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Flowers Slot

Flowers is a cheerful video slot that gives players a sunny escape from their world. As the birds chirp in the midday sun, you may just find some big bucks! We invite you to try Flowers for free right here. If you want to play for real money, just sign up at any reputable NetEnt casino.

Start a game of Flowers by choosing how much you want to bet per spin. Use the green buttons to the left and right of Coin Value to change the coin denomination. Available sizes range from 0.01 to 0.50. Next, click the buttons by Bet Level to choose how many coins you want to bet on every line. If you don't want to wager on all 30 paylines, use the buttons by Lines to change how many paylines are activated. Press the circular arrow button to spin at the chosen bet, or hit Max Bet to spin with a bet of 5 coins on all 30 lines. You may also click Autoplay if you want to spin several times without interruption.

While Flowers has a light and carefree atmosphere, the win potential in this game is dead serious. Wild suns make getting line wins easy. Of course, the real fortune comes from the rain clouds. Get four or more Free Spins clouds to win a certain number of free spins at a certain multiplier. While the multiplier is nice, the real treat is that the suns will expand during free spins. It's hard not to win big during Flowers's freakishly generous feature! Give Flowers a try today to see how generous Mother Nature can truly be.

Game Play

Coin Value: Change your coin denomination.
Bet Level: Adjust the number of coins on every line.
Lines: Choose how many paylines are activated.
Circular arrow button: Spin at the chosen bet.
Max Bet: Spin at a wager of 5 coins on all 30 lines.
Autoplay: Spin the chosen number of times continuously.

Flowers Slot Reviews by Players


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raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
Heres a game that throws up a few surprises! Flowers can be a little confusing at first, until you study the paytable it can seem very random when the reels start doing the speedy uppy will it won't it bonus round thing all the time, wins can seem to be occuring despite different symbols on the payline and the amounts you receive for certain symbols seem to be constantly changing... I certainly found it hard to see what was going on at the beginning!

Check out the paytable and it quickly makes sense - most of the symbols in this game can appear as a single or double symbol, including the various flower picture symbols and the scatters. Because of this it is possible to get anything from three all the way up to ten of a kind on a single payline, and theres a big premium for hitting that maximum of ten - of course you won't be seeing it very often!

This is also why the reels seem to go a little crazy sometimes - say you land a double scatter on reel four, the fifth reel will spin fast even though on most games you could only get two scatters now, in this game you can get two double symbols which will give you the minimum 15 free spins. The number of free spin symbols you hit also determines the multiplier during free spins - up to 10x - and the number of spins - up to 30.

During the free spins stacked wilds are added to the reels, and you can also hit retriggers for additional free spins at the current multiplier.

It all adds up to a fun game, though the payouts are a little low - even for a 30 line slot - but thats become pretty much standard for NetEnt these days. The theme is a little lame of course, but if your playing a game called Flowers then no doubt you were expecting something at least a little like this after all!
stars_cream 160 reviews
Flowers is a very interesting slot from NetEnt, released some years ago, they also released this year a Xmas edition for this slot. As it is the mane of the slot, so the theme of it is flowers. Its graphics are decent, nothing too fancy but it has a happy tune playing in the background.

Flowers have 30 pay lines and its minimum bet is 0.30. I like that like the most old NetEnt slots you can choose the pay lines you want, something that in the latest slots from this provider you cannot. The slot has only 4 low paying symbols, the letters and the 5 flowers are the high paying symbols. It also has wild and scatters. The slot has something unique about its symbols since there are single flowers and scatters and double flowers and scatters. So instead of the higher combination to be 5 red roses, the higher combination is the 10 red roses. Of course in a winning combination you can have mixed single and double symbols of the same flower.

I find the pay table of the slot a bit low, except the 5 wilds which pay 5000 coins, the other symbols do not pay so good. 10 red roses pay only 67 times your bet and it is so difficult to hit this combination. Of course since there are 30 lines you can have many combinations in a single spin and win much more.

The free spins are very hard to trigger since you need 4 scatters to win 10 free spins. the most spins you can trigger are 30 with 8 scatter symbols since I do not think that there are double scatters in reel 5. The wins of the free spins are tripled, something very nice and I usually win from them 30-50 times my bet which I find average.

Overall the slot has decent returns, it can gives much playtime, if only the free spins would trigger easier it would be better.
Afi4wins 1386 reviews
Women love flowers, well, not all all women perhaps, but most of them, and men send flowers to women to show their affections and appreciation and whatever else. Myself included, I must admit, hehehe. So, for a game with flowers as the theme, who would like them more, men or women? My guess would be more women, because I personally don't quite like this Flowers game, for the very simple reason that the game doesn't like me! Why doesn't the game like me? How would I know? But every time I play this game, all the flowers would wither away without giving me anything nice in return. Every time I pay to buy flowers, those flowers simply got thrown away, so there's never a nice kiss on the cheeks by any lady for me. Sheesh! Yeah, perhaps just my bad luck with flowers and ladies.

Maybe, just maybe, it is all because of too many of the same things in the game. By that, I mean, the doubling of the flower symbols. To win big, I must get as many of them, as many flowers of the same kind, with or without the help of those Wilds. That may be my problem, because I usually buy a single red rose, when I should be buying a dozen of them, at twelve times more cost! Oh god! Not for me, thanks. I would rather spend all that money and take my darling for a nice dinner instead. Those twelve red roses would wither away in a few days, but a delightful dinner would be remembered for life! So now you know why this flower game don't like this 'stingy' me! Hahaha.

Okay, lets look the other way around for a change. Does the Wild symbol pay or double any wins? No. Does it do anything special? No. Then, what's the highest paying symbol? 10 red roses, for a 2000x line bet win. What the 'f'! Do you think it is easy to get 10 red roses? No. Can you see now why I don't like this blardy game? Yes. I rest my case! Hahaha.
One of the things that I don't like about this game, is that I need to get 4 scatters to get a free spins game. What's wrong with the usual three? The free spins are still 10 spins anyway, not that they are 15 or 20, or anything like that. And most of the time, I only get two or three of those blardy scatters, so how to win? When I do get a free spins game, well, all I can say is that the payout has been far from satisfactory, for me that is. Nothing big, nothing special, nothing to show off, hence no screenshot up there from me. Damn!

On top of that, any Wilds that don't pay for themselves, or don't double wins with them, or don't expand, or don't move reel to reel, well, I hate them, simply because I cannot win big with them, no matter how the reels are spun or turned around or whatever! Yes, no doubt it's true that big wins can be had if and when the free spins pay with a 10x multiplier, but getting 8 scatters to get that is like winning one of the top three lottery prizes! I can't even win a consolation prize, damn it!
Flowers is slot game made by NetEnt. I played it couple of times, liked potential to great hits, and after couple of disasters with my balance I decide that it is not worth to play it much. There is not so many things I really like and enjoy in this game.

I like how this game looks. Flowers symbols made nice and very funny. Of course there is lack of animations because it is not new game, but it does not bring any damage to overall look of the game.

I like freespins feature in this game. During freespins wilds are stacked on all reels, and also winnings in freespins are tripled. Sure it is a lot of potential to hit there more than 1000 bets, but never even close.

That's all things that i like with this game. Not too much, right, so I think I could easy give this game only 6 stars.
I do not like special thing with 10 of a kinds in this game. All flowers symbols can appear as one flower, or two flowers. So there is payouts with up to 10 of a kind. This is a bit hard, and when you get line of same flowers you still can't understand fast how good your win, because it is depends of how much flowers on each symbol.

I do not like how freespins feature triggered. You need at least 4 freespins symbols. Freespins symbols can appear as two in one two, like flowers. And it is a lot of pain when you get 3 freespins symbols, but all are just single, and then no feature. Couple of times was very angry on such thing.

Freespins feature has a lot of potential to pay big, but not to me. I played probably 10 features in all, and my best win was around 50 bets. This is not something I want to get with tripled wins and stacked wilds.
zerooo 742 reviews
Flowers is another video slot from NetEnt software. It has 30 paylines with 5 reels. I play this game only when I saw on forum some winning screenshots on this game.

The game offer free spins feature which is triggered by scatters symbols. This game offer two different scatter symbols one is normal and the other one is double scatter. So you need to get at least 4 of them to start it. I think this could not make you easier way because when I played this game the free spins feature was hard to get.

The paytable at this game is good, it offer you big winnings at free spins so as during main game. The free spins feature can also be retriggered which I think is great and the winnings from free spins are multiplier with x3. I think this game is great, it has right design and sounds are ok.

This game could also be great for wagering purpose because main game pays good enough to complete W.R. of some bonuses. When I played it, I play only on minimum stakes which is set to 0.30€. I received free spins feature only once but I played it a long time. After feature finished I received a little less than x100 bet, so I think this is good enough for the first feature.
First thing I don't like is that I can't play it in quick spin mode. Sometimes I had a feeling that symbols moving so slow on the reels. I think this is the first mistake that NetEnt software made with this slot. They could add quick spin button into game settings.

The second thing is that free spins feature is hard to trigger, when I played it I expected that I will received more than just one feature.
blondie 1094 reviews
Flowers is a very nice slot from Netent software and in the last few months I've been playing it often. Before that I used to visit this slot every now and then but never hit good winnings so I just didn't continue to play it. I've seen many great screenshots from other players from this slot and that encouraged me to be more persistent with Flowers.

As the name already says, Flowers is a flower themed slot with 5 reels, 30 paylines and free spins bonus round. I think Netent has done a great job in terms of graphic design for this game, these flowers have faces, some of them are smiling but some of them aren't happy and that little bit of sarcasm makes this game fun.

As many other slots, this game has wild symbols that substitute for all symbols except scatters and double symbols. Double symbols in my opinion is a very interesting thing because I haven't seen that before. In the free spins rounds there are also wilds, but in bonus round they are stacked so the winnings can be quite promising. The best part of this slot is the free spins round. It can be triggered when 4 or more scatters come up and you can win up to 30 free spins which all are 3x multiplied. Generous, isn't it? And what I love is that the scatters can come up also as double symbols, so it isn't actually that hard to get them, all you need is 2 doubled scatters. Free spins can be retriggered too. My personal achievement was around 140 x bet winning, when I had 20 free spins.

Quite recently I spent 1000 spins on this game with minimums stakes, which are 0.30€ per spin. I lost only about 30€ but I also got 3 free spins rounds overall and one of them was close to 100 x bet size win.

I believe this game is really amazing. It can give very nice winnings in the main game, even better ones on free spins. Last time when I had near 100 x bet win, it came from 10 free spins so I can only imagine how much I would win with 25 spins for example.Graphics and design altogether is a real eye candy for my taste, payouts are good, game is exciting and there's nothing to criticize it about. Everything I could wish for from a slot.
Ahmo6 232 reviews
Flowers is a slot that I have recently played for the first time and I got to say I enjoyed it. It has a very good theme that is filled with many positive colors that will make you happy. The symbols look funny and goofy, which can boost your moral and motivation for some good wins. This slot is brought to us by NetEnt and it has 5 reels and 30 paylines.

At first I started playing with a minimum bet of 0.30$ to see how it goes and after seeing that the slot is giving some decent wins I increased it to 0.60$. The game has a wild symbol which is represented by the sun, that will substitute for anything except free spin and double symbols. What is great about this game is that all symbols can appear doubled, including free spin symbols, but also you need minimum four to trigger the free spins. The more you get the higher the free spin and multiplier amount is. This is just a simple but yet very effective way to keep you interested in the game and also grant you some huge wins along the way. As I kept spinning and hoping that some random 100 x bet will appear and boost my balance, my hopes just didn't come true. Basically I had a really good and frequent amount of free spins that I must say were really easy to trigger, but it was just that I couldn't get a decent win afterwords, which started to annoy me from a game that I find very promising. But then suddenly, out of nowhere I got 6FS symbols for 20 FS plus I got 4 more in the free spin feature which gave me 55$, it wasn't a 100x but I gladly took it.

Overall, this is absolutely an amazing slot to play. It has really a high possibility for a huge win you just have to be patient just like with any other games, plus they are flowers you can't get enough of them unless they start biting. 9/10
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Flowers by Netent will always remain always a welcomed slot in my mind. It is spring time and where I live, everything is waking up from the winter dream like that bear looking after some honey to eat. Flowers makes me feel good, happy and so colorful full of smiling emoticons around, they might be flower symbols or else but still they will smile at you.

5 reel, 30 paylines slot. Min bet it 0.1 coin value. Now paytable of max. 500 coins sounds terrific to me and it is true bomb, breaking and must try, this spring and summer! Super Sun symbol is wild and it substitutes for all symbols except for double wild and Free spins. Flowers slot features and stacked Wild during Free spins can appear and increase the wining chances. Free spins symbol can appear as double and single symbol and if appearing 4 or more, anywhere on the reels will start Free spins feature. 3 x Free Symbols symbol will bring win total bet x 2, sounds good to me. Paying very well, the lowest paying symbols pays as the most in some games, which is 200 coins. You can win multiplier from 2 up to 10 times. Sounds more then great, don't you agree with me. If I would only tell you how much I like this game, how many times I came across and not played it, this would turn into a very sad story and still Flowers means life and everything the best. I love flowers so much, I love to take care of them and I really love slots that could pay as much as flowers and it is worth trying, playing, your time and risk! Sooner or later, at least x 100 win must come out.

This slot was released in December last year 2014 and it was a true refreshment through the time. I am still waiting for a new game with such a rich paytable.
Raptordinos 866 reviews
Today I played "Flowers" from "NetEnt" for the first time and I realized that there are many good slots I still do not know. There are many aspects that I loved on this slot, primarily the payouts, which in my opinion, have proven to be pretty decent. Meanwhile I found the theme’s design quite cool, the images are pretty funny as well as sound effects that made me remember some Nintendo games I used to play so long ago.

It is also a slot without any complications, quite easy to play, with a 3 x 5 reels layout and 30 lines, and I think a slot where it is not so difficult to trigger a round of free spins is much stronger if it has more paylines, and better yet if wild symbols can appear stacked. These rounds of free spins can be activated after getting 4 or more scatters, identified with the image of a cloud with face, but the best thing is that this scatter symbol may appear single or double, ie, it may trigger a round of 10 spins free, only getting two double scatters, so I got my first free games in this slot that way, additionally, all the winnings during this round are tripled. Such combination of good profits with easy triggering, make "Flowers" one of the slots developed by this provider with one of the most attractive and interesting free spins rounds, ah of course, without forgetting that wilds also appear often stacked enhancing thus the potential of getting a true Big Win even more. The wild symbol acts only as substitute but it also plays an important role in this game since it is a fairly active symbol.

Overall, this is a slot machine with great potential, with fair payouts and a good hit average, which is additionally quite fun and I also think it would be worth giving a chance at a real casino account. To be honest I think I see no reason to not include Flowers in my list of favorites NetEnt slots.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Flowers is one of the latest NetEnt games I tired and I have to say I recommend it to everyone.

This game has 30 lines and 5 reels. The bet is a bit high but still if I have to choose between playing Microgamings progressive slots like Thunderstruck II or this fancy NetEnt 30 line slot I would choose Flowers.

The potential this game has for big wins is enormous. I can't say that I like the symbols in the game. Too childish and girly for me. On the other hand the double flower symbols can pay very much. At first when I played the game I had wins of 4-5 euros per spin and it was strange because I didn’t know that the double flower symbols paid more.

The first time I played the game I didn’t win any bonus rounds but had some descent base play wins and moved on to another game with a solid 30 euros plus on my balance. I was very happy with the payout from this game. The second time I played the game was in Eypobet casino I think. I remember I had a bonus and a balance of 40 euros when I started playing. After about 10 spins I got 3 scatters and no free spins. After reading the paytable I saw that you needed 4 scatters and even the scatters had double symbols. Soon after I got the bonus but it didn’t pay much only 5-6 euros. When I got the second bonus it was a different story. Stacked wilds on reels 2, 3 and 4 and good symbols on the first and last. After the bonus game my balance was a high 120 euros. I managed to wager the bonus and in the end had a nice withdrawal of 90 euros thanks to this game.

Now whenever my balance is good I try this game and if it doesn’t pay good after 30 – 40 spins I change it and move on.
Flowers is one of my favorite slots these days. I play it every time I deposit and by now can tell if its going good or bad. It is a 30 line game with one feature that can pay out crazy money. The game has plenty to offer and if you give it some time and effort it could reward you big times. The thing to look out for are double symbols. They pay big and even for 3 or four of them you get good cash. They also mix with wild and can turn it into a double wild too. But the best way to get to know this game is through free spins. They are fantastic and are the only reason why anybody plays this game.The free spins are awarded when you get four or more clouds and triple your win. This already is a good deal but to make it even better the game makes wilds stacked. And if you get lucky you could get few or all reels covered with wilds to give you that unforgettable win. I had last four reels covered with wilds and small symbols on the first reel, which paid to €110 on €0.30 bet.

The free spins can also be retriggered and when that happens your heart skies a beat. The game also has a stop button and it makes a huge difference. I got the free spins many times on double tap and strongly recommend it.
The only thing that might be bad is getting the free spins. It is pretty difficult to get four clouds and sometimes takes a very long time. The graphics are also not my cup of tea, don't know if they are bad or I just don't like flowers. Over all a cool game and a real treat for me. Huge potential and possibility to win big. My rating 9 out of 10.
katemak 1170 reviews
Flowers is another game from Netent software, with 5 reels and 30 payline and the minimum bet is 0.30 euros. Well didn’t know so far, because believe it or not, this was my second time playing this game, why?? Because all I heard about this game was negative things and that I should avoid that slot. Well even if the game is called flowers, well it’s not game only for women, guys can play it too.

So today is Halloween and I got free spins from Cherry Casino, well you know that kind of 5 free spins. Actually I wasn’t expecting nothing much, well I thought, here is the silly slot with the Flower theme, and I said silly, because there were double head flowers and regular one and probably I will get nothing. Well I started the game and from the first spins I won the free spins feature, when some of the scatters appear anywhere on the reels, there you go, win the free spins round. From this round I won 10.20 euros, well I couldn’t believe, then I carry one playing the 4 left rounds and I finished with 12.90 euros on my account.

Well, since I never gave this slot a chance, I said I will carry on playing this slot, so who knows, I might wager the bonus. Well those small, lovely flowers, first they gave me the free spins round and then when I was expecting to play for a while, my money was gone. Well as I saw, this is an interesting slot, with potential of solid winnings, so next time I will be visiting those flowers, so I will give them second chance, because, honestly, when I saw this slot I didn’t like the graphics, actually didn’t like the game at all, but after this I might give it another try.
Flowers is a video slot game by Net Ent providers. Slot features bold symbols and has more of a classic look. In returns I found that slot does not allow for big wins much rather wins of around 5 times to ten times of the bet are very frequent.

There is a very different feature in the slot game in which the two symbols lie at the same seat on the reels. This is basically two headed plant. In which occurrence of two single symbols are counted. The wild in the slot can not substitute these double symbols. Thus many wining combinations were not formed due to the presence of wild symbols. The maximum win is of 2000 coins possible when you hit 5 double headed rose symbols on an active play line. The free spin feature is triggered when 3+ free spin feature appear on the reels with maximum of 30 free spins are awarded when 5 double headed free spins appear on the reels along with a 10x multiplier.

For much time in my game play I kept bet low that is at the starting bet of $0.30. Then I increased it to $0.60 but soon I brought down again to $0.30 because I found that I doubled my bet but the returns were approximately the same. I did trigger the free spins few time in my game play. But I was not satisfied with the returns.

I do not like this slot much and I even I find a bit boring to play. While I also think that chances big win are very rare. Thus this is not the slot which can boost your balance. As I earlier said that the slot is more ever is like a classic slot which does not has good animation and graphics. I would rate the slot 6 on 10.
yapro 790 reviews
Flowers it is another netent game. From the name of the game, i think most mans will not enter this slot, because will think that this game for our amazing women, but this is not true, because this game is really good, and everyone can enjoy it, both man and woman. Flowers slot provide interesting idea of double symbols, some of the symbols has one flower, some two.

So here is possible to get 12 of a kind... Yeah, i am also can not believe in this. I play this game quite often at redbet few years ago, but now i am almost did not open this game, do not know why, probably because netent did great job, and there is a lot of slots which i would like to play. My experience with this slot is good, i had few nice runs on it, and best win which i had on redbet it was feature which paid 400 x total bet or around it.

Free spins is interesting there, due to x 3 multiplier, and due to stacked wilds which appears only during free games. Game is good and interesting to play, so for new players who playing only new netent games i suggest to try few old ones, including this. I believe most players who never play this slot before will like it, and say thank you to me for introducing to them this game.

Conclusion: Interesting and not boring game, with doubled symbols, which you can enjoy for long time, and which can pay some nice wins. Variance here is medium, and most likely slot will not eat your money fast, so you can get lot of playtime and fun, and watch on this flowers. I give to this game 6 stars, because actually i did not play it already almost a year, and prefer others slots. But i can not say that the game is bad.
I didn’t knew anything about this slot but I found about it when I received 10 free spins to play because I made a deposit! From these 10 free spins I won only 3.4 euro and lost them finally but I wasn’t upset because I had fun with this slot!I like it very much because of the theme about flowers and because of the features like wild symbol, double symbols, free spins and stacked wild ! About the graphics I can say that I like very much,the symbols are very nice and the game itself runs very smooth! It is a 5-reel slot with 30 paylines and 0.30$ minimum bet, the maximum bet is 75$ but I only play this kind of slots on the lowest bet possible!

I think this slot has a great payout rate because I played only 10 spins and I won 3.4 euro!I think its perfect if you have a bonus and you want to complete the wagering requirements or you want to make a smaller deposit like 10 euro and to play on the 0.30 stake hoping to double your money! I am very sure that my next deposit will be to a NetEnt powered casino and I will probably play this slot to try my luck even on 0.60$ stake!

I will rate this nice slot from my own experience and I will start with the graphics and characters and I will give a well deserved 9 because I like very much the look of the slot,another 9 will go to the features like wild symbol,double symbols,stacked wild and free spins!The payout rate seemed to be very good from the 10 free spins and I think it deserves another 9 but I will think again about this because I played only 10 spins and maybe for a long time wont pay so good!
The net ent casinos has the best instant play version video slots on the internet. I tried many from them but I wasn’t lucky so much times only a few successful withdrawals were made from them. I played lot different slots but the Flowers was the only one for me what is gave me more thousands euro on middle high stake.

This video slot is a unique solution on the net ent games, It has 30 lines. I started here at the 0.3 euro bet but when I get some nice winnings I raised up the limit to 0.9 and 1.2 euro high bets. This game has two kinds of symbols, the single headed symbols and the double headed. Those symbols can be combined but the double headed symbols worth much more. The Flowers has a free spin feature but first time was hard to understand the rules because the clouds are were confusing. Only the double headed cloud triggers the free spin feature, the single headed clouds are only scatters and pays the line bet double etc; but if you triggers two single headed cloud with one double you get the free spin feature. The important thing is you have to trigger at least one double cloud to activate the free rounds. It gives the free spins to 2 double headed cloud too but that is the minimum, and it gives only 10 free rounds with 3 times multiplier.

In the free rounds the wilds are can be stacked so with the 30 lines in bigger stakes can be really profitable. When I won my big money on that video slot I get the free games many times but in my lot other game play was hard to trigger the feature. The free rounds are re trigger able. I like this video slot even it many times brought me down to zero. If you start this game when it “hot” you can win nice money.
Icymod 758 reviews
If your wondering why I played on Flowers it'ss because it finds itself to be interesting toward my curious nature. Flowers is a 30 paylines video slot that leaves me a bit interested. I'm more interested in how symbols are 2 in one position (in pairs).The fact is there are plant and scatter symbols acting like they have two heads so when it comes to paying out on a payline they can deliver moderate to high payouts!

There is just one problem for me. I always bet $0.60 each time and the plant symbols don't surprise me at all to land on a combination. It's very difficult to see plenty of results and it leaves me into an opportunity for misfortune! It's a good thing I haven't spent too much time on this slot because I know enough to shield my balance from harm's way. But even for a video slot that pays a "bit" every while and then, I was able to hit free spins for just 2 paired rain clouds (4 total). Yes ladies and gentlemen, you would need 4 scatters to start with 10 free spins at 3x + stacked wild suns!

The only big win I ever come across on Flowers is below $20. I have gotten lucky hitting two separate triggers for free spins but not lucky enough to find an interestingly huge pot of winnings. The pays for letters are beneath average but if I can hit flower symbols in pairs it will result to about $3 or more, with or without a Wild sun to make it happen. Maybe if I tried low minimum wagers for $0.30 I could possibly profit slowly on Flowers but for now all I see myself doing is setting course for another slot.However I will try my luck again just to see that those two sessions aren't just bad days to hit this slot. For now......

I will give Flowers a 5.5 out of 10! Should it find itself proving me wrong then my changed rating will become an 8.6 out of 10!
Flowers slot machine is powered by net entertainment, and like as crime scene, i believe this is very old slot. But apart from crime scene, i love to play this slot machine, and i love that there is always a chance to hit big, and payouts are of course much more better than in crime scene ( sorry crime scene, i am blaming you here :( ). Anyway, i think flowers is a regular 30 lines slot, in which we have a regular symbols, wilds ( suns, sun always wild, of course, we can not live without suns).

But interesting thing is that in this slot you can have double symbol insted of one. For example any flower can be two, not one, and in paytable you can have 10 of a kind, lol! Did you see any other slot in which you can get 10 of a kind? I am not, i know only one slot on playtech on which you can get 6 of a kind, but 10 of a kind it is something amazing and interesting.

I play this slot a lot in the past, and of course i had big wins on it, my biggest win as i remember was on redbet casino at 0.90 euro bet i won something like 320 euros, and also i had a lot of wins more than 100 x total bet, so i can not say that this slot is money eating bastard, no, it can pay big, expecially in freespins.

Free spins triggering in this slot by clouds, which are scatters. More clouds you had, more freespins. Also free spins had 3 x multiplier, and very nice addition - all wilds are now stacked. So of course if it is your luckiest day in the whole life, and you managed to get full screen of wilds, the payout will be very nice. I like this slot, and if you never try it, i suggest you to give it a shot.
spoton 16 reviews
The slot Flowers by Net Entertainment is for me a recent acquaintance I’ve had some good experiences with. It has been around for a while, and will with it great graphics and colors give you a nice smile on your face while playing it(unless you’re on a streak of bad luck of course). Even though it is a regular 5 reel slot with 30 win-lines, it got some interesting features. You can get up to 10 of some of the symbols on a line. The reason for this is that some of the symbols acts like a double symbol, so you can get up to 5 double symbols on a line. If you’re not that lucky the good news are you may win with only 2 symbols on a line if one of these are a double-symbol.

Apart from that you can also win up to 30 free spins, where the wins are tripled. The free spins do also include stacked wilds, which can make things very interesting. Even though the wins in regular game mode can be pretty good and frequent, there are in the free spins rounds they can get really big. And that means you doesn’t hit the scatters each round to be honest. You also need min. 4 scatters to get the feature, which can be pretty tricky. The scatter symbols are both single and double. And surely it can annoying to get 3 scatters 5 times in a row without getting anything out of it than 2x the stake.

So to sum it up if you want to try your luck with a medium-high variance slot with a theoretical RTP of 96,3% its worth to give flowers a shot! It usually gives me some good playtime, even if it is without the big wins. But with its variance it can be a big money-eater as well. Flower power!
Flowers is an online slot I've played several times, and I think I still don't completely understand how the paylines of this game work lol. First time I chose to play slot I was attracted by the friendly theme and design.

I think Net Entertainment done a great job developing this game, it looks simple but the way it's constructed makes it fun to play and the melodies are quite inspiring too. In my opinion the background sounds do have an important role as well. Maybe an underestimated factor, but I can't be annoyed by slots with decent music or melodies.

Flowers has 30 paylines, 5 reels and the minimum bet is €0.30. My first session playing Flowers was extremely profitable. I played the game on a bet size of €1.50 and had won around €480 in no time during free spins.

The symbols of this game consist of several flowers, including roses and sunflowers. Some are evil looking, while others have a friendly smile on their face. The best paying symbol is that of an evil rose. What confused me in the beginning is that some symbols appear as double symbols. I did not understand how the payout worked when hitting a winning combination.

But simply said those double symbols count double or as twice the prize of single symbols. The paytable explains all this briefly, but I was too stupid to understand it initially. The game also has wilds on every reel. 5 wilds even tops the payout of the best paying symbol (10 roses).

I think the double symbols simply show that some flowers grow in multiple form from one seed. Same goes basically for the free spins symbols. You need at least four single free spin symbols or two double free spins symbols to activate free spins. 2 Single symbols and 1 double would be sufficient as well to start free spins mode.

Depending on the number of symbols, you could win up to 30 free spins. I never won more than 10 free spins though, which is the lowest number. Yet this was sufficient for me to win big. All rounds in free spins are multiplied by 3x.

My biggest wins are 300x bet size and a couple of 150x bet size thanks to many wilds appearing in free spins, and I really haven't even played this slot much.

My final rating for the lovely Flowers slot is 8.5/10.

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