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Royal Frog Slot is currently available only in free play mode in your country.

Royal Frog Slot

Royal Frog is a fairytale-based 40-payline video slot which runs on the Quickspin software platform. The game features the famous tale of a frog prince and it has several wild cards: Purple Prince and Pink Prince, which are wild multipliers, Blue Prince, Princess and 2 Free Spin wilds, one of which is a x2 multiplier. Players can try the slot on this page free of charge or they can visit any of the listed Quickspin casinos to play the game for real money.

In order to explore the fairytale, players need to set their wager first. Clicking on “Total Bet” selects one’s total wager and the betting value ranges from 0.40 to 400. To start turning the reels, “Spin” needs to be pushed and “Au­top­lay­” is used to play the game for a predetermined number of times without being interrupted.

The game possesses a Wild Selector Feature, which allows players to choose the number of wilds in the game. At level 1, there is only the Princess wild. At level 2, apart from the Princess, there is the Blue Prince wild. Level 3 contains the Princess, Blue Prince and Purple Prince wild. Lastly, at level 4 there are the Princess, Blue Prince, Purple Prince and Pink Prince. The Free Spin wilds are only present during Free Spins.

The game’s Bonus symbol is designated with the word ‘Bonus’. 3 Bonus symbols pay x3 one’s bet and trigger 10 Free Spins.

Game Play

Total Bet: Select the total wager.
Spin: Start the game at the chosen bet.
Autoplay: Spin the reels multiple times uninterrupted.

Royal Frog Slot Reviews by Players


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Fiekie247 237 reviews
South Africa
Royal Frog is a Quickspin powered video slot with 5 reels, 40 paylines and a fairy-tale theme. Placing bets from as little as $0.40 per spin this game has the potential for big wins. This slot is all about the wilds and multipliers which is an extra bet, similar to your super bet you get in NextGen slots. The bright colours of this slot gives this game a very nice look together with excellent graphics of course.

As usual most of Quickspin slots for me does not pay well during the base game, however this is a slot where you will have a great base game experience as well as great bonus feature experience. As mentioned this game is all about the wilds, turning some normal symbols into wild for an extra bet equivalent to your base bet. You can increase up to a maximum of 4 wilds to increase your chances of boosting your winnings.

The bonus feature of this game is triggered when 3 or bonus symbols are appearing anywhere on reels 2, 3 and 4 respectively. I must admit it took me an extremely long time to trigger the free spins, just like most other Quick Spin slots. Anyways 10 free spins are awarded. After each free spin, extra wilds and multipliers will be dropped onto the reels. By the time you reach the closing few spins, it’s possible to have over 30 extra wilds spinning on the reels, and this is where you will make history with your big wins.

I played this game a few times and I like theme and potential but the fact that it takes so long to access that bonus feature frustrated me. I did however make all my winnings back, however it took me almost 250 spins to trigger the bonus feature. So in the end it was all worth it.
Raptordinos 866 reviews
"Royal Frog" is a slot with 5 x 4 reels belonging to the company "Quickspin" with a style of play quite interesting that in my view it can give you big profits or irrecoverable losses according to the expertise of the player, for such reason I think this is a somewhat complex but also very fun game. The theme of this game is quite nice and it is inspired by the tales of princesses and frogs becoming princes, and in this particular game it is not about a single frog but three who have the ability to become royals. This slot is somewhat different from others that could fit into this same category, it has 40 paylines, 11 standard symbols which 6 are high and 5 low, between high symbols there are 3 frogs of different colors and the particularity of this game is that the player can buy 1 to 4 wild levels, which causes some frogs do not appear as frogs but as princes wilds at every spin of the reels. First, the wild symbol that this slot has by default is the princess and works as substitute for standard symbols and appears stacked, this and all wild symbols in this game may occupy all four vertical symbols on each reel.The four levels of wilds I was speaking are:

1 Wild: is the basic level and therefore costs one credit per line, that is, 40 credits in total; if you are betting one credit per line, then playing at this level will cost you $ 0.40 ($ 0.01 x 40 lines). This is the wild symbol of the princess.
2 Wild: it costs 2 credits per line, following the example above; your total bet would be $ 0.80. If you pay this level, all symbols with blue frogs are automatically replaced with the corresponding wild symbol with the prince dressed in blue. This one only works as substitute.

3 Wild: Following the same example, this symbol costs 3 credits per line and the total bet would be $ 1.20. At this level you should be entitled to the appearance of the wild symbols of Princess, Blue Prince and further to the purple prince who is replacing the purple frogs; additionally this new wild symbol multiplies your winnings by 2 in addition to working as substitute.
4 Wild: at this level you would pay 4 credits per line, ie, $ 1.60 in the same example, and you would be entitled to all wilds mentioned above plus another pink prince who replaces the frogs of such color and it also has a x2 multiplier.

It is quite useful to know the game thoroughly before you start investing real money into this slot, since to my view, success in this game depends not only on good luck, but also on creating a right strategy to increase and decrease bet levels to improve your chances of taking a better advantage of getting a big win at the larger bet capable of financing unproductive streaks, which in the ideal game would be staked at level 1 wild. For my part, I'm still trying to understand better this slot and I'm not fully capable of judging it yet, what I can say is that at level 4 this slot occasionally produces big wins of fairly decent amounts.
Th3 Runn3R 119 reviews
United States
A new game from Quickspin, I find this game very entertaining and definately very addictive.

Made a deposit at Casinoeuro and went playing this game. Although, this game has a minimum bet of 40 cent per spin (and the paylines are fixed).
Of course first time playing a game always lucky. Within 10 spins I triggered the bonus round and that's what makes this game very addictive. In the free spins mode, on each spin wild symbols and wild multipliers are added to make the game more exciting.

Anyway, I won over 30 euro from the bonus round which is not very great, I expected at least 100 times bet from the free spins but this was not the case.
It took about another 80 spins for the second free spins bonus round and in between I have raised my bet, not by changing the coin size but by adding the extra wild. Why I added one extra wild symbol? well, there were a few spins that could gave me mega big win if I had an extra wild symbol, that's why and as I expected those higher spins didn't do much (almost nothing).
I did mentioned the second free spins bonus round, well the winning of it wasn't much either (1040 credits).

I can't say I love this game but I also can't say this game sucks because I know someday I will win a mega big win from this game. The graphics and the game sounds are very happy (the most important things that make this game addictive).
I need to wait for a few days before playing this game again because from the first till the fifth of the month (every month) Casinoeuro is offering 50% deposit bonus, this bonus could only claimed once a month. The extra money is always welcome :)

I recommend Royal Frog to all of you and especially the female ones :D
This game is worth 7 stars rating because of marvelous graphics and sounds! Well done Quickspin!
valentin68 535 reviews
Who doesn’t know the story of the princess that kissed an ugly frog to turn it into a handsome prince? Like the “Red Cap”, “The Frog Prince” was written by Grimm Brothers and also just like the first story it went much into the popular folklore because of its beauty and its morale. I played the slot with the same subject (“Royal Frog”) from its AskGamblers page as a part of QuickSpin casinos (a bit too many new casinos, these last days).

Although lately I have become more generous with my money, this is a slot where I would hardly dare to play for real. The first thing that is evident when you start playing is that for the 5 reels x 4 lines, there are only 40 paylines, too few in my opinion (and because of this the minimum bet is too big). Then although here one can also win, thanks to the big bet there are
moments when the losses summed together exceed 50 Euro (again, playing for the minimum bet!). To explain this I have to say that the bet shows a peculiarity: for 40 cents/spin there is just one Wild symbol (Princess) present, while for 4x40 cents (1.60 Euro) all the 4 frogs are transformed into Wilds (and 2 of them bring along also a multiplier). I tried to play in every possible way, with one Wild then with 2, 3 or all 4 Wilds enabled and except the moments when I entered the Free Spins, I constantly lost money.

For example having 4 Wilds (for a bet of 1.6 Euro) the average payout of 50 cents - 3 Euro is totally unsatisfactory. The only times when you really win something, is when you play the Free Spins. This happens because after each spin there are added to each reel other Wilds and multipliers (I had even 32 extra Wilds added). Now you will win more, but if you are unlucky to enter fast enough into Free Spins, you will finish the game money in just a few dozens of spins.
And one last thing that bothered me: this is the only slot where I had to play using the Fast spin and Auto Spin modes enabled. Otherwise, the slot “crawls” (it is not the computer's fault – I have a very good computer now- but is the game itself playing slow).

Yet the story and how this is being told is beautiful, and occasionally you are getting out of the woods with the money because of a bigger win. Therefore the slot can also be good, with all the negative comments above.

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