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Red Mansions

Red Mansions Reviews by Players


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hajnrih 1376 reviews
Red Mansions is a video slot game from IGT that I have played recently. The thing that I liked at first with this game was the Chinese style graphics and the sound effects. Even before I start playing the game I know that if the game uses oriental theme then the music must be relaxing. This turned out to be a pretty solid game. The wins were not so big but they were coming on regular basis so my balance did not drop at any time during my session.

Red mansion is a 5 reels and 1024 ways to win. This kind of games allow you to play with fewer lines but that way it is not interesting and the pay outs are smaller. The wild in this game is the red pagoda and it only appears on the second, third and fourth reel. The jade gem is the bonus symbol which also activates the feature. The first time I got only 2 jade symbols and I got 10 free spins. I won 15 euros from the feature. Later I got 4 jade symbols and I won 20 free spins. This time I won 65 euros. So it is definitely better to get more free spins, at least this way you have more chances to win something, but this is a common knowledge I think. It is possible to trigger more free spins but that did not happen to me.

Red Mansion is a mediocre game according to me. It is nothing special yet it is fun to play. Sometimes I get disappointed of all the games that I am used to play so I look for something new. If that is your case too then I think that you can try this game. The game play is smooth and at times the game can be generous too.
Icymod 758 reviews
In this Chinese oriented theme, Red Mansions is a 40 paylines + 1024 ways, causing me to react questionably to the phrase, "Are you serious right now? That Red Mansions is exactly like Crown of Egypt!?". A typical twin that inherits the likeness of Crown of Egypt which does not quite leave me very interested to a game that I just played but has a different theme compared to Red Mansions. The sound effects of Red Mansions were like the sounds provided under "The Jewel of the Arts" slot. Just thinking about losing myself with these women in a Red Mansion and listening with that introduction music upon entering Jewel of the arts/Red mansions was down right dirty! Yup into the sauna I go!

Anyways, in Red Mansions 10 free spins were given on my $0.80, after hitting the dang troubling scatters, two of them, on the 3rd reel I won $40.60 in winnings!!! What I think the difference in the base game and the free spins is that there seems to be more wilds inside the engaging feature that makes hitting winnings easier. Not much interest was left behind after finding out IGT was recycling their resources to make these two slots, my resolve stands on a 6.5 out of 10!! What exactly changed on Red Mansions besides the theme!
Each position on the slot acts independently so by seeing this in action, I believe that this is in turn lowers my chances of successfully hitting the 2 scatters on the 3rd least to my belief. Red Mansions is typically the same basic concept as Crown of Egypt, a clone if you will that just mimics the way it pays as well as the initial 10 free spins given.....the only interesting thing about it are the different themes, even that alone will not cause me to clap for this video slot!
Raptordinos 866 reviews
"Red Mansions" is a 4 x 5 reels slot created by "IGT" and inspired by traditional Chinese culture, with elegant characters and wearing their traditional costumes and holding fans that cannot be missing. Theme of this game has a simple but striking design and music and sound effects are appropriate if you like a relaxing atmosphere. In this slot IGT also incorporates its already-known "Multiway Xtra" enabling 1024 ways to win, and it works very well in this slot in particular because it also has a fairly active wild symbol and it is used to replace standard characters, and now I have seen the success of Multiway Xtra depends largely on other characteristics of respective slot, and I mention it because in the slot "Prowling Panther" the same feature does not seem to bring any benefit to players.

The only special feature in Red Mansions is a round of free spins that can be triggered by the appearance of 2 or more scatter symbols on reel 3 only, wherein 2, 3, or 4 scatters grant 10, 15, or 20 free turns, which can be re-triggered infinitely, and I have to add that apparently this feature is enough to make this an extremely attractive slot, at least playing for fun that's what I found, and not only to me, but to many other players who make comments about this game and seem to be very comfortable with it. In my case I have been enjoying up to 55 free games in a row, and with some help from wild symbol, they have led me to make stunning gains (in demo, of course).

Sometimes with slots belonging to other companies, I have seen that behavior of their games on demo is more generous than when playing the same game on a real casino account, so I try not to encourage players too much to risk their money with every game, but what I can do is invite you to try this game also on demo so you can get an idea of what I'm talking about. Good luck players!
valentin68 535 reviews
“Red Mansions” is a slot somehow special in many ways. First, it is likely that few people know that actually its name is in fact the title of one of the 4 Great Classical Novels of the Chinese classical literature which is also called “Dream of the Red Chamber”. This novel was written in the 18th century and is one of the most famous depictions of the Chinese fiction.

There are several IGT slots having “1024 ways win” and for which the bet is huge (80 coins) and initially you have just 4000 or 5000 coins. Like I said in the first sentence this slot is slightly different (especially because the big bet) and therefore I just prefer to describe my game play here without making too many comments on the quality slot.Well playing this slot after the first 100 spins I had come to have almost 10000 coins. I am not really used to playing on amounts so large and therefore I will express the wins also as a multiple of the bet in what it follows.For this extraordinary big bet I had some Big Wins of up to 1000-3000 coins (meaning up to 40x bet). The average wins that are quite frequent are about 0.5x-5x bet, but no matter how after 10-15 minutes of playing I had reached 10000 coins! Then I continued to play and finished the game with nearly 7000 coins.

Regarding its appearance the slot theme that I mentioned in the introduction is pleasant, but less pleasant is that the slot is small and cannot be expanded in any way. Hence the gaming experience is not as pleasant as you expect here and when it comes to this, the slot layout is weaker. The Chinese traditional music is pleasant and attenuates the way how the slot looks like. In my opinion this is a great slot and what I particularly liked was that the first round of Free Spins retriggered twice, and thus I played 30 Spins. I said “thank you” and waited for the second round of Free Spins which however was not so generous.

To say it briefly this slot is great but has a too big bet even for the deepest pockets.
The way the graphics of the slot are made is not the greatest. For such Big Wins if the presentation would have been just as good definitely the slot would have received a far higher rating. This is too bad.
yapro 790 reviews
Red mansions video slot was created by IGT, and I think it is one of the most annoying slot from this software. I tried it couple of times, and based on my experience it is not interesting to play this game.

Game looks bad of course, because it is old one, and everything is super outdated, does not wait good looking pictures or awesome sounds, it is not presented here, if you looking for eye candy - go to NetEnt.

Base game on this game is boring. At least we can choose how many lines we would like to play, from 40 lines, or we can bet two times more and play with 40 + 1024 lines, and with multi way extra, which working for one best paying symbol only. Base game has stacked wilds on 2 3 4 5 reels, and this is of course typical for IGT, but the thing is that this wilds come to reels very rare in my experience, and it is hard to get nice win. And even if some wilds come, payout are low. Also here is possible to get up to 20 free spins, for this you need get 5 scatters, 3 scatters will award 10 free spins. Unfortunately here is another typical thing for IGT slots - it is hard to get feature, and in many slots like this red mansions free spins did not have any multiplier or something like this, just add few wilds on reels.

I tried this game probably two times, and both times I lost all money that I had on my account. Of course I will not play this game again, because I did not like to lose my money without even a good chance to get something back.

I rate this slot with 4 stars, it is one of worst IGT slot machine in my opinion, and if you want to start playing IGT games, better choose other slot.
Red Mansions is another new game released by IGT and is becoming very popular. With a Japanese theme in the background it is easy to get lost in time and find yourself in company of beautiful Asian girls. I found myself hypnotized by this game and no matter what I did I could not quit without seeing the bonus.

There are 1024 lines in this game and pays are pretty good. Considering that other games with so many lines offer much less of course.
I only play this game when I have a good amount of money on my account and reason for that is because it takes me a while to get the feature. I know that some people out there get it quick and no bother but for me it is the opposite. The smallest bet I €0.80 and I usually play on this bet. It lets me control my balance and I don't find myself broke all of a sudden.

There is only one feature in this game and that is a free spins feature. To get the free spins you need to get two or more bonus symbols on the third reel. Because each position on reels spins separate, you actually have a chance to get 4 bonus symbols but I never even managed to get three. By best was two bonus symbols and that gave me 10 free spins every time. In the free spins the win become much bigger and you can win tonnes. For example something that was €5 now is €50. Max I ever won on this feature was €120. Unfortunately I put most of that money back in this game and could not cash out much.

Over all I like the game. It is interesting and different and that what counts. I am sick of same games and to see a new game that is good is like a breath of fresh air.
My rating for this game 7.5.
gordontan 70 reviews
Hello guys, thus Red Mansion slot game is another Japanese themed slot from IGT and they know something we don't, but they are certainly going all out to bring a taste of the East to our unrefined Western palates. From wat I see is that Red Mansions is one of multiple way extra slots which normally means wins are often bigger than you might expect. The way this works is that in additional to regular line wins, you also win with that same symbol appearing in any position in adjacent columns. In effect, the multiple way extra feature will probably turn a winning symbol into a sort of scatter. All you need is to have one where the symbols need to be on adjacent columns! It's a neat idea and IGT use it frequently to add some excitement and additional value to wins in their slots.

The main reasons for this are twofold. While this is a 40 line slot, you have the option to play a total of 1024 win lines. For this privilege, you are charged 2x your bet size. So, you can either play 40 lines at a minimum 1.00 coin size or 1024 lines. If you choose the 1024 lines, your coin size is still 1.00 or up but you pay 2.00 per line. You may see how generous it is. I do not really sure if IGT realizes this, but there are literally dozens of slots out there with 1024 win lines that don't charge you extra for the privilege of playing them. Red Mansions is a game we would never, ever play for real money. It's like they've taken all the benefits of a high variance slot, removed them and made you pay twice.

As a conclusion, I just want to give you some idea of what they have done here which is something not really worthy to play continuously as there is no wild symbol on Reel One and the scatters only trigger the free spins and don't even give you a cash prize, this is something that IGT should make improvement on it.

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