one of the "New School" Net Entertainment slots which I can totally not appreciate. I'm not sure why NetEnt makes these type of slots, but they fail to please me in several ways. They have the ability to swallow a bankroll up quite quickly, while the rewards are often a small fraction of what you've invested.

Net Entertainment's quest to be unique and come up with innovative slots is something many online casino players are eager to learn about during ever new release. However, I think NetEnt should really ask themselves the question what the added value is of slots like Space Wars, Reel Rush and Fisticuffs to name a few examples.

I think the only thing they did very well here is developing a slot with extraordinary graphics and the themes are quite unique as well. But the way these slots are made make it almost possible to be ahead during a session.

Unfortunately I had to learn the hard way with Space Wars. This game has 40-paylines and the minimum bet is €0.40 per spin. My average bet for this game usually was €0.80 or €1.20 each spin. The game's symbols consists of weird looking outer-space creatures. There are no scatters in Space Wars, but every time you win something on a payline you do receive one free spin.

The creatures get launched again into the reels. Reels 2 and 4 contain wilds. Annoying thing about those wilds is that they sometimes fill up the whole reel, only to find out reels 1 and 3 have complete different symbols. The result is just a lot of teasing with no wins.

Most of my wins during this game are 0.5x up to 10x my bet size. I only had a couple of good hits with this game. One being 100x my bet size including when the creatures were launched again.

I can't recommend this game to anyone unfortunately. It simply disappoints too many times, and never pays too well.

Final rating for Space Wars is 5/10.

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