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Neon Staxx Slot

Neon Staxx is a retro 5-reel video slot powered by NetEnt software provider. This exciting game features outstanding graphics, sensational sound and innovative in-game features that make for an amazing one-of-a-kind experience. Take it for a spin on this page for free or head over to NetEnt Casinos to play for real money.

Before you set of on a trip back to the 80’s, take a moment to adjust your bet. By clicking on the “Coin Value” you can set the coin denomination. With “Level”, you choose the number of coins you want to wager per line. Having done that, push the central “Spin” button and start the game. On the other hand, you can play the game with the highest possible wager by pressing “Max Bet”. And if you want the reels to spin preset number of times, click on the “Auto Play” button. There are 40 paylines in the game that ae activated all the time.

As retro as the entire video slot, the Wild is bringing extra excitement to the reels substituting for any other symbol except Scatters. 

There is also a SuperStaxx feature that is activated randomly. It can appear anywhere on the reels and at any moment. When the SuperStaxx feature is activated the entire reel is stacked with just one symbol. This feature can become even more interesting when several reels show a SuperStaxx and if you are lucky all symbols will become the same because of this unique feature. 

When three or more Scatters are found on the reels the Free Spins feature will be activated. You will get up to 20 Free Spins, but before Free Spins start a wild or the Predator become Super Stacked symbol. This particular symbol will have a big role to play during Free Spins and will bring you extra high winnings.

Game Play

Level: Choose the number of coins per line.
Coin Size: Set the coin denomination.
Max Bet: Play with the highest possible wager.
Auto Play: Spin the reels preset number of times.

Neon Staxx Slot Reviews by Players


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LeoDubbed 148 reviews
Far out! Well, you probably know from which timeline those two words came from.

Aah, the 80's. Where clothes were colorful, long haired rock bands, mobile phones were as big as a microwave oven. Boy, I love the 80's and deep in my heart I wished that I could travel back in time and relived it all over again.

Neon Staxx is marvelous 80's themed game with lots of colors and followed by awesome sounds. There's another 80's themed game from NetEnt but Neon Staxx is the best between those two. Not only this game has better graphics, sounds and gameplay but it also has far better RTP.

Stacked symbols games are my favorite because it's potential of giving huge wins. Looking at the colorful unicorn makes you think you're intoxicated with 80's drugs, not that I've used some drugs but when you've seen drugs related movies I think you'll get the picture. I always get excited whenever I play this game, especially when the big win is about to come. The sound fx when lightning surrounding the reel made my eyes popped out. Well, almost popped out.

My biggest win playing this game was about 300x bet in the free spins feature with the eagle as the selected stacked symbols. I've played this game a lot at Thrills casino, at the time the game counts towards the bonus o meter. I know for a fact, games that count towards the bonus o metergiving the bonus round not easily as other games and unfortunately Neon Staxx is one of them.

Despite the lacks of giving bonus round I still love this game and till today I still play it but not as much I used to. I think Neon Staxx is very popular among the older gamblers and sadly enough I am one of them but I don't care though because we all getting older each year and there's nothing we can do about it.

Neon Staxx is a modern game but it has the power of bringing us back to our nostalgic moments and reminds us of our younger selves. Great job NetEnt and feel free to create more of these kinda games.
Icymod 758 reviews
Neon Staxx is a 40 paylines of neon goodness that speaks of the 80's in terms of themes. As I stepped into this video slot two things come to mind about the music, it either reminds me of My Sharona by The Knack due to it's style of beats....not quite a perfect match but it has bits and pieces of it or.......this would describe "the end" after an atomic bomb blast, few survivors live and they stay strong..."strength in numbers!". As the name states both neon and "staxx", clever for symbol stacks, there are symbols being randomly chosen per spin that stack on all 5 reels........hoping they would all land for a full screen! I can imagine this happening for the wild symbols!

What I do not understand is why don't they include scattered symbol stacks too, it'll be like the "Bier Haus" of slots to make more fun out of Neon Staxx, think of the scatter pays and free spin numbers!!! The free spins which are triggered upon 3 pink geometrical triangles offer 10 Free spins. In each trigger, I would spin for a symbol that will become stacked for the entire duration of free spins so.....if I have the wild symbol selected from the spinner, it will pay as if there is a donkey pinata full of money above me and I just whacked it....raining down all these bills! My biggest win inside 10 free spins would be about $59 total for $0.80 triggering bet and this is with just the lion stacks! Not sure about getting 100x total bet though but it can be possible......through the wild stacks in free spins.

Neon Staxx is appealing at best for it's stacks but not as good as the other Netent slots around already. It did not grab me by my shoulders and shake me around, causing me to have a headache in big wins! Appealing, neonic, and stackingly fun are 3 terms to describe Neon Staxx, a 7 out of 10!
The pays for each symbol are very "gold diggingly low" however the stacks, if they do come out, happens to only compensate this. Big wins are much more common in free spins and for such a big win, Neon Staxx consider "big wins" as $13+ on an $0.80 bet! To me a big win is much considered on $50 whereas $100+ or over are super big wins and mega wins for $300 and above! In terms of trying to max bet for a short period of time (10 - 15 spins), I would not recommend it! Too many stacks blocking other symbols and free spins were indeed in the smoke, the teasers would not quell!
stars_cream 160 reviews
Neon Staxx is a very entertaining slot from NetEnt provider. It reminds of retro style slots, the 80s and arcade games a lot. I really like the design of this slot but more I like the music, I find it very good and very well blended to the retro style of the slot.

The slot has 40 pay lines and can be played with minimum bet of 0.20. So actually you play for 2 lines for a 0.01 euro or the coin value you choose. Its high paying symbols are the predators animals like lion, puma, eagle and cobra and of course the wild is the highest paying symbol. It has a special feature that in every spin a different symbol is stacked on the reels including the letters too.

There are also free spins when you hit the 3 scatters. Maximum free spins that can be won with 5 scatters are 20 free spins. During the free spins a predator symbol or the wild can be randomly chosen and this symbol will be stacked during the free spins. Usually when the wild symbol is chosen you know you will have a big win.

The slot has a big negative which is the pay table, it is very low. Even 5 of a kind of the best symbol, the wild, pays only 10 times your bet, so the maximum win you can have on this slot is 400 times the bet. Very low for this slot, which is not even a low variance slot, but I believe it is medium variance. That is because there can be a long streak of dead spins or without any good wins. This slot has many times eaten my balance very fast. the free spins are not often either.

I used to play this slot a lot when it was released, but now I do not even touch it. very low pays for my taste.
Afi4wins 1386 reviews
When I saw this new game from NetEnt, my first impression was, good lord, what Thunderkick failed to achieve with their Arcader game, NetEnt did very well with their Neon Staxx game. I wouldn't say for sure, but I have a feeling that this Neon Staxx game followed the Arcader, in the way the reels are presented in a slanted 3D-like manner, but done in a more glorious and beautiful way. Everything looks vibrant, colourful and exciting, with splendid pictorial icons of lions, panthers, eagles and snakes.

The paytable may look very unexciting, with all symbols having very low win values, but this is sufficiently covered by all symbols being stacked, except for the scatter symbol, in both the base game as well as in the free spins game. Couple this with the 5-reels and 4-rows, the wins can indeed be satisfying enough. I wouldn't say extremely big wins, simply because of the low win values of the symbols, with 5 Wilds paying out only 200x the line bet. Now that is blardy low! On top of that, scatters don't even pay out anything at all! How more uninteresting can things get?

Well, I guess I was wrong, in a way, because playing the game isn't that uninteresting at all. In fact, it is quite interesting, especially when you start seeing a fully stacked symbol appearing on reel 1, then on reel 2, and with reel 3 still spinning, you find yourself anxiously hoping for the same stacked symbol to appear on reel 3. Well, did it, or didn't it? I mean, did those same fully stacked symbols appeared on reel 3, then on reel 4 and finally on reel 5? Well, don't ask me, I don't know, it was your game, so you should know better! But mine didn't! Hehehe.

Playing this Neon Staxx game has its up moments and has its down moments too, but I guess you already know that. All games do the same, those ups and downs movements, nothing remains the same, or you'll go madly insane! I haven't won anything yet on this game, but I certainly had lots of fun playing it, with moments of joy and moments of middle fingering too.
Ask any player who has played this game for some time and he'll/she'll give you the same answer...blardy low payouts! You get a nice 'Super Mega Win' on your screen, with lots of numbers too, only to find the total payout to be less than 100x your total bet. I got a few of such wins too, which were only about 50x my total bet. What the 'f'!
Raptordinos 866 reviews
This last year it was the boom of slots with galactic appearance, characterized mainly by having totally bright neon colored images arranged on very dark backgrounds mainly black; each of the leading providers of gaming software wanted to continue this trend and created many slots similar in appearance but each company knew how to put its personal signature on its own work; "Neon Staxx" released by "NetEnt" during June 2015 was one of the highlights in this group of vivid colored slots, I think its success was felt immediately not only for being an attractive game visually speaking, but because it is a slot that gives very good opportunities to the player to get big wins or at least to get a decent profit, and this is achieved thanks to three things: a table of payments quite fair in my opinion, that all symbols may appear stacked including the wild symbol and finally the existence of a round of free spins where any symbol previously selected at random is more likely to appear stacked during such free spins increasing thus the chance of getting big wins; since its appearance until today I have played Neon Staxx relatively on a regular basis, and I have always had a sense of fair play, I do not always win, but I think you can trigger free rounds here with some frequency and on the other hand, it is always latent the possibility of getting a big win on the base game through the formation of several simultaneous lines of 5 of a kind when the correct symbols are stacked, in many cases assisted with wild symbols.

When I play Neon Staxx I usually leave the game after getting about 2 or 3 big wins that allow me to retain some profits, and this is because usually I feel that this video slot is quite generous at the beginning but with the passing of the spins it seems to come streaks with no free spins and also seems that earnings during the base game become more elusive, I think this cautious approach allows me to keep intact my appreciation for this slot which I have many good memories. In short, I think Staxx Neon is a pretty fun and even addictive game that has the ability to surprise you with good profits and mainly I think it is one of the NetEnt games that no player should miss.
This is one of the latest games from NetEnt platform, on which the last days often get free spins bonuses at various casinos. I think that last month was the current free spins bonus during a Champions League game, I think it was at Unibet Casino, excuse me if I'm wrong.

In a few days since the game saw the light of day, we had the opportunity to see a lot of it was written on the Internet. Many of the casinos are immediately given 5-10 free spins mostly for deposit, and since I am the depositary to all leading NetEnt casinos, I took up this promotion, but I have not won anything important. I love the animation and blue neon light when shines in full splendor, it means that there is something going on the reels and you have a winning paylines, or even better - you will win the bonus round where you can expect a large cash winnings.

Neon Staxx is for me a real revolution among the slot machines where light effects get a new dimension, and the players get the full pleasure of playing in a casino, due to the invested money, which is irrelevant item for good fun. Slot has 40 payment lines, and this parameter is different from many others from NetEnt offers which have only 15 payment lines. A few days ago at Bet365 Casino I played Neon Staxx and returned about 80 € for half an hour, when I say I think back to cover the loss in the betting.
Neon staxx slot game which was released about two months ago by all casinos, and this game is made by Netent. Game is great how it looks, and it also holds very interesting and great idea, but I rarely play this game because it is paying too low and usually just steals money from my account.

Game feature and idea is great. Every symbol except scatter can be fully stacked on reel, so it is possible to get full screen of each symbol during just one single spin. This is just amazing idea, I spent a lot of time playing this game when it was released, and I just collected a lot of full screens payouts, but mostly for low paying symbols. Also during freespins there is one mega stacked symbol chosen by random from high payings symbols. It is much more easier to land it, but not each feature, because I had couple of something like 10 bets features, that was super sad for me, specially when slot eat too much money.

Game looks very good. Animations and sounds are really great, but probably this will not surprise any player, because usually all Netent games look good.

I am happy with this game, but it is dangerous one, and be careful when choosing bet amount. I have insane long amount of spins without anything decent in term of payout and without features. That's why you should not bet high in this game. My best result after feature was about 200 bets, and it is good one, but I think it could pay much more better, because I never get full screen of good paying symbols. 8 stars for this game.
Annoying? Full screen of aces pay low amount of money, this is not good, like at Dracula. Also I do not like that slot is dangerous and can took a lot of money before give anything decent.
Johnajax 50 reviews
United States
This slot is very unusual. Design of this slot is very modern (maybe because this slot is released maybe 6 months ago) and it looks very very nice. Four symbols on one reel is not so often for Netent slots or any other game providers and that is special for this game and I love it. Also when you are chasing free spins that help because you have more symbols in game and you still need 3 free spins symbol for that feature and it is clear that odds for collecting free spins round are greater than on slots with three symbols on reel.

All video slots I try to play with 1 euro bet per spin but for this slot I think that is too little. This slot have four symbols on one reel and 40 paylines and when you play only 1 euro per spin you can’t expect big win. So I play this slot with 2 euros per spin and I think that is the best way to play this slot. On that bet I had some great wins including 128 euros on only one spin, I got a lot of “lions” and lions were only on first three reels but it was great win.

Graphics is smooth and slot is well designed but still I think that something missing here.
I think that this game is made without imagination. Yes they done great design, modern with all that neon lights that looks very cool but when it comes to gameplay they weren’t so great. First they should put more interesting symbols. You have only few “special symbols” and everything else are just boring letters…

Second thing is that they don’t have bonus round. I respect their free spins feature but bonus round is something special, something interesting and everyone love to play it on every slot and this slot don’t have it. So this slot is only about spinning and nothing else and for me that is boring. It is not at first but try to play it for a while and you will understand.
hajnrih 1376 reviews
Neon Staxx is a game I started playing recently. It’s a new release from NetEnt and is somewhat different from the rest of their slots. It has a design like it’s a slot machine from a landbased casino. Anyone who has played slots in casinos knows the feeling of sitting in front of a slot machine looking down on the screen and hitting the spin button. The reels, the stacked symbols, the way the reels spin fast even the bonus round are definitely all from land based casinos.

This game has 40 paylines but the minimum bet to play it is only 20 cents so it can be great for low rolling. If you take a look at the paytable you will think that there is no chance to win anything in this game. The highest paying symbol has a payout of only 100x line bet. Even 5 wilds pay only 200 x line bet. Still what makes this game interesting to play is the stacked symbols. You have a chance to get a full screen of the same symbols during base play and in the bonus game. You can even get a full screen of wilds and you can have a big win.

This game offers only a free spins bonus which s triggered if you get 3 or more scatters on the reels. For 3 scatters you get 10 free spins, for 4 scatters 15 free spins and for 5 scatters 20 free spins. Before the free spins start a random symbol is chosen which appears stacked on the beginning of the spin. This way you can have a lot of wins with a few reels of the same stacked symbols.

This can be a fun game to play and you can have descent payouts. In my experience the game pays better on a 1 euro bet then on a minimum bet. The bonus features come more often and the wins are bigger. In one session I played about 700 spins on 1 euro bet and I started with a balance of only 150. In the end I was in profit only 130 euros but I managed to wager the bonus fast and I was in a descent plus.
raverbabe 559 reviews
United Kingdom
You know what, I really didn’t expect that NetEnt could sink any lower than Starburst and Attraction, but somehow they have managed it with this “80s inspired” nonsense – Neon Staxx. The maximum win in this game is a pathetic FOUR HUNDRED times your bet! I thought 500x in those other games was pretty much as pathetic as they would dare try and go, but it seems not.

I received a bunch of free spins on this game from a whole bunch of casinos when it was launched a couple of weeks back, and the results were truly appalling – I barely won a handful of rounds out of what must have been at least 60 or more free spins in total, and that’s considering this is a game with 40 paylines and stacked symbols on every reel… seriously, I just don’t know how it works, this game has to be as low variance as its possible to get with a maximum win of just 400x your stake yet your not hitting small wins every few spins or so like you do on other low variance games. Something just smells seriously rotten to me.

Watching the reels go round on this game, I get the impression that the reel strips must be mega, MEGA long – whilst the lower paying symbols are stacked together very often, the higher paying symbols are not and appear singly quite a lot. As for the wilds, well sometimes I see them appear in stacks but it seems very rare. The only real explanation I can give for this behavior is, as I say, mega long reel strips, with huge priority given to the low paying symbols. I don’t know what the exact RTP figure is, because I’m simply not interested enough to go find out. This game is terrible, although thankfully they did decide to include scatter symbols and a free spins feature this time…. Hardly rocket science that was it NetEnt?!

Just YUK. That’s all else I’m going to say.
Although I have been disappointed in most recent releases from online slot powerhouse NetEnt, Neon Staxx is actually an exception. It definitely brings something else to table from an entertainment perspective due to its large number of paylines and stacked symbols. In addition, the game looks well designed and got a bit of an 80’s feel to it.

Back to the neon days and disco nights as far that applies to me. Neon Staxx offers 5-reels, 40-paylines and 4-rows. While you would be paying 40 cents per spin at most slots, Neon Staxx does allow you to play with a minimum bet of just 20 cents. I think this is a major plus as it really offers value for money and even low rollers can get a taste of the game without committing too much of their budget to it.

I played Neon Staxx at multiple casinos on multiple betsizes. Nevertheless, I don’t think I won more than 80 x bet on this game. It offers many small wins and even having almost a full screen of Kings with just a few spots missing, doesn’t necessarily guarantee a major hit. Yup guys, the wins are small. The symbols consist of various animals on this game besides high value card symbols.

In addition there are also stacked wild symbols and scatters. You need to collect respectively 3, 4 or 5 scatters to win 10, 15 or 20 free spins. I won 10 free spins a few times by collecting 3 scatters. As mentioned above 80 x bet was my best hit to this day.

When triggering the free spins, you have to press ‘stop’ as it will then randomly select a symbol that will appear stacked increasing the odds of hitting it good. This certainly adds some excitement to the game. You would of course be hoping for the best paying symbol or the wilds getting selected, but that didn’t happen for me.

Overall I think I’m even on this game but I will definitely give it another try since I really like it.
Well, give me a reason to hate and I will haha. So far nothing to dislike this game.
zerooo 742 reviews
Neon Staxx is game with 5 reels and 4 rows. Game offer free spins, scatter symbols, wild substitutions and SuperStaxx feature. In SuperStaxx feature you have a chance to get a lot of stacks symbols on the reels. It is created by NetEnt software. It has 40 paylines while minimum bet is set to 0,2 €.

I like the music and neon color lights. I played this game last month, when I saw it at some casino in the first page. I selected quick spin option to play it. I had some winnings, but nothing really big. With 0.40€ bet I got free spins and in the end of free spins feature I won around 30€. The half of free spins was empty, dead. I expected that I will win more from them just because SuperStaxx feature. In main game I had two ˝big˝ wins, at 0.40€ bet per spin I received both times around 25€.

I managed to get my balance higher with this game, but then it became cold and I changed it. I played at least 400 spins and I received only once free spins feature. Two scatters appear very often, but they don't pay. So this is bad thing in this game, I wish that 2 scatters pays back bet amount. For me it was really hard to get those 3 scatters and later free spins feature.

After all I think I had short lucky session on it, I won from it 60€ in less than 20 minutes. Unfortunately I played it only with bonus attached in my balance, so I could not cash out anything. Maybe I will try sometimes my luck at Neon Staxx in the future, but only if my balance will be large.
I expected more from this game, I was disappointed with free spins feature, I expected bigger wins at this feature.I can not imagine to make deposit at any casino just for this game.
blondie 1094 reviews
Neon Staxx is the newest game release from the Netent family. Right now Netent is my favorite gaming provider so you can imagine how excited and thrilled I was with this game release. This slot has 5 reels and 40 paylines and of course, Netent always stands out with remarkable game design but this time they've outdone themselves, visually this game is my favorite from all Netent slots, it has cool animal and letter symbols.

As a bonus this slot has free spins bonus round, which contains of 10,15 or 20 free spins, caused by 3 or more scatters on the main game. I've played this game a couple of times now and the one thing I can truly say is that the payouts aren't very delighting. My first experience with this game was when Casumo gave me 10 free spins on the release day. I won from them 11€ and it was only because I got a free spins feature. The next time I played this game I had a deposit bonus offer with 50 free spins. In them I also received free spins feature but still my winnings from 50 free spins were almost the same as from the 10 free spins.

What I find a good thing is the fact that even though this slot has 40 paylines, the minimum bet allowed is 0.20€ per spin. This game has wilds, staked wilds and free spins bonus round. In the free spins and also main game there are stacked symbols. On the main game it can be any of the symbols, except scatter, but in the free spins round the only stacked wilds are predator or wild symbol. But so far I think that even when you have stacked wilds with a decent combination, the payouts are low. My highest winning so far has been 50x bet size, playing with minimum bets.

What I also don't like is the fact that the free spins round doesn't have any multiplier, you're playing them as your bet size, so when I got them, half of the spins were empty (with 0 win) and the other half held some kind of winnings. And also, 2 scatters appear quite often but unfortunately you don't get paid for them at all.

In conclusion- visually this game is an eye candy, one of the most beautiful designs I have ever seen. Payout wise this game is an average one which most likely won't bring big winnings.
This is one of the last slot games created in NetEnt. The game has 40 pay-lines and 5 reels. The first thing I noticed at this game is somewhat futuristic look. This primarily refers to reels that are standing here under a strange slope. But the graphics did not impress me a bit. Honestly I expected more from a new NetEnt game.

When I looked at the pay-table I found that Neon Staxx offers only free spins feature. Depending on the number of scatter symbols you can get 10, 15 or 20 free spins. Symbols are divided into Predator symbols and low pay symbols. You have a total of 4 predator symbols while low pay are the poker symbols (10, J, Q, K, A). Although the look of the game and what I found in the pay-table I didn’t liked.

I decided to try the game. At the start I had 42 euros and I have chosen a bet of min. 0.2 euros per spin. But after a while, and after I had two wins bigger than 10 x bet, I increase the bet, first to 0.4 euros per spin. Again I had a few decent wins for a short time. I decided once again to increase the bet, this time at 1 EUR per spin. I thought, okay I will try with a bet of 1 euro next 10 spins. The first spins and nothing, the second and third also nothing. Just when I thought that my decision to try with bigger bet is wrong, on the fourth spin I got a 3 scatter symbols and 10 free spins. Total, in these 10 free spins I had wins from 45 euros. After the wins I have stayed here for some time playing with a bet of 0.4 euros.

Neon Staxx is a game that I did not liked too much, but for the 45 euros that I won in the free spins for her I give a solid 7 out of 10 stars.
katemak 1170 reviews
I have read about this game that has retro style and is set from the 80’s, which I would ask one question what was that retro in this game specially in the wild 80’s, there is not even one sign represented as this one, or it might be the neon colors of the slot game, still don't understand. Yes I liked the graphics the colors also the music too, but as for the payout of this slot I can’t say the same.

Netent Entertainment they never failure with the looks of the newest games but, every time I am waiting some new game to be launched from this provider, specially, if I am not wrong, the last 5 new games are really big disappointing to me, well that's my opinion. Waiting this new game to arrive, the casinos where we deposit the most treat us with several free spins from this new game, but knowing from few spins, you can’t actually see the game is it good or not, that way I decided to give it a try in few different casinos.

Neon Staxx game is a average game, with 5 reels and 20 pay lines, which has free spins feature, the free spins symbol is the scatter one, so getting 2 of them won’t pay you anything, but landing 3 of the scatter symbols you will be rewarded with 10 free spins. The free spins feature, by me it can be, really annoying waiting for the free spins to lend, so my opinion hard to trigger them, but even so if they lend you won’t benefit much from them, that’s for sure, just because of those wilds, they never appear, like they are not part of this game! So Neon Staxx by me is an average low paying slot, which I can say I am done with it, just because I spend around 150 euros and didn't get not even one single decent win.
Awena 550 reviews
Bosnia and Herzegovina
It's been a month that we were waiting for this slot to come out live.

So much excitement and thoughts but since the date it was released it is my huge disappointment. I was amazed by its promotional video that we pretty much all had chance to watch here on AskGamblers and then we were impatient to see it live.

Well, I had few spins in the real mode but what happened is that look at the paytable left me hopeless. Now this is the third game, are they mistaken and fooling around with so low payouts. Should we pay theme and graphics and yes, Neon Staxx retro theme looks amazing to me.

Yes, they did a great job but wait to hear about paytable. I can't agree that Netent created brilliant slot as I could see online. How come is brilliant, because of its theme, symbols, features or zero potential paytable. Now I wish to hear. Hm, this should be my honor to be the first one to review this game but unfortunately no matter how much I wish it is different then this, I can tell you, you ain't gonna win anything significant here.

I love its neon colors, soundtrack, I love it all, yes I do but paytable, bring me tissue to cry over it. Or, why crying when there is so many good games out there, Dracula, Stickers and recent Neon Stax are made for who ?

5 reels, 40 paylines. There is free spins bonus game, wild symbols and super staxx features. Super Staxx feature is the block of the identical and stacked symbols that could fill the whole reel, formed at random and becoming stacked on the reels.

You can win up to 20 free spins but to be honest, it is hard to manage in my opinion. 10 and 3 scatters sounds more reasonable.Unfortunately free spins can't be retriggered.
And 200 x my bet size, crazy, don't you agree?

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