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Pimped Slot

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Pimped is a 10-payline video slot running on the Play'n GO software platform. The game features the luxuries of the hip-hop industry, with its wild symbol being a Fist with ‘Wild’ Rings and the scatter being in the form of a Dollar Sign. If players wish to play this slot for real money, they are welcome to visit any of the listed Play'n GO casinos.

To start exploring the riches of the hip-hop world, players should adjust their wager first. Clicking on “Coin Value” regulates the coin size, which ranges from 0.01 to 2. Pressing the -/+ buttons that surround “Coins” alters the number of coins to bet and “Lines” chooses the number of active paylines. Pressing “Bet Max” will select the highest possible bet. While “Spin” starts the game, “Auto Play” spins the reels multiple times uninterrupted.

3 or more scatter symbols will trigger 5 Win Spins, wherein a win is guaranteed on every spin. A scatter that emerges on the reels during the feature will award another 2 Win Spins. This round can be re-triggered, awarding up to a total number of 20 Win Spins.

When 5 wilds emerge on an active payline, a jackpot of 1000 coins will be won.

Game Play

Coin Value: Select the coin size.
Coins: Choose the number of coins wagered.
Lines: Alter the number of paylines played.
Bet Max: Select the highest wager.
Spin: Start spinning the reels at the chosen bet.
Auto Play: Spin the reels for a preset number of times without interruption.

Pimped Slot Reviews by Players


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LeoDubbed 135 reviews
Money, women and bling bling. Yeah, I was kinda surprised when I saw Pimped for the first time. Play n Go has been with us quite a while now and they really did climbed up the ladder. Each year they managed to surprised their players with new games and some of them has great potential but it rarely shows, at least not to me. I know it's there and I saw a few lucky players their screenshots of a Play n Go game, like Gemix.

Pimped is not a game about pimps, what most of us would think. It's about 2 African-American men who are pimped, first class suits, golden rings, chains, grills and of course 2 sexy ladies. If you well known of the hip hop culture, then you'll noticed that those two men look very similar with Curtis Jackson a.k.a 50 cent and Snoop Dogg. Those two men had a song together with the title 'pimp'. Coincidence? I don't think so but they might get inspired by them.

The game has a top notch graphics and great audio/music. It is a candy to your eyes and we all love candy. I like the color of gold, the sparkling diamonds. It has 10 paylines and only has 1 feature, that's the free spins feature. Personally I do like this game and I also did managed to win a few big wins with at least 150x bet and some even over 200x bet but that only happened once. I noticed scatters did came a lot but most of the time they only came in pair, the third is most of the time just showed it's bottom or it's tip.

When free spins is triggered, each time a scatter symbol appears on a reel, a few spins will be added but unfortunately, the amount of free spins cannot exceed 20. This is a disappointement in my opinion. When I reached the max free spins and another scatter symbol appears, I could help it but to hate the game. This is the only thing that I really dislike about the game and other than that, the game is just awesome.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Pimped is a video slot game from Play `N Go with a bling theme. In the background you can hear a hip hop soundtrack, and to be honest I would not expect anything else. Before you start playing the slot there are dollar bills flying all over the reels. I wish it was that easy to catch them. This is a medium variance slot with some regular wins during the base game. But when I made a deposit and started to play this game I had more than 10 losing spins. The game did not give me the encouragement to continue playing. Later the wins were coming more often.

Pimped is a 5 reels and 10 pay lines video slot game. There are 2 important symbols in this game. The Wild Knuckleduster which is a stacked wild, and the scatter symbol which is the Golden Dollar sign. When it comes to the features there is the Win Spin feature. I managed to activate this feature at the very beginning of my session. You need at least 3 scatter symbols to activate it. Initially you start with 5 free spins but for every dollar sign you get 2 more free spins. The first time I got 9 free spins and during the feature I got 2 big wins. At the end I got only 30 x bet but it was a good amount. The dollar bills are flying over the reels during this feature again, and it seems like there are more and more with every next spin.

I really like the Pimped video slot game. I never won anything huge from this slot but I always have fun whenever I decide to play it. It is different from all the other slots that I play frequently and it is nice to try something else for a change. I would recommend this game to anyone because it can bring some bling in your life.
Afi4wins 1302 reviews
Well, the title of this Play'nGo game may not sound so nice, but as gaming goes, nothing is really forbidden or impossible, within limits of course. So it isn't surprising that one game provider dared to make the first move and come up with this game, Pimped. As the title suggest, it's all about a pimp and his valuable 2-legged beauties. Nothing that we don't already know about all that, but this is the first time players get to play with a pimp and his gals for free. Well, not really that 'free', but you know what I mean. For just a few dollars more, you can play with them for as long as you like. Yeah, decades ago, 'a few dollars more' would have been with a cowboy, but now, it's with the cowgirls, woohoo.

The first thing that striked me was the simple yet very elegant presentation of Pimped. The colours are soft, but the important characters are highlighted for maximum impact, and very nicely done too. Not blardy gaudy like in some games, with a thousand colours all over the place, messing up the entire outlook of the game. Well, this Pimp has got style, that much I can say. Nope, the Pimp is not the Wild symbol in the game, as you may have expected. He's the main character, but more about him later. The 'Wild' is the Wild symbol, as if you can't figure it out, hehehe, paying 1000x the line bet for 5 of them, doesn't double any wins with it, but comes stacked during the free spins. And oh boy, and they really do come in stacks!

The huge Dollar sign is the Scatter symbol, huge because it is a very important symbol, which doesn't pay for itself sadly, but getting 3 or more of them triggers 5 Win Spins, with a guaranteed win on every spin. Now this is interesting, something that you won't find in most other games except in a very few. Each new Scatter appearing on the reels award 2 more Win Spins, with up to the maximum total of 20 Win Spins in any one feature game. Getting all those 20 Win Spins would guarantee a sumptuous delicious win! This Pimp certainly knows how to keep his loyal customers damn happy and making them come back for more and more. Are you one yet? Hmm, I am! Hahaha.

Looking at the values of the symbols in the game, the impression they give is one of a low paytable. The Pimp himself pays 750x the line bet for 5 of him, the Client pays 500x, the Girls pay 400x, the Gold Ring pays 250x, the Money pays 250x too, whilst the other lower symbols pay from 150x to 50x, all per line bet for 5 of each kind. Playing with just 10 paylines and with the mentioned win values, I would usually rate the paytable as low, but herein lies a beautiful exception - a low paytable doesn't always mean poor payouts! And Pimped does this marvelously!

Without having to write a short book on what can happen in this exciting game, suffice to say that almost everyone playing it would be very impressed indeed. Heck, of course there would be dead and dry runs in any game, that's inevitable, but the overall gameplay of Pimped comes close to matching Dead Or Alive. Where Pimped loses out is in the huge super payouts of Dead Or Alive. If Play'nGo had taken a more daring approach, but with much higher risks, Pimped may well be up there with the best of the best.
Having said all that, what do I dislike in this Pimped game? Hmm, let me think for awhile. Hmm, a 5000x bet win chance, or higher, would do very nicely, thank you!
raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
Being a regular at Videoslots casino sure has its advantages - I usually play a handful of the freeroll battles every day which gives you a chance to try lots of new slots in a pseudo real money situation as the free spins awarded when placing in these battles come with no wagering attached and the best of them award as many as 100 free spins, which is well worth playing for!

Pimped was one of the latest games I got to try out in these battles, I have to laugh at the games theme which definitely feels as if it is glorifying "pimping" and therefore prostitution, but I like to think of myself as a woman of the world and aren't offended by this theme even so!

Of course the very first thing that struck me about the game is the similarity to Microgamings "Loaded", a game which I really enjoy but I think in terms of graphics and sound Play N Go have done a much better job of portraying the (supposed) glitz and glamour of the pimping... profession!

I usually enjoy nine line games and ten line games shouldn't really be any different although the majority of them I played until recently were NetEnt titles with very poor paytables. Pimped doesn't fall into that trap and there are definitely some decent wins on offer in this game making it a great alternative to classics like Break Da Bank Again or Dead or Alive.

Hitting three or more dollar symbols starts a free spins round which seems a little on the tight side at first as you only receive five free spins however extra spins are awarded when more dollar symbols drop on the screen during the bonus mode and I very rarely ended up playing less than ten free spins. Better yet the free spins are called "win spins" because all of the losing combinations are removed from the pool in this mode guaranteeing you a win on every single bonus spin! I really loved this and had excellent results in the freeroll battle leading me to try the game for cash straight afterwards and I had several wins over 100x my stake in that very first session!
I was very impressed with Pimped and think it's another huge hit for Play N Go, however the sound did end up annoying me fairly quickly and so I was playing the game in silence even before the end of my 100 battle spins. Also the sound FX are recycled in pretty much every Play N Go title which has started to annoy me a little - I'm sure they could come up with a few different variations on their "adding up" sound effect?
Fiekie247 220 reviews
South Africa
Pimped is another slot by Play'n Go with 10 paylines and 5 reels. You will find hookers, pimps, gold and a lot of cash items floating around on the reels. One of a kind I must say the graphics details and quality is superb.

This game has stacked wilds and are pretty active. However they land on the reels but not always stacked, but 1 or 2. It is difficult to win in the base game even though wilds are active thanks to the 10 paylines. The wild comes in form of a fist with a gold metal around the hand. I guess if you mess around with those hookers, those pimp will make you taste his wild fist lol. The two pimps together with the hookers are you high paying symbols and the rest of the bling, gold and deck of card symbols are you low paying ones.

The game has a free spins feature that can be triggered when landing 3 scattered dollar sign symbols on the reels. You are rewarded with 5 free win spins. You will win on every spin and for every scatter that lands on the reels you are awarded with 2 additional win spins. You can win a maximum of 20 free spin during free spins feature. Now since the free spins are win spins, getting at least 2 rows on wilds instantly in most cases create at least a good win which is x10 your bet.

The average you score during free spins are x10 – 20 your bet. But I have with minimum bet scored more than x100 my bet a few times and the biggest win was x250 on minimum bet. I like this game and would recommend it. However sometimes the free spins feature takes forever to I recommend to start with a decent balance and play at least at $0.50 per spin.
Icymod 758 reviews
Pimped, a production of Playngo, can go about in two ways! This game can be my best game for it's zesty guaranteed wins or it can be the "person" who comes up to me on my side window and asks "do you want to have a good time sailor?" I would reply with, " No thanks, I would very much rather be with someone not selling themselves for money and does not look like both genders!" while stomping hard on the pedal to drive away from that scene! In basic terms, to not attract unwanted attention of dead spins! :)

This attractive atmospheric urban world can be similar to Microgaming's "Loaded" only Pimped has 10 paylines then 25. There is a major difference between the two! For every spin made on Pimped, it creates a tune that Loaded does not produce! While Loaded contains 3 options for free spins, this Pimped video slot.....upon hitting 3 Dollar sign scatters guarantees 5 win spins that guarantees wins every spin. This can grab a 5 of a kind on one spin instantly or I could find a less meaningful 3 of a kind small win......anything inside can go high or low!

For just 10 paylines and my $1 bet for 5 coins + 0.02 coin value, Pimped made rich winnings.....showing mostly 4 top paying pimp symbols that paid 750 ($15, gotta love that white coat) and combinations of stacked wilds that contained 5 ladies. No wonder they put only 10 lines, if they did anymore than this all lines would pay like crazy on every win spin and all these easy wins will bankrupt the casino! One of my biggest winnings I had here on Pimped were 4660 coins ($93.20) in 15 win spins. Each scattered Dollar sign comes up, it offers 2 extra win spins, a more "rich" way to heighten my wins spins & big wins!!!!

My advice playing this slot, upon opening it you can do this two warming up to the slot using $0.20, increasing the bets per feature triggered or simply bet $1 upon the start! If it is hot within 15 spins, go for it, if not say goodbye to it! A 10 out of 10! The music, the guaranteed wins, the potential to hit large 5 symbol combinations and the simple extra scatter to trigger 2 extra win spins for each! I am blown away! I will always play Pimped for this!!!
blondie 1093 reviews
Pimped is a 5 reel and 10 payline slot from Play'n Go software and I started to play it earlier this month for two reasons- I've become a fan for Play'n Go slots, there are many that I really enjoy playing, and secondly because I saw a winner video from a fellow askgambler, showing a great win from this slot.

Since it has only 10 paylines, the minimum you can bet for a spin is 10 cents. I've played this game many times now and usually I stick with 0.10€, 0.30€ and a couple times 1€ bets per spin. When I first played this game, I noticed it had almost the same features as Play'n Go Royal Masquerade- same amount of paylines, same bonus round. I've said that I really enjoy the simpleness the game has so it's no wonder I really like Pimped slot and the fact it's so simple.

I have to say that the name for this slot seems a little unusual, but it fits perfectly to the theme it has. In this game there are all sorts of symbols that describe wealth- hot girls in bikinis, money, jewelry etc. Dollar sign is one of the most important symbol in this game, as 3 or more scatters award 5 free games. Unfortunately the spins have no multiplier, but it's being compensated as each spin is a win spin and for a scatter you get 2 extra games. I think that the free games aren't hard to trigger, I get at least one free round within 100 spins.

One of my favorite things about this game is the wild symbols. They come up stacked and when I've had big wins on this slot, it has almost always been because of combination with stacked wilds. My biggest win on base game so far has been 50x bet. I've had free spins with 0.10€ bets and with 1€ bets and still I usually get around 40-70x bet winnings, so far I haven't got higher than that. But the bad thing about the "win spins" is that very often no scatter come up and I end up with winnings of 5x bet. So even though they are win spins, it doesn't mean there's a guaranteed decent win.

Overall I am pleased with this game. I enoy the design and graphics, also this seems to be a great fit for wagering bonuses, as I didn't lose a penny playing this game (even with 1€ bets frequent winnings came along). I also think that because of wilds and extra scatter spins, this game can produce great winnings. So in my opinion, this is worth giving a try.
zerooo 742 reviews
Pimped is well designed video slot from Play'n Go software. It has 10 paylines and into the game there are many pimps, beautiful ladies and wads of cash.

I like graphics so as the pimped music. It is really good themed game and this attracted me to tried it. The game offer free spins. When 3 or more big dollar symbols appear it gives you 5 free win spins. There are guaranteed win on every spin during this feature. The number of free spins is not set so high, but if you receive one scatter during feature it awards with 2 additional spins. And the feature can be retriggered up to a total of 20 win spins.

While I was playing I had one decent win during free spins. I won a little less than x50 bet when I retriggered 3 times free spins. To be honest I expected more bigger wins during free games, there could be some high multiplier to increase your winning combinations.

Otherwise it is nice themed game and I enjoy while I was playing. The graphics effect when you win big is really good, dollar falling down on the screen. I think I will play this game more in near future, it could provide some decent wins. But I don't expect something really huge, because it has feature with x1 multiplier. I don't think this could provide big win often and to get a lot of free spins you have to be lucky enough to catch scattered dollar symbol.

I think this game is better than some other from this software provider. I tried many of their games, but I don't like it so much. This is maybe the only game which I like. The paytable could be set higher to provide bigger wins during base game. I will rate it with 7 stars. It is a decent video slot.
Pimped it is slot game made by Play’n’Go. This game was released only couple of months ago, and I really like it. Since release I played this game couple of times, and I am in love with it, and I will continue to play it. I must say that I like each new Play’n’Go game release, this company seems to make great new games.

This game looks awesome. Of course probably someone will not like, but I am love rap music and like theme of this game. Sounds, pictures - great. And for sure I need mention awesome soundtrack, perfectly suits this theme.

Gameplay is very simple. There is 10 paylines only, but this is great because payouts are awesome. Many 5 of a kinds pay very good amount of money, so watch closely. Also there are stacked wilds on this game, and it is awesome, I love stacked wilds, and here is with such good payout this could help to make some really joyful winnings.

Freespins feature is simple. It is triggered when 3 or more scatters appear on reels. For this you will have only 5 freespins, but with special feature. Each freespin will be winning. Also any scatter during freespins will add +2 freespins, up to 20 in total.

I had awesome results in this game. In base game I had pure luck streaks, when I was able to triple my balance just with 30-50 bets wins, but such wins come in super close periods. Also freespins seems not so good, but when stacked wilds land well - you got 2-3 5 of a kinds, and it is good payout. Game seems very lucky for me, and for sure I am hope that my luck will never stop in this game.

I rate this game with 10 stars, it is very good release by Play’n’Go, and everyone must try this game this is for sure.
I could not list thumbs downs for this slot. Awesome gaming experience.
katemak 1170 reviews
When I saw this game for the very first time I really liked it a lot, every single detail in this game looked magnificent, as for the beginning of this slot game, mainly everything in gold color, money flying in that luxury flat, and there you go, the main characters Snoop Dog and the 50 Cent, with hip hop theme, this slot looked it can give a lot. Well that’s not the case with this game.

Pimped is a 5 reel but only 10 pay lines, so yes, the minimum bet is from 0.10 euros or $ so very nice game for low rollers as myself. The free spins features, which is represented with the scatter symbols the Dollar, so landing 3 of them will reward you with 5 free spins, but the free spins can be re triggered, so every time Dollar symbol lands during the free spins, the scatter one will reward you with 2 extra free spins, so it might happened to be triggered up to 20 free spins.

Play ‘N Goare not my favorites, but the first time I played this game, of course it was given as free spins round. But always want to try new slots with my own money, so that way I deposited and played. I played several times this slot and I came to conclusion, the free spins feature is really, really hard to be triggered, or it’s just me, don’t know.

I played this game at Guts casino and managed to walk away with 80 euros and made one small deposit of 15 euros, but still this game is a low or medium paying slot, which you can’t expect some big wins to arrive. Well I have played it enough and so far I think I am done with this game to, well given as a free spins again I won’t mind, but to deposit and play it again, not for sure.
Pimped is a new video slot produced by casino software and gaming developer Play ‘n Go. If you liked Microgaming’s ‘Loaded’ then you’ll most likely will love this game as well. The scenery for this one is an environment of Hip Hop where money and bling bling is all that matters. There is no doubt in my mind that the developers at Play ‘n Go were inspired by 50 Cent’s hit single ‘P.I.M.P.’ when they created this slot.

Although that single was released almost like 10 years ago it also featured Snoop Dogg in the remix. If we look at the symbols used for this game, then the two main characters look quite similar to Snoop Dogg and the other to 50 Cent, and if not 50 Cent then rapper Xzibit. I just hope they get their royalties from Play ‘n Go otherwise they might be looking at a lawsuit sooner or later lol, because the Snoop Dogg character almost matches by 100%.

Anyway enough about all that, let’s discuss this game in depth now. Besides those two characters the symbols get complemented by some sexy video vixens and all types of jewelry, stacked rolls of money and high value card symbols styled as an emblem of a necklace.

In addition, there is also a brass knuckles symbol which serves as wild. These symbols appear fully stacked and come in quite often. Pimped features 5-reels, 3-rows and 10-paylines. This is good news for low rollers as the minimum bet is only 10 cents. I played this game on 50 cents though and it took me quite long to reach the free spins feature.

I didn’t do well during base game as I often failed to connect despite the regular drop in by the stacked wilds. I lost almost 50 euros during the base game until I managed to trigger the free spins feature after like 400 spins.

You can trigger it by collecting 3, 4 or 5 of the $ scatter symbol. You then win 5 free spins or ‘win spins’ like they are called in this game. Why you might wonder? Well, each free spin delivers a guaranteed win, so you will never be left empty handed.

There is also the possibility to re-trigger them as every scatter gives an additional 2 free spins. The feature itself was my saviour during that particular session as it gave me all my lost money back and I ended it break even. Overall this is a fantastic game which I certainly will try again!
Good lord! Took a lot of effort to trigger the free spins. Hope it will be less frustrating and difficult next time.
Raptordinos 866 reviews
Whenever I play any slot game developed by the company Play'nGo, I always hope to find an ingenious game and some good chance to make some credits, and after playing "Pimped" for a long time, arguably the fun in this game revolves more around money rather than game itself, so much so that profit levels exceed the traditional Big Win to open new levels to words like Super Big Win, Mega Big Win and Ultra Big Win, and they all crossed my screen at some point.

A very elegant design inspired by the sumptuous world of the stars of Hip-Hop is the scene chosen to give life to Pimped, which does not cease to be a fairly simple slot alike the vast majority of them, with 3 x 5 reels, that spin pleasantly fast indeed, but it only has 10 paylines, characteristic that do not like some players so much, however, the lowest average hit is compensated with a decent paytable and with a wild symbol, identified with a fist having a kind of golden knuckles-shaped rings with the word “Wild”, which works only as substitute for normal symbols, but that is characterized by being quite active, and mainly because it appears often stacked, especially during free games rounds.

A round 5 free spins is awarded to the player when 3 or more symbols "$" appear, with the advantage that each additional scatter that appears during such round, adds two more turns, additionally at every turn is guaranteed at least a hit as stated in the rules. During these spins it was the moment when I could get my higher profits, and as I said before, this is for me the biggest attraction of this game, otherwise very likely I would have left it sooner than I usually do, besides, judging by comments that can be found on internet, that are not so many by the way, this game does not seem to be so popular, which makes me feel that my opinion of it is not so wrong.

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