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Koi Princess Slot NetEnt

Koi Princess is 5 reels and 20 pay-lines video slot powered by Net Entertainment software. This feature-packed slot is inspired with the Oriental culture. The slot has an anime vibe, and the reels are set against the background of an oriental landscape, with a temple looming in the distance, and a girl standing beside the reels. Give this fun slot a spin here for free or visit any of the NetEnt Casinos if you wish to play for real money.

Before you hit this oriental reels, you need to set your bets. Coin denominations go from 0.01 to 1, and can be set by arrows in "Coin Value" section. In "Level" tab, you can set the number of coins per line. By clicking on "Max Bet" you will set the maximum bet available. "Spin" button is represented as the two circular arrows, and it will set the reels in motions, and "Autoplay" will turn the reels automatically for a chosen number of times without interruption. "Bonus Bet" activates a bonus bet which increases your chances of winning a bonus feature or a random feature.

Random features include: 5-hit, Random Wilds, Wild Reels and Bonus Game activation. If you activate 5-hit feature you will get awarded with 1 spin with a guaranteed 5-symbol win with a random symbol, and bet line. Random Wild feature awards the player 1 spin with 4 to 9 overlay Wilds placed randomly on reels. Wild Reels awards 1 spin where 2 to 5 random reels will be covered with overlay Wild symbols. The Bonus Activation awards 1 spin where 3 Bonus symbols are presented with 1 Bonus Feature randomly awarded.

Three Bonus feature appearing on reel 1, 3 and 5 award a random Bonus Feature. If 2 Bonus symbols are on the reels after a spin concludes, a third bonus symbol can be nudged on the reels from outside. A bonus feature can be awarded subsequently by the awarding of a random feature. 

Sure Win bonus feature the player is awarded with 10 spins. During this feature the win for each spin will be at least the same as the largest amount won during Sure Win session, except for the first spin where the sure win is the amount wagered by the player.

Wild Reels Free Spins bonus feature awards the player with 10 spins. During this feature, for each spin between 1 and 5 random reels will be covered with overlay Wilds. Their amount and/or position can be re-drawn after each spin.

Bonus Wheel feature gives the player a chance to win coins and activate 2 other bonus feature Free Spins game modes. The wheel has 3 tiers, and each of them is divided into 12 locations, and you need to click on the dice to move around the wheel. Symbols on Bonus Wheel includes: start, x1 (when Bonus Bet is active), x2, x3, x5, double up, collect, arrow, wild reels free spins, sure win free spins and jackpot coin win.

Coin Win Bonus feature awards the player with an instant coin win, just as the name of the feature suggests.

Game Play

Coin Value: Set the coin denominations. 
Bet Max: Set the highest bet possible. 
Level: Set the number of coins per line. 
Spin: Start the game. 
Bonus Bet: Activates bonus bet.
Auto Play: Turn the reels without interruption for a certain number of times.

Play game
Software NetEnt
Slot Type Video slots
RTP Unknown
Special feature Wild Scatter Free Spins
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Koi Princess Slot Reviews by Players


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WaroftheGods 35 reviews
Reviewed on October 11, 2018


The several bonus that you come across in Netents Koi Princess is awesome, the koi fish can pop up randomly giving you a choice to pick one of the 3, in which each of them hold one out of a possible 4 different bonuses.Or you can get lucky and land the scatter bonus by landing a dragon on reels 1, 3 , 5. You get the bonus wheel that multiples your water amount and ultimately you could get free spins on top of that, there is also the stacked symbols of the koi princess you can land for some massive wins.


I dislike nothing about this game, it's my favourite, if you haven't tried it yet I recommend doing so.
LeoDubbed 176 reviews
Reviewed on April 26, 2017


Manga is a part of Japanese culture. It's also one of best watched genre in Japan but it's not unknown for the rest of the world. For once, I watch manga more than I watch animation from Pixar or Disney. The difference between manga and animation is that manga is more artistic, no computer was used during the drawing (only paper and pencil). I have great respect for manga creators.

Koi Princess is a cartoonish game from NetEnt, as you can guess from the title and layout of the game, it has a Japanese style but the audio also gave it away. It is a very fun game and it's the second game from NetEnt that has optional extra feature. The first one was Alien Robots and I love that game. By turning on the extra feature, it increases the chance of the bonus feature being triggered which could be an advantage for players but extra doesn't mean it's free. As soon the extra feature turned on, the stake doubled instantly but the payout will stay the same. I think it's doesn't improved the chance of winning at all. It's a sort of a saving system that would be returned when the bonus round is triggered.

However, it's a great concept and I did used it a few times, only when bonus money is involved. Furthermore, I love the characters of the game, that's including the happy faced fishes and the crazy looking dragon. The best thing about Koi Princess is the bonus wheel feature. I honestly managed to reach the highest prize once. Of course it's hard to win that goes without saying. I also managed to get to the top of the Steam Tower and reached also grandmother's house in Fairytale Legends : Red Riding Hood.

The not so good thing about this game is the max win, it's not Dead or Alive, which max payout could be ridiculously huge but Koi Princess is still a fun game to play, it brings a little bit of Japan into your home. A little advise though, if you decide to play with extra feature turned on, don't play with a high stake.
LilianInThaHouse 657 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Reviewed on February 1, 2017


Koi Princess sounds so gentle as for video slot game and it was another releases adedd to NetEnt game portfolio,last year in October-November. In this game Koi will come out of the water and you will see waterfalls all over around. If 2 Koi princess symbols appear, you will be offered to pick up your prize and see what's hidden behind. I won hits on the wheel but can't remember of how many. I played really long time ago and enjoyed this girlish game but I think guys could like it too.

Koi Princess have many features to offer.It's a 5 reels and 20 pay-lines video slot and you can play it as for 0.20 euro cents . There are Wild Reels, random Wilds , Free Spins feature and few more waiting on you to unlock it if you get lucky. I placed minimum bets and can't recall whether I activated Free Spins or not, but I managed to unlock Free Spins feature. I will not say it was my disappointment as I played only few times, but I won like 10 euros on my 0.40 bet size. Nothing but better tht then nothing. I definitely everyone stop complaining after only few sessions, no matter what game is, give it a serious try and then talk. I like this Asian inspired game but it's not easy trying out all these newest releases, plus the games you like and the games you love to play and wish to try out. Correct me if I am wrong.

Let me say that this game pretty unique features which will add special emotions and excitement that you won't find no where else but only in Koi Princess. Head up for original idea and the effort they put in while creating this great themed slot. I like when slot looks like original and Koi Princess surely is. It is worth trying and fun to play.
hajnrih 1379 reviews
Reviewed on September 30, 2016


Koi Princess is a video slot game from NetEnt with 8 features in total. This is probably the most feature rich game that they have produced. This is an amazing slot with Oriental and Japanese theme which offers lots of diversity. I have played this game numerous times and the outcome is always different.

Koi Princess is a 5 reels and 20 pay lines video slot game. There are 4 random features and they are as follows: Wild Reels Random Feature is the one that I was getting most of the times where you get one free spin and between 4 and 9 wilds. The next one is the 5 Hit Random Feature where you get 1 spin with a 5 of a kind win, but this win can be of weaker symbols so do not expect much. The Wild Reels Random Feature is also one that I was getting most of the times too and this is where you get 1 spin where between 2 and 5 reels become whole wild. The sad truth here is that I never got more than 2 wild reels, and every time the fifth reel becomes whole wild and I was getting nothing at all. The last one is the Bonus Activation Random Feature where you get 1 spin where you get 3 bonus features and only one will be activated. I never managed to get this feature though.

Probably the best part in this game is the Sure Win Free Spins feature. This is where you get 10 free spins and lots of wilds. During the first 5 spins you get a random wild on the first, third or the fifth reel. Then, after the fifth reel the wilds are added on the third, fourth and fifth reel. The highest amount that I have won during this feature was around 100 x bet. What comes as a surprise is that this feature can be triggered easily and to me it is the one that is the most rewarding.
Inactive user
Reviewed on August 22, 2016


Koi Princess, the video slot making entertainment look like a 30 minute fire works show! The Chinese/Japanese themed slot containing 20 paylines speaks many different features, at different levels of winnings and can entertain me for around 2 hours or more! What I love about Koi Princess are the anime designs involving the Koi Princess on the left, blinking & having her hair blown slightly by the wind! In Koi Princess there were many mixed feelings on the features and why placing bonus bets were indeed a must! This is to ensure that if the slot becomes dead for a certain amount of time, a chance of being given a random mini feature can occur rather than "getting a losing spin".

With the bonus bet activated on $1.60 total bet, it took 8 spins for me to land 3 bonus dragon symbols for the bonus wheel before I had something "random" going on. As they landed, I spun the wheel and hoped my feature would not be the coin win, that is by far the worst to get but being it as it was very close to landing on it I had the bonus wheel for credits. In this bonus, it is a lot better than the coin win because there are 1x and 2x prizes per roll of the dice plus an increase slab and an arrow to advance deeper into the wheel. I know that once I reach the second sector of the wheel, it usually lands on a collect and it is rare for me to even advance further! I won $29.20, not too shabby for hitting it 8 spins from the start.

The random mini feature that has the bonus bet in gave me a chance for Wild Reels, the 5 of a Kind win of a random symbol generated by the symbol wheel, random wilds or an entry into the real bonus! All I did was choose 1 of the 3 Koi fish to get one! I might think but not sure if this extra bonus bet counts for that last bonus symbol nudging back and forth if the bonus scatters land on Reel 1 and 3 (or any other 2 bonus dragon combinations) after a suspenseful roundabout with the last bonus on Reel 5 has part of it sticking out to to make a teaser of whether or not the last scatter will land or will just go up or down on it's position!

If I had to choose one great feature to play it is the Sure win Free spins!!!! For every new win on any spin it will pay that much on the next spin while giving an extra spin for every time this happens!! If I had a losing spin, it will give me the current win. (Ie. current win is $15, it will give this regardless of the spin unless there is a bigger win than $15 then it pays that throughout the free spins). Koi Princess for a Netent slot has qualified to be a well entertaining video slot, it deserves a recognized 9.7 out of 10!
raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
Reviewed on August 17, 2016


When I received some free spins on this game from Stan James recently I was surprised to find it was actually a NetEnt game as I had been sure Microgaming released this maybe a year back - turns out I was confusing it with "Lucky Koi", which is also a great game.... but not as much as fun as this one!

Yes, I don't often compare a NetEnt game with one from Microgaming and end up preferring the NetEnt creation but that's exactly what happened here and I've been playing this game every week recently. The five free spins I received from Stan James won me around £9 but I ended up going on to play for the entire evening with that money, managing to beat the 30x wagering requirement - something that doesn't happen very often at all with Stan James not least because they restrict you to playing the same game until you convert your balance to cash and you need a whole truck load of luck to wager the winnings from five free spins 30x and still have something left over no matter which slot you might be playing!

Koi Princess features several bonuses and most of them have great winning potential! There are bonus symbols on reels 1, 3 and 5 which can trigger either the "Sure Win Free Spins" or "Wild Reels Free Spins", both of which are fairly self explanatory. As you might expect the wild reels option has the highest win possibilities and it is even possible to get all five reels wild in this mode for a maximum win on all 20 paylines at once.

My favourite features are randomly activated though after any spin, a bonus wheel appears at the bottom of the reels and will choose one of four features when you hit the stop button. It's possible to enter the free spins bonus from here, random wilds can be added to the reels or you can be awarded a guaranteed five of a kind of a random symbol. I seem to be incredibly lucky with this one and very often manage to choose either the princess symbol or the wild, and it's great to watch these symbols being added to the reels knowing your about to receive a great win after the disappointment of a losing spin!

Base game payouts are quite small but that's okay with me as so much of the games RTP is obviously tied up in the wide range of different features, and the wild reel bonuses make it possible to win on a large number of paylines at once. Koi Princess has become one of my favourite games in a very short period of time and I love the fact it shows NetEnt still have the ability and desire to create great paying, fun games that also have their trademark first class presentation... now, if only they would do it more regularly!
Fiekie247 1106 reviews
South Africa
Reviewed on June 30, 2016


Koi princess is another slot from Netent with many and I mean many bonus features. This 20 payline slot has the potential of giving big wins, provided you place big bets, but I would say that this game manages your balance nicely.

You do not win often during the base game, but if you have bonus bet active on average every 50 spins you will trigger a random bonus. There were times when I didn't get the random triggered bonus after 100 spins and there were times when the bonus were triggered on my very 1st spin and another 10 spins later another bonus was triggered. But in my opinion the bonus bet is really unnecessary and cost a lot of money. I prefer the bonus bet that NextGen provides, because it’s a portion of your total bet and not the same amount as your total stake.

There are four random features that appear in Koi Princess and each possesses its own super power. The 5-Hit symbol awards players with one free spin that includes a guaranteed five symbol win with a random symbol. The random wild will play a free spin with a few overlay wilds placed randomly on the reels. The wild reels feature ensures that any number from two to five of your reels is covered with overlaying wilds and bonus activation.

The bonus activation feature can be triggered during the random features or when 3 bonus symbols lands on reels 1, 3 and 5. This bonus game can give you cash prizes and trigger the 2 free spins games namely sure win free spins and wild reels free spins features. The Bonus Wheel is a 3 tiered wheel with multiple prizes, arrows and collect. Roll the dice to move around the wheel collecting prizes. Look out for the arrow symbol as this moves you inwards to the next wheel with bigger prizes on offer, but the closer you get to centre the more collect signs appear on the wheel. During this bonus feature you can also trigger the sure wins free spins feature.

Overall this is a nice slot, but I didn’t enjoy it. I only get some entertainment and excitement during the bonus rounds and I prefer to have some fun during the base game as well. This game focuses more on the bonuses it has to offer.
Afi4wins 2063 reviews
Reviewed on May 5, 2016


Now who is that bee-you-tiful sweet little princess? She is Koi, a Princess from...err...somewhere, but I don't know where, but must be a faraway land, or maybe even from a mythical land, who knows! But she's a damn cute Asian-looking Princess, isn't she? Yep! That I can agree on, hehehe. A beautiful lady, or girl, or princess, always make her game more exciting to play, right guys? Ah-hah, you see...even the ladies are nodding their heads! Hahaha.

First of all, before you even start playing this game, you must decide whether to activate that Bonus Bet option or not. What it does is to double all chances of getting wins, double the chances of features, but double your losses too! That's because your bet per spin is doubled too! If you like it, you can use it. If you don't like it, like me, you can just ignore it. To me, this Bonus Bet thing is just a tricky ploy to make you lose faster! Do you think any game provider would actually want you to win twice as much or twice as fast? No way Jose! Sorry darling, just have to borrow your favourite line! Hehehe.

I do like the 4 random features available in this Koi game, namely, the 5-Hit, the Random Wilds, the Wild Reels and the Bonus Game. The 5-Hit 1-spin feature game guarantees a 5-of-a-kind win, but these are mostly small wins, I must admit. Only rarely can you get nice big wins. The Random Wilds 1-spin feature game can give you from 4 up to 9 random Wilds onto the reels. This can be real nice, if you're lucky enough. The Wild Reels 1-spin feature game, which is probably the best among the 4 feature games, can provide you from 2 up to 5 reels of fully stacked Wilds! So, imagine getting 5 reels of these fully stacked Wilds, and you'll be jumping up and down like a crazy monkey, or like a mad kangaroo, hahaha.

The 4th feature game, the Bonus Game, is actually more like a free spins game, with 4 different feature games available, and one will be awarded through a spin of the Bonus Wheel. The Sure Win free spins game provides 10 free spins with guaranteed wins on every spin. The Wild Reels free spins game provides 10 free spins with 1 to 5 reels having random Wilds. The Coin Win game awards coin wins. The Bonus Wheel game has 3 tires on the wheel, giving coin wins, multipliers, a Wild Reels feature game, a Sure Win feature game, and of course, a 'collect' symbol, to end the Bonus Game.

Wow! How many features does all that add up to? I'm too lazy to count, but I sure do know that this Koi Princess is so generous in giving away gifts, presents, coins and whatnots! It's simply of how lucky you can get with this bee-you-tiful princess, and also a matter of how much she likes you, or even loves you! Hehehe. For me, I guess she doesn't like me, yet. Don't ask me why, I can only look at the sky!


What can I ever dislike about any beautiful princess? Nothing! Except for the game, that is. As good as the game Koi Princess appears to be, not everything that glitters is gold! The paytable is low, most payouts are low and I can't even get any blardy good show, so far that is, if you must know! Hehehe.
Inactive user
Reviewed on May 4, 2016


Koi Princess slot was released on 24th November 2015. This slot was released just after Pyramid Quest for Immortality, and frankly speaking, I like both of these slots. If you expect to see princess in her castle waiting on the prince on the white horse to takes her forever, then you are wrong. Koi isn’t such a princess. Koi fights and she fights for features and bonus games.

Koi, or Nishikigoi, are actually ornamental varieties of the domesticated common carp, kept for decorative purposes in outdoor koi ponds or in water gardens. 3 Kois will come out of the water, surrounded with waterfalls in this slot, and you will be offered to pick it up and reveal your prize. My prize was 5 hits on the wheel, that also came out of the water, and on the last stop, wild symbols came out, firstly giving a BIG WIN, and while the magic was happening, golden coins started spreading all over the screen and a SUPER MEGA WIN came as the final prize! I won 8 Euros on my 0.20 Euro bet size!

Koi Princess is the first of its kind when it comes to Manga, which are comics created in Japan, so we finally get to know what Manga means, and this was the first time that NetEnt used Manga for creating new games. Manga have a long and complex history in ancient Japanese art. Japan is one of my must visit countries, just like Koi Princess should be a must try slot too for all ladies. Yes, it does look girlish, and that might be the reason why the male population didn’t pay much attention to this entertaining and really very exciting slot.

Unfortunately, as for the paytable, I must state that it is really poor, so don’t be surprised if this slot eats all of your balance, because the maximum win of 500x the line bet is only possible if you can collect 5 WILD symbols on a payline, which is very hard to get. No matter the poor paytable, I truly like this Koi Princess slot and I will continue to play it. For those who haven’t yet tried this game, I can recommend it, and everyone should at least give this game a try!
winningfly 283 reviews
Reviewed on November 30, 2015


Koi princess is newest game made by Net entertainment. This game was released about week ago, and of course iIalready tried this awesome looking slot. I am always happy to try new Netent releases, because there is a lot of fun and new feelings.

First of all, this game looks outstanding. One of the best looking game by Netent made this year. Absolutely nice graphic, sounds, and nice theme. All symbols are colorful, and I really love it. I am pretty happy that it is one of the last releases this year, and Netent make something looking bright, nice, and not dark. Good job and thumbs up.

First interesting thing, which about I was curious - it is some kind of bonus bet here. You can activate it, but it will double your bet. So if you activate it - your minimum stake will be 0.40, which is quite solid. Also it is increase chance to get bonus feature, but I have no idea how it is increase it.

There is two different in game features - first one it is three bonus symbols on reels 1 3 5, when you get it - you got feature. Second one is with fishes, and it is triggered by random. It then allows you to choose one of three fishes and get special feature. There can be guaranteed 5 of a kind win, also there can be bonus trigger, random wilds, or random wild reels. Worst pick is 5 of a kind trigger, but it is most common one.

Bonus feature is awesome, there is few different features, including sure win freespins, wild reels freespins, also bonus wheel, and coin win. Coin win is worst feature per my opinion, I got it once and won only 40 x stake.

I love this game, it is outstanding. I played it and lost on it about 200 euros already, but I will still play it, and will be happy to play again. Interesting slot, interesting potential, very interesting features.

I rate this game with 10 stars.


Awesome new game by Netent, what bad things there can be? Nothing.

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