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Elements The Awakening Slot

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Elements The Awakening is a popular 20-payline video slot operating on the NetEnt software platform. The game has 4 different Free Fall modes each with a different Wild — Fire Storm, Earth Storm, Air Storm, Water Storm. Players are welcome to try the slot on this page free of charge or play it for real money in any of the featured NetEnt casinos.

To gather all 4 elements, players need to adjust their wager first. “Level” alters the bet level, while “Coin Value” regulates the coin denomination, which ranges from 0.01 to 0.5. The middle “Spin” button initiates the game, “Max Bet” plays the game at the highest available wager and “Au­top­lay­” allows players to play multiple times without interruption.

In this game, instead of spinning, symbols fall down onto the reels. Symbols in winning combinations explode and disappear, leaving space for another Avalanche of symbols for a chance of bigger wins. The Avalanche meter increases by 1 for each consecutive fall containing at least 1 win up to a maximum of 4 Avalanches. The colours shown on the Avalanche meter match the leading element in the current round. The Avalanches continue until there are no more wins.

4 or more consecutive Avalanches activate 1 of the Free Fall modes. There are 4 separate Free Falls modes: Fire Storm mode, Air Storm mode, Earth Storm mode and Water Storm mode. Each Free Falls mode has a unique wild card feature which can emerge on the reels. Each Free Fall mode awards 10 Free Falls. If the Free Falls round is activated, there is an Energy meter, divided into 4 sections, 1 for each element.

Fire Storm wilds appear on reels 2, 3 and 4 in Fire Storm mode and can expand to include reels 1 and 5. Fire Storm wild cards can spread in any direction, transforming any 2 adjacent symbols into wild icons.

2 Air Storm wilds fall on the reels arbitrarily in the 1st Free Fall and remain there for the entirety of the Air Storm mode. Then the wilds will move randomly to an adjacent position for each Fall or Avalanche.

Earth Storm wild cards can only appear on columns 2, 3 and 4 in Earth Storm mode. Earth Storm wilds remain there until they have been included in 1 or more winning paylines or in 3 Avalanches.

Water Storm wild icons can only appear on columns 2, 3 and 4 in Water Storm mode. The Water Storm wild card is an Expanding wild, which expands vertically to cover the entire column transforming symbols into wilds.

Game Play

Level: Pick the bet level.
Coin Value: Adjust the coin size.
Spin: Start the game.
Max Bet: Play the game at the highest wager.
Autoplay: Play the game automatically for a preset number of rounds.

Elements The Awakening Slot Reviews by Players


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LeoDubbed 148 reviews
Be prepare for a montrous wins because this game from NetEnt contains 4 rich elements.

Fire, water, earth and wind. Those are 4 elements that keep us alive. Fire keeps us warm, water quenches our thirst for liquid, we need earth to grow things we need and the last one is wind, this is very important for people with long hair, you know, just to show off how sexy they can be with long hair.

Elements is an interesting game, it doesn't have scatters, it doesn't have multipliers, also no random feature, no re-spins feature either but why do I love this game? The answer is very simple, excitement. First, I would like to share about the upgrade of this game. In the beginning, most of us who played this game have noticed that a message pop up on the bottom left of the game notifying us that the game lags because of the graphic setting was too high. This issue is fixed and now we can enjoy the game to the fullest. It runs smoothly as it never been before. Kudos for NetEnt for doing this.

The missing things I mentioned above could prevent me playing if they were applied to another game but Elements is an unique example how to do it right. Who needs scatter when the bonus feature can be triggered when 4 in a row win is won? This game reminds me of Reel Rush and Gonzo's Quest, both powered by the same gaming provider. I think that Elements a mix of Gonzo's Quest and Reel Rush. A game based of 2 best games could never miss.

Last time I played this game was a few days ago at a casino called Fortuin casino. This casino offered me a bonus of 100% and 100 free spins on the game Elements for only €10. That kinda offers are hard to refuse and that's why I accepted the offer. I lost my money within 10 minutes though but I won a nice winning of €35 from the free spins they gave me. After the free spins are up, I refresh the page and kept playing. I kid you not but I managed to play 6 hours with only €35 on the same game. My balance went up and down but after 6 hours, I just get tired and decided to increase the bet with all or nothing in my mind but unfortunately I lost all my money within 20 minutes.

Elements is an exciting game without much of hodgepodge. It keeps the game simple but fun.
Mikko 5 reviews
In short, very nice atmosphere (nice feeling), good sounds and graphics.

This is a slot I keep returning to when I don't know what to play. It has saved me very many times from reaching zero. Highly subjective, of course, but I feel this game has a lot of things I'm looking for in a slot; reasonable wins in base game, potential huge wins in free spins (freefall) rounds and not too expensive minimum bet amount.

Out of the four elements of Fire, Water, Air and Earth, the Earth type wild is the one I don't hope to see during the bonus rounds. It is of the sticky wild variety (breaking down after involved in three wins) so it is not bad of course, but the other types feel more exciting and novel in it's functionality. Air storm wild is probably the "safest" of the four, since there are guaranteed always two wilds on the reels and they move around after each spin whether involved in win or not. The game can last very long with this type of wild.

As pointed out by several other reviewers, there is no choice as to which type of wild you will depend on during the freefall rounds. For me, this is not a downside as I generally dislike having to make such decisions when playing.

As with most slots, there are periods of dead spins. This is natural, and even though I've done many hour sessions on this game it has never felt unfair, impossible or disliking the slot for it. The wins and losses ebb and flow naturally, fitting to the theme.
Not available on mobile platform, at least not on the casinos I play.
raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
Elements includes a number of features related to the ancient core elements of fire, wind, earth and water and the whole slot has been dressed up to focus on this theme including a paytable that looks like an ancient scroll with hand drawn diagrams of the various symbols and free spin modes. It's quite well done and whilst not entirely to my tastes I'm sure there will be many players who really appreciate this style of game and artwork.

Whilst a games theme is somewhat important to me, the features and paytable matter a whole lot more when choosing which slot I want to play. Whilst Elements uses the same falling blocks style reels as NetEnt's insanely popular game "Gonzo's Quest", elements does everything that game does much better. For example, in order to start the free spins in this game you just need to land four consecutive winning combinations in a row, which is far preferable to an ascending multiplier as far as I'm concerned!

There are four different free spins modes based on each of the four elements but you can't choose which one you wish to play, instead it is determined by the winning combinations that occur in order to reach the free spins. Personally I would have preferred to be able to choose my own favorite especially because there's no obvious best or worst free spin mode as far as I can tell. All four modes are really quite similar though and just have wilds that function in slightly different ways such as expanding, sticky, spreading etc.

The base paytable isn't too bad with a maximum 75x your stake awarded for the top five of a kind symbol combination, but it would have been nice if there were some extra multipliers or other differences between the different free spin modes to liven things up a bit. It's certainly more likely that you will score big wins in the free spins because of the additional wild symbols but it's still only a medium variance game when all things are said and done.

I do enjoy Elements and will be giving it a fair bit more play in the future before my mind is fully made up if it's a game I'll be playing in the long term, but it's definitely towards the "good" end of the NetEnt library overall.
zerooo 742 reviews
Elements The Awakening is another game from NetEnt. This game has great animations of the highest quality and it offer nice features, symbols that explode, disappear, leaving position for new symbols that fall at leave spaces on the reels.

This video slot has 20 paylines with 3 rows and 5 reels. In the game we could find wilds and some high pay symbol, the highest pay 1500x. The avalanche meter increases by one for each win fall containing at least one bet line win up to a maximum 4 avalanches. The colours shown on the avalanche meter match the leading element in the current round. 4 or more consecutive avalanches in a game round appearing anywhere on the reels in the main game activate one of the free fall modes feature. Each free fall mode gives you 10 free spins.

When I was playing i got fire storm wild mode feature. This wilds symbols appear on columns 2, 3 and 4 and can expand to include columns 1 and 5. This wilds can spread in any directions, transforming any two adjacent symbols into wild symbols for a chance of bigger win. After my game mode finished I received around x 40 bet. I expected more from it, maybe I should played it for more time to see what will happen on next features.

I think this game is good. I played it few months ago but that day it was totally dead for me so I changed it quickly. Few weeks ago I tried it again and it pays ok. I don't know why I changed it later, maybe because I had bad feeling because of first time when I played it. The effects are really great into this game when symbols are disappearing, exploding and falling. I probably should play it more often.
Sometimes when I played this game it has many of dead spins.
Have you ever wondered if there is anything better than a good time, I tell you no, because it is money that makes it work, but fun is the result of every real start in life. We continue with another great NetEnt slot machines, but now I will not talk about the history of its origin only'll share my experiences in terms of visual, audio, and most importantly the financial elements of the game. I admit that NetEnt, is my favorite platform from whose bids have tried convincing most slot machines and if I told you now the exact number, I would have lied.

I'm starting with the coins value in the amount of 0.05 €, which means my initial bet per spin is € 1. Immediately in the first two spin conquered a total of 9 € what encouraged me so I immediately took the auto-play of 25 spins. The amount with which I obtained in this slot was not so low, and I deposit € 120 to start. In the first 17 auto-play spins I won € 2.40, but in the eighteenth spin I won beautiful € 8.15, thus I went back a good portion of the money lost in the auto-play game. After the game in the account I had € 116, so I did not suffer any significant losses.

After auto-play, I continued with individual game even half an hour but in the end I ended up with € 123 in the bank, with that amount I went to bed happy. Drum on this slot machine is perfectly designed for my taste, I like it because symbols floating on the desktop as a true elements of something so magical. Those who designed the game, he went to the visual effect of the game, so that when you lose a little more money, you will be back, because you psychologically haunting desire to enjoy in another NetEnt creative play. From me they have a compliment, because everything is new should be supported because who knows maybe someday Elements to be indicated as the creator of a new direction in the world of online slot machines. We'll see.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Elements is a game I always gladly try whenever my balance allows it. This game for a theme has the 4 basic elements earth, fire, wind and water. The game really has outstanding animations and graphic. Visually it is one of the best slot games I have played. The background music is really good and goes along with the theme. For anyone who is a sci fi lover this slot will be a real site for sore eyes.

The slot has 20 paylines, 5 reels and has a falling symbols design. This means that for every win a new set of symbols arrive so you can basically have a few wins with just one spin. This is a very important feature in these slots and that’s why they can have a nice payout. The paytable is descent with the highest paying symbol awarding a win of 15000 coins for 5 of them on a winning payline.

This game has a wild symbol but doesn’t offer a scatter symbol. When you start to play you get one of the 4 basic elements and it determines which bonus you will get. Each set of 4 consecutive wins triggers the free spins bonus and you get 10 free spins. This game has 4 different bonuses where everything is the same only the wild symbol acts differently. You can get and expanding wild, a sticky wild for 3 wins, a multiple wild that expands to cover 2 more positions or a wild that stays in position for the entire free spins.

I really like playing this slot and it can award some nice wins. During base play you usually get small to medium wins because of the dropping symbols but in the bonus game you can have some nice wins. My favorite is the Earth Storm feature. In a few spins you can get 3 wilds on a line and have 3 big wins.

In my last session I got all 4 bonuses in about 210 spins. My best hit was on the Earth storm bonus where I had a win of about 200 x bet thanks to 2 spins with 3 wilds on reels 2, 3 and 4 in a single line.
This game is not so old. I remember I played this game few days ago. I know this game from few months.

Elements is a good game with five columns and 3 rows and 20 lines. And graphic here is very very nice for eyes. This video slot have an avalanche feature with for different free bonus rounds. So there is fire water earth and one more possible mode that I forget for now in the bonus rounds. There is avalanche meter which is showing to you how many wins more in a row you need to start the bonus rounds (free spins). There is 10 free spins you can get if you win few times in the row. Energy meter shows you an element of the section of the energy mode is activated (green blue violet yellow).

I can recommend this game, it's one of my favourite games in the Net Ent. The best mode is fire in free Spins games after that is a water which is all about sticky wilds. Most paying symbol is a fire. If you are bored you can use quick play function. There is automatic play button to play faster.

Good game return in this game is 96%. I can say that this game is pretty fine. 7 months ago when I played it on expekt I won 500 euro. It is not so bad. Sometimes you must wait so long time for the free spins but here are very often.
Overall I will rate this game 9/10 for incredible looking and from something new in the industry.
Sad thing is if hit 3 times in a row we can not get anything but only for 4 wins in the row it will be free spins feature. My favourite is of course fire storm. I wish you all good luck.
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Elements The Aweking Slot by Netent is the one of the rare slots you will never forget about, because it is simply impossible.

While making this amazing slot its creators used the latest techniques and IT possibilities to make it look and play just amazing, and it really does. If you are one of those liking space movies and enter undiscovered but existing dimensions, then you came on the right place and there is not usual spinning, there is Avalanche feature appearing in Netent games.

I can't tell what I like better, its introduction, colors, symbols,how does it play or simply everything about Elements .

Then you get Free Falls feature and enjoy Fire Storm, Earth Storm, Air Storm, Water Storm. Now I got Lil scared of all these storms but I like them very much, they can boost my balance and make me feel like I am deep into space wars or deep into ocean waiting.

The whole game idea is based on basic elements which are water, earth, air and fire. And if you are looking for something different, then this slot will prove how things can look and work in perfect way.

Wild symbol substitute for all symbols in the main and Free Falls game and could appear on reels 2, 3, 4 or 5. There is Avalanchemeter, Energymeter, Free Falls feature , when activated will start 10 Free Falls.

The strongest symbol to me is Wild Symbol and looks so powerful. Let me say that I played this game several times and was excited each time as I like it very much but you need some balance to play it and I always have issues with balance or at least, most of the time.

I haven't managed to get free falls unfortunately so I can say straight from my heart how it feels.All I know is what I saw others won and with max. win of 1500 coins and this game is definitely must play, if you consider yourself gambler.
Th3 Runn3R 119 reviews
United States
Elements could be the luckiest game ever or it might the worse game ever! it depends of course what your experience is with this game and for me is this game kinda both but most of the time I did win and sometimes I lost a few tenners playing this game without hitting the bonus round.

As we all know that Elements has 1 bonus feature : free falls but this bonus round has 4 different types. Each elements has his own kind of free fall and I like the Fire Lion the most of them all because this one has the potential for giving you a big win but I also have won a big win from the wind free falls type.

I played this game for the first time at CasinoEuro, my most trust worthy online casino and I must say I was amazed by it. I was amazed by it but another Dutch online casino named Kroon casino offered a 10 euro no deposit bonus which has turned that 10 euro into 400 euro within 4 hours by playing Elements with just 20 cent stake. Winning the 400 euro was easier than I thought. Big win after big win. Now I mentioned it, I think ValDes is right about the RNG. At first I didn't believe in the random number generator but now I remember clearly thanks to Elements.
Most of NetEnt casinos has a max cash out for a no deposit bonus but fortunately Kroon doesn't so I was managed to withdraw 300 euro from my winnings and of course a first deposit was needed and sending them the documents.

It has been months ago I played this game it's because there are a lot new games arrived in very short time, sometimes you just forget the old games when you have fun playing new games. Thanks to AG I remember this game again. I actually can't find any bad thing about this game so that makes this game almost a perfect game.

9 stars for Elements! may the sequel arrives real soon!
A great recommendation to all my fellow gamblers!
Elements the awakening it is very beauty and nice slot, made by Net entertainment.

This slot has 20 paylines, and have similar system as gonzo quest for spins. I think it is called Avalanche, but there is no any multiplier for each avalanche. Winnings symbols just disappear, any new one come to their places. Animation and sounds are awesome here, one of the best across all Netent slots. To trigger freespins feature you need to get 4 wins in a row, and this is possible due to this avalanche thing. There is 4 different freespins features, because there is 4 symbols. What feature will be triggered depending on the symbols that you get during avalanche feature. My favorite one is earth freespins of course. If wild appear - it will be held for 3 spins, this is great, and give chance to win really huge, specially if you get at least 4-5 such wilds, and then appear top paying symbols. Actually also great feature is water feature, if any wild appear - it will be expanding, and cover all this reel. Best I had it is wilds on reel 2 3 4, but it was really painful for me, because symbols on reel one was bad, and did not pay me anything decent.

Actually, my experience with this slot is very short, because this game a bit lag on my PC, and spins making slow, sometimes screen freezes. This is not great at all, and this is why I played not many spins here and did not see any big wins.
For negatives... I did not know, probably my slow PC which did not allow me to enjoy this game in full. And also many times when 3 wins in a row already happened and then 4 spin did not bring any win, this is sad.
Ahmo6 232 reviews
Elements the Awakening is another video slot that is brought to us by NetEnt software.

This is a slot that I tried long time ago in Expekt casino; it intrigued me with its colors. So I said why not give it a try. It is a really colorful video slot with good graphics and amazing animations. It is a 5 reel and a 20 payline slot. The minimum bet that can be placed in this slot is 0.20€ and the maximum is 100€. It is equipped with a bonus and a wild feature, but misses the scatter feature, which is ok in my opinion cause this game has a lot to offer, even though in the beginning it was really tough I basically didn't get anything, maybe couple of small wins, but the bigger wins started when I finally got the four crystals to light up after so many times in which I had three lighted up crystals.

This game resembles Gonzo's Quest in a way that it has the avalanche mode. In Gonzo's Quest the reels would fall down just like in this game, and with every win the symbols would explode and be replaced, so if this would have happened four times you would have gotten 5x multiplier while in this game you get FS when the Avalanche meter fills up with four lights. And also when the free fall feature is activated, the wild symbols each have a different action depending on which free fall feature is activated. In my case, sadly I only managed to get the free falls once. And the one I got is the Earth storm which awarded me 10 FS, and in there the wild would stick around for the wins, after that they would explode and disappear. Also the game offers a fire storm, air storm, earth storm and water storm wild which I frankly don't manage to trigger. Honestly I think that some of these features are really hard to trigger and even when they are triggered the winnings aren't so huge. So couple of stars removed for that.

Overall this is a very exciting and nerve racking game, that definitely deserve to be tried out, so I would recommend that you do that.
Elements-The awakening has mind blowing graphics and animation. The best slot in graphics I found by Net Ent productions was the beach but this slot surpasses the beach slot even. The sound effects and the soundtrack playing in the background creates the much needed thrill. Playing slot game was just like watching an animated movie. The bright symbols falling (instead of spinning) on the dark background create an unforgettable ambient. The symbols of the four basic elements the earth, water, air, and fire are beautifully presented.

The slot has the best of innovative features. The thing I loved about slot which exist both in the base game and the free falls is when wining combination is formed the symbols which are the part of the combination burst and there place is taken by new symbols. In one spin you have multiple chances of win. And each win is recorded, and if you are able to make 4 consecutive wins in a single spin or fall the 10 free falls are awarded. The free falls can be of four types that is of basic elements that I mentioned earlier. The wild in each free fall respond differently. I just missed the air storm free fall in all the four. I made 529 coins in fire falls in which the wild can spread in any direction on the columns and transforming any two symbols into wilds, 806 coins in earth storm in which the wilds remain in the reel until they have been included in one or more wining combinations (I don’t remember exactly but most probably they last on the reels for three wining combinations) and 577 coins in water storm in which the wild is the expanding wild which expand to cover the entire column. Personally my favorite is the expanding wild in water storm although I won more in earth storm.

The slot has best of graphics and even is good in returns. So I would rate the slot 10 on the scale of ten.
Afi4wins 1386 reviews
Another cosmic themed game from NetEnt, with excellent graphics and animations, with pleasing sound effects and background music. Set against a dark and dusky backdrop, reminding me of Lights similar settings, the icons become brilliantly recognizable and the overall game ambience exciting. 1 star up.

I could hardly be satisfied with NetEnt’s paytable for most of their games. Elements is no different. With a highest payout of 1500x the line bet, and devoid of any other win values, including for the Wild symbols, the overall paytable becomes one with very low payouts. Not to my liking at all. 2 stars down.

Where Free Spins are concerned, Elements come with 4 exciting variants of Wild free spins feature games – Fire Storm Wild game, Air Storm Wild game, Earth Storm Wild game and finally Water Storm Wild game. Each game has the Wild symbol behaving differently, in accordance with its basic element nature. Pretty hard to say which Wild element pays better, but my preference seems to be a little bit more for the Water Storm Wild feature, whereby reels 2, 3 and 4 can become 3 reels of Expanded Wild. This is usually the catalyst for the biggest payout in any game, and probably true for Elements too. No star down/up.

When I played Elements, the avalanche of free falls were quite frequent, up to 3 times in a row, but always ending short of the required 4th avalanche to trigger any one of the free spins feature game. That got me very frustrated indeed. My credits were almost gone when I finally got a free spins feature game, which thankfully paid me back 70x my total bet, and that saved the day for me, for a while at least. I kept on playing, albeit at minimum bets, just to experience and see how the other Wild Storm free spins would pay out. Needless to say, my credits never went up again, despite getting more free spins along the way. The payouts were just not big enough to make a comeback for me. 1 star down.

Well, playing Elements was interesting in a way, but I’m rather disappointed with the overall payouts of the game. Even with 3 Expanded Wild reels, I doubt the payouts can ever be super huge because of the underlying low win values of all the symbols. I wouldn’t even be too sure if I want to play this game again, as there are some other better games that I have come across from NetEnt. 1 star down.
valentin68 535 reviews
I expected such a long time that this slot has its own AskGamblers page. “Elements: The Awakening” is definitely the best slot from NetEnt casinos. If I am allowed to say so, this slot is the mark or brand by which these casinos are recognized for the quality of their slots. The theme, the graphics presentation and the background sounds are most spectacular here. I remember that at least the first time I played this slot, about 3 years ago because I had an older computer the game crashed 3 or 4 times in a row and did not play fast enough. This happened because of the exquisite quality of the graphics and sound. Today these things have changed and I can enjoy all the beauty of this slot. Each symbol is animated in its own way, and in some moments of rest it is like the animated symbols become impatient and invite the player to play.

Although it only has 20 paylines, the 4 symbols representing the four primary elements of antiquity fall from above and often form winning combinations. The presence of frequent Wilds surely help in many cases. What I like is that this slot is generous with wins unlike the vast majority of NetEnt slots. The symbols on the winning line disappear and are replaced by other symbols that fall from above.

Each winning combination is recorded on to the spin button and after four consecutive winnings in the same spin, the Free Spins are triggered in one of 4 different ways corresponding to the 4 elements. Thus, in the 10 Free Spins awarded the Wild symbols will correspond to one of the primary elements , and it will behave differently depending on the mode the Free Spins were triggered. The show is magnificent and so are the wins.

I do not remember how many times I played in the slot, maybe over 10 times, and probably every gambler knows it. Sometimes I lost but also I won nice sometimes. As I said this is the best slot of NetEnt casinos and its name is always associated with the quality of these casinos.
There are moments when the Free Spins round is less easy accessible. Also some wins (though fewer in number) have a rather low value. In some cases there may be more than 5 consecutive spins without a win.
yapro 790 reviews
Elements is probably most beauty netent game. When it was released, everyone just keep saying that graph on this slot is awesome. I play this slot many time, and it is so interesting slot, that i am even did not know what feelings i have about this slot. I am not sure about my impressions about this game, because it is just too different from time to time. Few times i had good playtime and lot of nice winnings, and finish withdrawing nice amounts. Few times i had awful time, and even not trigger feature...

This slot has 4 different elements feature, and i can say that all of this features is interesting and can pay good winnings, but sadly this happens very rare. To get feature, you need to collect 4 elements, to collect 4 elements player need 4 wins in a row. When win is applied, winnings symbols gone, and on their place comes other. Not the new idea, reminds gonzo's quest to me. After 4 wins in a row received, depending on which most elements collected started feature. MY best win on this game is only around 150 x total bet. But as i saw from paytable and from features, there is much more bigger wins possibility, but unfortunately i still did not make this win. From time to time i visit this slot, but not so often, so this is not my favourite game of course.

Conclusion: As i told, i am not sure about my experience and feelings about this game. I am sure only in one things, this is really beauty slot, graphic is wonderful. But what about gaming experience , here i did not know. I give it 7 stars, because i think this game deserve such mark. At all, this is not so bad slot, but not so good too. I think the word average can be used perfectly here.
There are slots which are so highly advanced, that when you play them and lose you only mind a little and still have a good feeling cause you had some good playtime. I think Elements: The Awakening pretty much qualifies as one these slots. This is a fantastic game in my opinion, and I give Net Entertainment a lot of credit towards the creation of it.

The graphics are superb, and the same goes for the innovative gameplay, features and sound effects. You won't be disappointed while playing this game. Ironically I only played this slot a few times though, but with so many slots to choose from it's easy to forget about some other qualitative games.
Elements: The Awakening apparently is inspired by the four basic elements: Water, Fire, Air and Earth.

I like how they made 4 different features during the free spins mode for each element. Anyway the game contains 20 paylines and 5 reels. The minimum bet is €0.20 and that's the betsize I've experienced this game with at ComeOn Casino. Sometimes low rolling is just more pleasurable.

The concept is a bit similar to that of Gonzo's Quest, since after every winning combination the symbols collapse and are replaced by new symbols. However, with Elements: The Awakening it's also a way to reach the free spins. You need four consecutive wins to reach the free spins mode.

That's where you get 10 free spins and one of the four possible features. I've experienced the free spins like twice and won 50x and 75x my betsize. You can't choose which feature you want to play though, since it gets automatically selected with some amazing introduction film.

Let me assure you that each feature is a real eye-opener and will surpass your expectations. I definitely recommend this slot, even for playmoney since it's such a nice game.
It's not possible to handpick one of the four free spins features.

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