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Big Bang Slot

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Big Bang is a space-themed 25-payline video slot running on the NetEnt software platform.  The game’s wild card is easily distinguishable amongst the other colourful symbols, as the word ‘Wild’ is written on it. Players are invited to try this flashy slot on this page for free or select any of the NetEnt casinos from the listings to play the game for real money.

Before embarking on their exciting space journey, players should adjust their wager. The bet level is altered using the “Level” selector. The coin size, ranging from 0.01 to 0.5, is regulated by pressing the “Coin Value” buttons. The “Spin” button in the middle starts spinning the reels and “Au­top­lay­” lets players play for a number of times uninterrupted. In order to spin the reels at the highest wager, players can opt for “Max Bet”.

The game possesses a progressive Multiplier Meter, which increases payline wins by a minimum of x1 and up to a maximum of x32. After every spin that results in 1 or more winning combinations, the Multiplier Meter increases to reach the next multiplier value, thus constantly raising one’s chance of winning.

A 1000-coin jackpot will be awarded when 5 Red symbols emerge on an active payline.

Game Play

Level: Choose the bet level.
Coin Value: Control the coin size.
Spin: Play the game at the chosen wager.
Autoplay: Spin the reels for a preset number of times without interruption.
Max Bet: Play the game at the highest wager.

Big Bang Slot Reviews by Players


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NetEnt creators used famous horror movie as inspiration before decided to create this epic video slot, Creature from the Black Lagoon.This slot comes with nice graphics and animations. This game looks fantastic, its thrilling and fun to play and it is one of these games one could pay for hours without getting bored. You only wish to play more and to trigger Free Spins game while running away from the creature. Thisvideo slot features sticky Wilds both in base and in the Free Spins game. As many sticky wilds occur on your screen that gives you possibility of as many wins as possible and if you trigger 10 Free Spins and sticky Wilds again occur on your screen in this mode, then we are talking! 3 Free Spins symbols will trigger 10 free spins, 4 FS symbols trigger 15 Free Spins and 5 FS symbols trigger 20 Free Spins. I have triggered 10 FS several times yet never 12 or 20.

Additional FS can be won during Free Spins game.Lady Kayis the highest paying symbol and she pays 750 x your stake if you collect 5 of its kind and chasing Kay itself will not make you decent wins. But if we add Free Spins and sticky Wilds there is a chance to increase wining chances and cash prize amount. This game features 3 different wild symbols and all comes as sticky wilds and they substitute for all except for the Free Spins symbol. Unfortunately Wild doesn't come with payout, nor doubling any wins and its an huge minus to pay-table. At least we know that sticky wild guarantee win and increases your chances of wining big.I played this amazing game on several occasions but never as much as I wish. I will be back that's for sure but can't tell when.
raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
I'm something of a space fanatic so really enjoyed the strange flood of space themed games that were released a couple of years back. I enjoyed NetEnts "Space Wars" so I was excited to give this one a try as well, sadly though it didn't quite match up to my expectations created by that game.

The graphics are pretty enough, but as with a lot of games NetEnt released around that time there's absolutely no feature or free spins mode in this game, which always leaves me underwhelmed - I've just become so used to slots draining by balance slowly but surely that without the bonus or free spins to pray for, as a chance of restoring my bankroll, slot games simply don't feel right to me anymore.

At least Big Bang has a twist though - there is a multiplier displayed to the left of the game that ascends through 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x and finally 32x after each consecutive winning spin. Of course it is really quite rare to score six consecutive wins in a row, and more often than not if you are lucky enough to make it to the 32x multiplier you'll simply get a dead spin rather than the five of a kind monster you want to see so badly, but at least the possibility is there. Sadly because of the possibility of a 32x multiplied win, the basic pays are very poor, making this game extremely high variance (but without the correspondingly high maximum win! Poor show!)

The game has caused more than it's fair share of uproar and upset gamers in it's time too. As we've come to expect, many NetEnt casinos handed out a few free spins on this game upon release as they often do with new NetEnt games. Unfortunately though, Big Bang is a really terrible game to use for free spins because of the multiplier system - at the end of your free spins the game resets to 1x multiplier, so if you just had several consecutive wins and were about to spin for a possible 32x win, your going to be very upset!
Buuuuuuum !!! Large explosion occurs when you start with the introduction of the NetEnt treats. My first meeting with this slot happened at Bet365 a few months ago, but two days ago I transfer some money at the casino and played this "space" game. The first thing I like about this slot machine is a multiplier which is located on the left side of the drum, and unlike Gonzo's Quest games with this is the multiplier reached 32X. Yes, you heard right, your winnings can be increased to 32x. But it's not realistic that you will often reach the maximum value of the multiplier. It does not matter whether you reach the maximum, as long as you are happy atmosphere, that this game brings. Definitely, the game is perfect to the last detail, and that is evident as soon as you start the game.

I mostly hang out with this game, ie. Usually play at Bet365 Casino, but it is not a commercial for them because there is no difference where you play ... In addition, when you win something at some of the games, but later have problems with withdraw, then it does matter where you play. I already said I was yesterday at the Bet365 Casino transferred some money, more precisely € 30. I immediately picked up the auto-play of 25 free spins. In the first 5 spins nothing happened, and then I got a combination of symbols A and immediately won 70 coins. In the next 19 spins, I lost about 7 €. So I'm in the second auto-play game came with 23 € in my account. Here I had a little more luck, so I went back to € 34 which was reason enough to continue. After this I took 50 auto-play. I want to add that on this slot my stake is usually € 0.25 to 0.50.

After those 50 spins on the account I had a phenomenal € 62. Here I stopped playing and went back € 30 on poker account, so far I have € 32 available, I will be glad to spend them on new Jimi Hendrix slot. I like the animation of the symbols in this game, because when during spins you have a winning combination, your symbols immediately light up, it means that you have a winning combination, when the last fifth column on the reels stop. Drum speed is just right, not slow but not fast, just the way I like. Big Bang slot is in my opinion also one of those that have a large percentage of the profits, at least I am after every 10-15 spins received large amounts. The sound is solid, and there's nothing much to experiment. It is sufficient that the creators added a little mystery in the tones and that's it. Interesting slot, which should try
blondie 1094 reviews
Big Bang is a Netent software powered game that I like to play from time to time. The design of this game really intrigues me and Netent has done a great work there, because the theme of this slot is planets/ space and it's been displayed in a beautiful way.

Altough I have seen some great winning screenshots from this game, my experience with it hasn't been like that, that's why I have some mixed feelings about the payouts. Only once I've been close to getting 100x bet win and after that I haven't been even close to that achievement. Big Bang has 5 reels and 25 paylines and the minimum bets are 0.25€ per spin. This game stands out because there are no free spins and no bonus round at all. The only thing there is - is a multiplier. After each sequential win, the multiplier that can be seen on the left side of slot will increase. It starts from 1x and goes up to 32x multiplier. And also, luckily there are wild symbols that substitute for all symbols and they help to make winning combinations.

Honestly speaking, this game isn't one of my favorites from this software because I haven't got any great winnings on it so far. I find it really hard to get a decent win, because mostly I get stuck with 4x or 8x multiplier, and even then the payouts are low. Recently I spent a session with this game and I got really frustrated because the few times I actually got up to 32x multiplier, the spin had no winnings and the multiplier was back to 1x. For me it's really hard to climb up to that level of multiplier. And I have to say I really miss the fact there's nothing free. I am one of those player who love free things, free spins, bonuses, etc. I would be even satisfied if there was some sort of respins feature, when you get sequential winnings, but no.

Overall I think this game looks really interesting and unique and it is worth giving a try. But I really think you need to be lucky to get big winnings there. Good thing is that even without any bonus round, this game doesn't get boring after a while. But having no bonus round it doesn't entertain me so much.
Big bang it is slot game which created by netent. I am trying to avoid this slot game in case i do not have really huge balance to play it. By my strategy i never will start play this game higher than 0.50 bets if i do not have at least 200 dollars or euros in my account, because game can be brutal and steal money from balance quickly.

I like how this game made. Space theme is really good here, all symbols are drawn very nicely, i really enjoy how this game look.

Sounds are not very interesting to say about it, but still not bad and i can't say that i do not like. But probably some better soundtrack for this game can be much more better and help to give more 'space feeling'.

Also i like that there is no bonus games and freespins features. There is a lot of slots with such features, so of course sometimes it is just good to play something without it at all.

I like multiplier system used in this game. Each win after win your multiplier for win is growing, up to great x 32. I get to this multiplier many times, and had couple of great wins, max it was something like 200 bets. Also once i get 3 winning spins in a row with x 32, each paid about 100 bets, so very sweet result.

I give this game 9 stars rating. I took one start just because game can steal a lot of money without decent wins, and it is required much money to play it.
Sometimes you could keep losing on this game for a very long time. This is single reason what I can list in this category.

Ouch, and probably a bit better soundtrack for this slot, iIdon't like current one. Netent can make great soundtracks, like at stickers or cosmic fortune.
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Big Bang was one of the first Netent releases in 2014.5 reels, 20 paylines, fantastic look and soundtrack, you will not get bored. Oh well, no, there is no free spins nor bonus game but this game carries of 1000 coins. Good enough ?

Then read as follows and get ready to try it out because you won't be disappointed. If you like futuristic theme then you picked the right game with solid paytable and RTP. It is a unique for this game that with each next spin a special multiplier comes into play.

I like very much theories of the Big Bang and creation so I like this slot theme very much. Symbols include Planet symbols and Playing card symbols.

There is no scatter in this game nor bonus. Sun symbol is the wild and of course it will help in creating winning combinations. I had no success so far and I played this game several times which is not enough to get a deeper look and feeling about this really nice game.

Bonus game if we can call it bonus is awarded in the base game and it is when you have winning combination in and then on the side you can see multiplier ladder. For every consecutive winning spin the multiplier value will keep moving up until it reaches its top amount and it can boost winning combination up to x 32 times.

Now this is a multiplier that I like. But to write about it without receiving single multiplier is actually unpleasant because it is only word on the papers and stats about this game. My minor winnings are nothing comparing to potential of the Bing Bang!
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Big Bang is one of the newer releases by NetEnt. This is a 25 payline, 5 reel slot with nice graphic and animations. The music is also very good so you won’t get bored after playing it for a long time.

The game has an overall futuristic space look and I like the design very much. The details of the symbols and the animations are very well designed so it justifies the NetEnt quality. This is a game that is unique in every way. It has only a wild symbol and no bonus and no scatter symbol.

At first look a game without a bonus round isn’t something much to look forward to. Still playing this slot every spin can be a bonus round. Like in Gonzo’s Quest after every consecutive win here you get an extra multiplier. You start with 1 and the multiplier multiplies by 2 after every consecutive win, so in the end you end up with a high 32 x win multiplier. I don’t think I have seen any other game with such a high multiplier. Off course getting 6 consecutive wins can look almost impossible but with this game everything is possible. You can build up a nice balance here because the wins even small come often and in rows. You can have a win of 1 euro on the first spin, wins of 20-30 cents in the next few spins but when you reach the last stage a nice combination with wilds can produce a great win. Imagine getting 5 of the highest paying symbols which is 1 000 x line bet on a 32 multiplier. Now that’s a win I would like to see some day.

This game can be very addictive and most of the wins go up to 8 x multiplier and you start over, so all the time you hope that the next play will take you up to the 32 x multiplier for the ultimate payout. I recommend this game to everyone.
paquito76 867 reviews
Big Bang slot from NetEnt has a ’space’ theme but instead of witnessing spaceships or aliens as symbols we can play here with more naturalistic emblems and I must say they are visually the most beautiful and life-like planet illustration that I’ve ever seen at video slots. The graphics of the symbols are simple perfect and they’re not just captivating but possess fantastic colour usage and they’re also among the most detailed little pictures what a slot game can provide. I don’t want to be here too effusive but sometimes even nowadays I’m still wondering how they could be so attractive and I really think this is the game where even if I lose some money but can’t leave the game with any bad taste in my mouth because what I get here in visual enjoyment is really priceless.

Fortunately, the slot also has great game qualities and though it can be considered as a simple game where we don’t meet countless number of features but there are other great working little extras which makes the game very entertaining. I think I must mention first the Multiplier feature which is an awesome add-on end I wish more games would work with such kind of add-on. If a single spin brings a winning combination to the reels it pays according to paytables (by the way 1000 times of line bet is maximum we can achieve by a single line win) but if the very next spin also contains a winning formula, then that win is automatically multiplied by x2, the third one will be multiplied by x4 and so on until we reach the final stage which could pay back 32 times more what we get at the first spin. So it’s no hard to figure out that the seemingly not too generous 1000 times of bet Jackpot can be much more (32.000 coins) if we’re lucky and witness such win appears after having successes at the previously 5 spins.

It’s no wonder that this 25-payline slot doesn’t offer any well-known features like free spins or bonus except the traditional substitute symbol which is out there only to replace other icons for winning combinations, but luckily thanks to the very great game settings perhaps it doesn’t need to, and it can still be not just entertaining but also profitable product at times. Of course, we won’t see the x32 multiplier in work every time but I like here that this feature is really working great and not rare when we can go up to x8 or x16 but what really fascinate me here is when the higher multiplier in use I still can get not just smaller wins with the less paying symbols but the chance for witnessing even a 5 of a kind win with more coveted symbol is also obviously there and the player really can feel that something real good anytime can happen. Some could say ‘Yes, but it’s the nature of a gambling product where the luck plays a very important part’ – and it’s all true but not every game can make me believe that I can win big and that’s why I appreciate this attribute at this slot.

Overall, this is a very great game which has awesome game qualities and more importantly possesses a very correctly working gaming scheme. Personally, I respect that slots those operates with very simple and direct game features and rules and still can offer everything what I want to see in a modern product like captivating appearance with great quality graphics, smooth game play with not complicated scheme that has the ability to give back great winnings and create a very fair environment and behaves as a correct gambling partner should and should have entertaining attribute. These all mentioned qualities are obviously can be found here so in my opinion there’s really nothing else what I should ask and that’s why I consider Big Bang as a fine example what other software developer should follow to create an awesome video slot game.
Big Bang in the true sense of the word is happening before your eyes when you play one of the newest slot machine from Net Entertainment, in which the visual effects so well done that I was a couple of times during the game literally traumatized especially since I had amplified sound to the headset, and I was a little sleepy while I'm autoplay is not removed from the unbearable silence. Method of explosion when paylines reminds me strongly of Starburst game just as at least to me the memory of this game remained as one of the best designed and most generous that came out among the last of NetEnt factory of fun. Just like the title says I had my Big Bang in the best possible way as in Alien Robots slot, I played this game mainly to extraordinary Unibet Casino.

Incredible opportunities and incredible value multiplier in this game, in which the already mentioned MULTIPIER ranges from 2x then over 4x, 8x, 16x to 32x, even as fabulously for every real slot masters. Also something that must be mentioned is the maximum amount that you can win the Big Bang slot, it is astronomical 268,032. This shows that you do not have to be very rich in order to win as much money, thanks to the multiplier of 32x in a couple of attempts you can achieve a small fortune and the right way to experience the Big Bang. You may not have a theory that it happened about a hundred years old but you know very well what will happen if this happens just before your eyes, you'll get out of this game much richer and hurry in this review section to share with us your joy.

When it comes to the size of stakes on this slot machine I want to stress that the minimum bet per line 0.01 and the maximum 0.50 coins, this means that you for a spin to be able to invest up to € 50, and now imagine that after four or five revolutions in the role of 10 € per spin reach multiplier of 16x, I ask you to think about the next time you are in a dilemma whether to try the Big Bang attraction, because it is difficult to find a game that gives more if you have your happy day. Everything related to this slot is at a high level and I have the impression that NetEnt with these new games that come out every day introduces a kind of revolution in the world of slot machines, because each new positive surprise and introduce some new effects and possibilities, I hope it will continue that way. Rating 9/10
Big Bang is one of the most interesting online slot I played this year. Of course it was created by Net entertainment, this company know how to make awesome slots for me (and for many other people based on popularity of casinos with this slots).

Big bang has 25 paylines. What I can say about sounds and animations... One word here is not enough, because I think that sounds and animations are: great, awesome, unique, impressive, unbelievable great! Really, one of the best slot based on this, I enjoyed it every time I start playing.

This is another game without any special feature, except one. This is multiplier. Did not know who created this idea directly, but this person is of course genius. Every win in a row increase multiplier, up to 32. 32x multiplier for win, it sounds great, right? And also name of slot perfectly suits here, once I had 4 winnings spins in a row at 32x multiplier. It was 4 really big bangs, BOOM big win, BOOM big win, BOOM big win, BOOM big win. I won about 400 euros in cash with 1 euro bet size, and this is not limit, because I do not have any good wins, just couple lines with few wilds, no any 5 of a kinds. Playing this slot usually I can say that the most important thing is to achieve x16 or x32 multiplier, and any your line win would be already great. At x8 it could be also great, but you need good lines to get huge payout. Big Bang game can pay a lot of money very quickly, few good wins at big multiplier - and I am ready for cashout.
What I did not like here? Nothing! Everything is awesome, perfect, call it how you want. This is great slot which I do like a lot, and this slot is one of the most interesting made by Netent.
Ahmo6 232 reviews
This game is brought to us by NetEnt software. It has 5 reels and 25 paylines. It has a minimum bet possibility of 0.25€ and the maximum is 50€. The first time that I actually saw and played this slot, I was honestly skeptical because it doesn’t have any bonus symbols. Also it doesn’t have any scatter symbols nor free spin feature, so yea I was skeptical. But then again I was also kind a skeptical about Wonky Wabbits that also has only wild feature, but I was amazed of the potential that is actually has.

That is the primary reason I gave it a shoot and also I was a bit curious because I love the all stuff related to space. So what does this game have? It has really sick multiplier feature, that basically doubles you rate after each sequential spin that resulted in a winning combination. The multiplier can be seen on your left, so in order to get the highest multiplier which is x32 you need to win 6 spins that resulted in 1 or more winning combinations. Also there is a wild that is a sun symbol. So yea really great possibilities and wins this game can produce. But it hasn't produced any for me. So I guess that this time my feelings were right about this slot , this is a game that I played for about 10 minutes and after playing it I didn't manage to win any money, I actually lost it although I was playing with the minimum bet of 0.25€. After all there was a reason to be skeptical and worried about; this slot really hasn't proved itself to me. And I don't know if I will give it another shoot in the future.

Overall a mediocre slot, although it is very colorful. As far as the rating goes I would say barely 5/10.
oneLoVegg 55 reviews
Big bang slot it is very unique game for NetEnt, because usually when NetEnt create new slot, there is some cool freespins feature, which is also new, or there is something special. At big bang there is no any special things, only multiplier for raw of winning spins, up to x 32. When slot was released, it was terrible. Casinos give 5-10 freespins, and after freespins ended, multiplier which I earn during this freespins drop to x 1. At Guts I had x 16 multiplier on last freespins, it was winning spin, and I should go to x 32, but no, I dropped to x 1. Very bad.

Big bang slot is for those kind of people who really enjoyed starburst, I noticed that if this slots will pay, it will do it fast, and within few spins. There will be a raw of good wins, and that's all. But if slot pay bad, it is very good idea to left slot, because I have few times terrible game play.

Once I had 50 euros, and played at 0.25. I get to high multipliers couple of times, but there was no any good win, just small 3 of a kinds of low pay. I dropped to 20 euros, but still keep playing, waiting that slot should pay me something bad. But it was mistake, and I lost all 50 euros at 0.25 euro bet, without any single win more than 3 euros. Of course it was terrible. And like I said, best way is just made 20 spins or so, if slot will give some nice wins, you can continue a bit more, but if you see that there is a lot of dead spins, and it is hard to get x 16 at least, I tell you leave, because slot will not repay losses after taking money.

I did not like this slot much, not my type of game play here.
cocopop3011 264 reviews
United Kingdom
When I first started Playing Big Bang, that was released by NetEnt towards this beginning of the year I had a terrible opinion of it, I thought it was absolutely terrible. To start off with my immediate thoughts of the slot were - Number One, It does not have any kind of free spins features and Number Two - It does not even have a bonus feature. A slot without either of these features seems like a pretty useless slot to me. However, some people might say that this slot does have a bonus feature that features during your main base spins.

This feature involves multipliers on each and every one of your spins. It starts off by granting you a multiplier on your first win, then all subsequent wins that form a winning sequence increases you multiplier. The maximum multiplier you can receive is x 32 your stake and it takes six consecutive winning spins in order to get this multiplier. When I first started playing this game I could hardly get two or three consecutive wins let alone six! Sometimes I would get to a x 16 multiplier and then on the sixth spin it would just be a dead spin, and to be honest in my experience of this slot this is what happens a lot of the time. Or you do manage to get to a x 32 multiplier but it doesn't bring in a win for you.

Even though I have started to like this slot more now with some decent wins I wouldn't say it is a favourite of mine, not by a long shot. However, my partner has one amazing win on Big Bang when placing a minimum bet he managed to get five of a kind with a x 32 multiplier and he won in excess of £250, sorry I don't remember the exact amount, I have achieved x 100 my bet a few times, but like I said I'm not overall keen on this slot, but it's definitely worth a shot.
There is no Bonus Game as such and No Free Spins.
Big Bang slot themed on universe and the symbols of different planet used in the slot are very attractive. The slot is only catchy by its look, I am saying this because slot becomes a bit boring later as it does not has any bonus game feature and even free spin feature is missing in the slot. The slot has come from Net Ent production house and it is a 5 reel and 25 play lines slot.

The slot has a wild feature as usual which can substitute any symbol and a multiplier meter on the right hand side of the reels. It is from 1x to 32x in six stages. We climb up the meter with every consecutive win. This really makes the slot good on returns. I did reach the 32x multiplier few times then the slot is really productive.Once I even had a mega win of 1600 coins when I was betting at 25 coins per spin at a coin value of 0.01. My other good wins were 928 coins and 800 coins the best I could remember. I had few good wins but in middle of that I had lots of non wining spins too. Once there was stage when I was at a loss of $17 but then the slot really took off in few good wins my account balance boosted and I was at profit of $32. I made around 200 spins and made the withdrawal.

My conclusion would be that the slot is good in graphics and even the sound is good. Now comes the returns of the slot in this segment I would say that you have to be a bit patient because the slot becomes productive only after 100 spins or so. I would rate the slot as 8 on the scale of ten.
Afi4wins 1386 reviews
The second I saw this game, I got excited, just as any cosmic news or photos would excite me. When I opened the game, I was impressed with all the artistic impressions of alien worlds. Very nicely rendered, even though not in 3D. NetEnt game designers certainly have a very good flair at creating exciting images in all of their games, especially the newer ones. Simple yet beautiful, and the techno sound effects in Big Bang are just as exciting and catchy too. 1 star up.

But, as we all know, nothing can be perfect, as the paytable showed. Typically NetEnt’s low paytable for all symbols, with no win value for wilds, no scatters at all, while the highest paying symbol, the red planet, carry only a 1000x line bet payout for 5 of its kind. Big Bang is just a straight forward slot game with very nice graphics and exciting sounds. 2 stars down.

Wow! I have never seen such a big one before - the win multiplier I mean! The only special feature in Big Bang - its 32x win multiplier! That could indeed bring in some very nice huge payouts at the right time, but I can imagine the difficulty in reaching that level of multiplier, attainable only after making 5 successive wins, which isn’t easy by any standards. Even though the potential of paying big with that 32x multiplier is there, I really cannot see this happening with its low paytable! 1 star down.

Playing the game was a different story altogether. Unlike Lights, the game play was fun, lively, with lots of reasonable payouts, and of course, with free spins too, which were also rather good at most times. With Big Bang, the nice graphics and sound effects couldn’t make up for its poor game play. I cannot understand the sudden change as compared to Lights. Both are straight forward games with only 1 special feature, the free spins or the win multiplier, but Lights was many times better in its game play. Perhaps Big Bang is too conservative in allowing the wins to creep up to the 32x win multiplier level. I manage to reach this level in fun play once, only once, but the payout then was really pathetic, even with that 32x win multiplier! In real play, sorry to say, I could hardly reach the 16x level. The 32x level never came into play. Worse thing is, my credit balance never once went up above my initial balance – it was all the way down from the start! 2 stars down!

Overall, I had good expectations from Big Bang. The initial excitement soon withered away as my credits went down like the sand in a sand timer. Once can be forgiven for bad luck or bad timing, but after a few tries with the same results, this is one game I would rather keep away from. Too bad NetEnt. 1 bad apple. 1 star down.
katemak 1170 reviews
Big Bang video slot is from the Netent Entertainment .this game is one of the newest games from Netent ,because its only few months old.The first time I did play this game was from the casinos which they are giving free spins when they have promotion of some new game.Big Bang slot is a 5 reel 25 pay lines pay lines,which has no free spins neither bonus round ,but only wilds symbols which are progressive and the payout can be X 32 the winnings ,well that will happened if you are lucky enough to come to the X 32 field.

So I did try this game at the beginning many times,but had no luck in it.So I was talking about the free spins , so few weeks ago I decided to try this game so I deposited 25 euros and took the 50% bonus ,so I started to play with 37 euros.My first few bets were at the minimum bet 0.25 euros so I was playing for a while and even didn't notice that I lost more then half of my money and didn't get anything only empty spins,wow I was really disappointed .

Well then I left the game to load by it self and had no luck,but then I decided to use the stop button,well most of the time when I use it I have more luck in this Netent games ,so I start using it.Wow after the 5th spin I reached the X 32 payout with 3 wilds and my balance went back to 48 euros,When I reached that amount on my balance then I decided to quit this game and play other slot.Honestly I thought It was a nice game ,but since then I didn't play it,well except if I will get it as a free spins from some casino,other way to play for real with my money I don't think so.Well I don't like this slot and wont be playing it again,maybe i had no luck on this slot.
Big Bang game is powered by NetEnt. This is a weird game with a lot of potential. I just started playing it and my first thoughts of it are 50/50. Yes you do have a chance to win big in this game, but there are no features and you have to get wins on lines or you go back down to 1x. Basically you need to be lucky on every spin. This is very hard to do because most of the time when i get to 16x it gives me a tiny win or no win at all.

The first time i played it i had around €25 on my account. There are 25 line in this game so because it was new i tried it on a bet of €0.50. Just like any other game it would give you few wins here and there but nothing special. The highest i went up to on that day was 16x. It happened few times and i never managed to win anything decent even though it was 16x. It is really disappointing to get that far and win nothing. This game would have been much cooler if it had a free spins feature and i would have been playing it more. The way it is now is not my cup of tea. I actually have seen some crazy wins on this game but i can not get anything.

The graphics on this game are really good and the sound effects are awesome. I guess if i was getting good wins i could have played this game for a long time. I hope they make a second part with a feature. If i was to rate this game i would give it 6.5 out of 10.
valentin68 535 reviews
Maybe the idea itself of the “Big Bang” slot is good. Which mean that every time you win here, a multiplier from the left side of the slot is advanced. The multiplier has values ranging from 1x and finishing with 32 x. But at least me, I have managed to reach only up to 16x after four consecutive wins.

What is good here is that when they exist, the winnings come one after another, and the multiplier is advancing enough. However, on the overall only after the multiplier has advanced at least two steps, one should expect to win a payout bigger than the total bet.

Two things are certainly nice here: the theme of the slot and the graphics. The planets and the stars are beautiful on the night sky and almost glow when playing the game. If also the wins would have been just as beautiful as the design of the slot, it would have been indeed one of the best NetEnt slots.
I did not have to play much to realize that I do not like the slot “Big Bang” . This slot confirms the NetEnt casinos tradition that, except for2-3 slots generally offers very small wins. It is the third time I say this, if the Indians invented the payments on the internet of a quarter of a cent this slot had the ambition to give a win of only 2 cents for 3 minor symbols aligned (when the total bet is 25 cents). You will say that I am mean, I am sorry for this but here all symbols (including the major ones) pay less than the total bet for 3 of a kind. It is more than ridiculous!

I do not really believe that this slot offers a return of 96%. Because of the very low payout 's of all symbols (even multiplied ) for each 25 Euro gambled (100 spins) I have lost each time between 10 to 15 Euro (that is half of the sum). Maybe I did not played enough for a good statistics, but even so... the highest reward (win) that I have ever had was about 7 Euro after I lost before about 18 Euro. The fact that confirms my suspicions about the big losses here is that there is no Free Spins, nor Bonus Game, therefore you do not have any possibility to get something back after much losing from normal spins.
yapro 790 reviews
Another one release from this year from my favorite slot company netent. When i saw release of this game on youtube, i admitted to myself that i am like how it looks, and like idea of this game. When game came out and casinos give me some free spins, i had terrible playing and did not managed to see anything good with this slot, but after some more experience i understand that 10 spins is not enough to judge this slot. Theme and sounds on this game is perfect for me, i love space and everything with it. And it is of course always a pleasure to make spins on this slot.

Big bang slot do not have any special features, bonuses, or free spins. General idea from netent - is multiplier. Every time you get winning spins in a row, multiplier grown, up to 32x. I had it many times, but usually on 32x multiplier come bad win of few low symbols, or just nothing. Also i had few good wins on 8x and 16x multipliers. What happens if in 32x multiplier landed 5 wilds... I do not know, probably universe will detonate... I am can only dream to see such win. My best win on this game is 120$ on 0.50 bet, which is nice result, it was on 32x multiplier, and i landed two wilds on first two reels, oh, i can only dream if there was landed more wilds.

Conclusion: Perfect game for me, i am usually play this game at netent casinos, and it is one of my favorite game right now. Everything is nice with it. It is something like gonzo's quest, another netent game, but here you do not need to pray for free spins, here i can sit and relax, and watching how the planets will land nice wins to me. Greatly recommend this game to everyone, must try game in my opinion, just try and you will like it, i am sure.
This NetEnt slot is very new for me,I just played it a couple of times at Unibet casino and I think it’s a good slot!

With just 3 euro in my account balance,I decided to play this slot to see if it pays good and if deserves to be played more often.

It is a 5 reel slot with 25 paylines and a minimum bet of only 0.25 euro and the most interesting thing is that it has no scatters or bonus games,just Wild symbols and a progressive multiplier that doubles winnings by x2,x4,x6,x8,x16 and x32! The first 5-6 spins I didn’t won anything but next spin I managed to reach the x8 multiplier and I won 11.2 euro!

My brother saw me playing this slot game and told me that it is a waste of time because it has no free spins or bonus game and that you cant win much money!
The theme of this slot it is about the universe,space and it has very good graphics and attractive symbols like planets and cards symbols!

I played this slot about 30 minutes and my account balance reached 17 euro from the starting balance of only 3 euro!I decided to stop here and use the money that I won to make some football bets!

Big Bang isn’t a slot that you can use to complete some wagering requirements or to make some nice money,big wins lets say!

In my opinion this slot is just for fun and it is good if you don’t have so much money to play on a bigger stake! I will try to tell my opinion about this slot from Netent,I will give a 9 for the graphics and look,for the payout rate I will give only 8 and that’s because it has no special features and you cant win very much from the progressive multiplier!
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