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Boom Brothers is a 20-payline video slot which operates on the NetEnt software platform. The game’s wild card is the Bomb symbol, while the Free Spins icon is the game’s scatter. Players are invited to test the slot on this page free of charge or select any of the listed NetEnt casinos to play the game for real money.

Prior to spinning the reels filled with various mining-related tools and contraptions, one needs to adjust their bet first. The “Lines” selector alters the number of paylines played, while “Level” chooses the bet level. “Coin Value” modifies the coin size ranging from 0.01 to 1. Pressing “Spin” turns the reels, “Max Bet” spins them at the highest wager and “Au­top­lay­” allows players to play the game a number of times uninterrupted.

3 or more Free Spin symbols trigger the Free Spin round. As Free Spin symbols turn, a random number is revealed. These numbers are added together and players can receive a result between 8 and 50. The sum is the total amount of Free Spins awarded. During the Free Spin feature, the awarded multiplier is x3. Extra Free Spins can be won during Free Spins. During this round every extra Free Spin symbol awards 1 additional Free Spin.

When 3 Railtrack symbols appear on reels 1, 2 and 3, the Railtrack Feature is initiated. The symbols create a rail track and the last 2 reels are re-spun. The aim is to complete the rail track so that the dwarves can cross the track into the Bonus game.

If the rail track is completed, players win 4 times their wager and enter the Bonus game. However, if the rail track is missing 1 piece, the feature is terminated and players win 3 times their bet. Moreover, if the rail track is missing the last 2 pieces, the feature game also ends and players win 2 times their wager.

In the Bonus game, there are 3 carts and 3 dwarves who are in a race towards the treasure in the minds. Players click on 1 of the carts and it reveals diamonds, rubies or gold and possibly a multiplier for the number of steps to move, the maximum of which is 3. A dwarf moves 1 or more steps towards the rock and as the dwarf progresses, coin wins are awarded. It takes a total of 5 steps for a dwarf to reach the rocks.

A jackpot of 7,500 coins will be won once 5 wild symbols have spun onto an enabled payline.

Game Play

Lines: Choose the number of active paylines.
Level: Select the betting level.
Coin Value: Decide on the denomination.
Spin: Initiate the game.
Max Bet: Spin the reels at the maximum wager.
Autoplay: Turn the reels for a number of times uninterrupted.

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raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
I'd forgotten all about this game for a while when it popped up recently as the game of choice for a free roll slots tournaments I was participating in and although I really didn't do so well in the tournament I immediately decided to go and hit the game in real money mode as I had fond memories of a nice 1300x stake win on the game from a few years ago.

Despite the fact it's quite old now, I still like the design of this game - the symbols are very sharp and well drawn and the animations that are triggered from a winning combination are attractive and often bring a smile to my face whilst playing the game. Big wins never get old for me and even the fact the wild symbol has its own paytable allocation - a chunky 7,500 coins - seems like a bonus for a NetEnt game these days when most of their games have no specific payout for either the wilds or the scatters.
The rest of the games symbols don't payout anywhere near as well as the wilds though, with the next symbol down paying just 500 coins for a five of a kind which represents just 25x your stake - not even that great when you consider the possibility of a 3x multiplier during the free spins round. My own big win back in the day must have been the result of a lot of wilds on screen I guess, I didn't take a screenshot and don't actually remember how I got it but I know that revisiting the game now I was left very underwhelmed by the majority of winning combinations.

You need a "Railtrack" symbol on all five reels at once to trigger the games bonus round, which seems a bit excessive to me especially considering the bonus game doesn't seem to have all that much potential for big wins! There are a number of random "2nd Chance" features that trigger after a losing spin but unlike a lot of games that have this you aren't guaranteed a win even when one of these features is activated.

This certainly isn't a terrible slot, there are tonnes of worse games from both NetEnt and other providers but overall I was left really quite disappointed by my return to Boom Brothers, I guess I remembered this game being a lot better than it really is. I think one of the reasons for this is that I didn't realize just how poor the paytables on so many NetEnt games were for a long time.It's worth playing, but certainly isn't one of my favorite games!
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
After you load up this Boom Brothers game, you won't think it's an oldie from NetEnt, which was released back in December 2010. I would never say it's been 6 years since, because this game was ahead of its time. Superb graphics and 3D animations are the main reasons why I am saying all this. Most likely, NetEnt's inspiration was the epic 'The Blues Brothers', a 1980 film. Instead of playing guitars, you get to play some 'boom' tango, or some other dance, or just some cash boom with the Boom Brothers.

It's a 5-reels 20-paylines video slot, playable from 0.20 cents bet per spin. NetEnt made sure to include lots of animations into this game so that they could keep players interest and attention for a really long time. The Bonus Round reminds me of how the game Kittty Cabana, by Microgaming, had such a funny and hilarious bonus game round, with lots of going ons. To make things clear, this Boom Brothers slot isn't made for big insane wins, but you can have lots of fun playing it, you can also make some nice decent money from the game, but the paytable simply isn't promising at all.

The highest paying symbol has a payout of only 500 coins, which is truly a shame for such a lovely game. Collecting 5 Wild symbols on any payline would give you a 7,500 coins win, but getting any 5-of-a-kind win is, to say the least, a very hard job indeed. Two more interesting features in this slot game are the '2nd Chance' and the 'Railway Track' Features. Wins during the Free Spins game are tripled, and with each 'Free Spin' symbol appearing on the reels award 1 extra free spin. The Bonus feature game is triggered when 3 'Railtrack' symbols appear on reels 1, 2 and 3. In this bonus game, you get to pick 1 cart out of the 3 carts, each cart containing either a gold bar, a diamond or a ruby, awarding a corresponding cash win. My last bonus game gave me only a 6 Euros win, which is pretty much a shame for me. Well, I am not sure if I would put my money into this game again, because the paytable doesn't look good at all.
Another slot machine inspired by the fairy tale, and whose drum is more than fanciful creations of people from NetEnt company. Boom Brothers is a place for me, where I come often, if I have a bonus and I'm starting to clean it. The percentage of winning combinations is quite high, almost 97%. This fact tells you that you will rarely experience the debacle on this slot machine but nobody does not guarantee that it will not happen. On Boom Brothers'm an active player from the start, but usually by visiting the Bet365, Unibet, Betfred, Slotty Vegas and Betsafe casino. Of all that I said, last month, mostly playing at Bet365 and Unibet Casino, the others are less common because here I opted for some other titles. Best of all is that, in general I have no fear when playing this slot, because almost never went bankrupt on it.

The sound of the mechanism that drives the drum impressed me on the first spin, and after a while I realized that this is a sound that calms, so I always enjoy the scenery. This morning I was at Unibet casino playing this slot and more in the first 5 spins I had a big gain. Here, I recorded that in the seventh spin won five red symbol and a gain of 250 coins. Excellent start of another auto-play games on the Boom Brothers slot machine. In those 25 spins, mostly I received a combination of four symbols lantern and coffee. The biggest gain in that 25 spins auto-play game was the five red symbols. Although I had to account € 18, then I have a little increased stake so I'm following 25 spins played with a stake of € 0.80 per spin. For the last 25 spins to this day I ended with 28 € in my account. This is not such a bad performance considering that I played barely 80 spins.

If you are willing to greater gains, then you can increase the bet, I mainly to higher stakes do not get Railtrack bonus for at least 50 spins, and immediately after I lower stakes get this great bonus. Here are some tricks on how to combine the role but because I would take a long time to explain, and then I would not be quite right. Many times this morning, I won "second chance" at this game but I managed to win barely three payline from these repeated attempts. Second chance, I received in the second, third and fourth line and so I managed to exploit only a fraction of those opportunities. The game has beautiful sound, which is so authentic with themed slot machines, so I have nothing to add except - a great job NetEnt!
blondie 1081 reviews
Very recently I tried game called Boom Brothers. I saw it was mentioned in the forum for a few times and it intrigued me to try it out myself. I didn't know what to expect and I saw that there was only 1 winning screenshot for this game and it didn't seem like a good sign. Game has 5 reels, 20 paylines and free spins as well as a bonus round.

Visually I had a very nice impression about this game, it started with an exciting intro video that explained to me that this game has jewel digging theme where characters are exploding things in order to get wealthy. I liked that it had many features. Free spins feature with 3x multiplier, triggered by 3 or more free spin symbols. Then there's also a second chance feature, which can randomly come up after an empty spin. Most of the time it just adds one wild symbol that doesn't change anything and I still end up with 0 win. Also there is a bonus round called Railtrack and there you need to move a dwarf and this bonus gives coin winnings. I have to say this bonus for me seems much easier to trigger than free spins and my best result so far has been 50x bet win. And of course. this game has wild symbols as well.

Last time I played this game I had a balance of 40€. I played with minimum stakes, which are 0.20€ per spin. I managed to get 3 railtrack bonuses and won from 25-50x bet. Once I triggered this bonus while playing free spin round, and then it only paid 25x bet. I made around 400 spins and lost all of my money, and my biggest winning came from rail track bonus. I triggered 2 free spin rounds, but they never got over 30x bet. I have to say that I like that for each free spin symbol in free rounds, you get an additional spin. But still it pays really low even with the multiplier.
Overall this is an average slot and I won't be playing it much. I can't really see big winning potential there, and as much as I like the animations and "second chance" features, mostly they are pointless and makes the spin play much longer than it should. Not my cup of tea.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Boom Brother is a 20 payline, 5 reel slot with a really strange design and symbols. The theme here is mining in a bit more advanced form with different mechanical contraptions. The slot has a lot of interesting animations and reminds me a bit of some 3D Betsoft game. Visually it is very attractive and can keep you interested in playing for longer sessions.
In the end everything a gambler seeks in a slot machine is the chance to hit big, which I don’t think is possible in this game. Appearance has nothing to do with payout and if you check the paytable of the game you will be very disappointed. The highest paying symbol has a payout of only 500 coins and even though this slot offers some interesting features unless you hit 5 wilds on a payline in the bonus game you are looking at small wins.

The wilds have a max payout of 7500 coins which is great but it doesn’t offer a multiplier by itself. There is a second chance feature in the game where you can have a win after a dead spin but there is no guarantee you will. This game has a cash bonus called the railtrack and the point is to get 5 railtrack symbols on the reels to unlock the bonus. Here there is a race and you win coin prizes depending on which of the 3 brothers wins with a max payout of 10 000 coins. A good bonus but I think 10 000 coins is impossible to get here.

This game also offers a free spins bonus triggered by at least 3 scatters on the reels. All wins are x 3 but the scatters have no payout which is really frustrating if you get 4 of them on the reels and miss the standard 25 x bet payout. The number of free spins is random and all features are still active in the bonus. Even with 4 scatters and extra free spins for every scatter in the bonus plus the cash bonus my biggest win in this game was only 50 x bet which is really disappointing.
Boom Brother is old NetEnt slot and in my opinion one of the best. I love 3D slots and this is one of them. A lot of 3D animation and great graphics make this slot so special, all is crystal clear, you can't find any objection to great graphics and the most important thing is that this slot is not boring.

I just played this slot on Hello casino and I want to share that with you. I deposited 25e and only played this slot on 1 euro per spin. From the beginning I had a lot of luck and got bonus round. You enter in a bonus round when you complete "rail track" and you must get rail track symbol on every of first three reels than on second two, but when you get on first three in most of case you will complete track and you will get bonus. In bonus round you can earn from 13 euros (that was my worst winning) and up to 50 (my biggest win). I had a lot of luck and I get 4 times bonus round and I build up my account up to 100 euros. I played a little bit and I go up to 113 euros and decide to withdraw (you can check my screen shot here from the final bonus round where I got only 14 euros.)

The best thing is that you don't need to get bonus round or free spins to make a big win. Wild symbols are common and you can earn some great cash with their help. I must admit that free spins are not so good. First they don't come often and when they come you can't be sure that you will get a lot of money from them.

So this slot offers you a lot of opportunity for winning even if you don't get bonus round or free spins you can win a lot of money, and almost on every spin you will get something at least 0.25 and that is also nice because I hate when I spin 5-6 times in a row and I got nothing. So this great slot bring me money a lot of times including tonight and I will recommend it to everyone!
Do you like explosives devices and special sound effects? If you answered yes then you I was confident that you are in the right place. With little dwarf and its mines that bring diverse gains every moment spent on Boom Brothers slot game you will walk in anticipation of something special while watching how symbols chained changes as your drum of this interesting slot machines. Another work of art from NetEnt platform comes in the form of payment 30 lines each speak for itself, so much diversity and sometimes too much hassle so I doubt that we will be able to catch all the details related to the bonus rounds that you wait here. However I suggest you stay until the end because it might be just smiles you some gain.

Before you start the game, it is important to decide the amount that you invest on each spin, and he moves from 0.01 to 100 coins. In this game the wild symbol is particularly interesting because it is in fact ticking bomb that brings you great gains, as will replace any symbol required to be a winning line, except for two that say "free spins" and "Railtrack". Free spins icon will triple your winnings and you will get free games for each such symbol is the payline. And now, my favorite game Railtrack bonus which so often I get that you could already begin to dream of a locomotive that runs across the screen and brings me every step higher chance to get to that famous bonus game, a lot of times to succeed and you also many times I remained in the third column.

To clarify, if you get three symbols stripes then will you gain doubled, with four symbols are hits everyone will become a triple worth while with five symbols each winning combination will be multiplied by four. After five symbols stripes will not only get 4x of profit but as I mentioned above, then you activate the bonus game in which you have crossed such a long and dangerous journey across the entire drum and that's not simple is not a frequent occurrence, you'll see it later yourself. In the bonus game you basically choose between three cars and so follow the Three Stooges to finally see that you have the amount won. Very complex but interesting and generous game, I did try several times but I'm not an expert on Boom Brothers so this is just a general impression about this NetEnt slot machine. Rating 8/10
paquito76 867 reviews
The slot of Boom Brothers has basically a ’Mining’ theme but fortunately this subject is accompanied with very funny atmosphere (which is really the heart and soul of the game) thanks to the lot of explosiveness, the main characters (3 dwarves) and the awesome little animations. The colour usage is well-managed and the blue background colour domination fit nicely to the reel area and overall we get an impressive picture. The symbols we can play here with are very specified as they illustrate some mining tools like axes, lamp, bucket while the other some function emblem and of course the boom brothers. I like how the symbols are strung on chains where they’re arriving to the reels which were a very imaginative idea and really add a little plus to the appearance. Graphically this is a very high quality product but it’s no surprise as we’re speaking here about a NetEnt product so the player truly can be satisfied with visual environment here.

5 Wild symbols on the table means the best line win is completed and the prize for it is 7500 coins but when it’s replacing other figures doesn’t multiply the wins. Free Spins can be won by at least 3 special icons during normal game and every appearing such symbols shows a number and the sum of them indicates how many free games are awarded in total (8-50). These spins are played with an assigned x3 multiplier value and every popping up Free Spin symbol gives an additional spin.

If 3 Railtrack symbols appear on an active payline (from leftmost to right) the feature is activated and we can build a real rail track on the first 3 reels, then the other two reels are spinning once to get another such icon and with it another piece of rail track. If we can get collect all five pieces we can fully build the rail track which leads us to the Bonus side game. There we can witness a little mining cart race with dwarves and with picking a cart that all hides gems and gold we can influence the race and move our buddies closer to the rock where the race is finished. It’s a real funny side game and depending on the collected bonus credits sometimes it can be really profitable session.

There is one more feature that can do some tricks named ‘2nd Chance’ which is randomly activated after a non-winning spin the dwarves still can reward us with either of turning a random symbol on the table into Wild or re-spin one reel or other ways, but this little add-on really increase the gaming experience.

Playing the slot I have a feeling that always something happens it can be a features or normal line wins or the mentioned second chance possibility, so boring at this slot is absolutely excluded as an option. This is the main strength of the game in my opinion to be able to keep me entertained and with funny animations I really can enjoy to play here and it’s true if the payout habits of the game is just so-so. In my book it’s a well-done slot and is definitely worth to return here from time to time just to check what little explosive fun the dwarves make (and maybe to collect some real coins).
Boom Brothers from where I should start. Probably one of the best games I have ever played by Net Ent production house. Specially the animation and graphics of the game is unbeatable. The slot has various mining themed symbols and once you try and I am sure you will get addicted to it.

It is a 5 reel and 20 play line slot. The overall look of the slot game is very much different from the usual slots of the Net Ent games and even the symbols are beautifully characterized. The slot is filled with innovative features. I triggered the rail track feature in the fifth spin that I made. In this feature I got the combination of five pieces of rail track and triggered the bonus game. In which I was awarded with 4 times of the bet and the bonus game. In the bonus game you have to choose one of the cart from the three presented which contain a ruby, gold or the diamond. With each selection one of the three dwarfs move forward towards the prize. I won 380 coins from a bet of 20 coins at a coin value 0f 0.01 that is 19 times the bet. If you get only three pieces of rail track you are awarded with 2 times of the bet and when you get four pieces of rail track you are warded with 3 times of the bet. The wild can substitute any symbol except the free spin symbol and the bonus game symbol.

I really like animation when the wild is the part of the wining combination then the bomb attached to it explodes. I am a huge fan of this slot and is very addicted one. The slot has medium returns but do trust me when I say that once you begin playing you can not quit this.
I would rate the slot 10 on 10.
Raptordinos 866 reviews
While playing this slot I always had the feeling that characters were familiar to me, but I discovered that one of the dwarves much resembled me Wario Bros but I think it was partly due to mechanical environment of the game and perhaps the expression in his face.

"Boom Brothers" is a NetEnt creation inspired by the mining life, usually associated with great wealth and adventure. Here are 3 brothers mining dwarves have dug tunnels deep underground in search of the most valuable gems. Our mission, as players, is to accompany them in their daily work and hopefully we will make these brothers share part of his fortune with us. The creative work of the theme of this slot is quite remarkable thanks to good management of shades, colors and animations in the design of scenarios and characters for both the base game and bonus stages.

The format of the game is the classic slot of 3 x 5 reels and 20 paylines, and has 5 bet levels with different coin values to choose from. Although, in my opinion, the highlight of this game is the graphics work, I cannot deny that it is also a very fun game, but perhaps because of its low volatility, it does not seem to be the most appropriate for sudden and supernormal profits, although it can appropriate to meet wagering requirements on the task of clearing bonuses. Special features also give a distinctive touch to this game, and among them are:
- Wild symbol, working as substitute of standard symbols.
- 2nd. chance, running randomly one of four characteristics after a no-win spin with the intention of giving you a new chance to win.
- Railtrack, triggered with 3 symbols with that word, and besides of a small payment for each piece of rail, according to the pay table, it gives the player the opportunity to participate in a wagon race between the 3 brothers in order to win a cash prize, and its value depends on which brother wins.
- Free Spins, activated with the emergence of 3 or more yellow symbols with the words “free spins” on them, which gives an amount of spins equivalent to the sum of the numbers appeared on each one of these symbols. All gains made during this round are multiplied by 3, except from a bonus round, and yellow symbols appeared add a free spin to your round.

"Boom Brothers" - cool, professional and fun -. Strongly recommended for fans of fun.
This is a NetEnt slot,5 reel,20 paylines and a minimum bet of only 0.20 euro!
NetEnt is a good slot provider, it is the 2nd in my list of game providers after Microgaming but I want to say that NetEnt has some slot games that are very incredible and I am talking about free spins features and other special features like stacked wilds, 2 ways win, bonus game etc!

I played many times this slot but first time when I played, at Sportingbet casino, I was very impressed by the nice graphics and animations and obviously by the interesting theme about mine and explosives!
It was a promotion at Sportingbet casino, a calendar with a promotion everyday and I received 10 free spins at this nice slot! I started to spin, from the first 3 spins I didn’t won anything but the next spin I managed to catch 3 free spins scatters and I was awarded with 12 euro from the free spins feature!

I finished the 10 free spins and my account balance was showing 14.5 euro! But this was bonus money so I had to wager this money 30 times to be able to withdraw!
I decided to keep playing this slot game and it proved to be a good choice because I managed to catch 5 railtracks and I won the bonus game and also 0.80 euro(4 x bet)!

I was very impressed by the bonus game because you can win nice money! I had to pick from 3 carts, I chose the middle one and it was gold! Then another cart to pick, I picked last one and again was gold and I won 3 euro! Not much money but the bonus game itself was interesting!

Overall it is a very nice game, I love it and I will try to rate from my personal opinion! For the graphics and nice theme I will give 9, for the payout rate and interesting features another 9!
yapro 790 reviews
Boom brothers it is another one old net entertainment game. And yeah, when i say that old net entertainment slots is great, i forget about this one. I play this game only couple times, and from my own experience i can say it is just low variance money eater... Of course may be i just was not enough lucky to see some great wins, but for me this game was very bad, and i did not like it all.

This game has 20 paylines, and min bet here is 20 penny. But i did not like to play at min bet, so i play this game with only 0.4-0.6 bets, i think it is not very interesting to play low and medium variance games with lowest possible bet, it is just boring. When i first time played this game, i was interested when after my non-winning spin, i saw that gnome on rocket pack appear and start spin some symbols, i start think ok, he is adding some wilds to me, but he just do another random symbols, lol. Imagine my shock about this feature, what the point of it? 2nd chance to see how you did not win anything? Looks like yes. Free spins triggered by 3+ scatters and have x 3 multiplier, and this is only one interesting thing in this game. Bonus game with gnomes is boring, i get it 3 times only probably, and payouts were no more than x 30 total bet... When it is so hard to trigger this bonus game, why payouts is so low? I simply did not understand. I am so bad with this game, that never have any win more than 100 x total bet, not in bonus game, not in base game, and even free spins did not pay me such not high bet.

Low-medium variance game, i think it is useless, and probably it is worst net entertainment game.
Icymod 758 reviews
I'd thought I would save these remaining reviews for later but now, that time has come. Boom everything about it such as the Railtrack bonus and the free spins but mostly hate how when there are no wins from a resulting spin there is a 2nd chance to try to win something. There is a 2nd chance feature that occurs only when there are no wins, a few of them make the reels spin again (more than 1 reel at a time) for another chance at winning, dynamites are thrown in random places to turn them wild, and the one I hate the most would be a single symbol being turned into anything (lucky if it's a wild). I can't stand that!

Now I don't intend to berate on the graphics because this is actually one of the styles I like in slots and it's amazing that all symbols on the reels are chained together. Some of the things about Boom Brother's as I mentioned before is the Railtrack bonus. When these left to right scatter symbols appear on the first 3 reels all the other symbols blow up and these Railtrack symbols form a track in the centre or simply the 1st payline......all normal symbols are removed and the last two reels will try to find the rest of the Railtrack symbols to complete the track for the cart to move towards the bonus round. If the track doesn't complete then I would get a whole cake, put it in front of me and bury my face in it. I would prefer a cake with a lot of frosting ;) .

The bonus round is a different scene for me but as I can recall I've seen a similar bonus like this MG's Kings of Cash slot only they don't make me work hard for my bonus entry and there are 4 prizes available instead of 3. The bonus has 3 prizes, the least requires gold bars, the second highest rubies and the highest one in which all players really want are diamonds for it holds the greatest value! I am to pick from 3 carts and each pick has a number of steps for that corresponding cart to move towards the gem. When I had a 4 coin bet in stake during the bonus I took down the diamond prize for $50, at first I thought my next pick would hit a gold bar but thankfully the end made it much more successful for me. As for the free spins it can generate random number of spins in each scatter symbol (so long as you hit 3) and all of them are multiplied by 3x. It has potential and I must say I have good intentions for every time these symbols show up....c'mon land high amounts of free spins!

Very good mine scene, awesome bonus feature, crazy mystery free spins acting as a casino's roulette never know what you'll get, useless 2nd chance features that I find more useful then helpful and as my final score Boom Brother's receives a 8 out of 10!
The animated slot game Boom Brothers in my opinion is one of the better slots that have been made. This game features superb graphics and two second level games which really are exciting to play. The theme takes you to a railtrack type of setting in a mine.

The Boom Brothers features three brothers who are searching for the treasures in the mine. They use explosives and dynamites to bomb their way through the mines and award players with a nice chunk of money. The underground atmosphere in this game in combination with variation in each spin makes this game a must for every type of player.

I've spent a lot of money playing this game at Redbet mainly at €1 per spin. Boom Brothers has 20 paylines and 5 reels. It features wilds and a very unique feature called "the 2nd chance". When you don't manage a win, sometimes one of the Boom Brothers show up to spin a symbol or one of or complete reels again by throwing dynamites or explosives to give you a second chance on a win.

Therefore you never know what to expect while playing this slot. My biggest win in the base game was like 30x bet size I believe. Boom Brothers also has a bonus round which gets started once you get 3 or more railtrack symbols on the first 3 reels on a payline.

After that you have to manage to get into the bonus game first by laying tracks. However, this is not always a success. Sometimes you just end up with a small win without actually entering the bonus game. The bonus game itself is a very entertaining game where you have to move the midgets in their little ride.

With this bonus game I've won 40x my bet size one time. The other feature is the free spins, which gets activated with 3 or more free spins symbols. 12 free spins and 3x multiplier gets awarded, while during free spins bonus game can be triggered again. Each free spin symbols give +1 free spin btw.

My biggest win here was 120x bet size, but I had several smaller wins of more than 50x bet size as well. I'd say this is one of the better paying slots once getting into the free spins. However, it might disappoint others.

My final rating for Boom Brothers is 7.5/10

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