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Titans of the Sun: Theia

Titans of the Sun: Theia is Microgaming powered video slot with 5 reels and 15 pay-lines. This slot is inspired with the Greek mythology. Two slots of the same character have been released, since the myth concerns a brother and sister. The reels are transparent and set against the backdrop of blue skies and seas lapping at the shores with Greek temples. Give this slot a spine for free on this page or visit Microgaming Casinos to play for real money.

Before you join Theia on this adventure, you should set your bets. By clicking on "Bet" a dropdown will open showing options to set coins size which ranges from 0.01 to 0.20, by clicking on "Coins Size", and "Coins" which is used to set the number of coins per line that you wish to bet. "Spin" will set the reels in motion, and "Autoplay" option is used to turn the reels without interruption for a chosen number of times.

The Wild symbol is the game logo and it substitutes for all the symbols except the scatter, and if you land 5 of them on an active pay-line, you will get awarded with 1200 credits.

The Scatter symbol is represented as the silhouette of a dancing couple. All scatter wins are multiplied by the total bet staked. If you land 3 or more of these you will activate free spins feature. Once you do, you will get 15 free spins, and all wins will be subjected to x2 multiplier.

The Sun is the mystery symbol and it can appear as stacked on the reels. Once they land on the reels they will transform all symbols into one which can result in some big wins once if they match up those already on the reels. During the bas game they can transform into everything except the Wild, and during Free Spins, they can become Wild symbols as well. 

Game Play

Coins Size: Set the coins size.
Coins: Set the number of coins per line.
Spin: Set the reels in motion.
Autoplay: Turn the reels without interruption for a chosen number of times.

Titans of the Sun: Theia Reviews by Players


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Afi4wins 1305 reviews
Well, what can I say when Microgaming released 2 same cloned games, one dedicated to the Titan Hero, the other dedicated to the Titan Heroine, simply because they both make a team and a couple. Hmm, nothing that one single game couldn't do for both, but 2 games add one extra title to their list, making it more, when the list is actually much much less! Something that I cannot buy and do not appreciate nonetheless. This Titans of the Sun: Theia plays with everything identical to the Hyperion version, in terms of the paytable, paylines and game play. If you've played the Hyperion version, then consider yourself having played this Theia version too. The only very slight difference that I could find between the 2 games is in the overall payouts, with Theia giving slightly better payouts than Hyperion.

Briefly, the logo is the Wild symbol, paying 333.3x the total bet for 5 of them, and substitutes for other symbols except the Scatter symbol. The Couple is the Scatter symbol, paying 100x the total bet for 5 of them, and getting 3 or more Scatters trigger 15 free spins without any multiplier, but the Free Spins game can be retriggered. The Mystery symbol is stacked on the reels, both in the base game and during the free spins, and can transform into any high or low symbol in the base game, including into Wild symbols during the free spins. Theia is also stacked on all reels, paying 133.3x the total bet for getting 5 of her, whilst the other symbols pay from 66.6x to 4x the total bet for 5 of each kind. A good paytable, identical to Hyperion's.
Whilst the 2 paytables of Theia and Hyperion may be identical, the gameplay itself varies ever so slightly. The Mystery symbols still tend to land on the wrong reels most of the time, similarly with Theia's stacked symbols too, but the payouts that I managed to get from Theia's Free Spins games were slightly better and slightly higher. At least I could get 2 payouts of about 35x my bet amount each, which I couldn't get at all with Hyperion. Nonetheless, both games still couldn't impress me enough, nor give me satisfactory payouts.
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
No matter the software provider, when I see an ancient theme, I am eager to find out more and to start spinning immediately. In Classical Greek mythology, the Titans and Titanesses were members of the second generation of divine beings, descending from the primordial deities and preceding the Olympian deities. This time Microgaming came up with a Greek mythology theme. In Greek mythology, Theia, sometimes rendered Thea, Théa or Thia, also called Euryphaessa 'wide-shining', is a Titaness. The name Theia alone means simply 'goddess' or 'divine'. Theia brings overtones of extent and brightness. Her brother/consort is Hyperion, a Titan and god of the sun, and together, they are the parents of Helios (the Sun), Selene (the Moon), and Eos (the Dawn). Microgaming released Titans of the Sun Hyperion and if you like to give it a try, go for it.

I don't believe in goddesses but I love reading and learning about them. This is a 5-reels 15-paylines video slot with a minimum starting bet only 0.15 cents per spin. Theia symbol is stacked on all reels. A Stacked Mystery symbol can turn into any symbol during the base game. In the Free Spins, it can turn into Wilds as well. 3 or more Scatters will trigger 15 free spins with a 2x multiplier, and additional free spins can be won. I haven't triggered the Free Spins game unfortunately, and I was mostly collecting small wins during my session. The most disappointing fact is the paytable. If you manage to collect 5 Scatters you get only 30x the total bet win. This is pathetic. Titans of the Sun is the Wild symbol which substitute for all symbols and carry a maximum payout of only 40x total your bet size. Now it becomes perfectly clear that except for the beautiful theme, attractive symbols and soundtrack, there is nothing big to chase here. This is another game which literally pays nothing nor is there any possibility of winning anything decent. Frequent minor wins are possible but it ain't worth your time and money.
stars_cream 160 reviews
Titans of the Sun: Theia is a rather new slot from microgaming. It has theme from the Greek Mythology and it also has a twin brother slot Titans of the Sun: Hyperion which may seem like the same slot but there are many differences. The graphics on this slot are decent, nothing too fancy.

Titans of the Sun: Theia has 15 pay lines with minimum bet 0.15 so I play it usually when I have low balance in order to win something big and boost my balance. It has few symbols which is very good, as it only 3 high paying symbols, 5 letters, a wild and scatter. The high paying symbols can be stacked during base game. The pay table in my opinion is rather poor as the best paying symbol 5 wilds pay only 20 when you play with minimum bet and I believe that Hyperion has better pay table.

This slot has a very nice feature that adds excitement to the player, it has mystery stacked symbols, the sun symbol which can transform to any high or low paying symbol. During the free spins it also transforms into wild. This feature can be very annoying on the other hand when I hit one out of ten the correct symbol to win something.

3 or more scatter symbols award 15 free spins which have a multiplier of 2, which I find very good but on Hyperion there is not such multiplier. Also the free spins can be retriggered. The free spins on this slot, I think is hard to get and when they come they usually pay 30 to 60 times my bet which I find nice.

I have been playing a lot these twin slots lately and at one of my latest sessions I won 400 times my bet during free spins on this lot and I was not even a full screen of the Theia symbol so I believe it has bigger winnings potential which I find great.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Titans of the Sun: Theia is a really good slot with frequent wins which gives you some hope but then it takes all your money at the end. At the same time it is very hard to trigger the free spins round and even if you do the payouts are disappointingly low. All the time I was playing with min bet maybe that is why the payouts were so low. The mystery symbol stacked to the reels gives a little anticipation to the game.

Titans of the Sun – Theia is a game that is powered by Microgaming software and it is a 5 reel and 15 pay lines slot. The design of this game is fantastic. The transparent reels are placed on a Mediterranean setting with beautiful Greek temples and the blue sea. The highest paying symbols are Theia, of course, the flaming horse and a fiery bird. The wild in this game is the Titans of the Sun symbol and it substitutes for all other symbols. The sun is a mystery icon. It is stacked on all reels and you will find what symbols are hiding only after they land on the reels. They all transform in one symbol and they will match up with the already existing icons. It is a bit disappointing though, because most of the time the mystery icon hides the playing card symbols which do not pay so much.

3 or more scatters, the silhouettes symbol, trigger the free spins feature. You get 15 free spins with the possibility to retrigger them if you get 3 or more scatters during the free spins feature. The payouts are not that high. So even if you open the free spins you do not feel any excitement at all. There is another game very similar to this one and in my opinion it is a better version of the Titans of the Sun – Theia slot.
Raptordinos 866 reviews
I think "Titans of the Sun: Theia" is a very exciting game to be a slot with only 15 paylines, this thanks to "Microgaming" has cared enough to create a sense of fair play, so, this slot has endowed with a fairly balanced paytable that includes only 8 standard symbols, 3 high and 5 low symbols, a suitable amount, in my view, for a 15-lines slot; in addition they have been assigned decent prices to higher symbols and prices of low symbols are not so bad; all these numbers already suggest an acceptable hitting average that it is also improved a little more by the inclusion of a wild symbol that can appear on all the reels, it is possible that wild has not seemed too dynamic symbol to me, but it still improves our chances of success.

Moreover the special features included on "Titans of the Sun: Theia" are the real responsible for the flow of adrenaline in players, they are the real attractiveness of this slot since they are the carriers of the keys that open the doors to big wins; "Stacked mystery symbols" has the ability to surprise you at any time both during the base game or during free spins, especially when they hide one of the 3 highest symbols of the game, being its best presentation when hidden symbols are wilds, an event that can only occur during "free games”. Free games cover the rest of the action in this game and they can be reached by getting 3 or more scatters and after their triggering we are entitled to 15 initial free spins that may be re-triggered with the simultaneous appearance of three new scatters; all our profits further during this round are multiplied by 2x, multiplier generous enough in my opinion if we consider the full set of features included into this exciting slot. I think it is worth to say I think that free spins activation happens acceptably often, and in my case, I managed to win about 135 times my total bet during this round.

For all these reasons I consider that "Titans of the Sun: Theia" is an incredibly fun slot with a pretty reasonable potential for profit, able to satisfy both amateurs and serious gamblers.
Titans of the sun: theia it is new microgaming video slot. I have tried it couple of times already at guts and betspin casinos, and generally i think it is probably one of the best microgaming game release of the year, it is really awesome slot game.

This slot looking absolutely awesome and i am happy how microgaming designed this game. Everything is very nice looking, and even sounds is great. Animation is too great. Like i already said, it is really one of the best microgaming releases this year, and i am absolutely happy with it.

There is 15 paylines in this game, and therefore min bet is quite player friednly - only 0.15 per spin. I do like games with such min stake, because it is easy to enjoy them. Also this game have decent potential, so even with low bet like 0.15 you can win some decent money.

There is very interesting base game and freespins feature. And it is thankfully to special symbols which are 'mystery', they can come stacked, and they can appear as any symbol except wild in base game. In freespins such symbols can be also wilds. Payouts in this game is very good, and to trigger freespins you need 3 or more scatters. Freespins will have x 2 multiplier, which give you really awesome chances to win high.

I have played this game couple of times at guts casino, and i was pretty happy with results and with gameplay i get in this slot game. Most payouts are good,5 of a kinds pay decent money, and also freespins feature seems not very hard to trigger. I never had more than 100 x stake wins on this slot game, but i am pretty sure that i will get it in near future, sooner or later. Everything so far is very good with this slot game, and i really like it.

I rate this slot game with 10 stars, it is really awesome release by microgaming.
I have nothing bad to say about this game, it is awesome new release by microgaming.
blondie 1094 reviews
Titans of the Sun Theia is one of the newest Microgaming games and was released only this month. I was a little confused by this release because there are two almost identical games, in one a male character Hyperion is in the lead, but in the other, woman called Theia. It's not a surprise to say that latest Microgaming games have been quite disappointing with low payouts and not interesting themes. This time I am happy to admit that I really like the design and theme for this slot. I can't really describe it, but it reminds me of a fairy tale. It has eagle, horse, letter and Theia symbols and wild that substitutes for all symbols, except scatters.

I've played this game many times now and I have a little mixed feelings about it. The structure of it is very simplistic- it has 5 reels and only 15 paylines and although I like Game of Thrones with 15 lines, with this slot I would have wanted to see more lines, because it seems to be hard to win something decent. As a bonus round it has 15 free spins, which are triggered by 3 or more scatter symbols placed anywhere. And what is disappointing is that the free spins are only twice multiplied. From my experience, it is a little hard to trigger free spins round, but even when you do, it pays very low. I've tried to play with minimum bets, which are 0.15€ per spin, but I think it's really not worth to play with so low bets, my best achievement with them has been 20x bet.

The only thing, except design, that I was fascinated to see, was stacked mystery symbols, it is basically the only thing that makes me excited about this slot. When they appear, they will transform into any high or low symbol, but in free spins, it can also transform to a wild symbol. That for me seems the only way to get a legit win.

Overall I think it is a much better release than other their previous work, but I still am not a fan of this game. Design is great and fresh, but the payouts are low. Stacked mysterious symbols sound great but in reality most of the time they don't make any winning combinations. Free spins could have at least 3x multiplier. Overall I give it 6/10.

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