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Sunny Scoops is 3 reels video slot with 14 pay-lines powered by Thunderkick software. The theme features different flavored scoops of ice cream. Instead of standard reels, this slot features scoops which are dropped on cones. There are differently flavored scoops which include the Chocolate Explosion, Golden Honey, Orange Sunset, Sweet Pearfaction, Blueberry Bite, Strawberry Dream and Coffee Crush. Give this slot a spin here for free or visit Thunderkick casinos to play for real money.

Before hitting these tasty reels you need to set the bet that will suit your needs the best. If you click on "Bet" bar, a black panel will open across the screen showing the wagers you can make, and all you need to do is click on a bet you wish to make. The lowest bet is 0.1 and the highest is 100. By clicking on “Spin” you will start the game. However, for the reels to start spinning automatically without interruption for a presetnumber of times, press “Auto Play”.

This slot does not have wilds norany special symbols but it does have a Bonus Wheel game. This bonus round has two stages and is triggered when you land three scoops of the same flavor on one reel. Once you hit this combo, on the top of that ice cream tower a spinning wheel will appear. When it stops spinning you will be awarded with either 3x, 2x, 5x or 7x multiplier. If you get a food symbol on this spinning wheel, it will trigger the second stage.

Once you trigger the second stage a new themed screen will start and you will receive 10 free spins. The scoops will pile on top of each other after each spin instead of simply swiping sideways, as they tend to do in the base game. With every winning spin you make you'll be awarded with an extra bonus spin and a multiplier will increase by one. If you win more than one set of free spins they will be added together.

Game Play:

Bet: Choose the bet you wish to make.
Spin: Start the game.
Auto Play: Turn the reels without interruption for a certain amount of times.

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raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
Well apparently this is the first ice cream themed game Thunderkick produced and Sunset Delight is the sequel... that seems a little strange to me as this game does seem to have (very slightly) more features, but in all honesty there really isn't a great deal to seperate these two games. Just like Sunset Delight, you have three "reels" in the shape of the ice cream cones and there are seven "flavours" which are the equivalent of the symbols in these games, but this one has 14 fixed paylines rather than the measly five offered by the other game. Which setup you prefer will probably largely depend on personal preference although a full line of the top symbol pays out just 5x your bet this time around rather than 15x, so I think that's an obvious downer right away.

Score a full stack of the same flavour ice cream and you get a shot at a bonus wheel which can award the free spins or a multiplier up to a maximum of 7x for the winning combinations currently onscreen. It's possible to trigger the bonus wheel on all three stacks simultaneously and if your amazingly lucky you can even trigger three sets of free spins from a single spin! I've never even managed two so far myself but I have had two bonus wheels at once a few times which proves it is definitely possible.

The bonus wheel contains two special symbols which match the flavour of the ice cream which triggered the wheel and if you land on these you'll start a special bonus round specific to the triggering flavour. This is a nice touch but as far as I can tell all of the free spin modes are largely the same anyway - winning potential is higher though if it's a higher paying symbol that triggers the bonus but the multiplier you manage to reach by scoring consecutive wins proved much more important to my final result whilst I was playing the game.

Whilst there are obviously a tonne of similarities between these two ice cream games, I have to say I ended up preferring this one overall as the possibility of reaching a big multiplier for every single spin during the feature proved a lot more profitable for me than the possibility of a single up to 100x bonus at the end of the feature. Sure, base game winnings look less according to the paytable but the extra paylines definitely seem to make up for the lower per-line wins, and for me this was definitely the better game.
This ice cream based slot from Thunderkick is one of the weirdest slots I have come across. I do however enjoy this slot but just never thought someone would think of coming up with the idea of creating a slot based on ice cream. With 3 reels, 14 paylines and a generous bonus feature is all you need in this slot.

This slot has no substituting wild or scatter symbols, just ice cream in different colours and different values. The highest paying symbol which is the lemon sorbet flavoured ice cream pays only x5 your bet when landing on a payline, sounds low doesn't it? Well it does sounds low but I think you need to access the bonus feature which is the main attraction and where things get exciting and if you can enter the bonus feature with the highest paying symbol, you can guarantee yourself a minimum of x100 your total bet if this game is in a good mood.

The bonus feature is accessible when landing 3 flavours of the same kind on the same reel/cone. A wheel will then spin above the reel with multipliers and 2 bonus feature icons. You need to land the pin on the bonus feature icon to access 10 free spins. During free spins you will only get the triggered flavoured ice cream along with a lot of vanilla ice cream. You will notice that the ice cream are piled instead of being removed in a winnings combination. This game has a multiplier and increases with every consecutive win and drops if you do not have a win. For example if you have 3 winning spins in a row, the multiplier will go to 3x and you won’t have lost any of your free spins. If the next spin is unsuccessful, the multiplier will reduce by one which will use another free spin starting at the x2 multiplier.

So in my opinion, winnings can you extremely big depending on your bet size. I love this slot and always take my chances. Sometimes getting to the bonus round can take forever though. The graphics are brilliant and colourful which score this game even more points.
Sunny Scoops it is slot game made by Thunderkick. It is very interesting and unique game, unlikely you will find any other game like this, and this is just one of the reasons why you should try this game. At least for fun mode and at least once, just to try it and probably we fans of Thunderkick will have one more adept :)

Game looks unique, and not like other slots. You have 3 reels, 3 rows. And just look how it is presented to players. Absolutely unique way and very beauty. Make me feel that I want to eat ice cream each time, do not play this game if you ice cream lover and do not have some near you. Everything looks perfect, on top level; it is hard to name any other slot which looks better than this. Similar yes, but not better.

There is 14 paylines in this game. And the interesting thing is that payouts calculated even vertically, there are 3 vertical lines. Pretty unique, and also it is required to get 3 same ice cream on vertical line to trigger feature.

Feature is very simple. You have bonus wheel on top of the reel, and it will stop on multiplier or freespins. Multiplier is nothing, up to x 7, and it will not pay good win. You should get freespins; this is where you can get nice money. You awarded 10 freespins for each feature (yes, you can trigger 3 features in same spin, but I am never had even two). With symbols which land vertically you will have freespins with increasing multiplier. Multiplier is infinitive...So you can win any amount of money, I have no idea how biggest win can be.

My best result was 650 bets; I had it when I just started playing this game with highest playing symbol. I upped multiplier on 33x, it was crazy feature. Also I had couple of 100 bets features, but also I had a lot of bad ones, with 5 bets wins. Everything is depends of the symbol which land vertically. If it is good - you could win well, if it is low paying - unlikely you hit huge.

I rate this game with 9 stars.
I took one star because of low payouts. And also I do not like that most times when you get bonus wheel you will land just multiplier.
zerooo 742 reviews
Sunny Scoops from Thunderkick offers you 14 payways with 3 reels and 3 rows. I probably would not played this game, but after I was looking over forums I found this one and I decided to try it out. At first surprised me graphics because I didn't saw any game with graphics like this one.

The game offer different kind of bonus games. There are 7 of them. For each symbol one bonus round feature. When you receive 3 same symbols on any vertical pay line it will activate bonus wheel. The bonus wheel consists of multipliers and game trigger symbol. So you have to received later even this symbol into wheel to start the bonus feature.

Later into bonus game any win will increase the multiplier and grants a respin. Any dead spin will decreases it. I think this is really hard to play it, i never get up to x 3. You must be really lucky to get the best multipliers. While I was playing the main game pays poor, bad. I received sometimes a little higher wins, but this was after I spent a lot of money on it. I think i won't play this game in the future I don't like it at all.
I don't like that the bonus features are hard to trigger. And when I trigger them, many times I received from them only around x 20 bet. I think this is really really bad for this slot. I believe that it could produce some big wins, but most of the time it will paid like x 20, x 50. After some time when I was playing it, it was annoying with all of this ice creams. This made me hungry, but I still played it. Now I think it would be better if I closed the game and went to dinner.
Besides the sudden urge for some ice cream the game Sunny Scoops didn’t do much for me in terms of satisfaction. So far I like the majority of the slots produced by ThunderKick. Each game and concept seems to be different and the entertainment value is often quite high to keep the player amused.

However, in my opinion Sunny Scoops isn’t as good as for instance Arcader or Barbershop. The game itself is inspired by ice cream. The main reel set consists of 3 bottoms of an ice cream with on top of them 3 scoops. The scoops vary with each spin and basically determine whether you have a winning combination or not.

In other words, this game has 3-reels, 3-rows and 14-paylines since it can also pay vertically. Like many other Thunderkick slots the minimum bet is only 10 cents. I played this game on 50 cent bets during one short session. Unfortunately the base game is extremely disappointing since the best win seems to be only 5x bet.

But even that was too much since I often couldn’t get any further than a scoop of chocolate ice cream, which is the lowest paying symbol if I’m not mistaken. There is an additional bonus game though, which can be triggered if you manage to have a winning combination vertically.

During this bonus game where free spins are awarded, re-spins and an increasing multiplier become available, but I believe I didn’t get further than a 2x multiplier. It also took me a while to trigger the bonus game. Not sure what the potential there is, but I didn’t win more than 3 euros (6x bet).

Maybe I haven’t experienced Sunny Scoops’ full potential yet, but losing 50 euros in less than 12 minutes on 50 cent bets wasn’t good value for my money, nor did I have the playtime I wishes to have.
So I definitely will avoid this game in the future.
Bad results, can't really win anything during base game and bonus game seems hard to trigger.
Th3 Runn3R 119 reviews
United States
There's always sunny at Thunderkick's Sunny Scoop.
Sunny Scoop is a typical summer themed video slot. Sun, scoop and a lot of ice creams. Thunderkick is a young and fast upcoming software on the net, of course they have a lot of work to do if they want to get on the same level as his predecessors software's like Williams interactive (WMS), Microgaming, NetEnt and many more.

As we all know Thunderkick has great games and unfortunately also worst games. Personally I find Sunny Scoop one of their best game next to Fruit Warp, Barber Shop, Exploding Skeletons and Birds on a Wire.

I have great experiences playing this game. For once, last summer (2014) I got an email from one of my favorite online casinos regarding 5 free spins (worth of 50 cents) no deposit required. Surprisingly enough the 5 free spins gave me a winning over 20 euro and that's over 200 times bet, you can consider it as a big win. To me it was a great start of playing Sunny Scoop and because of this big win I fell in love with this game and I still am.

We also know that Thunderkick's games have low payouts, especially those who don't have multipliers. My advice to you is play only the games that have multipliers (those games I mentioned before). Because of the multipliers is Sunny Scoop a great game to play otherwise I would never play this game ever again.

To be honest, my first big win from the 5 free spins was the biggest so far because after that I've never hit any big win over 200 times bet. Most of the time I won 100 times bet but I am pretty sure that one day I will beat my top score. With only a small deposit of 20 euro you can enjoy this game for hours. So if you just want to play video slot that last longer than others I recommend Sunny Scoop (win or lose slowly).

8 stars for Sunny Scoop.

Hopefully Thunderkick will make a sequel of this game.
Those who new to this game I wish you very good luck and get those big wins!
katemak 1136 reviews
I like this game, because of the minimum bet of 0.10 euros per spin, so whenever I am run out or short on credits, there is great possibility to play this game and who knows it might surprise. This is the newest provider the Thunderkick, which make, well I guess simple games like this one.

This is a 3 reel with 14 paylines video game which by its name you are guessing it's about ice cream with several flavor scoops. I tried this game several time but I guess this game is not for me and the payout of this Sunny Scoops are very, very low. When the empty 3 ice cream cornets arrived there comes the Sunny Scoops with different colors and flavors. What I did notice about this game is that the Vanilla scoop is the most highest paying symbol, but catching 3 vanilla scoops on one of the cornets, there is a bonus game.

The bonus game might reward you with free spins, so by my opinion they are really easy to catch, I but the free spins on other flavors, but to catch the Vanilla one is really hard to catch it. I didn't catch not even once and I was playing this game, many times. Usually this bonus game is rewarding with the multiplier bonus.The free spins are interesting to play, because matching in 3 ways, those 3 Sunny Scoops will go higher and higher and the reward is X 10 multiplier, which is overall, so nothing special.

The last time I played this game I lost more then 200 euros and the biggest win was miserable, so my opinion no more Sunny Scoops for me, well for the moment I don't think I will be playing this slot again. In one word, boring slot and I might playing it only when I am very short of money or given as a free spins.
Afi4wins 1110 reviews
One of the latest addition to Thunderkick list of games, Sunny Scoops is a 3-reels 3-rows 14 paylines ice-cream game, but with a big difference. Makes me go “yummy yummy!”, whilst most others would give me a squinted-eye blank stare! That’s because this yummy ice-cream game does not appeal to them as much as it does to me, but who cares! Sunny Scoops is actually a 3D game, very simple and very basic in everything it does, nothing to shout about, so 1 star down.

Paytable wise…yikes! Win values are so low! The highest paying symbol, Golden Honey flavour, pays only 5x bet for 3-of-a-kind, the Pear flavour pays 3 x bet, and the 5 other flavours have reducing values for each kind. Not a lot is it, even for a 3-reels 3-rows game. Ah, but the payouts are much better in the bonus game, where the win multiplier is infinite, and it can go up and up as high as…well, as high as programmed! Only God knows how high that can be! Satisfactory or not, not fully tested as yet, but 1 star down for now.

Okay, let’s get to the feature game, the one and only bonus game available in Sunny Scoops. 3 scoops of the same flavour on a vertical line activates the Bonus Wheel, whereby cash rewards are x 2, x 3, x 5, x 7 the bet amount, or get a Bonus Game. In this Bonus Game, each successful win increases the win multiplier by x 1, each no-win decreases it by x 1. How high can it go? Play it and find out! Because no limits or highest level achievable is indicated, only ‘infinite’. Can it reach the sky? Yes, in your dreams perhaps…or maybe not! Despite a lack of any other feature or bonus games, I’d give it no star down/up.

Next, the crunch, the game play and play satisfaction. On screen, all you see at first are 3 empty ice-cream cones, waiting for the scoops to drop. No paylines, no bet per line value either. Minimum bet is 0.10 Euro. Lovely! Highest bet, no need to know, you won’t be using it anyway! Play it in Autoplay, or play it one spin at a time, makes no difference. I tend to play it in Auto, but my finger is always ready to stop auto and switch over to manual. I have my reasons, very debatable and argumentative reasons, so better not to know! First game and first attempt at playing Sunny Scoops…I won an Ultra Win! Fantastic! It paid me 53.00 Euro at 0.10 Euro bet. That’s a 530x bet win! Why oh why didn’t I play it at 0.50 Euro instead, haha.

Well, needless to say, Sunny Scoops paid me almost identically as with Fruit Warp ( 601 x ) on my very first game! Yep, that got me hooked, for a while at least, because subsequent plays failed to live up to my expectations. Much later on, after several thousand spins later, I managed to get another similar Golden Honey flavour Bonus Game, at 0.50 Euro bet this time, but it paid me only about 60 x – 70 x my bet. Aaaargh! What a disappointment that was, after all the trying, spinning, waiting, 1-finger saluting, and whatnots!

Now, I know that Sunny Scoops is no match for Fruit Warp, but it is still a very fun game to play. Thrilling when it is climbing up the multiplier ladder, saddening when it is not. Nonetheless, I’m quite satisfied with its game play, so 1 star down.
valentin68 535 reviews
And here it is the “Sunny Scoops” slot, the 4th consecutive slot that I play in just two days here in Thunderkick casinos. Two days ago I did not know a thing about this Thunderkick gaming platform, and now I find that in these casinos the simplest slots bring gaming ways and ideas that I have never met before. To say from the beginning, this slot Sunny Scoops is as good as Fruit Warps (maybe even better).

The slot consists of 3 empty cones of ice cream, and in each of the cones fall from above 3 different kinds of ice cream (there are a total of 7 different kinds of it). After each drop the filled cones are removed and other empty cones take their place. The animation is so good and the ice cream is so natural that after the first hundred spins I took a break and I went to the store down the street to buy me an ice cream. No kidding, playing here is like you can feel the taste of each sort of ice cream.

At the first look the game is like a classic slot with 3 reels and 3 lines, but the special rules of the game here make it particularly attractive and different. First, there are 17 paylines, including 3 verticals and 3 horizontals. Second, when a vertical is filled with the same type of ice cream, a sort of wheel of fortune spins above that column to bring multipliers or a Bonus Game. Talking about the payouts, this slot is more than generous. The 7 kinds of ice cream pay between 5-50 cents, and if you have a multiplier of 7x attached to a, say 30 cents payout, the win is over 2 Euro. Moreover, there are 7 different types of Bonus Game, one for each ice cream type (actually this is a kind of combination “Free Spins” –“Bonus Game”). These Bonus games are very frequent (on the average about once every 30 spins) and the total win now can reach 15-20 Euro! All of these happen at the bet of just 10 cents/spin (the universal minimum bet for Thunderkink slots). For each winning Free Spin a multiplier is advanced and an extra Free Spin is given. At the start there are 10 Free Spins awarded, but the total number of all spins played in this round easily can be 30-40. It is simply fantastic! As a result of these bonuses after the just 250 spins I had 28 Euros extra. And I was so happy.

This slot is even better than Fruit Warps and receives a high mark (9!) from me.

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