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Treasure Island Slot is currently available only in free play mode in your country.

Treasure Island Slot

Treasure Island is 5 reels and 40 pay-lines video slot powered by Quickspin software provider. This slot is inspired with Pirates and Pacific islands. Top notch graphics and plenty of bonus features can be found in this slot. The slot has somewhat cartoonish look, and the reels are set against the tropical island backdrop. Give this slot a spin here for free or visit Quickspin Casinos to play for real money.

Before you embark on one of these ships, you should adjust your betting range. By clicking on "Total Bet" button you can set the coins denomination which ranges from 0.50 to 100. By clicking on "Autoplay" you will set the reels turning automatically without interruption for a chosen number of times. Just above autoplay button you will see "Spin" button which will set the reels in motion.

This slot contains stacked Wilds. Wild symbol is a Treasure Chest and it substitutes for all symbols except Bonus Scatter symbol, and Barrel Wild symbol. Also, for 5 of these symbols on an active pay-line you can get 500 coins.

Compass is the Bonus Scatter pick symbol, and if you land 3 or more of them you will trigger the bonus game. This is a mini game where you need to pick one of the Scatters to trigger either an instant win. You can win either free spins or Treasure Hunt Bonus.

Pirate Attack feature is triggered by hitting 2 or more Barrel Wild symbols. Here, the pirate ship shoots 2 or 3 cannonballs which create Wild symbols on the reels. If a cannonball hits a barrel wild, the barrel explodes and adds more Wild symbols on the reels. Barrel Wild symbols substitutes for all symbols except for the Bonus Scatters. Exploded barrel symbols substitute for all symbols except Bonus Scatter and Barrel Wild symbol.

Free Spins feature is triggered from the Bonus Scatter pick feature. The number of free spins awarded and the features enabled in this round, are determined by the Island Hop Bonus Game. Only one feature can be added per free spins round.

 Island Hop Bonus is a feature where you need to click on the islands to receive awards such as free spins, instant wins, and extra features that are enabled in free spins. Extra features include extra wilds, super wilds and locking barrel explosions.

Locked Barrel Wilds are locked for the duration of Free Spins. This Wild substitutes for all symbols. Extra Wilds include Jim Hawkins, Long John Silver, and Captain Flint. These symbols turn to Extra Wilds only for the duration of free spins. Super Wilds are treasure chests and they are added to Stacks of Wilds. These symbols substitute for all except Barrel Wild.

Treasure Hunt feature is triggered from the Bonus Scatter Pick. Here, you will get a map with 5 Xs and you need to choose between them. There are 2 shovels to use for digging, and all picks award instant winnings. If you find the treasure spot you will get to choose between 3 chests for an extra big reward. Treasure hunt ends when you use both of your shovels.

Game Play

Total Bet: Change the coins size.
Spin: Start the game.
Auto Play: Turn the reels without interruption for a certain amount of times.

Treasure Island Slot Reviews by Players


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Fiekie247 237 reviews
South Africa
Treasure Island is powered by Quickspin and is a pirate themed slot which I think is based on the tale adventure of Robert Louis Stephenson. This slot comes with free spins, expanding wilds and pick me bonus round feature all for a mere $0.50 per bet.

The game is set in the background of a tropical island, guess this is where the treasures are being hunted on. The card symbols are each set on a map with different locations, wonder what is hidden at those locations lol. The pirates themselves are cartoon images but the graphics look poor and not clear. This looks like a low budget slot lol.

The pirate attack which is triggered when 2 or more Barrel Wilds appear anywhere on the reels. A pirate ship will fire 2 or 3 cannonballs onto the reels. Wherever they land will turn those symbols into wild. If the cannonball lands on a barrel wild, it will explode giving out more wilds and bigger wins.

The bonus scattered pick is triggered when 3 bonus symbols lands on reels 1, 3 and 5.
You choose a bonus scatter which will enable free spins, treasure hunt or coin win. Island hop bonus appear before free spins where you pick island to receive rewards and features like wilds which will be available during the free spins. The pirate attack feature can also be triggered during free spins.

Treasure hunt bonus is a pick me feature where 5 locations are on the map and you have 2 shovels. Some location reveals an instant cash win and a specific location has a treasure hidden, which has an extra big reward inside.
I do not like this game much as fun as it sounds. This game payout ratio is poor, wins are not often, even if you win with a few wilds, it's very little. Triggering the bonus feature can be difficult as well as the pirate attach feature. Graphics are very poor and this is the lowest quality slot I have seen so far from Quickspin.
Icymod 758 reviews
Treasure Island is the name, finding treasure and free spins is the name of the game!! It is a 40 paylines video slot that costs a minimum $0.50 bets which I find strange. This should be equalized in value for $0.40 unless if I am missing a certain detail. Gosh this video slot is soo sexy......every time I find it I play it right away!! On $0.50 bets it is hours of fun and piles of wins, I would be majorly surprised by the amount of wilds that are in the main game.

What makes Treasure Island so much fun are these TNT barrel wilds that when two appear in any combination of reels 1, 3 or 5, an animation can be shown from the pirate ship in the background to fire the cannons! If these TNT wilds are blasted by the incoming cannon balls, they explode to scatter wilds around it or make a vertical line! If not, then the spot shot is turned into a single wild! These and the stacked golden treasure chest wilds combined make the big wins.....$0.50 got me $21.37 big win. This is considered just a small big win whereas there are bigger wins to find.......more wilds mean more dangerous loot!!!

The next thing, one that teases me the most, are these compass scatters, well-known to be masters of trickery for their inappearances. Reels 1, 3 and 5 summons this bonus from the seas and grants a chance of water splashing Free spins.....where it is also a picking feature for free spins and extra wild rewards.....the best kind, the bonus round where 2 picks are awarded for digging treasure in certain holding a chance for a large Chest prize! Finally, the worst of it's kind....getting bonus credits which I try to avoid as it is a measly 2x or over my triggering bet and ends where I picked this! Thar she blows arg!

Now don't get me wrong at all, I am not limited on just $0.50, $1 is my primary bet whereas the winds of chance tie to my $2.50 swirl to a vacuum to collect a vast win of $256 during free spins! Getting the Super wilds and landing these stacked wilds make this game worth playing!!!! Super wilds, locked wilds and extra wilds are random in free spins......sooo superb in pays, a treasure hunt bonus and a TNT barrel wild mini feature for improved cannon blasting wins!! An appreciative 9 out of 10!!!
Compasses can be quite the teaser on the 5th reels and once they all hit, I have to make sure my single pick throughout the 3 compasses lands on a bonus....if it doesn't then I lost my efforts and money chasing the feature thinking it is the free spins or the bonus round. Make that 1 compass pick count!!! The bonus round is simple fair.
zerooo 742 reviews
Do you like searching for treasure? Here at this game, at Treasure Island you can find it. But i don't think you can find really big one. I tried it, I found something in one of my session, but winnings were all below x100 bet size.

Treasure Island is 40 payline video game from QuickSpin software provider. I mostly don't like to play their games, but I try to play them sometimes. Here at this game you can find a lot of wild symbols, and I was disappointed about payouts. I expected more, I still don't get used to Quickspin games with payouts.

Bonus scatter pick is main ˝thing˝ at this game. When you have three bonus scatters you have to pick one of the scatters. You can trigger a coin win, free spins or Treasure hunt bonus. I hate when I choose coin wins, I had it at least 4 times and the payouts were poor. Treasure hunt bonus is bonus where you have to pick two places on the map and with a little of luck you can find the feature. I never got the best payout prize, most of the time I ended around x5 bet.

The free spins are much more better, because before the start you have to pick islands to receive awards. This could be extra free spins, coins wins and extra feature such as: extra wilds, super wilds and locking barrel explosions. I had only once free spins, I had two extra wild symbols but the payout was poor at the end.

There is also pirate attack feature during base game, when two or more barrel wild symbols came into reels. The pirate ship shoots 2 or 3 sanonballs which create wild symbols. This feature appear quite often and also here the payouts are not so good.

Otherwise I think this game could be fun, because it offer a lot of different features.
I don't like it so much, because of payouts. I expected much more better payout when I had a lot of wilds symbols. And the fact that the paytable is set lower into free spins than into base game is also ridiculous. I don't like this fact and because of that I will rate it with 5 stars.
paquito76 867 reviews
Treasure Island what anything else can be with a name like this than a Pirate themed slot but this time a not so well-known developer, Quickspin can show us what they’ve got can do with this great subject. At first sight the appearance of the game is very promising as we can see a well-designed interface with proper colours used and great looking symbols. Though the background image is not too captivating because of the little poor graphics but because the slot uses 4 horizontal rows instead of the traditional 3 row format our focus is on the reel area and there’s no much space for the supplementary pictorial elements to express its effects, but this time it is not a bad thing.

Perhaps, the developer also just concentrated on making impressive game emblems as they show improved and much better graphics qualities and they’re also imaginative works too, like the card symbols which got a little map decorations behind and my favourite the Skull Pirate which is a very great and little bit deterring figure. Of course there are other pirate symbols (even women pirate), treasure chests, barrels, compass, explosive but there are two character the little boy and old man which I think don’t really fit neither to other symbols nor the style of the game. Exchange them to my favourite parrot and ship wheel or anchor symbols would have been better idea. Anyway, I’m impressed of how this game looks like and what it brings to the table visually and I find this product as a good representative of its theme.

Though the game is 40-payline slot but we must stake additional 20 coins over 40 coins for the features the game offers. There are many of them making the game interesting and very entertaining at the same time. The slot uses two different kind of Wild from which the Treasure Chest Wild has got own paying ability up to 500 times of line bet but it may appear on the reels in stacked format giving more chance for winning combinations to be completed, the other substituting icon is the TNT Wild which basically is a little bonus game and triggered by 2 or 3 such appearing icons anywhere on the reels. Then the reels area become transparent - expect the triggering symbols – revealing the pirate ship in the background then the ship shoots 2 or 3 cannonballs to the reels and where it bangs that position becomes Wilds but when it hits the original, triggering emblem other 2 or 3 symbols next to it transform into Wild. There’s no surprise after the shoots there are other 5 or 7 pictograms on the reels will be Wilds (or even more if the other Wild also appears during that spin) and when all symbols become visible again we get paid according to the new layout with newcomer Wilds.

3 Compass, bonus icons on the first, third and last reels trigger the bonus round then we have to select one of the activating Compasses on the screen to reveal the kind of bonus which can be instant cash prize, free spins or entry to Treasure Hunt bonus game. The instant cash prize is not too tempting as it is rarely more than x5-x10 of total bet and I’m also not a fan of bonus game where a secondary screen is introduced symbolizing a little island where the pirates’ treasures are hidden and marked with red X’s (5 locations) and we have to select 2 of them and dig there for instant cash prizes but we can find the best one which gives us a chance to select from three treasure chests for bigger prizes.

The best feature without a question is the free spin session. First we go to the Island Hop bonus where we can see 16 little island and have to select them one after the other and they reveal either instant cash prizes, Extra Wilds, Super Wilds, Locked Barrel Wilds or additional free spins until Start free spin label is found. If we find the Extra Wilds island, 3 symbols become Wilds during free spins, Super Wilds meaning more Wilds are added to the stacks of Wilds, Locked Barrels Wilds giving an option if the Pirate Attack feature is triggered during extra game the transformed Wilds there remains Wilds on the reels till the bonus lasts and naturally the free spins giving island increase the number of free spins which normally contains 6 spins.

I like this free spin feature the most and it gives the best result but the most I could collect during my best run here was around 75 times of my total bet. Generally, the game as I’ve said entertaining and doesn’t allow too much spins without wins and I think this is what I really love in this game and what I can appreciate because most of the features, most of the add-ons and the usual normal gameplay successes don’t reward too well. Perhaps there were 3 or 4 times when I could finish my play session with somewhat satisfying feeling regarding to the prizes I collected but most occasions this slot is not too open-handed and not too much profitable.

Considering all of pros and contras, I still think this is basically a good products which guarantees that you won’t be bored here, make your play sessions enjoyable ones and creates a quite respectable visual world for its theme but don’t expect it to make you rich or hand over some very big wins because based on my experience with the game this product simple isn’t able to do that.
Raptordinos 866 reviews
"Treasure Island" is an enchanting slot developed by the company "Quickspin" inspired by the pirate war environment and designed with simple and perhaps not very striking images, but it is well known that there is a huge amount of fans of items related stories about pirates and Quickspin has simply decided to exploit that fact with this slot, and it would not be the only one, since all the companies I know dedicated to the development of slot's software, have at least one slot of pirates in its portfolio. The format of this slot machine is 4 x 5 reels, a format that certainly is becoming more popular every day and certainly I also like this characteristic so much. The number of lines is 40 and in Treasure Island is necessary to pay the equivalent to 10 lines additional to the standard payment to qualify for the feature.

Hitting average during the base game is quite high, mainly because there are two types of wild symbols, the first is represented with a treasure chest and the second with a barrel of TNT floating on water, both function as substitute for standard symbols, but differ primarily in the fact that wild chest usually appears stacked and Barrel is used to trigger the "Pirate Attack" feature which is required to appear at least 2 wilds with barrels at any position on the reels, then a boat Pirate starts bombing the symbols of our slot, and two or three bullets are able to convert about 3 to 6 symbols on new wild symbols.

On the other hand, the player will find a powerful rival in the paytable as those rates contained on it are incredibly tight, so that during the base game we will need to pressure Lady Luck to place our fortune at maximum power, and if this does not work very well, we still have the opportunity offered by the bonus round, the other special feature incorporated in this game and which is activated after achieving three scatters that appear only on reels 1, 3 and 5 and are represented with the image of a compass, once activated you must click on one of the 3 scatters to be awarded either to a small instant prize, a round of free spins or a bonus round where you must choose two points of excavation in search of your great treasure. Of these 3 prizes I prefer the round of free spins, as consider it a round with the greatest potential in all the game thanks to, before starting the spins, you have the chance to get extra free spins, extra wilds, standard symbols converted into wilds and some cash prizes, that can make of your round something fabulous, my bigger prizes were obtained during this round of free games and it was also my way to recover my deficit, although it is true that I am in no position to complain much of this game.

Confess "Tresure Island" has seemed a fun slot for me; however it must be noted that it is a game that requires a lot of patience and capital in order to try getting something useful from it, ahh of course, and good luck too.

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